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The Demon and His Angel: Ochaco X Male!Reader
Hello everyone, Loafed here. This is my first deviation, so go easy on me :D. I hope you enjoy. I do want to make this a series so feedback would be much appreciated. As for you in the story, you are basically a combination of Dante and Nero from Devil May Cry. Vergil will play a part in the story, but thats for another time! Anyways, without further ado, here is Chapter 1!
Mission 1: Beginnings, Demons, and Pizza

No one's POV
Somewhere in the sleazy part of Musutafu, there was an apartment. In that apartment was a 14 year old boy sleeping on the couch shirtless. Dreaming the day away while he should be doing something productive. He awoken when he heard a banging at his door.
(Y/n):...ugh...Five more minutes.
The banging at the door got louder. As if some one was trying to break it down.
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Sanaa Hoscolovich official bio
Name: Sanaa Hoscolovich
Age: 23 (appears 14)
Species: Cat
Bio: Born from a kingdom in Heaven, was a young girl named Snaa. She was one of the most important people to ever be born in the Glorian kingdom. However, she never smiled, cried, or felt anything around the others. People thought of her as a broken child. But Sanaa just never expressed her emotions in front of people. Years passed and she left home to find new life on Earth. She always had such a bland expression, but always tried to show a bright spirit to the humans and mobians. Her world changed when she met Shadow the hedgehog, she was finally able show all of her emotions. Today she fights evil with her four friends, and has four beautiful children. No matter what was said in the past, she remains forever supportive and kind.
Personality: Social Butterfly  (as an adult) Loner (during the seven years Shadow was gone)
Powers: Chaos control, spear,  blast,  flame burst, and a few others
Likes: Apple pie, chamom
:iconsunshinecat2:SunshineCat2 5 5
Shantae and the Black Baron Chronicles 38
Episode 37: The Sin Isles conquest
Isle 6: Sloth
In the Black Adder ship, the Black Order is working tirelessly but some of the members are relaxing while Bolo is doing most of the errands.
BOLO: Since when am I the errand boy?
SKY: Since you lost your bet.
ROTTYTOPS: And believe me. Tiring isn't for the faint of heart.
BOLO: I am beat. I need a break.
SC.BL.: Well, just this once, take a break.
BOLO: Finally.
SC.BL.: For 1 hour.
BOLO (Shocked): Really?
In the office, Black Baron is checking notes from his co-workers when somebody knocks the door.
B.B.: Come in.
Shantae appears.
SHANTAE: Black Baron. You worked all day. I think it's time for you to rest.
B.B.: You know that slacking can be your worst enemy.
SHANTAE: How do you know that?
B.B.: I just informed from Greenbeard that the hotels from the Isle of Sloth are fully booked and no return.
SHANTAE: I didn't know that. But why don't they return?
B.B.: One reason. Laziness.
SHANTAE: That's crazy. We have to do something.
B.B.: I thi
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Hannah In Tubular
Hannah found herself standing on top of a grassy platform and saw a number of warp-pipes. The level she is on which is known to be an infamous one to many Mario fans is none other than Tubular.
"I've heard this level had quite a rep for its difficulty," Hannah said. "But no use standing around, the timer is counting, and I rather not lose a life."
Hannah jumped off the pillar making a sound effect each time Mario would jump and dodged the first Charging Chuck by bouncing off them like springs. She managed to avoid the small piranha plants that jumped out of the green warp-pipe. She then jumped off the second Charging Chuck and landed on a yellow warp-pipe and jumped to the next one with the P switch sitting on top of the block.
"Here goes nothing," Hannah said and triggered the switch. She then fell and landed on a green spring and hit her head on the block where the P switch was formerly. Out came from the block was a yellow colored P-Balloon and Hannah used the spring once again and
:iconhannahdoma:HannahDoma 5 3
Street Fighter X RWBY - M. Bison
Street Fighter side
Original: His regular appearance throughout the Street Fighter series
Alternate 1: His second alternate costume from Street Fighter IV
Voice: Gerald C. Rivers
Intro: M. Bison is seen slowly descending towards the ground while covered with Psycho Power with his arms crossed. Soon as he lands the Psycho Power aura fades as he says, “Face the mighty Bison!”
Round Win Quotes:
- Nothing but garbage.
- My Psycho Power knows no limits!
- You failed to stave off my boredom!
Victory Animation: M. Bison does his victory animation from Street Fighter IV.
Special Moves:
Psycho Crusher: M. Bison charges his right hand with Psycho Power, then surrounds himself with the energy while spiraling himself through the air towards his opponent
Double Knee Press: M. Bison performs a forward somersault with his legs outstretched, kicking the opponent up to twice and aiming to land on the opponent's knees.
