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Duty Calls, Part 1
“Fucking finally..”
Sabrina walks out of the plane in a bit of a rush because she feels confined from the nine hour flight. But, she can’t help but be excited. This is her first time traveling to the United States, tho she knows she’ll miss the United Kingdom. Yet another thought comes to her mind, who was picking her up? How would she know where to go? So many thoughts traveling around her mind at once, it’s giving her a bit of a headache.
Her eyes dart around as she walks, people getting picked up by their family or friends around them. What? Was she just going to wait for-
“There you are! Sabrina? You look just like the picture Snyder sent!”
...a lucky coincidence…
“Ye-ah I’m Sabrina. Who are you?”
A slim blonde girl with glasses and a small lab coat stands in front of her, with a plastered smile on her face. Her eyes were pink, which almost seems weirder than Sabrina’s green and blue. But she looks friendly and
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Blake Belladonna x Male!Reader Vol. 1 Ep. 1

Beacon Academy, one of the prestigious academies across all of Remnant. Many backgrounds and characters all gather at such Huntsmen academies for many reasons, all different depending on who you ask. Fame, glory, pursuit of strength, or a dream…these are not even the tip of the iceberg of reasons why people join at Huntsmen academies. Before our story goes as planned, why don’t we meet our cast of characters in this thread of fate?
Still en route to Beacon was a bullhead bearing the Schnee family symbol. Not counting the bags of luggage and pilots, there were two people being flown to Beacon. One was a female and the other was a male, dressed in all white attire. The female had her long, white hair wrapped up in a ponytail with a bang protruding as a result of being tied up too quickly. She wore a jacket over her dress and boots up to her knees matching the same shade of white. The male wore a white suit jacket and snow leopard printed s
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Blanc vs Knuckles! - Death Battle!

Red: All right! The combatants are set, and the arena is ready!
Nepgear: Let's end this debate once and for all!
Tony: It's time, for a DEATH BATTLE!
                                                                                *Transition Effect*
Lowee was mostly known for being a snowy wasteland most of the time, as the weather rarely ever changed from mildly snowy to snowstorms. Not this day, however, as no cloud was in sight. Clear blue skies was the only thing showing up on the weather today, as bright sunshine covered the entire landscape in it's warmth. Didn't get rid of the snow on the ground, and buildings much though.
For a certain Egg shaped scientist however, this didn't matter for even a second. We
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Life is Fattening: Chapter 7 (Life is Strange WG)
Grabbing a doughnut and shoving it into her mouth, Chloe let out a massive burp, as she sat in her room alongside Max, whose belly she was rubbing. The blue haired girl was not doing so hot, especially after her encounter with Rachel at the diner.
In Chloe’s mind, she was able to accept Max back into her life. Even though Max had ignored her for five years, and things had gone downhill, at least she knew Max was gone. With Rachel? She didn’t hear a word about her moving until she was already gone. Rachel never bothered to say goodbye or anything, she just left without saying a word.
The girl was in a foul mood, only letting Max into her room and completely locking out Rachel from seeing her. As a result of her mood, Chloe was not only pouring her anger into feeding Max but was also stuffing herself as well. Chloe was a little bit upset still and looked to Max a bit. Max was a little bit fatter than the last time she weighed herself. With Chloe’s door locked, Max was s
:iconwildbiggirl:WildBigGirl 28 5
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 82
Jaunt 82.0 - Kendell2 (Added with additions/edits!)
"How is every-pony doing?" asked Bright Eyes, the group currently in a museum warehouse. Well she, Melody, and Patch where. They were also fighting a group of heavily armed gangsters, which involved her blocking bullets with her bracers as she approached and stabbed his gun before swinging her sword around and bashing her attacker in the face with the hilt, knocking him out.
"We're doing fine over here," said Starlight, tanking gun fire to protect hostages before charging forwards and hooking the gun out of her attacker's hooves and bashing the blunt top of her axe into his face to KO him. Bonbon, while powering up her friends, followed Starlight and bashed another gangster in the head with her spear's shaft to knock him out.
Sweetheart blocked the hostages from fire with her shield, allowing Clover to use her blades to free them from their ropes.
"That's all the hostages!" said Clover, before jumping over her s
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MHA: Ochako Uraraka x Villain M!Reader - Come Back
Hellllllo, everybody. And welcome back to another one-shot! To request a one-shot / possibly series go here:
Request Journal 2 (press "Request Journal 2" to be brought to the page
This was requested by xiaozabo
You: “Go over the list with me, Tyrian.”
I open up a few of files, and look at a few of the U.A students who shined in the Sports Festival.
You: “Tyrian, will you go over these students for me please?”
Tyrian: “Of course! First, we have Bakugo Katsuki. His quirk seems to allow him to create explosions from his palms. He seems to have an extreme rage that goes well with his determination to win. ...Either than that, there’s nothing else that we know about him. We do know though that he
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Quiververse Bonus Reel - Vignette Three
  Sugar Cube Corner was busier than normal today, though for clear enough reasons given their illustrious guest. Carrot Cake and Cup Cake were beside themselves keeping things in order, despite the attempts at their guest to get them to lighten up. Alas, there were limits to even Princess Celestia’s power.
  She preferred it that way, of course, but still, it would be nice if her subjects could loosen up from time to time. She did her best to grin and bear it before something happened to disrupt this rare moment of relaxation, and turned to one of the ponies she’d hoped to spend time with and get to know better. “Now then, Fluttershy. I understand from Twilight’s letters that you enjoy tending to the needs of woodland creatures.”
  The yellow pegasus nodded, just a bit more at ease than she was before. “Oh yes, I love to take care of animals.”
  “As do I, though I rarely have as much time as I’d like to do so.
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Saving House Sheppard - Part 6 - Resolution

