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Dancing with my demons
When I am all alone
And everything else is quiet
I can hear the beating of my heart
The blood surging in my veins
Those sounds joining together
Creating a beautiful symphony
That is awakening my demons
They want to dance with me
But I don’t know how to dance
Maybe I will have them teach me
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 23 17
Through the Darkness
The mind can be a dark place for some.
I would know, as I trap myself there frequently.
I always believed nothing can free me from this darkness.
Until, there was a new view one day. A small light amidst the darkness.
As I went closer, more lights began to appear.
Each light began to drive out the darkness.
For the first time in life, I felt safe in my mind.
Though my mind can still become dark, I know my lights will help me through it.
:iconpunk-expressionist:punk-expressionist 10 8
Fallen Through The Net
I’ve been through the mill
But also fallen through the net
Ignored, misunderstood
But you’re unlikely to forget!
I’ll make sure you remember
Just who I really am
And all that I’ve endured
While you couldn’t give a damn!
There will be justice one day
Though it may not be on earth
‘Cos I’m a true believer
That we’ll get what we deserve!
There won’t be any secrets
They’ll be no place to hide -
And those with broken souls
Will in heaven then reside!
:iconsevvysgirl:sevvysgirl 4 7
you, and your rose-petal eyelids, and your warmth scented cologne
we make a kingdom of this basement, while we're here
laughing like lightning in a bed that isn't ours
savoring our youth so saccharine, feeling it melt in our mouths, 
letting it burst before our lips like firecrackers, like your funny kisses
you, and your quilt-like softness, and the gravity in your eyes
sapphire butterflies jitter in the air, above the permafrost, gossiping 
it's some kind of winter miracle
they drink up the cold sunrays and the meltwater and the nectar sweetening your voice
this effervescent youth that is plentiful for now.
you, and your sunset skin, and the kindness you extend 
your hands that are clueless yet they can still hold me just fine
your hands like mitts that surround my pearl-white fingers
your heart that pines for mine but it's broken so why would you want it
maybe we'll be forever - like the mountains
maybe we'll wither away - like the snowdrifts that call them home
:iconvicariouspoet:vicariouspoet 3 2
Boheme de brune
Tant, dédaigneuse
La lèvre insolente
Qu’elle oublie de dire
« Je ne t’aime plus »
Tant, mieux
Vaut ta fuite, sauvage !
Secoue tes tresses
Librent elles aussi, détachés ;
Tant, Gamine
Lentement balance,
Les eaux
D’encre aux cieux ,
Laisse les soieries de ta robe
Aux vents d’automnes
« Verlaine ? Non Gainsbourg, sotte,  
Je parle toujours de clou ».
Comme parler d’amour
A un violon
Ni à l’oreille ni même tes yeux
Tu me parlais du corps
Tant, d’amertume
Je te raille ;
« Je t’aime encore ».
:iconslicerer11:slicerer11 2 0
King Of The Clouds Lyrics
Heaven knows that I’m born too late for these ghosts that
chase with these dreams I inflate painted skies in my 
brain every day
I’m Carl Sagan in space to escape 

This old world
This old world

Somedays I lie wide awake till the sun hits my face 
and I fade elevate from the earth far 
away to a place where I’m free from the weight 

