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The Boyfriend Type (Kaoru x Male Reader) - Ch. 4
Chapter 4 – The Mysterious Suitor!
Ouran High School Host Club is owned by Bisco Hatori and Hakushensha Comics and is licensed by Madman Entertainment and Viz Media. Please support the official release.
Winter was coming. Little flurries of snow danced on the icy winds, but the snow had yet to stick. Much like students at any school, those at Ouran High were barely able to focus on their studies, despite final exams waiting just around the corner. Most were already thinking about their trips home to visit family and friends or the holiday feasts or presents or other things far more interesting than classical Japanese Literature. Yet, despite the excitement of the impending holiday season and looming exams, you were interested in another little puzzle that came in the form of a bag on your desk one Friday morning.
It was a candy-cane patterned plastic wrap tied with a neat cherry red bow. I
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Suggestion Submissions 1
Our tale begins as many do in the Pokemon World. It was in Pallet Town one day, while Ash Ketchum and Misty were taking a break from their journeys and duties as Gym Leader respectively to catch up with one another.
The two friends talked, as they often did, about old times and what the other had missed, though on that day, Professor Oak had invited them both over.
Ash and Misty were both at his lab, awaiting the professor, but they and Pikachu noticed a strange stone, one that seemed to be a ball of light.
“Hm? Hey, Ash, did you see that?” Misty asked, walking closer. “What do you think it is?”
“I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a weird Pokeball, like the GS Ball from awhile back,” the traveling trainer suggested. It was then that he noticed a note next to the ball. “Hm? A note?”
“What does it say?” Misty asked, watching as Ash began to read. All the while, Pikachu was poking and prodding the ball with curiosity.
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To Fear a Werehog, Chapter 16
The television studio stood along the great cliffs of oceanside Apotos. Great, thick sheets of glass covered the sides of its top floors, exposing the view of the endless expanse. Television preferred everything scenic and beautiful.
The dressing room, however, was much less impressive. Devoid of any natural light, the only source of illumination came from great, beaming bulbs that cast harsh light from the ceiling. Glossy mirrors were plastered along every wall. Excess casting equipment laid strewn across the room in half organized cabinets.
Metal entered the room first. He walked quickly, and once inside, he held the door open for Sonic. "Room 308," was all he said.
"Thanks," Sonic said with a smile. He walked past Metal, chuckling at all the fancy equipment that laid in unorganized heaps.
Sonic sat down in one of the chairs and looked at Metal with a glance that resembled curiosity. "Seriously, Mets, you didn't have to do this for me, you know?"
Metal stepped backward and folded his
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Power Packed Weekend
Power Packed Weekend
The following weekend after their Spirit Weekend was just as excited as it was a 3 day weekend so anyone with special talents could have the training time they needed to properly learn to control their gifts.
For the Next Generation Riders, they had quite a thrilling time last weekend using their powers and skills during the game of Dragon Air Tag. However, that didn't mean they still didn't need to train in how to use them.
They still couldn't escape their destiny to protect this world anymore then their parents. It was part of the reason they'd all earned this chance to be reborn in the first place. The world needed them as heroes.
After all, the Tapestry of Creation wouldn't have had such a reaction to the three Haddock Children who literally changed everything in the Nine Realms by bringing about the Age of Transformation and Enlightenment if it was crucial they remain in play.
So like it or not they couldn't escape the role of heroes of destiny and having to p
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Fantasy Harem Part 1
"Wake up sweetie~" I'm woken up by a sickly sweet voice. That voice would be my mother, Ithiria Frost. "5 more minutes..." I complain as I roll over. "I'll give you 10 seconds.." she said cutely. I was immediately out of bed because I know what that countdown meant. She then started giggling, "You can't just threaten me out of bed.." I groaned. "Worked, didn't it?" she asked as she walked away. I followed her, "It worked because you would have used magic on me.." I complained as she laughed again. I walked out and found the butlers and maid setting the table, "Prince (Y/N). Queen Frost.." they said in unison and bowed.
"Come on guys..." I complained. I didn't like it when they used 'prince' when saying my name. Yes, I'm apart of a Royal Family but I wasn't born into it. My mother: Ithiria, had adopted me when I was barely a year old. That wouldn't be a problem if not, for one thing: she's the Queen of the Dark Elves. My father isn't ever here at the castle, he's 'studying'
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Deep Blue Si-don (TF) CH2018
‘Hey Rami!
So I know you like a certain set of husbandos, so when I saw this I thought that you might indeed like them! You won’t believe who I had to fight off for please...even though it's a gift know that I really almost got punched by someone…
PS - That was a lie.
PPS - The punching part I mean, it was a scratch’

