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Loud and Clear (Zoro x Reader)
Locking eyes with your opponent, you waited with bated breath for their next words.
"Go Fish." You growled in frustration, nearly knocking over the deck of cards as you added to the collection of cards in your hand. Glee spread across your face when you saw what card it was.
"HA! IT'S THE CARD I ASKED FOR!" You shouted, waving the card in front of Zoro's face as proof. His smirk instanty turned into a frown. "Now it's my turn." Hearing a noise, you glanced towards it to see Chopper, the newest member of the Straw Hats, attempting to hide behind the mast. His body was in full view of the both of you, however, and only half of his face was actually concealed.
"You can join us, you know," you called out, leaning back on your hands. "Do you know how to play?" He shook his head, still "hiding" from you. Zoro spoke up.
"Just sit down over here and let us teach you." Hesitantly, Chopper took a few steps towards your game before claiming a spot to watch from. Which just so happened to be on Zo
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The Siren // Law x Reader (Pt. 12)
    Your behavior had changed significantly for the past 2 weeks. You had been on bedrest, and it was very clear to Law how frustrated you were being stuck in bed all day. Unlike your usual irritated outbursts and arguments, you had been mostly silent. Even when Penguin, Shachi and Bepo came in to annoy you you would keep quiet. Law attributed this behavior to a combination of things; exhaustion, pain, and of course, confusion. After your first night in the infirmary, he had overheard you crying multiple times. He knew there was some sort of pent up trauma or confliction eating away at you, but he didn't feel like it was his place to pry.
    He had been checking on you twice a day when he could to monitor your condition and healing progress. Thankfully you had been healing rather fast. Today he was finally allowing you out of the infirmary, deeming it safe for you to slowly start walking again. After checking your bandages, he informed you of his decision.
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Twilight Under the Sea: Confessions of Love
Skystar and Silverstream knew something was wrong with Twilight the moment they found her in her room, her gaze out her window to the ocean outside.
Nothing about her screamed wrong, but something told them that something was bothering her and was on her mind. It was a feeling that had been growing between the three of them for some time now.
It was a feeling neither Skystar and Silverstream knew meant. But it felt right to feel this way none the less. For some reason, it seemed to be centered on Twilight.
None could deny that the three of them were friends. In fact, if most of Seaquestria was asked about it, they would say they had never seen three friends so close to each other.
Queen Novo felt something more was going on between them. She had seen the quick glances they had shared, or one had done to the other when they thought they weren't looking.
If she was a betting mare, she might say it was a love triangle. One that none of the three seemed to know existed. But in her long lif
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~Blossoming~ Lancaster Fan-Fiction *Part One*
-Part one-
By: AlucardJenkins/ Devin V.
~scene to set the tone I'm going for: *V6 after Ruby has her talk with Maria about her eyes.* Maria goes back inside the house, followed by Jaune leaving it to see Ruby leaning against the side of the house.~
Walking up to Ruby, Jaune notices she seems a bit disconnected, deep in thought.
"Hey, Ruby.. what are you up to out here?" Jaune asked leaning against the wall next to her.
"Oh, uh- I was just talking to Maria about a few things, that's all." She says, giving Jaune a small smile
" You seem to have a lot on your mind Ruby." Jaune says.
" You can always talk to me, I'm a good listener." he says back.
Ruby looks up at Jaune to make eye contact. She blushed a little with a hint of happiness in her face.
"Thank you Jaune." she says with a smile at him, though it looks a bit disheartening to him.
"It's just- I'm not sure what to do at the moment. my heart tells me one thing, but my mind says another." she says, sliding down the
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Der Junge aus Berlin [Hetalia PruAus FanFiction]
Eiskalter Wind peitschte durch die einsamen Gassen der Altstadt.
Der schwache Schimmer des Mondlichtes reflektierte sich wie dicker Nebel auf dem nassen kopfsteingepflasterten Wegen.
Für einige Sekunden war es still.
Die kleinen Wohnungen, welche sich dicht beieinander in die Häuserreihen quetschten, waren wie ausgestorben. So, als wäre alles Leben wie auf einen Schlag verschwunden.
Ein paar Gaslaternen bemühten sich, ihre zitternden Flammen im Inneren des Kolbens am Leben zu erhalten.
Der schmierige Dreck in den Rillen der Fassadenornamentik verstärkte in Kombination mit der cremefarbenen Wand den Kontrast des Gebäudes.
Eine große Wolkendecke spannte sich am Himmel über der ganzen Stadt auf.
Nur vereinzelt blitzen die Sterne und der Mond hervor.
Es war fast unmöglich, die Adresse auf dem kleinen Notizzettel zu entziffern.
