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Supergirl TV Show: Kara and Alex Body Swap: Pt 9

Alex super speeded back to the apartment, to get to the DEO as quickly as she could.
Once inside the apartment, she set Kara's purse on the table, then continued using Kara's super speed ability to undress from Kara's work clothes and into her Supergirl costume.
Just before Alex exited the apartment to the DEO, she couldn't help but take a few seconds to glance in the mirror at how the costume looked on Kara's body.
"Damn, I look sexy!" Alex said, marveling at how attractive she looked in Kara's Supergirl costume.
Speeding to the DEO, Alex was feeling more excited than nervous about her first outing as Supergirl.
"This is going to be so fun! Getting to use Kara's powers, all the while looking sexy as hell! Best of all, I'm finally going to be recognized for the work I do saving the city!" Alex told herself, still super speeding her way to the DEO.
Alex now had arrived outside the DEO, speeding past the security g
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More Than What She Seems

(Click/tap the preview image above to view the story)
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RWBY: Weiss x Mreader pt. 3
(Y/n) POV
Yawning I stretched my arm until I felt it crack, I did my morning routine, take a shower, brush the teeth, and put on stupid school uniform. I left my room still hunched over a bit and with my eyes half lidded, I went down the stairs to the next floor and I spotted my white haired girlfriend leaving her room. Weiss saw me and waited for me to slowly get there "What time do you go to sleep?" she clearly noticed how tired I was "Like 1:00 or 1:30 in the morning" I said and she flicked the side of my head "You should be in bed earlier than that, it's not healthy to stay up that late" Weiss said as we walked together. Sure we started dating a couple days ago but for reasons that exist only to Weiss she wanted it to be a secret and we give these hints that we're together, I chuckled to myself knowing how unnecessary and silly her plan is "What this first hint then?" I asked "Let's start with this" and she grabbed my hand intertwining our fingers together. Her skin was soft and sl
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A Sinister yet Soft Entry ... by captaincurious84
Flara and Tarot The early years
Inspired from the story behind Flara24’s pictures
Nova was satisfied with the land she created. It would keep the accuser out. However, she wondered if having the place where rules were written was safe to keep open or if there needed to be traps and tests to ensure its safety. Nova remembered what happened when she messed with the accusers plans. Was it there powers together or was it the sacredness of the place that caused the shift to happen in the other world? She would not feel safe until she placed some safe guards to ensure the safety of the worlds. She went to work using triggers for certain events, placing areas for testing, and catches for those that were not pure in heart. As she was doing this a place in the land of negativity and devastation started eroding and coming into view. Structures that were long since buried started to come to the surface. But something else was also awakened. The uncovered structures uncovered a force that ha
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Ski Lodge Kobold - Ch 138 - Ready and Waiting
Hideki's pilgrimage was coming full circle. A few months before, here in Okayado, the Shinto priest had his worldview shattered when he met a genuine mountain god. Specifically, he realized that the Shinto priesthood had failed mountain spirits in the modern age. Shinto gods walked the earth, yet they were receiving more support from the government than from Shintoism.
The very day that Hideki met Hakuto, the rabbit-like god of Yuriyama, the young kannushi set out on a spiritual journey. He hoped to meet other mountain gods, find out what the priesthood could do in service to them, and learn from their ancient wisdom.
Hideki burned through most of his meager life savings on travel costs, but he successfully made contact with over a dozen mountain spirits throughout Japan. As he journeyed, his deeds became known both to the spirits and to other Shinto practitioners. The Order of the Petal, a secretive Shinto sect devoted to the goddess of Mount Fuji, even reached out to him and invited
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Cross League Character Template
Character's name:
Description Of Character:
Power:   /10
Stamina:   /10
Agility:   /10
Technique:   /10
-Super Attacks-
Level 1 (A)-
Level 2 (B)-
Level 3 (C)-
Fun Facts Regarding This Character:
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Male!Reader vs. Issei Hyoudou - Divine Uprising

(Instead of filling my search history by looking up a photo of Issei, you get Chernobog because BYLAT)
The talk of marriage between Rias and Issei echoed volumes across the world of demons and gods. Such is the case with Chernobog, Lord of Darkness. Chernobog is evil incarnate. He takes and takes and is never satiated with what he takes. Instead of taking whatever offerings and more petty mortals would try and give to him to satisfy his own tastes, he decided that he decided to take something that finally would satisfy his own desires. At least, one of his own desires and that desire can only be satiated by the Gremory family.
