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Deltahearts fanfiction
 {1 hour later}
Roulxs Kaard set off to the forest of hopes and dreams to find somebody to accompany the prince. Roulxs had talked to many people already...Bloxer...Clover...Malius...Ponman...Rudinn...Hathy...even C.Round... nobody wanted the opportunity. It's not that they don't like him, or they're afraid of him...It's just...they would'nt want their heads cut off if they did something wrong. Roulxs sighed..putting his hand on his forehead in distress...
"Nobody even wants to look at thou castle....I'm running out of options...*
Roulxs looked at his list of people once more.... he saw that there was only one person he hasn't spoken to yet....
...Seam...the shopkeeper... He never really spoke to Seam that much, despite him being a very lively and quiet man...he was always so distant from everyone...He never spoke unless it was to say.."Good evening" or "Have a nice day". Roulxs was still full of hope...but feared that the hope he was holding might be for nothing...So, determined
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Fantasy Harem Part 1
"Wake up sweetie~" I'm woken up by a sickly sweet voice. That voice would be my mother, Ithiria Frost. "5 more minutes..." I complain as I roll over. "I'll give you 10 seconds.." she said cutely. I was immediately out of bed because I know what that countdown meant. She then started giggling, "You can't just threaten me out of bed.." I groaned. "Worked, didn't it?" she asked as she walked away. I followed her, "It worked because you would have used magic on me.." I complained as she laughed again. I walked out and found the butlers and maid setting the table, "Prince (Y/N). Queen Frost.." they said in unison and bowed.
"Come on guys..." I complained. I didn't like it when they used 'prince' when saying my name. Yes, I'm apart of a Royal Family but I wasn't born into it. My mother: Ithiria, had adopted me when I was barely a year old. That wouldn't be a problem if not, for one thing: she's the Queen of the Dark Elves. My father isn't ever here at the castle, he's 'studying'
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Suggestion Submissions 1
Our tale begins as many do in the Pokemon World. It was in Pallet Town one day, while Ash Ketchum and Misty were taking a break from their journeys and duties as Gym Leader respectively to catch up with one another.
The two friends talked, as they often did, about old times and what the other had missed, though on that day, Professor Oak had invited them both over.
Ash and Misty were both at his lab, awaiting the professor, but they and Pikachu noticed a strange stone, one that seemed to be a ball of light.
“Hm? Hey, Ash, did you see that?” Misty asked, walking closer. “What do you think it is?”
“I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a weird Pokeball, like the GS Ball from awhile back,” the traveling trainer suggested. It was then that he noticed a note next to the ball. “Hm? A note?”
“What does it say?” Misty asked, watching as Ash began to read. All the while, Pikachu was poking and prodding the ball with curiosity.
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The Boyfriend Type (Kaoru x Male Reader) - Ch. 4
Chapter 4 – The Mysterious Suitor!
Ouran High School Host Club is owned by Bisco Hatori and Hakushensha Comics and is licensed by Madman Entertainment and Viz Media. Please support the official release.
Winter was coming. Little flurries of snow danced on the icy winds, but the snow had yet to stick. Much like students at any school, those at Ouran High were barely able to focus on their studies, despite final exams waiting just around the corner. Most were already thinking about their trips home to visit family and friends or the holiday feasts or presents or other things far more interesting than classical Japanese Literature. Yet, despite the excitement of the impending holiday season and looming exams, you were interested in another little puzzle that came in the form of a bag on your desk one Friday morning.
It was a candy-cane patterned plastic wrap tied with a neat cherry red bow. I
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Dragon Ball Super: The Cooler Empire - Episode 1
Dragon Ball Super: The Cooler Empire
Episode 1 - Frieza's Older Brother
A year has passed since the chaotic battle against Broly, lights shined within a Frieza Force spaceship where Frieza was standing in front of a window as he was in his final form.
A soldier approached him, "Sir, you have a video request,"
"Oh?" Frieza blinked curiously, "What is it?"
"Its from your older brother Cooler," the soldier stated.
"Oh what does my brother want?" Frieza asked.
"Its about your trip to Earth and Broly..." the soldier stated.
Frieza groaned. "He wants to complain about that?"
"No, he said he wants to tell you about something he found..." the soldier stated.
"What? Put him on screen," Frieza sighed.
"Yes sir," the soldier nodded.
Live footage came on one of the screens near Frieza, which shown Cooler in his final form on a ruined planet.
"Ah finally you answered. Its rude to ignore your big brother," Cooler smirked as he was holding a strange red fruit in his right hand.
"Oh, be
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Nova the Savior
Nova Butterfly
-The Savior-
975 .a.M.            1037 .a.M.
996 .a.M. – 1006 .a.M.
Married to: Dorrique Mcknight
Lyra*            Nixon’
                                                                                     Acer’            Saturnia*
Nova of House Butterfly was born 975 .a.M during a sad period, but there will soon be hope. She had teal hair which she inherited from her father Tyrrhenian, hazel eyes from her mother Selen, and for cheek emblems she had a pair of curved squares on her cheeks. Nova means Eclipsing Star in High Mewnian.
By the age
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Godzilla Wars VS: Attack on Kaiju: Episode 186

