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The First Contact With Amy...

Kevin: Hmm...that little girl that just passed by was pretty weird...

Kevin: She was just pointing at me and...

Kevin: Eh!? W-What's this feeling?

Kevin: Nnngh!

Kevin: Wa-Whoa! What the heck!? Are those breasts?

Kevin: A-Aaaahhhh...

Kevin: O-Oh my...

Kevin: M-My it...

Kevin: G-Growing longer!? Aaaahhhh...

Kevin: What the...what now!?
11 by Mistress-Gonzy
Kevin: My clothes are going away!?
12 by Mistress-Gonzy
Kevin: A-Aaah! Where did this come from!? I wasn't
:iconmistress-gonzy:Mistress-Gonzy 41 6
Artemis X M!Reader FULL (Percy Jackson)
(Do you know how hard it is to give your reader a God as their parent and have them NOT related to the love interest?)
A deep breath was inhaled as the string of the bow was pulled back.
Letting go of the string, the arrow shot forward.
Seemingly weaving in between the trees, the forest went silent. Then a cry of pain was heard, it had hit its intended target. An instant death, the hunter took a breath before walking down to his prize. Kneeling down and placing his hand on the boar, he shut his eyes and prayed for it. "If you were hit by my arrow, then the fates intended for me to release you from this cursed life you walked..." he said softly. He grabbed the arrow out of the boar and picked it up, carrying it back to his home. Little did he know...
He was being watched the entire time...
I got to my house and placed the boar in the shed out back, I'll cut and skin him later. I stopped just before I entered my house, looking down at the ground, I saw a footprint. I kneeled do
:icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 26 2
Shantae TV cartoon 'Magic' script (fan-made) by Clok-Roo Shantae TV cartoon 'Magic' script (fan-made) :iconclok-roo:Clok-Roo 4 3
Mechanized Mixup: Roll and 2B
For a robot who was designed with house cleaning in mind, Roll often found herself in the thick of adventures and battles that spanned dimensions. Whether it was superheroes, monsters, or other unknown beings, Roll seemed to find strangers far more often than her fellow robots.
While part of her wanted to find Dr. Light and Rock again, she was surprised to find a much taller, older robot.
“Whoa! Who’re you?” Roll asked, surprised. Looking around, she seemed to be in some kind of forest ruins, one that looked like a kingdom of some kind. “You aren’t a human, are you?”
“Human? Those haven’t existed on this world for a very long time...” The woman in black, who was seemingly wearing a blindfold stared down. “There aren’t many kid model androids left.”
“H-hey, who’re you calling kid? My name’s Roll,” the young-looking machine said.
“Roll, huh? Listen, kid. You should be careful, Machine-li
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 12 14
Pony Pov Series 434 Drabble, 'little exchange'
"Miss Tiara, you have a visitor," Star Shine called.
"I'll see them," she said in her room. She knew Star Shine wouldn't let anypony through Diamond didn't want to see.
She looked up at the clop of hooves.
"Howdy, Diamond Tiara," said Applejack to the wheelchair-bound filly. "Ah thought ya outta know somethin'. Ya know that world where Apple Bloom was the lonely spoiled filly Discord took advantage of instead of you?"
"How'd you know about that?" Tiara hissed.
"Pinkie Pie and Ah remember the world gettin' messed up by you and Discord's cousins. And ya think Apple Bloom WOULDN'T tell me all she went through if she could? In case yah forgot, last she saw meh, Ah held off old Grim and Dark so she and her friends could save yah… Ah didn't even know if she figured out Ah won until after."
"And you still fought so hard to save me from myself."
"Ah've seen myself as a Nightmare, and my friend turned into one; not lettin' anypony suffer through that. And the Riches are us Apples' friends
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 7 3
1. Who stole the drugs?
Mario: It's time to play. Who stole the drugs?
Nerdy Luigi: Was it me?
Mr. Peabody: Was it me?
Sherman: I think it's her.
Aufa: Fucking pink fairies everywhere...
2. You are my dad
Sherman: *singing* You are my dad...
Mr. Peabody: You're my dad! Woogie boogie boogie-
3. How could someone be so adorable...
Glorysia Melody: How could someone be so adorable... and HOT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!
*Magic Controll Shocked*
4. Who let Yoosung cook?
Mario: If there's one thing in the house I know how to do it's how to
:iconglorysiamelodyyt:GlorysiaMelodyYT 9 5
Winx Club: Beauty and Brawn of Magix
Bloom, Tecna, Layla, and Flora all applauded after watching Musa get a perfect score on her favorite dancing video game yet again.
"Woohoo! Way to go, Musa!" Bloom said.
"Awwww… thanks, though it's cool. I feel like this is normal for me. In fact, maybe you're all wasting your time watching me?" Musa asked.
"Are you kidding!? You're the absolute queen of dancing, even though that's no surprise given your roots in music. It's better than watching a marathon of my favorite sci-fi show." Tecna said.
"Heh heh… I'd call that a small victory!" Musa said.
"Tecna's right. I'm in awe of your dance moves. Maybe you could teach me to put out moves like that?" Layla asked.
"Sure! How much time do you have to spare?" Musa said, prompting a laugh from the other girls.
Suddenly, the girls looked and saw the door to their dormitory burst open and Stella came running in with a posted in her hands.
"Girls, girls! You have to see this!" Stella shouted.
"Don't tell us, Stella. Another astronom
:iconbiggerbetterbarbie:BiggerBetterBarbie 7 3
Another Chance At Life: Tree Talks
Once again Twilight found herself outside where the Tree of Harmony lay. Something had drawn her back for some reason. Maybe it was after her talk with Starlight earlier that week that had sent her back.
As expected, Starlight too had felt what had gone on at the tree some time before. What had her worried though had been her reaction to it.
It had scared her stiff.
"Twilight, I know how much you love a good mystery but take it from me." She had said. "Leave this alone. One mystery is enough. Don't follow this one."
Twilight had been lost. "Why not?"
Starlight shook her head. "I did a little digging myself. That power had left behind a trail any unicorn worth their horn could follow, so I did."
