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Dancing with my demons
When I am all alone
And everything else is quiet
I can hear the beating of my heart
The blood surging in my veins
Those sounds joining together
Creating a beautiful symphony
That is awakening my demons
They want to dance with me
But I don’t know how to dance
Maybe I will have them teach me
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 18 15
Through the Darkness
The mind can be a dark place for some.
I would know, as I trap myself there frequently.
I always believed nothing can free me from this darkness.
Until, there was a new view one day. A small light amidst the darkness.
As I went closer, more lights began to appear.
Each light began to drive out the darkness.
For the first time in life, I felt safe in my mind.
Though my mind can still become dark, I know my lights will help me through it.
:iconpunk-expressionist:punk-expressionist 9 8
After All We've Done for You!
My regrets grew quite belligerent
When I bid them a curt good-bye.
“Chickens come home to roost!” They squawked.
“True." I said. "And then they fry!”
:iconneo128:Neo128 4 3
I want it off of my face!
I want the thermosphere to cry at my beauty
I want humanity to awe at my complexions and intricacies
I want the universe to be mirrored in my eyes
I want to wear the soul of God on my arms
I want the adored voices of Harajuku and Akihabara as my own
I want the ocean of firmament, that deep, mysterious sparkle to characterize my hair
I want dancing sakura foxes to be painted on my legs
I want the cast-gold doors of cathedrals upon my lips
I want the perfume of honey fused with myrrh as my scent
I want the slick, caramelized smoothness of the tundras to dress my nose
I want the tempered breast plates of honored titans to structure my chest
I want the curves, the explicit arches of orchids to run up my back
I want the tender, soft touch of melting granite to shape my abdomen
I want the shimmering down of humming bird feathers to artfully illustrate my fingers
I want the most perfect of artist chisels to sculpt, to sand, to create my hips
And lastly
:iconkitsunekatzchen:KitsuneKatzchen 5 2
Zerosaber Vs. The Star Thief Part 4 5th Half
Copia awoke with a start, gasping in shock as she came back to consciousness still within the confines of the Dark Aura Bubble. Pressing out against the walls that surrounded her, a pained grunt left her lips; she was becoming more tolerant of the discomfort, though that hardly made her situation any more pleasant.
She could hear Abva’s voice through the bubble, though it was too muffled for her to make out. Honestly, whatever she had to say hardly mattered to her; actions speak far louder than words, and so far, Abva had been deafening.
Straining harder than ever before against the bubble, she could feel it beginning to tighten down again, seemingly ignoring what she could take as it tried to shrink more and more; if she were looking for a good situation to pull something drastic and experimental, now seemed like a great time.
Gathering her focus, a sense of calm seemed to wash over her despite her present situation; somewhere, deep inside of her, she could tell she was making t
:iconzerosaber621:zerosaber621 2 0
Buaya Darat

The eastern lindworm
A hunter and grave robber
An island giant
A tail like a whip
Gifted with the spit of death
And chainmail for skin
Many creatures are fair game
Among them, their own offspring
Yet there is another side
One that can be overlooked
But can be observed
When in the care of the apes
A kind of brightness
Slightly tamable
Recognizing caretakers
And playful at times
:iconakkusuraikan:AkkusuRaikan 2 2
Baderne 3x4 by O-rigamist Baderne 3x4 :icono-rigamist:O-rigamist 1 0
There's a place between
Where we are free
Outside society
A quiet melody plays along
Singing our soft song
We are wrong but free
We are free to be
Mistakes who believe
Our dreams are reality
So, grab on tight
It's a wild ride
Because tonight
We are dreamers
:icongummi-bearsteve:gummi-bearsteve 2 0
We Are One(finale version)
WE ARE ONE(Final Reprise)
KIARA:          We are one, you and I
KOVU:           We are like the earth and sky,
SIMBA:          One family, under the sun
               All the wisdom to lead,
NALA:           All the courage that you need,
VITANI:         You will find when you see,
ALL:            We Are One!
CHORUS:         Family, Family,
               We are one! (2x)
RAFIKI:         Simunye! (we are one!)
               Mina nawe! (You and I!)
               Omunye umndeni! (One family!)
               Sizonqoba, ngo thandobo! (We will conquer, with love!)
