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Blake Belladonna x Male!Reader Vol. 1 Ep. 1

Beacon Academy, one of the prestigious academies across all of Remnant. Many backgrounds and characters all gather at such Huntsmen academies for many reasons, all different depending on who you ask. Fame, glory, pursuit of strength, or a dream…these are not even the tip of the iceberg of reasons why people join at Huntsmen academies. Before our story goes as planned, why don’t we meet our cast of characters in this thread of fate?
Still en route to Beacon was a bullhead bearing the Schnee family symbol. Not counting the bags of luggage and pilots, there were two people being flown to Beacon. One was a female and the other was a male, dressed in all white attire. The female had her long, white hair wrapped up in a ponytail with a bang protruding as a result of being tied up too quickly. She wore a jacket over her dress and boots up to her knees matching the same shade of white. The male wore a white suit jacket and snow leopard printed s
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Duty Calls, Part 1
“Fucking finally..”
Sabrina walks out of the plane in a bit of a rush because she feels confined from the nine hour flight. But, she can’t help but be excited. This is her first time traveling to the United States, tho she knows she’ll miss the United Kingdom. Yet another thought comes to her mind, who was picking her up? How would she know where to go? So many thoughts traveling around her mind at once, it’s giving her a bit of a headache.
Her eyes dart around as she walks, people getting picked up by their family or friends around them. What? Was she just going to wait for-
“There you are! Sabrina? You look just like the picture Snyder sent!”
...a lucky coincidence…
“Ye-ah I’m Sabrina. Who are you?”
A slim blonde girl with glasses and a small lab coat stands in front of her, with a plastered smile on her face. Her eyes were pink, which almost seems weirder than Sabrina’s green and blue. But she looks friendly and
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High School DxD: Xenovia x Male Reader - Excalibur
Hellllllo, everybody. And welcome back to another one-shot! To request a one-shot / possibly series go here:
Request Journal 2 (press "Request Journal 2" to be brought to the page.)

This was something that I've wanted to do for a while. Next for DxD, I will try to write either: 

An Akeno x Male Reader
An Irina x Male Reader
Since they're my waifus. I dunno which one to write though, I'll take top bid.
Now, that being said, I'm shipping Kiba and Koneko together. It's just so cute, and I think that my they would work well together. Especially since Kiba needs someone, like now.

Also I totally don't have any references to anything here. ...Cough
Rias’ peerage and the other servants have been struggling currently against a
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Gingka and Pegasus Soar into DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Gingka Hagane
Age: 12(Metal Fusion), 13(Metal Masters), 14(Metal Fury), 21(Shogun Steel)
Race: Human.
Legendary Blader of Autumn, Leader of Japanese Team Gan Gan Galaxy


-Singlehandedly defeated the Face Hunters, the most feared Bey Gang in Japan
-Defeats many strong Bladers like Ryuuga, Julian Konzern, Dashan, Damian, Faust, and even the mighty Nemesis
-Puts up a good fight against Season 1 Ryuuga, the strongest Blader in the series at the time, despite ultimately losing.
-Finally defeated his childhood friend Hyoma in the Green Hades Stadium
-Journeyed up Koma Mountain in order to learn the secret of defeating Lightning L-Drago, finding that it was actually the Bey Spirit
-Wins the fake game show Challenge Blader set up by Merci, conquering a series of Bey related challenges like beating 3 Beys in 10 seconds, maneuvering through cones, and defeating a giant Beyblad
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Saving House Sheppard - Part 5 - Checkmate!

Julio: little brat! Are you making fun of me now!?

Julio: This isn't over! If its a fight you're looking for, then it's one you will get! I will not hold back, and this time...YOU WILL BE MINE!

Dolly Gonzy: Such a fool you are...don't you see it? It was already over before it began.

Dolly Gonzy: All of this was to get as close to you as possible. Now with you all huddled up for a fight, I can finish it all up!

Dolly Gonzy: This is the end, Julio! Don't even think about moving a muscle!

Julio: It isn't the end until I say so! Let's do this, you pest-

Julio: Wait, what the...what's this?

Dolly Gonzy: One...
:iconmistress-gonzy:Mistress-Gonzy 16 5
Nero Exceeds Death Battle!

