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Forged In Fire ~ Kid x Reader

*Request 1 for :iconSUSHIFREAK101: ! Enjoy!*
      You get ready excitedly, pulling on your work overalls as you get ready for your first day at the forge. A knock sounds on your apartment door and you peek out of your room as Franky comes in. “Morning Franky!” You greet before finishing getting ready.
        “Super morning! I didn't sleep at all last night! I brought you breakfast!” He gushes. Franky and you went to the University of Fire together. You both were ridiculed for your lineage, especially you for being an average human and not a trace of dwarf in you. Franky was at least half dwarf, but because he was also half elf he was put in the same light as you. So you two became fast friends.
          “You're the best Franky!” You go out, taking the paper bag he offered. “Mm breakfast
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Zootopia Fan-Fic: FireTeam Bravo
Chapter 1: Ready to strike.
The Leautenant Nick Wilde, a NZR Mercenary, woke up in his cold bed in the Alpha Mercenary Outpost in Tundra Town...He knew that today would have come recruits to give support to the outpost, so He got up, took his Jeans and his shirt , next He took his anti-projectile vest and He put it under the duster. Next He took his helmet doted of an anti-gas mask, but He didn’t wear it, cause He still need to do breakfast, even if He hated the food they give in the outpost, but it was the only food He could eat. After many hours, the recruits arrived there; one of them was Judy Hopps, the first ever bunny that become a soldier of the NZR like Nick was the first ever fox to become a NZR Elite Mercenary. She, even if bunny, passed all the tests with the max of the points, so She was the perfect candidate to become a Mercenary or even an Elite Mercenary. When the recruits arrived at the camp with the trucks, all the Commanders were called to make their presence at
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Thunderstruck - Chapter 5
Chapter 5: A Storm in a Teacup
Our favorite edgelord fights a three-day long battle and ultimately loses the war.
 Edge tried really hard not to crush his new phone with his fist when he heard another fart noise coming from its speakers. He knew trusting Sans with obtaining and setting the device for him had its dangers, but today he didn’t have the patience for his immature pranks. After another message notification, he grabbed his phone with an annoyed growl and looked at its screen.
The Human: Hey Lord Edgeshire
The Human: Still up for work today?
The Human: Hid all the socks
The Human: As promised
The Human: Need to go at 9
The Human: Imma give you my spare key
He already began to regret the fact he exchanged the phone numbers with you those few days ago. There was a small hope you would keep the communication with him to the bar
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Waifu: Bowsette x Reader | Serve my urges Teaser
Rated: MA
You existed out of the store after picking up a few ingredients for Princess peach’s cake. Today was her birthday, everyone in the kingdom (yourself included) knew. But then you found out that you didn’t had supplies you needed to make a cake so you headed downtown to pick up some. You could’ve asked Luigi or Yoshi to do it for you but they were to busy handling the decorations, so there’s that.
“I should be reaching the castle soon.” Said you. As you walked down the second path, your eyes wandered off to the blooming red trees and small fairy’s flying over your head.
You smiled at the beauty of nature, however, your peaceful moment was cut off as you bumped into something—or someone. They let out a yelp and plop to the hard ground face down, you flinch at the impact and opened one eye to look at the person you bumped into.
Your eyes shot open when they caught a spiky tail, long blond hair. The bl
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Mari, It's cold outside
A chilly breeze wafted through the crowd of shoppers as light snowflakes filled the sky. The sidewalks were littered with the remnants of ice and the salt that spelled their demise. Mari’s hands shivered as she struggled for a moment to slip her gloves on. The black leather felt a little stiff, but it offered better protection against the arctic chill. The Keijo player took a moment as her head felt a little damp from the dusting. Her hands made a quick brushing motion to shake any flakes that landed on her hair before casting a glance into the darkness above. 

It’s a bit early to be snowing.
She privately mused as her eyes scanned the crowd for a certain someone. It was hard to pick out anyone in particular in the mass of humanity that roamed the streets. It seemed the Christmas rush had hit early. After a few minutes though, brown eyes widened in delight as she spotted a certain someone holding a tray.
The figure turned to reveal a
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Family of Four - Episode 2
Festive greetings, Fellow Decepticons!
Here we arrive at episode two of Family of Four, and the festive Christmas holidays are drawing nearer. We hope that you enjoyed Episode One last week, because there are more episodes to come by the end of 2018, and at the start of the new year in 2019.
In our next episode, while heavy snow has covered almost all of Bygone Island, Sonic, Tails, Mina and Zooey begin decorating the workshop with festive decorations, and it’s not too long before their friends, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks and Perci come over for a visit.
This episode will also show just how much Sonic, Tails and Zooey care for Mina, and we will also see how Knuckles reacts to getting under the mistletoe with his crush, Perci the Bandicoot. Also be prepared for craziness from Sticks as well, and when you read what she says, you will find her to be funny.