Twilight was intrigued. "So what was it? Did you see it?"
Starlight shook her head. "I saw enough. This is a power we don't want to be here if we can. It knew I was following it, it let me see what I did."
Twilight had been shocked. Starlight had never been this scared before for as long as they
:iconmorion87:morion87 4 0
DND 5E: Edestus
Gliding silently through the depths, a large and somewhat slender shark approaches. It suddenly gapes, revealing a pair of serrated jaws that clash together like blades.
Large Beast, Unaligned
Armor Class 12 (natural armor)
Hit Points 45 (6d10 + 12)
Speed swim 40 ft
Str 18 (+4)
Dex 13 (+1)
Con 15 (+2)
Int 1 (-5)
Wis 10 (+0)
Cha 4 (-3)
Challenge Rating 2
Senses blindsight 40 ft, passive Perception 12
Aquatic. An edestus can only breathe while underwater.
Blood Frenzy. An edestus has advantage on melee attack rolls against any creature that doesn't have all its hit points.
Serrated Teeth. Edestus inflicts an additional +2 damage against unarmored creatures.
Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft, one target. Hit: (2d8 + 4) piercing damage, plus 1d4 bleed.
Large, primitive-looking sharks, edestus are a strange breed
:icongilarah93:Gilarah93 3 0
Never too old to learn (SteveXreader) - Intro
‘You’ve been asleep, Cap. For almost seventy years.’ These words kept echoing through Steve’s head ever since he had first heard them an hour ago.
As he heard the words, his first thought had been that the one-eyed man was lying to him, even if that had to be the stupidest lie ever told, but when he looked around again he had started to wonder. He knew he was in New York, on Times Square to be precise, but it looked nothing like he remembered…
“I’ll explain what happened to you, but maybe this isn’t the best place for such a conversation.” The one-eyed man spoke, breaking Steve out of his thoughts. Steve remained silent, studying the man in front of him, he didn’t act threatening, but Steve was sure that this man could be trouble. “I am part of an organization that was founded by some old friends of yours. Howard Stark, Colonel Phillips and Peggy Carter. You remember them?” the man continued. This grabbed Steve
:iconcaroshadow:CaroShadow 5 5
Freedom Fighters Forever: Origins, part II
In the months that came after adopting Miles, everything seemed to get better for the most part. The little tyke was happy in his new family, and the hedgehogs adored their newest addition. Sure, there was Jules’ war wound to get worried over, but at least they got something of a ‘Charles is taking care of it’ feeling about it.
Something else had to be brought to their attention. This time by Cocoa, a friendly cat lady whom was Sonic’s tutor and an old friend of the hedgehog pair from their soldier days. “Bernadette, Jules, I want to talk about Sonic, I am worried about him.”
“Isn’t he doing good in his lessons anymore? Is he getting behind?” Bernadette asked worried.
“It’s not that. Maurice is a bright young man. If we can get him to sit down long enough he can learn quite well. But I am not talking about his intellectual development. I am talking about the fact that he doesn
:iconkivathedcwizard:KivaTheDCWizard 8 4
The Life of a Nerd: Chapter 10
Adam peeked out of the stall he had been hiding in inside the locker room, he had waited until everyone else was gone before taking his after gym shower, especially since it had been a particularly rough gym class for the pale skinned nerd, first of all the activity of the day was dodgeball, a nightmare for nerds everywhere, he had spent the last hour being pelted by the jocks, cheerleaders, even the preps and goths nailed him in the head with the ball.
Besides the normal terrors of dodgeball, he was also pantsed four times during class, once each by John, Melinda, Ashlee and Maia, and on two of those occasions his tighty whities were pulled down too.
So he decided to hide in the stall while everyone else changed and showered, so they couldn’t give him any wedgies or swirlies, now that everyone had left, he could take a quick shower, and get changed before going to his next class, he had about five minutes before the bell would ring, so he had to be quick, he headed for the showe
:iconadamccar:adamccar 6 0
Phoebe/OHP/Getaway Crossover Special! Alien Island
———SCENE 1————
(This scene takes place in a- rather mysterious place. ATLAS and R-E are in the middle of looking through a glass orb revealing PHOEBE and WILLIAM hanging out.)
   Hmmm..they do seem to be quite an interesting pair. Don’t you think R**E?
   Yeah, I do see a strong connection between the two. Wouldn’t it be nice if
    they- oh I don’t know- put them on an island where they would have to
    survive together.
(The two giggled about it, until WALTER came into the room.)
     I heard about your little conversation. Seems pretty interesting.
     [He holds up the glass orb in his hands.]
     But what if we bring along some friends for the ride.
(The three laugh maliciously as they all hold the glass orb in their hands. Transporting six children to an abandoned Islan
:iconmemelordchildishere:memelordchildishere 4 20
Shore Leave: Genet and the Bounty Hunter part III
Becca’s apartment was a modest-sized space, not much at all really. Scanning the room, Genet could see a small kitchen off to one side, a slightly larger living area that dominated much of the apartment, and two doors leading into rooms that he couldn’t see. Most of the walls were covered in shelves, and they were decorated with holographs, mostly of the skylines of Coruscant.
“I’m gonna go disarm.” Becca motioned to her armour and weapon belt. “Make yourself at home while I get changed.”
“Uh, sure,” Genet replied as Becca strolled into one of the side-rooms. He was starting to get captivated by the holos, there were so many of them, and the sights they captured were breathtakingly beautiful. “Who took these holos, you?” Genet asked, peering closely at one. It depicted the Manarai Mountains, one of the few places on Coruscant that had not been developed.
From her bedroom, Becca’s voice called-back. “Marium Ku
:iconultrabountyhunter:Ultrabountyhunter 2 0
RPG - Karnevalove silenstvi, cast druha (CZ/SK) by Irsibil RPG - Karnevalove silenstvi, cast druha (CZ/SK) :iconirsibil:Irsibil 9 6
The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) - Chapter 3