Age: 16 or 17 (Devil May Cry 4) | 23 or 24 (Devil May Cry V)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Ice-Blue
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown, likely 5'11
Affiliation: Order of the Sword (Formerly) | Devil May Cry (Currently)
Occupation: Holy Knight (Formerly) | Devil Hunter (Currently)
Status: Alive
Theme(s): The Time has Come (DMC4) | Devil Trigger (DMCV)

One day, a man with white hair and wears a blue coat set foot in the city of Fortuna, and before he left he impregnates a woman who gave birth to the Grandson of Sparda, Nero. Nero was teased by many of the children in Fortuna. They accused him of being a bastard child of a prostitute because no one knew who his mother was. It was later in his childhood that he met both Kyrie and Credo as their family volunteered to work at the orphanage he was residing at. Nero grew close Kyrie and her family. It was throughout his life that
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FE Julius and Ishtar to Taltiu and Azel tg tf
it had been a rough day for the order of heroes as they had almost been taken over by a coup lead by Julius one of the ´´Heroes´´ recruited by the summoner in battle.
the summoner had already sent most of the people who were part of the coup back to their original worlds with only Julius and Ishtar being left althought as the summoner used his legendary weapon something odd happened as one red orb and a blue orb had gone inside the light when both were sent home.
After being sent back to a castle Both were suddenly attacked by the red and blue orbs as their bodies seemed to absorb them, Julius checked on ishtar to see if she was okay because even after becoming the reincarnation of Loptous he still cared about her.
She seemed to be fine until she felt a sudden tingling sensation as her Curves suddenly dissapeared and she grew some new muscles .
Julius watched powerless to stop the changes as Ishtar s breasts Dissolved becoming flat , her face changed while she grew
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#2 United Stars (FULL NOVELLA) by Lucheek #2 United Stars (FULL NOVELLA) :iconlucheek:Lucheek 3 0
Fairy Tail Original Stories PT 331
Fairy Tail Original Stories:
100 Year Quest Arc:
Chapter 331: Rewriting the Story
*As Lord Ghastler fights off against Lord Devil, Lucy tries to get away from E.N.D*
Lucy: *she rushes inside the library with the book of E.N.D heavily panting*
Happy and Carla: *both fly down to Lucy*
Carla: Lucy, are you ok?
Happy: I’m sorry but we couldn’t find...
Happy and Carla: *they both see the book in Lucy’s hand and are beyond shocked* ...THE BOOK!!!
Carla: Where did you find that?!
Lucy: Shhh! I-I’ll explain later. L-Listen, Natsu is on h-his way. I-I need o-one of you g-guys to d-distract him!
Carla: *whispers* Huh? Where is he?
Lucy: *whispers* He’s a-almost down this h-hallway. We need a plan to distract him.
Happy: *whispers* Whatever this plan is, I’ll help you with it.
Carla: *whispers* Are you sure Happy?
Happy: *Whispers* Aye.
Lucy: Alright. N-Now to find out what to do... *she looks over at a feather pen and
:icontitanxecutor:TitanXecutor 5 4
Loud House Fanfiction - Second Loud Brother
It was a typical Saturday morning in the Loud House, the Loud siblings were causing lot of noise by doing what they enjoy doing the most. All except for Lincoln and Lucy who were sitting in their rooms and reading comic book and poetry dairy respectively.
Lynn Sr. came to them to calm them down by whistling and it was successful.
- Listen up, kids! Your mom needs silence for now. - Lynn Sr. said
- What this time? - Lori asked
- First bring Lincoln and Lucy, you all need to hear it. - Lynn Sr. replied
- Lincoln, get dressed and come. - Lori said entering Lincoln's room
- Fine. - said Lincoln getting dressed
- Lucy, please leave this book and come. - Lynn said entering her room
- Sigh. Again an interesting poetry has been interrupted by an unwanted surprise. - Lucy said sadly
- Now that you're all gathered I have important news to announce. - Lynn Sr. said
- Yeah? - All siblings said with sarcastic tone
- Your mom will give life to your another sibling. - Lynn Sr. replied
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First Jaggi Encounter
Warning contains: soft vore,and endosoma
You were a young naive monster hunter and had completed your training a while but you were still probably not ready to take on the sandy plains but now here you are wandering through right through the region while hunting for smaller creatures and you have gotten yourself a little lost but you were not worried as you were quite cocky thinking that you will come out of this just fine with only a few scratches.
The hot sun beats down mercilessly on your body making you sweat heavily under your armor and gear and your legs are tired, you needed a break but you did spy a small sandstone cave and came into it and sat down against the cave wall taking off your helmet, laying your sword down on the ground and then rummaged through your inventory a pulled out one of your cool drinks and drank it down cooling your self down and quenching your thirst. You took off your boots and dumped sand out of them and putting them back on then gazing out of the cave
:iconlypodn:lypodn 4 3
What Goes Up... Pt 3
Part 3: ...Must Come Down

