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Peace among men
*Mad Wizard running down the road from his hilltop mansion*
Mad Wizard: "I've done it. I'VE DONE IT!"
Me: "What's going on?"
Mad Wizard: "I have successfully sowed the seeds for peace among men. We should be seeing the results any minute now!"
Me: "Really? That's amazing! What did you do?"
Mad Wizard: "I have summoned a horde of ancient dragon into the world, Hah!"
Me: "You what?!"
*Dragons explode out of the roof of the mansion, upward and outward, across the sky in all directions*
Mad Wizard: "Yes, yes it's brilliant! Fighting the dragons will be a complete distraction from all our petty differences. Nations will set aside their squabbles and join forces to defend our world from the dragon menace!"
Me: "That's crazy! You're relying on a bunch of cranky old guys agreeing with one another, and swallowing their pride to join forces?! How could you be so irresponsible?"
Mad Wizard: "Just give it time!"
7 years later...
*Mad Wizard stand on the floor in front o
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Monthly Quest || Spooked
It was beautiful. They were trotting beside the strong draft horse who pulled the wagon as they watched the cool evening air brush through the overhead leaves, forcing them to catch the beams of a harvest moon and setting them into a flurry of muted reds and golds. Mercer hummed a little tune that normally pulled forth the pleasant warm fires of their campgrounds where he would brush their coats free of mud from the previous night’s roaming. Dovlen turned her head just enough to catch his glowing burgundy stripes across his face and ears, and huffed at his finger-wagging wave toward her.
Their handler always had a silly way of greeting them. Running his hands over their ribs or- one of her favorites- scratching the fur over their chests. Ezlieis didn’t care too much for it, at least, he didn’t express his joy. If anything he always joined them with a scowl and tried to stand at his highest posture without seeming like he was trying
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My First Comission!
More Than Just Friends
We talk all day
We talk all night
My one true wish
Is to be yours tonight
My love for you is bigger than a snorlax
My love for you is stronger than any hyper beam
Not even Arceus can take my feelings for you away
My love is too strong for even Mesprit to control
You've always seen past my imperfections
You've picked me up when I was down
You'd laugh at my goofiness
And comfort me when I'm sad
No words could ever express how I feel
Milo the love of my life
The Plusle to my Minun
I wish we could be more than friends
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Percy Jackson Original Character Aron Woods
Name: Aron Woods
Age: 16
Hair Colour: brown  
Eye Colour: very light green 
personallty: Aron is a bit on his own, it is hard for him to make new friends, but when he makes them, he helps them trough everything. when Aron haves secrets, he makes sure he won't reveal them, even to his best friends 
Backstory: Aron was put in the orphanage cause he wasn't able to live with his mother and his father didn't want him, so Aron grew up without parrents. years past by and Aron still was not addopted, this was because the lady of the orphanage made sure no one wanted him, this was to protect him. on his 12th birthday Aron asked why nobody addopted him yet, the lady told him everything, so Aron went to Camp Half Blood
Parents: Artemis ( goddess of the hunt and the moon ), his father is unknown 
Sibblings: none 
Other Family: Appollo ( uncle ), Zeus ( Great grandfather ), Athena ( Great grandmother )
Friends: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Tyson
Love intrest: Clarisse
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The Disrespectoids - Louie's family
(it's nighttime in Pouchville, and we see a strange figure roaming the night.)
the figure: I know he's around here. *sees the Doid house* maybe he's in there. goes up to the door and knocks on the door*
Louie: *woke up by the knocking* who could that be, and at this hour? *goes to open the door* hello? *sees the strange figure* who or what are you?
the figure: *to Louie* hello Big Brother, it's been a long time.
Louie: *recognizes the word "Big Brother"* wait, the only one to call me that is.. Holy Human Cannonballs! Louise, is that you?
the figure: *uncovers its hat* yes Louie, it's me.
Louie: *picks up his younger sister and hugs her* oh Louise, I missed you. I thought you got hurt in that accident.
Louise: I had a minor injury, but i'm ok now.
Louie: *hugs and begins to cry* I'm so thankful you're ok Louise.
*later, we see Louie serving Louise and himself some warm milk*
Louie: so, what brings you here? other than to see me?
Louise: *as she sips her warm milk* well, I have a special
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A new era
with subtle forms
of fear to include but then to exclude doubt
with unity
im no longer
as are you alone
we see
the crystal
in colors
alive with a breath
we now
come to
step away but forward
a check in reason of the heart
knowing in confidence
we stretch to the east and to west
with the innocence of children
we play like gods
in the garden of Eden
to come home
as the storm gives way to calm
and into the new
the old
becomes a decay to re-birth
to the serene of inspiration
a plath like cobain
and into trust
for we shall not die here
as to live is to now to shine eternal
in love's delicate embrace.
