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Misunderstanding (Tokoyami Fumikage x Shy!Reader)
Reader's Quirk: Weretiger (can turn into a giant Siberian tiger)
"Bro look, she's doing it again!"
"Again!? Should we do something this time?"
"I don't know." Shrugging, Kaminari stared at you as you gazed at Tokoyami, what he perceived to be a predatory gleam in your tiger-like eyes.
"This is bad! She totally wants to eat him!" Sero assumed, shaking the blonde boy's shoulder. "What do we do?!"
"...Idiots," Bakugou scoffed as he walked by.
"What's going on?" Kirishima stopped, blinking curiously.
"(L/n)'s staring at Tokoyami again!" Kaminari pointed to where you stood a ways away, shuffling your feet as your eyes remained glued to Tokoyami who walked by without a clue that he was being watched.
As they watched, you shook yourself out a little and followed after the crow-headed boy, making Sero and Kaminari freak out.
"Dude, we have to do something!!! She's going to eat him!!!" Sero was near tears at this point as he gripped his friend's arm.
"Come on, I have an idea!" Half dragg
:iconlordsister:LordSister 25 8
Fem!Tsundere!Popstar Idol x Male Reader (1/3)
So this is my first non-fandom fic. I'll be doing 3 parts since I feel that's how long it'll take to fully develop their relationship.
But yeah, if you want to see more of this specific fic, or more non-fandom fics, let me know!
This'll be the introduction of the reader and the love interest! The love interest's name is: Beatrix Arabella. Both the reader and her will be developing a relationship (with a lot of heartbreak involved XD)
So if you want to see more of this kind of fic, let me know~!
Request Journal 2 (press "Request Journal 2" to be brought to the page.)

Hope you all enjoy~! 
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 28 7
Nicolette The Weasel TF/TG MC
Allen was quite exhausted on the day he was supposed to come in for some practice shooting. He felt nervous walking into the shooting range, holding a gun in his hands, afraid of setting it off on himself. He looked up to see the giant target signs in front of him, eyeing the piece of paper as he could see the yellow dot right in the middle of the red, blue, white, and black colors. He knew he was going to do terrible, not even going to manage on shooting the bullseye even once. Allen looked back at the entrance door, wondering why Tim wanted him to come here, knowing full well that guns scare the crap out of poor Allen. Allen looked back at the entrance door, wishing he could just walk out, and forget the promise he made to his friend. "I have no choice..."
He aimed the little grey pistol, trying his best to aim at the yellow dot, and released the trigger. A loud bang shot could be heard, scaring Allen to death, causing the bullet to hit far down below the target. Allen grumbled, emba
:iconawsomeisred:AwsomeIsRed 9 1
Shantae and the Black Baron Chronicles 38
Episode 37: The Sin Isles conquest
Isle 6: Sloth
In the Black Adder ship, the Black Order is working tirelessly but some of the members are relaxing while Bolo is doing most of the errands.
BOLO: Since when am I the errand boy?
SKY: Since you lost your bet.
ROTTYTOPS: And believe me. Tiring isn't for the faint of heart.
BOLO: I am beat. I need a break.
SC.BL.: Well, just this once, take a break.
BOLO: Finally.
SC.BL.: For 1 hour.
BOLO (Shocked): Really?
In the office, Black Baron is checking notes from his co-workers when somebody knocks the door.
B.B.: Come in.
Shantae appears.
SHANTAE: Black Baron. You worked all day. I think it's time for you to rest.
B.B.: You know that slacking can be your worst enemy.
SHANTAE: How do you know that?
B.B.: I just informed from Greenbeard that the hotels from the Isle of Sloth are fully booked and no return.
SHANTAE: I didn't know that. But why don't they return?
B.B.: One reason. Laziness.
SHANTAE: That's crazy. We have to do something.
B.B.: I thi
:iconmentalhunter:mentalhunter 8 53
Power Rangers Dino Thunder: Omegaverse final
The team still consists of Connor, Kira, Ethan, Tommy Oliver and Trent.
However, there is an addition to the team. Hayley Ziktor becomes an all original Ranger for this season, the Crimson Ranger, with the motive of a Stegosaurus. Her personal weapon are the Stego Blades. They also connect to an improved version of the Z-Rex Blaster.
