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the healthy skin around the edge
the bruise glows.
i can discern shades of
fading universes,
pulses of creation
that should not have
to beg.
there is warmth
radiating, strobing
with the light of deified wounds
pouring out, unchanging.
in my hand it
becomes more than i
can manage.
the music swells
into cacophony,
strings and brass
in fisticuffs.
the alleyway can barely
contain the collision
of galaxies.
all i can ask
is mercy.
leave none
for me.
the truth does
not keep a record;
if it did
time and space
would both be slated
to end.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 33 3
Oh hollow
Oh hollow
Oh, hollow are the nights
How shallow are the dawns
Tell me dear do you have snow upon your lawns
Laying upon our beds at night, staring at the walls
Trying not to think at all, praying to sleep until dawn
Winds howling at our windows, pulling at our souls
Winter has come a calling, let’s hope there won’t be yet another storm
Tugging at the blankets, too afraid to touch the cold hard floor
Then comes a knock, knock, knocking at our old wooden door
Go away our hearts whispers
Death doesn’t live here any more
Oh, hollow are the nights
How shallow are our lives
Creak, creak, creaking are the footsteps walking across our bones
Go away cries the black bird
Love doesn’t want a home
Sigh, sigh, sigh goes our heart ache
Please won’t you open up your door
No, no cries our emptiness, I don’t want to be any more
Oh, hollows are our nights
How shallow are our dawns
Tell me dear is that Santa on your lawn
Wearing a red hat with long black horns
:iconzombieinn:ZombieInn 8 8
Anyway hi
I'm alone in my room
Wondering what to do
Feeling stressed, suppressed
by the thoughts in my mind
Thoughts of not coming back
I'm going to fall
I'm not afraid of losing my mind
I'm afraid of losing it all
It's so hard for me to just make a call
To talk
To the people that I love and care about
To walk 
Them through my thoughts
Through what happens in my head
So instead of doing that
I disappear
It's become clear
That that's not a healthy solution
But the healthy solution is scary
Everyone is so caring
But didn't I go too far by going away for so long?
:iconaltheatoasty:AltheaToasty 9 4
A Gift by Kiyo-Poetry A Gift :iconkiyo-poetry:Kiyo-Poetry 6 1
The Primordial Darkness
From the eternal depth, they rise.
Their pyres are billowing to heaven and smothering the earth.
in festive mood the Children of Adam are.
For them it is a celebration of progress and excellence,
not obsequies.
Unbeknown to them, their end is very close.
© copyright Ign. Masayuki T 2018
:icontanaka8120:tanaka8120 3 0
Metal echos against dark walls,
Singing songs of dead memories that bring more pain than joy.
Forced to remember that catastrophic love,
The cosmic tether that bound us both from one soul to the other.
A passionate, flowery bond had bloomed,
Until the fire burned it all away and replaced vines with chains.
I tug and scream and cry and fail.
This soul-binding prison bleeds me faster with every effort to sever it.
A decade to hope, to bend, to break,
To tear the flesh from my bones before this bond had the chance to kill me.
Metal rots against an empty heart,
Screaming at me with ten years' worth of exhaustion to just let go.
Emaciated fingers grip and claw,
Chipped and bloody fingernails evidence of a fight no one else can see.
Skin cracks as it tries to heal,
A futile effort to mend the damage that disconnecting from you has done.
Silver-lined eyes search for escape,
There are no doors, no windows--no ledges from which to leap toward freedom.
A decade to hurt, to hate, to believe,
To o
:icononeeyedneko:OneEyedNeko 4 0
Can't upload anything right now
Apparently for some reason my Internet is slow and it's gonna take a while or forever to upload it, so if my Internet is fine and everything I can upload things
:iconchrisufray:chrisufray 1 3
Tribute to Rita: One last time- Sleep now birdie
Wherever you are
near and far
I'm on your side
Slept on your shoulder tonight
You may call for me
But I won't be there anymore
I'm not the one you'll be here for
Somebody find
Hold on tight
Don't you miss me, dont you cry
I'm away now, look up high
It wasn't writen
Nor was it hidden
I was on your side
Slept on your shoulder tonight
For one last time
And now we say goodbye
:iconwhitethorndeer:WhiteThornDeer 3 4
Godzilla King of The Monsters Unofficial Song
1st verse:
I am Godzilla, aka Gojira,
An atomic dinosaur from a bygone era!
5 years ago, I killed two overgrown parasites
Now, I got others in my sights!
A three-headed snake, a bird and a bug,
I’ll thrash them all like a thug!
Humanity wants me to be their pet,
My response to that is, “wanna bet?”
I gotta keep mother nature in balance,
This alpha needs to preserve his dominance!
Just one question for mr. three headed sod…
“What’s a King to a God?!”
Nature has a delicate balance.
Titans are battling for dominance.
Some are here to protect us,
Others are here to threaten us.
They are Earth’s original masters!
It’s the Age of Monsters!
2nd verse:
Divine, beautiful and friendly,
I’m Mothra and I’m born ready!  
In my larva stage, I seem youthful.
I’m really older than 10,000 to be truthful!
Godzilla, we need to cooperate,
Earth needs us to participate!
Rodan, you seriously need to c
:iconbendorah:Bendorah 2 0
Something has happened to the earth today
The air seems to be warmed up today
Like summer would have returned again
And winter wouldn't come near
Suddenly wanting to sleep
Flowers, scents and leaves not gone
But the cold breeze, but the clouds
That promised us icy rain
But not anymore...
It's a warmed up world by love
It's a warmed up place by the deeds of our hands
It's the proof of our existence
Otherwise the cold and lonely would rule the world...
Something has happened to our minds today
The world seems not so dark today
Like the winter would appear full of sun
Like the autumn storm would hold us dear this time
Sailing away to where no one lives...
