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Cells at work by BrandyRosa Cells at work :iconbrandyrosa:BrandyRosa 642 19
It's ok, I breathe death in on the inhale;
you diminish existence on the exhale
we just stare at our lives as they perish before you and me
we don bloodstained vain since we're the reason for our own agony
exhausted from assaulting through this defeatist fight
crying ourselves to sleep alone each night
high on fear, low on moral
nothing for vital signs to report;
this is terminal,
off with the life support
naught is right so we're left to question in sheer doubt,
will there ever be a way out?
:iconspitesyre:spitesyre 6 0
Faol Sidhe
If we dine on forbidden delicacies
Tell of our hunger for strange flesh
To the shock of domesticated epicures
They will probably label us wild beasts
Ravening among them in woolen apparel
But we don't try to hide who we are
When spattered painted in red evidence
Of feeble ideologies messily devoured
We were never a part of your herd
Only prey boasts about “herd instincts”
Our board is more lavishly seasoned
Exquisite, delightful, savory and savage
If you are getting hungry, join the hunt
If you are getting scared, you better run
Because all of your panicked bleating
Only reminds us of your true nature
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 9 8
Nada empalagosa
cual de azúcar saturada mermelada,
tampoco insípida ni desabrida
tal saborizada y diluida gelatina;
fluido, dulce y delicioso;
¡el sírope de granadina!
:iconpaulimabelmc:PauliMabelMC 3 0
Rewind that
pulsars pulsate such beautiful beats
that arise a sweet and  longing  heat
from my heart where do i start with
the joyous song that screams me too
(rewind that)
from my soul oh I can't let go like the black
whole of my being this feeling of being complete
without a scratch  to skip back  or retract my
last act  but how do i
(Rewind that )
whole motion of my body as the music coxes me
to obey its whims and skim the last essence off
the rim but i am always a slave to my music beloved
that i covet like my mate on a hot summer day but
(Rewind that )
to concern with my nothing for the melody is
everything i desire to be, so let me be free
from this drawback that holds me fast
forward for those who adore me and don't
rewind that.
:iconsithwolf:sithwolf 3 0
Heartland Potluck 101
Heartland Potluck 101
   Mr. Putin, thank you --
for having me on your show, truth told
it's nowhere near as good as my old one...
but I look very much forward to showing your people
my recipes,
because they are huge
hits in this country of mine.
   Some people would say
I'm a very, very, very good cook.
I say, not in a braggadocios way,
I've made billions and billions of dollars
selling this recipe to people
all around the world.
   I say, "Show me someone with no recipes and I'll show you
a big loser".
   Sorry losers and haters, but my recipe --
Donald J. Trump's McMeltingPot
-- is a one of the highest polled dishes
of my people.
A woman's work is in the home:
Oh, the women of America
love to cook
this feast for their men.
   America loves my taste!
   This dish is loved on many,
On many sides.
   But I don't braggado myself,
I'm the least braggadocios person
you have ever interviewed
for your
:iconmaggotsx:MaggotsX 3 5
The Jordan
We're done with filling troughs with pearls,
chasing weather-hearted girls;
still the bullshit raineth.
Harsh handmaiden art thou, strangeness,
to the future's silent mistress;
but comfort dwells on the lap of death.
Rudderless, the ship finds itself steered
by silver-haired evil and its dozen rules;
just when you think cloudy skies have cleared,
comes a new father for fatherless fools.
Instruction manuals abound -
when there's no wrong way to live,
it's easy to claim your way is right
until someone with a different way is found.
Must it be black, all that's not white?
Beware of advice amygdalas give.
Am I too real for you?
Old fantasy-weaver
trapped in a web of fever -
past voices came a-calling,
as drawbridges started falling.
What made you drown your integrity
in the moat, to don this painted armor?
Thorny weeds of hypocrisy
grow in the cracks of ancient, crumbling marmor.
Headphone Trouble
deaf to the world...
the cat bited the cord and i'm deaf to t
:iconlibrarian-of-hell:librarian-of-hell 0 0
I'm not myself.
I remember walking home with the autumn breeze,
Winter coming up behind me,
No other friends but my teachers,
Always ignored by my peers,
Always dealing with some irrational fears.
I remember the smell of all the heavy Chinese glazes
Making it's way through the various city hazes,
Making me feel a bit nauseous,
The smells always a little bit too much,
Without fail, always making me sick to my stomach.
I remember my mom waiting for me,
Always waiting to take my backpack that was always a bit too heavy.
Every day she'd ask me how it all went,
And even though she expected me to vent,
I was completely oblivious, thinking that day was well spent.
I remember walking home with the autumn breeze,
Winter coming up behind me,
No other friends but my teachers,
Always ignored by my peers,
Always dealing with some irrational fears.
I remember coming home,
Forgetting to feel alone,
Smelling spice in the air,
Leaving all my things on our tacky chairs,
And having my mom muss up my hair.
I remember bei
:iconrichardapplewood:RichardApplewood 1 3
   It’s time.
   It’s finally time!
   The chrysalis has cracked.
   For all the waiting, I’m no longer trapped.
   Ages of crawling and slinking and trudging my way up.
   Fighting my way over obstacles and foes, yearning for a better life.
Everything has amounted to this. My triumphant moment of methamorphical bliss.
