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Shake Me Awake
You treated me like a queen
But I had no idea.
I was useless at love
You knew that.
I wish you would've taken my shoulders
And shaken me awake.
Screamed in my face
"Don't leave me!
You'll never find another like me!"
But who knows
If I would've listened.
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The Daughter of Kylo Ren: Chapter 13
(Her Room)
(Keisa’s View)
(2 Weeks Later)
A Heated Argument
It’s quite a surprise that the First Order still hasn’t located the exact pinpoint of the map. It’s been two whole weeks and neither Father nor I have heard any good or bad news about the mission. I swore that we’d find the map a week ago, at most, due to the First Order’s power throughout the galaxy. It shouldn’t take this long to find one item, right?
Anyways, right now, I’m relaxing in my queen-sized bed, pondering on what could be taking the First Order so long to pinpoint a single item when my door suddenly is kicked open. I scream, snapping up in surprise to find Father, eyes ablaze with rage, glaring at me.
“Uh…What’s the problem?” I ask in a nervous laugh, trying to keep my cool. Seeing Father this angry never is a good thing. He, with the Force, slams the door shut with a mighty push. The push was so powerful that the metal door dents under
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Jessica's Profile
Full Name: Jessica Mimi Simpson
Nickname: Jess (From Adele), Sis (By Eric, Tony, and Cody)
Date of Birth: May 10th, 2002
Age: 16
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer, FloorMart Employee
Personality: Shy, Timid, Bubbly, Kind, Caring, Polite, Respectful, Graceful, and Optimistic
Clothing: See appearance
Voice Actor: Kerry Williams (Nami's Voice in One Piece)
History: She is the youngest daughter of Joseph and Kelly Lynn. She loves her family very much, but she despises Carly. She loves to collect Pokemon and care for them. She got her first Pokemon Glameow when she was 11. She now has an epic team. She's willing to stop any evil that comes her way.
Family: Kelly Lynn Grace (Mother), Joseph Simpson (Father), Eric Silver (Step-Brother), Cody Simpson (Older brother), Tony Simpson (Older brother) Carly Simpson (Older sister), Brady Silver (Step-brother), Zach Simpson (Uncle), Leslie Clover (Aunt), Elanor (Cousin)
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Rage- Fight

Rex: "Alright, the combatants are set, let's DO this."
Joe: "May god have mercy on them...anyways, it's time for a DEATH BATTLE!”
It was a dark and starry sky, filling upon the numerous windows of a rocket with light from the moon. Filled in it laid countless minions of their ruler, all dazed and knocked out from the rough landing of the space traveling vehicle. Where had the rocket landed on?
Earth, of course.
Upon hearing of the wonderous food called "bacon", the red-covered leader HAD to try just a bite. Searching far and wide, the giant skull-like ship had parked itself next to a store, a poster of "We have the best bacon around" plastered on it. Stepping outside, a purple a
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D3 - That First Spark Ch27
Tyrael had to wonder if his frustration was the result of him being Wisdom now, or he just simply had had it with these random unexplainable things here on Sanctuary.
Honestly, the High Heavens was such a straight-forward place: everything was in order, the plants glowed, the water glowed, the Crystal Arch constantly sang and occasionally brought forth a new angel, the joined resonances of the angels enveloped everything. There were definitely not absolute unforeseen things there, like an actual god appearing and giving a half-baked explanation of an already chaotic situation.
Tyrael had to readjust his world view, something he was not really good at. Apparently, at least certain gods of certain human beliefs were real and were busy tending to the world in their own way. This of course brought along a lot of questions, all which only the old Inarius could possibly answer, but not this wrecked, shivering ball in his arms.
- Why don’t you ever listen?
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Dolor y sufrimiento tengo.
El no peder hablarte,
el no poder verte,
ir por ti yo no vengo.
Mis celos son grandes,
y mi amor aun más,
sin embargo es mi orgullo,
el que no quiere verte jamáz.
Cada dia te veo,
menos sábados y domingos,
yo siempre me volteo,
cuando te veo con otros amigos.
Fuimos amigos en un tiempo,
el amor no me importaba,
pero conmigo te juntabas,
porque pedias tareas en el momento.
