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Fem!High Elf X M!Reader FULL
(Thanks once again to IgnobleFiend)Thanks to TheNessY21 for the name...
"I have something special, just for you~" the shady man smiled. "Just because you're my friend, and a good customer!" his stained yellow teeth glowed in the moonlight. "If it's anything that can get me into trouble Yasmir..." (Y/N) sighed as Yasmir laughed. "Just... take a look," Yasmir gestured to a door. (Y/N) carefully opened the door, and saw what Yasmir had been 'offering' him. Pointy ears, Pale skin, Silver hair... this was an elf, but not just any elf. This female elf looked the same as the elves from the regions of nobility, (Y/N) immediately knew he had come across a gem.. but did Yasmir know it?
"Do you like her?" Yasmir asked as the Elf angrily hissed and cursed through her mouth-binding. "What type of Elf is she?" (Y/N) asked. "I dunno, I came across her out in the highlands.. all by her lonesome.." Yasmir chuckled, remembering the encounter. "With that their mouth-binding, she can't chuck curs
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Poke-napper: Ultra Captive
Story contains DiD, Kyle is my OC, the rest belong to Pokemon!
"Your next target is this girl!" Kyle took his phone from his ear, seeing a girl on his screen, long blonde hair, wearing mostly a white attire and a hat to match. "Our client says she stole an important research speciment from the Aether Foundation and would like it and her back with them" 
Kyle nodded "I see, but where would I begin to look? I mean wasen't that "Theft" months ago?" He looked at the image again, poking his thumb against the photo. 
"Well, reports say she is staying with the professor of this region." His phone replied. "She stays at his house as an assistant, but he rarely leaves her by herself, it would be up to you to find the right time to grab the bag, and preferably the girl too." 
"So it's this kind of mission, huh?  Well fine I guess, wouldn't be the first time. But what
:iconjustadidfan:JustaDiDfan 43 44
SonAmy: You're My Hero
Sonic and the Resistance have won the war and Eggman was defeated once again. But unfortunately there was some work to do that Eggman’s army caused for the past 6 months. Our blue hero came back from his runs but he felt exhausted and dizzy for not having any real food for the past six months. He’s just glad he survived from his prison on that Death Egg for months. Right now he was heading home to have some real food.
“Well, glad that we won again” Sonic said to himself and opens the fridge.
“SONIC!!!” A familiar angry yell was heard in the kitchen.
“AAAHHH!!!” Sonic jumped up, “Ames, have you heard of privacy?”
“Sorry but I was getting worried about you all day! Look at you! You’re thin and skinny!” The pink female points at his almost visible ribs poking through his flesh.
“Yeah. All that food at Death Egg had no protein” Sonic groans.
“Oh, I feel so guilty that your friends and I did not
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Platinum's Victory(BBTAG Feminization)
Platinum's Victory(BBTAG Feminization)
Plat happily skipped across the battlefield looking for a new opponent. She along with multiple others from various worlds were brought into this strange world to fight each other. Platinum didn't know what was going on, but she had no intention of losing.  Eventually she noticed some blonde haired loser with black highlights. Platinum snickered thinking what an easy win it would be. “Hey Mr. Tryhard! Come and fight me!”
Hyde stopped and looked down at the puny girl. “Like hell, I am not fighting some child.”
Platinum scowled after hearing him dismiss her. “My name is Magical Girl Luna! Don’t underestimate me just because I am a child!” She was determined to make the loser teenager pay for mocking her like this. Hyde turned and walked away, ignoring the little girl. Plat knew just what to do though, as she prepared to starting handing Hyde a humiliating defeat. She raised her staff and fired a cutesy
:iconmiragesand:MirageSand 29 0
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter thirty-nine)
There's not much to say about the hours following the terrible idea of drinking the wretched honey water other than the fact that it was long and uncomfortable. The pain in your stomach hadn't even completely subsided by the time you'd finally fallen asleep around 3:30 AM, but you didn't tell Maia. For all she knew, you went to bed at 1:00 AM. But, alas. You weren't able to sleep. So, you sat awake going down the wormhole of weird videos on YouTube ranging on how snails reproduce to the renowned video "Late For Meeting" by David Lewandowski. 
