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Stargate: Asgard Legacies (Chapter 19)
Chapter 19 - Emotions
I closed my eyes and exhaled, telling myself there was no needle at all, and that I was only having a weird nightmare. Of course, it didn’t work, and the sting from the needle really hurt. I bit my lip and tried not to shiver.
‘May I ask a scientific question, Loki?’ I dared to speak again after the scientist had removed the needle from my body.
‘Yes, of course.’ He replied, sounding interested.
‘What exactly are you planning?’ I wanted to know. ‘You said you want to find a way to match the Asgard and human genome. How exactly does that work?’
‘It’s a very complex process.’ He said evasively. ‘Though, as soon as I’ve found a compatibility, I will try to clone a hybrid.’
‘You promised you wouldn’t clone me.’ I remarked, suddenly feeling sick by the mere thought.
‘Well, in fact I won’t clone you.’ Loki objected. ‘There
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Shore Leave: Genet and the Bounty Hunter part III
Becca’s apartment was a modest-sized space, not much at all really. Scanning the room, Genet could see a small kitchen off to one side, a slightly larger living area that dominated much of the apartment, and two doors leading into rooms that he couldn’t see. Most of the walls were covered in shelves, and they were decorated with holographs, mostly of the skylines of Coruscant.
“I’m gonna go disarm.” Becca motioned to her armour and weapon belt. “Make yourself at home while I get changed.”
“Uh, sure,” Genet replied as Becca strolled into one of the side-rooms. He was starting to get captivated by the holos, there were so many of them, and the sights they captured were breathtakingly beautiful. “Who took these holos, you?” Genet asked, peering closely at one. It depicted the Manarai Mountains, one of the few places on Coruscant that had not been developed.
From her bedroom, Becca’s voice called-back. “Marium Ku
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Transformers: Burning Fury (S3) - Episode 11
Episode 11: Day of the Triple's
Inside the Nemesis, the Decepticons are near finished with constructing the space-bridge, thanks to Megatron's access vie Reverse Convoy's body that he stole. In the platform, Lanch was foreseeing the completion, resting her hands on the rail as Starscream stands alongside Lanch, overseeing construction himself as well.
Starscream: We Decepticons stand upon the very precipice of transporting victory, Lanch.
Lanch: At last we can return to Cybertron, gather the remaining armies and take both this world and ours in one go.
Starscream: Oh, yes. I never thought I'd ever hear myself say this. But, for once, I'm grateful for what Lord Megatron has provided for us; the means of going back home.
Lanch: *smirks a little* Homesick, are we?
Starscream: *raises an eyebrow* What, given that we've been stranded on a natural planet swarming with puny, filthy organic creatures, for over four million stellar cycles? Oh, my friend, you have no idea how homesick
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The Escapists
The mountains outside were forever coated white, but she would never know. The room had no windows, and only a small messy bed in the corner. The young child moved her jet black hair off her neck and tugged at a metal collar around her neck. It was too tight, and she hated the title it gave her; 8-p, what kind of a name is that? It was her name, she thought as she sighed. “If I could name myself, no way would I go with something as stupid as this.” She spoke to her reflection in a bowl of water was slid from under an opening in the wall. Her sensitive feather-tipped ears could pick up the faintest sound from under the sealed door as she sipped from the bowl. “How’s the ‘dash p’ section?” ask a deeper, feminine voice. “It’s uh, it’s alright.” A squeaky male voice replied. 8-p couldn’t help but snicker at the squeaky voice. From a wall in her chamber, she heard sobbing. “Hello? Are you okay?” 8-p asked th
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BS: CHAPTER 39: Disturbing Reality!
CHAPTER 39: Disturbing Reality!

