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Zwischen zwei Augenblicken
im Nichts geboren
Zwischen zwei Flügelschlägen
im Nichts verloren
Zwischen zwei Seelentränen
im Nichts beschworen
Zwischen Leben und Tod
der Liebe Spur
in die Ewigkeit.
© OC
:iconoldstreetblues:oldstreetblues 4 0
BEEFY by broitszak BEEFY :iconbroitszak:broitszak 1 0 Are You Pure Enough? by prateekjain Are You Pure Enough? :iconprateekjain:prateekjain 1 0
Potrawka z wizjonera
           To już pewne,
           skażą cię na śmierć.
           Utopią w sosie.
           Pomidorowym lub grzybowym,
           jak wolisz.
           (Ja wybrałabym śmietankowy).
           Wyłożą cię na talerze.
           Wykwintna, biała porcelana,
           zawsze lepsza niż tandetne plastiki.
           Pokroją cię na cieniuteńkie kawałeczki.
           Posypią jakimś zielonym chwastem.
           Nadadzą ci niesamowicie długą nazwę.
           Coś jak:
:icondemeter19:Demeter19 0 0
there is something about this pl
   ace that scoops me out of my
      etudes / thrusts me into 7 sharp
               jeopardy, the bpm is too fast
                 & my fingers are ragged &      
                                        all of them are in love
                                                  with all of you -
                       when i was young
               i listened to debussy
             & chopin & yiruma 
:iconlissomer:Lissomer 7 3
Notre Dame is burning,
the text from my sister read.
I said the words aloud, as a question,
to the classmates around me getting up
from their seats,
my eyes stuck on my phone.
My father sent a photo of me
in front of the cathedral in 2014,
on a high school trip. I remember,
camera hung around my neck
and sketchbook in my hands,
walking along the side of the cathedral,
to the back, where there was a small garden
and fountain and view of the chevet.
I sat down on a bench
under one of the perfectly cut cube-like trees
and sketched cartoons,
but was mostly staring at the cathedral.
It was my favorite view of Notre Dame, the spire
sharp and high above it all, pointing to God,
the curving arcs-boutants, its pointed roof,
and intricately carved beige stone.
I had wanted to stay a few moments longer
to marvel at it, but I was whisked away,
off to the next monument.
I saw the cathedral again in 2018
when I studied abroad.
Alone, able to take my time,
my feet took me again,
:iconapril-little:April-Little 2 0
All The Same
He takes a drag
From his cigarette
Walking home
In the rain on
Those train tracks
He lied to his mom
He aint coming back
Stolen money
From his dad
Packed his backpack
Got a strong shoulder
Heavy duffle bag
Resting up in napsacks
Dodging search lights
Catching free rides
Living the easy life
Its a damn shame
You know
Hes not so bad
Lets take a look
At the past
Where it all began
Getting pressured into
Being the best
He had other plans
Wasnt a fan
Forced their hands
On his future
He walked their path
He did their dance
Had enough of them
So he shut down
Gave up everything
Sold medals and trophies
From home to prison
Grounded forever
Sent him to his room
Ready to tie the knot
A second guess
Opened the window
Climbed out Instead
A stranger to his
Friends no one
To turn to
He felt like a stray
Devised a scheme
Need I repeat
You cant save him
Hes in too deep
Put that bible away
It wont change a thing
Missing calls for help
Being kidnapped
By promises
Pied piped
From phantoms
In hats
And its
:iconwoozimune:Woozimune 0 0
Frisk: Look at everybody on Mount Ebott's peak
The Monsters' new home is unique
They're free from the underground and happy
I'm the Monsters' young ambassador
I want Man and Monster's peace stronger
Their future will shine bright in perfect harmony
Look all around us; the sky is evident with the sun
Smiles and laughter, this village has endless magical fun
And hey, hey, it's another day
Like every other
And I don't wanna change a thing
Not one little thing, I mean, because
I do what my soul and heart say
And I'm doing okay
What could be better than this?
