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FFT WG Comm: A Well-Rounded Marriage
There was quite a buzz as rumors spread about the latest conquest of the Ample Angel. Having many accomplishments (and quite the large lower body) beneath her belt, she added the defeat of a major arms smuggling ring to the list. After rumors of the victory spread and more news came to light, it became apparent that the criminals were no mere thugs, but part of a band that would have coordinated a larger takeover of a major Ordalian port. Soon, word spread further and further about the deeds of the heroine and more words came about of how big the reward was. 
The grateful public awarded the heroine, Agrias, with enough gil to not only allow her children to become Scholars of the highest caliber (as many institutions were ludicrously expensive) but also ordered a feast that could feed ten starving men...or serve as lunch for the Ample Angel herself. 
In the midst of her rewarding repast, Agrias took a big bite out of a leg of succulent lamb, the seven-hundred pound protector s
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My Little Pony The Movie 2017 review
Read it here:
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Equestria Girls- TG Series- Finale
Equestria Girls: TG Series:
   “So, why are we here again?” Roxanne “Rainbow Dash” Dashion asked as she stared at the door leading to the music room.
  The school day had long since ended, and the only students still in the building were these who were there for their clubs.  Before any of the former males could get the chance to pack up and think about heading for home, Sunset had told them to follow her, taking them to the door they’re currently staring at.
   “Well, two things, really,” Sunset replied as she gave the doorknob a quick twist.
   She opened the door and walked into the room with the others following behind her.  She scanned the room quickly, and found no one else in the room and plenty of stuff for what they would need for later.
   “What’s on your mind, Sunset?” Twilight asked curiously.  “You suddenly went quiet?”
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9 OC Biography
Name: (Either number or real name)
Purpose: To (.....) Us
Mental age: (Age they act like)
Personality: (Words to describe them)
Weapon: (What they use for protection)
Creator: (Who created them)
Clan: (Who do they live with)
Role: (What part they have in the group)
Bio: (What's their history)
Love Interest: (Any lovers)
Voice Actor/Actress: (Dream voice, Who they play as, what movie/show they're from)
Theme song: (Song that describes them)
Quote (if any): (Anything they'd say)
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Fabrication Chapter 25 (Ruby Rose x Male Reader)
A/N: Volume 5 everyone! Thank you for reading, commenting, and favoriting!           
        You ran through an endless green field, hand in hand with Ruby. You looked over to her, grinning as she was equally jubilant. The two of you continued to run through the field, feeling the breeze on your face, the warm sun on your skin, and the soft grass caressing your legs.
            You both finally collapsed on the grass, next to each other, giggling uncontrollably. You stopped and looked over to Ruby as she turned to look at you.
            “I love you Ruby” you said. “I wish we could stay like this forever.”
            “I love you too (Y/N)” Ruby responded, squeezing your hand playfully. “But you know
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Covering the hall and basement took only a few minutes, and then Slade’s team went for the stairs to the first floor, all the while bichering with one another. “Just because I can reach the ceiling flying on boulders, doesn’t mean I have to do all the work” “Hey, I put the ground cameras, didn’t I?” “That’s like a tenth of the cameras!” “Ooh, the blonde can do fractions; I guess you must have some brains to compensate the lack of curves and feminility in general.” ”Listen who’s talking, your chest is flatter then a boy’s.” 
That stung a nerve “All right, that’s it!” Furious, Jinx pushed her colleague, who responded by grabbing her hair and pulling them both to the ground, scratching and twisting while they rolled in front of the stairs.                      
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Going for a Drive
Now, there were two things that a new driver typically wanted when they were going out for a fun time in their car. The first, obviously, was clear roads, so they had less to stress about. The second, good weather, while admittedly not as important, was still a nice touch to any enjoyable time out when driving. For Sunset, she was, thankfully, able to have both, but, for the time being, she stayed still in the parking lot. She had been sitting in her car for some time now, waiting for her friend to get here. Having only just gained her licence, she was, as one would expect, just a touch nervous about doing this, but, she'd committed to it, and so she was going to see it through. Thankfully, her solitude didn't last much longer, as Fluttershy now appeared in view, walking around a nearby building to be within sight of Sunset. The ex-unicorn smiled, waving to her to gain her attention, and the animal lover soon spotted her. Within moments, Fluttershy was there, opening up the passenger s
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Another Way to Win (Spla2n Vore) [RQ/G]
Another Way to Win (Vore) [RQ/G]
[Warning! This story contains vore (F/F, F/Multiple, nonfatal), digestion, burping/belching and some Spla2n related weirdness]
“No. This is Splat Zones. The Bamboozler is still bad and you’re not using it.”
