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Forbidden Rose (Gatsby!Tom Holland x Reader) Pt. 6
You didn’t go to Tom’s the next day. You stared out your window aimlessly hoping there would be an answer to all of your problems. Instead you found rain and fog clouding over the vast grounds of what would soon be your and Charles’ home. The thought made you sick so you let your mind drift back to the happy memories of you and Tom.
It killed you not to be there right now. You had been going to Tom’s house everyday for a month now and not being there you felt so empty. Part of you thought that maybe you needed to talk to him about this. The other part of you always knew. The random visits, the angry men, and his mysterious past all had to mean something. You had just always hoped it was nothing.
You were shaken from your gloom by a very angry Charles busting into your room. “So what the hell is going on between you and Holland?”
“Nothing.” You said jumping up for your window seat.
“Don’t lie to me!” He yelled grabbing bo
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My Hero Academia: Kyoka Jiro x M!Reader
Hellllllo, everybody. And welcome back to another one-shot! To request a one-shot / possibly series go here:

Request Journal 2 (press "Request Journal 2" to be brought to the page.)
I forgot who requested this oof.

Hope you all enjoy~! 

My Angel
(Kyoka Jiro x Quirkless!M!Reader)
I heard that Jiro was going to U.A tomorrow. I’ve known about her going for a few months now but... It… sucks, really. She and I
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T.H.C. Hotel Respite [MK II]
Obligatory "Thar' be shippin' ahead, matey," so watch for that. Or don't.
(I don't own Steven Universe)
The room was larger than he thought it’d be. Not something so grand or huge, but still big enough to comfortably fit two mattresses and an adequate television against one wall. Steven’s father had been adamant about finding the “average-ist” hotel he could, to which Steven had appreciated. The more normal, the better, if only for how it helped to return to the daily familiarity that had long since become alienated. And darn if the hotel room didn’t seem normal enough.
There were the usual furnishings most people would find inhabiting a hotel room. A few paintings dotted the white-plastered walls. The ceiling fan creaked ever so slowly, matching the subtle hum of the heater to Steven’s left. Some stars shined through the clouds outside, and it might’ve even been worth getting up to see directly. Still, Steven had decided to close the
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Llegó el sábado, el día indicado por nuestros dos amigos. Cuddles se estaba preparando para ir a la casa de su mejor amiga, se había bañado y puesto un poco de perfume para verse bien. Se sentía muy animado de saber que iba a pasar la noche con su amiga de la infancia.
Mientras el conejito se preparaba en su casa, en otra casa del árbol estaba cierta ardilla rosada preparando su casa y preparándose ella para recibir a su mejor amigo. Había limpiado todo para que la casa lusca muy bien y no se vea como un chiquero. Ella espero mucho para tener una noche sola con él así que lo tomaba como algo muy especial.
Finalmente llegó la noche, Giggles estaba adentro de su casa esperando sentada en su sillón a que llegue Cuddles, estaba un poco nerviosa pero al mismo tiempo anciosa de que estén juntos. De golpe se escucha que suena el timbre, Giggles fue a atender, era él.
G: “Hola… eeh… ¿Cómo est
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Reasons Behind Love | Tamaki Suoh x Chubby!Reader
    He couldn’t help but just stare at you.
     In his mind, nothing was capable of overshadowing your beauty, not even the abundance of gorgeous flowers that surrounded you in the large garden. It didn’t matter what the circumstances were. Even now when you were covered in sweat and dirt he still found you absolutely stunning.
    Tamaki had always been one to admire a girl’s beauty back in high school and that part of him never changed, not even after graduation. But instead of fawning over every beautiful girl that he laid eyes on, his sights were now focussed on you and you alone. No one quite understood his sudden change in interest, yet there were none who were against it. They knew that this was the purest kind of love possible and wanted nothing more than to see both you and him live happily together.
    Perhaps you weren
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Chapter 5: A Lady Transformed
As the date of the gala ball drew nearer, Vanessa's time was evenly split between overseeing dress designs with Sasha and teaching Sabrina the ins and outs of waltzing in crinolines. While Sabrina did suffer a few tumbles, after her mishap with her hoop she was determined to not repeat such a pitfall. Heaven help her if she did so on the dance floor and be exposed before everyone!
But today, Vanessa chose to spare her friend another dance lesson and instead focus on putting the finishing touches of their ballgowns. With less than one week left to go, it was imperative that the dresses be ready before, in case any adjustments had to be made. For that, Sasha needed Vanessa's help and guidance.
