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I wonder why the world is so messed up, and yet still functions,
I hear problems and opinions, but never hear solutions,
I see things as they are; I'm not romanticizing a bit
I want things to get better, but I doubt that I'll see it,
I think that it's hopeless, and I wish that I am wrong, but apparently I'm not, and I have to play along.
I pretend that the world is in peace, and that everything here is fine,
I feel like I am just lying, just trying to pass the time,
I touch everything, just to confirm that it is real,
I make believe that all these lies are essential, like a meal,
I worry that this illusion is a fake, so when I wake,
I hope reality is a dream; a good one, and not a nightmare.
I understand this world is probably not mine to fix,
I say "Yeah, I'm fine, I'm dead inside" go ahead and take your pick,
I dream of a place where I can exist soundly without fear,
I try my best, putting me to the test, to make that happen here,
I will
:iconskelescene:SkeleScene 8 2
How I became a Wolf
I used to be a weak little rabbit. My teeth were worthless. My claws even more so.
My legs could only carry me so far.
So i ran.
And i ran.
I ran straight to the wolf.
"Kill me" i said.
The wolf looked utterly confused. No prey would just ask to die.
Another young wolf came and snapped my neck without hesitation.
I dripped hot blood.
Hot crimson blood.
My legs twitching as i died.
Pitifully i called out to mother.
The wolf looked solemn. Had he granted my death wish i would not have died in the jaws of some weak insolent fool.
He bayed out a song.
"Oh little rabbit,
What has caused your dismay?
Oh strong rabbit
Why did you want to die today?
Oh meek rabbit
It is true
I did not want to kill you"
The rabbit now gone faced lepus.
"Make me a wolf!" He comanded.
"Make me so that i am strong and beautiful.
I also want to be brave!"
Lepus gave him his life as a wolf
And he was beautiful. And very brave.
But he was also foolish. And very self centered.
The wolf became hate
:iconlukasholmes:LukasHolmes 3 0
Cries of life ring in some ears;
Pangs of death hit others
How odd could it be,
That it happens in one place?
Dozens rush around,
With scrubs and gloves,
Stocked with fake smiles,
Ready to be handed out
Wrinkles of concern,
Etched across pale faces,
Hope continues to shine,
In those sleepy eyes
Hopes and prayers,
All cast outward,
As one life leaves;
And another begins.
:iconpowerofthebeard22:PowerOfTheBeard22 3 0
The missing step
At the foot of the stairs
The acid voice
The tightened gut
Coming down from the cliff
Hurdling, breathless
To the rocks below
Sinking into the surf
Thrashing, drowning
With stones that bind my heels
Run, hide
Still, tied
Cut out my ribs and wind
Tighter around the cords
Constricting my waist
Crushing my lungs
Tear off the shell that traps me here
The missing step
At the foot of the stairs
The dizzy fear
The empty eyes
Tear off the shell that traps me here.
:iconlunacyinart:LunacyInArt 2 0
All he could do was cry, when she didn't show him trust
Was told he was a good guy, only to be blown away like dust
:iconshadowofdamnation:ShadowofDamnation 3 3
Tear Me Down
And I think
of who you were to me.
Before the fall,
before it all,
before I let you bleed out
on my window seal pane.
You painted my walls
with delicate strokes,
attention to detail,
hues that lit a fire in my eyes,
in my room.
I stood unabashed as you
took a sledgehammer to the same walls,
to my walls,
to my home.
You should've known you'd never have the power
to tear me down.
You walk the remnants of what I used to be,
touching the drywall,
falling to your knees.
Begging to tell you
how to fix this.
But God, I don't have the answer for you.
I don't have the answer.
All I know is a home with no one in it
is just an empty house.
:iconlovelyvictoriangirl:lovelyvictoriangirl 2 0
Path of life
This path I follow,
The path we call life,
It leads me in all directions
Sometimes it goes up,
It shows me how to be good,
It leads me towards happiness,
It brings me to my goal
This path I follow,
The path we call life,
It leads me in all directions
Sometimes it goes down,
It shows me how to be bad,
It leads me towards sadness,
It brings me to my pain
This path I follow,
The path we call life,
It leads me in all directions
Sometimes it goes right,
It shows me to be friendly,
It leads me towards friendship,
It brings me to my friends
This path I follow,
The path we call life,
It leads me in all directions
Sometimes it goes left,
It shows me to be emotional,
It leads me towards pain,
It brings me to my suffering
This path I follow,
The path we call life,
It leads me in all direction
Sometimes it is unexpected,
It shows me to be surprised,
It leads me towards anxiety,
It brings me to trust
This path I follow,
The path we call life,
It leads me in all directions
Sometimes I take control,
:iconbabyteetee16:BabyTeeTee16 2 0
I called her my wife
We only knew each other for two short weeks
I probably sensed it then
We were from the same cloth
It was rare to see me without her
Her without me
In her car, eating food, walking anywhere
I told everyone that she was mine
We never dated
We were just always together
All those lesbians eyeing her could go to hell
I claimed her
I lost her though
She told me the truth
I was the only one that had nothing going on
Crying on my bed she tells me of her ex-girlfriend
She gave no inkling
Nor any promises
It was just my selfishness
They broke up. This changes nothing
She lays on my bed
Hands above her head
An invisible rope around her wrists
She deserves a punishment for straying
I tell her that she’s mine. She can never get away.