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The Sky is Burning
The sky is burnt to a crisp and the ground is covered in gray
I look up and smell the silence in the air
Every thing is dead so what is left for me
The sky seems to scream in fear when the sun finally sets
I see the smoke collapse in onto itself
Every where I look I see the ash pile up in neat piles all around me
The sky seems to drop it’s torn and broken skin revealing a beautiful night
I look to the smoke and the ash and instead see a forest full of light
Every thing is humming with new I look to the to the ground and see a mirror in the lake
The sky smiles happy to have changed
I see the forest beam as if to sing
Every one points to the mirror I look to see I’m the soul and this world is my life.
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Asteri Tale Chapter 37 Lingering Regrets
    Alex recalled his blade then turned from Arlin to Syrus and sighed.
    "Well, now's your chance." he huffed. The girls looked at him with a bewildered expression.
    "Yes..." Arlin utter before jumping to his feet. Alex flinched.
    "Wh-wait!" he attempted to stop Arlin as he charged past. "I didn't mean you."
    "Time for you to get what you deserved all along!" Arlin roared as he leapt through the air, his hands charged with a dark mana.
    "STOP!" Alex shouted as he removed his scarf. He flicked it, wrapping it around Arlin and pulled him to the ground.
    "LET ME GO, TRAITOR!" Arlin screamed as he squirmed, trying to break free. Alex knotted the ends of the scarf around Arlin despite his shrieking.
    "This isn't going to solve anything!" Alex hissed. "Deep down you know that!"
    "Even you betray me?!" Arlin growled. "If I can't kill him, I'll kill his sister instead!" Alex's jaw
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Paradise University: Empire City Blues Part 2
    At the Boy's Dorm, Danny woke up just to see a Jack Russell Terrier right in front of him, Danny was about to scream but then he remember what happened yesterday, Danny got out of bed then went into the bathroom just to take a piss, "Small fry I see." said DeSoto with a shiteating grin, "Shut up." said Danny in a very aggressive tone, "Sounds like you're pissed." said DeSoto, "And you're going to be found 6 feet under if you don't shut up." said Danny, "Okay then psycho." said DeSoto, someone knock on the bathroom door, "Hey Danny Boy do you mind if I wear some of your clothes?" asked Dodger, "Yes I mind!" yelled Danny, "Okay thanks." said Dodger, Danny went back into his room and got dress, he notice that his jacket was gone, but he didn't care enough to find it, he walked to the kitchen just to see Dodger wearing his letterman jacket, "Didn't I tell you not to wear that." said Danny, "No you told me not to wear some of your clothes, you didn't say anything about the jac
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Ele-Virus: A virus that transforms the victim into an elephant. Well.. specifically an anthro elephant/elephant-person, a Were-Elephant with an anthro form, an anthro version of an elephant based Pokemon (whether they be an existing one or a Fakemon) or a Cute Elephant-Girl or Handsome Elephant-Guy with elements of tg (both male to female and female to male) and weight gain as well as MC and a few personality trait changes and it can also be into an anthro version of an animated elephant character from a movie or tv show.
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BATIM with Manga 17 - The Foretelling
I came to 'SillyVision' earlier than I usually would. I had a funny feeling there was something I'd been missing the whole time. I wasn't sure where the possible clues were but all I could do is look around.
First place I thought to start looking was the animation floor.
All I could hear was the grinding of gears and reels. I could also hear the formidable Ink Machine with its unnaturally horrid churning; it made me feel sick at the pit of my stomach.
Bendy and Co. were downstairs so they didn't know I was already here.
I quietly searched the animators' desks and offices for some sort of clue; a note would even suffice. Just like the audio logs Wally left on each level.
As I looked, I started humming a song that had been stuck in my head for a while.
"We meet again, little angel" Alison's kind tone greeted me.
I turned to face the woman who was once Alison Pendle; she was still in Alice Angel form. Beside her was a man in Boris' form, only he had a stern expression with serious eyebrow
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Heromachine: A website where you can create your own hero or villain character or a character in general, and you can customize the character. This version of the website actually transforms you into that character whether it be one that is an interpretation for an existing character or an original character of your own with elements of tg, mc and of course supernatural powers and with an option for costume changes as well.