The blue-tentacle-headed male sighed and slowly walked his bamboo-shaped squirt gun back towards the closet. He tucked a stray tentacle back underneath his purple beret before returning his attention to his equally tall, though not equally wide, team mate. “What would you recommend then, Asia?” The slightly frustrated Inkling replied. “We’re playing the best team in Splat Zones, so why not try something fun?”
The thick-bodied female sighed before walking towards the weapon closet. Shuffling and clanking could be heard as she dug around inside, but the squid-kid quickly pulled out a different weapon. What she pulled out was a pair of small, short-barreled ink shooters that looked like they were ma
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“It's time,” a guard growled.
“Strange, but I'm not afraid,” said Martin Plachý. “I think it's because I think it's more like a way out of this ass of the world. It's ridiculous. A state that hates me and thinks I'm a spy and a traitor... will give me the key to get out of here.”
“Fuck you, I wouldn't help you escape, and obviously your capitalist buddies don't care of you as well as me. I'm not leading you to escape; I'm leading you to execution,” the guard rolled his eyes.
“Yeah, to my execution,” Plachý nodded and sarcastically grinned. “When I was shot at the border, I saw the future. In 2016 the one from which Filip came. Polity is also worth the shit, maybe a little different, but people have better live. There is plenty of everything in stores. No slogans: There is no paper, no inserts, what do women put between the legs? At the time is cleaner air an
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Ella The Tsareena's Ticklish Punishment
Meet Ella the Tsareena, Ella lives in a jungle called the 'Scented Jungle'. She is very well known in that jungle as the 'Dazzling Princess' Despite this name she has no relations with any royals. Her outfit usually consists of a dark purple/magenta cropped top, because of this she has her beautiful and smooth white belly on show, it shows just above her hips and just below her ribs, she exposes a lot of belly to say the least, but that it is not just that, her belly button also is exposed because of this. Although she has to be very careful while wearing these type of outfits. Why? Because her mid-riff is unbelievably ticklish. As her beauty is not the only thing she is known for, but she is also known for her ticklishness. She would occasionally get her belly poked by some passerby in the jungle. She doesn't despise being tickled, but she doesn't like it all too much either. The ticklishness doesn't stop her from wearing her favourite outfit. This always has outraged three certain Po
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Adventure Bros
Augustus (Foxipaw)
Augustus lay flat on his back, eyes trained upwards towards the puffy clouds passing by overhead. They promised rain this evening. He could smell it on the wind, rich and heavy and all too common this time of year. His legs were filthy with mud, and it occurred to him in that moment that now his back probably was as well. He frowned for a moment, before coming to terms with it. Well, if he was already going to be filthy he might as well do the best job he could at it, right? His face split into a wide grin and he wriggled, laughing quietly at the sound of mud squelching beneath him.
Rolling to his feet, Gus turned back to admire the wallow he had made. The mud was cool on his back, and he felt it seeping in to chill the skin beneath his mottled pelt. He wondered if this was what hogs felt like all the time and if so, decided he envied them for it. That was spectacular! In fact, he could probably find an even better mudhole than the one he’d just created,
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A Dance of Fire and Lightning | Storm Prelude

Slash:- Wherever there is light, there is also shadow, and wherever there's a green-clad hero, there's always-
Lion:- A spiky-haired, slant-eyed badass! Well, sometimes. Like Killua Zoldyck, the assassination prodigy from Hunter X Hunter.

Slash:- And Hiei, the Jaganshi swordsman from Yu Yu Hakusho. Before we begin, let's credit those that helped, :iconYellowFlash1234: for the Killua research, and :iconStrunton: for the Hiei research, as well as :iconRioluCraft-FTW: for the thumbnail of this battle. That being said, let's determine once and for all, which slant-eyed killer would win in a fight.