Chernobog and the Gremory family have had encounters before, usually ending in a servant or two of the Gremories being killed to satiate Chernobog's wants and needs to save themselves from the wrath of the Black God. However, one action that Chernobog had took had made him the enemy of the Gremory family and hated in his eyes,
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P.O.S - Tae the Nurse
Tae Takemi slowly woke up, looking around. Everything recently had been a blank to her. She seemed to be in a strange room, with pictures of all her friends on the wall, smiling in pictures seemingly taken by a stalker. She observed them, shaking nervously as the photos began to stretch and wrap, messing with them as they look more strange and weird. Tae jumped off where she was laid, screaming in horror. It was like she had entered into a drug-induced nightmare. She backed away from the walls, suddenly hearing the door open. To her shock, one of her friends: Chihaya stepped in with a wide smile on her face.
“Chihaya!?” Tae screamed a little.
“Hello, Tae. It's been a while.” Chihaya replied.
Tae ran over, hugging her tight.
“What the hell is going on!?” She questioned.
“Don’t be scared now.” Chihaya smiled.
Tae looked confused, stepping back a little.
“We have simply been taken. Chosen to live out the rest of our lesbian lives
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Spongebob Squarepants Movie TNSGiT part 2
(One hour later, Spongebob and Patrick Star are chasing the two jellyfish with their nets. Both of them ran in the opposite directions. Suddenly, Patrick fell into the hole where Kristina Patron crash land into.)
Patrick: Whoa! (falls down into the hole) OOF! (gets up) Wh-where am I?
Kristina: (opens her eyes as she heard him) Mmm...
Patrick: Huh? (sees Kristina) AHHH!
Kristina: (gets up, not realizing what she looked like now) What? (looks around) Where am I?
Patrick: AHH! Monster! (runs out of the hole)
Kristina: Hey, wait! (reach up her hand to grab onto the hole wall, but stopped when she suddenly saw her four fingered hand) Wait a minute. What's going on with my hand with four fingers now? (looks at her other hand) And why are my hands...small? (look down and noticed her skinny legs) And why are my legs skinny? What's going on? (ran up to her luggage and pull out the hand-held mirror from the front pocket of her luggage. She look at her reflection and became horrified of what she
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MK vs. RWBY - Chameleon
Mortal Kombat side
Original Costume: His Mortal Kombat: Armageddon look
Cosplay Outfit: Cell from Dragon Ball
Voice: Andrew Bowen
Special Moves:
Green Wave: Chameleon fires a green fireball at his opponent.
Lizard Lightning: Chameleon raises his arms and summons a blue lightning bolt on his opponent, sending them into the air for a combo while they fall.
Speedy Serpent: Chameleon dashes behind his opponent and delivers a successful elbow into their back.
Vanishing Kick: Chameleon disappears in a ball of fire and hits his opponent with a kick as he reappears from behind.
Freezing Charge: Chameleon rushes the opponent with his shoulder, leaving a trail of ice on the ground behind him.
Kold Ahead: Chameleon turns blue and shoots an icicle into his opponent's chest. He punches the icicle, leaving a gaping hole in the chest. He then turns yellow and rips the opponent from his/her face down to his/her abdomen, exposing the brain, tongue, larynx, lungs, heart, liver, stomach, and
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Feared Love United: Chapter 09/Chiaroscuro
Feared Love United: Chapter 09/Chiaroscuro
Halfire pulled himself out of his bedroll and looked about to see Spike brooding, as he looked at the wintry wastes below them.  Halfire stretched and gathered his things before rolling up his bedroll.  "Doc..." Halfire said with a yawn.
"Doc?" Spike asked him.
"In my entire life, no one has called me Doc...  Just hearing it makes me feel like a colt again."
"It's amazing," Spike replied, "how staring into the jaws of death can make like seem so clear to you..."
"It's amazing how one word can make life worth living..." Halfire stated.
"Eat and do your ablutions," Spike said to him, "and we will depart."
"M'Lord." Halfire affirmed.
* * *
"There is no shame in turning back now..." Spike voiced, as the pair looked at the mouth of the crevasse.
"Even I can feel the shadow malevolance..." Halfire stated, "as if it's tendrils were flicking at my soul..."  He paused and there was a pregnant silence as he thought it over.  In
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Captulo Especial Hades y el Palacio del tiempo by Reena-Kusakabe Captulo Especial Hades y el Palacio del tiempo :iconreena-kusakabe:Reena-Kusakabe 0 0
How To Train Your Wolf
How to Train Your Wolf
In honor of the upcoming films How to Train Your Dragon 3 and Mowgli 
Summary: Humans and wolves have been enemies ever since. As for little Russian boy named Peter Prokofiev, he befriends with a wolf named Rama and learns that wolves aren't the bad. But how will he and his friends convince his people and his grandfather?
