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Iron Oxide, Chapter 5
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
- R. Buckminster Fuller
"Testing. Confirm natural language processor is online."
"Confirmed!" Dr. Eggman said, grinning as he held his newest and greatest creation by its shoulders.
"Natural language processing confirmed. Please state identifier for this unit."
"Metal Sonic!" Dr. Eggman stepped back and cupped his palms together.
"Confirmed. This unit identified as 'Metal Sonic.' Please state operating parameters."
"Ah-ha, excellent! First, you will neutralize Sonic the Hedgehog!" Eggman said. Behind him, a grainy image of a blue hedgehog flashed on a projector screen.
He scratched his chin as he added, "Oh, and make sure you're the one to do it. I don't want you to get any silly ideas, like just waiting for him to die of old age. It must be the result of your actions."
"Confirmed. I, Metal Sonic, will neutralize Sonic the Hedgehog
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Moonlit conspiracies
Liege sat on the railing of his balcony window sipping a cup of hot tea. The sun had just gone down and soon Cybertron’s twin moons would appear. He allowed himself to relax as the cool air swept over him. He’d always preferred the night times, where one could stalk through the darkened hallways of the fort freely and without interruption while the others slumbered peacefully in their berths.
Unless Solus happened to be working late again. Always pounding away in that little forgery of hers, creating new and extravagant weaponry, along with some fineries for ones armour. Sometimes one would find her sleeping in her forge using her work desk and datapads as a replacement for a pillow. He’d grown used to the sound of her hammer hitting hot metal late into the night however, and even found it to be somewhat peaceful, helped him sleep.
Liege was almost lost in the beauty that was the clear night, when there came a knock at the door.
His attention snapped back as his optic
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Ojos Azules vs Ojos Rojos
“Damas y caballeros.” Decía el anunciador por el micrófono desde el medio del arena de duelos de monstruos. “¡Les doy la bienvenida a otro duelo de monstruos!”
El público gritó con mucha emoción. Generalmente los duelos de monstruos eran lo más entretenidos. El duelo era un juego de cartas, pero se utilizaban hologramas para que los monstruos de las cartas fueran más realista. De tamaño y de apariencia.
“Ahora presentando a los duelistas.”
En el cada extremo de los lados de la arena, dos duelistas se dirigían a la arena.
“Ahora presentando al primer retador.” El duelista era de morena, llevaba una sudadera gris sin zipper, llevaba una cachucha café. “Proveniente de Oaxaca-México. Carlos Ramírez.”
El aplaudieron al duelista al ínstate. Luego era tiempo para presentar a si contrincante.
“Y les presento a su oponente.” El duelistas llevaba una sudad
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Thistle Vs Forte P2
“Squeek! Hee, hee, hee! Your feathers tickle!” came a voice Forte had never heard. His eye flew open. He was back in the jungle. For an instant he thought he might be home again, but the grey mossy rocks told him this was where he had bedded down the previous evening. Only now, his head rested on a white, and blue... Thing? Then he noticed the impossibly huge, blue eye staring inches away from his face.

The Eversleep makes rising in the morning a difficult and tedious task. Adrenaline, however, has been known to override the process on occasion. This was one such occasion. Forte clawed his way to his feet, scampering a few steps back, hackles raised, and claws ready for whatever happened next.
“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you Mr... Bird... Thing... Person? Are you a gryphon? I've never seen a gryphon before. My name is Thistle Down, what is yours?” she smiled and extended a blunt appendage.
Forte blinked, … as w
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Dawn of Darkness - Part 1, Ch 2.2
    From the audio recordings of Tier Colvos
    If someone had told me that on the second day of this mission, I’d be walking along talking to myself within earshot of my men, I simply wouldn’t have believed them.  Well, not technically within earshot.  The bead-comm can record privately while I still listen in on our team channel.  So, if I am going crazy, at least Totten Squad might not know it yet.
    Makes me glad I was honest with Sergeant Case last night.  Mostly honest.  Not that I could have hidden much from the commandos if I’d tried—they’ve learned from birth to be very good at reading body language.  Still, my first instinct was to try to hide what I’d felt when I was open to the Force.  Jedi discipline be damned, I simply couldn’t help it.
