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High School DxD: Akeno x M!Reader x Rias. Part 2
It was said that once upon of time, there was a boy who ate a Fallen Angel… But another unheard of story, is a follow-up to that one. It was the story of the boy who ate the arm of god. This power transformed the boy into part of a god, and made him into an extreme hybrid of different races. The boy turned into a time-god, and seems to have control over time itself. Some do not know where this boy is, but some say that if they find him, they will meet The King of the Titans himself. The new God of Time.
“Gooooooooood morning people of Japan! Today’s weather is sunny, with a small chance of rain!” I hate my radio. Why do I have the weather forecast as my alarm instead of an actual alarm? What’s wrong with me…? Am I that bad? Is it because I’m lacking on my Fallen Angel hunting? Why am I asking myself questions - which in itself is another question? ...Can I just get up now? Who’s laying on my leg?
You: “Can you turn off the alarm, Ga
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Good Enough [Todoroki x Depressed!Reader]
◤Quirk: Water; Reader can emit water from their hands. Their quirk is most strong in moist areas, and is most weak in dry areas, such as burning buildings.◢
For the past few weeks, you have felt inadequate. No matter how hard you tried, no matter how hard you trained, you felt like you were making no progress. You felt like your quirk gave you no options, and you were beginning to feel as if becoming a hero was a lost cause.
You had tried to hide these feelings from your classmates. You thought it would have been better to quietly fade out after a few months, playing it off as a change of plans. However, your boyfriend knew better. Todoroki had been pestering you about your change of attitude the past few days, and you had come up with lie after lie to cover up your true feelings. He wasn't convinced.
Shouto - 5:10
(Y/N), sneak to my dorm past curfew. I want to talk to you. Don't get caught, k?
Because of this text, you found yourself in front of Todoroki's dorm late at nig
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Pokemon battle quest 3
Episode 3: The Mizu Bell
In the Tranquil Zone, at the Island of the Chosen, where starters and chosen around the world were peaceful and sociable. The Vulpix and the Alolan one are talking about something.
VULPIX (A): How's the day?
VULPIX: The day goes serene, cousin.
The ladies are discussing about their achievements.
SERPERIOR: I'm known as the queen.
DELPHOX: No kidding. I used to manipulate flames with style.
PRIMARINA: I used to sing in the opera.
SERPERIOR: And how is it going?
PRIMARINA: All the fans loved me.
DELPHOX: Just don't overuse your throat, okay?
While in the cafeteria...
PIKACHU: Boy, I didn't know these juicy Perfect Apples cost only 300 Pokes.
CHARIZARD: Maybe they are over-ripped.
When suddenly, an emergency alarm echoes from the Academy.
SWAMPERT: The HQ alarm!
BLASTOISE: What else is new?
LUCARIO: All of us were heading to the Meeting center!
TYPHLOSION: Including the students?
LUCARIO: Including the students.
And all the Pokémon have just ar
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 83
Jaunt 83.0 - Comickook Mane Meets Mean Pt 1
Hearing "Inverted Ages" Spike talk about HIS Chrysalis's scheme to create evil clones of him as well as his world's Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Rumble and Gabby reminded Pony Prince Spike of something his world's Twilight told him about. A very recent adventure where his own world's Chrysalis created evil clones of that world's Mane Six (the same Mane Six as in the mainline universe and several others) as well as her world's Starlight Glimmer.
Much like on "Inverted Ages" Spike's world, the Chrysalis on his own world kidnapped six children all of a different race: Pony, Griffon, Dragon, Hippogriff, Changeling and Yak: in order to start a war that would destroy ALL of her enemies. UNLIKE on "Inverted Ages" Spike's world, the Chrysalis on Pony Prince Spike's world pulled the kidnapping BEFORE the Friendship School was even started, pulling each kidnapping disguised as a "representative" of one of the races (i.e. kidn
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Coming Clean
It had to be said, Griffons weren't exactly the most patient of creatures, and Gallus was, admittedly, a typical example of this. Tapping his claws against the floor of the hallway, he leaned against the wall just next to the dormitory door beside him. A groan of irritation escaped him, and he occasionally glanced to the many other students of the School of Friendship as they passed him by. Every once in a while, they'd give him a wave and a smile, and to his credit, he'd always return the gesture. But, as soon as he was all alone, he'd return to his prior look of discomfort. Turning, he looked to the dormitory door, and could hear his friend moving about on the other side. Sadly, she had yet to finish what she'd gone in there for, leading to a long sigh on the part of the young Griffon. Eventually, and after having a lot of uncharacteristic restraint, Gallus finally groaned in annoyance, walking over to the door and banging on it a couple of times.
"Hey! You finished in there, Smolder
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Saving House Sheppard - Part 6 - Resolution