[Godzilla Wars VS: Attack on Kaiju Intro]-(Based on the Godzilla Final Wars Main Title Theme-Toonami Version)

Lake Puma Yumco, Tibetan Plateau-Himalayan Mountains, Asia.
In the Tibetan Plateau of the irradiated Lake Puma Yumco, sleeping 16,633 feet below sea level and impregnated with twenty-six fully grown life forms, the undisturbed Furox, finds herself relaxing in the irradiated waters, could only endure as her super maximum powered super-omega-giga energy-overloaded, slightly outer-skeletal, super-omega monstrously strong, super-omega massively huge, super-omega heavily overdosed, super-omega extremely over-toned, super-omega extremely over-shredded, super-omega extremely over-build, super-omega extremely over-buffed, super-omega extremely
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Priorities 2

Buddha: Why are you looking at me like that?...

Buddha: I'm a good guy, I promise... where that gun comes from?

Buddha: Nooooo!

Buddha: What... happened... because I feel... happy... 

Buddha: What are you.. mumbling.. me.. a maid?... that.. that would be...

Buddha: .... Such a wonderfull idea... I can't wait to start Mistress...

Buddha: Do.. do you want me? really?... I'd love to be your maid Mistress..

Bhurva: Yes Mistress... B... Bhurva will serve you. B... Bhurva won't dissapoint you!

Anonymous girl: She is wonderful Mistress.
Amelie: hehe.. you are right but stop flattering me.. heh
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Peace At Last Chapter 3
I woke the next morning with something weighing on my mind.
"If my parents don't remember me anymore, then it could have been any of the other ponies with whom I'd had disagreements. The question is whom. that list is so long it stretches from one end of Equestria to the other."
"I'm sure whomever it was will be found out soon enough," said Shield Bearer, who had been assigned to protect me .
As I sat there in my hospital bed, I thought back to possible suspects in the attack
<Begin Flashback>
The other Wonderbolt cadets, and I had just finished another day of training, and were all in the locker room after.
"Hey poofter!" said one stallion, shoving me.
"How did a pathetic loser like you ever get into the Academy?" a mare asked, pretending to hold her nose.
"You don't belong here with us, and nopony wants a fruit like you around, so just do everypony a favor, and quit!"
I was on the verge of tears, but kept them at bay. Suddenly, several pairs of hooves grabbed me, and held me do
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Fart Diary: Catwoman,Poison Ivy and Killer Frost 2

It was a new day and Justin decided to wake up early, because it was his Birthday. Of course he want to go to the Hotel, where his bro Max stayed. He want to tell him, that he go down the Club of the gassy Superheroes and want that Max come along. So he showered himself and put on his clothes. As he opened the door, there was a big Cake was standing in front of the door. Justin thought, that it was from Max and so he decided to eat it a little bit later, because he knew, that he would get another Cake and he want to eat the Cake of his bro Max at last. So he went to the Hotel and knocked at Max door. He opened it and let Justin in. He told Max,that he want to go in the Club of the gassy Superheroes and asked him, if he want to come along. Max answered him, that he would come with him in anyway, cause he already missed Black Widow and Wonder Wo
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Oh Santa
(Canterlot High is having it’s school Christmas party with the ninjas, mutanimals, Bebop and Rocksteady attending as guests. Pinkie and Mikey are whispering to Bebop, Rocksteady, and Cranky Doodle who nod and follow them. Then Principal Celestia then walks up to the microphone on stage)
Principal Celestia: attention students and guests. Pinkie pie and Michelangelo along with others have prepared a little skit for all of us. It’s called ‘oh Santa ‘
(Everyone applauds as the curtains rises revealing pinkie in her pajamas and the scenery is of a makeshift scenery with Christmas decorations and a door and chimney and on a small table is a plate of Christmas cookies. Mikey then stands by the curtain by the microphone and the spotlight is on him as music starts)
Mikey: testing 1 2 3. Okay. Here we go. It’s Christmas Eve and Pinkie is waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus with a plate of cookies.
Pinkie: oh Santa!
I can’t wait for you to come
I just can
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All-Star WarZone: Bloxx
Entrance: Bloxx stretches onscreen before turning his hand into a launcher and taking a battle pose.
Exit: Bloxx turns his hand into a foam finger and waves it before launching himself up to the sky.
Standard (Light): Shoots out a block
Standard (Medium): Roundhouse kicks
Standard (Heavy): Punches
Launcher: Charges into the opponent and punches them upwards
Aerial (Light): Slaps
Aerial (Medium): Kicks with both feet
Aerial (Heavy): Ground pounds
Crouching (Light): Extends his arm
Crouching (Medium): Turns into a ball and rolls
Crouching (Heavy): Turns into a miniature truck, charges, and kicks backward
Grab: Snapped Back Into Action
Bloxx grabs the opponent and flips them onto the ground. His top half then splits from his bottom half, which then drags the opponent’s body and beats them up before jumping back to his bottom half.
Special Moves:
Bloxx-Lobber: Bloxx forms his hands into cannons and fires multiple explosive blocks at the opponent.
Mouse-Trapped: Bloxx transforms into
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Int. 6 Part 6: The concert of politics