   The brightness of it stings my eyes, but my body finally feels alive.
   Newly discovered parts unfurl and stretch, growing out.
   Resolve strengthened with an outlook shift.
   Easy had nothing to do with it.
   But it was worth it.
   To fly.
:iconafflicted-writer:Afflicted-Writer 1 1
         Jest tyle drobiazgów
         Jak odłamki po wybuchu
         Latają w powietrzu
         By ranić
         Herbata w kubku od ciebie
         Ma gorzki posmak
         I krem na zmarszczki od ciebie
         Leży na dnie kosza ze śmieciami
         I figurka z wosku od ciebie
         Zbierała tylko kurz i nie pasowała do ścian
         I wszystkie te słowa
         Mające na celu ustawić mnie w szeregu
         Są teraz niczym miny zakopane pod dywanem
         Uważam jak stąpam
         Uważam jak oddycham
:icondemeter19:Demeter19 0 2
of course my mind
rows back to you, gloss-haired
and green-eyed and glowing,
whole rows of garden growing
at your feet. so i still sneak closer:
in this life i open
the door to your
passenger side and
slip myself in beside you
like i belong there, since,
of course, i know i do. we wind
down laurel-lined streets
and lose ourselves in the finding
of our footsteps. you have
so many honeysuckled things
to say, and your laugh rings out
in the stoplight shine like nothing
ever changed. perhaps the red moon
laps us up and our lives are different.
and perhaps when i make bells of
the way you look at me like that,
all soft and milky, like you won't
forget me for a long while,
it is something very steady
to believe in.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 6 2
I'm way too young
To feel this old
To be this bitter
To care this little
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 3 1
Yellow Peaches
That’s just peachy
Peachy yellow peaches
Ripening on the desk
Gone from sweet and juicy
To a grainy, rotten mess
:icondrbadassphd:DrBadassPhD 4 2
lon3wolf, Love Quote, Sad Quote by lon3wolfofficial lon3wolf, Love Quote, Sad Quote :iconlon3wolfofficial:lon3wolfofficial 0 0
miniskirt and boots ,too
Her right leg
had a tattoo of
a stairway to heaven
Her left leg
had a tattoo of
a highway to hell
his forehead had a
lot of sweat
:iconwiggytop13:WiggyTop13 2 0
Flickering fragmentations of a me that
    seemed to be.
So beautiful and radiant
    So blessed and so carefree.
No hand could stall my progress,
    No hate could make me slow,
In all the world not one
    Soul, could ever tell me no.
But fragments flicker away
    like embers turned to ash,
And foolish folly is the fate
    of humans vain and brash.
In company I reveled,
    sensibilities ruled my head
Insipid I became a mockery,
    a mocking that I lead.
Now in Solitude I find myself,
    alone with thoughts, unkind
With memoir remorse a plenty,
    and the cult that's left behind.
         /So much damage
          So much pain
          So much mischief
          have I caused.
         All could have been
:iconkatragoness:Katragoness 1 0
Braided Pulse
Beach sand locks
Braided like rope
Love that is lost
Found new hope
Grin like an idiot
Voice so serene
I'm so addicted
Taste like caffeine
Heart skips a beat
Loud as a drum 
Feeling my pulse 
Hearing it thrum 
You give me frisson 
Unexplicable feelings 
My heart you're mending, 
I feel like I'm healing.
:icongoosetaf:Goosetaf 0 0
Sans lendemain
Sur la langue de la catin, de futurs anti-gamins
inconscients, braves spermatozoïdes sans lendemain
le commencement d’une aventure; le début de la fin
à l’intérieur de l’avaloir abyssal de la putain du coin.
Oui, tout le monde; il est si heureux
tout le monde; il est bien content
de reluquer suçoirs et queues
se croisant, laissant tâches en blanc.
Éclaboussures, devenant signatures
de rejetons ne dépassant stade de créatures
parmi atmosphères humides, impures.
Micro-tétards tellement remplit d’ambitions
nageurs cellulaires dépourvus de prénom
troupeau hyperactif défuntant dans le gorgoton.
2018 © Dario L
:icondario-l-art:Dario-L-Art 3 0
Snake for a Tongue
Have you ever seen a snake before?
Creatures that slither across the floor
You can find them in high grass or trees
Anywhere they cannot be seen
But there's another place they can be
A unique place where no one can see
It is a place they do not belong
Yet they are there as a human tongue
Why on earth is it in there?
Why choose that as its lair?
Who would agree to this deal?
Did they think this is ideal?
Believe it or not, there is a reason
There is a purpose for this treason
A deal was made by the snake and the figure
It’s a big task yet quite as a whisper
The person will offer the snake shelter
As long as the snake serves as it’s helper
It acts as a body armor
Working now for the snake charmer
When the situation goes south
The figure just opens their mouth
That is when the snake strikes
Its bite feels like sharp spikes
The snake quickly returns for closure
Just like that, the conflict is over
But the damage here is not done
No, it has only just begun
The snake makes the ch
:iconja-thepoet:JA-ThePoet 1 0
The world is too inert to help your hardship, my friend.
The peoples are too tired to mourn your sadness, my dear.
We are too exhausted to handle our way, my love.
:iconmyb0307:MYB0307 0 0