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8 billion people
There are so many concepts to love, and I don’t even understand a single one.
It’s not hard to sustain acting aloof, but for me and you I know I’m not bulletproof.
And neither are you, you’re just like me.
Lost in thought about the lives we could be living, this life of mine where it feels that what's made of ice is my bones.
Why are there so many questions that own no answers? It’s a delicate thought to conceptualise alone.
In this world, in this vision, and in this perception, everyone has no purpose, we’re all here by accident.
Every new era brings on all new calamities.
Is it you, the one, with the happy sweet family?
I trust that you know how much pointlessness you’re made of?
Just from me, and every family, and every other somebody.
I’m sorry that this is who you are, for if you hurt I hurt with you but from afar.
And although I don't know you or how you hurt, at least I can say I hurt with you and not worse.
And I give the s
:iconlippijubu:lippijubu 6 1
these brilliant faerie hearts
midsummer night
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 4 2
mother's skinning ginger
and i've become so bitter.
i'm brimming with vengeance and nowhere to stab it,
every slash and broken line just another tilt toward
madness / so look, love (haven't i said that before?)
i don't write about god and the only form of
kisses i give are fearful touches to crystal's forehead
and napkins stained with waxberries and wine.
the concept of spring is just too damn dirty; i miss the
eyes i had in winter. better to shiver and have enough
plans to smile than lie still with the static and music.
between dishes and worry and wind-snapped laundry,
my ideas tangle with hair at the end of the broom,
the men on television and ruin and despair...
i don't think in lyrics anymore.
"It’s not enough to say the heart wants what it
wants. I think of the ravine, the side dark with pines
where we lounged through summer days, waiting for
something to happen; and of the nights,
walking the
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 6 1
Obedience Hypnosis
Let's start by making you comfortable as you just read my words. Just focus on my words as you sink into your chair, your bed, or whatever it is you're sitting on. Feel your body settle into place as you focus more and more on my words. Notice how your eyes slowly scan across the screen. You can read my words as quickly or slowly as you want, though you may find that you begin reading them more slowly as we continue.
Notice how your body is beginning to relax more and more. Your hands are becoming nice and relaxed. They may begin to feel a little heavy. Just enjoy this relaxation as it moves up your arms. Keep focusing on my words and this relaxing, heavy feeling moving through your body. Feel it move up your arms and to your shoulders, relaxing them completely.
Let's focus on your breathing now. Take some nice, long, deep breaths. Breathing in through your nose... and out through your mouth. Let your breathing become slower, steadier, and softer. As you focus on your breathing, just n
:icontrancesoftranquility:trancesoftranquility 2 14
Projects in Parallel
They; different progress;
four equidistant segments.
Job desk; true madness!
:iconpaulimabelmc:PauliMabelMC 2 0
Opium and Absinthe
Elegant gypsies reclining on divans,
artists lying on silk pillows
strewn on the floor
painting poets seeking visions.
Provocateurs and raconteurs,
rogues and blue bloods in disguise,
entertain while the Green Fairy
delights on a dance floor of sugar.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 2 0
Fur Con (Alicia Keyes New York spoof)
"Awooooo! Fur cooon!
Awooooo! Fur cooon!
Joined a group on Telegram that contained no man or human... bean
Dragon noises always loud, there are noises all around and the best dergs are... green
If I can make it gay, I can make it gayer there, that's what they... say
Seeing rainbow lights or purple dragons, come what... may
My Fursuit's made by Fixy Fox
All dragons love big and long...
Fur cooooons!
Faux fur is what fursuits are maaaade of
"Your Fursuit's not gayyy 'nough"
I'll wear it at fur cooons
You will hear me make a graaand "Mew!"
Touch, move and inspire you
To meet me at the
Fur con, fur con, fur cooon!
At the dealer's den there ain't never an artist work so... hard
They're drawing dergs and dogs, making mews and maws, calling it... art
And the music's on, they're playing your favourite... sooongs!
And up on the stage, they have dancers of every age, shaking their... booodies!
I'll try dancing by any means, though I'm surely gonna tear my seams, screw it I'm atta
Fur coooon!
:icontimmichangas:timmichangas 2 0
Poem - Crimson Floods
Crimson Floods
This plan evoked by demons’ prayers
assumed the worst of fellow men
condemned them by the stroke
of the dogma within a book
attributing falls before they occurred
explained as fate that must befall
with no recourse to a grace allowed
for the fallen ones with principle
these are condemned by ministry