Later in the afternoon, a couple of hours before the evening, there was an invitation for all the teams around. There was a concert sponsored by Xianyu, a brionne dancer highly recognized in Xin Tou, with the stage located in the beach. The group decided to attend, but not much for the spectacle. It was that they could interact with more teams to share more information, because so far, everyone was dispersed through the whole town and it wouldn’t be possible to speak with everyone if they were out of reach, but that would be limited to before the event and after the event, so the opportunities were short. Still, Jack and his inland group hasn’t appeared yet to give their input. So was the third sea group that was uncovering the knowledge of the Elemental Guardians. Only Katrina joined the group as Harry, Karla, Valerian, Clanker and Terra stayed in the ship to finish their extensive analysis.
It would still take another hour or so before
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Nathanael Mortensen Visit Twilight Sparkle
*Twilight Sparkle Humming*
*Knock Knock*
Twilight: Sweet Celestia that could not be another time of baby siting Flurry
*Twilight open the doors with her magic Until She saw a pony with a grey vest and a black tie and Cutie mark with NM*
Nathanael: Hey Twilight How Are you
Twilight: Oh, Nathanael I not inspecting you coming, come in
Nathanael: No problem Twilight I might show you something
Twilight: Oh, what is it
Nathanael: you’ll see
Twilight: Oh Okay
*Twilight Castle Library*
Twilight: Make yourself at home
*Nathanael Sat Down on a sofa taking his saddlebags off*
Twilight: Hey Nathanael What you got in your saddlebag
Nathanael: Aw My Books
Twilight: Books I love reading books what kind you got
Nathanael: Let me show you *Pulling 4 Books Out of his Saddlebag*
Twilight: Let Me See one of your books *picks a Dark Brown Book Called “The 30s And The 40s” *
*Twilight Looked Serious Have not heard about the 30s and the 40s book*
Twilight: Nathanael What is this book
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How Placido Stole Christmas
Twas the day before Christmas,
and all through the town,
everyone was excited;
there was not a single frown!
The reason to be excited
was that the very next day
would be the day of Christmas,
and it was practically on its way!