Warnings: Language, heavily suggestive material
The flight back to headquarters was tense. After the post-win interviews were over and they'd gotten back to the tents, Ripslinger had simply fallen as soon as he'd got his tail through the flaps, unable to stand any longer. He drooled and foamed at the mouth, gasping deep, heavy breaths that were punctuated by gagging and these odd little coughs that seemed to emanate from both his throat and exhausts simultaneously. While Ripslinger's vital signs had eventually gone down to normal limits, albeit the high side of normal, he remained quite lethargic and very weak. He was currently laid out on a sleeping mat aboard the plane, conscious but not moving save for blinking tiredly. Kenny, who had been glued to his side since his initial collapse on the track, kept one of his forks against the side of the Mustang's nose, ready to gently prod him awake should his eyes stay
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TPoaB: Chapter 3 - Secrets Below
Trailing along a lit corridor after stepping down a staircase, Bella held her hand on her large belly, her finger inserted into her navel for it's safety. The corridor appeared to be seductive and styled with red walls, black carpet flooring and golden trims to border the colours. Many rooms appeared to be here, but Bella had taken akin to a door that stood ajar.
She stepped inside and could not believe her eyes. The room was a large living space filled with many things. There was a large double bed, a large flat screen TV, a lovely little seating area with a leather couch and a coffee table, a bookcase of numerous DVDs and books and so much more to check out.
What intrigued Bella further was the numerous amounts of portraits of women's bellies and navels, all in arousing positions and situations that anyone could and couldn't imagine. "Wow...does the person who live here like bellies too or just...?" she asked herself before looking down at her belly button, her finger toying with it
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Go-Onger 10 YEARS PRELUDE feat. Build - Lap 005
Lap 005: Race Against Time [時に対してのレイス/Toki ni Taishite no Reisu]

(*Opening: "Be The One" by Pandora feat. Beverly from Kamen Rider Build*)
"It has been four months after the destruction of the Skywall and Pandora's Box. A new era of peace has been begun. But, when monsters from different dimensions start attacking, a new chapter of Kamen Rider Build's battles are about to unfold..."
[~Kono mama aruki-tsuzuketeru~] (Tonight again, I keep on walking)
[~Konya mo massugu hitori no ashiato tadotte~] (Down this same path when I come across a set of footprints)
[~Hateshinai dakedo kimi dake
:iconimperialdramondrmode:imperialdramonDRMode 1 0
All-Star WarZone: Blitzwolfer
Entrance: Blitzwolfer walks onscreen glaring and growls deeply.
Exit: Blitzwolfer throws out his arms and releases a ferocious howl.
Standard (Light): Claws
Standard (Medium): Howls
Standard (Heavy): Kicks
Launcher: Howls, propelling himself upwards
Aerial (Light): Bites
Aerial (Medium): Headbutts
Aerial (Heavy): Leaps downwards
Crouching (Light): Claws twice
Crouching (Medium): Knees
Crouching (Heavy): Low Kicks
Grab: Blitz Flurry
Blitzwolfer grabs the foe and claws them a few times before howling, knocking the foe back.
Special Moves:
Lupine Cunning: Blitzwolfer uses his keen senses to reveal hidden opponents.
Wolf Rocket: Blitzwolfer howls, launching himself high into the air.
Savage Cutter: Blitzwolfer steps forwards and swings his claws outwards.
Hungry Grasp: Blitzwolfer latches onto a nearby wall. can latch onto it. He can then claw outwards from the wall or leap off of it.
Super Move: Canine Slammer
Blitzwolfer grabs the foe and throws them up into the air. It howls, rocketing
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Brass Rocket
"You dare, sir," snapped Livingstone of Team Brass, "to come here and seek to tell me my own duty?!"
The man before him seemed unfazed. He was younger than Livingstone, by a fair amount, but his face still showed the lines of middle age, on top of those of greed and other evil passions. His piercing green eyes fixed the older man from across the room with an almost contemptuous leer. One hand idly stroked down the back of the white-coated Persian on his lap, which was directing a similar mocking look at him.
"I dare, Joseph Livingstone" sneered Giovanni of Team Rocket. "And I dare because, from where I sit, your methods are deplorable and your goals are childish. I am aware I'm in little position to criticise-"
"As indeed you are!" Livingstone's voice was a harsh bark, as though a guard dog had smelt something unpleasant. "I've heard of your organization, Giovanni, and frankly I'm astounded you dare to criticise me!"
"I could say the same thing," growled the other man. He did no
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Beauty in the Beast: Chapter One
The little town of Pauvreville was just that: a tiny village on the outskirts of a huge forest. There was really not much to do there except get by the year and not starve. This the people did as best they could, which, considering the rest of the country after the Revolution, wasn’t that bad. For the moment, in fact, it seemed that Pauvreville had been entirely forgotten by the rest of the world. Some might have said that certain magic protected the place; others might have disagreed. At present, however, whatever the reason for their solitude, the citizens didn’t really mind much.
There was only one man in the whole place who lived anywhere near the outskirts of town: old Maurice, the inventor, a rather batty little tinker in his own way. He had no reason for alarm, since the villagers knew he and his little family were perfectly harmless. He and his wife, Clara, and their three sons lived on the edge of the village, just beside the main road leading into the forest. No o
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Pyramid of Fairy Tail Girls
WARNING: The following contains some sexual themes. Do no read if this bothers you. Also I apologize if some characters may be out of character (OOC). The following is a parody of the Pyramid of Pachyderms scene from Dumbo and therefore is not to be taken seriously.