This old world 

This old world

I don’t trust anything 
Or anyone 
Below the sun
I don’t feel anything 
At all

I’m King of the clouds
Of the clouds
I get lifted 
I get lifted 

King of the clouds

Of the clouds
I get lifted 
I get lifted

Some only live to die, I’m alive to fly higher
:iconironackerman13:IronAckerman13 1 0
two sides
Waking up screaming 
My mind isn't healing 
I'm someone I don't recognize
Under my new disguise
It's another side of me
That's for all to see
As the old me subsides
To the inside 
To rekindle 
What has been dwindled
To ashes
All you see are flashes
Of what I used to be
Someone so carefree
Chasing what's been taken 
Feeling forsaken
I heart of gold 
Turned cold
Darkening my light
Filling my heart with spite
I'll survive
Even strive
Even if I'm a little bit colder
I'll just blame it on being older
:iconkakatoast:kakatoast 3 0
A Ruthless Tempo
His pulse is always faithful and sure
An unwavering drum
Raging, in the eye
Of a flesh-mincing battle
Fear only launches him forward
His tempo quickens
Beneath the downpour of flaming arrows
His fears are alive
Commanding him: “forward”
As he carves through the swarms
Of his raving foes
In spite of his wounds
Slowly staining him in red
:iconloftydreams101:Loftydreams101 1 0
For Those with Post-Trauma
For Those with Post-Trauma
It is a song that does not end,
Really, but it gets worse -
For those who are forced to sing
The song that never runs it's course.
Have you ever seen something,
That you can never unsee again?
Have you ever heard something,
That you can never unhear again?
Everytime you see or hear -
That, What you seen ot heard, you just see or hear it all over again?
There are people who live where,
No matter where they go, or who they know,
One supposedly small thing will take them back there,
To a place they would rather not go,
To a place in their mind where they should not be.
I have been there, and I know,
Because among those people, there is me.
I could go on and on and on,
About what I gone through and what happened to me,
But that is not my point I wish to go on.
I want to try to share the tragedy,
The level of distraught, or how far gone
A human being can feel when they are missing pieces of sanity.
Insanity, by literal definition:
"Repeating the same action but ex
:iconrosabelle-of-earth:Rosabelle-of-Earth 0 0
I lay there and imagined a scenario
It started a liaison
Where you led me outside
And at first I wanted you to kiss me
Touch me and whisper inappropriate things
But suddenly I was confiding in you
Telling you how things don’t seem to matter
That when I try to feel love, it seems hollow
and intimacy is uninteresting
I’d rather pretend to sleep at ten-thirty
Than to pretend I want some kind of release
I told you that I didn’t feel unhappy
I didn’t feel desolate or angry,
Despondent or melancholy.
I didn’t really feel anything at all.
The word came unbidden,
It hit me like a shot of whiskey.
A burning in my throat, buzzing in my head
I wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come
Because all at once I realized
I had once again become numb
:iconser-ria:Ser-ria 1 0
My violent ways
and turn of phrase
are enough to make you suffer
Such picking thoughts
the way you fought
that joy was mostly me
They never scream
Or so it seems
But oh do we know better
The dust the dead
I'm in your head
Your heart is full of lead
:iconfellsans:fellSans 5 0
a stray by heart by Catdestroyerofworlds a stray by heart :iconcatdestroyerofworlds:Catdestroyerofworlds 1 0
Heart of Darkness and Light
It’s just a dim flicker, a single dying spark,
about to give in to the embrace of the dark,
just a small flame, growing weaker by the hour,
about to die out once it runs out of power.
I can still feel its weak, steady beat,
can see how it was once innocent and sweet,
before it was warped by force and by fire,
by acts so painful and dire,
that the thought alone ignites a flame in my heart,
burning with compassion for the broken apart,
and fury for thee who dealt the shattering blow,
thee who viciously robbed this gem of its glow.
I can feel the cold around it even stronger now,
can see the scattered remains of a broken vow,
a promise of guidance through the blackness of night,
to an innocent soul seeking a beacon of light.
But even when left alone in the dark,
even while wearing the burns painful mark,
it had once more reached out full of expectation and faith,
unknowing it was pleading a cruel, heartless wraith,
until the beast slapped the hand away in disdain,
when it should be
:iconnerdusmaximus:NerdusMaximus 0 0
Virgnia by priscilareinaldo Virgnia :iconpriscilareinaldo:priscilareinaldo 0 0
Guardian Angel
I breath in… and out,
But what you cannot hear
is what you desperately try to see
Calling for you into the dark-stained sheets
Don't try and follow me into this hell
I can’t bear it to see you hurt