:iconaericmon:aericmon 1 3
you, and your rose-petal eyelids, and your warmth scented cologne
we make a kingdom of this basement, while we're here
laughing like lightning in a bed that isn't ours
savoring our youth so saccharine, feeling it melt in our mouths, 
letting it burst before our lips like firecrackers, like your funny kisses
you, and your quilt-like softness, and the gravity in your eyes
sapphire butterflies jitter in the air, above the permafrost, gossiping 
it's some kind of winter miracle
they drink up the cold sunrays and the meltwater and the nectar sweetening your voice
this effervescent youth that is plentiful for now.
you, and your sunset skin, and the kindness you extend 
your hands that are clueless yet they can still hold me just fine
your hands like mitts that surround my pearl-white fingers
your heart that pines for mine but it's broken so why would you want it
maybe we'll be forever - like the mountains
maybe we'll wither away - like the snowdrifts that call them home
:iconvicariouspoet:vicariouspoet 2 0
Our passion flows against an arterial current, 
building pressure in red sea waves. 
                   We are a chaotic mix of elements, 
                   twisting in the wind and collapsing into an embrace 
                   as lovers fighting nature with nurture. 
There is magic in my fingertips-- 
                  that brings life to this ocean 
There is poison in my palms-- 
                  that brings death to this earth 

The soil is receding beneath our tangled bodies, 
crumbling into our souls and crevices. 
:iconlycaenyx:Lycaenyx 3 0
Life of Lies
Throughout every stage of life,
We see everything in a different light,
Tobbles are curious about the world,
Children are optimistic about the world,
Thinking everything has a hidden pearl,
Teens get darker has they see what they think is the truth,
More often than not the teens truth they found was unbound in truth,
Unlike they thought it was a web of careful lies heavily bound by lost ties,
The fresh and witty adults think they are supreme,
but things are not as they seem,
The truth is still hidden out of sight,
Even tho they may search with all their might,
Then to the youth’s dismay the adult drift away to finding the way,
The adults then may have a child or two,
Then they created a web of orchestrated lies,
To protect the child’s innocent mind,
As they watch their child go from,
                    To gray…
:iconthebaneofyourexist:TheBaneOfYourExist 2 1
two sides
Waking up screaming 
My mind isn't healing 
I'm someone I don't recognize
Under my new disguise
It's another side of me
That's for all to see
As the old me subsides
To the inside 
To rekindle 
What has been dwindled
To ashes
All you see are flashes
Of what I used to be
Someone so carefree
Chasing what's been taken 
Feeling forsaken
I heart of gold 
Turned cold
Darkening my light
Filling my heart with spite
I'll survive
Even strive
Even if I'm a little bit colder
I'll just blame it on being older
:iconkakatoast:kakatoast 3 0
Human Landscape (17/07/2018)
Forded your rivers,
crossed your mountains and ravines,
seen your highs and lows.
I know your valleys,
crests and plateaus. Your seas and
marshes - I'll cross those.
:iconmaneoflyssa:ManeOfLyssa 2 0
STAR WARS, the triadd, chapter 025
pt. 2
the triadd
Chapter TWENTY 5
There, this was gone, this fight, back slash, wonder if there was a way to, think he’d never take to blades again, this one stike on and in, that this kill into knowing more, this was not, this pain, set, these worlds, this one song, in before these worlds, in what was, but that this was once, in, these two blades, these worlds in ours before that this couldn’t be but there that this wasn’t going back, he’s out of breathe, this sloaked, sweat, this world, into knowing more about that these, can’t still ever Be! This wasn’t ever there, this wasn’t going on, this was more to know,
it’s not, just there, to cut, this head, or they’d never, be here, there, still on in, they’d be all, ghosts live but that’s, a mute point,
it’s this fight to win, so wonder on in, wear him out, it’s called slicing in and wonder in still, that this wasn’t going, back in for these world
:iconblackrocklegacies:BlackrockLegacies 1 0
my tears fall
with the forest's trees
a changing path
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 2 1
lon3wolf, Funny Quote, Haters Quote, Life Quote by lon3wolfofficial lon3wolf, Funny Quote, Haters Quote, Life Quote :iconlon3wolfofficial:lon3wolfofficial 1 0
Benedici Signore
Benedici Signore - Antica preghiera siciliana
“preghiera del mattino”
Benedici Signore, questa giornata
fa che sia per me leggera come una passeggiata,
guida i miei pensieri mentre svolgo il mio travaglio
fermami in tempo, prima che io faccia uno sbaglio.