[The next day, after turning everyone back to normal. Dolly Gonzy gathers everyone and tells them the news]
Dolly Gonzy: Yeah! I dids all of dat! I saved chu alls fwom that meanie guy!
Marci: Really? I can only remember the time I had around that Julio person...

Dolly Gonzy: Ish okies! What matters is dat you ish all fwee!
Marci: Yeah! Totally! Isn't that right, everyone?

Rachel: Of course! I'm glad to be back in control of myself again!
Shannon: I couldn't imagine being around that nasty guy for the rest of my life...

Rachel: Now that all of that is over, I should get back to my lab wo- I mean...studies! Yeah, that!
Shannon: Uhh, alright! You go do that!

Lillian: Good grief, can I just go back to bed? This isn't helping my headache at all...
Natalie: Oh,
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DBX: The Ultimate in Overpowered


Hakoniwa Academy, Student Council's Office

Sitting at her desk in the Student Council's office, a young blue-haired girl was currently rifling through her suggestions box, eager to get the next suggestion done for her beloved students. This was Medaka Kurokami, the 'Miss President' of Hakoniwa's Student Council.
"Let's see here... what are we going to do ne-" Before Medaka could open the suggestion, her phone went off. With lightning-fast reflexes, Medaka grabbed it and held it up to her ear. "Hello? This is Medaka speaking!"
"Miss President!" A panicked voice cried out from the other end.
Medaka frowned slightly. "Zenkichi? Is something wrong?"
"Erm... you could say that, yes!" A sudden explosion could be heard on the other end.
"What's going on over there?!" Medaka asked, worried for her student body.
"I don't know!" Zenkichi replied hurriedly. "We were
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Video Squadron: Gamerman Chapter 24
Title: The Trials For A New Mech
One day at the lab, Randy, Jeremy, Vix, Headbot, and Jack were tidying some files. Jack hadn't sorted them in a while, so he was now doing so as he couldn't stand seeing how messed up everything was.
Jack: Thanks for helping me out with all of these guys.
Vix: It's no problem. After all that you've done for me, I'm willing to help you in any way I can. I just wish you could do more for me.
Randy: Still wishing to be flesh, Vix?
Vix: :nod:
Jeremy: Maybe someday you will. I don't know how, but I'm sure that it's possible.
Headbot: What do you think I would be if I was turned into flesh? I don't look like any animal species. Who ever heard of an animal that had a red head and a colorful body. Only a robot could be something like that.
Randy: Maybe you'd be whatever kind of animal those kids from the dragon show were.And whatever that hero from 700 years ago was as well.
Jeremy: Are you talking about a human, Randy?
Randy: Yes. Is that what they're called?
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Fem!Akashi Seijuro X M!Reader FULL (KnB)
(All names apart will be the same because it'll become annoying and hard to keep up with, if they change)
"Winning is everything. The victors write history. The losers are wiped from it." Akashi Seijuro has lived her whole life, being at the top of the food chain. Whether that was in school, Family Empire, Basketball, she was always at the top. She didn't flaunt it either, she showed that she had worked to be where she was. Combine that with her gorgeous looks meant that she had a lot of suitors, her father set her up and none of them were "worthy" in her eyes. One thing she told no one, was that she already had her eyes set on someone. They went to the same school and were in the same year, they even talked to each other a lot of the time. She dared not tell her father out of fear that her father would hate him. He was apart of a wealthy family, but Akashi just wasn't sure.
Akashi had "shown" her love for this man on multiple occasions, he'd be thankful but nothing more would h
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Lilly llama
Name: Lilly Llama
Appearance: an anthro Llama wearing a cheerleader uniform she has quite large breasts
Cheery personality: Lilly can find something nice to say about anybody and she radiates a calming possitive aura all the time
Hug club: If you get to close to Lilly she will want to hug you causing your mental facilities to stop worrying about things
Suities: Lilly owns an impressively infinite number of anthro animal costumes at her home each one can stretch to fit who ever wears it getting them off though is impossible
Pom Pom power: once Lilly has suited someone up she will offer them Pom poms these will send a wave of abilities through a victims body turning them female as well as making them one of Lilly's closest friends
Trouble teacher: If you try to hurt Lilly she might just hug you so much that you pass out you will wake up with no memories as an anthro animal she will also turn them into someone who only acts like a sissy
Stratergy: Lillyisnt much of a planer she ju
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Edtropy, an EENE fanfiction - Chapters 7 through 9 by XxShaym1nxX Edtropy, an EENE fanfiction - Chapters 7 through 9 :iconxxshaym1nxx:XxShaym1nxX 4 0
FanFic Pokemon (FR) | Aura du Temps : T3 Chap33 p1
Tome 3 : Chapitre 32 (part 2/2) <- Précédent   \ /  Suivant -> Tome 3 : Chapitre 33 (part 2/2)
Tome 1  :  Découvrir l'histoire depuis le début
Chapitre 33 : Les secrets

