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The Succubus|Septic Egos x Succubus!Reader
You were so tired, but you knew you had to keep running.
Of course, the easier option would be to fly, although the searing pain in your right wing and the trail of blood you left behind grimly reminded you that was off the table.
How could a ritual knife even cut that deep?? Well, you certainly weren’t about to stick around and let it cut you anywhere else.
Just your got summoned by yet another disgusting, greedy pig. All you wanted was to experience life as less of a Succubus and more of just...a human. A normal human being committed to a thorough, loving relationship, where you didn’t cherish your mate just for his body.
Unfortunately none of them had felt the same. Your last summoner, in fact, tried to chain you down and make you do.....ludicrous things. So you assumed your true, demonic form and managed to escape, although not before the bastard managed to slash your wing.
By now you were growing dizzy from the blood loss, but you kept sprinting, your barbed
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Self conscious tg

Walter felt like today was a hot day, so he went to the community pool. But whenever he swims, Walter always wears a shirt because he is self conscious about his body. So he paid the fee and went inside. He decided to take a nap before swimming. As he slept, he felt like he was shirnking, with his arms and legs becoming petite. His hair grew long and face turned girly. His hips and thighs got plump as his ass expanded. Then he his manhood turned into a womanhood. Then his waist caved in as his chests popped out some sexy breasts.As a slasph of water awoke him, he decided ro change his sweater. As he took it off, he saw that he was wearing a bikini. And also that he was a she. If she was self conscious about her body before , she will be embarrassed about it now.
:iconfunvalet:Funvalet 26 0
Tsukishima Kei | Impeccable
His fingers would periodically brush over the advanced equation on his notebook as he sat there attempting to solve the solution. As embarrassing as it sounds, he even went as far as looking up the answer on the Internet. Tsukishima sighs with frustration staring out the bedroom window, his eyes watching the storm. The equation showed up a week ago on his arm.
‘Stumped ya?’
Appeared, he scowls grabbing a pen to write a response.
‘Not even close.’
‘It’s really not that hard you’re overthinking it.’
Tsukishima grabs a wipe brushing the pen off ‘haha’ appears further up his arm he cries out in frustration. Closing the notebook he climbs into bed turning off the lights setting his glasses on the side table glaring at the wall.
He was growing incredibly frustrated with his soulmate, Tsukishima managed to solve all the equations so far but they started to become so advanced it took days to figure out the answer.
:iconezaito:ezaito 25 10
Esdeath freezes over DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Esdeath.
Height: 5'7".
Gender: Female.
Age: Early 20's.
Hair Color: Blue.

Strength & DC:
-Destructive Capability reaches that of City Level to Large Mountain Level. Country Level at her highest.
    -City level Calc.
    -Large Mountain Level Calc.
-Clashed with The likes of Akame and Tatsumi.
-Kicked a Man's face off.
-Even as a child, has killed Danger Beasts.
-Kicked a Man's head off.
-Physically Superior to Leone, who can kill grown men with her punches.
-While Depowered forced 
Stage 2 Incursio Tatsumi to play de
:iconthatguyimortal:ThatGuyImortal 27 18
Seven Deadly Sins: Female Ban x Male Reader.
Hellllllo, everybody. And welcome back to another one-shot! To request a one-shot / possibly series go here:
Request Journal 2 (press "Request Journal 2" to be brought to the page.)