Species: Human
Age: 14
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 107.8 lbs.
Occupation: Hunter, Assassin
Classification: Nen User, Transmuter
Has been trained in assassination since birth
Mastered several killing techniques at a young age
-His family says he has the potential to be the greatest assassin in the
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Oreonna's Revenge Part 14- Wounded
This was a stupid idea from the start.
It was never going to work out.
What were you thinking when you decided to come here?
All these thoughts and more were going through the head of Nichol Cuillere as she made her way down the hallways of Shade Academy. The entire event that had just transpired was replaying through her head as she walked to meet her fate at the hands of the academies headmistress. The silver haired girl remembered Eden's words from their last meeting, about how their would be consequences should she ever assault a fellow student.
"When I say that, know I'm not simply referring to expulsion."
The memory of the deer faunus' words played again in Nichol's head and she felt her stomach twist. It had been a simple request, and one Nichol had intended to follow... in her own way. After all, you can hardly have an issue with your teammates if you never interact with them. So she decided to avoid Maybelle, Oran, and Oreonna as much as she could, even going so far as
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Pokemon fanfiction: The talking gastly (FR) chp247
-The talking gastly. Arc final.-
Chapitre 247 : Retour à Kanto.
Dès le lendemain aux aurores, Lottis, Tate et Aidana partirent avec la petite voiture rouge que Tate avait louée en arrivant dans la région, pour prendre la direction de Poivressel, et roulèrent durant trois jours. Une fois arrivé en ville où le marché animait les rues avec de nombreux stands, le groupe retrouva le petit garage où il avait loué le véhicule et se gara devant l'établissement.
-Dit donc… Tu l'avais loué pour combien de temps ?
Questionna Lottis en détachant sa ceinture, avant d’attraper ensuite sa sacoche qui était posée sur le siège arrière à côté de sa
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When a Mountain Loves a Diamond Chapter 2 by Sad-Horse When a Mountain Loves a Diamond Chapter 2 :iconsad-horse:Sad-Horse 1 0
Resurgence: Proluge Pt. 2
As Godzilla roared into the sky, Admiral Ifukube turned away from the battle. He was in complete shock.
"How could this happen?" He asked himself. Before he knew it though, his soldiers began screaming.
"Godzilla's coming closer!" One of them yelled. The admiral looked, only to see the monster approaching hastily. Godzilla began charging his atomic breath, causing the soldiers to close their eyes. However, death never came to them, as another giant monster slammed into Godzilla. This creature was incredibly similar to Godzilla, but had light grey scales, blue veins in his spines and a strange symbol on his chest, a symbol found in the ancient cave drawings. The military then realized something: this WAS the Godzilla from the legends. The other Godzilla roared at the true king, clearly angered. Godzilla began charging his atomic breath, however when he fired, it was a spiraling flame instead of a laser. Blasting his enemies chest, Godzilla's eyes widened as he saw grey metal underneath
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After The Storm Chapter Two
A New Deal
It was just another dreary day in Klugetown. The denizens, comprised of mostly fish, rodent pig and lizard creatures, went about their business, either selling their various tawdry (and in some cases, illegal), high-priced wares in hopes of making a quick Storm Buck, or just shambling through the streets. They only acknowledged each other if they were offering something for a price, or if one shoved another in their haste to get from point A to point B.
A dark shadow suddenly fell over the streets. The inhabitants looked up to see one of the Storm Guard's airships heading toward the docks. This was a fairly regular occurrence, but the citizens hadn't seen any of those ships in the last few days, and were unaware of recent events in Canterlot. So they noted with brief, detached curiosity that whatever delays their schedule had suffered must have finally been resolved.
At the ship's helm stood Captain Celaeno, her crew, and Capper (still wearing his new cloak and top ha
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Equestria Girls Magical Adventure - Chap.08.2
Part 2 Of Chapter 8.
Sunset saw much of on a computer screen of the latest new photo within the Yearbook Committee Room: of the RainBoom girls & Spike happily together…while Sunset watch from a window all sad & gloomy.