La preparatoria terminó,
La universidad comenzó,
nuevos amigos hicimos,
pero ya no eramos los mismos.
Me gustaste al segundo,
pero no podía decirtelo,
no tenia el valor del mundo,
para que tu pudieras verlo.
Cuando mas lo necesité,
al tercero él se fué.
Mi corazón se había roto,
y mis sueños con él.
Nuestra amistad acabó,
o en realidad nunca existió,
todo se basó en favores,
en mentiras y traiciones.
Mi amor ahora es odio,
o eso quisiera pensar,
porque en ti no dejo de soñar,
cada sueño es un episodio.
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Happy Birthday Giant
Everyone gathers around and hugs the peaceful giant, in that moment… all is still.
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All-Star WarZone: Selene
Entrance: Selene walks onscreen stoically and pulls out her two handguns before pointing them at her foe.
Exit: Selene turns her back to the camera and looks to the left as the sky turns dark and the moon rises behind her.
Standard (Light): Punches
Standard (Medium): Throws razor disc
Standard (Heavy): Kicks
Launcher: Throws grenade
Aerial (Light): Fires pistol
Aerial (Medium): Palm Strikes
Aerial (Heavy): Headbutts
Crouching (Light): Rams
Crouching (Medium): Low Kicks
Crouching (Heavy): Thrusts knife forwards
Grab: Stake to the Heart
Selene grabs the foe and stabs them in the chest with a knife before knocking them away with a palm strike.
Special Moves:
Buzz Cut: Selene throws a larger razor disc at her opponent.
Wall Climb: Selene moves up to a nearby wall and can run up and down them.
Vampire Thorn: Selene dashes past the foe too fast for them to see while slashing a knife.
Silver Guns: Selene pulls out two pistols and fires them simulatenously. Selene can follow this up by flippin
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Encounter: Chapter 2

During 30 minutes into the game, the coach called out, "Break time!"
As Sylvia grabbed her water bottle, the coach walked to her with his clipboard, "You're Sylvia, right?"
Sylvia looked at him with her sharp eyes, "Correct."
"How would you like to sub out on the court for your brother while he's gone? I'm sure that will satisfy your time after school, right?"
"I suppose I could, but I don't know what you think of my performance."
"I think that you seem to be a great shooting guard, which is also what your brother plays, even though he's a bit tall for the role. After all, you have perfect coordination, you dribble really fast, and you seem to have perfect range for shooting into the basket. So, are you in?"
"I'd be glad to play."
"Sounds great!"
Sylvia put her water bottle away to go outside and enjoy the fresh air out. Aaron grabbed her arm and walked to the side of the door, only to discuss about a couple game plans. He also had his h
:iconchibiotakushipper:ChibiOtakuShipper 0 0
Spider Woman, CEO Chapter 3
Chapter 3
"Assuming the Role"
Early the next morning, Pepper and I awoke to find ourselves in a strange new position. With Tony gone, I was now CEO of Stark Enterprises and Pepper was in my old position as COO. But, we were in these positions for a reason and we needed to focus on whatever needed to get done in Tony's business and the business of finding the spies working for Thanos.
"Good morning, Julia," said Bambi, our secretary as I walked towards Tony's former office the next morning. "Your workload seems a little higher than normal. Guess they are wasting no time in making demands out of you."
"I'm used to it," I sighed. "Did Tony schedule any visits for me and Virginia to take before he left?"
"About four, Julia. You are to both visit our plants in France and Germany in two days and then at some point, make a visit to our Far East division in Hong Kong."
"That's only three," I remarked.
"The fourth is a weekly visit to our New York offices."
"I see," I said, looking over to see
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Lovely Day
The sound of nature ringing loudly.
The flowing stream of the fountain.
Birds chirping a lovely tune,
All was well.
Sun shining brightly as it shone down the bodies.
Smiles carved to their faces,
Their opened mouths showing maggots crawling out from their insides.
Guts were placed at jars, Mushed to become jelly, for their dessert.
Hearts were hung at the branches imitating festive decorations.
The other remains consumed by the crawlers.