Chapter 3. Dendemille's Dealer​
When Shine came out, the sky turned a dusky blue with streetlights illuminating the paths before him. Aware of the dangers lurking in the shadows, he turned his golden vision on, making the outlines of the buildings a milky white and everything else transparent. Almost everyone and their Pokémon were settling down for the day, all except a few that looked particularly feline, scattered in various alleys and little hideouts further away from the town centre.
Shine took a deep breath, going through everything in his head that had already been ruled out about Curio’s whereabouts. The square was worth another check, but after that, it was safe to assume she wouldn’t be lurking there during the night. The windmill was out, as she likely had no reason to return there again. Everything else inside the town was out, as Shine asked around for hours with little to no results. Even with his ability to
:iconnebuladreams:NebulaDreams 3 1
Miraculous Nutcracker, Ch 8
Outside the Spring Kingdom castle, Towa was on her way back to her kingdom, escorted by some guards to reclaim it. But she stopped at the village to get a small dinner. Though in truth, she was still hesitant to get her kingdom back. Mostly it might be overrun by whoever J.Z. might send and witches. So, she stopped by a sandwich shop and ate a cold-cut sandwich. She ate it etiquette-like. She was approached by the sandwich vendors bears wearing white apron and hat named Junior and George.
“Duh, will that be all your majesty?” Junior asked Towa.
“Actually, can you give me a drink of water please?” Towa asked.
“Right away!” George nodded. “Junior!”
“On it, George!” Junior nodded.
He runs over to the drink vendor and looks at each drink. He stops on lemonade.
“L-E-M-O-N-A-D-E.” Junior spelled before incorrectly saying, “Water!” He pours lemonade in the cup.
He comes back with the “water” and ga
:iconariavampirerose7:AriaVampireRose7 4 16
The Penguins of Madagascar - Otterly Air-Borne
It was another casual day in the New York Zoo as there weren't many people coming in lately. Not many folks to pay admissions to check out the animals or give them peanuts to any.
However, what goes on inside the areas where the animals roam, that's a different story. However, something was going on in the aquarium section where there was a clean lab full of tubes, flasks, and some anatomical images that feature some sea animals and about their bodies.
The sight of the doorknob was starting to rattle while muffled noises from inside were detected. The click on the lock was heard and the door slowly opened. The four penguins, known as Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, were stepping in.
"Okay, let's get to work, boys," Skipper crooned in a tone like a secret agent as the penguins followed along. While they all do, there was one more critter that was following them.
A mammal to be exact. It was Marlene, the Asian otter. She's a friend of the penguins.
"Hey, guys! What's up?" Marlene g
:iconblimpmermaid91:BlimpMermaid91 4 4
WWaF - Sheldon to the Zoo Rescue
"Sheldon to the Zoo Rescue"
That high noon in the woods, Wynonna Woodpecker, Chuck Jackal, Anthony Panda, Sheldon Clam, Tomo Penguin and the rest of the tourists exited the tour bus and head out to explore the woods. They wore their tourist casual outfits and carry their iPhones and Samsung phones as cameras to take pictures of wildlife creatures.
Wynonna wore a light green T-Shirt, midnight blue short shorts, matching light green plain baseball hat and a yellow backpack. Tomo Penguin was wearing a dark blue visor hat around her head and both Anthony and Sheldon wore same hats and outfits. Chuck is wearing a blue and yellow striped vest over a green shirt and a gray baseball cap. Wynonna took a picture of the birds on the nest with her Samsung phone and smiled, "Now this is a relaxing wildlife forest tour we've ever been."
Tomo took a picture of the caterpillar crawling on the tree with her iPhone with her smile and wrote down on her notepad with her pencil for her r
:iconmagic-kristina-kw:Magic-Kristina-KW 5 2
Fart Diary: Catwoman,Poison Ivy and Killer Frost