So it was that in the back room of the Sasha's family clothes shop and tailor, they looked over possible designs for the ballgown. In an empty room where mannequins were stored, the two girls poured over different designs and patterns for the gowns. While Vanessa was very particular about how Sabri
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kanna gets permission to wet her pullup
Kanna sat in her seat, pressing her thighs together as hard as she could eliciting a few crinkles from her dry pullup. Kanna was desperate, she had been holding it in since the movie had started, and that large soda hadn't helped. She knew Kobayashi had been looking forward to the release of the film and didn’t want to bother her and make her miss anything, but Kanna didn’t want to go to the bathroom alone. She elected to try and tuff it out, the movie seemed like it was almost over, and she could go to the bathroom after.
She momentarily entertained the idea of slipping her pullup down and peeing into the seat cushion of her chair. Kanna was sure the padded seat would absorb a wetting much like a diaper would, and she would get to keep her pullup dry and not get scolded by Kobayashi for misusing it as a diaper. Ultimately she decided against it realizing how ridiculous  the idea was.
Desperate for release she looked over at Kobayashi san in a reserved panic. She was c
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Another Transfer Student [Saiki Kusuo X Reader]
Chapter 1
It was midway through the first term at PK Academy and class 3 was buzzing with the discussion about the new transfer student that was going to be joining the class.
"Hey, I heard there's going to be a new transfer student coming in today from America." A male student told his male friend and classmate next to him. 'Oh great, another transfer student. Do you guys even remember what happened when we met the last couple transfer students?' Saiki thought to himself with a very unenthusiastic look on his face.
"Really? Is the student a boy or a girl?" His friend asked.
"I heard the student is a girl." The student answered his friend.
"Awesome! I hope she's hot. Wait, you said she's from America right?" The friend asked.
"Yeah, why?" The student confirmed.
"That means she most likely doesn't know Japanese." The friend pointed out.
"Oh you're probably right. Damn, how are we going to communicate with her?" The student said with a frustrated look in his face. The teacher came
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Carrot X M!Reader FULL (One Piece)
(With support from my sick boi TheNessY21, your devil fruit will be a replica of Escanor's powers)
Your Devil Fruit makes it so that all of your base attributes increase over time as the progresses, at midday, you become insanely strong with the weaknesses of your Devil Fruit being nonexistent. But this only lasts for 1 minute, then you begin to decrease in power as night approaches. As you grow stronger, your pride increases massively. But when it's nighttime, you become meek and easily shy.
Carrot POV
I'm watching these intruders as they walk through Mokomo Dukedom, although all of them look strong, there's one that catches my eye. He's massive in stature, for a human at least. My instincts are telling me to stay away from him, I can feel the strength oozing off him. I misstepped and they heard me, all of them were on guard. Except for that strong one, I am certain that they can't see me yet... but he seems to know exactl
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Summer Memories - Summer Festival 2/2
    “Ugh, recording’s a pain in the--”
    Shun tapped a clipboard on Gou’s head, letting it make a solid thunk before bending forward close to his ear. “Don’t complain. If you had slept earlier and paid more attention, it would have gone quicker for you.”
    Reia smiled, handing Gou a water bottle. “At least you sounded great. Need this?”
    “Thanks.” As the three of them walked down the stairs from the recording studio, they stared off to the building they were staying at. Gou opened the bottle, took a few gulps from it, and gave a loud gasp as he closed it back up, wiping his mouth. “Man, nothing like some cold water after hours of singing!”
    “Must you be so loud this early in the morning? It hasn’t even been three hours into the day and you’re already acting like a little kid.”
    “Hah? What’s that suppos
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Part 50: Experience
When Haida and Retsuko arrived for work the next morning everyone was talking about Ton in the news the previous night. Everyone had figured it would it would happen but no one had expected when.
Retsuko and Haida both knew that, like with schoolcubs, there would be no work getting done today without a head to tell everyone what to do. They decided to carry on as usual despite the chaos.
Fenneko was seated at her desk, thumbing through her phone, once again. Retsuko walked behind her to get to her own desk, greeting her as she sat down. Fenneko glanced up and turned her phone screen off, but not before Retsuko noticed it was set to a picture of Manumaru.
"Hey, Retsuko. Good morning." she seemed tired, like she hadn't slept well. There were bags under her eyes and she had the look of someone who could easily go take a nap with no problem.
"Is everything okay? You look rough." Retsuko said.
Fenneko yawned and leaned her elbows on her desk, holding her head up.
