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Chain Mail. [ Ushijima + ??? | Texts ]

Ushijima Wakatoshi 🏐🐮
(TW: Use of strong language)
[11:41 a.m.]
There are 5 weekends this month. This only happens every 823 years. Forward this to 15 friends for good luck.
[11:43 a.m.]
or rather, is this tendou or smth???
what is the meaning of this.
[11:44 a.m.]
Hello, [Y/N]-chan.~
No, it's me. I'm simply following what the message is telling me to do.
You should probably do the same.
[11:44 a.m.]
 uhhhhh LMAO
[Y/N]-chan?? With the ~ ???
ok wait have you never heard of chain mail
5 wknds in a month happens more frequently than 823 years, first off
also, aren't you in class rn ?!
[11:45 a.m.]
Chain mail? As in what warriors wore during medieval times?
Yes, but I'm heading off to lunch soon
[11:45 a.m.]
you know what, never mind
meet me outside my class before lunch
i have to discuss these messages with you......
[11:47 a.m.]
0NLY P30PL3 W17H 0CD C4N R34D
:icondinosauruses:dinosauruses 8 2
Female Vampire x Male Reader. (One Shot)
So I told people I'd be doing Female Monsters x M!Reader. So, here's a Vampire! 
Shoutout to TaranThyGod for giving me this idea.
The name of the Waifu is: Luna Bloodrose since that sounds vampire-like enough
The world that this takes place is transparent. It can be a fantasy world with real life elements such as a phone, or it can be the world you and I live in. I wasn't specific :>
If you want another monster girl suggested, be sure to check out my Request Journal :>
Request Journal 2 (press "Request Journal 2" to be brought to the page.)

Hope you all enjoy~! 
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 18 3
Personality Gambling (Danganronpa Twinning/Tg)
Personality Gambling (Danganronpa Twinning/Tg)
Makoto  Naegi sighed as he sat in the game room thinking about things. He and a group of other students found themselves trapped in this strange academy with no way out of it. Makoto felt out of place since everyone supposedly were the best at something but his 'talent' was just being the Ultimate Lucky Student.  Even then he only seemed to be lucky in miraculously get out of situations that his bad luck put him in to begin with. He just wished that he could be special and stand out like the others did.
Makoto was distracted from his worries when Celestia Ludenberg entered the room. He felt a bit jealous when he looked at the gothic gambler. She was someone who couldn't be called normal in any way.  "You seem quite distressed, Makoto. Is something on your mind?" Celestia asked as she held her hands beneath her chin.
Makoto often felt a bit nervous around her, but he wondered if she could help him in some way. "Lately, I keep
:iconmiragesand:MirageSand 40 6
Kittyberry (Unikitty! AU story)
A Unikitty! AU/Inflation story
WARNING: Contains permanent blueberry inflation and shrinkage.
The two siblings were running down the street as fast as they're legs could carry them. They were very, VERY excited.
Puppycorn: Oh, boy! We finally have enough money for a new game!
Unikitty: That's right, lil bro! And you know what that means!
The duo jumped for joy.
Unikitty and Puppycorn: A trip to the Toy Zone!
At the said Toy Zone, the two ran in and searched around.
Unikitty: Just find the funnest game you can find!
Puppycorn: You know I will, sis!
As the two searched, the other three people they lived with entered. Hawkodile, the duo's bodyguard, Dr. Fox, the Unikingdom's leading scientist, and Richard. We don't know what he does. He just exists.
Dr. Fox: Guys, are you sure another game night's safe?
Hawkodile: You two always get a bit... Rich, what's the word?
Richard: Competitive. They get competitive. And also a bit irritable.
Dr. Fox: Irritable
:iconjordanthechespin:JordanTheChespin 15 8
No Trespassing!
Here is another collaboration between myself & AimeeUnwillingVored, featuring her story outline filled out by me. We hope you like it!
Aimee was taking vacation in a distant Asian country. She went by myself to get a really unique experience exploring the area beyond the tourist traps. It was in the summer season so the temperature was hot & sticky. She stayed in a very quiet beach resort she could use as a safe retreat should things get out of hand. She began her search outside the resort proper. She talked to locals to get information about the interesting, the bizarre & even the dangerous. One very interesting thing she heard about was where there's a very strange tiny island just off the coast occupied by an old abandoned village. It piqued her curiosity. She quickly found that no one was allowed on the island, but no one would say why? Bottom line was that no one would take her out there. This was never an obstical that would ever thwart Aimee.