“Woah the fuck?” was the first things that came out of Noah’s mouth as he saw the note on the box that had arrived for him that day and was now settled in on his bed. That wasn’t the sort of note that he was expecting to find, but then again the box wasn’t something he was expecting to find either. Instead, there it was. Cardboard, about the size of a shoebox with some rather badly managed tape holding it together. It was a curious little thing, but then again it was a gift...maybe. Noah stared back down at the note. M. He knew a few people with that initial. Could be anyone. But whichever one it was
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Poke-napper: Welcome home
This story contains DiD, characters used aside from my OCs are from pokemon!
Route 208
It is said that the cold region of Sinnoh draws the most powerful trainers to it's hearth, where pokemon are as hardend as their enviroment, where trainers aswell as pokemon are drawn to battle.
"Alright Lucario! Use Aura sphere!" Maylene motioned the aura sphere in her hands, mimmicking her pokemon as they faught as one, the aura sphere hitting a Roselia head on, making it fall and slide across the wooden bridge on it's back towards her trainer who recalled her to the pokeball.
"I may have lost this battle, but I'm still going to make it to the top in the competitions, just you wait! infact, I was distracted by how little time I have to prepare!" A girl in a green, long skirt pointed towards Maylene accusingly. "Infact, I got no time to stick aroun
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SWtOR: Knights Crucible Epilogue
Ka woke with a groan as he blinked through the heavy fugue sitting around his head. He felt as if he'd been drugged as he tried to comprehend his surroundings. He was lying in bed, a rather lush and comfortable bed at that, with silk sheets no less. He took a breath and immediately started coughing violently as his body objected to the deep inhalation, his chest aching powerfully.
As if summoned by his fit of coughing, the doors to the ornate bedroom flew open and Kesarah came rushing into the room.
“KA!” was all she said before she was in the bed kissing him fiercely as she straddled him and held his face in his hands.
Kesa, his mind urged her. I can't breathe.
She immediately released him, looking at him possessively.
“After this last week I think I have a right to smother you!” she declared haughtily.
“A week?” Ka asked blearily as he leaned back in the bed. “What's happened?”
“I'm afraid,” the Empress' voice said serenely
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Thunderstruck - Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Lightning in a Bottle
Edge goes out of his comfort zone to avoid going out of his comfort zone and ultimately ends up outside his comfort zone
Finishing the job at Cindy's apartment took him over a week. There was a lot more to do than he previously anticipated, but still, this was nowhere near to what you managed to do with your loft, so he decided to take it easy and not to overwork himself this time. During this job, he was getting home earlier and was less tired (and less pissed off), but he spent most of the spare time on research. He needed to know how to check if some of the human things were beyond saving and how to fix those that weren't. The internet provided all the information he needed, so he taught himself how to fix a broken window and even make it burglar-proof, as well as learned what was the best way to clean paint or blood from the walls - he still wasn’t certain what that stuff was. He did some mistakes, of course, but that only made him sear