(Partie 1/ 2 )
Le petit concours passé et remporté, ce fut donc le lendemain matin que le petit groupe quitta enfin Lavandia pour se diriger vers Autéquia. Et co
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Gangland // Shanks x Reader (Pt. 12)
    Waking up next to Shanks was one of the best feelings in the world, you decided. You had never slept so well in your life. Looking up at his peaceful face, you smiled. "How long are you going to stare at me?" Shanks rumbled in his morning voice, opening his eyes and smirking down at you. You squeaked in surprise and looked away, a bright blush spreading across your cheeks. Without answering, you embarrassedly climbed out of bed. Now it was Shanks' turn to watch you as you put your hair up into a bun.
    "I don't wanna go to work," You pouted, slouching and fixing your updo in his mirror. "You own the place, you could easily just not go." Shanks reminded you, but you shook your head. "Nah, I always give myself shifts to help out. Besides, all I have to do today is cleaning and inventory since it's the morning." You shrugged.
    "I'll drive you." Shanks offered, standing up and stretching. You eyed him in your peripheral vision, watching his muscles fl
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Overcharge! (Plusle+Minun WG Story)
   Plusle was chasing Minun through a field playfully, flower petals floating about as the sun shined down on them, glistening along the morning dew of the grass.
   Minun was running on all fours while Plusle was running around on her two legs, skipping along the ground as quickly as she could, giggling as Minun chased her down. Soon Minun was able to catch up to Plusle with a Volt Rush, shooting quickly through the grass like a Thunderball momentarily.
   Plusle soon fell onto the ground, faceplanting in the ground as Minun landed on her back. Minun was a little worried at first, thinking she may have hit her a little too hard, but upon patting her shoulder, Plusle rolled around and flipped Minun onto her back.
   :”Hehe! Looks like I caught you, Minun!” Plusle giggled.
   Minun booped Plusle on her nose. “Ya doof, I was chasing you!”
   “Oh, hah! Right!” Plusle hopped back up, blushing. &
:iconchubby-chimaera:Chubby-Chimaera 23 10
Paint It, Black Chapter 13
Excerpt from chapter 13:
"The leader of the men seemed to step through the smoke-covered melee. His eyes settled on Leonardo who was busy fighting off three men. Behind his darkened helmet, a smile pulled at his lips. He watched as the blue-clad turtle dispensed of three of his men in a brilliant display of skill and grace. He closed the distance between himself and Leonardo then.
“So, you are the Ninja Turtles?” The man stated in heavily accented English, the speaker embedded into the helmet making his deep voice sound almost metallic. The man and turtle began to circle each other slowly. “Your swordsmanship is quite impressive. It is rare to find a master of the Niten-Ichi Ryu.” The man paused for a moment before continuing, “I prefer a blend of the old…” he gave his katana a twirl in his right hand, “…and the new,” He finished by raising his gun.
“Who are you?” Leonardo demanded. He could hear the sounds of comb
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Dino Emeralds Chapter 6
T-rex fight
The next morning, Sonic woke up early and pulls the curtain to see the sun-rise over Saurian town. He inhales deeply and then took out a diary.
"Dear Diary, Today is the second day I, my girlfriend Amy, best friend Tails, Silver and Blaze are spending on Mesozoic Island, a well preserved prehistoric world from the Mesozoic period. I must say that the Emeralds of this island must have preserved many species of each of the three eras. But what amazes me most is that we modern mobians got to learn much of the island's history and how the mobian dinosaurs came to be. We also found Cyo's missing cousin Noire on the first day we landed here, heck she even showed us the field where many herbivores and some piscivores. Today I can't wait to see the Dino emeralds in person with my friends.
Sonic T. Hedgehog"
He finished writing and shuts the diary, locking the lid and puts it into his back pack. He heard the others wake up as well.
"Morning guys" Sonic