One fine night, she decided to head
:iconsherlockdad:sherlockdad 4 1
Digimon Frontier Reboot Prologue
Flurmimon Presents:
A Digimon Frontier Reboot Idea
Digimon Frontier may be my favorite season, it has a nice system with the Hybrid Digimon and the 10 Elements, the character interactions are nice and smoothly, the story is cool and has a mysterious tune, the Digital World is a nice place to explore with its culture, but... Here's the big BUT: Many things are unexplained and are either unfairly treated or just left behind the dark. There's also the highly problematic Royal Knights arc along with the Zeta Hybrids and some other missed opportunities.
When I finished watching Frontier for the first time a desire rose up about learning more about the Digital World and it's ancient history along about to understanding the Hybrid Digimon and how it ties though the whole season and beyond. Mostly about its ancient history in the time of the Human/Beast war, Lucemon's reign and fall and the rise of the Ancient Warriors.
These entries cover mostly the differences between
:iconflurmimon:Flurmimon 3 0
Code Lyoko - Renaissance - Chap.1
Vous vous apprêtez à lire une fan-fiction basée sur l'animé à succès de MoonScoop : Code Lyoko. Je vais cependant le mélanger à un autre univers à un moment donné dans le récit, et je pense que vous devinerez très vite lequel si vous ne vous en doutez pas déjà.
Il est fortement recommandé de connaître un minimum l'univers de Code Lyoko pour ce récit. Je m'efforcerai d'expliquer les bases pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, mais il est tout de même recommandé d'avoir suivi l'animé pour comprendre la plupart des références que j'y fait. Ah, et un petit détail qui devraient en rassurer un très grand nombre d'entre vous. Le récit se déroule après les événements de l'animé MAIS ne reprend absolument pas les événements de l'arc Évolution. Les haters de cet arc peuvent donc respirer tranquille. Quant aux erreurs d'incohérences
:iconpaulucario:PauLucario 2 4
Demon Twilight prologue
Few in the land of Equestria give much thought to the ancient history of the world. Most think things have always been as they are.
This of course is not true. While all know of Hearth's Warming Eve, and the Three Tribes Era that proceeded it, few now know that there was another age before either.
I speak of course of the Age of Demons.
If one hears of demons, many assume that they were nothing but blood thirsty monster, hunting and killing for no other reason than to shed the blood of others for its own sake.
This is not the whole truth though.
While indeed many demons were nothing more than creatures driven to slaughter for its own sake, many were not. But even these would not be considered friendly to those who know of them.
These few had managed to controll their worst instincts and focus their powers to other puruits. Even then though, it was a mistake to ever think less of them. Many paid the price for doing so.
Some say that the most powerful of these demons were responisble
:iconmorion87:morion87 5 0
Grebe's letter to her sibs: #1 by ArbitraryRenaissance Grebe's letter to her sibs: #1 :iconarbitraryrenaissance:ArbitraryRenaissance 7 8
Street Fighter X RWBY - Jin Kazama
Guest Character from Tekken
Original: His Tekken 6 Player 1 outfit
Alternate 1: Jin as he appears in Tekken 7
Alternate 2: His Player 2 outfit in Tekken 5
Voice: Brad Swaile
Intro: Jin will look away from the opponent while looking at his hand. He then closes his hand into a fist and says, “You shall not succumb to my fate!” while getting into his fighting stance.
Round Win Quotes:
- Don’t stand in my way!
- Pitiful!
- I’ll end the Mishima curse… no matter the cost.
Victory Animation: Jin looks at his fist which sparkles with lightning-like energy before walking away.
Special Step: Jin zips towards his opponent and does either one of these follow-ups.
- Thrusting Uppercut: He’ll uppercut his opponent.
- Right Roundhouse Punch: Jin right punches his opponent.
- Spinning Flare: Jin will spin kick downward.
- Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick: Jin kicks his opponent and then moves onto the Spinning Flare Kick.