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The Spring Beuaty and The Lone Wolf Clash by Hollowtaker The Spring Beuaty and The Lone Wolf Clash :iconhollowtaker:Hollowtaker 3 0
Ultrawoman Rei Kurosawa.
In Tokyo.
Pinoko: lalalalala. What a good day.
Ultrawoman Rei Kurosawa appears.
Ultrawoman Rei: wow nice city.
Pinoko: hello welcome to Tokyo.
Ultrawoman Rei: greetings. I'm Ultrawoman Rei Kurosawa.
Pinoko: i'm Pinoko. Nice to meet you.
Ultrawoman Rei: (put Pinoko on her shoulder) you're a cute girl to me.
Pinoko: (smiles) thanks.
Ultrawoman Rei: Tokyo's a nice place to visit.
Pinoko: indeed. It has anime and mangas.
Ultrawoman Rei: cool.
They see a thief stealing a bag of money.
Thief: hahahaha. The money's mine.
Pinoko: what now?
Ultrawoman Rei: i got an idea. (uses Obscura Illusion)
Thief: haha. (sees a ghost) aahh ghost!! (drops the money)
The illusion disappears and the Ultra Heroine grabs the thief.
Thief: uh oh.
Ultrawoman Rei: we got you.
Pinoko: haha you're scared!
Thief: um can we talk about this.
Ultrawoman Rei: um no. (throws him to jail)
Thief: ow come on!!!
Pinoko: wow nice throw Rei.
Ultrawoman Rei: (smiles) thanks.
Pinoko: you're now a heroine.
Ultrawoman Rei: that's ri
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FLHPRR locomotives
Union Pacific
4-8-4 #8444
4-6-6-4 #3967
4-8-8-4 #4006
2-10-2 #5511
4-4-2 #12
2-8-0 #618
0-6-0 #4466
Canadian Pacific
4-6-2s #1201, #1238, #1246, #1278, #1286 and #1293
4-6-0s #972, #1057 and #1098
4-6-4s #2816, #2839 and #2860
4-4-0 #136
2-8-0 #3716
2-10-4s #5902 and #5934
Canadian National
2-8-2 #3254
4-6-2 #5529
0-6-0s #7470 and #7312
4-8-4s #6213 and #6400
4-8-2 #6060
2-6-0 #89
4-6-0 #1551
Grand Trunk Western
4-8-4s #6325 and 6406
4-6-2 #5629
4-6-2s #3768, #1361 and #5498
4-4-2s #460 and #7002
0-4-0 #94
2-10-4 #6174
4-4-0 #1223
4-4-4-4s #5507, #6110, #5508 and #5509
2-8-2 #520
4-8-2 #6755
4-6-0 #5741
Boston and Maine
4-6-2 #3713
Baltimore & Ohio
4-6-2s #5300, #5304 and #5309
2-8-0 #2709
4-8-2 #723
2-10-2 #6105
2-8-8-4 #7611
2-8-2 #4500
Nickel Plate Road
2-8-2 #587
2-8-4s #759 and #763
4-6-4s #173, #174 and #175
4-8-4s #2101 and #2124
4-6-2 #213
0-6-0t #1251
0-4-0 #1187
Santa Fe
4-6-2s #1316, #3415 and #1369
4-8-4s #3751 and #2926
2-10-4s #5000 and #5
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His Soul is Missing - Part 10
*Zero opens his mouth to fire another laser*
Mara: Take cover!!
*everyone dive to whatever cover they can reach and the spot they were standing is blasted*
Zero: Where's your bravado now, Eevee!?  Has the realization of what you're up against finally sank in!?
Mara: *whispers* Now do you believe me!?
Alisa: I'm sorry!  I didn't think-
Zoe: Honestly I think after the mech, you'd believe anything.
Emily: Uh... I don't think we should argue right now.  Anyone got any ideas how we're gonna stop this guy?
Ronnie: Well, I think pushing him back in the smelter is out of the question. 
Trevor: You think the sappers could work?
Zoe: Maybe.. but I think he'd see that coming.  Maybe we could hack him...
Alisa: Huh?  
Zoe: While he had us tied up, he said he was an A.I. originally.  Meant for a computer.  I highly doubt they had the time to install a firewall into him.
Nina: So you think that could stop him?
Zoe: Maybe.  It'll take me time to conne
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Stitch and Experiments S1E11 Slushy Heats Up by hamursh Stitch and Experiments S1E11 Slushy Heats Up :iconhamursh:hamursh 4 1
Priorities 2