Head Press: Bison leaps into the air and lands perfectly on his
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Avatar: The Warrior's Rebirth Episode 21 Part 3
Book 2: Inferno
Chapter 7: The Ember Island Street Rat

“Why?” asked Kuzon. “Why are you so sure this is for me to do?”
        Jago turned to Akosha and gave her a gesture meaning to say, “Tell him everything.” She turned to Kyoshi, who nodded as well. Taking a heavy breath, she wrapped an arm around Kuzon’s shoulders.
        “Kuzon, you know much the Fire Nation has suffered under Yao Tsung. Your uncle has dishonored his own people for power. For all we know, he had your parents killed. Do you want to him to stay in power? The only way to restore honor to the Fire Nation is someone who has a legitimate claim to the throne. Only you have that claim besides your uncle.”
        She gave Kuzon a moment to take this all in. Akosha knew for as long as she lived, she would never be able to contemplate how he felt then. What s
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Tsukimi Night Prologue
                                              Tsukimi Night
                                             By Silvermistfeather
                                Prologue - The moon’s reflection
                           “ We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.”
                                                             - Kahlil Gibran

It was a beautiful night. There was a full moon, it’s reflection twinkl
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The Final Secret of Della Duck!, Part XXI
"how many times do I have to say this??..I'M NOT DEAD!!"
It was in the early afternoon, and Della was standing at a booth at the Social Security office.
And, needless to say, she was having a difficult time trying to get her old accounts reopened.
..Given that for the past twelve years, "Adelle Thelma Duck" was declared DECEASED by public records.
"I am sorry, Miss." spoke the teller. "But, our records show that particular name is no longer valid."
"LOOK. I'm not dead, and never WAS dead." said Della. "I was just missing..for TWELVE YEARS!"
"Well, in that case you can reapply under our "Absentee Clause." explained the Teller
"Just sign..(*lifts up TALL, heavy stacks of papers*) the paperwork."
Della groaned, pinching her brows in aggravation. *oh, for gods sakes..*
Despite her frustration, Della picked up the stacks of papers, and carried them away.
Knowing full well she would ne
:iconmetroxlr:MetroXLR 2 2
CxB Week 2018: Friday Sept 22: Music
The villain of the day had been defeated and it only took all night.
Floating out in space, Superman couldn't help but smile as he watched the sun peek out from around the Earth.
Somewhere, a new day was dawning back home.
Brainy watched as Superman gazed at Earth, the sun highlighting him even from such a great distance. He scarcely noticed when the hero began to hum.
"Do you know where your heart is," Superman started to sing softly, mostly to himself, but Brainy was close enough to hear it,
"Do you think you can find it
Did you trade it for something, somewhere
Better just to have it."
Turning, Superman smile at Brainy and Brainy felt as if he had been blinded by the sunlight shining all around him. Or perhaps burned with how warm his face was.
"Do you know where your love is," Superman sang stronger now, approaching Brainy and making his face turn a darker shade of green,
"Do you think that you lost it
You felt it so strong but nothings
Turned out how you want it."
For a moment Bra
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[Minecraft FR] L'oeuf du dragon - Prologue
(Note de l'auteure : Alors oui, vous avez bien lu, j'écris bel et bien une fic sur Minecraft, mais comme c'est un univers "libre" j'avais envie d'y ajouter mon grain de sel. Et étant une Minecraftienne "aguerrie", je voulais aussi montrer que ce jeu n'est pas tellement mort qu'on le croit en postant de temps à autres un chap de cette fic. Sinon, c'est seulement un essai, mais s'il vous plait, j'aimerai beaucoup avoir votre avis dessus.
Donc j'espère que ça vous plaira ^^
PS : désolée si c'est un peu court, mais c'est seulement un prologue de "mise en bouche")
L’œuf du dragon
Une silhouette sombre s’avançait d’un pas nonchalant parmi les piliers de pierre noire aux reflets pourpres.
Sa marche lente et réfléchie claquait sinistrement sur le sol de pierre grège à l’allure néanmoins sp
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The Return of Diesel 100: Part 14
Part 14: Hold onto Hope and File Break-in.
(Thomas, Percy, Toby and Leo reach a house. The four look at each other)
Thomas: Well, this is where the lady said he'd be. Here goes.
(Thomas knocks on the door. The four hear a rustling and a smashing noise. Then, out of the door pops out an elderly man who looks at them and smiles)
Stephen I: Well, well, well, if it isn't Thomas and his friends. To what do I owe the pleasure?