Our sorrow like a disease faded
Our living soul from its sleep awakened  
And we could not believe  
That we have waited to live
For so long...
:icon27treecrowns:27TreeCrowns 2 0
Depression is in the air
Depression is the air
No one seems to care
As tears roll down their face
They think to themselves that they’re nothing but a disgrace
They fake and pretend and wear very well hidden disguises but in the end they start they start to break and bend
Others tell them you're just doing this for attention get over yourself!
So they keep pretending and lying until all of their internal emotions are frying
Some take their lives, some cope in unhealthy ways either by drugs or cutting it's such a shame
What a waste of what could be a beautiful growing person if only someone would have help if only someone understood how they felt
Others go to the public and say I didn't see it coming I never knew who is to blame?! They dismissed their loves one claims for a bit of fame
They blame music for their loves one actions they blame television they blame anyone and everyone but themselves they could have just listened but instead they chose to point fingers and the depression just lingers throughou
:iconartistangel9898:ArtistAngel9898 1 3
Top 10 Video Game Crushes
Top 10 Video Game Crushes
I not big player of video games sure when I was young I did play lot of them but over time as got older I played less and less, how I do know the characters from some games and really love the fan of them that find
10 – Bowsette Boosette and Shy Gal from Super Mario - okay they not official character from the game, but when I'm going to have chance to talk about them Bowsette and Boosette created from a meme when what browser puts a crown that turns him into princess peach from newest Mario game, some people loving creating amazing artwork with best part of whole thing and hating it for I don't know people get affected easy, little that know that wasn't first time they a create meme characters from Mario games Shy Gal a tall female version of the Mario enemy Shy Guy, I don't when meme start but they make her appearance she pretty hot with hoodie and mask hiding her body only you see are long sexy legs
09 – Coco Bandicoot from Crash Bandicoot
:iconrockyrock76:RockyRock76 1 3
Written Candles
I knew a woman
who every Christmas
   Lit candles to give her wishes
   To those around the world
   In need of extra comfort
People she knew
and would never know
   For her family members
        to find true happiness
   Or for lost children
     to reach their homes safely
   Or for the terminally ill
       to improve in health
That kindly soul
could fill her whole backyard
   With all the wishes
       she wanted to give
   They got sent out
       through candleflames
    Which flickered in
       the winter darkness
But this year
she cannot light the candles
    So I choose to light them
       in my own way
    Through the only method
       I am able to offer
    In the form of
:iconliteraryserenity:LiterarySerenity 8 6
grace of course
bird watching when
not a bird
came into view
a bolt of lightning
could have
made this surreal
it was four birds
linked together
but I only saw
the white
in the corner
what was
not illuminated
a crack
in the cosmic
don’t be
so dramatic
I know you know
any answer
is always
around grace
:iconsilvernium:silvernium 2 0
           Czy to naprawdę część życia
           Ale żeby aż tak
           Bez szans na pocieszenie
           Leżymy na podłodze
           A może to sufit
           Kto to wie
           Świat wywrócił się
           Straciliśmy wszystko to
           Co trzymaliśmy tak kurczowo
           Jak to mogło się stać
           Zanim podjęliśmy walkę
           Nie mów mi
:icondemeter19:Demeter19 1 0
Midnight Mass
Soprano and bass crescendo – voices worshipping through song,
Angels descending upon Earth, inviting the world to sing along –
Calling everyone big and small – to share their love so deep and strong.
As angels sing throughout the night, praise fills every willing ear.
The final rays of sunlight fade – piercing the stained glass window –
As darkness settles in the pews, hundreds of candles begin to glow;
As gentle flames dance and burn, white candle wax begins to flow.
The candles light the path; angels follow the lights all the way here.
:iconindigo-moon-shadow:Indigo-Moon-Shadow 2 0
Supergirl, chapter 20
Chapter 20
somewhere else
Stranger, to walk in your own animal life, but guess to venture, this high was not what was once before, and there was anything you knew, for where was Lie, and telling Me, in carnage for warfare, that these were not the people I know, was impossible,
but I can be well, to know this course better, thanks to Bulbasaur, and for these to follow along after him an animal, and I did not, aspect that he could be slow,
he is very fast, so knowing where was course, I do not, not understand a turtle, so knowing, what I could find, was deliberate footsteps,
became that of a Lion, and so knowing to know, for where you are, into psychopathy, for where was eons, spend, when nothing was calling my back, for that these, are my lands to know, and so surely, this place is not that other, over There, so knowing where you name, it is in these, for Space, and time travel across comsos, and there to knowing, super sonic hearing, and I could know this was sonic engagement, that Bul
:iconblackrocklegacies:BlackrockLegacies 2 0
Chant pour le retour des marins (FR)
Des montagnes de brume dévalaient vers la mer
L’éther fumant et gris dans les creux des vallées
La fraîche marée déferlait le long des prés salés
Sur les terres éternelles aux falaises fragmentées
Vaquant sur la crête en surplomb, moutonneuses
Les nuées voguaient là sans cap et sans soleil
Aucun navire en vue, sur le port les guetteuses
Entonnaient doucement une chanson sans pareille
« Beaux marins sous le vent, beaux et grands capitaines
Naviguez jusqu’au soir quand la lune se lève
Chantez, dansez, riez, buvez quoi qu’il advienne
Les échos de vos voix iront nourrir nos rêves 
Les algues et les méduses, les poissons, les coraux
Orneront cet autre ciel inversé, le traître océan
Laissez flotter la musique du fond des eaux
Mais fermez votre cœur aux appels du néant
Si les abysses s’ouvrent tout grands, chantez plus
:iconhydromelking:HydromelKing 0 0
Demons by LizzieBeth Demons :iconlizziebeth:LizzieBeth 1 0