This was requested by NeonPugs21


Many tails of the Seven Deadly Sins have spread across the land of Britannia, that’s where our story begins. Many know the Seven Deadly Sin as the strongest and cruelest order of Holy Knights in the Kingdom of Liones. But another group of skilled holy knights have been formed after the Seven Deadly Sins were framed for murdering the great holy knight and disbanded.
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. The Five Stages of Grief. The pasts of these fiv
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 25 4
A 'pleasant' dinner (Jessica AND Hannah)
This contains fart fetish material. You have been warned.
I stand with Jessica in the front interior of the restaurant, waiting in line to see if we can manage to get a seat on such a busy, yet important night. It was the third anniversary of us becoming partners. Even though it was the third anniversary, it was our first time actually doing something special for it. As important as it was to both of us, organization and memory of events like this was neither of our strong suits. And, this time, it just happened have been us, hanging out at home, before it popped in Jessica's head. Being so late and with such little time to spare, we got dressed up nice and rushed out to a nearby restaurant. 
And here we were now, anxiously waiting in line, as each person who went ahead of us sending a jolt of fear through us that this would be our third anniversary that went uncelebrated due to our forgetfulness. We finally came up to t
:iconsandufabur:sandufabur 27 6
The Ageplay Club: Maki's Palace (Part 1)
“So, our target this time is Maki Harukawa? She didn’t really strike me as the type to have a Palace…” A blonde-haired girl with her hair in twintails said with a skeptical expression on her face.
“I didn’t think she’d have one either, but I checked the Nav because I was bored, and when I said her name, it popped up with a result.” An orange-haired girl replied, showing everyone around her the result on her phone.
“But, like, she don’t seem corrupt… Ain’t the rule that only corrupt people get Palaces or somethin’?” A boy with short blonde hair asked, the confusion evident in his tone.
“I thought such things to be true as well, but evidently we were wrong. It seems near anyone can have a Palace, provided their view of reality becomes distorted enough.” A blue-haired boy chimed in, brushing his bangs out of his face.
“It’s certainly very surprising. I wo
:iconprincessauthor:PrincessAuthor 14 2
Lucius Malfoy x Reader Marriage Law Chapter 6
Lucius Malfoy x Reader - Marriage Law
Chapter 6
When you were processing the fact that Draco had managed to find Harry Potter, Draco had calmed down.  Lucius on the other hand was far from calm - he had put two and two together and his rage at a Magical child (especially a very famous one) being devalued in such a way by his Muggle relatives was enough to get the wheels in his head spinning.
At this point, Orion decided that he had inflicted enough pain on his perch; he spread his wings and flew over to your shoulder.  He settled there looking quite proud of himself.
"(Name), please take Draco and Harry to the Malfoy Manor.  I shall be there shortly."
The Silencing Spell lifted as you nodded and tentatively moved towards Harry.  His cousin was unintentionally acting as a shield for Harry.  It seemed that the cousin relied on intimidation and tantrums to get his way - which may prove to be a problem for you, Draco and Harry.
"You can't take him!" The obese Muggl
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 14 4
Food wars: Defiling the god tongue
This story contains DiD, Characters used are from Food Wars/ Shoukugeki no Soma
"The winner is Erina Nakiri!" The announcer's voice echoed through the halls, met with cheers of admiration and respect. Another Food War had been won by Erina, to no one's surprise, her opponent finding himself on his knees.
"How, my recipie was perfect.... how could I have failed!..." the student clenched his knees in anger, having just failed his Stew club, challenging Erina was never something he desired, no one would, however the god tongue was cruel in her ways.
"I hello it's me, I've won..." Erina talked into her phone, ready to order the demolishion. 
"Wait! Wait, don't!" Finding himself on his knees infront of Erina, the student bowed. "Battle me again! I..."
"How pathetic, your food can't even compare to the worst fast food joints, it's vile and repulsive, you don't have a chance in hell of wi
:iconjustadidfan:JustaDiDfan 34 6
Death Battle: Enhanced Super Soldiers