Thomas: Hello, Mr. Stephenson. We're sorry to bother you, but there's something urgent we must discuss with you.
Stephen I: Really? In that case, please do come in.
(the four boys come into the room to find a middle aged man in Stephen I's house)
Percy: Huh? Thomas, I thought you said he was- (Toby elbows him) Ow!
Toby: Not now, Percy.
Percy: Sorry.
Stephen I: I know, I am retired. However, I gave my retired home to the Fowler's. It's not much, but it's the least I could do for them after adopting my second grandson.
Thomas: Oh, I see.
(the man sees the four and straig
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An Adventure like no other -Chapter Five
After flying for a while Durnaa called a halt to eat and to give the Dragons a rest because he figured that some of the Dragons would probably have sore wings by now.
Risha after been served leftover meat from last night walked over to Songtayin and he sat down on a rock in front of his friend.
Songtayin who had curled up most of his body and was chewing on a bit of dried meat from last night said to Risha “Hi”.
Risha nodded and bit into his own meat “hi to you too”.
Songtayin said “my wings are aching so much, I’m not used to this, been forced to stay in Dragon form for so long” he stretched his huge wings out.
“I still find hard to think you a Dragon”.
“You not the only one, I find it hard to think of myself as a Dragon and that this is my true form not my adopted one"”
Risha said “We even”.
“Yeah, Rish we’re even” Songtayin said.
Risha said “why you Dragon?”
“I ju
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Tale 214: The Dragonite of the North
(as performed by Ash Ketchum, with help from everyone else, as part of the Pewter City Library's Tell-a-thon)
A long time ago in what is now Kanto, there lived a terrible Dragonite who lived in the northern mountains. He would come out of the north and lay to waste whole swaths of countryside, devouring men, women, children, and Pokemon.
This monster was so destructive that it was feared that unless help came, no living creature would be left on the face of the earth.
In fact, it could fly so fast, it covered half a mile of ground in ten seconds. Fortunately, it usually tended to remain for several years in the same place, and not move on till the whole city was eaten.
Nothing could hunt it, because its whole body was covered with scales harder than even mythril. Its two great eyes shone by night, and even by day, like the sun and the moon. Anyone who had the misfortune to look into those eyes became cursed, and many times ran into the monster's jaws, in spite of themselves. That was h
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How luna became mute
2 weeks before luna started going to twilight academy luna was studying biology, medicine and psychology so her father took her to the SCPCS science foundation. Where she learned about various creatures,diseases and technology.
While she was there she met a few scps. Some were nice and others were not. She was introduced to scp-500 who h
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A Reason to Fear
A Reason to Fear
Arc four, chapter six
So there are only two chapters left after this one. Things are really about to take off. I don't know about you, but I have loved arc four. It's been nice having a slower arc after having three that were about fighting other people. So this chapter is a shorter then the others, but I hope to make the next two longer. Enjoy!
The messages were only two words each. People looked at the wall, terrified. Who were these people? What would they do next. They also remembered the message on the tree.
“We Watch.”
“So we know why we're having this meeting. I've sent news to the other communities and the Patriots, now we obviously don't know who these people are, what they went, or what they'll do.”
“We also don't know how they snuck in!” Someone yelled. A meeting was being held, the whole town was present.
“No we don't, somehow they scratched the word into the wall quietly, and got in and out. That means they got ste
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TLOTAN: Prologue
The Legend of the Arabian Nights Prologue
Fairy tales has been around for centuries. As you know, Fairy tale stories are fantasies that doesn't exist. Well, you are half correct. How do you ask? What we call fantasy doesn't exist on Earth, but it does exist in another world. But, fantasy had to start somewhere. We humans created fantasy, starting with a book called the Legendarium. Characters in the Legendarium actually exist, not within our imaginations, but within the book itself. Inside the book, people's destinies are written by humans. Some people in the book knows that their destiny were written, including one named the Erazor Djinn. Erazor was the genie from the stories of the Arabian Nights. He knew he was 'controlled' by the 'pesky humans'. He broke the rules and tried to erase the story of the Arabian Nights, and went to other stories in the book to another until he has enough p
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Commission- Winter's Kitten Embarrassment
One chilly morning in Ponyville, Winter sat outside at the Ponyville Cafe sipping a mug of hot chocolate to keep him warm during the chilly temperature of the day. He smiled happily as the hot cocoa made him feel happy, but there was another feeling that he felt was missing from his life. He couldn't quiet pinpoint what it was, but as he looked over at other ponies walking along the streets through the light snowfall, the feeling got stronger.