Spinning Flare: Jin spin kicks his oppo
:iconisaac-moring:isaac-moring 4 0
Power rangers Space Patrol Delta: Omegaverse final
SPD takes place in the present, in between Dino Thunder and Mystic Force, not in the future.
Jack stays on SPD but makes his relationship with Ally work.
While Sky still gets the chance to avenge his father with the Red Ranger power, he has learned that he didn’t need the Red Ranger power to be a good ranger. He lets Jack gladly keep the red ranger power.
Since Jack and Sky remain, Bridge remains the Green Ranger. He still likes his toast buttery too.
Syd is the only one who’d remain largely unchanged.
Kat would morph into the Kat Ranger on more than just one occasion.
Sophie, the cyborg girl, would go on to become the Gold Ranger. Her personal Zord is the Blast Buggy.
Sam and Nova are not from the future, but a special elite, and they are not trapped in the suit, but living, visible characters.
Nova will have a few more appearances instead of a single one near the finale. Nova also has her own zord, which consists of
:iconkivathedcwizard:KivaTheDCWizard 6 0
Fun in Mermaid River.
In Scuttle Town harbor.
Shantae: what a pretty day.
Sky: hey Shantae.
Shantae: how are you?
Sky: (smiles) great. Glad you asked.
Shantae: okay.
A mermaid appears.
Mermaid: may i speak to Shantae.
Shantae: i'm Shantae. Hi there.
Mermaid: hello. I'm here to give you this. (give a letter to Shantae)
Shantae: for me.
Sky: what's inside?
Shantae: (opens it and reads) dear Shantae. On the behalf of Mermaid River, the queen invited you as a guest. Signed by Talia. I'll come here.
Mermaid: sweet! (swims back to Mermaid River)
Sky: well i wish you good luck girl.
Shantae: (smiles) thanks Sky. Ret-2-Go! (turns in mermaid form and swims to Freshwater Island)
In Mermaid River.
Mermaid: it's a lovely day here.
Shantae appears.
Shantae: hello girls.
Mermaids: hi Shantae!
Talia: welcome Shantae.
Shantae: hi Talia. How's the river?
Talia: pretty great. Its also called Mermaid Utopia because it's a paradise for my fellow mermaids.
Shantae: sweet. May i see the queen?
Talia: (smiles) sure. She sleeps in
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 7 99
Elektra Natchios x Male!Reader: Chapter 1

Elektra Natchios x Male!Reader: Red Crow - Chapter 1
When Y/n did say he’d buy some Dippin Dots, he did. Of course, he did move out of Brooklyn and into Midtown, where he got himself a modest two-story house with a basement. After furnishing his house, he decided to dedicate a wall in his own room for a gun rack, since he’d have to prepare to be eliminated by Hammerhead’s friends or even worse, supervillains. With his money, he bought a gun rack, ammo, and four guns; a 1911 .45 semi-automatic pistol, a C8 carbine, a M590A1, and a CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1, of course they were all bought at separate time intervals. 
Also, while buying his guns, he also had sent job resumes to various jobs dealing with hospitality that didn’t involve the name, “Four Seasons.” With the guns, come the attachments, but it wasn’t much, just some optics. While doing his weekly g
:iconpopdood:popdood 7 6
Bigfoot's a Hoax 23
Inside the Impala, the only thing that alerted Sam that something was wrong was the sudden lack of rumbles through the ground or the constant cadence of footsteps from behind them.
“Hold up,” Sam said, shooting a hand over to grab Dean’s arm. The Impala screeched to a stop, her brakes keening a warning at Dean’s heavy-booted handling.
Up until then the night had gone the way they wanted it to. Careful planning and a horde of maps led them away from any metropolitan areas, and if they spotted the dim glow of houses in the distance they steered away as soon as there was another turn off. With soft rock playing in the background and the only light in the car the glow of Sam’s flashlight as he read off the names of roads for Dean, it was almost enough to lull Sam to sleep. That is, if he didn’t have to keep an eye out for Jacob. Someone had to make sure he stayed behind them and Dean didn’t have enough attention to spare from the road to kee
:iconnightmares06:nightmares06 10 3
Masquerade Ball
Masqueraded Ball
Hiccup, his siblings and Astrid had been within the Dragon Kingdom for currently 12 days. They'd harvested what they regarded insightful information but couldn't figure out how to put the pieces of the puzzle together quite yet.