 Alright now that the full analysis on both combatants is complete. It is time that we settle this once in for all.
Wild Wolf: Its time for Death Battle!!!!
Deep in the depths of space, a lone ship flies light years across space and various other inhabited planets until it arrived at it's destination location. 
A Pelican flew into the planet's atmosphere, safely landing on a large, empty open field. As the raft opened, a man wearing dark green armor and a helmet with yellowish orange visor walked out. He was the legend. The Spartan himself Master Chief.
He didn't come here on this planet to just simply explore, but to also retrieve one of the Infinity Stones. An assignment tasked to him by his military superiors. It wasn't just any Infinity Stone, this one was the Reality Stone---a stone which allows it's user to control, manipulate, and shape reality to th
:iconheroicdefender97:HeroicDefender97 21 47
Kamen Rider Hansei - Chapter 27
Arc 2 - Aeneus Rising
Chapter 27: Danger! The Deadly Martian Power?!
A purple portal suddenly opened five foot off the ground, spitting Hase out, still in his Inves form.
Hitting the ground with a thud, Hase howled in pain as his body twisted into a half-human form, arm transformed, with red eyes, green veins reaching up his neck and across his cheek.
Lying on his back, as rain pelted down on him, Hase waited for his breathing to return to normal, his Inves arm slowly transforming into it's human equivalent.
Sighing, Hase rolled himself onto his front, water dripping from his hair as the gel's hold began to break. With a grunt, Hase climbed to his feet, looking up, through the evening gloom.
"No fucking way," exclaimed Hase, his eyes not leaving the sight of Yggdrasil Tower in the distance, covered in vines.
"Welcome home."
Spinning around, Hase fell into a fighting stance at the sight of Onyx, standing at the end of the ruined alley, vines covering al
:iconzyuoh-eagle:Zyuoh-Eagle 35 2
Levi x Reader - Run To Me
(AU Note: Read through without the sentences in brackets and then read again with the sentences in brackets.)
There are two things in this world that take my breath away:
Running and… Levi.