But, eventually you fell asleep with your phone laying flat on your face. How that happened, you're not completely sure—though it's still funny nonetheless. Well, funny until your alarms went off early in the morning and scared the heck out of you.
When it happened, you jumped so fast that your phone was actually launched across your small bedroom, twisting and turning in the air until it hit the floor, alarm still going. Thank God you
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 11 2
Shantae and the Black Baron Chronicles 38
Episode 37: The Sin Isles conquest
Isle 6: Sloth
In the Black Adder ship, the Black Order is working tirelessly but some of the members are relaxing while Bolo is doing most of the errands.
BOLO: Since when am I the errand boy?
SKY: Since you lost your bet.
ROTTYTOPS: And believe me. Tiring isn't for the faint of heart.
BOLO: I am beat. I need a break.
SC.BL.: Well, just this once, take a break.
BOLO: Finally.
SC.BL.: For 1 hour.
BOLO (Shocked): Really?
In the office, Black Baron is checking notes from his co-workers when somebody knocks the door.
B.B.: Come in.
Shantae appears.
SHANTAE: Black Baron. You worked all day. I think it's time for you to rest.
B.B.: You know that slacking can be your worst enemy.
SHANTAE: How do you know that?
B.B.: I just informed from Greenbeard that the hotels from the Isle of Sloth are fully booked and no return.
SHANTAE: I didn't know that. But why don't they return?
B.B.: One reason. Laziness.
SHANTAE: That's crazy. We have to do something.
B.B.: I thi
:iconmentalhunter:mentalhunter 8 53
Hannah In Tubular
Hannah found herself standing on top of a grassy platform and saw a number of warp-pipes. The level she is on which is known to be an infamous one to many Mario fans is none other than Tubular.
"I've heard this level had quite a rep for its difficulty," Hannah said. "But no use standing around, the timer is counting, and I rather not lose a life."
Hannah jumped off the pillar making a sound effect each time Mario would jump and dodged the first Charging Chuck by bouncing off them like springs. She managed to avoid the small piranha plants that jumped out of the green warp-pipe. She then jumped off the second Charging Chuck and landed on a yellow warp-pipe and jumped to the next one with the P switch sitting on top of the block.
"Here goes nothing," Hannah said and triggered the switch. She then fell and landed on a green spring and hit her head on the block where the P switch was formerly. Out came from the block was a yellow colored P-Balloon and Hannah used the spring once again and
:iconhannahdoma:HannahDoma 27 6
MHA: Cheater!Pixie-Bob x M!Reader x Mandalay (1/2)
Well this was fun, but if I feel like it, I've set it up to where Ragdoll can be added as another option for who the reader gets with.
So, I'm thinking of this: After this part, there will be three more.
Ending 1: Mandalay Ending 
Ending 2: Ragdoll Ending
Ending 3: Both
For those who like Pixie-Bob, I will give her a one-shot of her own when the time comes. In this, she's OOC but that's what happens with a lot of cheater fics
Request Journal 2 (press "Request Journal 2" to be brought to the page.)

Hope you all enjoy~! 
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 25 2
Kiddie Entertainment
Ben was sick, which meant Han’s morning had been spent pouring fruit juice, holding tissues up to Ben’s nose, and trying to convince his son that yes, cold medicine tasted good and it totally wasn’t yucky and it would help him get better faster so he’d better take it whether it tasted good or not.
Fortunately, things had settled down a bit since then. Now they were both lying on the sofa with blankets spread over them, their heads nestled in a big pillow, and Ben’s favorite channel – a channel that showed only shows meant for little kids – was playing on the holovid. Right now they were showing Mr. Friendly’s Fantastic Trips, a show where a Twi’lek man and his daughter went on trips to various planets and taught about what people did in different places. In today’s episode, they were going to an aquarium on Naboo, which seemed to be holding Ben’s attention well enough to ignore his sniffles.
In fact, it wasn
:iconesmeamelia:EsmeAmelia 7 4
The Adventure Carries On part 6
*Intermission Ends*

It was winter once more, in December. Which meant only one thing.
