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Leaves Ballet
A pirouette of leaves pays 
homage to the breeze. 
Red and yellow dancers, 
Allegro, higher just to tease.
Childish glee, chasing sunlight, 
playfull through the trees.
Elegant abandon, exquisite,
rustle, repartee.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 10 10
I'm alone in my room
It's crowded in my head
The universe has changed 
This reality is different 
I'm different
This world around me has changed
I'm absent
I'm not here
It's confusing but I can't snap out of it
I can't feel my face
Can't feel I'm out of place
But I am
Everything goes on the way it has to be 
Except I'm not aware
Everything is going on like my body wants
Except I don't know that it does
Things are happening but my mind isn't there
I can't remember what I did
While I was out of it
Lost hours
Devoured by this possession
Only someone else can save me
Only someone else can pull me out of whatever this is
Take me out of this other reality
This other dimension
I want to go home.
:iconaltheatoasty:AltheaToasty 10 2
Boheme de brune
Tant, dédaigneuse
La lèvre insolente
Qu’elle oublie de dire
« Je ne t’aime plus »
Tant, mieux
Vaut ta fuite, sauvage !
Secoue tes tresses
Librent elles aussi, détachés ;
Tant, Gamine
Lentement balance,
Les eaux
D’encre aux cieux ,
Laisse les soieries de ta robe
Aux vents d’automnes
« Verlaine ? Non Gainsbourg, sotte,  
Je parle toujours de clou ».
Comme parler d’amour
A un violon
Ni à l’oreille ni même tes yeux
Tu me parlais du corps
Tant, d’amertume
Je te raille ;
« Je t’aime encore ».
:iconslicerer11:slicerer11 2 0
Champion Lyrics
Champion, champion

I'm calling you from the future
To let you know we made mistakes
And there's a fog from the past
That's giving me, giving me such a headache

And I'm back with a madness
I'm a champion of the people who don't believe in champions
I got nothing but dreams inside
I got nothing but dreams

I'm just young enough to still believe, still believe
But young enough not to know what to believe in
Young enough not to know what to believe in, yeah

If I can live through this
If I can live through this
If I can live through this
I can do anything

If I can live through this
If I can live through this
If I can live through this
I can do anything