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III- Peter (Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf; My version) 
Extra for Peter--Sasha the Bird, Sonja the Duck, Ivan the Cat, Rover the Dog and Anya the Mouse (Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf; My version/OCs) 
Astrid Hofferson- Ola Romanski (My OC)
Toothless- Rama (Disney's The Jungle Book) 
*Hiccup's trainer*- Akela (Disney's The Jungle Book) 
(Kinghuffy2's idea's mostly inspired by Shonen Mowgli, Tarzan and The Jungle Book....and a reference to Babe.)
Stoick the Vast- Peter's Grandfather (Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf; My Version) 
Gobber the Belch- Popeye the Sai
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.:Reclaiming Dream Island:. Episode One: Encounter
   The forest hummed softly with the sounds of animal life as the wind brushed the treetops, creating a rustle of noise. The sun was low in the sky, sending spindly golden rays through the trunks of the trees, whose canopies filtered the light into a dark green hue. The evening was peaceful, as it always was in Goiyle, but the peace was disturbed by the sound of two people walking down a rarely trodden path. The two were Pillow and Bottle. Pillow was a rather curvy and short girl with a prominent stomach and soft features to match. Her hair fell down her back is a fluffy mass as she walked ahead of Bottle. Bottle was almost an exact opposite of Pillow, due to how tall and thin she was. She kept her hair up in a bun, which also served as a passage to her clear abdomen. Bottle lagged behind Pillow, nervously looking around and fiddling with her hands. Pillow slowed and looked back.
   “Are you alright?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. “You’ve be
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Hyrule's Hefty Hero Part 6 M: Gerudo Town
Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Long ago, the four tribes lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the calamity attacked. Only the chosen hero, who wields the Blade of evil's bane could stop it. But when the world needed him most, he vanished... A hundred years have passed and you succeeded in finding the missing hero, a chubby Hylian named Link. And while his swordfighting skills were great, he has a lot to do to save everyone... But you believe, Link could save Hyrule once again!
After checking on Hudson's progress on building Tarrey Town, you and Link return to Hateno to prepare for the trek to Gerudo Town. However, since males or in their tongue "Voes" are forbidden, you pondered as to how you and Link are gonna sneak in. That's when an idea hits you as you gain a devilish smirk. You then grab the chubby hero as you and Link made your way to the horned statue. By removing the fat from certain areas of his body, you made sure that Link had a body worthy of being a trap grea
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NAP: Negas and Replicas 6
(Act 6)
At the fields somewhere, a dark emerald was shown glowing before two feet from a familiar alternate squire approached.
Piggleby: Hmmm? What in the world?
He looked back with concern as he shouted.
Piggleby: I say, Glomgold. (points) This emerald's glowing.
Glomgold: (glares) Glowing, huh? You sure that wasn't your fat belly talking?
Piggleby: (annoyed) Hmph, like YOU trying to be the Richest Duck in the planet against McDuck is any better for you.
Glomgold: Look, lad. I'm one of the most powerful members of FOWL and I can have ye kicked out if I choose to.
As he continued, he near the dark emerald.
Glomgold: Besides, it's not like anyone's going to be invading us.
Just then, the familiar monsters screeched, pouncing the two as they yelped in shock.
Piggleby: (in fear) AHHH!! HELP! ROBBERS!!
Ludo's Voice: Hold them!!
As they noticed the kappa bird approaching, the leader took out grapplers, snagging the emerald with a chuckle.
Ludo: Got it! Now we can use the emerald against Pri
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All-Star WarZone: Rex Salazar
Entrance: Rex drives the Rex Ride onscreen before getting rid of it and forming the Smack Hands.
Exit: Rex forms the Boogie Pack and flies away.
Standard (Light): Punches
Standard (Medium): Does a right hook
Standard (Heavy): Slashes with the BFS
Launcher: Slashes upward with the BFS in Battle Saw form
Aerial (Light): Punches
Aerial (Medium): Stabs with the BFS
Aerial (Heavy): Slashes downward with the Bad Axes
Crouching (Light): Kicks with the Punk Busters
Crouching (Medium): Punches
Crouching (Heavy): Swings the Fun-Chucks
Grab: Blast Caster
Rex forms the Blast Caster and lashes out with it, tying up the opponent and shocking them before tossing them away.
Special Moves:
Smack Hands: Rex does a barrage of punches with the Smack Hands before turning them into the Combat Drills and ramming the opponent with them.