Blue’s eyes snapped open. He put his paw to his head. What the heck was that? Why was he seeing those memories again? Why?
He had concluded that these were not his memories, despite him being involved. That was the only constant. It was painting a very ugly picture, and he knew it was one he wouldn’t like to look at.
Blue clenched his fists. Oh well. At least they would be on Ula’ula Island soon. He needed a break from this whole situation. His gaze drifted over to Tess.
C’mon, Tess. Say something. Anything. Please… I don’t want to think.
Unfortunately, his throbbing headache prevented him from using telepathy. He could just speak, but then the other humans aboard would think Tess was weird or something for ‘hearing Pokémon.’
“Rrrg!” He grunted and flopped his head back on the floor. He lazily brought his left paw to the spot h
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The Karan-Elism Manifesto
Written: November 2381;
First Published: December 2381
It is within the power of the karan people that the democracy of the Karan Empire must be therefore changed in order to suit a new presidential system. The senetors of the house of commons within the karan senet have written and scribed this manifesto on behalf of the United Federation of Planets and the High council of kara.
Article 1: By decree of her majesty the karan assembly gives full confidence in Karan Elism a movement which will give the president powers to launch invasions on other empires with consent of both chambers and will take the United Federation of Planets (Non Interference Law) to account. Karan people will still not be given the right of protest or vote. All voteing will happen in the senet or in the high council but they will have a right to freedom of Expression, speech, movement and also have the right to same sex marriage under H’Setuls Homosexuality act.
Article 2:  The Elists are disting
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Fixing Movies: Alien: Resurrection

Okay, first off, this movie takes place in 2190 (five years after Alien 3). This mainly because Call is a poor man's Newt so I'd rather just use Newt. This also allows us to bring back Hicks and Bishop. So Weyland-Yutani scientists (I'm keeping the company) create a clone of Ellen Ripley, designated Ripley 8, using her DNA which has been combined with the Xenomorph queen. This also clones the Xenomorph. The clone does not have any of Ripley's memories. Making her basically the same character as the original Ripley weakens her sacrifice in Alien 3.
Hicks is a soldier working at the facility with Distephano. Hicks tells Distephano that only joined to keep an eye on Weyland-Yutani and make sure the aliens don't get loose. Wren and Gediman will be merged together since two evil scientists is redundant. Since Wren is more involved with the plot, I'll call him Wren but Brad Dourif would play him because he's a better known actor.
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Destiny Drabble - Dornroschen
The Prokeri is stuck there in the creatures head… It just needs to be smashed in to do the killing Blow… So Hellrazor runs over to Chahorn and asks him to do him one last Favor. And that favor was for Vadoo Chahorn to throw Hellrazor hard as he could at the dragons head to leave Hellrazor to hit the final blow in killing this dragon… Chahorn Does as Hellrazor asks and throws with Hellrazor’s super activated hard as he could…With the Force of a million tons shooting hellrazor through the air right on target Smashing his Hammer right into the Prokeri.

With such force shoots it right through Savatho’s Head and blasting the poor creature to bits all over the Cavern… (during the blast Tanya faints and falls into Austri’s arms)

Austri says: Good job little sister we did it… The family took (grumble grumble… Words are lost due to the incoming sound of burning light)

Scene fades to whit
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Secretarys of Washington (Re-uploaded)
William Rubio (1889-1908)
James Daniels (1908-1933)
Marcus Giles (1933-1956)
Adam Mitchell (1956-1977)
Owen Wallace (1977-1989)
Thomas Parker (1989-2001)
Kevin Carter (2001-Present)
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Renegades pt. 1: The Incident
The date was March, 1940. I was a mere 21 years old when I served in World War II as a young nurse. I was considered ‘tough’ for my age, considering all the agony I’ve seen in my year of being a war nurse. But what truly changed my life was who I met that day. It was the break of dawn, the distinct sound of gunfire was heard outside the tent. The smell of decaying corpses and antiseptic filled the air as I got ready to do my gruesome work. I tied my apron on as usual and attempted to tie my long, brown curls back with an old ribbon. I eventually gave up when too many strands were out of place. I used one of the cots to pull myself up because I felt too sluggish to make an effort to get up on my own.
I walked towards the front of the tent to see if there was anything going on because everything went eerily silent. The mundane and calm atmosphere of the tent may have fooled any other, but all soldiers stood tense in their position, awaiting what order would be gi
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Operation Indianapolis -Chapter One-
//JUN-19-2533 SOL// 1150 Universal Time//

