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Yukari Takeba x Male!Reader - Haunted House Horror

Yukari POV
Junpei: C'mon Yuka-tan, we have to go!
Yukari: No way! I’m staying right here, away from the haunted house!
The next labyrinth that we had to go through involved the display for the Culture Festival being a haunted house. Knowing that wherever we are would mess up the setting and make it something to be REALLY scared of.
Fuuka: Man, wish I could go in…
Yukari: You’re not scared Fuuka-chan?
Fuuka: Well, maybe a little, but isn’t that what makes haunted houses fun?
Yukari: I wish I had your mindset… why couldn’t I have a support Persona?
Junpei: C’mon Yuka-tan, Y/n is going to be there~
Yukari: Wait, Y/n is going?
Junpei: Yeah, but if you’re not going, then who’s going to stop Chie or Yukiko? Hell, sometimes I’d see Mitsuru-senpai shoot a couple of glances when you’re not looking.
While it is true that Y/n, despite his first year status, was among one of the more popular peop
:iconpopdood:popdood 27 12
Oki Doki Erotica Club (Day 1)
Warning! This story is not suitable for anyone who doesn't like the fart fetish/doki doki. And if you can't handle emotional stuff that may cause sadness and or depression, I wouldn't read it either. But if you want to read the fetish series, go right ahead~.

Great, another day to look forward to dragging myself to class. Well, I guess not really dragging myself alone, I have a friend that usually drags me with her in the mornings. That reminds me...clubs are supposed to start today. Staying at school for a LONGER period of time? I’ll pass, plus there usually aren’t any good clubs to go to...other than the anime club I guess...but I don’t think I would want to go to that club publicly. Pi has been talking to me about her and some friends starting a new club but never gave a lot of details.
Pi: “Nathan wait up!”
Speak of the devil.
Pi: “Did you think you were going to walk to school alo
:iconthespazzer:TheSpazzer 59 9
Pit Soars into DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Pit.
Height: 5'8"
Species: Angel.
Age: Immortal. Has the Appearance of a 14-year-old.
First Appearance: Kid Icarus (1986)

-Defeated Medusa, twice.
-Killed Hades once and for all.
-Destroyed a Reset Bomb Pod without having it explode.
-Killed the Immortal Pheonix.
-Captain of Palutena's Guard.
-Defeated Medusa twice.

-Has defeated countless gods and other strong opponents.
    -Such as Medusa, Arlon, Aurum Pyrron, And the Great Sacred Treasure.
-Can destroy stone with his melee attacks.
-Traded blows with Dark Pit, who is just as strong as he is.
-Rolled a giant stone sphere with little effort.
-Destroyed the Wish Seed.
-Defeated Orcos.

Speed & Agility:
-Casually Dodges Lightning on the regular.
-Kept up with Phosphora who can
:iconthatguyimortal:ThatGuyImortal 32 6
Nier Automata Comm: A2 and 2B's Clowny Coding
The hunt for A2 had led 2B and 9S far across the ruined Earth, or so it felt. In truth, the two YorHa units had been retracing old steps in hopes of finding a lead. To better their odds, 2B and 9S split up, instructing their pods to contact one another in case they ran into A2. With 9S staking out the area near Pascal's village, 2B decided to look near the amusement park. Entering the tragic kingdom, the android in black delved deeper and deeper into the area.
Bypassing the docile, decorated machine lifeforms and their parade tank, she soon found her way inside what was once the lair of Beauvoir, the Opera Singer.
Once inside the opera house, where the robot once known as Simone once was known to perform. 2B traversed the area cautiously, trying to ignore the remains of both destroyed machine lifeforms and YorHa units. However, she took one step before hse heard the subtle sound of a sword being drawn. 2B dodged just in time to avoid a fatal blow, though her pod had suffered critical d
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 16 15
Sitting quietly on her sofa, Sunset Shimmer waited. Clad in her usual pyjamas, she let out a long sigh, occasionally glancing up to the clock on the wall. She counted the moments. He wasn't going to be late, that much she knew, but even so, she hated just sitting here. There was a degree of frustration upon her face, albeit only slightly, and while she tried her best to keep her spirits up, it was obvious that something was eating away at her. It was a sentiment reflected in her voice when she finally spoke.
"Okay, Sunset...this is going to be easy, you'll see."
Her lips twisted into a smirk.
"Flash likes this kind of thing as much as you do. He feels that kind of urge too, no matter WHAT his friendly image might suggest. All we have to do is press a few buttons, and boom, he's the one making the first move for once!"
Leaning back into her sofa, a look of confidence came to her, and she crossed one leg over the other.
"By the time this is over, Mr knight-in-shining-armour will be ALL o
:iconthejboy88:Thejboy88 13 4
Death Battle | Godlike

Rex: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all!
T: -Wait, Charlotte?
Charlotte: ...
T: Ch-Charlotte, we know it's been a while, but I didn't think it was enough to make you melt down-
Charlotte: ...DEATH BATTLEEE-
To know the full context of the battle, please read this to avoid confusion.