Rex Ride: Rex forms the Rex Ride and drives it at the opponent, ramming them.
Slam Cannon: Rex forms the Slam Cannon and uses it to fire a chunk of stone at his foe.
Block Par
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ShadowLocke: Making Rivals, Not Friends
Daren couldn’t help staring at the Pokéball, even as his father set down dinner in front of him. Since Daren was a rookie trainer with no badge to his name, he didn’t have many options to go. Thankfully while in Union City, his hometown, he could stay with his father in their apartment. But now with his starter Pokémon, Aron, he could explore. Sure, Union City was nice, but he wanted to see more and now he was a real trainer with a real Pokémon.
“You have barely taken your eyes off that ball,” His father joked before he lifted a forkful of spaghetti to his mouth, “Now hurry up and eat before it gets cold.”
Daren blinked and removed his gaze from the red and white Pokéball that sat on the table, to the plate of food. While the brown-haired boy longed to explore, he knew this might be his last good, hot meal for a while.
“Thank you,” Daren’s gaze lifted to his father and the bearded man was smiling as he devoured h
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Country Harem part 22 - German Girl
Reader’s pov
That night (GermanGirl’sName) had taken you out on a date, because the local fair was on. At this moment, the two of you were walking down the main street, eating chocolate covered potato chips, which (GermanGirl’sName) loved.
“They’re following us, you know?” You said
“I know” (GermanGirl’sName) said, “Put once ve get to zee Ferris Vheel, zey’ll sdop”
You glanced over your shoulder and saw (AmericanGirl’sName) peeking out from behind a corner, looking right at you. But once she saw that you were looking, she quickly hid behind the corner. You sighed slightly before looking back in front of you, taking a hold of (GermanGirl’sName)’s hand. She looked towards you, frowning slightly.
“I vas uzing zat to eat vith” She said
You grabbed her chocolate covered chips, pointing the open side of the bag towards her.
“Use your other hand” You said
She smiled and kissed you
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The Atlantis Expedition: Chapter 16
Chapter Sixteen: Jungle Landing
“Alright, before we go any further, let me just… try to figure this out a little better…” Business muttered, flipping back through his notes.
“Maybe this one won’t be as puzzle-based as the others?” Emmet suggested. Business looked back up at him.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, ‘lend a helping hand’ makes me think that it’s hinting at teamwork,” the construction worker said with a shrug.
“There is a lot of space to cover here,” Benny mused. “Did anyone think to bring radios?”
“What are ye thinkin’, lad?”
“Well, if Emmet’s right and this is gonna be a ‘team effort’ sort of thing, the solution must be something pretty wide-spread, judging by the size of this place. We might just have to split up, and we’ll need a way to keep in contact with each other.” The friends turned to look at each other,
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Gift: Tag-Team TF
Paige entered the packed New Orleans Arena, wearing a stylish jacket.  "Hello, New Orleans!" she declared, "Are you ready for Smackdown Live?  We have a wonderful show for you this evening, starting off with a Women's Division Tag-Team Match!"  Steampunk letters filled the screen as a hooded redhead dashed towards the ring, leaving her goggles with a fan.  Becky Lynch was soon dressed in her tights as a blaring rock song soon appeared with a Noh mask.  A figure in a robe and a mask danced to the stage, removing both to reveal Asuka, one of the toughest women in the WWE.
"Oh, this is rich!" said an Australian voice as a different tune, more pop, began playing.
"The Irish spudsdigger and can't beat Mr. Chinless!" said her partner, with straighter hair.  "We rock and you --"
"SuuuUUUUUuuck!" they said together.  Asuka stared at them with a burning hatred while Becky stretched her arms.
"How about a stipulation for the match, a TF match!" said Peyton.
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Our Reality.. (Chapter 1)
(Hello! Before the story begins, I just want to let you (the reader) know that this story consists of little parts known as 'storylines' which basically are the main plots (I believe that is what they are called). You'll be able to spot them easily, but I'll TRY to make the chapters follow each other and explain each storyline and if you are confused, please don't be afraid to ask :) Please enjoy the story though :D )
(One more thing, I've been asked recently to write in what I call "Roleplay Format" which apparently allows a reader to see everything as if it was a roleplay or a script, which I don't mind.. also I'll explain really quick since I was asked by a friend. When I do BOLD, that usually means something important to the surroundings of the story, Italics usually represent the actions of the characters (or anything inside ** or --), nd Underline usually is the character STATING something to another character.. So That's basically those three and what they mean in my RP Format)
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