Buddha: Why are you looking at me like that?...

Buddha: I'm a good guy, I promise... where that gun comes from?

Buddha: Nooooo!

Buddha: What... happened... because I feel... happy... 

Buddha: What are you.. mumbling.. me.. a maid?... that.. that would be...

Buddha: .... Such a wonderfull idea... I can't wait to start Mistress...

Buddha: Do.. do you want me? really?... I'd love to be your maid Mistress..

Bhurva: Yes Mistress... B... Bhurva will serve you. B... Bhurva won't dissapoint you!

Anonymous girl: She is wonderful Mistress.
Amelie: hehe.. you are right but stop flattering me.. heh
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Why me
Doflamingo was just beaten by nicole Robin and Nami
With difficulty he managed to escape and was cured in a hideout behind Dressrosa.
How the hell I was beaten 2 times by straw hat.
 and more  by luffy`s  whore.
I could not believe I was unable to  stop  Nami and what the  hell was that feeling like I was in the sea.
how could she  do this
Meanwhile, Luffy was watching Nami and Nico Robin and they bald head
Nami , Luffy said I did surprised to her room.
yes Luffy tell me:  said nami.
Can I touch your head, said Luffy.
She saw and said it would cost 3000 Belly.
What why u do  always this to me , said Luffy
I was joking you could surely touch it:  Nami said.
He touched and left.
Nico Robin entered the room and was laughing.
Why laugh, said nami.
She saw it and said that Luffy has been in love with you and has a headshave fetish.
Nami see Nico Robby L
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My Little Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
My Little Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
Chapter 1
-Dusk Shine's P.O.V-
Have you ever felt like you were a little bit different? Like you had something unique to offer all of Equestria, if you could just get ponies to see it? Then you know exactly how it be me. When I was a colt, I raised my hoof, and my teacher named Cheerliee looked at me as she said "Go ahead, Dusk Shine."  I smiled as I get up from my desk, walked up to the front of the class, and looked at my classmates. I cleared my throat, and said "What is the number one problem facing our community today? Holes in the bags." Some of my classmates who had a small hole in their bags looked at me as I said "Which is why I've invented an alternative hole covering, Spray-On Bag." I held up the spray, and the white bag with a large hole in it with my magic, and sprayed the spray on the hole, sealing it up instantly. My classmates became impressed as they said "Wow! Whoa!" Just then, the class bully named Trixter sa
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Oh Santa
(Canterlot High is having it’s school Christmas party with the ninjas, mutanimals, Bebop and Rocksteady attending as guests. Pinkie and Mikey are whispering to Bebop, Rocksteady, and Cranky Doodle who nod and follow them. Then Principal Celestia then walks up to the microphone on stage)
Principal Celestia: attention students and guests. Pinkie pie and Michelangelo along with others have prepared a little skit for all of us. It’s called ‘oh Santa ‘
(Everyone applauds as the curtains rises revealing pinkie in her pajamas and the scenery is of a makeshift scenery with Christmas decorations and a door and chimney and on a small table is a plate of Christmas cookies. Mikey then stands by the curtain by the microphone and the spotlight is on him as music starts)
Mikey: testing 1 2 3. Okay. Here we go. It’s Christmas Eve and Pinkie is waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus with a plate of cookies.
Pinkie: oh Santa!
I can’t wait for you to come
I just can
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MK vs. RWBY - Alien
A guest character from Alien
Original Costume: Warrior Xenomorph
Alternate Costume 1: Drone Xenomorph
Alternate Costume 2: K-Series
Voice: N/A
Special Moves:
Tail Flip: The Alien jumps in the air, while simultaneously rolling into a ball. It uses this form to squash the opponent. The move can also be used mid-air.
Xeno Strike: The Alien pounces onto the opponent and claws at them three times, before biting them in the shoulder. It then jumps off them.
Tail Snag: The Alien wraps its tail around the opponent's legs and downs them.
Low Krawl: The Alien crawls to the back side of the opponent, inflicting damage in the side area.