The lifeless body of a Samurai fell onto the ground, a cloud of dirt being knocked up by the impact. The empty eyes of the warrior were stuck looking up into the sky. However, it was a mere dream for even his soul to go there. Because, to put it simply, it was destroye
:icondeathbattledino:DeathBattleDino 27 9
Death Battle: Superman Vs Asura - Finale

The battle of two unstoppable forces continues. Both test the limits of each other on an unknown world, the planet beginning to crumble in the process. Eventually, the “Superman” grows in power, defeating Asura the Destructor…
Or so he believed.
Setting - Dying Sand Planet
Superman kept flying away from the now ravaged world. It was finally time to go home… But unknown to him, his opponent wasn’t done yet.
Asura jolted his head up and looked to the skies above. There he saw Superman, flying away believing that he was victorious. This infuriated the Destructor. He had to be taken down. But… He was armless… Defenseless…
But then… He remembered…

Her. That sweet innocent smile of hers.
“...Mithra…” Asura muttered.
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 23 29
Oakwood Heights CYOA: The Truth (Path B)

Tim blinked several times as the realization hit him. After a heartfelt encounter with Daphne she said something that left him dumbfounded:
“Well, I suppose it’s time to tell you the Truth about the ‘Demon Student’, Tim…”
Tim couldn’t help but stand there in shock. He started off this week investigating seven beautiful girls alongside their best friend, and accidentally thrust himself into the world of the supernatural. He had resisted not only a literal Siren’s song, but also the temptations of a beautiful kitsune. He defused a conflict between angel and demon, coming to understand both of their struggles in the process. He faced off against inhumanly strong shapeshifters, learning to understand how “human” they really were. And just now, he had befriended a half-vampire, bonding with her over the shared mistakes of their past. All this happened in search of the elusive ‘Demon
:iconodachi65:Odachi65 8 2
The Hidden Dragon Ch.99 (Fairy Tail X Male Reader)
Hello Folks! It's PhantomMaster18 here with the next chapter of The Hidden Dragon!
(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Last Name
(F/N) - Full Name
(F/C) - Favorite Color
(F/C 2) - Second Favorite Color
(M/C) - Magic Color
(C/C) - Magic Circle Color
(H/C) - Hair Color
(H/S) - Hair Style
(S/N) - Sister's Name
< word > - Thoughts
Disclaimer: Lets get this out of the way - Fairy Tail does not belong to me, but this story does. Now, let the story continue!
Chapter 99: Triumphant Return!
(Y/N) awoke to the sound of voices and opened his eyes, looking up to see some familiar faces, albeit a bit different from what he remembered.
Alzack: "What should we do?"
Bisca: "We wake him up, isn't that obvious hun?"
Warren: "Hey, he's already awake."
(Y/N): "Yeah... why are you guys on Tenrou Island? Wait...!"
He quickly got up and looked around.
(Y/N): "Where did Acnolo
:iconphantommaster18:PhantomMaster18 25 20
A Missing Sister!? - Part 3 - A Mind Anomaly?

Mason: I must say, I am surprised that you'd come to me first to research technology.
Krysti: Well, I did hear about you from Gonzy a few times and told me about what you can do, so I decided to do this!

Mason: Well, before we begin, I must ask you a question that had come up during my call from before.
Krysti: Oh? Do tell, Mister Mason!

Mason: Have you heard of a young man by the name of "Kevin Gunther"? He had requested for Gonzy and her robotic partner to find his sister that has been missing for over a decade.

Mason: What is very heartbreaking is that Kevin was told that his sister had been killed. Probably in an accident, but that is only my prediction for that.

Krysti: Oh no, that's terrible! I umm, don't think I know a Kevin, so I don't think I could be
:iconmistress-gonzy:Mistress-Gonzy 17 11
Badnik Hunter X - Prelude - DEATH BATTLE!

Pidge: Masters of copying their opponents, and built to be the greatest of their kinds, these two free-thinking robots have fought endlessly to make their creators' dreams a reality.
Impulse: And while one has fought dozens of rogue robots to ensure a peaceful future, the other was built for the sole purpose of eradicating his world's savior.
Pidge: Mega Man X, Doctor Light's Proto Reploid!
Impulse: And Metal Sonic, Doctor Eggman's second in command! She's Pidge, and I'm Impulse!
Pidge: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

AKA: X, Maverick Hunter X
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125.7 lbs
Age: Mentally 14-15 at the time of his awakening
Affiliation: Maverick Hunters
First Appearance: Mega Man X (1993)
-The greatest creation of Doctor Thomas Light
-Surpassed the original Mega Man in every sin
:iconspidermang10:Spidermang10 15 9
Ethics and Ethos