cast aside as the defiled
while the tenets provide a path
for the flock to pardon’s glow
the magic wand would be waved
absolution for bloodied hands
a lifetime dismissed with a wink
patter forgiving what came before
they say the taint has been removed
still the stains hue the skin
while the victims are set loose
assured that Nick is at fault
this discharge is the start
as the imps rejoice with glee
now all acts are permissible
when holy talismans are held high
a gulf is fed from belief
permission given for crimson floods
damning the others to a worst fate
than imagined fires beyond the grave
the pit would be a relief
compared to torment then released
in the name o
:icongreensh:greensh 1 0
The blossoms (a psychedelic poem)
The cherry blossoms
Bloom in the sun and eye
Pop out.... how freaky??!!
Then the blossoms
With the eyes change colour
And the eyes blink
What the heck am I
Looking at??!! Maybe this is
A hallucination.
:iconthe-bigdipper:the-bigdipper 1 0
Painted smile lyrics and russian translation
I can't even remember how it started.
A nagging voice.
My normal then departed from me.
Primal urges spiriting my sense away,
Foggy glimpses of the boy I used to be.
Preyed upon by the lowest of society,
They're parasitic,
Demanding your conformity.
Pushing limits,
Things are gonna get real ugly.
Ripping through the last shreds of my humanity.
I'm not but a shadow of what I was,
And I'm Hellbent and headed for you.
Surely you've realized that there's no way out of this alive;
Close your eyes,
'Cause it's time for you to:
Go To Sleep.
Climbing through your window pane,
I'm creeping closer,
Can you hear me?
Go on, mock me, say I'm insane;
But it's you who's caught in my game.
Cat and mouse,
A lovely circle.
Watch your tongue,
Those words are hurtful.
Hush now, won't you stay a while?
Join me with a painted smile
[Verse 2]
Tragic faces stationed at my bedside
warm embrac
:iconwonderwald:WonderWald 2 0
all the pretty ones have issues
I  have a lonely life
and I'm never getting young
we've been so alone
doing all I can to impress you
pitting my wits
against your mind, body and soul
circling like vultures
around a dust bowl
of mindless chatter
cold remarks, back and forth
playing catch and toss
with whosoever is in control
locked up, fenced in
wasted time, mortal sin
over ten thousand steps
just to find the refuse bin
and ten thousand more
seeking to explore
circumnavigating the globe
a snowglobe
no escape
take me home
:iconahengland:ahengland 1 0
I was thinking
Dust must fall
on memories in time
pain just lays bare
Ash obscures the
landscape of your mind
When smoke fills the air
I’ll help with what’s been binding you
Cause I can compare
I sometimes wake with sodden sheets
I intend
To understand
To mend the seams
I found it hard to dream
I was there
It used to be
That I was unaware
In repair
Take out the broken bits
and fix with care
And I intend
To write the wrongs
Left in me
A new way to be free
Be a better kind of me
I saw you
Clearing out
The rubble
of what fell down
And the reasons
Why we stayed
Are slowly fading away
It could be all be true
It could be all be true
It could be all be true
What a wonder you
What a wonder you
What a wonder you
Turn around my dear
It’s almost time
think about the rock
The kind you should stop for
The kind that trips you up mid step
Makes you wanna
Turn and run right back to when
It was bad
Honey, when it was bad
Hung by
Whispers of thread
And I felt as though
Life wouldn&
:iconbacklyt:Backlyt 1 0
Am I Your Music?
Am I Your Music?
Take it easy, take it slow
Take it to the sound of the rhythm and tempo
Play it piano, and play a decrescendo
Sing it high, and sing it low
Whatever melody you write I’ll sing it for you
Unless I’m your harmony, or unless I am your tune
Then play it mezzo piano to mezzo forte
Play the string instruments, play them all day
You are my muse, my song my inspiration
Lord you are the reason for my respiration
My lungs and my heart breathe at a drum beat
The ear drums in my ears make sound so sweet
But practice makes perfect for my vocal cords
So I went from pianissimo singing to the LORD
And then I went to forte, mezzo forte, fortissimo
I went all out, release the odes
I am the notes to a ballad, put in the right place
Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do; you’re my amazing grace
Your velvety voice Jesus, you carry a tune so well
You are the song of life that caves in the spirits of hell
I am the instrument you used to play your sound
I am the trumpet, your cello, makin
:iconbillysticziploc:BillysticZiploc 2 0
relinquish this morning
and the unknown it brings:
Now is the purgatory between
possible and impossible, you
just have to open
the Gate
:iconoliviacolomar:oliviacolomar 3 0
Rechargeable batteries
You have used me
So much lately
You have drained
My batteries
Drained me
Of my energy
So the least
You can do now
Is give me
A moment
To recharge
Before you
Do it all
Over again
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 14 17
Not So Different
Those whom are innocent of heart
do no bleed white but red.

