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With friends better than Jasmine by vafiehya With friends better than Jasmine :iconvafiehya:vafiehya 35 26
to one who mourns
there is no language
because there are no metaphors
for death.
it is not a void,
not an end,
not a loss, for
we were always lost.
there is a darkness
i cannot reach but
i stand on its shore.
you drown there, plunged
into the depths by
another's death.
you are lost,
thinking you found an end.
i wait by the void
for you to climb out.
if you will. i will
wait here, unable
to step in, unwilling
to leave.
:iconraido-ehwaz:raido-ehwaz 6 9
oh no
something is wrong
i can feel it deep inside
deep in my bones
deep in my veins
and i dont know what it is
maybe im tired
maybe i need sleep
or maybe i need to be alone
please god let me be alone
for just a while
or maybe forever
forever would be nice
but i dont know
what is happening
i feel so empty
so lost
:iconsimplywishing:SimplyWishing 4 0
A Demons Prayer by MirachRavaia A Demons Prayer :iconmirachravaia:MirachRavaia 8 0
book of poems
-᚛ᚂᚕᚁᚆᚐᚏ ᚅᚐ ᚅᚇᚐᚅ᚜-
᚛ᚇᚐᚅᚒ ᚉᚐᚋᚓ ᚁᚑᚏᚅ ᚔᚅᚈᚑ ᚈᚆᚓ ᚃᚖᚇ ᚒᚒᚆᚓᚏᚓ ᚈᚆᚓᚏᚓ ᚒᚒᚐᚄ ᚅᚑ ᚂᚔᚌᚆᚈ ᚅᚑᚏ ᚋᚐᚈᚈᚓᚏ᚜ ᚛ᚄᚆᚓ ᚉᚏᚔᚓᚇ ᚐᚅᚇ ᚉᚏᚔᚓᚇ ᚔᚔᚓᚈ ᚈᚆᚓᚏᚓ ᚒᚒᚓᚏᚓ ᚅᚑ ᚑᚈᚆᚓᚏᚄ ᚈᚑ ᚄᚑᚑᚈᚆᚓ ᚆ
:iconthunderson4228:Thunderson4228 0 0
I'm Found
For countless years, I fought the fight,
I struggled hard into the night,
But then I found the battle’s end
Where blood runs fast and gashes mend,
Where love surrounds and feeds the soul
No longer bearing war-torn toil.
I found the peace that I would seek
When pressures sought to deem me weak,
I found the light in everything
And feel myself remembering
That I was meant for more than this
There is a reason I exist.
And just like that, they fell away,
Those who callus, cleave, decay,
Those whose will was not for me
To live in freedom happily,
I felt them leave like shedding clothes
And free of them, I quickly rose
Above the turmoil, lack and strife:
I found myself and claimed my life.
I found my place and now I see,
I have the life I’ve built for me.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 5 1
Everything and Nothing
When others would try to harm you with their name-calling and vicious harassment, this vessel was there.
-This vessel felt the need to run out bearing fangs and arms wanting to show them what it felt like to be bullied so they would no longer cause ill.
When you cried it felt like the world was ending and it crippled my soul but this vessel was there.
-This vessel had always blamed themselves even when it was clearly not its fault, yet it cared.
When you were afraid this vessel was there to hold you and keep you safe from the darkness and from the frightening sounds of nature.
-This vessel knew that some things were not easy and that fears are so debilitating the thought of panic made it shield you.
When all hope seemed to me lost did this vessel try its hardest to give you hope even if it cost them.
-This vessel fought for you in ways uneasily spotted by the eyes. A war where no one would know their name.
But this vessel faile
:iconphantomared:PhantomaRed 1 0
they say you’re gone
but i know they’re wrong
you’ll be back again
when the morning comes.
bright eyed and cheery,
shine to your hair
and gleam in your eye;
not this chilly air
or that note of despair
that hangs tauntingly
in the space between us.
take me back to november,
when i first called you mine,
sitting in that hospital chair
as the daylight was born.
the sunshine that grew
with blonde curls and
a face all too like mine.
those 4 months flew by,
too quick, too short to enjoy.
the year that followed taught me
the true meaning of “heartbreak”.
and as i grew, you stagnated
even as 4 years passed.
new love,
a change of perspective,
heartbreak like never before.
should the pattern continue,
i apologize to my past lives.
to you,
and him,
and all that follow,
my past loves.