It is what it is, it is perfection
Look at everybody do their part
And they do it with a happy heart
And it gives them all sense of greater purpose
Well, that's the way that I want to be
I want to make them proud of me
Just be a gentle human and deserve this
[12-second break]
Although I wish the Six who fell before me will have a glance
Of what the Monsters living on the surface on second chance
[5-second break]
Now we all say
With the
:iconmatchmakeramethyst:MatchMakerAmethyst 0 4
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf / Amit Yungman
One, don't let those drunk wolves in!
No, they can't do good your sin -
Lo their claws are made of tin
You shan't err - fake smiles are grin.
Your hands cross, Your mouth can pin,
Oh it's you who makes that din!
Use your ears to know your kin
:icond-fluorite:d-Fluorite 0 0
My Wish
Take me to a world
A world of magic and fantasy
Where warmth beats the cold
Where light beats the dark
A world where I can be free
Where I won't be judged
Where I won't be abandoned
Where I can be loved
With people to love
Where I won't be alone anymore
A fairy tale, a film, a game
Somewhere, anywhere
Any world, no matter how odd
So long as it can restore life
To this frozen over heart of mine
Because anything is better
than to continue being the lonely princess in her tower
Hoping someone will come for me
Only for no one to show...
:icontheevilovelords:TheEvilOvelords 1 0
Dark Meditation
Shadows stain the streets at
Lamp post islands, hold back
Their glare disturbs my waking
The velvet silence, I find
Strolling through the shadowed
Alone with thoughts that tear
and bite.
Darkness soothes, these beasts
of mine.
A moments peace, to walk the
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 0 0
Tell Me
She dreamed of us, you know.
We were embracing in the sunlight,
With you yelling my name,
Seemingly glad to see me.
I was happy, too.
Happy that I was important enough
To hug you.
Your green-tinted brown eyes meeting mine,
A permanent smile blessing your face.
She told me this
After it happened.
Maybe it was meant to be.
We talked for hours
About what you and I
Could become.
Just say it.
We disobeyed every rule,
Preferring only each other,
Ignoring the paper hearts
Scattering the forest floor.
You didn’t say it
But I did.
You left me that summer.
Three times you held me close,
Trying to hide my tears
In the cook of your shoulder.
It’s a shame I didn’t say it sooner.
She dreamed of us,
Haven’t I told you?
It could’ve been great.
Why can’t I accept that it’s over?
:icontwiliightzone:twiliightzone 0 0
The Past Is The Past
they say the past is the past
and one shouldn't dwell on it
or it will eat you inside
making a shell of your former self
so you continue moving on
and release that pain
focus on what you can
and let the rest go
in that journey that you find
honoring the heart
:iconalasaron:alasaron 1 0
The screams are killing my mind
I can't take any of this anymore, it's love I need to find
In this house with all it's voice cracked walls
I find myself on the couch in somber, hearing death's call
It's already hard enough without you here
But I hate the feeling of being alone, it's you I hold dear
The hands on each other here bring me to tears
Sometimes I don't know what for, but I've had enough of it here
I want to run through a door, back or front is fine
I want to run far away from sin's song, sometimes I want to die
Cars would rush by me and people would stare
But maybe if I run far enough, I would escape from here.
:iconbeyondthedeep:beyondthedeep 0 0
I feel alive
before I crash.
And the spider on my windshield
braces all eight legs against the impact.
         Lowers her body down
         to kiss her web home,
while my feet forget how to use the pedals,
my toes shaking against the metal
of the hood crumpling towards my rattled knees,
and I can feel the smile slice my lips apart
as my lungs struggle to remember how to breathe.
I feel alive
before I die.
And Miss Arachnid clambers to higher ground,
weaving silk across the shattered glass.
         She seems rather content
         to watch me bleed,
and my arm extends itself through the steering wheel,
knowing well the burn the muscles feel,
to touch her body covered in spiny hair,
to know the delicate limbs that keep her safe,
risking life to show her I love her -
:iconnarcissisticpanda:NarcissisticPanda 1 0
Easter Sunday
I find the concept of a
middle aged man in a
fur-suit that brings eggs
to children just a little
bit absurd.