We hope you enjoy reading the next episode! :)
Family of Four
Created by DiddyKF1
Episode Two: Festive Decorations
By DiddyKF1 & grim
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Lest Karr X Reader part 9
Ce le moment où tu vivais tes dernières instant en tant qu'humaine, la peur te faisait oublier ta douleur. Enfin presque, un simple touché de Lest Karr déclencha encore une douleur à ton épaule, la raison c'est que la balle est encore à l'intérieur dans ta chair. Tu pensais qu'elle été sortir lors du tir, mais hélas ce n'est pas le cas. Le vampire examina ta blessure attentivement avant de prendre une décision.
-Je vais te l'enlever en buvant ton sang, tu risques avoir très mal et d'être encore plus affaiblie
-Va-y, je supporterai la douleur.
Les crocs du vampire entra profondément dans ta plaie que le sang coule, Lest Karr te bloqua contre lui pour que tu ne bouges pas bien que tu te retiens de crier. Des larmes sortent de tes yeux, l'opération dure plus longtemps que prévu que tu es presque à cour de sang dans ton corps. Le troisième progéniteur se dépêche et par miracle, il
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Ciara and Strange {Part Five}
:bulletred: ~ Ciara and Strange: Part Five ~ :bulletred:
"The robes suit you."
Ciara, who had been deep in thought, lifted her forest green eyes and smiled as she focused on the man who'd spoken. He had been silent upon entering the library, though somehow she knew he hadn't intended to startle her. He rarely did, though the man was naturally as quiet as a mouse when he walked.
It had been a week since Ciara had decided to stay at the New York Sanctum, though it felt like it had been much longer. The first couple of days of her stay, she'd merely tried to learn her way around the massive building. That and get used to the idea of not being on her own...
Now, after days of mental pep-talks and getting lost in the labyrinthine corridors and galleries, Ciara was finally beginning to get the hang of it all. She'd even donned the boots and Mystic robes that Wong had gifted her. They were a simple dark blue and tan combination- not too different from Strange's- thou
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Ch.6 Kazoku Forever After: The Trick
Narrator: Tikal
   I have turned my house upside down.. and still I can't find it! Where could my sceptor had gone? Suddenly, the doorbell rings ding dong! Oh no.. I hope it's not him..I'm so not hair's a mess..I'm not even dressed in the right attire...I open the door..and I knew it..It's my boyfriend....Remington! He's holding a bouquet of roses. Embarrassed, I begin to blush due to my untidiness. Nervously, I greet him.
Me: Oh, Remington! Hi! I didn't expect to see you this early..
Remington: Early? We have a date tonight! Remember, babe?
I scratch my head, pretending that I forgot.
Me: Oh yeah..of course I do! Well, come on in! Make yourself comfortible!
We sit in my living room, and I begin surfing the channels for the perfect movie to watch.
Remington: Tikal, you look everything alright?
I sigh. It really isn't.
Me: Well, Remington, it's just that I have been looking for my sceptor, and I can't find it anywhere..
Remington: Awwe, babe! I wish there
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Fate/Grand Order – Mordred x Reader
You can feel a heavy aura surround you as Mordred walks closely behind you, the rest of your servants following closely behind. As you stroll along, you notice a shadow ahead and squinted to make out the figure. Mordred notices this as well and asks aloud, “What’s that? An enemy? Can I beat the crap out of it?”
“Maybe we should confirm the situation first?” you reason, hoping that the red knight wouldn’t dash out to start attacking things out of the blue. “For all we know, it could be a possible ally. You swinging a sword at them might change their mind.” A click of the tongue is all you get from her before she walks ahead of you, making sure you were stationed behind her.
“If I can’t start attacking, then at least stay behind me where it’s safe. You’re gonna get killed one day with that pacifist attitude,” she growls, staring straight ahead at the figur
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Baby, You're Golden Part 2.
Levi X Reader
The rope was digging deep into his wrists and has been for the last two weeks of traveling. His bare feet were covered in cuts, blisters and tender skin from walking and even running across the hot ground of the rocky canyons. He had been captured, beaten, sold for a bag of fifty gold coins and he was even forced to walk across countless miles of harsh rocky terrain. But today, around noon he saw the enormous city through the sweat that had fallen into his eyes from his brow. The market alone was unlike any other he had ever seen, it must have gone on for three miles maybe even four. The rope around his aching wrists were pulled tighter forcing him to nearly trip as he was taken through the market. His stomach growled at the delightful smells of the fruits from far away lands, the fresh veggies that the citizens of the city had grown and the dried meats that hung in the vendor’s spaces. His throat was dry as the great desert that they had traveled across and when he
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Janus And Mulder
Another day at the Cerulean Rosemonde: Bar & Grill, it was an average day at the establishment. Many patrons watching the game on the flat screens above, talking to one another, drinking liquor, or eating great foods. Even though this bar is packed, it still manages to please the patrons, despite the low amount of waiters/waitresses. 