Trent still turns back good halfway the season as the White Ranger, but while there is still an evil Ranger replacing him, it is not a clone of the White Ranger.
The Ninja Storm Rangers reappear. However, adapting some more of the Abaranger vs. Hurricanger, the Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm Rangers fight against each other, the Ninja Storm and Ninja Thunder Megazords having been rebuilt by Lothor as well.
Cassidy and Devin are their usual selves. Cassidy uses the ‘AbarePink’ suit Emiri from Abaranger once created for herself in the show as a gag.
Mesogog was created as a result o
:iconkivathedcwizard:KivaTheDCWizard 7 1
Planet Houston Chapter 2 The Ascension
CHAPTER 2: "Восхождение"
It was around 5:37 in the morning when he staggered out of bed, half asleep, with his hair wild and unkempt from a night of tossing and turning.  He had promised to get to bed earlier, but he couldn't resist playing another session of Forza on his Xbox One.  It was supposed to be around 10 minutes, he said to himself, but instead went 2 hours, which could have gone to his sleep.  Unfortunately, he chose his time investments poorly and had to fight back the yawns as he shuffled into the bathroom.  Looking at himself in the mirror, he noticed some stubble on his face and was all "Not on any given day", so he grabbed for a disposable razor.  Unfortunately, his sensitive skin blades weren't in the medicine cabinet, so he had to make due with Mom's leg shavers.  Not the ideal choice, and after about two minutes, Jack Stallwall managed to cut himself no less than six times
:iconjdogindy:JDogindy 3 0
Hannah In Tubular
Hannah found herself standing on top of a grassy platform and saw a number of warp-pipes. The level she is on which is known to be an infamous one to many Mario fans is none other than Tubular.
"I've heard this level had quite a rep for its difficulty," Hannah said. "But no use standing around, the timer is counting, and I rather not lose a life."
Hannah jumped off the pillar making a sound effect each time Mario would jump and dodged the first Charging Chuck by bouncing off them like springs. She managed to avoid the small piranha plants that jumped out of the green warp-pipe. She then jumped off the second Charging Chuck and landed on a yellow warp-pipe and jumped to the next one with the P switch sitting on top of the block.
"Here goes nothing," Hannah said and triggered the switch. She then fell and landed on a green spring and hit her head on the block where the P switch was formerly. Out came from the block was a yellow colored P-Balloon and Hannah used the spring once again and
:iconhannahdoma:HannahDoma 26 6
COMIC SINS - Ch. 23 Hope
Chapter 23. Hope
Embers flew through the air, the glowing specks of yellow and black hovered and rose towards the ceilings. The catacombs were dark, but the paths were comfortably illuminated by the many pools of molten rock. Crumbling echos eroded away the silence, as two people made their ways inside, their shuffling feet crunching over the orange and red gravel.
"Can we go back to the snowy place…?" The small child had asked, tugging at the skeleton's side playfully. The question at hand was not a surprise to Sans one bit, for he had taken them through another one of his shortcuts. The new destination was as opposite as it could get. The air was thick with scalding heat to the point that breathing was uncomfortable. The ground beneath the child's feet threatened to singe their fuzzy slippers, and the two beings walked along the edge of a narrow bluff, where Frisk could see a river of flowing magma below which glowed brightly in its hues of red and yellow. "Are you sure
:iconvickyviolet:VickyViolet 5 0
[Minecraft FR] L'oeuf du dragon - Prologue
(Note de l'auteure : Alors oui, vous avez bien lu, j'écris bel et bien une fic sur Minecraft, mais comme c'est un univers "libre" j'avais envie d'y ajouter mon grain de sel. Et étant une Minecraftienne "aguerrie", je voulais aussi montrer que ce jeu n'est pas tellement mort qu'on le croit en postant de temps à autres un chap de cette fic. Sinon, c'est seulement un essai, mais s'il vous plait, j'aimerai beaucoup avoir votre avis dessus.
Donc j'espère que ça vous plaira ^^
PS : désolée si c'est un peu court, mais c'est seulement un prologue de "mise en bouche")
L’œuf du dragon
Une silhouette sombre s’avançait d’un pas nonchalant parmi les piliers de pierre noire aux reflets pourpres.
