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The Wind and the Sea
I'll always love you
until the day the wind dies
and the sea runs dry
:iconthekissinghand:TheKissingHand 14 1
I want to run through the aster and blue bonnets- to feel the feathery petals gliding across my fingertips before they scatter in the breeze at my touch. These pages drive my desire for an afternoon shower of cherry blossoms- summer scented and bright.
I was standing still
cherishing the sheer beauty
of Anne’s Green Gables.
:iconprettyflour:prettyflour 5 0
Breaking Point
He's a shadow of a man some nights
When thick smoke billows cross brick
Through sill seeping in to suffocate
The last wilting sprouts of hope,
Blacken white buds of mercy
And shrivel pods of peace.
You wouldn't believe how sweet
He can be
If you knew him only in this state.
Hair a mess of whatever which way
Robe frayed eyes glazed,
As rancor, regret, frustration etch
Lines into a sun-starved face,
Hard stubble on a sullen frown.
And I wish I could believe
That he is only raving when he says
The world is ending, life is pointless,
People are on whole selfish, nasty, sh*ts,
But deep down I know he speaks half-truths
Not easily discarded.
Here I walk the world, cross walls of language,
Touch ancient secrets, dine in the company of
fine French wine and Art Deco.
In these walks I am alone,
A floating stone
Who lives in the second before sinking.
We have no inkling of the other's world.
He was high rise, multi-million,
Managing white collars and construction boots
He beat paid experts
:iconsquibblyquill:squibblyquill 3 0
A day of new thorns
And slowly swelling rosebuds.
Best look and not touch!
:iconcattservant:cattservant 2 0
sleeper stimulant
you awake
in misguided realm
of untruths -
your orbit slender
your psyche wide
reckless outlook
a strange prospect
so humble
so unsung
so delicate.
it's a speck
and it whoops and giggles
in neon glow of clouds
cheered up by rain
who is
always glad to cry.
at the end of all things
is a place called home
it's a bizarre place indeed.
when an awkward warmth of
creator's emblem
sways you
your urge to inspire death's visit
is postponed -
until a prologue
of a super-massive black hole
when a new love
innovates itself
entering into majestic:
a stuff of
:iconnaprimerjanez:naprimerjanez 2 0
Other Wind
The Other Wind echoes
distant memories,
evoking ancient
hunger, deep yearnings we
cannot yet name.
The Other Wind whispers
through bare winter trees,
arousing prophecies
of green destiny
waiting to unfold.
The Other Wind flows
over mountain and under
rainbow, carrying
conspiracies of color
to summon wild chaotic
visions, revealing
unseen dimensions,
awakening minds from
long, deep slumber.
:iconappliedphilosopher:AppliedPhilosopher 1 1
Haiku for the Spread the Love event
"En mi corazón
habita una única persona.
Ciruelo invernal."
"Waga mune ni
sumu hito hitori
fuyu no ume"
:iconmaxlop98:Maxlop98 0 0
lon3wolf, Life Quote by lon3wolfofficial lon3wolf, Life Quote :iconlon3wolfofficial:lon3wolfofficial 1 0
Coco, Coco, Coco
Coco, Coco, Coco,
that’s my name-
I’ll make sure you won’t forget;
‘cause it’s all I learned to say.
My human tried and tried,
but there was nothing
I liked enough to say -
other than my own name.
I am a lover of snacks,
but my human’s food is always best;
pizza, potatoes and pie,
she always shares with her guy.
The highlight of my day:
sitting in her lap watching telly,
together we enjoy Doctor Who-
singing along to the theme tune.
Coco, Coco, Coco,
that’s who I am-
my human loves me most of all;
never will she forget my name.
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 7 3
The Princess of Winter
Nature faded with the passing of Autumn
Olote, the world, its breath it did fall
Life, it changed, it took on a new dress
So, now reigned Evirreth
She, the Winter’s Princess
Winds became cold, water became frost
But that was not to say that joy was then lost
For while Trilline was vibrant, Usimvel was bright,
And stoic had been Delaeron
There was none of more jovial life
Than the jolly of princess Evirreth
For while the others had children,
Of whom there is indeed much to say
There were few born of Evirreth,
And they were the holidays
Rain became snow, a delicate décor
And ice took pleasant shapes, in sickles and more
Very much could one say, that the others did pleasantly live
But in light of all given by Evirreth, they were none more festive
While sweet smiles and laughter had e’er dressed her face
Her manner, her ways, they bespoke always of elegance
The ministers of cold and ministers of fire, they did both serve her well
And the music of her ice halls, they rang
:iconscarred-one:scarred-one 1 0
Diglett Haiku
Small, unassuming form
One big burning question though
What’s underneath you?