“Do you two really have to fight?!”
Amy was almost pleading, just shy of begging at this point.
Tensions were already running high in the group of friends. All that had happened in the last few hours had turned one of their usual upbeat Adventures to save the world into something more akin of a soap opera. Between Eggman stealing all seven Chaos Emeralds the night before and the current plight of the denizens of Station Square whom were in the direct line of fire of the rapidly approaching Egg Fleet, Team Heroes already had as much on their plate as they could handle.
Watching their two best go toe to toe in the precious moments they had to spare really wasn’t something the Pink Hedgehog considered productive.
Shadow scoffed at Amy’s final appeal to cooler heads. Responding in kind with the brand of saber rattling that he was known for.
“A fight implies that this will be some sort of e
:iconbrodogz:BroDogz 11 4
Gone Batty: Chapter 19
Gone Batty
Chapter 19: Ambushed
“It’s a good thing that we’ve got the leader of the beasts on our side now,” Shade said with a giant smile on his face as he led the way as he flew.
“Will Brutus believe Ursa?” Marina asked, looking usure. “That there were giant bats?”
“He can check out the towers of fire!” Shade reassured her. “Goth’s body is right there.”
Melody flinched at the reminder but didn’t say anything. She followed Shade and Melody further into the forest, still chewing on the herbal leaf that Ursa gave her. It tasted extremely bitter and she had to keep herself from gagging. ‘Just a spoonful of sugar, Melody. Happy thoughts.’
Back at the outskirts of the power station, Goth’s still body began to attract the attention of hungry crows. Two of the crows flew down next to him, looking rather pleased at what they had found.
One crow began to pro
:iconlilgrimmapple:lilgrimmapple 9 1
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 65
Jaunt 65.0 - BrutalityInc A Winter Wedding Pt 16
“You are a mighty foe, that I recognize.” Captain Cerberus said, parrying another flurry of blows from Hercules Beetle’s war club. They had stalemated each other in their duel, and he was doing this even while fending off her battle-sister’s attacks through constant tactical manuvours and clever use of his arsenal of weapons, all a testament to this soldier’s stupendous skills. “Rarely had we fought someone as good as you, in spite of being unenhanced and only wearing a powerful weaponized armour.”
“Thank you, I am considered the deadliest soldier alive in our current forces, if not the Hooviet Union itself, not counting Gospodin Chrysalis herself.” Hercules Beetle said cordially, even as he skillfully deflected an attempt by Cerberus to nail him with a Krak Grenade by turning on the energy shield on the spot at moment of contact, preventing it from attaching a
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 6 66
Issue 45: Second Stringers
"Eat food quick or you'll have to share it."
       "I don't know, Kate.  I'm kinda a bit shellshocked from that mind control at the moment," Gwen said into her earpiece as she backflipped out of the way of an incoming gout of flames.  "Gotta get back into the swing a bit before I do a team up."
       "It's not that kind of team up, I swear," Kate replied on the other end of the line.  She was busy on her back in a warehouse plugging wires in.  "Sounds like you're having fun over there."
       "Oh yeah, just dodging a flamethrower.  You know, like you do," Gwen replied as she bounced off a street lamp.  It creaked and bent a little bit from the combination of her weight and the force of the impact.
       "Yeah, I know what that's like.  Look, just pop by after you get off work.  It'll be worth your time, trust me," Kate reassured.
:iconplumpspidergwen:PlumpSpiderGwen 17 15
Gold Dust and Harmony V2 Chapter 2
Chapter 2: An Unwelcome Return
Tidmouth Sheds are the main locomotive sheds on the North Western Railway. There are eight berths to house eight locomotives. On the leftmost berth close to a siding sat James after taking his goods from Brendam.
Right now, the red engine was in a sour mood, and a fly buzzing around him didn't improve his temper either.
"Shoo fly!" snapped James, "Buzz off!"
Thomas was backing down into the siding next to James' shed after taking a slow goods train from Ffarquhar. However, he wasn't paying attention to where he was chuffing and hit the buffers quite roughly.
"Botheration!" he cried as his eyes spun in surprise.
"You weren't concentrating, Thomas," scolded James, slightly amused, "lucky for you that the buffers were there."
"That's what buffers are for – to stop accidents," said Thomas, "that's why the workmen are repairing them. What are you doing in the sheds, James?"
"I got into an argument with Henry," grumbled James, "he criticized me for
:iconsodormatchmaker:sodormatchmaker 9 18
Sailor Moon: Minako Aino x Male!Reader
[You'd think there'd be more Sailor Moon reader inserts in the world. Well, there is only a handful. I've decided to contribute to the community and write this. Minako is probably my favorite out of all the Sailor Senshi, maybe because she just appealed to me more than the rest.
Some of this is probably inaccurate. Please don't kill me for it, this took me a few days to write! This is also my first reader insert, so... yeah. Enjoy!
(F/N) is first name, (L/N) is last name, and (Y/N) can be just your first name or a nickname. I wrote the majority of this with (Y/N) just being the first name, but whatever. ]