Admiral Mitchell set aside the Security Councils response with a sign of relief.  He had a lot riding on the success of Operation Indianapolis.  Months of planning and years of fighting a one-sided war against the Covenant had been the fuel he needed to make sure everything fell into place.  A small smile crossed his lips as he folded his hands and leaned forward onto the mahogany desk in front of him, his chair creaking from years of use.  “You were right about one thing Robert”, he said to no one in particular.  The only living thing in his office was a parrot that was gifted to him by a delegation from the planet Reach. “One way or another, I am going to see this mission through.  I’m grateful for the stamp of approval however”.  Such thoughts were borderline treason in the UNSC and he was well awar
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Heroes Unite part 2
Out in the wastelands, at the monk temple, Samos, Seem, and Keira are meditating.
Seem: Concentrate Keira, and listen to the flow of eco through the world. Feel how it affects all life on this planet.
Samos: Yes. As part of your sage training, you not only have to master the complex understanding of eco, but practice channeling it inside your body to become a true sage.    
Keira inhales, and then exhales while the entire temple goes silent. While a little time has pass, Keira begins to float a bit off the ground. She starts to opens her eyes, but breaks her focus and hits the ground.
Keira: AAARRRRRGGHHHH!!! This is so frustrating! I’ve been training for months now, and I can barely conjure light eco or even levitate off the ground.
Keira kicks a pebble in a huff, while Samos tries to comfort her. Walking through the temple, Samos puts his hand on Keira shoulder.
Samos: I know this is hard for you and I can see why you are so irritated. There has never been a Ligh
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YGO Arenas IV
In the newly build video studios, a crew sets up ready for the next duel. It's time for the final duel of the first round. The announcer from the first duels prepares his mic for the duel, polishing it with the drag he carries in his blazer pocket. The first duellist is already set for the game; dressed in black and white striped shirt, with tight black jeans and matching barre. They shuffle their cards, before placing them into their duel disk. "Announcer? Do you think this will take too long? I've been waiting for my opponent for nearly 10 minutes K" they ask wondering why they are the only person at the stage to duel. A large gust comes through, knocking loss papers and most that's not nailed down away. A cloaked figure enters the circle for the duel, their face covered by a metal mask, all that can be seen is their large green eyes. "My apologise for being late. I had...some difficulty getting here" the new comer speaks, their voice modified by their mask to sound more metallic. "W
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Total drama: Abduction part 3
Cody: Oh my god that an actual werewolf
Cody starts to panic but Gwen her hands on his shoulder and looked him straight to his eyes.
Gwen: Cody calm down we can’t panic now we need to stay calm okay
Cody calms down and takes a breath: Okay Gwen
Gwen: Good now we need to get out of here before any more of these werewolves shows up
Cody and Gwen leave the room Cody turns around closed the door and Gwen locks it with the blue keycard. They looked around to see other rooms like their all line up in a row and seem like their no one in them and the hallways are white like the room they were in. They see at the end of the hallway there is a circle door at the end of the hallway so Cody and Gwen head toward the door when they hear someone shouting at them.
?: Wait don’t leave me
Cody and Gwen turn around to the room where they heard from the shouting the go to the room to see inside the room are Dwayne Junior who was next to the door holding the balls on the door.
Gwen: Your Dwayne
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A Royal Pain - Chapter 22
So....season 8......
Yeah....This book is going to diverge from the canon material in several ways......
Not really sure what else to say.....
The relief Klara felt was overwhelming. No, what she felt was rage. No, it was sickening horror. Her mind could not decide, so instead she merely felt nothing at all and just stood there staring at the wings in silence, lips parted ever so slightly and eyes so wide they nearly formed perfect circles.
“Klara, you’re trembling…” Lotor whispered, his hand snaking down from her shoulder back to her palm, which dangled limply at her side. However, when he attempted to grab it, she sharply jerked away from his reach, much to his surprise.
“My plan was to grab them, fend off the sellers if needed, and run, but that isn’t going to work with this many people.” she said, her voice notably colder now which matched the newfound iciness in her stare as she eyed every face in the
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Lance is gay for Pidge
“Leave me alone!”
“I just want to know why you’re staring at me!” Lotor snapped, “If anything you started this!”
Lance hissed in disgust.
He didn’t get it.  Why was it that he couldn’t find anything attractive or even likeable on ANYONE ELSE?!  He had stared at Shiro for a while, then at Hunk, and then Lotor caught him.
Sure he could find features that made him think they were handsome and such, but-
“Lance, i need to ask you something,” Pidge said walking onto the bridge.  Lance heart skipped a beat and he fought to get his face back to a normal color.
“Yeah, what is it?” He asked walking toward pidge and away from Lotor. Grateful for the interruption.
“I need to know what your training scheduled is,” Pidge said tucking his hair behind his ear.
His fingers were awfully slender.
“I also need to know what your water intake is,” Pidge sighed.
Gosh his voice was so nice to
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Godzilla universe episode 44: Friends and foes
Me and King Kekoa talked about our strategies for when Eien showed herself when I heard Penelope giggling in one of the rooms. We came in and saw five tiny winged creatures flying over Penelope, squeaking playfully as she laughed and tried to catch one. "What... are... those..?" I asked her slowly as one of them landed on my head. "Aren't they cute?" she asked back, trying to capture one of the flying tiny winged creatures. "They're called Dorats and they're very popular on Drexnia. Imagine having a cat that makes you feel better when you're sad, never gets sick and will always be with you until the end of your days." I was able to catch one of these Dorats and beyond its green silky hair on its head, there was also something familiar. "These little guys look an awful lot like..." I mumbled to myself, then I realized what they looked like; they were tiny versions of King Ghidorah! Penelope continued to try and catch one of the Dorats when the ground shook and they all hid in the closet
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Mirror image
Chapter 2: The astral plane
Several hours passed in the Hospital wing, the day was over and miss Pomfrey was making 1 final check up on Hyacinth and the petrified victims before leaving for dinner in the great hall with everyone else.
Its when she left that something strange happened to Hyacinth, her body remains still on the bed, but it now glows a pale blue light before a ghostly version of herself came out and sat up in bed to stretch her arms.
'Man, what a great sleep i just had, and i feel better then i had been in years, strange but very much welcomed.' Hyacinth thought with a happy smile, but then she noticed where she was, 'Wait, why am I in the hospital wing? Oh god, i hope its not because of one of my episodes and that Madam Pomfrey didn't discover anything.' Hyacinth thought, now in a small panic as she got up and eye search the room for the Midwitch or a teacher that came to investigate her sudden condition, but all she saw were the petrified victims on the beds, so she sig
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Blaze Origins Season 3 Episode 18
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Operation Indianapolis
                                                  UNSC Naval Warfare Command Request DNW-01-673382-1
<UNSC: Office of Naval Operations:>
//FLEETCOM//: Order: 7786// Request File//
//JUN-12-2533 SOL//