:iconnightwind-dragon:Nightwind-Dragon 0 0
And hope was at the bottom of the box
Bludičko, sama hledáš cestu?
Doufaje, že je to jen sen?
Že vzbudíš se do života,
když najdou tvé tělo snad,
nebo něčí cizí duše uhasí tvuj hlad?
Nebo jsi našla něco krásy
a chceš se podělit?
To je ten trochu skoupý svit,
co si nosíš?
Malinkatá svatozář?
A nebe je dolu u Velese?
hmyze vykoupaná v fosforu
a vznětlivý dechu bahenní,
kdepak tvá vábnost pramení.
Místo pálení tvé svíčky proklínat budu tmu.
:iconizvin:Izvin 1 0
Deviah M'iyt
Greatly begging
to differ,
a god
amongst men
:iconshametownkiller:ShameTownKiller 1 0
Whispers by StreetCount Whispers :iconstreetcount:StreetCount 0 0
My muscles sored
Incapacitating me
Dam gym
:iconshosuroactor:ShosuroActor 0 0
long distance friend
I met her some years ago
Through some mutual friends
We were a motley group of people
We all had mutual ends
I met her in the city
We flew out to the hills
We flew up to the mountains
We tallied all our kills
We tore up streets and highways
We tore up parking ramps
We tore up skies no one could touch
We were the reigning champs
Then we left the city
Got lost in space and time
Woke up on a sandy beach
A fight to stay alive
This journey took us places
We never would have seen
Product of imagination
Rewrite history clean
Now I havent seen her
For longer than I care
Some days I really miss her
Some times life isn't fair
My plight is caring too much
More than I should dare
Perhaps I'll see her sometime
Somehow and somewhere
:icondecodethis:DecodeThis 1 0
A Love Haiku Poem
Show you the way you love.
In the depths heavens from above.
May the love filled with air.
:iconparapararevolution90:ParaParaRevolution90 0 0
A return of that in which you were lacking
a deep yawn, a long strech, then knuckles crackling
you'll try harder this time it's just facts
it feels good to be back
How long was I out for that nap?
7 years is too long to get lost in the abyss
What'd I miss?
Not shit?
How on Earth have y'all been so useless?
We been through this
But still you haven't made a single stride for humankind
You've wasted your lives even more than I wasted mine
You're all blind to it
You parrot back that you're woke as shit
that you're not useless
that you've been through shit
that you've heard this before
that last time you checked the score you were keeping yourself you were in the lead
but you're in need
I concede defeat chisel my surrender into the concrete
Y'all done got me
with your daily hit or miss there is no hit
You're missin' me, like I'm missin' her
the lines are as blurred as your words are slurred
you concur and your hollow words leave me flabber
I'm no longer trapp
:iconbalrama:balrama 0 0
I am the life-force
you collected- but never
considered alive
:icon100percentfast:100percentfast 2 0
Missing wind-up key
lethargic symphony
doll missing its dream
How do I break out
of this maddening nightmare
my unfulfillment
Branches in the road
which path leads to my passions
Fairy-tale Journey
Life's uncertainty
energy deficiency
path blocked before me
Where am I going?
fog encases around me
the apparitions discuss
the game of my fears
Fighting listlessness
penetrating light calling
to keep on going
:iconwrittensouls:Writtensouls 0 0
Show your Heart Haiku
Special Connection
Sharing Life Laughs and Support
That is what Love is
:icontoxicwyvern:ToxicWyvern 0 0
My favorite memory so far of usIts not the time you cried when I was sickor when you gave me Christmas pearls. isn't the time you kissed me in the snowor the time you held my hairbrush and proceeded to sing.It's when you bit your lip and tried not to cusseven as I muttered that you were an ass, a prickas you sunk your hands into my messy morning curlsand told me I was perfect, did I know?Perfect..just as I was.. but please try to change everything. Everything...
:iconglasstic:Glasstic 1 1