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There was once a girl called usagi who was five years of age and was notmaly a sweet little girl untill shestarted to act like a spoiled brat
Ikuko: usagi its time to wake up
Usagi: go bother some one elss
Ikuko: i beg you're parden young lady
Usagi: i said go bother some one elss you death or some thing
Ikuko: if you don't stop being rude i will have to send you to school with a sore bottom
Usagi: fine!
Usagi got out of bed and ikuko started to undress her
Usagi satyed quiet and so do ikuko.
Chibi usa came in after ikuko was done
Chibi usa: moring
Ikuko: were were you last night?
Chibi usa: i got lost and ended up sleeping on the chouch so i whoudent wake  usagi up
Ikuko: well you're grounded
Chibi usa: WHAT
ikuko: you shoudent of been out that time
Chibi usa: grrr
Ikuko: any way go brush you teath
Chibi usa: done
Ikuko: well go set the table
Chibi usa: finnne
She left the room
By now ikuko was done dressing usagi in the school uniform
Ikuko: done! Now lets eat brakefast
Usagi an
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Star Wars AU: Dead Space
A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away...
The Galactic Empire has fallen! The evil tyranny of the Empire is no more, and the Rebel Alliance, now re-shaped into the New Republic, is taking its place. As thousands of systems celebrate this victory, and welcome the New Republic, not all the systems are as happy. In the Outer Rim, 8 systems, consisting of 64 inhabited worlds refuse to join the New Republic. Wishing to keep their Imperial ideologies of order and stability through strength, and power reform what little old Imperial assists they control into the new Galactic Remnant. Due to de-militarizing of the New Republic, as well as not wanting to look like the aggressors, the New Republic heavily sanctions the newly formed Galactic Remnant hoping the lack of incoming resources would force the systems into joining the New Republic.
As resources became more, and more scares the Galactic Remnant fell onto drastic masseurs. Several ideas are submitted, but few are realistic, and too many
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Bloody Noses and Leaking Roofs
    It had been nearly half a year since Pyre arrived on the mainland with intent to stay for good. Gadiel had arrived at Yuki’s home and collected Pyre and his new Tokota puppy Amaris. Since then he, Gadiel, and the new Moon Guard Estate deed holder Selene, have all been working day in and out trying to get the main Estate home repaired. The entire land had been in a complete nearly unrepairable state and it’d take years to get it all back to how it used to be decades ago.
    Gadiel had noticed how fond of Pyre Mao seemed when he had seen her at Yuki’s home. He knew the estate was still in a state he didn’t want to show but it couldn’t hurt to have Mao visit for a little bit. They had a few of the main rooms repaired though they still lacked furniture aside from some makeshift ones out of boxes and scraps of wood that came with the repairs. So, he had sent an invitation for Mao to show up
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Eternal Flame Pt.6. (Loki X Reader)
The time spent in Asgard brought some changes in the raven haired prince’s mood and state. The new air and the distance from all the reminders of his pain did him good. It lifted the dark, heavy clouds from his mind, though his heart remained vounded and broken. There was no way to cure the void in his heart, but with a clear head he could continue his research in the Asgardian library. That was his only chance now to get you back, and to ease his feeling of emptiness inside. He needed his other half to work properly. Without you he was just the fallen prince of Asgard, left all alone in a pointless world.
The library of the royal family was one of the most magnificient places in the Nine Realms. Golden rays of sunshine flowed through the windows, filling the place with sparkling light. It’s huge, golden shelves rised high up from the marble tiled floor to the ceiling like Yggrdasil itself. They formed huge corridors, like a labyrinth for those who seek knowledge or enterta
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