Tienimi lontano dalla pigrizia
fammi avere rispetto per chiunque sia,
calma i miei nervi e dammi pace
quando devo fare quello che non mi piace.
Ricordami di pensarti ogni tanto,  
con la preghiera
oppure con il canto,  
merito non cerco
e neppure vanto
mi basta che questo mio giorno
tu lo rendi santo.
Sia fatta la tua volontà!
:icontazunee:Tazunee 1 0
The Children of Hecate
The darkness glimmers
Within us
Like a starlit sky
Our Goddess is
The Queen of the Night
And we'll sit
At her side
When we die
We are Witches
To lie in the beds
We've rarely made
For who has time
For tucking sheets?
When you see
The streets!
:iconsimonwberesford:SimonWBeresford 2 2
A Prose To You Lingering
The myth of you and me reminded me of that cliched story about Icarus and the Sun…
The romance.
In that version, Icarus fell in love with the sun and attempted to give his love and affection.
With every attempt melting him or his wings further.
Dripping wax…
Pain. Progression.
It was all worth it for love.
Not that you knew you were the sun.
My wings have melted beyond recognition.
So I decided to stay.
In this world that is slowly and surely leaving me.
My bones are only glass.
My mindset simply melancholic.
My throat is closing.
I'm scared.
I am silencing myself.
I shouldn't scream so much.
It'll wake up the neighbors.
I'm getting sick of the echoes.
I am tired of being alone.
In my own head.
You are right in front of me.
You were enough, dustpan in hand
Ready to pick up my broken pieces.
But I pushed you away.
It was too late when I discovered
That I really needed you.
My broken bones hurt.
And my mask wasn't worth it anymore.
Nobody truly liked me.
My personality lacks
:iconvehement-virgo:Vehement-Virgo 1 0
of mass and miscalculations
i just want to dig deep enough through the crust of the earth and all molten lava and feel myself crushed into a diamond. i just want to be worth a diamond. i just want to release all air in my siren chest and by virtue of dying, live. i am important enough to be gripped. i am not important and this is the force behind shattering nails and dissolving ulnas. when the drugs kick in i feel my ultimate bone fly and bless me with voidhood and the bird. i am a knot of the most absurd. i am not heard except for when i speak and i can't open my mouth this far underneath the surface. i have been worthless for millenia. i have been wordless as the dawn of mankind. i haven't been worth it, every bit of effort like honey in the rot of a carcass. i am gauze wrapped around the thigh of a goddess. i've gazed deep upon the void where god is supposed to be found and wept. i didn't understand yet. i cannot understand death at the hands of inaction. i am inaction. i am no person, i am no passion, i am no
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 2 0
For Those with Post-Trauma
For Those with Post-Trauma
It is a song that does not end,
Really, but it gets worse -
For those who are forced to sing
The song that never runs it's course.
Have you ever seen something,
That you can never unsee again?
Have you ever heard something,
That you can never unhear again?
Everytime you see or hear -
That, What you seen ot heard, you just see or hear it all over again?
There are people who live where,
No matter where they go, or who they know,
One supposedly small thing will take them back there,
To a place they would rather not go,
To a place in their mind where they should not be.
I have been there, and I know,
Because among those people, there is me.
I could go on and on and on,
About what I gone through and what happened to me,
But that is not my point I wish to go on.
I want to try to share the tragedy,
The level of distraught, or how far gone
A human being can feel when they are missing pieces of sanity.
Insanity, by literal definition:
"Repeating the same action but ex
:iconrosabelle-of-earth:Rosabelle-of-Earth 0 0
A Ruthless Tempo
His pulse is always faithful and sure
An unwavering drum
Raging, in the eye
Of a flesh-mincing battle
Fear only launches him forward
His tempo quickens
Beneath the downpour of flaming arrows
His fears are alive
Commanding him: “forward”
As he carves through the swarms
Of his raving foes
In spite of his wounds
Slowly staining him in red
:iconloftydreams101:Loftydreams101 1 0