DOC Classification: NOVEMBER BLACK
Attention to Request:
As requested by Admiral Mitchell, James K. of the UNSC Naval Warfare Command.  On JUN-12-2533, UNSC FLEETCOMs 12th Strike Fleet with the cooperation of ONI Section 3 shall begin acquisition of assets for Operation Indianapolis.  Acquisition of resources and personnel for this Operation are to be handled with the utmost secrecy and care.  
Approval Status by UNSC Secur
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Operation: Indianapolis -SC Response Letter-
UNSC Security Council 382 Response SC-1-827512-1
<UNSC: Security Council:>  
//FLEETCOM//: Order: 7785// Response File//
//JUN-19-2533 SOL//

DOC Classification: NOVEMBER BLACK
Attention to Response:
ADM. Mitchell,
We of the United Nations Space Command Security Council have reviewed your request sent to us on the 12th of Jun, 2533.  And quite naturally, we would deny such a steep and (in my personal opinion) reckless request.
The UNSC needs all of its assets in order to hold onto what little a defensive line we have.  When this council read your request, Vice Admiral Charles nearly fell out of his damn chair.  Not only do you want to take a ship of the line away from the primary fighting, but you also ask that we remove several NOVA class assets from their exi
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Secretarys of Oklahoma (Re-uploaded)
Thomas Evans (1907-1926)
Jonathan Kerry (1926-1947)
Paul Bryan (1947-1968)
Jeffrey Harding (1968-1983)
Alfred Hoover (1983-2007)
William Eisenhower (2007-Present)
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