[The next day, after turning everyone back to normal. Dolly Gonzy gathers everyone and tells them the news]
Dolly Gonzy: Yeah! I dids all of dat! I saved chu alls fwom that meanie guy!
Marci: Really? I can only remember the time I had around that Julio person...

Dolly Gonzy: Ish okies! What matters is dat you ish all fwee!
Marci: Yeah! Totally! Isn't that right, everyone?

Rachel: Of course! I'm glad to be back in control of myself again!
Shannon: I couldn't imagine being around that nasty guy for the rest of my life...

Rachel: Now that all of that is over, I should get back to my lab wo- I mean...studies! Yeah, that!
Shannon: Uhh, alright! You go do that!

Lillian: Good grief, can I just go back to bed? This isn't helping my headache at all...
Natalie: Oh,
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Nero Exceeds Death Battle!

Age: 16 or 17 (Devil May Cry 4) | 23 or 24 (Devil May Cry V)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Ice-Blue
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown, likely 5'11
Affiliation: Order of the Sword (Formerly) | Devil May Cry (Currently)
Occupation: Holy Knight (Formerly) | Devil Hunter (Currently)
Status: Alive
Theme(s): The Time has Come (DMC4) | Devil Trigger (DMCV)

One day, a man with white hair and wears a blue coat set foot in the city of Fortuna, and before he left he impregnates a woman who gave birth to the Grandson of Sparda, Nero. Nero was teased by many of the children in Fortuna. They accused him of being a bastard child of a prostitute because no one knew who his mother was. It was later in his childhood that he met both Kyrie and Credo as their family volunteered to work at the orphanage he was residing at. Nero grew close Kyrie and her family. It was throughout his life that
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The Hidden Dragon Ch.17.5 (Lucy X Male Reader)
Hello Folks! It's PhantomMaster18 here with the next chapter of The Hidden Dragon!
Here's Lucy Event for you guys! I'm going back to add events for her for every event until She's caught up with everyone!
This chapter will go into the proper place in the actual folder for the series!
(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Last Name
(F/N) - Full Name
(F/C) - Favorite Color
(F/C 2) - Second Favorite Color
(M/C) - Magic Color
(MC/C) - Magic Circle Color
(H/C) - Hair Color
(H/S) - Hair Style
< word > - Thoughts
Disclaimer: Lets get this out of the way - Fairy Tail does not belong to me, but this story does. Now, let the story continue!
Chapter 17.5 (Lucy)
The door opened to reveal none other than the Lucy, the newest addition to their guild.
(Y/N): "Hey Lucy, did you need something?"
Lucy: "I just came by to check on you is all."
She would then sit on a chair
:iconphantommaster18:PhantomMaster18 13 9
Chronicles, by Polybius the Younger Part 2 (WIP)