One of them was right in front of me.
I halted in my tracks, my breath caught in my throat. The short, raven-haired man stood in the large hall way, dressed in a simple hoodie and track pants. He still hadn’t caught sight of me as his gaze was held by something else. I backed away slowly, hoping he would not turn in this direction.
(He had sworn that he would not go easy on me.)
Lady Luck was not on my side.
His grey eyes met mine when my track shoes squeaked loudly against the marble floor. I froze, my lips turning dry as his intense stare burned into me. It was like looking into the face of the hot sun – my legs turned into jelly under his gaze. When his lips parted, I was finally jolted into action.
Spinning around, I took off in the opposite direction away
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 23 12
Chicks Who Dig Chicks Who Know Chicks [TG]
    If I’m being entirely honest, I actually had an ulterior motive for wanting to meet up with you today. There’s something very important I’ve been needing to tell you, and now that I’m going through recovery, it’s time for me to confess. The ninth step is supposed to be about apologizing and making amends to those that you’ve wronged, and even though you don’t know it, I’ve done a terrible thing to you.
    Avery, the truth is that I am an ornithologistophile. I’ve been one for a very, very long time, although it’s only been recently that I’ve been able to admit that to myself. Just like all the other magical girls at my OA meetings, I’m hopelessly attracted to bird scientists. Whenever I see a girl with a passionate knowledge and curiosity for anything flying or feathered, I absolutely lose myself. I’ve accepted that this isn’t something I have power over, and it’s a b
:iconwholesomewombat:WholesomeWombat 15 1
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 80
Jaunt 80.0 - Comickook
(OOC: Here's something else I've been thinking of for a while)
At Jaunting Headquarters, Mainline Spike is talking to two of his counterparts, both of whom are princes. One was from the Inverted Ages universe and the other was a pony and Celestia's biological son.
"So you finally got your wings, huh?" Inverted Ages Spike asked his mainline counterpart.
"Yeah. From the molt a few weeks ago. I'll admit that it's taking some getting used to, even if I AM making better headway at it than my world's Twilight did when SHE got her wings." Mainline Spike confirmed
"Yeah. I can vouch for that. I might not have been QUITE as close to my Twilight as you two are to yours, but I DO still consider her a pretty friend and HAVE seen how hard it was for her to get used to her wings when she got them." Pony Prince Spike admitted.
"But enough of that for now. Are you two up for some O & O?" Mainline Spike asked his counterparts.
"you bet I am!" Inverted Ages
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Xenomorph!M!Reader x Tali (Mass Effect) 2
Chapter 2: Wrex's New Friend against a Thresher Maw
(Sorry for being away, I'm not dead, I got my diploma, I graduated! Here's a Chapter!)
(F/N) was playing with his collar to his outfit, he was wearing Human Civilian clothes, "How do Humans wear these?"
Shepard looks at (F/N), "Quit fussing, it's only for now."
(F/N) keeps tugging it, "Can I just stay in my original form? It's much more freeing than this."
"Would you rather be detained by C-Sec officers? Or flung around by biotics from Asari?" Shepard asks rhetorically.
"They can't hurt me."
"That was Rhetorical."
"What?" (F/N) asks, confused.
"Oh my..... Never mind." Shepard sighs in frustration.
Wrex chuckles, they were in the elevator on their way up to meet The Council, (F/N) gives up and turns i
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 24 9
A Bad Lesson?
With Princess Twilight herself leading the lesson, things went along about as you'd expect. All the students were sitting in alphabetical order, all neatly arranged according to the head-mare's lists. Everycreature had their books out and were meticulously taking notes, though admittedly not as much as Twilight herself would do. There were charts and graphs plastered all over the chalk-board before them, and Twilight herself, smiling happily as she paced up and down the thing, pointed to many a statistic and page, emphasising each and every statement she made. But, she was not alone here today, as Rainbow Dash was also present, smirking slightly as her more academic colleague carried on with her lesson plan. But, this brief reprieve from her duties did not last forever, as Twilight soon turned to her, gesturing for her to come over.
"Rainbow? Would you care to discuss how YOUR story relates to all of this?"
Though a little taken aback at first, Rainbow soon got into a proper groove for
:iconthejboy88:Thejboy88 7 2
[TF] Pokemon Let's Go: Bill's Teleporter!
"Come on, Pikachu... where'd you go? Don't run off like that..." 
The boy in the red jacket and hat looked around, but there was no sign of his yellow friend anywhere. To his right was the waters of Cerulean Cape. To his left was a small house with a green roof, the only building on this cliffside route. He'd already checked the bushes, so that left...
"...oh bother." Shaking his head, he pushed on the door of the house. "Hey, it's not locked? Huh..."
The inside of the small cottage seemed to be a laboratory, much like the one Professor Oak had back in Pallet town. At the back of the room were two large pieces of machinery, big enough to walk into. A desk and a computer sat out in the middle of the room atop the tiled floor. Stacks of paper, folders and books were strewn about; it looked recently lived-in. The only thing was missing was the cottage's occupant.
What obviously didn't belong there however, was the yellow mouse Pokemon wandering about, looking this way and that and st
:iconmagicaltf:MagicalTF 20 23
Spyro: Dawn of Light, 4-1
Part 4
Clattering of plates.
Sizzling food, smell of smoking wood.
Rustle of tent fabric on the breeze.
Jokes and laughter, wood on wood of drinking mugs or bowls.
Sidian and Tephra sat outside the massive crystals of the Settlement, oblivious to it all, gazing north at the ruined crate of Mount Elamrof.  
The other kids rested together in scattered pairs among the perimeter crystals.
While the party of victory and world reunion went on among the ruins of the Settlement, they could not find it in themselves to join.
Spyro and Cynder hadn't yet returned, and Ignitus's self sacrifice weighed heavily on them.
That battle against the Destroyer had taken everything they had, and even then something had happened at the end despite their failure.  They felt no victory, at least not for themselves.  All they felt at the moment was an exhausted emptiness.  
No one could accurately remember the moment the world had ended.  They all felt a d
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Sleeping Beauty: Crossover Style! Ch. 6
Sleeping Beauty: Crossover Style!
Chapter Six: Princess Serenity's Decision

(I do not, nor will I EVER, own Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, One Piece, or Pokemon. They all belong to their respective owners.)
                Princess Serenity laid on her bed, her face buried in her pillow. She had already stopped crying, but her silence greatly worried her Guardians.
"Princess?" Sailor Jupiter called as she knocked on her door. "May we please come in?"
"...Door's open." