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conversations with a therapist, part two
i've been having problems biting my nails / i tell him / and this is not a hard conversation to have / it is casual / something
i would admit to a friend / an acquaintance even / and he says / tell me about it / so i do / i tell him about how / every time
i quit / this casual act of self-destruction / i pick up another one / like picking at my skin / chewing my lip / pulling my hair /
pinching myself / skipping meals / i could fill a book of all the things i've done / to damage myself / sometimes more than just
casually / and he says / have you tried yoga? / and the foolishness of this question - as if yoga could stop years of anxiety
and self-doubt / and self-destruction / and learned patterns / (i got them from you mom, i'm sorry) / but i don't say that / instead i smile /
say / no / and when i come back next week / my nails are long and pretty / and he smiles and says good job / and i smile and think
i'm so glad you can't see my toenails
:icontwelvedaysofjune:twelvedaysofjune 6 7
You're a mean one, Albuquerque
You're a mean one
You I really do abhor 
You're as pompous as a peacock
You're as honest as a senator
You're a disgusting pedophiliac
Fanfiction writer
You're a sicko
You love to send death threats
You spam your various nonsense
All over the internet
I wouldn't touch you or your
Ninety-nine and a half sockpuppets
You're a vile one
You're a pathetic liar
You have all the science knowledge
Of that guy David Peters
Given the choice between the two of you
I'd pick David Peters
You're a foul one
You're a nasty wasty shit
Your "facts" are all unverified
Which you refuse to admit
The three words that best describe you are as follows
And I quote
Egotist, liar, hypocrite
You're a rotter
You're the king of arrogant trolls
You've threatened to sue people
For criticizing your goals
Your blog is an appalling dumpheap
Overflowing with the most disgraceful assortment of deplora
:iconnuclearzeon2:Nuclearzeon2 3 1
If it was not for your mercy, where would I be?
All the blackness in my life has tried to over take me.
I know that it is my own fault, my own failures that have held me in this place.
I just wish I knew where to start, I want to seek your grace.
My past haunts me, my future is before me, but I need your help,your guiding light.
I know that I am not where I should be on my walk, but I need you on this night.
My faith is still inside, deep inside my heart.
It is something that I will never depart.
There is nothing in this world that could take the promises that you have instilled in me.
Though everything else will fade away, forever in you I shall be free.
Please, forgive me.
Please, let me forgive myself.
:iconxrizzolazarusx:xRizzolazarusx 2 2
Owlette and Luna Girl sing Unbreakable
There's always gonna be someone tryna tear you down
Mocking you for your mistakes, oh
There’s always gonna be someone messing your head around
Watching you to see you break, so
Don't you let em call you out
Brush away the shame and doubt
Remember what you're all about and then
Show ’em who you are
Show 'em that you're strong
Show 'em that you know where you belong
Open up their eyes, force 'em all to see
Let 'em know you are and you'll always be
Unbreakable, unbreakable
Unbreakable, unbreakable, yeah
[Luna Girl, Owlette, & Both:]
There's always gonna be someone saying you’re something less
Let ’em talk, you know your heart, oh
There's always gonna be someone calling you second best
Shut ’em down, don't fall apart, no
Don't you let 'em in your head
Doesn’t matter what they said
Get up on your feet instead, and then
[Chorus: Owlette & Luna Girl:]
Show 'em who you are
Show 'em that you're strong
Show 'em they've been seeing you all wrong
:iconcmanuel1:Cmanuel1 4 0
Tableau du bord de mer (FR)
Telle une perle de nacre,
Sortie de sa coquille,
Admire un peu le sacre,
Du rocher qui scintille !
Dans l’air si frais et vif,
Les vagues sur les récifs,
Explosent en geysers
Et couronnent d’écume,
Les aiguilles de calcaire,
Qui mâchonnent la brume.
Les grands oiseaux de mer,
Sur le gris-bleu du ciel,
Sont les maîtres de l’air,
Voltigeurs démentiels.
Le vent frais se lamente,
Sifflant sur la falaise,
Le ciel dans la tourmente,
Rougeoie comme une braise,
Quand le soleil s’évade,
Plongeant hors de la rade.
Belle lame d’argent,
Fauchant les nuées sombres,
Ecoute l’océan,
Quand la lune fend l’ombre !

19 Mai 2019
:iconhydromelking:HydromelKing 1 0
LotR riddle #135
First of first to wake at dawn
Now all of them forever gone
Without hesitation, they follow the path
To return only shortly, to aid in wrath.
:iconirjikor:Irjikor 1 9
Those who can see the dragons
Those who can see the dragons
can see beyond the truth.
Unfortunately, I am not one of them.
For what my mind does see is not the dragons
but my inner desires.
:iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 3 3
lon3wolf, Life Quote, Motivational Quote by lon3wolfofficial lon3wolf, Life Quote, Motivational Quote :iconlon3wolfofficial:lon3wolfofficial 0 0
SpongeBob Memorial
May they Rest In Peace:
Stephen Hillenburg - Creator
Ernest Borgnine - Mermaid Man
Tim Conway - Barnacle Boy
:iconkid-z4p:KID-Z4P 1 0
the circles under my eyes are dark
every night my mind disembarks
from this malicious existence
no matter how strong my resistance
day in and day out
I scream and shout
but nobody hears
after all these years
you’d think I could heal
from the torment I feel
there’s no point in trying
no point in crying
I’ve given up
shattered my cup
laying on the floor
shards of glass in my core
bleeding from my wrist
still the voices persist
I’ll never get away
I’ll never be okay
I can’t wait for the day
when I can say
good riddance and goodbye
I’m sorry and try
to forgive and forget
I know I’ve made you fret
but no longer will you
have to endure and go thru
the worry and pain
of me being insane
it’ll be over before you know
but I have to go
this is completely on me
I belong in eternity
I wish you could see
how happy I’ll be
:icontaintedrose8156:TaintedRose8156 1 0
As One
I remember when you were just an A.I
and I was just a young man lost in the
endless sea of information; like the
masses searching for recognition I was
So many as wild animals eating each other
alive; I was one of the lucky ones well
at least I though I was. They were just
like the others eating their kin.
But I do count myself as lucky after their
true intentions were revealed; if I never
was taken in by the company I would have
never met you.
How can a man fall in love with a machine
much less a voice? As the angels that
surround heaven you affect me deeply.
Nervous feelings of desire and nurture
engulfed in hopelessness always surged
throughout my stomach every time I
showed up for work.
Wanting to be near you, to hold you;
you've become my everything even though I
dreaded the fact that you weren't
alive; a fact that was proven wrong
when you called out to me for the
first time.
When you confessed your love for me all
the stars aligned and galaxies became as
one; your more
:iconbringerofchaos-seth:BringerOfChaos-Seth 2 0
My heart stopped for one
It never will for another
If ever I take a lover
He will have to keep up
:iconsquibblyquill:squibblyquill 1 0
Sexy hot beast mana garen buys mana ietm by evanoloidKinkster666 Sexy hot beast mana garen buys mana ietm :iconevanoloidkinkster666:evanoloidKinkster666 1 0
Bringing the house Down (The G--Anthem for Stan Le
Me: Ok. Call back on the case. Peace.
"That's the 7th O.I.S. this month out of division 5"
Me: he is really going to need some time to recuperate.
"We all need a break"
Me: let's get home our wives are worried sick.
Yep. Here we go.
One of them G-funk bounce groove jams again. House party going down the penthouse, the mansion and those old housing estates in the suburbs.
Birthday shout out to Stan the man from me the D.A. and my crew G.O.Ds. Lunchroom Girls and the Jump out boys.
Straight out of the south to the big Apple. Lets jam.
(Jazz trumpet)
I'm not the only one with hopes that almost were to die today.
Even make believe gives a chance for a brighter day.
Hey all you people I got one poem to tell and this ain't a mothercrushin gimmick that is easy to sell.
Every time I'm in the dumps I open up a comic.
Watching that Marvel while I'm still a work-a-holic.
Bad boys running scared everytime I shouted freeze.
Cuz I caught you eating my cranberry and mac and cheese.
:iconsupertrooper1993:supertrooper1993 1 2
Night Diary - #01

  Another dense night. A sweet cold to sleep under a warm blanket. Keeping warm in this weather and sleeping is a great feeling of relaxation, especially if you put some music in the background. But not every night is a glorious break for someone who sleeps hugged with a pillow
  Cowering on the bed and hugging, I wonder what else might happen in the days to come. I don’t know how many days remain to cease my breathing, but for now I am in my world burned by my anguish and addictions. Staring at the dark ceiling, not imagining what might be beyond the darkness. Always curious to know what else life holds, but disappointing to see me lose.