Ich erschrak, als ein Regentropfen wie eine Patrone auf den Zettel aufschlug und sofort in die Fasern einzog. Die schwar
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Sakura Kasugano x Male!Reader - Growing Up

Y/n and Sakura were very alike in their desire to fight from a young age that stemmed from reasons that were their own; Y/n being influenced by MMA shows in Japan he would be taken to by his dad and Sakura idolizing Ryu and wanting to be strong just like him. They fought each other, people willing to fight them like Karin, Ryu, or Ken, or people willing to do harm unto others like Balrog, Vega, and anyone under Bison’s employment. Like Ryu and Ken, Y/n and Sakura forged a bond with each other that can’t exactly be put into words how deep it goes. It also helps that they went to the same school, Y/n only being two years above Sakura. 
Father Time stops for no one, however, and as Sakura grew older, her fighting spirit had dwindled over time. As she grew up, there was suddenly more responsibility on her shoulders like trying to pass the entrance exams into the college she wanted to go into, having a part-time job to pay off any colleg
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Grey Hearted Creek and Branch ch3
Chapter 3: Chapter three
Branch was keeping a close eye on Creek and he could tell that despite trying to appear cheerful he could tell that Creek was hurting inside. He wished that Creek would talk to him about what had happened to make him come down into the bunker, but so far he wasn’t and Branch could see quiet clearly how this was hurting Creek on the inside.
Deciding that he had to do something to help Creek move forwards Branch made his way to the library, he sat down beside the reading Creek on the sofa there and said to him. “So will you tell me what happened to bring you down here to stay with me? Don’ get me wrong I am happy for the company I just want to understand why you are here.”
The only answer to these words from Creek was silence, slowly Creek marked the page of the book, then he put it to one side on a table and looked at Branch. He very much wanted to tell Branch what had happened with Poppy, but the words stuck in his throat and wouldn
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That Makes Us Two: Chapter 8: 'I love you'
The travel back to Hedgehog Village was a quiet one. It took them two days to get back in which they both took turns to sleep and pilot the Tornado. Amy did most of the piloting of course since she was in Shadow's body, she didn't rest much. However, out of courtesy, Shadow took her place once in a while.
They arrived at night. And Shadow was way too exhausted to do anything.
"Let's switch bodies tomorrow morning, at the cave," Shadow said as he entered Amy's home, and threw himself at the sofa. "This would be the last night I am going to enjoy sleeping."
"Alright.", Amy agreed immediately. Amy was acting differently, and Shadow noticed this. "Are you alright?"
"Yes, I am not sleepy so I am going for a run."
Shadow didn't want to fight it. It was more than over now. The faster they got over it, the better.
He watched Amy walk past the door, never looking back at him. However, she made a stop on the door, "If I am not back by the morning, meet me at the cave,"
Then she left.
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Party Pony Proposal: An Important Question
Deep in her (not so secret) party planning cave, Pinkie Pie was bouncing around and sorting through her various files on everypony and nonpony that she knew. One couldn't be a party planner without a proper filing system that was right up to date. If even a single file was out of place it could throw the entire system out of order, and that would never do.
So Pinkie was devoting a great deal of time to going through every file she had, checking to make sure everything was in its proper place and updating whatever needed to be updated. There was one file in particular she was very eager to add to, the one on her special somepony. To think it had been almost a month since she had helped him get his laugh back, and inspired him to get back on the road.
The pink party pony pranced about, a bright smile plastered perfectly on her pristine face. "Oh Cheese, you're a stallion any mare would consider herself lucky to have," She said out loud as a dreamy sigh escaped her lips. "Hard to believe
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The Morning After (Star Wars Resistance Fanfic)
Synara's communicator beeped, waking her. It was probably Kragen Gorr calling to check in on her mission.
She was about to answer when she remembered she wasn't alone. She flipped on a light and looked down at Tam curled up next to her.
Sweet Tam.
She had not expected to spend the night together. This definitly wasn't part of the mission. And she didn't care.
The salvagers at the docks tended to show up when they felt like it, so Synara knew she could be late but she had a feeling that wouldn't do for Yaeger's crew.
"Tam," she said softly, brushing her cheek.
Tam opened her eyes slowly.
"Synara?" she said, before reality caught up with her. Tam suddenly sat up, pulling the covers over her. "Oh god! I'm naked!"
In the process of pulling the covers over herself, she also pulled them off Synara, who made no effort to hide herself, but just laughed.
"So are you!" said Tam.
"That didn't bother you last night," said Synara.
"Well, last night I was...preoccupied," said Tam, with a grin.
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So in Love: A Tails and Cosmo Story: Chapter 11
Beautiful Soul​
The two females soon arrived at a salon in the middle of town. It didn’t look all that big from the inside, maybe only the size of a normal house for four. Cosmo read the large sign on top that read “Bunnie’s Bouquet Salon” and wondered why they were here out of all places. Was Amy up to something that involved Cosmo?