When nighttime came, it is considered to be packed of people that got off of work. The owner's children got off of school, & they'll volunteer to help. Besides their help, they're two waitresses that they hired to work. One is a banshee girl named Amy Massillon, & the other is named Janus Martinez. Janus looks human, but she isn't. She's a creature known as a "Darkling", which is race of creatures alike that has the ability to see well in the dark, but sadly they're extremely intolerable in the sun. Janus works in a night shift for that reason. 
Despite her sassy attitude, she's considered part of the family's business. Though she di
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Everlove Prologue Pt. 1
Dungeons & Dragons: Everlove
Prologue: Part 1
Love in Paw-Tucket
In Paw-Tucket, a young goat named Quincy Goatee was sitting quietly near the crystal clear lake. he can see his reflection on the water. Moments later, a black silhouette resembling a cat appeared next to Quincy, causing him to jump into the air in fear for a moment before crashing back down to the grass.
"Surprise, Surprise!" A black cat named Jade Catkin said to him. Quincy slowly got back to his hooves. "Jade, don't creep up from behind me like that! It's terrifying!" Quincy said. "Whatever, you look kind of cute when you jump like that." Jade said to the goat. That made Quincy's face blush a reddish color for a bit. "Here, i got something for you." Jade pulled out a bouquet of roses of different colors, red, white and blue and presented them to Quincy. "Jade, i like it, but you didn't have to do this..." He said. "Eh, it's something to do." She said. Quincy took the roses from Jade's paw. "So, Quincy, there's a restau
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RWBY A Rift Between world vote
so I'm writing a RWBY fanfics take place in two AU's that combine. In one AU, the main character Jaune and ruby died on a mission and Salem is evil and Ozpin is good, in the other it was Weiss, Blake, Yang and Pyrrah that died and Salem is good and Ozpin is evil. Let's see how this goes. This is the first part of the prologue. The AU where ruby and the main character died is going to be named Remnant 1 and the other Remnant 2. in both worlds the main character is Weiss's twin
who do you want the main character to go with?
Weiss (Just for the hell of it)
oh and there is going to be a male reader version
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Love is What You Make It Ch 4
"Oh jeez," I rolled my eyes. First we ended up an entirely different dimension, then we had to watch that idiot fall all over himself, now we'd gotten roped into cleaning. Not my idea of fun and the last thing I'd expected to be doing. I wasn't going to fight with Molly over it, and we were stuck here, so better to just go along with it for now.
"I know what you mean," Remy-the other one-agreed, "What he sees in her, I don't know. Nice girl, but..."
"Not what I'd pick," I said, "Probably not what you would either."
"Not really," he said, "I'm sure we go for the same type of woman. Long legs, long hair, slender. Outgoing with an attitude."
"Red heads are nice," I smirked.
"Very nice," He agreed.
"It's not that Molly isn't cute I guess," I shrugged, "She just isn't my type. It doesn't really stand to reason that he's so googly eyed since we're all kind of similar, does it?"
"I didn't understand it myself at first, but he is young," Other Remy said.
"I'm young too, but you're
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Fairy Tail Academy Chapter 1
The lucky blonde practically skipped along the sidewalk of her new neighborhood, gripping tightly on her bag. She wore a short red skirt, a white button up shirt,a cute bow around her neck to match her skirt, brown shoes, and black stockings. Also a symbol sowed into her shirt over her heart. A Fairy Tail Academy school logo.
Lucy Heartfilia had just recently moved to Magnolia and was now attending her third year Fairy Tail Academy. FTA for short.
And as excited as she was she was also very nervous. I mean who wouldn't be? Starting a new school and you won't know anyone. But lucky for Lucy, she was a very sociable person. So hopefully making friends won't be too hard.
"Alright, New school. I can do this," Lucy said as she walked her way to school.
"Main objective, get good grades, make lots of friends, and have a fun year."
There was something else that hadn't crossed Lucy's mind in a while. Finding someone. To you know. Be with.
Surprisingly enough, Lucy didn't have the greatest histo
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Invincible (RusGer Short)
Does anyone else like Hetalia anymore? Yes? No? I guess it's a flip of the coin. If no one reads these then I guess I'm just writing them for myself.
Tap, tap, tap.
The soft and delicate sound of his paintbrush hitting the side of his easel meant so much more than just that to him.
Tap, tap, tap.
As he thought his whole morning away.
Tap, tap, tap.
As inspiration slowly drained from him.