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what have we graduated from, exactly?
spirits flicking behind the candlelight
we hide secret smiles in the shadows that cradle
us newborn babes, hearts beat of thunder and shine with gold, pounding like a madwoman
against our chests wishing to break free one more time.
my eyes shine with twilight tears;
we’re not apart we’re side by side holding flames to the altar
offering meaningless prayers because
what is meaning? if
i’m still seventeen
barely graduated from our past lives and
just birthed in this new world.
in that life i felt love for the first time,
what it means to be cared for by a close friend so
now what?
does it all go away? do we start from scratch again?
it took me thirteen years to find happiness and now my words mean nothing.
so maybe i’m greedy, maybe i’m selfish;
i can’t help but refuse to let go, not yet, not yet
breast beside breast heart upon heart —
i want to feel that sweet happiness one last time,
dampen my lips with its sugar before it rots back to the eart
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MLP Character Recast - Star Wars (Original)
Luke Skywalker - Radiant Sword
Princess Leia Organa - Twilight Sparkle
Han Solo - Wheatley Airborne
Chewbacca - Prince Rutherford

R2-D2 - Jack/J-43
C3PO - R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy)
C3PO by JustinMella777     R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) by JustinMella777
Darth Vader - King Sombra
Darth Vader by JustinMella777     King Sombra by JustinMella777
Stormtroopers - King Sombra's Army
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FSCP4431-102: A plus sized female cheetah known as Bethany Clawhauser, she's a female version of the character Benjamin Clawhauser, right down to having the same cuddly personality and build.  She's extremely adorkable in a lot of ways and is she huggable and soft,  she carries around a tray of donuts - a lot of the donuts are ones that she herself baked and anyone who eats these donuts turns into an anthro cheetah,  a plus sized cat-person, or into a clone of her with all of her adorable quirks and traits.  She usually gives these donuts to people that she likes.
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WOAS Profile - Alicia Arcturus
Alicia Arcturus
The Princess of Iris.
Name: Alicia Fiorire Arcturus
Age: 18
First Apperance: Kuroinu (2011)
Aligement: Lawful Good
Weapon Of Choice: Broadsword
Weapon Name: Wolfsbane (The sword she inherited from Volt)
Category: Speed
Appears at: Kyuushu
Special Bonds: Klaus Levantine, Chloe, Prim Fiorire, Olga Discordia, Celestine Lucullus, Eos Arcturus, Asuka, Maia, Riku, Kin, Sora, Ryuuga Dogai/Golden Knight Garo, Kenshiro, Guts, Sima Zhao, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Kairi, Asuka, Ma Chao, Maya Natsume, Diaochan, Claudia Levantine, Suzune, Ruu-Ruu, Kaguya Sanada
Outfit: Her Outfit from original visual novel completely redesigned by Masami Obari and less revealing.
Theme Song: The Lily of Steel from Guilty Gear Xrd (once Millia Rage's Theme)
Voice: Nana Mizuki (JPN), Lauren Landa (ENG)
Story: Born to Cassandra and Eos Arcturus, Alicia is the oldest child of Arcturus family and the princess of Iris. She knows Kin, Martha Levantine, Kaguya Sanada, Maia and Chloe since they were children. She
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Mismaguis RP
You have been hearing stories of a mismaguis in a abandoned home in your town as no one went to it scared as they say she would steal the life of anyone who enters but you never believed it so you decide to see for yourself
(How will you get in?)
(Vore types?)
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Fazbear Virus.
Fazbear Virus: A virus that transforms the victim into an anthro/humanized version of a FNAF character whether it to be an existing one or a fan-made character and this also includes versions of Purple Guy,  the design of the transformed states are a mixture of horrifying but also cute or ugly cute in some cases and there are elements of possession and MC thrown in as well as TG aspects both male to female and female to male.  And this includes any character that you may have created on a character maker website/program (e.g Heromachine).  This is mainly very horror/comedy based and even though the transformations are made to be as horrifying as possible,  most of it isn't played straight and is played for laughs.
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hornet's nest  by theoarandtheshovel hornet's nest :icontheoarandtheshovel:theoarandtheshovel 1 0
A Smallfoot And Pancake
My excitement for SmallFoot besides listening to samples of the songs inspired me to write something, a series of stories, pardon this smallfoot's excitement hehe.
In this first one, Zoey and her yeti friend that she calls Pancake are hanging out and talking.
Hmmm, where did my Smallfoot go, as she wanders off a lot, like Migo?
"Pancake, you there, did any of the neighbour's see?" a young sounding voice sai:
It was just a typical Fall morning in a local mountain town, and a young girl and her best friend, tnat happened to be a yeti were hanging out, just having fun or exploring because they were curious, Pancake being a curious yeti wanting to know about thevSmallfoot world, while her Smallfoot friend was curious about Pancake's world.
"Yep I'm here, but good thing none of the neighbour's know, you are friends with me, Stone Keeper would flip, if he knew I was here with a Smallfoot, even though I
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