More to the point they'd at the same time striving to prevent the Kingdom from going into a full-blown frenzy from other acts of horror plus supporting Toothless with something that was still extremely significant to him.
The one year anniversary of the conclusion of the 1000 year war between Humans and Draco Beings was in less than a week. Furthermore, it was voted ages ago to hold an enormous masquerade ball to honor that day.
Moreover Toothless adamantly protested to have that Ball canceled. He was adamant that he wouldn't let the Knights prevail in this fiendish match of chess by slaughtering the precious attribute they sought for a millennium to achieve which was peace!
No matter the intimidations, horrors, and ordeals he wouldn't submit t
:iconkelseyalicia:Kelseyalicia 4 15
Persona Fantasy Chapter 27
Persona Fantasy Chapter 27
Once the elevator doors opened, Magnus made his way off and out the Lighthouse where he saw Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto waiting for him with Gladiolus holding a black silk pouch that he had to guess held the 20 Mythril Ore that he and Cid needed to repair the ship's engine which he accepted the pouch from Gladiolus.
Magnus: *smile* You guys did good. We've already finished refurnishing the Ship with new parts so it can actually float on the sea, now we just need to repair the Engine and our father's vessel is ready to set sail.
Prompto: But we won't be able to sail until morning the day after tomorrow right? So, what are we going to do until then?
Magnus and the others saw the reason with in Prompto's words as they pondered over on what to do when Ignis was the one to voice something.
Ignis: Now that I remember, while I was busy sowing that Elderly man's garden with fresh seeds I over heard some of the villagers stating how Daemons have taken residen
:iconshirolobo:ShiroLobo 3 1
Metonic Ship Week 2018 - Dark/Light
The screeching was terrible—like nails on a chalkboard, only the nails were the size of Metal's entire arm, and the chalkboard was the harsh, steel floor that lined the corridors of Eggman's base.
The sound came from Eggman's machine—the terrible, spider-like contraption with dozens of legs pounding against the walls. Behind it, countless robots were packed into the corridor, while Eggman himself sat in the room above them, grinning down at them from the glass window as he madly smashed the buttons of his console.
"You're in for it now, hedgehog!" Eggman hissed.
"Please," Sonic scoffed. "You're finished!"
A robot charged at him and Sonic backflipped to avoid the attack then jerked forward into a spindash, cutting through the robot's center. The sound may've been grating, but Sonic's confident smirk would be even more grating to Eggman.
"Hey, Mets! How you doing over there?"
"Calibrating…" Metal said. He narrowed his gaze, studying the spider robot's movement with perf
:icontheenigmamachine:TheEnigmaMachine 9 4
Kingdom Hearts - Through Murky Waters - COMMISSION
                “Aqua… Aqua… a girl with blue hair. Riku says he remembers her. Guess the perk of being the older one.” A voice from the darkness, a pitch-black void devoid of color and light. The voice carries through the hollow black space, echoing and not echoing. Even through the pitch-black darkness, steps slowly creep along. A shallow pale light growing in the distance with each step; illumining the darkness to cast shadows. Out from those shadows comes forth small pitch-black creatures with piercing yellow eyes. Bodies shaking hobbling along with small legs, shadowy arms clawing at nothing in attempts to eat the air. In such a world it only seemed fitting.
“Master Aqua?! Hello! Anybody!?” As the light grew in the dark realm, so too did the path. Dark grey earth floating in the air, some stretching to make paths, some just large round chunks leading nowhere. On that path steps out large yellow shoes, blac
:iconkristinatg:KristinaTG 17 1
The best human pilot in the galaxy, chpt 9
Quill regains consciousness. Slowly, gradually, he feels the darkness in his head fading away, leaving room for thought. He opens his eyes, blinking them as his vision blurs, slowly clearing to show the bare metal girders and plates of the hold of the Serenity, the ship of Malcolm Reynolds.
He jerks upright, but is brought up short by tight bands of rope that still are wound around his body, just as tight as ever before. He is sitting on a long golden-orange crate, plenty big enough to have smuggled him onto the outlaw ship, beside him on the top of the crate lies the plug gag that had lain in his mouth, still wet with his saliva.