"I just
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Blood Covered Love
[Part 1]
His devilish gaze was all that she could see, nothing more and nothing less. He stared at her with his red glowing, crimson eyes. She stared right back with her brown and gold eyes. Her brown and black hair shaded her face, while the moonlight hit him directly, showing his many captivating features. His dark hair, his freckles that adorned his face. He had this look in his eyes. Passion, love, want, care. something she had never ever seen directed towards her. Her whole life has been misery and hatred. He slowly approached her, she didn't move a muscle. She knew what he was, and knew how fast and strong they could be, so she just let him come closer. His captivating look and features becoming more visible. She studied his every move. Once he got directly in front of her, he reached out to her face. His skin was unusually warm for his kind, it made her wonder. She looked t his attire, a grey sweater with no shirt under it, with the sweater open to show his body. Sweat pants wit
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The Simpsons: Romance of the Nerds
One afternoon, in Springfield, C. Montgomery Burns, Waylon Smithers Jr., and Smithers's nephew, Jason, were out in the backyard of Mr. Burns's mansion, training a German Shepherd puppy to be a guard dog, but not before covering the basics, first. "All right, Gadget II," Burns commanded. "Sit." On command, the little puppy sat down; "Speak." Burns commanded, next. Gadget II only tilted his head, in confusion; "I said 'speak'." Burns cleared his throat, growing a little impatient. "Say something!" Gadget II then walked up to the old man, sat next to him, and whined, a bit; "Close enough..." Burns sighed in annoyance.
"Oh, give him time, sir," Smithers reassured him. "He's still only a puppy."
"True," Burns sighed, recalling another German Shepherd he trained, before. "Even Bullet took a while to train. "But it's still best to try and teach them, at an early age." he continued, pulling out a stuffed fox toy. "Now, Gadget II, attack the fox!" Almost immediately, the puppy then yipped, and
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Minako Aino X Blue: Chapter Two
Minako Aino X Blue: Chapter Two (Bluako shipping story)
Pre Story Note. This is based on a role play that me and Blue-Eyes3000 did yesterday afternoon.
Blue found out that Minako Aino and Sailor Venus were the same person when Sailor Venus saved him from a monster at a water park when he was on a date with Minako.
  Even though she denied that her and Minako are in fact the same person Blue told Sailor Venus "You don't have to lie to me anymore, I'll keep your identity a secret, besides I'd recognize your long blonde hair and the red bow you wear in your hair anywhere."
  Sailor Venus hugged Blue and said "Thank you Blue, you're a wonderful boyfriend."
Anyway two weeks later Blue was watching Sailor Venus fight a monster and she won.
  Blue said to Sailor Venus "Hi Minako."
  Sailor Venus replied back "Hi, my handsome boyfriend."
  Blue said while laughing "Hi again, my pretty girlfriend."
  Sailor Venus asked Blue "Is it safe to turn back into Minako now
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Who's the bad guy? [ 2p + 1p America x reader] 13
Nothing but one thing was on his mind. Not even the fearful cries of the privileged and downright chaos that seized the venue could make him lose sight of what was important. And that embodiment of what was the whole world of him was right there, in his line of vision, gradually shrinking and fading away as you were carried out the door. Tears glossed his round red eyes that screamed so much fear as he called out your name. They were not accountable as sounds made by that of a human, for he roared out your name repetitively like an animal. He didn't stop screaming at the top of his lungs until he lost his voice. He just kept on yelling, and yelling until nothing but whistles and croaks passed through his lips. Another searing pain exploded in his head after all the yelling, but he couldn't care less.
Why was he just standing there in the lounge? What was he doing? Screaming was only going to stir up a scene. Everything he held dear was just stolen away from him. He needed to take a sta
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Dabi x Reader x Bakugou - Hidden
Dabi x Reader x Bakugou - Hidden (INTRODUCTION CHAPTER)
Reader Information:
Quirk - Fallen Angel (Hybrid).
You have large wings protruding out of your shoulder-blades. The feathers change colour depending on which quirk is active:
+ White Feathers: Your hands emit a warm yellow glow, and when your hands come into contact with another persons skin, you can heal them. The 'good' side.
+ Black Feathers: Your hands are covered in black mist, and your fingers sharpen like knives. Acts as claws. the 'evil' side.
Y/N - Your Name.
L/N - Last Name.
H/C - Hair Colour.
H/L - Hair Length
E/C - Eye Colour.

Part One - A New Dawn
You roll sideways, away from the hot beam that stretches across your mattress. The sun was peeking out again today, blinding you, melting you. Nice one, sun. With a groan, you force your eyes open and scan your surroundings. "...oh." It was your first day at Yuuei High today -
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Pokemon Crimson.GB
     I went on to eBay and I found a cartridge of Pokemon red the seller's name Pokefan99 I wanted to buy this since I loved ROM hacks. Next, I put it into the Super game boy I found out on the title screen it said Pokemon Hell Red  I thought that was just a glitch instead of game freak copyright 95,96,98 Game freak inc, it showed jumbled text. So I went on my Pokemon adventure and then Professor oak showed up on screen. Professor Oak, Oak was glitched up I could barely understand him. Oak said her normal spiel form what I could understand asking my name, and my Rivals name, weirdly my rival was female, but whatever I named her Jesica. Oak had said but at the end, it said enjoy your adventure try your best. I was like What does that mean? I woke up and the game was normal up until I went to Professor Oaks lab and went to choose my starter Pokemon the three choices were Vulpix, Oshawott, and Snivy but they looked normal. When I
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Funtime Freddy x reader -Chapter 1 - The encounter
Note: This is my first Reader x Fanfiction. I got huge help from my beloved Girlfriend TheFredricus  to correct my bad writing! She is such a huge help! 