:iconpenny247:Penny247 1 0
Revival Song
i. One of us is not what
we pretend to be
I confess, often
it is me—
quaking thighs of fire and rind
        wide wild
        orange wedge smiles
        thunder and grime
tangy rot
    in the gut
curling wild flame
              in the gut
I will caress the corners
of your split hungry lips
as a cigarette
bitter breath, a thousand
burning deaths—
burning curling flesh
        a thousand voiceless breaths
        a thousand
sacrifices to flame
    that come in waves
frightening phantoms
            come in waves
            crushing waves
I will resurrect sinking nights
to rise from the grave
as moths buried
in angles of cloth,
covens of cloth,
we kiss—
bitter lips, ch
:iconshaynebailey:ShayneBailey 1 0
the rights of pain.
You got rid of him just to hurt me.
No, I kept him because of you. Because you wanted him. I had plans to sell him for many months prior, but I kept him for you. It's useless now, both because you left and the one you left me for wouldn't let you keep him. Not much of a 'bargaining chip' as you put it, eh?
He was a pet. Loved and sweet as can be, but he needed a better home. One with an owner that isn't always depressed. One with an owner that can guarantee he will be alive the next morning to take care of you. One that doesn't contemplate suicide every single night.
So, no. I didn't get rid of my pet to hurt you. I got rid of my pet to save him. To ensure his health. Not everything in my life revolves around you, no matter how much you want it to, despite leaving.
And then calling my roommate, asking her to check on me? No. You lost that right. You lost the right to worry and the right to care when you left. You don't get to worry about me or what I think or do. You chose to walk out
:iconjokerj8811:jokerj8811 1 0
Going alone
I am alone
No one is here
I can't be found
I'm going to die
Pouring down my body
I'm going to die
I am alone
I'm gone.
:iconpsychichexo:PsychicHexo 1 0
Out of nowhere
You pop up. Out of nowhere.
I almost stopped thinking of you.
And then you are there
again messing up my mind
and I'm trying to be kind
texting you back only a few
words and thoughts.
Trying to ignore the fact,
that I couldn't forget you
or the things that you've done.
And then you pop up. Out of nowhere.
Messing up my mind.
My thoughts that were buried deep inside
just come all out again, changing everthing,
make me feel every little damn thing about you again.
And I want to ignore, to be cold.
I want you to get away while at that moment
I just want you back again so bad.
While I know you never really wanted me.
And that makes it hurt even more.
:iconvoumy:Voumy 1 3
Day One-Hundred-Six
We are all ducks,
We’re calm and collected,
But little feet,
Flap under the water.
:iconthe-teal-trilby:The-Teal-Trilby 1 0
Bury Me
Bury Me
Bury me
Right now
Surround me
Consume me
I promise I'll surrender
To your fire and ice
In darkness there is only touch
A soft brushing of fingertips
A tooth grazing my neck
Breath of fire dancing over my ear
In darkness I find the way
Blazing trails of passion
By the light of your eyes
By wine and ice
All such a vice
Resistance melts away
:icondeviantcipher:DeviantCipher 1 0
I've searched far and wide
Across land and sea
For my dear beloved...FOOD!
:icongeneralgalaxygoddess:GeneralGalaxyGoddess 1 0
This path I follow
This path I follow,
I do not know where it started,
I do not know where it ends,
This path I follow,
I do not know why I follow,
I do not know why I go,
This path I follow,
I do not know how I found it,
I do not know how I lost it,
This path I follow,
I do not know when it started,
I do not know when it ends,
This path I follow
:iconbabyteetee16:BabyTeeTee16 2 0
Just Understanding
Please tell me why,
I want to enjoy this,
I don't want to cry.
I'm so afraid.
:iconpsychichexo:PsychicHexo 1 0