    Everything just feels so different here.  I wasn’t lying
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Perseus or ‘Percy’ for short was a Wild Boar Beastial who lived ‘Counter-Earth’ (Of course there are so many Earths his was probably Earth Side-12 yes I said ‘Side’) and Percy was a 12 year old Beastial with a serious issue...He was a stutterer...This was bad as Beastials who prove themselves flawed enough are deemed ‘Genetic Failures’ or ‘Rejects’ and are taken away never o be seen again. Because of his Percy avoided talking as much as possible and other Bestial youths snickered a his predicament only one other being showed him kindness Maria he daughter of his Human servant who for years had been helping him speak properly.
Humans are low class on Counter-Earth with very few exceptions with no one else to turn to Percy followed Maria to he lower world for companionship and witnessing of her family’s struggles with his own eyes he wished he wasn’t a Beastial.
When he deadly sound attack that was to kill all he Hum
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Atomic Punisher: Godzilla Reborn Chapter 2
David Turner, a biologist of the KSD watched as the Takashis interacted with the giant kaiju from the safety of the research center. Camera feed had a little static. He wiped his brow as he tapped away at his keyboard and a series of screens would pop up on his console. All of which showed the status of Godzilla. It read....
   Subject B “Godzilla”
Age: 15
Height: 89.7 meters
Condition: Healthy
Atomic levels: Low

He let out a sigh and brushed his brown hair back, disappointed with the results of his diagnosis. Turning around he halfheartedly said, “Well at least he is healthy.... I think.” He shook his head and glanced at the wall on his left, with printed out bios of Godzilla over the course of the time the division had been studying him. The age and height would always change, but the Atomic level remained “low.” He looked back at the screen to see the massive creature continue to lay his head comfortably on the balcony. Hana had a
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Transformers: Attack of Fossilsaurus
Jawbreaker then call to the rest of the Fossil Lords, "Fossil Lords, combine into Fossilsaurus," and the five Fossil Lords get together and, before the eyes of the Autobots, form a combiner which cause Perceptor to said at the sight of this combiner, "A Dino combiner." The combiner known as Fossilsaurus then call out, "Car Robots will be destroyed until Ulna is free from the jet robot that kidnap her," and Optimus Prime wonder, 'A jet robot? Could they meant a seeker? If so, then the Decepticons must be behind this,' just as he manage to dodge a attack from the combiner.
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The Chronicles of Ora Nui (part 4)
Takanuva woke in a pitch black space.
His head was spinning and his mind was foggy, as if waking from a deep dream.
Or a distant memory.
He struggled attempting to remember what led him to where he was.
After so many worlds, so many years, it all began to bleed together.
As he began regaining himself, he could feel a great pressure weighing on him
Oh that's right.
He was underwater.
Takanuva had lost count of how many planes he'd traveled between. So many dimensions, each specific and unique from the last.
Primarily, he had tried to stick to the shadows, never intervening with the affairs of the residents of any world. He'd simply observe them, and catalogue their people and events within his journal. Charts, diagrams, sketches of various Rahi Beasts, anything that would help chronicle the tales of these worlds.
He hoped to find purpose in this activity, but slowly he grew weary.
Now, chained by his hands, trapped
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Optimus Prime's Unusual Charge
Part 2
Haven't you heard? They Multiply
Back at the Nemesis, in the Ship's Cargo hold...Starscream took the opportunity to sneak out of Energon stacking duties, due to the recent distraction of the runaway prisoner.
["After all, Megatron did order everyone on board to seek and recapture her, right?"] He thought to himself.
Sneaking in the halls, slinking around corners and occasionally trying to blend in with the crowd, he manages to get topside.
["Hmph! 'Go help the drones stack the energon' Bah! So demeaning!"] He paced back and forth on the landing pad. "And IF he even had half the processor capacity that I do, he would have figured out by now that she wouldn't stay for too long after escaping...but where would she be hiding?" he asked.
He thought of a moment and came up with an idea; she may have been hiding alright, but not onboard! He remembered seeing how she teleported out of Breakdown's servos. The same thing happened with Soundwave; as he's seen it thr
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Star Trek Freedom Character Bio: Counselor Sarkin
Full name: S’chn R’xun Sarkin
Species: Vulcan
Age: 93 (early 30s in human terms)
Current Rank/Position: Chief-Counselor of the Espial Grace
Former Rank/Position: Sub-Commander of the T’plana, Captain of the T’plana, Supreme Fleet-Commander of the Vulcan Defense Forces, Minister of Defense, Vulcan Ambassador to the Federation, Representative of Vulcan on the Federation Council
Appearance: Sarkin is a tall man, standing around 6 feet tall and has a thin but athletic muscle frame. Both his hair and eye are a dark brown color. He does not wear a Starfleet Uniform as he did not attend the Academy, his rank and position on the Espial Grace was given to him by special commission from Starfleet Command, he therefore typically wears tan or light brown outfits.
