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Fighting Gold: Mei x M!Reader x Momo Part 1
Hey, me again. I had an idea from watching something and I had to jump on the hype train while it lasts. Don't worry about the Ochaco series, I'll have another soon enokugh. Anyways, enjoy!

Sprung to life!

No one's POV
Aizawa: Alright everyone settle down. I've got an announcement to make. Today we are getting a transfer student.
Mina: This early in the year? How come?
Aizawa: I don't know, I don't care. 
Mina: Where's he from?
Aizawa: Italy.
There was murmur among a few of the students, mainly Mina. The chatter quieted when Midoriya spoke up.
Midoriya: Well, what's their quirk?
Aizawa: Ask him yourself.
Aizawa opened the door and through it came a boy with a peculiar three ring hair style with a pony tail, it complemented his (H/c) hair. He was taller than average with (E/c).
(Y/n): Buon giorno. I am (Y/n) (L/n). You may call me just (Y/n).
There a few mixed reactions, Mina and a few other girls were almost swoon
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Makoto Tachibana x Reader - Slow Morning
        A deluge pelted the window glass as thunder rumbled low in the distance.  You murmured lowly some incoherent drowsy nonsense.  You nuzzled closer into the warm body beside you.
        Wait, what?
        Your eyes widened at your surroundings.  You were tangled in what you wrongly assumed to be your sheets.  Hell, this wasn’t even your own bed, let alone bedroom.  More importantly, you weren’t alone.
        Your hands flew to your mouth before a scream could escape you.  But as the haze cleared from your mind, the puzzle pieced together bit by bit.  Blinking, you recognized the man slumbering next to you, oblivious to the world. 
        Ah, that’s right.  Makoto asked you to stay the night after a late study session.  Needless to say, y
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Galletas para su valentin
> Ah, el Día de San Valentín.
> El amor estaba en el aire, y se notaba.
> Cada niño estaba frenético esa mañana, completamente centrado en conseguir su aplastar su versión de un regalo perfecto.
> Algunos regalos eran más simples que otros, y algunos niños simplemente recibían una tarjeta que expresaba sus sentimientos por los demás.
> En toda la calamidad que sucedía antes de sonar la campana, una muchacha se sentó a su mesa, temblando de miedo.
> Pobre, joven Cookie, se sentó a su mesa, tratando de encontrar el coraje para moverse.
Con ojos temerosos, echó un vistazo a una mesa vacía junto a la ventana.
> Mesa de Lincoln Loud.
Su no era la única mesa vacía ahora mismo.
De hecho, todavía estaba bastante lejos para que la campana de la escuela suene.
> Todos los niños en el aula vinieron aquí hoy con un objetivo en mente.
> Eso fue para sorprender a sus aplasta con regalos ant
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Rocker Duo foot worship[Part 2:Roxie](Pokemon)
[Now unknown to neither Roxie or Billy Joe, Matt had a secret foot fetish, which meant that he had a lot more planned for both the girls' feet than JUST a massage.]
With Billy Joe off on her task, Matt and Roxie walked over to a black stool-like bench so Matt can work on Roxie's feet.
After they both sat down inn front of each other, Matt smiled and said, "So, let's get started!" He then picked up Roxie's legs and placed them on his criss-cross styled lap and begun to undo the laces on her black boots. After fully untying both boots, he pulled them off and set them aside, revealing a pair of black and purple striped socks. He then pinched her socks and pulled them off, setting them alongside the boots.
Matt was left awestruck by how AMAZING her feet looked. Her feet were fairly sized (around a 7) and very pale. Roxie as a whole had very pale skin, but it was more prevalent on her feet, only attracting Matt to them even more. He also saw how her toenails were painted solid black, his pe
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Summer Camp! - Levi x Reader (AU) - Chapter 2
You weren’t ready.
An ear-splitting screech blasted through the cabin hall and jerked you awake.
Groaning angrily, you pulled your blanket around you and literally rolled out of bed, hoping you’d plummet to the carpeted floor hard enough to knock yourself unconscious. That way, they’d have no choice but to let you sleep. Your current state of mind dwelled within a place where nothing had a more seductive plead than the sweet caress of slumber.
The carpet connected with the side of your face in an anticlimactic battle. However, the impact rattled your cranium hard enough that it flipped the power switch on in your brain.
If there were one soul in the universe that you could damn to hell with no repercussions, it’d be Sasha’s. The sound of her snore was so incredibly, completely, insurmountably aggravating that you had a dream where you strangled her to death so she’d never ma
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The Howling Leopard Chapter 4
“THEY TOOK LION-O!!?” exclaimed an incredibly freaked out Wilykit.
“But why!? What do they want with him!? You don’t think they’re gonna eat him do you!?” asked and equally worried Wilykat, all the while Snarf was running frantic circles yowling in sheer panic.