Story behind the story: After winning the Grand Magic Games (held in the Guild Hall). Mirajane pitches an idea to guild master Makarov for a pyramid of Fairy Tail's best girls, after Makarov himself was having trouble coming up with a “main event” for the celebration. He agrees to Mira's idea and even allows them to use the Guild Hall. After which Mirajane gathers Erza, Lucy, Juvia, Levy, Cana and Evergreen and tells them the plan. Though initially against it at first, they agree and Mira leaves them to figure out how it will go. After trying to figure out which order they should go in, the girls eventually pull lots and come up with an order. Meanwhile Mira pulls Wendy and Carla aside
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Shantae and Hercules vs Porphyrion
In a cave.
Relic Hunter: i hope we can find good stuff.
Relic Hunter 2: yeah me too.
Relic Hunter: we're gonna be famous.
Relic Hunter 2: and handsome.
They see a seal.
Relic Hunter: this blocks the way where the treasure is.
Relic Hunter 2: we need to break it.
???: stop!
A guardian appears.
Guardian: do you have any idea who you're gonna set free?
Relic Hunter: nope. We must find out where the treasure is.
Guardian: this seal is used to keep the king of Giants sealed away.
Relic Hunter 2: pff giants? As in bigger humans. They're fairy tales old man.
Guardian: you must believe me. You're making a big mistake!
The Relic Hunters makes a hole in the seal. They hear a roar.
Relic Hunter: what is that.
The seal breaks as the giant named Porphyrion is freed.
Porphyrion: i'm free!!
Guardian: quick, we must stop him. (gets grabbed)
Relic Hunter 2: run!
They get grabbed.
Porphyrion: here's my grattitude. (throws them to a pit)
He leaves the cave. In the forest.
Hercules: no monsters left
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The life of Young Lion Chapter 3
Cyo meets Zaire
At the school in the village, Cyo was now in first class at the age of 6. Right now he was walking to the school with his father. Once outside the entrance, Umeme knees down to Cyo's view.
"Son, be a good boy and behave well" Umeme said.
"Okay Daddy" Cyo said and hugs his father. Umeme hugs back and then allows Cyo to go inside the school.
"I'll be back in afternoon" Umeme waved.
"Bye Dad" Cyo waved too.
Inside the classroom, there was fifteen desks and chairs with the teachers desk at the black board. The windows had somewhat dirty glass and slight torn curtains.
The teacher, who was a purple lion with red mane; was ringing the bell to get the students attention to get in the classroom. As they got in, Cyo sat at his desk that was about to the left at a window. He hung up his backpack at his chair and crossed his arms on the desk.
"Good morning class, is everyone in place? Those who are raise a hand" The Teacher asked. Every student did so and the Teac
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