“Oh, stop looking at that will you. You're just going to wind yourself up. You can't think if you're wound up Sunset.” Trixie was seen trying to lecture Sunset to not let such a picture without her by her friends get to her, it’ll only be more distracting & bothersome. “Oh, think, Trixie!” She grit her hands to her head to nearly explode, trying to think of what it is they are missing.
“Careful, think to hard, & your brain might fry.” Phobos pointed off a little fact he’s heard.
“This is no time for jokes Phobos.” Goldie lectured the dog about their focus issues.
“Hey, ugh…Sunset? Can we talk a moment?” Wheelie was heard as he & Brains walk on the table
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Nightwing meets the Batboy part 5
Nightwing meets the Batboy
By L.S.Smith
Explosion ?
Bruce: Soon
Then there was a HUGE explosion that shook the entire city.
At Grayson house
Luca: Look ! The Explosion came from Arkham !
Dick: {on a comlink} Bruce !
Bruce: We’re fine. You ?
Dick: I’m fine. Luca and Wally too.
Bruce: Well suit up. We’re going to Arkham.
Dick: Got it !
Luca: Can i come please !
Dick: No kid, you can’t. You’re too young ! Wally ! Suit up ! We’re going to Arkham.
Wally nodded.
Dick: If you want to be useful, you can watch, on the Computer.
Luca: UH ! Fine !
Dick and Wally quickly put their suits on
Nightwing: And don’t follow us ! Understand !
Luca: Yes Sir.
And Nightwing and Kid Flash left
At the Batcave.
Batman: Damian, Tim, Jason, Barbara, Kathy, Tony, Kestrel ! Suit up ! We’re going to Arkham !
Damian: Already done Father !
Then Nightwing and Kid Flash entered the Batcave.
Batman: Ok ! Robin, your in the car with me !
Robin nodded and ran to the Batmobile
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Power Heroine Force In: A Very Hot Situation
One day.
*A car was riding in the fields. Inside were Bubblegum Gal, Magic Mistress, Neon Queen, Bimbo Star Cheerleader, and Cat Paws were riding in there. Balloon Boulder was driving.*
Magic Mistress: Sure was nice of Courtney to let us test drive this new car.
Neon Queen: I didn't you were such a good driver.
Balloon Boulder: I intend to follow the rules of the road.
Cat Paws: Is not.
Bubblegum Gal: Is too!
Magic Mistress: What are you guys arguing about?
Bimbo Star Cheerleader: Oh, they're arguing about which breast size is the biggest.
Bubblegum Gal: I'm telling you, that's not a big size.
Cat Paws: Yes it is.
Bubblegum Gal: No, it's not!
Balloon Boulder: Can you guys please stop that?!
Both: Sorry.
Balloon Boulder: That's more like.
Bimbo Star Cheerleader: Uh, guys?
*Magic Mistress then sees a wall.*
Magic Mistress: Balloon, look out!
Balloon Boulder: Huh? 
*She sees the wall.*
Balloon Boulder: WAH!!!
*The car then crashed as Courtney and her family comes out.*
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White Sound
He heard a sound.
It rang right through his mind, sharp as a knife and equally painful, but lasted just for a moment, too brief for him to correctly process it.
The sound left an unpleasant sensation in him, one Jack could, oddly enough, perceive with more than just his hearing.
It was in his mouth, sour and unpalatable.
It was in his paws, a tingle that made his fingers twitch unconsciously.
And… it was in his eyes, a picture which refused to come into focus for at least two full seconds. “What…”, he murmured, as the shimmering feeling vibrating in his whole essence slowly poured into wary, almost unsteady words, “What are you doing here, Walker?”
Cynthia was looking at him, not making a sound nor moving a single inch of her soft, beautiful body as she stood next to the window. The distances between them felt nullified by the way her amber eyes were focusing on him, piercing through his figure like pointy darts.
He felt nullified, and only
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(TC1) Crossed Paths - 12 (D56/M28)
This is not the start-beginning of the story, if you don’t know what this is about go and start from the beginning clicking on the following: Tumblr | DeviantArt

-|♦|  12 - The high school’s infiltration - Republic's Most Famous Attraction ||-

█▄█   = Hakane  /////   ▄█▄ = Amy
█▄█   Hakane qui
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