“Will you three calm down already!! Ugh! My head’s killin’ me after last night!” growled a very sore and grumpy Panthro.
Tygra and Cheetara grumbled in agreement still feeling sore after the events of last night. The wolf that had struck Lion-O unconscious grabbed him, slung him over his shoulder and quickly climbed back up the wall he jumped from. The Thundercats didn’t even have time to react before more wolves arrived on the scene from the rooftops; despite their best efforts to fight them off and run after their stolen king they were swiftly overwhelmed and beaten down by the wolf horde. When the wolves finally retreated back to their forest they left the thre
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As Sweet As Chocolate (Loki x Reader)
CinderKVlogs requested: So basically, (Y/N) had bought some candy and even though Loki said he didn't like the candy but they could get it anyway, (Y/N) made Loki eat one of the candies. Then, Loki stole the rest and they get into a mini fight about it.
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 792
“This is the worst date ever.” Loki pouted from beside you.
“This isn’t a date, Loki.” You sighed and rolled your eyes. “We’re grocery shopping. I told you not to come and you told me ‘I do what I want!’ and marched out the door.”
“Still,” He huffed. “This place is terrible and there are too many people.”
“Come on. We’re almost done.” You said, sighing again. On your way up to the registers, the candy aisle caught your eye. “I could go for something sweet!” You smiled and picked up a bag of Hershey kisses.
Loki’s face scrunched up in disgust. “Candy is so di
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Ah! The following day ch 69, part B
"Well, that was… anticlimactic."
Unsure what else to say about this type of situation, Thor merely remained in the middle of the cavern, making sure that no one was sneaking up to them. The only potential threat in the immediate area however, was apparently Ansuz, who clearly seemed she was about to blow a gasket; or in this case, bring down the whole place on top of them. Then again, he couldn't quite blame the poor goddess for feeling frustrated, when their attempt to ambush that fake Hild turned into nothing but a wild goose chase.
Not too far from the god of thunder, his adopted brother was studying the-five inch statuette left on top of a rock, out in the open, that bore a striking resemblance of the demoness they were looking after. Sure, that definitely wasn't their intended target, but after an extensive scan of the cavern, it became apparent that this figurine was the actual source of the reading that led them here in the first place. Worse yet, similar r
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Part 59: Dolls
Haida immediately called Maya back.
Maya's voice sounded amused.
Haida's voice was not so amused, sounding nervous.
"Um, Maya, were you serious about these things or-or is this some sort of a joke?"
"What, the dolls?"
Haida stood and began pacing a little bit, slightly agitated about being put on the spot over what was to him a touchy matter.
"No, our coffee mugs," he said, embarrassed, "of course I mean the dolls. Those are wedding cake toppers, aren't they?"
He could sense Maya grinning impishly on the other end of the line.
"I was wondering how long it would take you. Yes, they are. And no, they aren't a joke. You guys are going to get married within a couple of years, I can stake my thumbs on it."
Haida blushed hard, going into brainlock once again. The decision he had made at the farm that night still stood, but it frightened him to death for it to be thrown into such sharp relief, plus he found it creepy how his sister had found out his feelings for Retsuk
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Our Final Heartbeat (Ducktales 2017 x OC) Chap. 2
Ali walked down the hallway, dusting a few things off as she headed towards the supplies closet, when she heard Webby. "Welcome, to the wing of secrets!" she said. Ali raised an eyebrow and peek around the corner to see the triplets and Webby, in front of the door to the garage. She stepped forward and started to head towards them as they opened the door. "Uh, guys? Shouldn't you be in your rooms?" she asked. They all froze, halfway into the room. She noticed Dewey looked a bit downhearted.
"Uh-"  Webby started. "Please don't tell Uncle Scrooge!" Louie pleaded. Ali laughed. "You kids remind me of me, years ago." she said. She made a zipping motion with her hand across her beak.(? sorry not used to writing for ducktales XD) "Your secret is safe with me," she said. They all visibly relaxed. "But," she added. "But what?" Huey asked. Ali looked at him, still smiling. "But I think you need some supervision." she said. The kids smiled as they walked in.  Huey walked over to a large
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Paradise Isn't Perfect Ch.4 - Guardian of Life
"I'm soooo glad the weekend's here." Hinata said as she and Kai arrived at the beach that morning. With her car having issues, she'd been stressed out ever since. But through the troubles it brought her, she also got to spend a few nights at Kai's house, which she enjoyed very much. The size of the mansion still amazed her.
"Yeah. And besides a few clouds, the sky is clear!" Kai responded. He too was ready for a chance to get over another week of work with some fun in the sun.
As the two prepared to run into the water, they heard a whistle, followed by a woman's voice.
"Excuse me!" the voice said. Hinata and Kai turned around to see a lifeguard approaching them. Her skin was tan and she had long, blonde hair. "I just thought I would remind you to be sure to use sunscreen today! You wouldn't want to end up with a nasty sunburn!"
"You're right." Kai said. "I guess after the week we've had, we didn't even think about putting sunscreen on."
"Good thing she reminded us." Hinata agreed. "Tha
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Justice League vs Teen Titans: chapter 4
The next night, LG, Sayia Man, and Bat-Mite learned that Damian had been hacking the Titans files for info on Raven.
"Snooping as usual, I see?" Bat-Mite smirked.
"Mm-hmm." LG replied.
"I dunno about you guys, but I am feelin' amped for Thursday! Cuz it's tomorrow~!" Bat-Mite grinned. "Besides, I can mock Damian for getting busted later!"
"Uh... Thursday?" Raven asked.
"Yeah, cuz I have something special planned!!" Bat-Mite grinned, gleefully skipping down the hallway.
"Did he eat some instant coffee?" Beast Boy asked Raven.
"I have no idea." Raven replied.
"Thursday's gonna be great.... 'Cuz I got a date!" Bat-Mite grinned.
"I guess anybody can do it if it's that easy..." Beast Boy commented to Raven.
"Don't wait up, guys!" Bat-Mite chuckled. "I got a date, I got a date, I got a date, hey-hey-hey-hey!"
"It's nice that you're going with him." Sayia Man smiled to LG.
"I might as well..." LG shrugged to him.
"Don't sweat it; he seems like a good guy," Beast Boy replied. "Sure, he's kinda
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Don't Forget Me Chapter5 (Kagome x Atem/Yami Yugi)
Kagome turned the taps on the tub on, watching as the large tub filled with warm water
"I'm well dear. How is your delightful brother Seto doing?"
"Still hates your guts, uncle. How you and grandfather are related is still a mystery to me. Then again, you're both crazy old men obsessed with the jobs." Kagome teasingly told her great uncle. She tried calling him Gruncle as a child however he said that it sounded like an "undignified American slang that made him sound old" and insisted on being called just uncle.
"Tsk tsk dear. We are not crazy. Just profound in our love for our lifestyle. Now, onto business. I have those new cards you asked for." Kagome almost dropped her phone in the water however her quick reflexes caught the device just before it disappeared under the thickly forming layer of bubbles. Kagome put the phone back to her ear before running to the bathroom door and peeking into her room. Everyone was still asleep. She went back in and sat her phone on its stand on the sin
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Claire Thomas x Male Reader x Emily Thomas pt. 1
It was the middle of the summer and you and your friend were volleyball players in your country. You both made it to the finals and were invited to participate in a tournament in japan.
It's been over a day since you both left home. You were sleeping dreaming of cheese for some reason.
"(F/n) wake up were here!"
"Nothing," you said as you looked outside the window of your plane to see the beach in embarrassment.
"Well come on, we need to meet with the organizers," he said as he got up his seat.
"Of course"
After getting off the plane you both went to the housing provided by the organizers. When you got to the house you both placed your luggage to your rooms. After that you both went to the organizers to meet them at the beach. Both of you decided to walk over there by foot.
"I'm a bit nervous to meet the other teams," you said.
"Don't worry i'm sure they'll be-" he said as he paused in his tracks.
You then turned to see a whole bunch of girls
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Alone ( Loki x Reader )
I will leave this open atm so anyone can have a read. please, please please, don't read if you don't want.
Summary:  she couldn't have him, that much she knew. It was only in wildest fantasies she could have the god to herself, and so that's what she did. She plunged herself into her lustful desires, using his image. 
She had been mistaken to think she was truly alone...
Italics are a person's thoughts. example; 'sample.'
(f/n) , (l/n) = Reader's First Name, Last Name. 
(e/c) = eye color
(h/c) = hair color
Timeskips and/ or changes in scenery are both identified by the little periods I put to separate them. While I do love filling space with a description about just every little thing, it can get tedious, forgive me.
I, of course, own nothing but the story itself. The characters mentioned and used are not property of me of course.
(read description for more.)
    She had an enormous glow of rosiness blossoming
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 he couldn't believe what he saw in front of him . they were following a run away akuma a second they were in hawk moth's lair the other , fighting a coat wearing old man . and now there he was all alone standing in front of hawk moth , who had two polka dot red and black earrings in his hand , as ladybug was lying on the ground , unconscious and hurt .
  16 years old girl detranformed in front of his tear full eyes , his best friend was there on the ground , the girl who he'd friend zoned all this years . the same blue bell eyes , jet black haired girl that helped him no matter what , the girl he used to have a crush on and he still did , even though it was no match for his love for ladybug . the first girl who liked him without knowing who he was , the first girl that rejected him . and now there she was , his both beloved ones were one .
 seeing his love that way angered the young agreste blinded him with tears and crushed his
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Devious Journal Entry
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Solstice of Heroes - Celebration
[City Age. Post Warmind; final days of the Solstice of Heroes]
He had been looking through the crowd for hours now, running into this person and that person along the way. Each bid him pause and to each he eventually said his goodbyes then began his search again. There had been no signs of her yet, then again, the Solstice had made the tower an excessively busy place. There was a possibility that he had missed her in the dense crowds which was far more likely than not. Even so the Titan wasn’t discouraged. This is how it always was for them.
“This is ridiculous Baniks.” His Ghost huffed. “Just let me send a message to Mirko and-”
The man shook his head. “Faith in fate, my little servitor.”
“You’ve been saying that since dawn. We have a time frame you remember? And don’t call me that, it’s degrading.”
He chuckled.
The Titan moved from plaza to plaza, food stand to merchant tent browsing easily as he picked through t
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What not to do when your expecting (Lucifer) f.f
Lucifer stalked the halls as he waited. He knew he should be in there but all his walking about drove his wife mad as well as the doctor and nurses as well too. He felt everyone's eyes on him as he kept on walking. If he could have gotten away with it he would have taken off into the sky to try and calm down. But a man with wings freak people out and he couldn't help that matter as it was now daytime.
"It was your brooding that got you thrown out of the room Lucifer." Dan who was now seventy years old muttered as he watched the still young Lucifer stop and glare darkly at him. "Don't glare at me you know I'm right."
Trixie sat beside her father and patted his hand. "Daddy its time for your nap anyway." She looked at Lucifer as her husband helped her father up and walk him out. She walked over and hugged Lucifer. "Wish mother the best." She kissed him on his cheek. "I will see you if and when I see you again Father." She turned and walked after her husband and father then.
Lucifer smile
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Danganronpa: Ultima Despair Chapter 6
Chapter 6: The Other Side of Despair
Monokuma parks the truck carrying Ben and Okami back at base. Ben helps Okami out of the back, since he's still weak from the shot he took to the shoulder from Hikage's knife. Ben props Okami gently on one of the chairs and clutches his wounded hand. Mikan runs over in a panic and begins tending to both men's wounds. Junko walks over to Okami and plops down next to him, sitting criss-cross as she tilts her head on his shoulder.
Junko: Didn't go so well, huh?
Okami: Nope.
Junko: That's cool, I feel some nice Despair from that failure.
Okami: *chuckles* Nothing beats you, does it?
Junko: That's what makes me great! No matter if I win or lose, I feel Despair! It's perfect!
Ben's hand is finished being bandaged by Mikan and he smiles at her before giving her a sudden kiss on the cheek from gratitude. The Ultimate Nurse turned beet red and promptly fainted as a result. Okami then realized something and turned to
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Stupid Brat - Levi x Reader (Part 5)
“Excuse me, Mr. Ackerman,” a soft voice accompanied a dull knock at the office door. Not tearing his eyes from his notebook, Levi lowered the volume of the classical music playing from his laptop. He returned the ballpoint pen to his fingers.
The door pushed open,“Working late?” The petite frame of the young intern assembled in the doorway. Her eyes gleamed as bright as her hair, “I brought you tea.”
Without looking up, he motioned for her to enter. His left hand returned to his temple, and the right remained occupied with his writing utensil. Aside from the muffled sounds of a piano, there was silence as she walked into the office.
Through a large bay window, the fading sun delivered the only lighting to Levi’s workspace. The office, nearly bare, resembled that of a minimalist. The largest piece of furniture was a sleek L-shaped desk neatly arranged with office essentials - stapler, cup filled pens, a slim laptop, a desk lam
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Castiel x Reader: I'm in love with an Angel
 (A/N: I just want to say, if you guys have seen Season 13 yet, then you know the episode ScoobyNatural. If you haven't, i  suggest you watch it because it is hilarious XD. Anyway, this takes place during that episode. Some parts might not, but just be honest, we all like creativity, right? Anyway, please don't hate that i changed up the story a bit. I did that once on Wattpad, and people got kinda angry because I hadn't done the story right. And it made me feel sad. :( So please, just don't hate on this, i spent a lot of time on this. Also, i will make a sequel on this too. Thank You!!)
  You and your 2 brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, were literally just sucked into a T.V. Oh, and yeah, you were freaking CARTOONS. "W-wha...WHAT THE HELL?!" You screamed. "Holy shit! W-we're cartoons!" "You don't say so, y/n." Sam said, sarcastically. "Shut your damn mouth Sam. How else would you think I would react?" You said. "Oh my god...BABY!!!!" Dean screamed. "How the hell did yo
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