Thomas: *humming* Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. All what fun it is to ride on a one horse open sleigh…
Twilight: *sighs happily* Another year, another Christmas.
Toby: You can say that again. It’s always a magic time of year.
Only the stewardesses, Annie and Clarabel, were complaining.
Annie: Another year of full coaches and too many parcels.
Clarabel: I can barely get in the door.
Henrietta: Come on, girls, lighten up a little. My coach is full, and I’m not complaining. So where’s your Christmas spirit?
Applejack: Ah’m sure it will come around, Henrietta. Give it time.
When work was over, Thomas returned to Tidmouth Sheds.
Thomas: Hey guys, it’s almost Christmas, can you believe it?
Gordon: Yeah, but just look at our engines; you’ll have to work hard to get yours as smart as ours.
Twilight: That wouldn’t be a prob
:iconsodormatchmaker:sodormatchmaker 6 5
Power Rangers Dino Thunder: Omegaverse final
The team still consists of Connor, Kira, Ethan, Tommy Oliver and Trent.
However, there is an addition to the team. Hayley Ziktor becomes an all original Ranger for this season, the Crimson Ranger, with the motive of a Stegosaurus. Her personal weapon are the Stego Blades. They also connect to an improved version of the Z-Rex Blaster.
Trent still turns back good halfway the season as the White Ranger, but while there is still an evil Ranger replacing him, it is not a clone of the White Ranger.
The Ninja Storm Rangers reappear. However, adapting some more of the Abaranger vs. Hurricanger, the Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm Rangers fight against each other, the Ninja Storm and Ninja Thunder Megazords having been rebuilt by Lothor as well.
Cassidy and Devin are their usual selves. Cassidy uses the ‘AbarePink’ suit Emiri from Abaranger once created for herself in the show as a gag.
Mesogog was created as a result o
:iconkivathedcwizard:KivaTheDCWizard 7 1
Marvel Universe x Male!Reader - Scent of Money 2/2
Searching the dead mafio in the bathroom for any spare magazines for the pistol, and finding only two full mags, he left the room and started to make his way towards the top. As a general rule to follow, he shot out any cameras since at this point Hammerhead’s branch of the Maagia had to have taken over it and using them to find out where he was and also peek the stairs from a distance since he didn’t know if he was gonna get shot from someone coming up or someone going up. In addition to his pistol, which was a 1911 chambered in .45, he picked up a he obtained a pump shotgun as he progressed through the floors and made his way up to the rooftop party. Although he had the shotgun at his disposal, he mostly used the 1911 since its recoil wasn’t too much strain on his body and the shotgun’s main purpose was to make holes in the drywall.
Meanwhile on the roof, Hammerhead and his people were keeping the people in check in case there was anyone trying to be a hero. W
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IEGOCS Capitulo 2 by V-Ada12 IEGOCS Capitulo 2 :iconv-ada12:V-Ada12 4 8
Dressing Up - Dragons Unite (Draft)
"Who are these?" Ddraig asked, peering at a row of framed photographs.
"Oh, just some of the models who've helped me with my work from time to time." the Tailor said, waving a foreclaw.
One of the pictures stood out to Ddraig; a particularly dashing green dragon standing in a studio and striking a dramatic pose. She wasn't entirely sure why, but something about the dragon was drawing her attention. For some reason, the picture reminded her of Lord Grijswater, although Ddraig wasn't sure why he leapt to the front of her mind.
Beside her, the Tailor giggled. "My lady seems to be deeply moved by this picture."
Ddraig went red. "What?" she stammered. "No, I'm just curious is all." Ddraig said, lying through her teeth.
"I'm sure." the Tailor nodded, grinning. "He is quite a handsome specimen, though. Unfortunately, I don't think he'd be particularly interested in either of us," she continued, moving over to one of the display mannequins. "I hear he's more fond of those, bigger hor
:iconamcalmaron:AMCAlmaron 8 4
Killer x reader Unmasked pt 1
A loud knock on your door startled you awake. You fell out of bed, landing in the floor with a loud thump and an "oomph". " Whoever is on the other side of that door better be bringing me good news or breakfast" you growl as you get to your feet. It only took a moment for you to pull on some clothes and stumble to the door. As you opened the door you got a whiff of what was waiting io the other side. 