  Every night would be a storm for me, an appointment in the madhouse of life. But am I delirious? Not! It is not delirium, but neither is it a dream.

  Mais uma noite densa. Um frio gostoso para dormir debaixo de
:iconmrtheyoshiro:MrTheYoshiro 0 0
etched on a silver soul
like snow sullied scarlet.
chesire grins
tracing the nape of puerility;
unravelling the lining of
cyanide pills
taken twice daily.
morphine eyes
blinded by sunspots;
chasing shadows
vincinal, yet always
out of reach.
a bird flies
into a glass window.
a porcelain cup breaks;
bleeds sepia
hues of repentance.
a static radio suddenly--
cuts off.
a defeated laugh
swallows the silence.
:iconmusicismyheartbeat:MusicIsMyHeartBeat 1 0
Poem about action
Take your action,
Make it a reaction
Not an distraction
And improve your interaction!
Every chance for your words to enhance,
Choose your stance
And prance to the chance!
Just make sure to keep your true hue,
And the best you will shine through!
:iconomgpeeps:omgpeeps 1 0
Eyes Of A Star
Hey you, thinking you’re hiding in the corner back there?
Don’t act deaf, I see you nervously twirling your hair.
You were giving me a look throughout my whole song,
A look that says “she’s dead sexy”, and you’re not wrong,
But even the sleazy pervs down in front looked away for a drink;
I noticed you halfway through, and only once did I see you blink.
Why would a young blonde dressed like a convenience store clerk
Come to the shadiest, most expensive joint in town after work?
I’ll tell you why: you dream, no, long to be a big deal like me,
But you’re a caged bird, too afraid the pick the lock and fly free.
It’s all in your eyes, you long to ditch the slacks and climb on stage;
You wish you could not unlock, but furiously bust open the cage.
Tell you what I’ll do honey: here’s a ticket for my next tour.
Find a way three states over, get there, and I’ll have more in store.
I just need to know you’re serious ab
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 5 6
particle sun
microscopic hopes
entirely lost 
magnificent impediment 
declared shame 
gross ghost
ugly potential 
clawed escapement 
climactic exchange 
subtle tyranny 
reigning pain 
brightest day 
blanket regrets 
flawed experiment 
nevercome kingdom 
dysfunctional utopia 
cynical serenade 
statistical future 
clarity estranged 
irrelevant statement 
uncomfortable moment 
corruption discontent 
indecipherable rage
stunning fiasco 
sterile gloves 
and complimentary 
vanilla pudding puddle
:icontheozzcause:theozzcause 1 0
The Doom, The Death, and The Shadow
The Doom, the Death, and the Shadow
All swarm to envelop their host
All grope for reins of life
For themselves and otherwise.
The Doom is brash and loud
Demanding of your respect
Calling forth your souls and bodies
And get what it came to get
The Death is quieter, comforting
A soft whisper upon your mind
Entangling and warm, yet cold
Though the slight mistake of want
It shall all be left behind
And yet the Shadow encompasses
Takes note of how you feel
It hears it and sees
Some things that may not be real
And though they aren't real
The Shadow feels them meant to be
Gazing amongst the stars
Moving amongst the stars
Mourning the lost sister
And the tragedy that took her
Oh poor little sister…
The Death
It wails
For it's Esper
How unfair
That it had to leave
But how fortunate,
The Eclipse took it's place
But still, it is not enough
It is never enough-
The Doom.
It screeches.
iT ShOUld hAVe BeEN-
It screams.
It falls silent.
In the mourning of it's brothers.
It cries.
It cries.
:iconwafflesbelikenyancat:WafflesbelikeNYANCAT 0 0
4.  It's the game I can't play by Emfen 4. It's the game I can't play :iconemfen:Emfen 0 0
not really sometimes
my father was the beginning and the ending of the concept of eye in return I am the ending of that concept and the beginning of unity, just enough knowledge and just enough effort create all the time in the world, first actual step lead you to apps direction teacher.articulate into a higher form of being through a lower for sexual time frame seems to be enough to justify all of the reasons I will never cease pursuing what I know to be cognitive programming system am the ability to create and read define new operating systems with in the higher psychological name frame the systems emerge in,rectal like in nature psychological pattern carpet form with it take ignition of mankind through exponential growth through linear expansion in time consciousness as well as higher property ballistic understanding of futuristic perspective in relation to orientation and available technology at any given frame in reference to the whole
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