   Ludwig didn't consider himself the type to run away from all of his problems in the pursuit of his dreams, but that was funny, considering he was sitting on the balcony in the crisp beginnings of the morning air, breathing in the Bohemian lifestyle he 'happened' upon.
  The truth, even if he hated to admit it to anyone but himself, was that he would have burned out if he had stayed. He could handle his work fine, he didn't need to get away from that, but rather his peers. The screaming and anger and drama started drilling into his being more than he was willing to bear, so... he fle
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Mouse Mating Call of the Wild

A/N: I was typing up some of my failed fanfiction projects from my filled up notebooks, just to gain some inspiration. This story probably won’t be that popular, since I’m going through some Writer’s Block and thinking about moving out from my parent’s home after 30 years of life.
Mouse Mating Call of the Wild
“Mom. Dad. I told you already before I moved out here in London,” I groaned towards my parents through the video chat screen setting on my laptop. “I don’t want to start dating anytime soon.”
The couple staring back at me were opposites in terms of animal species and nationality. My mum was an American lightish brown furred purple haired mouse named Jewel; my British father was a camel named Oliver. Less than 3 decades ago, they were taking a holiday trip overseas and found a baby Japanese Tailed white mouse, who had survived a devastating earthquake that killed everyone in the
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Ditches x Terrence: Hunger
Ditches was with Terrence. Lately, Terrence had been acting odd. He was trying to be distant from Ditches. Whenever Ditches tried to kiss him, he’d push Ditches away. When Ditches went in for a hug, the exact same thing. This has been going on for a week and, Ditches wanted answers. And, answers was what he was gonna get. But, he didn’t think it would be like this. Terrence had pulled him into the house, shoved him to the floor, and had him pinned by his hands. Ditches light blue eyes grew wide as he looked up at his boyfriend. Terrence’s eyes glowed bright red. His fangs exposed as if he was going to devour him. A low growl echoed through his chest. Ditches felt his cheeks heat up at the sight.
Could he be turned on by this?
By his boyfriend about to devour him?
His questions were answered when Terrence shook his head and looked at Ditches in shock. “D-Ditches?!”, Terrence said, quickly moving himself off of his boyfriend and backing away into a corner. &
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someones got a crush :3 (not me)
Dogz and Superfuture were hanging out at chopers pizza.
Superfuture: and then i beat the shit out of hover goat then tank commander got into it so did his boys all thought it was a challenge silver runner got into it being tank commanders opposite and since hover goat had already zoomed off i decided to leave silver runner with his opposite for a fight so then i came to hang out with you. Dogz: no wonder you were out of breath.
Superfuture: yup. At that moment shadow flower was walking by and probably heard them so she looked eye to eye with dogz, dogz then turned pure red and zoomed off. Superfuture: ? Ah whatever i gotta go home anyway "he jumps up on the building behind him and went in a door at the top". then shadow being curious followed dogz into the allyway were he was sitting on a dumpster. Shadow flower: hey whats wrong. Dogz: um uh uh n-nothing its just i um i like you and its just i cant hold it back anymore. Shadow flower: "blushs" i like you too. Dogz: "also blushs". Shado
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When You Are Gone
When you are gone, I feel empty inside. I feel so lonely, and I need you to fill that void. But you are never here when I need you most, and it makes me sad whenever I find myself thinking about this. It hurts me when you do this, Master. Did you not know that you are a part of me?
I want you to come home. To come back to me. I want to make you waffles and biscuits, and I want you to watch The Angry Monkey Show with me, like we used to. What happened to those times, Master? Where did they go? You would sit next to me, and we would share snacks sometimes, and you would comment on how ridiculous and stupid my choice of entertainment was.
But I never minded the criticism, Master. Just as long as you were near, I knew that everything would be okay. I would cuddle up to you on the couch, and you would shove me away, commenting on how germ-ridden and filthy I was from being outside all day. But I know that deep down, you appreciate my company, even if you will never say so out loud.
I wish y
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Ashes to Ashes Pt33 (Vincent X Reader)
You’re unsure for a minute where you are, in that disorienting sense that seems to follow nightmares, those few moments when all you can see is darkness and anything could leap out of the shadows. As it turns out, you’ve fallen asleep on the job again, so the likelihood of things jumping out of the shadows is actually rather high.
You’ve been falling asleep at work a lot lately. Also been getting a lot of nightmares. Wow. Everything becomes that bit shittier when Vincent isn’t around.
Sighing, you flick through the cameras, knowing full well nothing ‘unusual’ ever turns up during the day shift. You wish that particular part was just a dream.
“Why did you have to go and leave?” You find yourself mumbling to nothing in particular. “Why can’t you just come back already? I... I miss you.”
In the far reaches of your mind, you swear you hear a muffled response.
Your wavering voice is met with silen
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