It was then that he realized that many ponies walking past him had some sort of pet with them. Applejack had Winona with her, Twilight had Owlowiscious, and many other ponies had dogs or other flying pets walking along with them. "Wow, how did I not notice that before" Winter said to himself. The feeling he had was loneliness, and Winter felt the urge to fill that loneliness with a loving companion of his own. He then smiled as he knew just the right pony to talk to about it. Who other than Fluttershy, the best animal caretaker Winter knew. He qu
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Sam's Adventures 2
Pearl and Sam found themselves in an aisle that held an item Pearl needs to make dinner. Grabbing a packet of dry noodles, she carefully puts them in the cart along with the other items they gathered. "OK, we got the things to make the spaghetti. Now all we need is the French bread." Said Pearl. She then pushes the cart forward with Sam walking along close to the right side.
Sam was grateful she didn't need to hold Pearl's hand while inside the building. After all, there really is no way for the slender alien to push a cart, grab the items they need, and hold Sam's hand all at the same time. Now that's not to say Sam wasn't ungrateful. She knows Pearl is looking out for her safety and she does appreciate that. It's just she's ten now, she doesn't need to hold someones hand to know she can't wander off to far.
When leaving the isle. The pair headed over to the bakery section, stopping next to a rack full of freshly baked long bread. Pearl was about to reach for when Sam called her name,
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Helen's Diary
What do I think of Penny? She's like... dang. It's near impossible to put it in words. I just... man, writing's hard. 
Penny's one of those people you'd want to hug, you know. She's so innocent and cute, you just want to, well, hehe, kiss her. She's super smart, too. I can barely think of the answer to 34 x 7, but Penny can solve that quite easily. I wish I was as smart as her.
I hope Penny sees this. I want her to know how much I love her. 
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HAFH 8 Deleted Scenes (Worst Movies of 2016)
(Deleted Shot: Rick and Skip Running In The Snowy Valley)
Skip: “Yo! These Are Supposed To Be Blizzard And It’s Not Real!”
Rick: “Wha-Wha-Wh-What Are We Saying For? I Didn’t Know That”
Skip: “You Better. Let’s Go!”
(Deleted Shot: Skip and Rick Lands on The Living Room Floor)
Skip and Rick: *Screaming in The Distance And Hit Into The Living Room Floor*
(Deleted Shot: Flo And Bob Running 3rd Shot)
Flo: “That’s What Are They Fiancés? No Way!”
Bob: “I Am Getting Into The Caribou”
Flo: “You’re Right”
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Lullaby For A King: Chapter 1
"Sometimes it is painful to the point he refuses to sleep"
Thranduil placed his hands on his face in frustration. Erestor nodded his head as he too, noticed that when Asriel visits Rivendell, he seems unhealthily tired.
"What keeps him up?" Erestor asked. "Well, to start off, it has been 6 months since the Last Alliance, he lost his father in a gruesome way I can't, I can't even explain without-" Thranduil stopped himself as he felt his voice weaken as he remembered.
The bastards, without even a thought, they pounced on Elhgamoth, tore his left wing, damaged his limbs, and painfully let him perish. Thranduil never forgot Asriel's scream, never forgot the pain in his eyes, never forgot the loss of the world.
"I've heard, I am so sorry for the loss, I wish, we could do something to help him, Asriel is not in the best condition, and how can he take care of your child in that condition?"
Thranduil remembered, Eofindel was still a babe, only born in the winter in the  last 8 months. Su
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Wheel of Morality 51
In the park. The heroes run and stops.
Jonathan: it's that time again.
Vicky: to make funny puppets?
Jessica: to make delicious treats?
Chester: to hunt new crooks?
Jonathan: nope. It's time to learn the today's lesson. And we'll find out what it is, we turn to: "The wheel of morality" (the wheel appears and Jonathan turns the wheel) Wheel of morality turn, turn, turn, tell us the lesson that we should learn. (and it stops to...) moral number 96. And the moral of the story is... (he picks up the card and reads) If you want to have friends you need to be a friend.
Vicky: it's true. You need to be friend to have good friends.
Chester: i have you guys as my friends.
Jessica: and my delicious cooking make good friends.
Jonathan: that's right guys.
When suddenly.
????: hey!
Jonathan: oh no my ex-fiancee.
Chester: alright what did you do boss?
Jonathan: i confiscated this. (pulls from his back, Carla's necklace)
Vicky: oooh a necklace.
Jessica: how shiny.
Chester: yeah. What do we do bo
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