Sa marche lente et réfléchie claquait sinistrement sur le sol de pierre grège à l’allure néanmoins sp
:iconmentalydraw:MentalyDraw 1 4
The Inner Girl
“...Sugar Queen.”
“Yeah, Toph?”
“Mind telling me how I got all of this girly gunk on my face? I need a refresher.”
Katara smirked. “Well I was going on a Girl’s Day Out and you wanted to join me.”
“That’s because Twinkle Toes and Schnoozles already left to do their own thing and I didn’t want to stay alone all day,” Toph objected. “You have no idea how boring it would be.”
“Doesn’t really change anything.” Katara giggled. “I told you what we’re going to do and you went anyway.”
“Whatever,” Toph turned away from Katara. “Can I take this makeup off?”
“Of course not,” Katara smirked before continuing. “We still have plenty to do! Try on some dresses, eat lunch, get you all girly! Then you can wipe the makeup off!”
“Come on Katara,” Toph groaned. We both know I look ridiculous.”
“Don’t be
:iconj13579:J13579 4 0
Super Choppy 29
In an arcade. Choppy wins the high score.
Choppy: yeah i won.
Girl: hello. Can you teach me how to play the Kitty Kart race?
Choppy: sure i can help you?
Choppy teaches her to play the game and the player crosses the finish line.
Girl: yeah i won. Thanks.
Choppy: (smiles) you're welcome.
Choppy leaves the arcade and walks in the street. When suddenly.
????: help! Help!
Choppy: someone's in need. This looks like the job for Super Choppy!
Pinoko: and Super Pinoko.
Choppy: alright.
They run to the Phone booth and becomes Super Choppy and Super Pinoko.
Super Choppy: the super duo is back!
Super Pinoko: and better than ever!
They see Serena the giant mermaid threatened by a group of SharkMen.
Serena: help!
Super Choppy and Super Pinoko appears.
Super Choppy: not so fast fishfaces.
Super Pinoko: pick on someone your own size.
SharkMan general: who are they?
Super Choppy: i'm Super Choppy.
Super Pinoko: i'm Super Pinoko.
Super Choppy: we'll kick your butts, shark head!
Super Pinoko: you and y
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 68
[Deer hunt] Cannon Fodder Series [Pt8]
With four tokotas, half of them Marei could consider professional, surrounding the unaware deer herd was easy happenings. As the largest tokota of the group Marei used her size to distract the herd from afar. They eyed her from afar, the deer guards watching her closely as the others continued to graze and switch in routine. She kept mostly still, only moving when the guards began to look away. Their attention needed to be fully on her as Jayde, Cheyenne, and Tupilek worked their way around the herd and position themselves for an optimal strike. She had given them ten minutes before she would close in on the herd to spook them into running. She was counting the clock down and when it finally reached zero she sprung into action.
Despite her larger than life itself size, Marei was lightning quick. Her paws flew gracefully over the downtrodden grass field as she made her way directly at the herd of deer before her. The deer guards were panicking and the panic and stress
:iconjusdrein-jusdaun:JusDrein-JusDaun 0 0
How luna became mute
2 weeks before luna started going to twilight academy luna was studying biology, medicine and psychology so her father took her to the SCPCS science foundation. Where she learned about various creatures,diseases and technology.
While she was there she met a few scps. Some were nice and others were not. She was introduced to scp-500 who h
:iconshadowmaster713:shadowmaster713 0 0
Street Fighter X RWBY - Salem
RWBY side
Original: Her standard look
Alternate 1: N/A
Voice: Jen Taylor
Intro: A black shadowy portal opens on the ground and out arises Salem. Salem gets ready to fight as she says, “I will enjoy watching you burn!”
Round Win Quotes:
- You have some kind of death wish?
- Doom to all!
- This is the beginning of the end.
Victory Animation: Salem grows to a giant size as several Creatures of Grimm approach from behind her and they dash towards the screen.
Special Moves:
Dust Ball: Salem fires a purple fireball at her opponent.
Vanishment: Salem disappears and reappears behind her opponent.
Dust Uppercut: With Salem’s fist ignited by purple dust, she uppercuts her opponent which sends them flying over her head.
Grimm Grab: Salem grabs her opponent by the neck and damages them with dust before throwing them away.