It was a hot summer noon at California. Justin and his bro Max spent their day at the beach. It was silent all around, but in Killer Frost's secret labour there was not that silent. She was working at a new secret plan, but she became annoyed by Cat Woman. Killer Frost alias Kathleen Snow was very angry about her brake in. She told Catwoman, that she want to freeze her in, cause she hate it to become annoyed. Catwoman excused herself, but she had a a perfect plan and want to ask if she want to help her and also Poison Ivy,who wait outside the Ice cream wagon. The cold was not very well for her Flowers. Killer Frost answered,that she had absolute no time and want that Catwoman go. Catwoman told her now,she should think about it, because it was the perfect plan to humiliate Justin in front of Harley Quinn. It was his Birthday and so it would be
:iconmaxinator93:Maxinator93 2 0
The day black and white disappeared chapter 30
At first, he hadn’t believed that she would come.
As they had planned, he’d come to the Atynx Market square, located in the Crystal Cities’ poorest areas. Axe had waken up early, right before the daily time of training. Dai Atlas would not scold him anyway. He was free to go wherever he wanted to go.
But more time passed, more Axe felt naïve. After all, he only knew about Esmeral’s name. She owed him nothing. Maybe had she promised to give him books in order to look polite after he’d saved her.
From what he’d known, she was the kind of person to be wary of strangers.
So, why would she borrow him some books? Books had become nearly invisible here.
As soon as Axe was about to turn around to come back to the base, he caught sight of the femme from far, carrying a bag in her arms.
Then he smiled again.
“I’m sorry. I’m late” She apologized, an awkward expression.
“It’s okay”
“I didn
:iconjigokushoujo44:JigokuShoujo44 3 14
Kiga of Odidba (Yukiko Maiden Transformation)