Exo Sting: Using its acid-oozing tail, the Alien flings acid onto the opponent, which does damage over time. This can be done in the air as well.
Acid Blood: The Alien claws at its dome, creating a puddle of acid on the floor. The move can also flinch the opponent. The Alien will lose a small amount of health after performing this attack.
Killer Queen:
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Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood chapter 046
    The pleasant smell of seasoned meat cooking called to Cicero from his bed. He found himself sitting up and pulling the soft linen sheets aside. His bedroom was of Cyrodiilic fashion with fine Imperial furniture. Everything was clean and undamaged. He stood up slowly and brushed the wrinkles out of his white dress shirt- wait a second. It was that dream again...
    Cicero quickly climbed from his bed and ran to the kitchen. Sure enough, a very pregnant Jade was standing at the wood stove preparing food just like before. She turned and smiled that unnatural smile at him.
    “I thought you'd never get up,” she said in a pleasant tone.
    “Jade...” Cicero whispered under his breath and wrapped his arms around her from behind without hesitation.
    “Oh,” She jumped in surprise and turned in his grasp to look up at hi
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My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 24 (A)
Author's Notes:
As much as I loved 'A Health of Information', but I'm not adapting the episode because it talked about Mage Meadowbrook from The Pillar of Old Equestria. And besides, I want to focus and deal with Terrorcreep dealing with his inner struggle and retrieve the Elemental Element of Thunder. And not to mention, I have the surprise for you all.
This story will be based on both 'Beauty & the Beast (Disney Animated Film) and 'Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets'. Get ready for both finding Elemental Element and
Episode 24: Terrorcreep's Light
In late night, Terrorcreep arrived and entered the Ponyville Church. He then turned and looked at the sacred water fountain. He looked darkly at it. He was about to touch it, but stopped at once. He shown hesitation and reluctant. He turned and moved to the front. He is standing before the church st
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OC Weight Classes Participants
OC female boxer participating so far
ibf Lightweight.
1. Karou Tanabe
2. :iconshelbysinozaki: Shelby (Champion)
3. :iconkirayamato74: Tamao silver
4.  :iconRuben999: Yellow Sister
5.  :iconccrgameman: Jeannie
6. :iconQDWF: Yumi
7. :iconLord3gan: Nerezza
8.  Akio Yamamoto
9. :iconPhoenixcreed: Terrie Stone
10. :iconChosenMii: Mei Hikari 
11.  Asuka Hajikano 
12. open
Ibf Welterwieght
1. Nicole O'Riley (Champion)
2. :iconhero4720: Nataile Walker 
3. Lauren Morris
4.  :iconkirayamato74: Sonohara Kagami
5. :iconkirayamato74: Shidou Hikari
6. :iconfightinglisa: Lisa
7.  Chika Mastumoto
8. Kazumi Chiba
9. Azumi Nashimura
10.:icontalesofpugilism: Katie Keaton
11. :icon1358127: Myrrine 
12. Lijuan Jin
IBF Middleweight 
1. Beth "texan Bruiser" Anderson
2. :iconenginegear: Priscilla Langston (Champion)
3.  :iconarrgates: Eliza
4. :iconcrazyman54: Sarah Blake
5.  :iconpatriot177
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PJ Masks - Ivy and Mimikyu
Starting this fanfic, the universes of PJ Masks and Pokemon will be mixed up.
The PJ Masks were outside, playing with their and their parents' Pokémon. Their parents were also nearby to supervise them and make sure they don't get hurt.
(And later, we're gonna play baseball!) suggested X-Ray, Connor's Luxio.
"Good idea, X-Ray!" said Connor.
(I loved the idea too.) said Ribbon, Amaya's Sylveon.
Ivy was just sitting under a tree, with the company of her three Pokémon buddies - Spring the Glameow, Fluffy the Espurr, and Mr. Slimey the Goomy. She was just hanging out with them when she saw a female Mimikyu hanging by herself on the other side of the park.
"Poor little thing." she said. She ran over to her and picked her up, before carrying her to her parents.
"Mommy, daddy! Look what I found!" said Ivy.
"Ooh, a Mimikyu!" said Lina.
"Rumors say that Mimikyu can give you a painful death or a mysterious illness." said Yyatt. "And not only that, people are accusing him to copy Pik
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