The Candyman
Unbridled power is a terrifying thing, more so when it's wielded by a subject with unclear motives. The reign of Helia brought significant changes not only to the Butterfly Kingdom but also to Mewni as a whole. From 394 - 411 the rule of law and peace were absolute. No monster dared to attack a settlement, no thief dared to steal a loaf of bread and no ruler sought to throw away countless lives in the name of greed. Helia had accomplished what no monarch had ever done before, a reign of "perfect law". Of course, this feat has no basis in government or administration. Quite the contrary, its success was due to a minor but significant factor.
Helia's power was so great that it terrified the masses. People went to bed worrying if the world would end if some cook happened to upset the queen during dinner. Even the usually shady House of Bell were on their best behavior during Helia's tenure. The
:iconkama621:kama621 7 3
The Guardian - Ch15 Firestarter by Alexshy-SA The Guardian - Ch15 Firestarter :iconalexshy-sa:Alexshy-SA 9 2
Overcharge! (Plusle+Minun WG Story)
   Plusle was chasing Minun through a field playfully, flower petals floating about as the sun shined down on them, glistening along the morning dew of the grass.
   Minun was running on all fours while Plusle was running around on her two legs, skipping along the ground as quickly as she could, giggling as Minun chased her down. Soon Minun was able to catch up to Plusle with a Volt Rush, shooting quickly through the grass like a Thunderball momentarily.
   Plusle soon fell onto the ground, faceplanting in the ground as Minun landed on her back. Minun was a little worried at first, thinking she may have hit her a little too hard, but upon patting her shoulder, Plusle rolled around and flipped Minun onto her back.
   :”Hehe! Looks like I caught you, Minun!” Plusle giggled.
   Minun booped Plusle on her nose. “Ya doof, I was chasing you!”
   “Oh, hah! Right!” Plusle hopped back up, blushing. &
:iconchubby-chimaera:Chubby-Chimaera 20 10
Eternity in the Blink of an Eye
Day 5… I think.
Time has been difficult to track. The clocks won’t work; although I guess technically they do - they are just not moving. The Sun isn’t moving across the sky either. Everything is so quiet. I am not sure how much time truly has passed, I didn’t consider at first to keep it in check as I thought I could just undo the spell right after.
I first realized how much time had passed when I grew hungry. Had left my lunch, I was so focused on my experimental spell, it was easy to find. Then I ate Starlight’s part. I’m sure she’ll be okay with that.
I’ve tried to find out what went wrong. I thought I had it all prepared, but something must have gone wrong. It feels like a strange, alien world. Everything is so quiet. I wish Starlight could help.