The two walked in and Cosmo was surprised by the fact that she and Amy were the only ones there. The place had enough chairs that could handle twenty customers at once. The floor was light blue, but the tiles refracted off the light so one could clearly see their reflection in them. The walls were a contrast white and had a mirror in front of all the chairs.
Cosmo then saw something unusual. Humming to herself was a full-grown brown furred rabbit that had a left metal arm and both legs were made of metal as well. She had a purple one-piece upper body skirt that showed off all her curves, even the fully developed C size
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I Can't
Humans don't have soulmates.
You were convinced of this by now; that novels of such were just fantasy. At 33 you were self assured in this topic, but you weren't bitter about it. In fact you had a boyfriend you loved, but if anyone asked if you were soulmates you'd say no. You loved him, but you didn't ever feel the "spark" everyone talked about. You had fallen for him over time because he was good to you and yet he did not always understand you. You did not share an "unspoken bond." Your heart did not flutter when you had first met and you had not felt any sort of tug. It had not been a "whirl wind romance" like so many spoke of, but you figured this was true love; that it wasn't some heated passion that was glorified by movies and novels. You'd be the first to admit that he could probably do better than you because he was always trying to cuddle you, but you weren't an openly affectionate person. You never had been; even as a kid you'd only really tolerated kisses from
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So far away
it was beautiful in the pride lands there was 2 cubs playing together named Kira and Kiara.They have been friends ever since there parents gave them up so many years ago.What will happen?lets dive in!
Kira:*run and giggle*Can't get me Kiara
Kiara: Oh yes I can too Kira*pounce on Kira*
Kira:*fall to the ground*HEY!GET OF ME!!*giggle*
Kiara:*get up and continue walking*ok enough is enough!
Kira:Yeah!*continue walking next to Kiara*
Kiara:hey I got an idea!maybe we should go to the water hole! it has been so long!
Kira:*groan*the watering hole?! we have been there way to many times.It's always the same!
Kiara: Well I'm sorry that I want to have some fun what do u suggest we do!?
Kira:*look around and see dark spots*lets go to those spots over there!
Kiara: *look and see spots and get curious*ok
Kiara and Kira:*run to the dark spots*
meanwhile in the outlands
Konu:*run from hyena's*CAN'T GET ME HYEANA'S!
hyena: *chase Konu* oooooh I think we can
Konu:*see light and head towards it*
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Glitchy Reality Ch.4
                                   Glitchy Reality
Chapter Four
Code Pam:Are you okay Chris?
Chris: Pa,Pamela,la,la...
Dail:As we can see the Glitch was Chris oh...I can't believe i didn't see this coming.
Sam:We shoud tell John and Jason.
Jane:Yes we need to let them know go off sam go tell them.
Sam: Okay Janie.
Eclipse:We need to bring Pamela baack.
Dail:Yes we will.
"Dail and Eclipse tried their best to get back Lieutenant Pamela."
'Liuetenant Pamela gasped sitting up. Private Jane hugged her."
Jane: Oh Pammy your okay.
Eclipse:Yeah any longer something could have gone wrong with your Code.
Pam:Hm we really need to rescue him."
"Lieutenant Pamela put on her Armor and she heard Cadet Samuel brought Johnathan and Jason."
John:Lieutenant Pamela why is my brother in your Machine he created?
Pam:Well he developed it and Dail just finished putting it together.
John:I asked you a question.
Pam:It's n
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Dealing with Bullies (OC X Female Creepypasta's)
This is a sequel to Halloween Party! (OC X Female Creepypasta's)
Characters: Jess, Tami, Benny, Clockwork, Nina (Human Rainbow Factory), Laughing Jill, Sally, Jane, Slenderwoman, Bullies and OC
Time and Place: Multiple days, Kinston NC
Only three days after the Halloween Party, I and the Female Creepypasta's became an Item. One day Slenderwoman and the other girls were waiting for me to stop by as I had school, then I had to stop by My house and then I had to walk to the forest and find the mansion. They were all waiting with each of them preparing themselves for his visit and to Glomp on. Jess the Killer was cleaning her face (but not the bloody slits on her lips as it helps sell the look) when she asked Slenderwoman.
"Do you think Jackson would like it better if I have my Bloody slits or not?"
She smiles and said to her
"I think he loves you for whate
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AFSAHK-chapt 1- I met him before
Written by: Absolhunter251
Disclaimer: I do not own nightmare the azure knight, he is from the Soulcalibur series and belongs to namco. This mini story is a story based chapter, where my persona of myself is interacting with the azure knight. This takes place between Soulcalibur and Soulcalibur vi. Non canon story, but my own encounter with how I met nightmare in my own story.