Bianca, your first mate stood at your door, holding a mug of coffee and a plate of food. " How about both?" She asks offering you the plate and mug of coffee. 
You smirk " Maybe i should have added to my demands" you say moving back to let Bianca in. 
" What more could you want? Your beautiful best friend is hand delivering you breakfast and wonderful news!" She chirps. 
You take the plate and mug sitting down on the edge of your bed. " Well, i don't know. If you were Captain Kid from the Kid pirates i wouldn't complain" You say taking a bite of eggs. 
She lo
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 8 2
Cinder's Sweet Treat
Cinder was, without a shadow of a doubt, very pissed off about what had Transpired.  Both she and Roman had been tasked with one simple job, to release the Grimm that they had captured through the abandoned railway that had been left Open in Mt Glenn. It was simple instructions and everything had literally been setup for them to just do the final bit.
Yet somehow that child with red hair managed to find out about the whole operation. Which resulted in her and her team killing the Grimm that was supposed to kill the Civilians. And, worse yet, with Roman now behind bars that meant that all of Cinder’s attention had been on one person now.
The pink and brown-haired girl glared back at Cinder as the woman in heels was scolding her for their failure. Going off on a tangent about their incompetence and how both of them were lucky to have been recruited by her. It pissed the smaller girl off, because she didn’t need to be working with this bitch. She had enough money on her o
:iconthe-xps:The-XPS 8 6
Queens of Mewni-Helia the Light of Power
After learning about Venus' story, Marco turned to the tapestry of the next queen.
In the tapestry, A blonde woman with 6-pointed stars on her cheeks wearing a silver long dress and an elvish-styled crown, standing with a serious countenance in front of a porch with a figure of a humanoid butterfly as bright as the sun above her.
"Hey, Queen Moon, who is she and why doesn't she have her wand?" Marco asked. "She looks so… powerful."
"She does, doesn't she?" Moon chuckled. "That's Helia the Light of Power."
The pedestal of the tapestry rose from the floor and glowed as Marco read it.
Helia the Light of Power.
"The absolute power
of the brightest light,
like a blinding sun
in the darkest night"
He was confused about the title, "'The Light of Power'?"
"Just sit down and let me tell you a story about the 16th queen of Mewni. The most powerful queen of Mewni!" Moon began the story. "Ever since he was a baby, Helia has interest in Magic. When she was 4, she knows how to read and started
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Prince of the Wild [Link x Male Reader] - Ch. 6
Chapter 6 – The Lord of Akkala
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the Legend of Zelda series are all the copyrighted property of Nintendo Co., Ltd. Please support the official release.

“Officer present, a-teeeen-tion!!” The company snapped into formation with a synchronized salute.
“At ease,” you ordered as you strode through the parade grounds in the shadow of the Akkala Citadel. You were dressed in your more casual regalia today, visiting a place near and dear to your heart. “How goes the training today, Captain Russell?”
“Fair, your majesty. Preparing to begin survival training down at Malin Bay.”
“Fantastic, your soldiers are in for a treat,” you grinned. “Don’t let me keep you. As you were.”
You sensed Link walk up behind you. “So, hell
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Nicolette The Weasel TF/TG MC
Allen was quite exhausted on the day he was supposed to come in for some practice shooting. He felt nervous walking into the shooting range, holding a gun in his hands, afraid of setting it off on himself. He looked up to see the giant target signs in front of him, eyeing the piece of paper as he could see the yellow dot right in the middle of the red, blue, white, and black colors. He knew he was going to do terrible, not even going to manage on shooting the bullseye even once. Allen looked back at the entrance door, wondering why Tim wanted him to come here, knowing full well that guns scare the crap out of poor Allen. Allen looked back at the entrance door, wishing he could just walk out, and forget the promise he made to his friend. "I have no choice..."
He aimed the little grey pistol, trying his best to aim at the yellow dot, and released the trigger. A loud bang shot could be heard, scaring Allen to death, causing the bullet to hit far down below the target. Allen grumbled, emba
:iconawsomeisred:AwsomeIsRed 10 1