The new team that merrily exchanged the thrilling excitement they felt for future missions.
Plants and trees swaying to the rhythm of the wind. A breeze that sends a relaxing embrace.
Leaves fell gracefully, Turned into hues of orange and brown.
They feasted on their food, For it was a successful trap.
Munched on the kidneys with their newest set of cutlery.
They were tremendously pleased with the outcomes of their first hunt.
Sipped at the homemade wine.
Contained grapes, human blood, crushed eyes of various creatures that threatens to wipe out their
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Pokemon - Brainfreeze
It was a normal day in Lumiose City. Bonnie was at the Yummy Ice Paradise ice cream parlour, with her Wingull and Glaceon. Bonnie was having an Oreo popsicle, Wingull was having a chocolate fudgesicle, and Glaceon was having a simple vanilla popsicle. And boy, she's liking it, as she ate it furiously.
"Glaceon, don't eat too fast! You'll get a brainfreeze!" warned Bonnie.
(Psh! That's silly! I'm an Ice-Type Pokémon! There's no way i'll get a brainfreeze!) said Glaceon.
She then ate it and chomped on it whole, until she began to shiver and make faces.
(O-okay! I-i'll take back what i said!) said Glaceon, waving her paw in front of her face. (Oooooohhhhh!!)
"I warned you." said Bonnie, going back on her ice cream.
(Yeah, you're right.) said Glaceon. (I won't do this again!)
"Good." said Bonnie, as she ate a bite of her ice cream.
(If you eat fast, you'll get a brainfreeze!) added Wingull.
(Mm-hmm.) replied Glaceon. She just sat back on her seat as Bonnie and Wingull ate their ice cr
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First Jaggi Encounter
Warning contains: soft vore,and endosoma
You were a young naive monster hunter and had completed your training a while but you were still probably not ready to take on the sandy plains but now here you are wandering through right through the region while hunting for smaller creatures and you have gotten yourself a little lost but you were not worried as you were quite cocky thinking that you will come out of this just fine with only a few scratches.
The hot sun beats down mercilessly on your body making you sweat heavily under your armor and gear and your legs are tired, you needed a break but you did spy a small sandstone cave and came into it and sat down against the cave wall taking off your helmet, laying your sword down on the ground and then rummaged through your inventory a pulled out one of your cool drinks and drank it down cooling your self down and quenching your thirst. You took off your boots and dumped sand out of them and putting them back on then gazing out of the cave
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Diamond Nuzlocke: The Eulogy of Sinnoh (4)
Because someone's gotta tell it...

Chapter 4: Heartbreak comes in a Mini-Skirt
So! You know that sentimental scene I set up a minute ago? About the Mama Staraptor, her cute kids, sleeping in a giant cuddle-puddle with a ton of wild Pokemon?
Want me to completely ruin it for you?
But let’s set the scene; sunbeams carefully found their way through gaps in the trees, holding the honor of giving me the most gentle wake-up call to date. There’s a bit of a nip in the air, but within the aforementioned cuddle-puddle, it’s hardly noticed. Kriketune are singing softly, their performance undisturbed by any jackass human or Gijinka out on the prowl. We all rouse when we feel like it, snack on whatever was leftover from last night’s feast, and through no indication from yours truly, Mama Staraptor and her kids led us through a break in the forest, freeing us from the
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that was sown
eons ago
may yet
blossom and show
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Harry Potter: Pillars of Strength CH10
After having to deal with Fluffy, Devil’s Snare, flying keys and a chess set, Hermione and Harry were forced to do on by themselves. As they got along they soon found themselves in a room with something they really didn’t want to come across. A mountain troll, bigger then the one they fought on Halloween. The troll sat there, seemingly waiting…But then they also noticed it was crying.
“Er…what do you think is wrong with him?” Harry asked.
“I’m not sure. But should we able to get past him? Without being seen?” Hermione asked.
“I wish I had time to fetch my Cloak. Nothing we can do about that. No way we can get by unseen.” Harry noted. Though he looked at the troll sitting there. “You know, he may not be the prettiest guy around but I feel sorry for him if you look at him like that.” Harry noted.
“Harry, Trolls are dangerous, and it
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