Day 12(?)
I’ve emptied the pantry by now. No chance of cooking any of it, nothing will change. I made sure to leave a note, admitting right away that I ate it a
:iconravenpuff:Ravenpuff 4 2
FE Julius and Ishtar to Taltiu and Azel tg tf
it had been a rough day for the order of heroes as they had almost been taken over by a coup lead by Julius one of the ´´Heroes´´ recruited by the summoner in battle.
the summoner had already sent most of the people who were part of the coup back to their original worlds with only Julius and Ishtar being left althought as the summoner used his legendary weapon something odd happened as one red orb and a blue orb had gone inside the light when both were sent home.
After being sent back to a castle Both were suddenly attacked by the red and blue orbs as their bodies seemed to absorb them, Julius checked on ishtar to see if she was okay because even after becoming the reincarnation of Loptous he still cared about her.
She seemed to be fine until she felt a sudden tingling sensation as her Curves suddenly dissapeared and she grew some new muscles .
Julius watched powerless to stop the changes as Ishtar s breasts Dissolved becoming flat , her face changed while she grew
:iconspecialistkaiden:Specialistkaiden 9 0
Video Squadron: Gamerman Chapter 24
Title: The Trials For A New Mech
One day at the lab, Randy, Jeremy, Vix, Headbot, and Jack were tidying some files. Jack hadn't sorted them in a while, so he was now doing so as he couldn't stand seeing how messed up everything was.
Jack: Thanks for helping me out with all of these guys.
Vix: It's no problem. After all that you've done for me, I'm willing to help you in any way I can. I just wish you could do more for me.
Randy: Still wishing to be flesh, Vix?
Vix: :nod:
Jeremy: Maybe someday you will. I don't know how, but I'm sure that it's possible.
Headbot: What do you think I would be if I was turned into flesh? I don't look like any animal species. Who ever heard of an animal that had a red head and a colorful body. Only a robot could be something like that.
Randy: Maybe you'd be whatever kind of animal those kids from the dragon show were.And whatever that hero from 700 years ago was as well.
Jeremy: Are you talking about a human, Randy?
Randy: Yes. Is that what they're called?
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Cadance And The Shadowbolts: A New Destiny For Two
We all know the story of how Nightmare Moon was defeated. Six mares, connected by a bond none of them knew existed between them until the night that almost never ended.
This is not that story.
Much of our history remains the same. 1000 years ago the youngest of the Royal Sisters fell to darkness and sought to plunge world into eternal night, but was stopped by the eldest wielding the Elements of Harmony.
But there the similarities end.
The eldest, grieving for the loss of her sister, was angered by how fast Equestria demonized her sister. Proclaiming that Luna would not be forgotten, she proclaimed that the day of her fall would be a national day of mourning so that Equestria would always remember.
Remember how much they had failed their princess, and how this day should never have come to pass.
Any who attempted to anyway were tried as traitors to the Crown. Nightmare Night was outlawed and any attempt to celebrate this night was condemned as stupidity of the hi
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Fairy Tail Original Stories PT 333
Fairy Tail Original Stories:
100 Year Quest Arc:
Chapter 333: Save me...
*Erza’s, Wendy’s, and Happy’s attempts to save Natsu failed, and now it is time to see how the last of our heroes will do against the force coming to them*
*Lucy, Gray, and Carla, continue their mission on rewriting the book of E.N.D, and Lucy has finished writing the 5th page and is about to write the 6th*
Lucy: *she inhales and exhales loudly as she was about to begin writing the 6th page*
*suddenly, the Library began shaking from the attack performed from E.N.D with numerous books falling out of their shelves and everyone began shaking as well*
Lucy, Gray, and Carla: Woah! Woah! *all 3 of them try to keep their balance and some of the ink in Carla’s hand began to spill out*
*the shaking caused Lucy to drop the book of E.N.D*
Lucy, Gray, and Carla: *all are beyond shocked* NO!!!!
*The book closed when it fell on the ground and it unleashed another
:icontitanxecutor:TitanXecutor 6 10
Dragon's Might Chpt 1 (BKnH X Mreader)
(Welcome one and all to my newest series, and to replace one I cancelled. A My Hero Academia X Male Reader. Anyway, I want to say thanks to TerrellPro for letting me check out some ideas for Quirks and letting me use one. So thank you sir for that, you have some good ideas.
With that said and done, let us get started!)
(Your POV)
Many years ago, a Baby in Qingqing, China was born with the ability to glow. Since then, more and more people began to be born with these abilities. Soon, these Quirks became a part of modern life. With now 80% of the world having Quirks, soon a classic comic scenario of Hero vs Villain became a reality too, with Heros being a common sight. Now, everyone is given a choice growing up. Either live life like a normal person, or become a Hero.
This is the story of how I became partners with one of the greatest heroes ever.
(Musutafu, Japan)
Sunlight peered through the shades on my window. While muffled, it was still enough to begin to stir me. Groaning, I began t
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An Agent We Don't Deserve Part 3 (Collab)

Alexander: : Ten years of career and I never saw she ...tricking us ?
Isabella: She wasnt like this when she opened to us...I also feel like she isn't as kind and powerless as she acts....We need to be careful.
Alexander: That's not easy with what she is...