It had been years after the defeat of the goddess Izanami at the hands of the investigation team. The group was formed in the first place to solve the mysterious rash of murders that had plagued the Inaba region for the year of 2011.
Ten years had passed since that battle, ten years since the group split and for one of them… Life returned to somewhat normal… for an inn daughter that is.
“Yukiko! Don’t forget room 312 needs their tea!”
“Yes mother!”
“Yukiko! The sheets in 214 need changing!”
“Yukiko! Take the group meal up when you’re done!”
Yukiko Amagi sighed out of exhaustion, Ten years ago she was all gung-ho about staying in Inaba after Yu Narukami had entered her life and made her see that she had people around her who cared for her and running away from it all was a bad idea.
After she had finished her morning chores, she quickly received a phone call
:icontransformationman12:transformationman12 6 1
Super Choppy 57
in Choppy's house.
Choppy: (sees a funny cartoon show Bugs Bunny and laughs) Bugs is funny. (hears the door knocking)
He opens the door and it's a girl.
Girl: hello. Can you help me find my doll please?
Choppy: sure.
He looks around in a street and finds the doll in the bushes.
Choppy: here you go. (give the doll to her)
Girl: yeah! My doll is back! Thank you.
Choppy: (smiles) you're welcome.
He goes walking in the street. When suddenly.
????: help!! Help!!
Choppy: oh no. This looks like the job for Super Choppy!
He runs to the Phone booth and becomes Super Choppy.
Super Choppy: i'm ready to the rescue!
He sees Princess Bubblegum cornered by 4 candy gangsters.
Candy gangster: let's mug the princess!
Princess Bubblegum: help!
Super Choppy appears.
Super Choppy: Super Choppy is here to stop you, misfits!
Princess Bubblegum: wow a hero kid.
Super Choppy: you guys are bunch of unwanted candies.
Candy gangster: hey!
Super Choppy: also your mom's a vegetable!
Candy gangster 2: how dare you!!
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 4 117