And neither do those blackhearts
stain the earth a darkened hue. 

Though I might be ill of mind,
I bleed the same as you.

Of any race and soul, 
you're still a person whole.

Actions do not break the heart,
but tear the mind apart. 

And each vessel holds a ruby liquid.
And you may count each organ, lipid. 

We are picture not identical,
but made of the same material.
:iconseraphina16:Seraphina16 2 0
The Gravity Between Bodies
When the storm came,
I was sitting on the green
underneath the shade
of an old familiar tree.
So many years, I’d watched it
rustle and bend free
and just this morning
I watched it break before me.
I have never known beauty
like the myth of fingerprints
I never saw so clearly
as when I needed to change.
There is a sign in the window
inside a passing store:
a woman I don’t recognize
isn’t welcome anymore.
When I get older,
and they ask why I went away:
The gravity between bodies
is so awfully hard to take
I have never known beauty
like the myth of fingerprints
Am I sleeping deeply,
or will we meet again?
Somewhere in the darkness
there’s a beautiful sound!
From a woman in the mountains
with no reason to come down.
There’s a fire in the valley
There’s a river in the hills
There’s an old soldier praying
to the things that made him kill.
I have never known beauty
like the myth of fingerprints
They hold me so sweetly
and hurt me just the same
:iconch-ch-cherry:Ch-Ch-Cherry 2 0
bolster her
bolster her in gamy speech, & bare the brunt of brew, as mime's a taste of cloven waste too often uneschew
:iconbedblanket:BedBlanket 1 0
Mixed Media - Poetry + Fractals by EssentialBron Mixed Media - Poetry + Fractals :iconessentialbron:EssentialBron 1 0 lon3wolf, Life Quote by lon3wolfofficial lon3wolf, Life Quote :iconlon3wolfofficial:lon3wolfofficial 1 0
breathing fire
in many cultures
from the east and to the west
the legends exist
mythical creature
a serpent scaled and bat-winged
knowing onyx eyes
glorious in flight
fantastic beast or monster
just misunderstood
tears fall like raindrops
releasing a deep held breath
is fire in the sky
:iconprettyflour:prettyflour 2 0
All I'm doing is sinking.
I can't get help,
It'll be a problem for anyone.
Please, help me.
But only if you want to.
I don't want to drown,
But I will if I have to.
:iconpunk-expressionist:punk-expressionist 8 6