Enjoy the reading and tell me what you think!
(y/n) = your name
(l/n) = last name
(y/a) = your age
You take a deep breath. This is your first day in the business called "Circus Baby's Pizza World". This place is pretty scary for you since you hate mannequins and robots. 
You applied to the job WITHOUT knowing that they had animatronics in their company. 
'How stupid am I?' you think to yourself as you step into the cold abyss of the building. Only a light on the ceiling flickers on your way to the elevator. You walk slowly towards it while staring fascinated at the walls to your right and left. 
The dim light reveals drawings of children, how they play games,
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Three Wishes, Chapter 1
Three Wishes
Chapter 1: Falling Down
There were only three things in the world Yamcha wanted in his life; a career he truly enjoyed, a loving wife, and children of his own. One would say that these were quite common, perhaps even admirable goals for a man his age to have. At one point in his life, he thought he had the first two in the bag, and assumed the third would follow soon enough, but now? Sure, one could argue that he had a dream job. He was the star player for a national baseball team, he’d never lost a game, and he’d smashed every record in the book a dozen times over, yet somehow… somehow being the best didn’t make him happy. It was too easy. There was no challenge anymore. It was the same old “play, win, get paid,” routine day in and day out. He may as well have a desk job, for all the joy he got from it.
Then there was his love life. He’d been so sure that he’d marry Bulma someday, that they’d settle down togethe
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The One : Roronoa Zoro X Reader - 6
You stirred awake feeling heavy and warm, really really warm, too warm. Opening your eyes, you found your youngest brother bandaged up and snuggled into your torso. He'd done this many times when he was just a little kid whenever he was worried or stressed. You gently ran your fingers through his hair.
"He was worried about you." Ace murmured from the armchair on the other side of you.
"Awe, my babies," you whispered with a chuckle, wincing at the slight shift of your body.
"He really fucked you up." your freckled brother affirmed.
"Chipped one of my vertebrae." you nodded, " I'll show you the bruise later I'm sure it's worse now."
"Here." Ace handed you your Vicodin and water.
"Oh, I forgot to ask Zoro who won the fight?"
"We did, of course." the raven replied.
"I'd call it a draw." the greenette voiced from the recliner, "Smoker showed up and split us up just when more people started to join."
"So, we owe Kid a visit?" you laughed.
"F/N," Marco called sternly appearing in the doorway
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William AftonxHenry Miller
William glanced at Henry, who was working on welding what looked to be a joint.
“Henry, are you gonna spend more time on that?” William asked, keeping his voice low. Henry looked up. “Uh, yeah? Was I just supposed to quit?” Henry was confused with William’s question, not knowing what it really meant.
“No, I was just wondering. But, while your doing that, what would you like me to do?” William winked at Henry. Henry just gave an awkward smile back.
“Uh, you can... uhh, well, that’s a good question, Will. Why don’t you... Uh, well, um, we can talk if you want?” Henry was too engaged in his work to think of something he could do. William sighed and lay his head on Henry’s shoulder.
“U-uh, W-W-Will?” Henry was concerned, as his partner was lying his head on his shoulder, as if they were in some type of relationship other than a friendly one.
“Yes, Henry?” William asked, taking his head off Henry
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Certain As The Sun Ch. 16
"Harder! Put your backs into it!"
The men rammed the door with a tree they had cut down, it wasn't going to open so easily. Inside, all the Ka Spirits were armed and prepared for battle. The Giant Soldier Of Stone had been told to not move just yet; as it would give a surprise attack. While Mahad told everyone to get to their positions, Isis flew to the Wing Of Ra to report to the Pharaoh. She peeked inside, and saw her king hunched over the blue rose.
"Pardon me, Pharaoh?"
"Leave me in peace, Isis." He said, not turning to her.
The Spiria wrung her hands, "But the palace is under attack!" The sound of the tree ramming the door, was heard again. "What should we do?"
Atem turned to her; his eyes were lined with red from crying. A few more slid down his face, and he turned back to the window. "It doesn't matter now...just let them come."
Isis gazed at her heart broken king, then turned and left him alone. There was nothing she could do for him. Upon reaching the entrance, she joined the
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