Early Life:
Sarkin was born on Vulcan in the City of Vulcinis in Han-Shir, as a member of the Clan of S’chn R’xun, an ancient and noble clan that trace its ancestry back to the age of antiquity
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Flight of the Honeybee
3 months ago- Day of Irate's rampage
People fled in terror as their city burned around them as they fled they looked and saw what appeared to be Firecracker attacking their city and setting everything on fire. "Run! Run fools! It makes me happy!" 'Firecracker' shouted. "Your L-Crew can't save you!"
"Is that Firecracker?" A woman asked.
"Why is he doing this?" A man asked.
"Burn!" Firecracker shouted.
"Run!" Another man yelled as everyone ran to try to get to safety. Not far away, two people hid behind a car. Was a man with no hair on his head and a goatee. Next to him was a twelve year old girl with black hair and fair skin wearing a yellow and black shirt and sweatpants. They peeked out and saw Firecracker flying by. The man looks down at the girl.
"Are you ok Nicole?" The man asked.
I'm fine daddy." Nicole said while panting. "Are we going to be ok?"
"We're going to be ok Nicole. I'm sure the L-Crew will come and save us." Her father said.
"But why is Firecracker attacking everyone?"
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Literature plays to win (ssbu)
Entrance: would be on the stage calling her mech in and hopping in it when it appears.
Skins/color palettes:
Nano cola - green
Waveracer - blue
junker - orange
Officer - light blue
White rabbit - white - yellow
Black cat - black
Gimmick: the mech as a health limit and when it's empty, would jump out of the destroyed mech and can't spawn one until she get her final smash
Jab:it would be a single hit jab with the mech punching forwards
Dash attack:it would be a body hit with the mech using the boosters
Forward tilt:it would be a overhead attack from the mech
Up tilt:it would be a jumping hit from the mech
Down tilt:it would be a low to the ground hit by the mech
Side smash:would be a shoulder charge follow by a shot from the mech
Up smash:would be upwards shots from the mech
Down smash:would have the mech spin in place and shoot from the sides
N air:would have the mech spin in place
F air:shots from the mech
B air:would use the thrusters to burn enemy's from be
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SCP-346-ROR: The Happiest Mask
Item #: SCP-346-ROR: The Happiest Mask
Classification: Keter
Special Containment Procedures:
        SCP-346-ROR is to be kept in a Level Four Hazardous Object Unit within the Heavy Containment Zone of Site 32 and guarded by no fewer than three heavily-armed security personnel. Testing of the object is strictly prohibited by the order of O5 Command. Lethal force against anyone wearing SCP-346-ROR is authorized.
        SCP-346-ROR is a plain white comedy theatre mask of simple design. It is, by itself, not anomalous by any means, but its effects will become immediately apparent when the mask is placed on the face of a human individual. When worn, the wearer is suddenly flooded with homicidal thoughts and feelings towards those they consider an enemy that they cannot resist. The mask will force the wearer to attempt to kill their enemy, and will seemingly not let the wearer rest until successful. The
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Plasma Burns
19 bby
  "All right ladies, I have a job for you!" The local militia captain said to a squad of clones he had command of. "We've lost contact with an excavation site that planetary command seems very interested in. I'm not at liberty to say what it is, but I'm sure you know it's important. One fireteam of local militiamen were deployed, but we lost contact with them entirely at 0300 hours this morning. Now we're sending you in. Do you think you can handle it?"
  "Yes, sir!" The squad said as one.
  "Alright, then gear up and load up. You'll be leaving in 15 when the next LAAT arrives. Dismissed!"
  Over the next 15 minutes, a storm blew in and a drizzle started. By the time the 2 hour flight was finished, sheets were falling, obscuring the view of the clones if they didn't turn on infrared. The dropship shuddered violently, and the pilot came in over the intercom.
  "Ok troopers, 30 seconds from landing," he shouted, the cool in his voice clear even
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last few survivors on spaceship
after the earth became dead, we are floating throw space with a few hundred survivors, either we are both commoners, or your one and im royalty or the other way. then pick a effect on me, fat, pregnant, midget, blind, prosthetics, wheelchair.
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