Super Art:
The Grimm: Salem summons an Ursa to to bite them repeatedly before a Nevermore comes and fires many piercing feathers at the opponent, dama
:iconisaac-moring:isaac-moring 4 0
The Return of Diesel 100: Part 14
Part 14: Hold onto Hope and File Break-in.
(Thomas, Percy, Toby and Leo reach a house. The four look at each other)
Thomas: Well, this is where the lady said he'd be. Here goes.
(Thomas knocks on the door. The four hear a rustling and a smashing noise. Then, out of the door pops out an elderly man who looks at them and smiles)
Stephen I: Well, well, well, if it isn't Thomas and his friends. To what do I owe the pleasure?
Thomas: Hello, Mr. Stephenson. We're sorry to bother you, but there's something urgent we must discuss with you.
Stephen I: Really? In that case, please do come in.
(the four boys come into the room to find a middle aged man in Stephen I's house)
Percy: Huh? Thomas, I thought you said he was- (Toby elbows him) Ow!
Toby: Not now, Percy.
Percy: Sorry.
Stephen I: I know, I am retired. However, I gave my retired home to the Fowler's. It's not much, but it's the least I could do for them after adopting my second grandson.
Thomas: Oh, I see.
(the man sees the four and straig
:iconeuanm2:EuanM2 4 26
Tsukimi Night Prologue
                                              Tsukimi Night
                                             By Silvermistfeather
                                Prologue - The moon’s reflection
                           “ We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.”
                                                             - Kahlil Gibran

It was a beautiful night. There was a full moon, it’s reflection twinkl
:iconsilvermistfeather:silvermistfeather 1 0
My Little Ghostbusters
“Nimbo, come quick. The boys’ commercial is about to come on,” Thunderclap called out to her husband from the living room, a large bowl of popcorn in her lap.
Nimbostratus rushed into the living room with two diet sodas and joined his wife on the couch, putting the drinks on coasters on top of the coffee table.
The parents of five were excited for this day. Two month ago, after years of saving up from his job at a convenience store, their oldest son Typhoon had bought a Ghostbusters franchise and opened up a Ponyville branch. The Ghostbusters were a team of paranormal exterminators that started off in Manehattan back in 1984 and had since branched out to all over the world of Equestria.
Seeing an opportunity as well as quite possibly his calling, Typhoon took a chance and bought his own franchise and had even set it up in an old firehouse that Nimbostratus used his accounting skills to help him acquire. Wanting to keep things in the family, he brought in his brothers
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Clash of realms CHP36

Clash of Realms
CHP36: Mutual Attention
And there he was, his wings flapping about as he came down over them. Akua felt her heart stop for a moment, just as others of the Xsouvizs. Above them was the monster of all monsters in the realm. His right eye golden amber with no pupil but his left eye was red and a slit through it. A set of, black arching horns sprouted from his temples arch behind his shoulders in a curve.
His hands were paws (three fingered) possessing three, six inch retractable talons. His feet were cloven and equally as razor sharp as his talons. His knees were double capped on the sides. He had a lengthy and flexible tail longer then his legs and lastly were a pair of beautiful raven black feathered wings, with a wingspan of sixteen feet when spread out for flight.
"Apollo!" Akua screeched.
"Grandfather..." Moka bit over her lip.
They weren't the only ones in shock, much of the monsters affiliated with the Xsouvizs were frightened an
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Part Two: Midnight Cravings
Stark Tower
11:57 pm
Jessica Jones had been jolted awake half an hour ago when she had received a kick from her extremely near-due baby and sleep had alluded her ever since. She was kinda thankful it didn't seem to have super strength. Please don't let it have super strength...or laser vision..or some other dumb power that makes this life even crazier than it already is.
With a grunt she swung herself up and sitting upon the side of the bed, legs spread wide by enormous belly and thick thighs. I was a superhero once I swear! Jessica growled internally. She squished her cheeks between her hands thoughtfully and then rubbed at her chin; definitely felt like there was going to be a double chin setting in soon. This baby had really taken her through the ringer already and now she looked like she'd eaten the old Jessica Jones. She was Jessica extra extra large.
    Honestly, the break from superheroics had been needed, ever since
:iconfoolishtnt:FoolishTNT 4 5