:iconperfect-passion:perfect-passion 0 0
Lies spill from his clever lips
Like billowing smoke from a cigarette,
I've grown so accustomed
To choking on the
That I can no longer tell
Whether I'm dragging down
A rare breath of fresh air
Or suffocating on a lungful of
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Dying in Battle
People say that lanterns sound similar to waiting 
Thus lanterns are homophonic with waiting for someone
I am willing to await your return, even if it takes a lifetime
The wind has no words for the withering flowers,
Placing lanterns by Qing Bo gate, Love is like Rosa Rubus
The boundaries of life and death are indistinct.
Drinking tu su wine, accompanied by the drifting of years;
Watching peach blossoms compete in beauty
For a thousand years and yet not be drunken with their beauty.
I raise my cup in salutations to reincarnation
Asking when will deceased friends return?
No reply was given, with only loneliness comforting me...
If my soul withers in this lifetime.
I hope that I may meet up with you in another lifetime.
Day and night, accompanying you through the years.
A dream that is too beautiful is easily shattered.
Awaiting for reminiscence to become ash. 
I have no regrets.
A lifetime passing like
:iconstrawberry-angel612:Strawberry-Angel612 2 0
There you go
looking at me
with those big sad eyes,
Have you no shame?
It won't work,
it was me that caught you,
And there I thought
that you cared,
You don't even know
what love is,
It's trust,
And I've been betrayed,
At first I felt sick,
Now all I feel is pain,
Why did you do this?
I thought our love was strong,
But I guess it wasn't as strong as I thought,
What a fool I am!
I've been betrayed,
Tears flow from my eyes
and a pain aches in my side,
I've thought over & over again...
Where did I go wrong?
But I guess I'll never know,
Just do me one favor,
No !
I can't even talk to you,
I've just been betrayed,
............ Yes,
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offene Münder vergessen ihren vergossenen Speichel
bis Retorten-Worte gleiche Gelüste tarnen
im schwammigen Schoße berechnende Narkose
reicht, sich kurz vergessen dem konvulsivischen Ausdruck
der edle Gründe im bodenlosen Para-Dies vermutet
darin sein hohles Hoffen herrschsüchtig verpflanzt
das gleiche euphorische Elend bis zum Abklatsch erregt
vom jugendlichen SpaZIERgang gottgesandt
im dementen Dung versandet, im Sandmannstrand
wo katalytische Krebse unter fremden Hüllen
Weisheiten flüstern, die verrauschte Wellen fortspülen
© j.waldeck 2019
:iconwaldeck:Waldeck 1 0
Anxiety Doesnt Take the Weekends Off
Sunday, I’m head over heels for you,
Monday, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,
Wednesday, I asked you out,
Thursday, you tell me you think I’m cute
Friday, did you mean cute like you like me or cute like a puppy,
Saturday, I don’t know if it’s my anxiety or my instincts that whisper,
You don’t actually like me, this is just an ego boost.
I’m usually quite optimistic,
But it wouldn’t be the first time I was someone else’s pick me up,
And when they inevitably got bored, they put me back on the shelf.
I once talked to a guy who joked that he might be in love with me,
After two weeks he got tired of playing and said I just wasn’t his type,
“We could still be friend though right?”
He said, without clarifying he meant, friendly strangers, minus the friendly.
I recently texted a girl who gobbled up every compliment I gave her like it was freshly baked sweet bread,
She told me I was beautiful, once,
She only ever texte
:iconohwormm:ohwormm 0 0
Nu ma joc ca lumea ordinara
Nu mă joc ca lumea ordinară
iartă-mă, din mizeria înfuriată
care mi-a înfipt inima
nicicând ușurată-n corul cerinței
nicicând purtată de dorul credinței
iartă-mă, să mă pot elibera!
detesc jocul muștelor înaripate
și îngerii drăgălași, ce-mi zâmbesc
prostesc din spate, îmbrățișându-se
doar pentr-o singură unitate
iartă-mă, încât nu pot fi firesc!
nu-ți calc pragul îndoliat în ramuri
un văzduh nepătruns de raze focoase
lipsește harul destrăbălat
să m-arunc într-un cuib descuiat
de degete uitate-n atingeri de zaruri
© j.waldeck 2019
:iconnexul:Nexul 0 0
Money is power.
I have wanted power all my life.
Yet, now that I have it in my hands,
I find that I don't really need anything.
I gave 50 away to autisim research.
Just because I could.
Gifted a game to a random person on my friends list.
And I still have money in my acount that I have no use for.
It's weird.
As kids people tell us to get jobs that we like.
Then they tell us that money is important.