Your name was (F/N) (L/N), but everyone just calls you (Y/N). You moved to Tokyo just a few months ago at the start of the new semester, and you've made fast friends since you came from Okinawa. You attend Juban Middle School, one of your normal public schools.
Today was Sunday. There was no school on Sunday, so you decided just to mosey around town for a bit. The shopping district? T
:iconyukiuramsiri:YukiUramsiri 12 6
A Dragon's Heart. Astrid x Male Reader 3.
i own none of the linked pictures.
So with the release of season 6 of HTTYD RTTE i thought i might revive this series, might do a couple more because Astrid is my ultimate Waifu.
Love you all
The day started off like any other, you woke up and felt the familiar feeling of Astrid’s warm fingers gliding through your tousled hair trying to make some strands into braids. You breathed in deeply inhaling her scent and the fresh air, Astrid smiled down on you and in return you smiled back. Astrid swung her leg over your body so that she was now straddling your waist; she laid her head down on your chest her warmth spreading to your sore body.
“How are you feeling?” she asked obviously concerned, after it was revealed that Trader Johann was the evil mastermind you had charged head first into battle to give the oth
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 18 17
Parental Guidance - Part 2
Spring of 415 FC (founding of Cosium) — 1 year after Mortesen’s departure
[A/N: to compare timing to the original events, check out the official timeline]
Garrik, once the king of a proud country, made his way down to the prison where a group of bandits had been locked away.
He hated the way he had no useful purpose. With his daughter and son-in-law’s home complete, he found his life intolerably empty. Directing the building of a place that was more of a miniature castle than a manor had made him feel helpful. Cleyra was done and Mortesen was pleased with the results.
Now… most days were idle, filled with a flurry of silly diversions meant to make nobles feel as if they accomplished something while really doing nothing. Horseback riding, dining on delicacies, attending plays, hosting and being hosted…
Perhaps it wouldn’t have bothered him so much sever
:iconjanikacheetah:JanikaCheetah 7 5
Not So Small Anymore (Toradora WG Story)
   Taiga hated being small.
    She had always been a small girl, despite being nearly 18, she was barely five feet tall. It’s just the hand she was dealt for her life. Despite her wealth, her strong will and her excellent school record, most people, save for a rare select few, mocked her for her height. Even those she considered her friends would make slight jabs at her short stature, despite many signs telling them they should probably stop.
   Taiga would sometimes be mistaken for a small child, when out in public strangers would walk up to her and ask if they were lost, and she would often respond with a hostile smack across the face, rage emanating from her body. When she would go to the fair with her friends, some rides just wouldn’t let her on due to her size, which forced her to sit and watch while her friends, and other kids her age, all had fun while she was tossed to the sidelines, lacking any fun at all.
   Combined with h
:iconchubby-chimaera:Chubby-Chimaera 27 2
New Start, New Pranks Zoro x Child!Reader
New Year’s Eve is the day when people look back on the current year and on all that you’ve done. It’s also a day to prepare for the upcoming year with goals to accomplish and for new promises.
As for you, what you want most is for this year to have never happened. You were considered an odd one in your village because you have a devil fruit, but your parents always loved you so you didn’t care. However, when your parents died in an epidemic this year you began to go through a series of bad luck. The villagers’ dislike for you only grew with your parents no longer protecting you. It didn’t help that you had to steal in order to survive.
The only way that you could have fun in this town was by pulling harmless pranks on the people who wronged you. With so many enemies in this town you have no problem picking out targets.
Just like today, you managed to build a small catapult from scraps, and are hiding in an alleyway with it. You look at the small bask
:iconmorianna19:morianna19 15 6
Meeting a Nergigante (softvore version)
It was a nice sunny day the sun shined brightly in the sky, the winds blew peacefully in the area, the clouds floated by lazily in the sky, the monsters were doing their own thing, you were running from a Barroth you had no idea why it was angry with you but now you needed to run for life. You avoid every obstacle in your way until you came to a massive boulder in your way now you were in between a rock and a Barroth, you had your back against the boulder as you watched the Barroth running in the place it grinned seeing it had you cornered.
It bowed its head down and charged at you with full speed you covered your eyes hoping it would be painless, you covered your ears hearing a loud roar and the roar of the Barroth. You felt something pushing against your side you opened your eyes to see something even more dangerous then the Barroth you saw a Nergigante it had black scales, it had a dark pink underbelly, it had black spikes over its back, wings and tail, it had two massive horns on i
:icondeathwatcher123:Deathwatcher123 7 2