Before Quill stands the two outlaws: on his right is Jayne Cobb: tall, his rippling muscles beneath his tan skin almost tearing at the thin material of his khaki T-shirt; it’s tucked into dark brown pants held up with a black belt, large hip pockets and a heavy pistol holstered on his right thigh set it off, the legs of his pants tucked into heavy brown
:iconcarnath-gid:Carnath-gid 9 1
The Light of Dawn Part 1 Chapter 7
The Light of Dawn
Part 1 Chapter 7
The meaning of Jim's Letter
I did get to sleep on my bunk bed, but the snoring almost made me stay up. I was hoping to see Kairi again, but for some reason, I ended up on the RLS Endurance, Jim's Warsloop. I looked around as I got closer to hear Jim talking to Mr. Onyx, who is Mr. Arrow's nephew. I have to agree, he does resemble Mr Arrow a lot. When I got a little closer I got to hear what Jim said to his crew.
"Congratulations, men! I've been informed that we have been given a Warsloop. Between it and this Torpedo Boat, we're an actual patrol squadron now! Mr. Onyx, plot us a course to Crescentia. We have a hold full of prisoners to deliver to the Royal Courts." Jim said to his crew.
I had to admit, he does look handsome in a uniform as Lieutenant Hawkins. I looked to see the Torpedo Boat he was talking about, the RLS Comet, and smiled at how he's commandi
:iconrm-keyblade-mistress:RM-Keyblade-Mistress 3 8
Pumpkin pie pt.4 - Drake x reader x Kid

«Can you believe this?! Pudding is 19!» you shouted, pounding the dishes in the sink.
Drake tilted his head, from the table.
«I believe you’re going to break something this morning.»
«And you know why Pudding? Because she’s the oldest who’s not married yet! Well, apart from me and Joscar, of course. But she isn’t pretty enough for the Vinsmokes. Isn’t it sick?»
He stood, reaching you and placing his warm hands on your shoulders.
«Y/n, breathe.» he hummed beside your ear «You barely slept last night.»
You sighed, leaning against him.
«I just wish there was something I could do…»
«I know.»
He kissed the crook of your neck, left exposed by the loose T-shirt you used to sleep in.
You turned to face him and maybe demand some more of his attentions, but his face was distorted in a frown, much to your surprise.
«What is this burni
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 11 0
Meet Mr. Johnathan Riley and Ms. Julia Beaumont
It was another normal and average day at the Elastic Co. business organization. A place a business and profit. Nothing more, nothing less. The CEO, Mr. Jonathan Riley, was a very sleazy and greedy man. He loves money, and sometimes he breaks out into song about it in his office. No, I'm not kidding. He loved to sit in his big and comfy office chair, counting his money. Think a combination of J. Jonah Jameson and Mr. Krabs. His Secretary, Ms. Julia Beaumont was a different story. She also loves money but she was a bit more restrained about it and had a bit more of a dignified personality. Mr. Riley loved to pick on her, just for the fun of it. This aggravated Ms. Beaumont constantly.
However, they still had a bit of a love-hate relationship. They did annoy each other, like when Riley would get Julia stuck in the elevator, or when Julia would spill coffee all over Riley on purpose, but they still would throw each other a bone, so to speak. Like sometimes Riley would give Julia the day of
:iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 7 6
The One : Roronoa Zoro X Reader - 11
"Uh, sorry if I woke you." the greenette muttered, averting his gaze from your disheveled form.
"S'ok." you tried very hard not to stare at his shirtless torso.
"It's still early you can go back to sleep, I just came back from the gym."
"What time is it?" you grumbled trying to search for your phone in the dim light the bathroom provided.
"Just after nine." he replied as you snatched your jeans off the floor to fumble through the pockets, "How are you feeling?"
"Like shit and maybe still drunk? How'd I even get here?" you let out a short quiet gasp revisiting the realization that you were in this man's bed in his shirt and just your underwear, "Did-"
"Nothing happened," he pulled the towel over his face while he dried his hair, "you were texting me so I went and picked you up."
"Oh." You murmured.
"So, I guess we aren't going to Japan." he chuckled slipping into a gray t-shirt.
"What?" you snapped up from unlocking your phone.
"Nothing," he snorted, "you were pretty entertaining."
:iconlyndsy24:lyndsy24 7 2