I wish my pain could ring
Sharp as glass
Clear as a bell
You think i'm an angel
And that might be true
But I have fallen beyond redemption
Don't follow me
If you knew….
Gods face is branded in my mind
A face of pain and golden light
Underneath which love was vanquished
And on my knees he told me to go back
And red became my sight
Whatever you do,
Don't return for me
My daughter you must learn that life is so precious
You have a special role in this world,
You might in fact change it
Do not follow me
It's a dangerous life my love
But i feel so lost
Your body lies gently in rest
My body desires much to hang from a rope
My frozen heart will burn you with frost
I am called to be a saint
But my heart is ridden with sin
So please my love
Help me…
Be careful my love!
I don't
:iconpoetrydelightful:poetrydelightful 2 0
Legendary Hero
Legends tell Of a kingdom great.
That had met With a dreadful fate
Evil, blood and fear Made hope disappear
Sadness ruled the land For years
A torn broken land Caused by one cruel man
Spreading chaos with the Triforce under his command
Then A hero from distant times Appeared to undo the crimes
He was known as the great Hero of Time
He came To bring the kingdom light His courage shined bright,
as he traveled through time's flow Turned time to his hand
Traveled across the land passed forest, lakes and sand Hero
He came and sealed the dark away Turned night into day
brave, wise, strong A boy, yet so young
Who knew right from wrong
But time's flow passed on He faded away
All skies turned black Evil Crawled back
Hero, please come, save us... Please Hero, Great Hero, oh please come...
(On our knees, hear us pray...)
Legends tell Of that kingdom, old
But some tales Still need to unfold
Hyrule lies below Under sea stream's flow
But our future stays Unknown
Let us wait Keep the tales you learn
:iconpowermaster14:PowerMaster14 0 0
Lonesome Universe
There are billions of stars in the galaxy,
But they’re all so out of your reach.
As a star who can’t shine as brightly as others,
You wonder why you exist in this universe at all.
Are you alone?
Or are you lonely in this darkness that is the shield you’ve created?
Will running around do you any good,
Or is it a futile attempt to get out of this nebula of nothingness,
Blinded as you are?
There’s no place for oxygen,
And loneliness is suffocating enough,
So if this builds up until it bursts,
Then I might as well just give in,
Give up,
And say it’s too much.
It’s hard to understand the feeling of lungs that lack of air,
And why there’s no one in sight despite your silent screaming.
Whether you’re a solitary star or a popular star,
It’s not enough to see those surrounding faces,
Is it?
Is something holding you back and preventing you from taking another step?
There’s no place for oxygen,
And loneliness is suffocating enough,
So if
:icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 0 0
I want it off of my face!
I want the thermosphere to cry at my beauty
I want humanity to awe at my complexions and intricacies
I want the universe to be mirrored in my eyes
I want to wear the soul of God on my arms
I want the adored voices of Harajuku and Akihabara as my own
I want the ocean of firmament, that deep, mysterious sparkle to characterize my hair
I want dancing sakura foxes to be painted on my legs
I want the cast-gold doors of cathedrals upon my lips
I want the perfume of honey fused with myrrh as my scent
I want the slick, caramelized smoothness of the tundras to dress my nose
I want the tempered breast plates of honored titans to structure my chest
I want the curves, the explicit arches of orchids to run up my back
I want the tender, soft touch of melting granite to shape my abdomen
I want the shimmering down of humming bird feathers to artfully illustrate my fingers
I want the most perfect of artist chisels to sculpt, to sand, to create my hips
And lastly
:iconkitsunekatzchen:KitsuneKatzchen 6 4
When I know I missed my chance, I didn't fight when I should of.
Fear kicked in that I'd chase you away, I'd push to far and you'd run a mile.
I was stupid, I let you walk into someone else's arms.
To see you with them hurts, a pain of my own making.
There is a huge world out there, without you it seems so small.
So full of wonder and possibilities, only one matters to me.
A life with you is my dream, my perfect life. 
Thick and thin, good and bad, I'll take it all.
A life with you would be a blessing, clearing all those murky skies away.
Since it seems but a pipe dream, I take what I can get.
You are the breath within my lungs, the blood pumping through my heart.
You are the food of my soul, my eyes showing me the beauty of this world.
I will never let you go, even if i could.
My light, my universe, my everything, my reason to live.
:iconganjacorp:ganjacorp 0 0
Fix Me
Your warmth that lit a fire inside my heart.
:iconmochizaaa:mochizaaa 0 0