Yes, it was indeed just one day before Christmas in the populous megalopolis of Neo Domino City, and this year's Christmas would most certainly be worth remembering.  You see, ever since Yusei Fudo of the once infamous Satellite—along with his two friends, Jack Atlas and Crow Hogan—fought in the final battle against the Dark Signers, a bridge was constructed to honor the event, known as the Daedalus Bridge.  Since the victory against the Dark Signers, the two nations of Neo Domino and Satellite have made peace with each other.
At this moment, we see Yusei Fudo himself—a tall man with a serious demeanor, as well as a hairstyle that allegedly ripped off that of Yugi Muto.  He was merely staring
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Christmas for Transformers
CHRISTMAS for Transformers
At the 24th December, everyone was preparing Christmas Day in their own ways. Each of them was spending the Christmas Eve in their own places and everybody would reunite together the 25th to enjoy a good time with the friends they had fought Lucifer and Unicron with.
Kylie: *at Knockout* Why don’t you let me prepare the meal?
Knockout : Because I don’t want you to cook another roadkill again.
Kylie: Oh come on, it only happened once.
Knockout : Once is enough. Let’s just enjoy a good chicken bought in supermarket
Kylie: Do you know what they put into their chicken? I heard horse meat replaced chicken.
Knockout: Don’t be paranoid right now. I’m sure it will be delicious. Hey. I let you make dessert, right?
Kylie: Or rather, you begged Mom to stay with me while I was cooking it.
Knockout: for good reasons
Barbera: Optimus? You’re ready? We’ll go to eat.
Optimus: Huh-huh.
Kylie: Why are there extra chairs?
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8 fun facts about Marc (BNHA/MHA)
Rules! (was tagged by fBaltizarD
- Write 8 facts about an oc
- Tag 8 Ocs and their creators!
Marc understands and is able to "speak" American Sign language since his mother is deaf.Marc finds tall girls attractive, he had a small crush on Mt Lady.Marcs Quirk was originally inspired by the Bara Bara no Mi Devil Fruit from One Piece, I thought of taking a weak power and give it to someone who would make the most of it.Marcs favorite guilty pleasure food is are fries with melted cheese. Marc keeps his hair short because when he doesn't cut it, it often got tangle with his horn.
While his horn can and has been broken before, by drinking a glass of milk a day it can be fully repaired in a week.
In one fight Marc had lost his horn, fractured his neck, cracked three of his ribs, had internal bleeding, temporarily lost sight in his left eye, fractured both of his arms, a
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The connection between the MWG and the Samurais
Back during the days after the light of the Land of Hearts' artificial sun, the Plasma Spark, had given the people of Planet Precure the power of the Precures, the Multi-World Garrison was formed.
But, at that time, the organization was less organized than it's current state today. It was more like a group of friends organizing a school club rather than an official paramilitary security force.
However, sometime after the Great Precure War and after the Multi-World Garrison had been formed, during my tenure as the garrison's very first captain, i had been making patrols to various alternate worlds and performing my duties as a Precure Warrior.
I found myself on an alternate world which i had noticed that it was as beautiful as Planet Precure itself. The human world. Earth.
Captivated by the beauty of the blue planet, i had gone several expeditions on the human world and had experienced the various lifestyles and cultures that existed on the world at that time. Truly had a wonderful time
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The Unfinished Creature
Emma just look down at the creation, the creation seen to be respond and alive "raaaaaa" it may little like a small skeleton monster but it seen their body half with no arms, the right eyes and half of body was been melt.
"graaaaa" "raaaaaa" "rrrrrrrr"
Emma wasn't suprize about this, they just look at for a minute.
The creature was trying to get out of their broken shell as they flop on the ground with black liquid split.
Emma just sigh and say "well, it seen unfinished" they crouch just to look close for the little creature as they hold out their hands as they check the creature soul.
The creature have half broken soul
"dang it" as they say "i cause too much damage for that weak skeleton before" they look disapointment. They look at the soul and look back at the creature as they hold the soul as they try to clench like trying to crush it.
"GRYAAAAA" "RAAAAA" the creature feel the pain like it start to scream of their cries, half of their soul just getting cracks of the sound and then.
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Victory Tour 19
Part. 19, The Return Of Lobelia Girls Academy.(D1)
Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran High School Host Club. That's the property of Bisco Hatori and LaLa magazine.
I do not own The Adventures Of Tintin. That's the property of the Hergé Foundation and Moulinsart.
I do not own the Rapeman. That's the property of Shintaro Miyawaki and LEED Publishing and They can keep it.
(Ouran Academy, the next day)

The snow-flakes waft on the cold late-fall breeze as the wrought-iron gate of Ouran Academy open up. Through the gates, three girls pirouette through...
Following then was an older lady, wearing a business suit with a white lily attached to her jacket...
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Worlds Unite: Natalia's Backstory (Chapter 24)
WARNING: This chapter contains adult language (including a couple of instances of strong language)- read at your own risk!
CHAPTER 24: More in Common than We Care to Admit
(MUSIC: “Hyrule Castle”- The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker-
After what feels like an eternity (but, in reality, has only been about half an hour), Sigma has finally found somewhere he can stay hidden until he can resume his normal form- just when he was about to drain Cupid-Chao of her powers, Hrist, who had also been captured by Death Adder with the aid of Achille and Zavok, had the audacity to shout out a password that’s temporarily trapped him in his Neko form. Being laughed at by his two prisoners was humiliating enough in and of itself, of course, but Sigma was ALSO unlucky enough to be spotted in this form by Death Adder, who ALSO started laughing his ass off at Sigma’s unexpectedly adorable appearance- had the giant not come to warn Sigma about a group of
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G's story previews: part prolouge.
me:welcome everyone to my little event where i am going to show you previews of my upcoming stories.
i don't have an exact name for it but to me a name doesn't matter...what matters is what's in the package. and you are going to see what is in the package soon....
but.... not yet.
you see i'm not going to be doing this alone......hopefully.
let me call my special guest now.
and he's an old friend of mine.......
*adam the moogle is walking home after going around the village.*
adam:"well.....just a ordinary day without g.....i wonder what he's doing right now."
*as he asked himself that he got a call.
me:"adam? it's me!"
adam:"G! i was wondering when i would talk to you again. what's up?" he asked.
me:"how would you like to be a co presenter in something i'm doing right now for some stories i'm writing?" i asked.
no response.
me:"adam? are you ther-" i started asking on the phone.
adam:"I WOULD LOVE TO!" he suddenly yelled behind me as he teleported
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