Champion, champion
Champion, champion

I got rage every day, on the inside
The only thing I do is sit around and kill time
:iconironackerman13:IronAckerman13 1 0
Pro-lifers are NOT pro-life!
I cry for the pro-lifers,
How little do they see,
Just how evil they are.
They proclaim to the world that they care for the babies and kids of the world.
But do they really truly care?
No, they don’t!
Do they donate some money or kiddy toys or kiddy clothes to every single parent in the world?
No, they don’t!
Do they call all of these parents to wish them a happy newborn baby?
No, they don’t!
No, no unfortunately they don’t do any of this!
They only care about having more humans on this planet and nothing more because they HATE animals and plants!
The two very life sources that give us humans life!
Life that we humans don’t deserve to live anymore ever since the year 1900 because we ALL have become so evil to every living thing around us!
Plus what is worse is when they are pro-second-amendment!
Pro-things that KILL people and animals and plants and are only meant to KILL lives!
And yet they say that they care about life!
They don’t give a diddly squ
:iconvelociraptorbigone:VelociraptorBigOne 1 0
1b by raisetheblade 1b :iconraisetheblade:raisetheblade 2 0
Heart of Darkness and Light
It’s just a dim flicker, a single dying spark,
about to give in to the embrace of the dark,
just a small flame, growing weaker by the hour,
about to die out once it runs out of power.
I can still feel its weak, steady beat,
can see how it was once innocent and sweet,
before it was warped by force and by fire,
by acts so painful and dire,
that the thought alone ignites a flame in my heart,
burning with compassion for the broken apart,
and fury for thee who dealt the shattering blow,
thee who viciously robbed this gem of its glow.
I can feel the cold around it even stronger now,
can see the scattered remains of a broken vow,
a promise of guidance through the blackness of night,
to an innocent soul seeking a beacon of light.
But even when left alone in the dark,
even while wearing the burns painful mark,
it had once more reached out full of expectation and faith,
unknowing it was pleading a cruel, heartless wraith,
until the beast slapped the hand away in disdain,
when it should be
:iconnerdusmaximus:NerdusMaximus 1 0
Coquillage abandonne
Les vagues polissent
Puis en douceur glissent
Sur la plage les échoués
Qui à devenir des souvenirs sont voués
:icondarkyscorpion7:Darkyscorpion7 0 0
My violent ways
and turn of phrase
are enough to make you suffer
Such picking thoughts
the way you fought
that joy was mostly me
They never scream
Or so it seems
But oh do we know better
The dust the dead
I'm in your head
Your heart is full of lead
:iconfellsans:fellSans 5 0
Here the wind that blows
 has always called my name
Here the shining rays
 peer out from falling rain
Waiting in the dark
 and dreaming of the dawn
Hoping in my heart
 that I can carry on
Holding in my hands
 a quiet memory
Of a promise made
 and a path to take
In the cold I hold it close
 and listen carefully
To the words I spoke
 long ago
:iconrahdiyan:Rahdiyan 1 0
Lonesome Universe
There are billions of stars in the galaxy,
But they’re all so out of your reach.
As a star who can’t shine as brightly as others,
You wonder why you exist in this universe at all.
Are you alone?
Or are you lonely in this darkness that is the shield you’ve created?
Will running around do you any good,
Or is it a futile attempt to get out of this nebula of nothingness,
Blinded as you are?
There’s no place for oxygen,
And loneliness is suffocating enough,
So if this builds up until it bursts,
Then I might as well just give in,
Give up,
And say it’s too much.
It’s hard to understand the feeling of lungs that lack of air,
And why there’s no one in sight despite your silent screaming.
Whether you’re a solitary star or a popular star,
It’s not enough to see those surrounding faces,
Is it?
Is something holding you back and preventing you from taking another step?
There’s no place for oxygen,
And loneliness is suffocating enough,
So if
:icondusk-kniade:Dusk-Kniade 1 0
Hold Your Tongue
I don't think that I could taste another's lips
without comparing them to yours
Inhale their breath into my lungs
Breathe their scent in through my pores
I don't think that I could touch their skin
Or run my fingers through their hair
Can't get lost within their gaze
With your presence always there
And I can still hear your voice
Fingers still feel your skin within their tips
You dared say you loved me
with his spit smeared on your lips
How could you say I was the only one
After everything you've done
I'm surprised the words rolled out
while his taste held down your tongue
:iconiiinegativeiii:IIINegativeIII 4 5
I framed the house from my bones.
The shingles are my future plans.
The foundation built on all my hopes.
The windows to my soul are black.
I knocked them out so you could see.
Replaced them with double pains.
The carpet is woven from my hair.
The walls are the lining from my gut.
I plumbed the house with my teeth.
I ate the wormy earth to make the cellar.
The bed is made warm for you.
I made it from my bloody heart.
The pantry is stocked with my soul.
Thin I know, I’ll stop by the store.
The library is bound in my skin.
Inside is written all my thoughts.
My breath fans you in your sleep.
The television displays all my dreams.
The path is beaten with my brow.
And dry and safe inside while it storms.
You say
Somehow I’ve managed to make it all about me.
:iconrenaissance-heart:Renaissance-Heart 1 0
You came into my life, and everything made sense.
From that moment I knew you were special, you stood out from the rest.
You allow me to put down the masks I forever wear and let me be myself.
You guide me through life, showing me the way.
My heart belongs to you now and forever.
You're my one and only.
My light, my guide, my everything.
Without you the world stands still, seconds feel like centuries. Everything remains dark.
I'd give up everything for you, nothing else matters.
Only you can see the real me, that is my gift to you.
:iconganjacorp:ganjacorp 0 0
Let Me Drown by ColorfullyKalene Let Me Drown :iconcolorfullykalene:ColorfullyKalene 0 0
The Scars of Memories
The scars are always there.
Some visible on my body, some invisible and decorate my mind.
Each scar has it's own reason for existing on me.
The pain.
The depression.
The suffering.
The guilt and grief.
The many memories that combine all of the above.
Sure, they've healed.
But they're always there.
They've been reopened time and time again.
No matter how much I try to suppress and forget, the scars will always be there.
The memories will always be with me.
:iconpunk-expressionist:punk-expressionist 7 6
W206 The Seer
You go inside.
You seek answers.
You want the truth.
You want to know.
Placing yourself in the chair.
Placing yourself in her hands.
The seer sees all.
The seer can show where it’s at.
She peers into her crystal ball.
She peers into your soul
She peers at your.
“The sight grants me the answers.”
She says.
“The sight shows me all.”
Staring down at your swollen belly.
Staring down with a smile.
“It says your boy will be healthy”
And that is all she says.
:iconnoratcat:Noratcat 0 0
A Short Tail (Rough Draft)
You lost your hair,
yet you laughed, "I'm a baby,"
like it was the common cold,
given mommy's care and a hand to hold.
We still had hope.
I knew you'd be ok,
there were doctors, and fresh daisies,
like it was the common cold,
Mommy would pray, and have a hand to hold.
We still had hope.
A candle can be lit forever,
as long as the wax isn't warn down,
and it doesn't get cold,
there will always be hope, new or found.
Peace? Never
No matter how much wick you give it,
the wax will still melt,
hot, tired, and sick,
it'll drown and turn cold.
Just like hope.
Inspired by of Joel Evan Green and his family, and to the women I get my strength from, my mother, a survivor of melanoma, and my grandma, a survivor of two instances of breast cancer.
:iconsecretwriterwoman:SecretWriterWoman 0 0
Avoided like the plague
We were avoided
Like the plague
Though the reasons
Still remain vague
But instead of you using masks
To provide protection
To try to minimalize
Any chance of infection
The ones wearing the masks
Are not the ones with disease
They are worn by the outcasts
Who are wanting to live in peace
The ones who were avoided
Who feel like they are never free
Who were never accepted
And probably never will be
Though we have accepted that
As crazy is it may sound
So are we the sick ones?
Or is it the other way around?
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 15 16
gotta mOP MOP MOP by WhitePainty gotta mOP MOP MOP :iconwhitepainty:WhitePainty 0 1
The world is no longer the world to me...
Water is no longer water to me,
Wind is no longer wind to me,
Fire is no longer fire to me,
Earth is no longer earth to me.
To become ethereal, one must let go of the world...
:iconerrortwitch:ErrorTwitch 2 2
Take me with you,
I want to see
Where everything begins
I'll jump on the count of three
Joining your journey
:iconpsychichexo:PsychicHexo 1 0