Maybe it's the privlage of living in my parents house talking...
...but honestly, I don't think money is really as good as it's hyped up to be.
Sure, If I had more of it, I could give it away to people that need it more than me.
And that sounds nice.
I just wish more people were aware of how much they could help other people, without being constently afraid of a number going down.
But what do I know?
I'm just an idiot working minimum wage.
:iconthispersonisunknown:Thispersonisunknown 1 0
Am I Falling Out of Love?
Am I still in love with you?
I heard a love-song yesterday
and I don't feel like that anymore
I don't feel like I used to
I don't talk like I used to
I don't even remember our first meeting
as powerfully as I used to
I don't cry like I used to
I don't feel like I used to
the emotions just aren't the same
am I falling out of love with you?
How has your life changed since you met him?
they asked me
and I couldn't answer
I couldn't answer
because what in my life HASN'T changed?
everything in and around me is different
because I love you
I don't feel the same as I used to
I don't get the rush of emotion when you're near
because you're always with me
The emotions aren't the same
because I am not falling in love
I am all in
I wear your ring
I love your voice
I treasure your words
You are my first thought in the morning
My last thought at night
My best friend
You know my worries
You care about my fears
You are my everything
I don't feel the same anymore
Because I'm not falling in love
I am sa
:iconstealthwizzard:stealthwizzard 0 0
missed opportunities
On valentine's you gave me expensive chocolates and a teddy bear
But I was sad cuz I knew in the next few weeks you wouldn't be there.
Fourth grade was gonna be so hard, I'd miss you every year,
And when you asked to kiss me, I was naive and I was scared,
So I said no. I'm sorry.
Freshman year you made a bracelet out of your bike chain for me
It left oils stains on my wrist for weeks, but it was really sweet.
Then I met a real cute jerk who would never respect me
And when you begged me to stay even though you were shipping off to the army,
I said no. I'm sorry.
It had been coming for years, we had a really loud fight
You begged and pleaded with me to share my bed that night
You walked home in the dark, you didn't see his knife
had I said yes and let you stay, you might still be alive
But I said no. I'm sorry.
:iconsyren0clemson:Syren0Clemson 0 0
Magnum Flux
My list of grievances of my own existence stretches beyond the horizon.
I can't see where it ends nor where it stops.
My mind is plague with diseases of instinct and desire.
All I wish is to collect the mass like the side of Aristotle.
My mind is clouded by my own never-ending ego battle.
I have lost my sense of touch, for I have become so untouchable I am unable to touch.
Though the one cause of my grief second to my existence would be thy personal phantoms who whisper with their saucy tongues.
I have no where to turn to except to carry on and to resist.
My solution is to drink my sorrows away.
Time slips through my fingers,
as I quietly sank into a bottle.
:iconchaozboy:ChaozBoy 0 0
just like that
And just like that
I'm back in your arms
Your gentle embrace
The beat of your heart
My skin yearns for your touch
My ears long for your voice
My heart cries for your love
My mind dances with joy
And just like that
I've found what I lost
The warmth of your breast
The lines that we crossed
My blood burns for you
My soul is your plaything
My life is for you
My love you are everything
And just like that
:icondecodethis:DecodeThis 0 0
merry go 'round
intentions go back and forth
I love you,
I love you nots.
this moment
we are silent.
a seat on my porch
and a chance to miss you so.
give in,
then release.
my memory labeled false,
just a kiss-
to feel a pulse
in this moment,
who is going to be at fault?
:iconlitttle-crow:litttle-crow 2 0
Area 51-A Poem by Snowpaw
‘Twas early in the summer months when the first announcement came
Surprisingly a Facebook post was where to cast the blame.
The call to storm the army base was soft as its first pass,
But louder still the user’s will ascended through the mass.
Days to weeks then weeks to months, our forces lay in wait.
All the while the secret force stepped up to take the bait.
Our numbers grew until secure,
Furries, Kyles, and weebs galore,
Would all trek through the desert peaks
All to clap some alien cheeks.
Our team laid out our battle plan to raid the guarded keep;
We’d start it in the dead of night, when most would be asleep.
The long awaited day approached: The 20th of September.
A day to live in infamy. A day we’d long remember.
The raiders traveled day and night
To reach the base and start the fight.
Through frigid cold and blazing sun,
We practiced our Naruto run.
At 3:00 am we gathered ‘round the base we’d soon be storming,
An overwhelming sense of dread;
:icontoothlessdragon11:Toothlessdragon11 0 0