Not that a man would dress
themselves like a rabbit, or
even that said rabbit would
deliver eggs of all things, but
rather that parents find it suitable
to offer their children up in
exchange for pictures.
I remember when I was a child
sitting in the Easter Bunny's lap,
not because it is a warm memory,
or because I've seen the picture
a hundred times, but because
I thought my stuffed rabbit
would come alive in
the middle of the night.
Children aren't the best at rationalizing
the things that they see, at coming to
an understanding that there is more than
what meets the eye, and that's not
always a bad thing.
There is an innocence in the way they
trust, in the way that they believe
what they see and what they're told
without hesitation or skepticism,
and I hate to imagine that
we lose it as we grow up.
We're told to question things, under
the guise of learning to ask questions,
:iconvexatiousv:VexatiousV 0 0
There arent enough love poems about friendships
I am a wound with a stifled mouth, feathers stuck in my teeth, a church on fire in my throat, but you, a chance meeting in a bar, and we are forever bound to each other with words scarred into our skin, 100 days later, and I am still here, because of you, because of that smirk, your energy, how you let me bleed my tears all over you any time of day, I don’t have to hide my depression from you-sometimes it’s a firefly in the palm of my hand and sometimes it’s a dog biting my heels and other days it is a monster snarling in my face and I cannot do anything but sit in the middle of the night with racing crashing tumbling heartbeats. You are my sunlight in all this dark, the beginning of my evolution toward freedom, the lighthouse of who I used to be. Thank you for carving out a safe space in your kingdom for me.
:icondamagedhomewrecker:DamagedHomewrecker 1 0
friend zone one
I'm not gonna lie
It seems you've caught my eye
You're like a work of art
It seems you've caught my heart
Clear message that you send
You want us to be only friends
It might not be that bad
But I still feel deeply sad
:icondecodethis:DecodeThis 2 0
Opinion time
Eyesore the pheasant is the edgiest OC i've ever seen
:iconkitty-of-doom524:Kitty-of-Doom524 0 0
locked up
in a tattered heart
moth eaten fabric flesh
heated in low light
buzzing with a fever
breaking in a hellish sweat
beading up the pores
begging to cool down
vitriolic when scared
violent like hurricane wind
villainous charm cloaked in stealth
volatile time bomb
:iconcatgermanotta:catgermanotta 0 0
Sitting at this table for what seems like an eternity
The blank page mocks me
My brain is scrambling with a flurry of mixed emotions and lovers thoughts
Refreshing my inbox feed with sad music on
My mind gets clouded and lost
The dark seeping feeling fills me up and my eyes starts to water
Echoing words grow louder
‘You were a fool to fall in love’
:iconceeceechan1:ceeceechan1 0 0
Guerre et Injustice
C'est toujours la même rengaine,
À croire que ce monde à la flemme !
Me donner une raison de rire ?
Nan on m'a retourner le sourire.
Encore et toujours derrière moi des kilomètres de bitumes;
Mais y'a une montagne devant moi et j'ai même pas assez d'tunes
L'impression de crever à chaque moindre pas,
De toute façon mon avenir n'est que le trépas.
"Nan mais attends, tu connais pas le futur !
Laisse toi un peu de temps et t'auras un appart et une voiture"
Mais je peux plus y croire, l'avenir n'est que chimères,
Certains retournent sur leur terre, moi à la poussière.
Grandir, mais à quoi bon ?
On finira tout par disparaître !
La vie est douce, p'tit bonbon ?
Et bien Réalité, tu veux pas la connaître !
On y a tous cru, le bonheur et l'amour...
Mais la vie te ronge et tu caches le mal par de l'humour
Oui je deblaterre et ça n'a aucun putain de sens
Mais bon y'en a jamais eu, c'est comme le respect ou la
:iconminigemini14:MiniGemini14 0 0