Please enjoy.
Chapter 1:  I met him before
One day in the outskirts of Ostrheinsburg. There was a young woman by the name of Marisa Knight.
She was a strong warrior with a fragile heart and soul. But that didn’t stop her before, when she was in battle and sought to the blade known as: Soul Edge, until one day her soul grew to weak and fragile after losing the sword somehow. With no memory of how she lost soul edge and it’s handler. She couldn’t remember anything of the past and even present, but to her knowl
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The Red Therapist (Aizawa x reader) AU
Author's note: Get you some snacks and water.
"That's a nice looking lunch you have there." 
The break-room which currently only had two people in it, who never spoke to each other before today now made eye contact with each other as the tall male made his way over slowly to the just turned medical student to physical therapist. The red nurse-scrub outfit she had the man's eye, with his cup of coffee in his hand, he sits in the chair across from her making (Name) blush as his black eyes were now focused on his steaming coffee that was going to give him energy for the night shift he was going to pull.
"Thank you, its my favorite. I also made some for my sick grandmother, she's in the recovery department right now."
"Is that so? I hope she feels better. You work here don't you? I believe I've seen you here before."
"Yes, I've only just started this week. I'm an obstetrician, I work in the-"
"Labor unit with the other doctors." 
The tall male in a black suit with
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Bendy X Alice 4 part 6
Hey guys next part :D
Alice was cutting vegetables for the twins, Bendy was playing with twins and he said,"Where are you angel cake?"Alice said,"In the kitchen cutting vegetables for twins." Bendy got up from the floor, he walked up to her and kissed her and she blushed, she said,"I have some steaks tonight." Bendy said,"That's good I need steaks." Alice said,"Ok." Bendy said,"~Besides that what will you be wearing?"Alice said,"I'm not having sex tonight." Bendy said,"Man I'm not getting anything?"Alice said,"No we have a costume party." Bendy said,"Oh.." Alice said,"~But if the party goes we can do something." Bendy said,"~Ok." Alice said,"Now I have my costume do you have yours?" Bendy said,"Yes and I can't believe we're having the party at a building." Alice said,"Well I'm serving the drinks in my bunny suit." Bendy gets annoyed and said,"In your bunny suit?" Alice said,"Yes of course I'm server?." Alice smirked, Bendy said,"Ok fine but I don't want any other toon looking at you or
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If There Is a God
This was a request so hopefully I did some justice to Laito's character. But leave a comment if you would like to see more Laito or another Sakamaki brother. Check out Completely Mine and I Choose You for Shuu's one-shots.
Yui walked into the church on the Sakamaki property in hopes for some peace and quiet. Sitting down in one of the pews, Yui folded her hands neatly in her lap. She closed her eyes and bent her head down to say a prayer for God to protect her and watch over her while she resided with the Sakamaki brothers.
Unfortunately, a smirking Sakamaki brother had followed Yui into the little chapel. Laito just couldn't quite put his finger on why humans would beg for a higher being to protect them when clearly no such person existed. If one did, then how would you explain vampires? Surely, a father in heaven wouldn't allow such creatures to prey off of his own creation. Laito figured he might as well give the little lamb a lesson on the matter.
Yui felt someone breath on her fac
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Forgiveness Incarnation
Feat. Anjerika
"Heart who is love, please let the love go
I just want to be free, and go back in time
Forgive my mistakes, and make me a new person
I don't want to hurt anyone, never and ever
Never and ever"
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Special news
Hey guys, nikki here, so you probably notice I've been posting a lot mixel content lately, but today I've decided that I'm gonna take a break from mixels for a while and post more others like steven universe, fnaf, and some more coming.
Speaking of Steven universe, I'm going to be working on a special project about it, my first fanfiction, it's going to be called "Steven universe: an everlasting bond"
I'm not sure when it will be posted but trust me, it will be a good story
PLOT: this story takes place before the show aired, it takes place in homeworld, a few hundred years after the rebellion, the main character serpentine, is an elite soldier from yellow diamond's court, she's feared by every one of her fellow gems(except the diamonds)since she's a high ranked gem and her immense power can cause serious harm, but on the inside, serpentine is a gentle and kind gem, but do to her status, she is feared, one day, she was assigned a special mission from yellow diamond, she was partnerd wit
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Howoney Im Howome
Father said that this oworld isn't for me ÓwÒ
I tried to pray for a new reality uwu
"So, cowome to me we can change dark into lIghT."
A tied uwup mowoth seemed to know a different way
Father tore out the umbilical coword
There's nyothing left in the bowottle keeping me scowored
We'll abandony the scenery in the
Rear-view mirror >w
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