A grand-ma wearing a sailor outfit....
Hildegarde : Would you like some tea with the pizza ? I am not used to such meals you know.
Alexander: No worry madam...Also...Y-You can keep the pizza.
Hildegarde: Oh oh, no please take some too...Also, it's miss not madam.
Isabella: E-Ehm...I will take some tea in this case...

Hildegarde : 
You can also take off those mustaches, you know ? That's weird to see such young persons with those.
Isabella: *lower* You can speak granny on sailor about who loo
:icontfgame:Tfgame 18 4
Disney Transformations Short Stories
Disney Transformations I
Sea Witch Ariel
When Flounder managed to snatch Ursula's magic shell necklace away from the bloated villain and deliver it to Ariel, he had no idea of the mistake he'd made.  While it gave Ariel command of magic enough to vanquish Ursula, it passed on an unknown curse.  Within minutes, the little mermaid's body began to change, her fins becoming tentacles and her flaming red hair turning stark white...
...the effects of the magic ensnared Flounder and Sebastian as well, and they were now more henchman than friend.  Ariel felt the tremendous power at her fingertips, and her thoughts were focused on Prince Erik, her true love.
"Join him on land?" she mused, "oh, no, he will join ME here, under the Sea, whether he wants to or not.  I will make it happen..."
The reign of Sea Witch Ariel had begun.
Beast Belle
Belle had no idea how powerful the magic Rose was.  If she had, she might never have made a wish while sta
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Gingka and Pegasus Soar into DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Gingka Hagane
Age: 12(Metal Fusion), 13(Metal Masters), 14(Metal Fury), 21(Shogun Steel)
Race: Human.
Legendary Blader of Autumn, Leader of Japanese Team Gan Gan Galaxy


-Singlehandedly defeated the Face Hunters, the most feared Bey Gang in Japan
-Defeats many strong Bladers like Ryuuga, Julian Konzern, Dashan, Damian, Faust, and even the mighty Nemesis
-Puts up a good fight against Season 1 Ryuuga, the strongest Blader in the series at the time, despite ultimately losing.
-Finally defeated his childhood friend Hyoma in the Green Hades Stadium
-Journeyed up Koma Mountain in order to learn the secret of defeating Lightning L-Drago, finding that it was actually the Bey Spirit
-Wins the fake game show Challenge Blader set up by Merci, conquering a series of Bey related challenges like beating 3 Beys in 10 seconds, maneuvering through cones, and defeating a giant Beyblad
:iconjjsliderman:JJSliderman 12 10
Issue 51: Coup De Grace
“Eating good food is my favorite thing in the whole world.  Nothing is more blissful.”
-Justine Larbalestier
       The clang of an adamantium blade against a vibranium alloy shield rang out repeatedly in the battlefield as Captain America and Baron Zemo clashed with one another.  A deadly game of chess they had played numerous times before, each knew the other’s moves to the letter.
       “How many more times are we going to play this game, Zemo?” Cap growled, shoving Zemo back.  Maintaining his footwork, Zemo aimed his sword, ready for a parry.
       “Until one of us is dead, Herr Rogers.  And given your misguided moral limitations, it means my victory is inevitable!” Zemo replied, punctuating with a lunge.
       Nearby Iron Man rolled through the air, attempting to outpace a barrage of missiles fired from Crimson Dynamo.
:iconplumpspidergwen:PlumpSpiderGwen 16 13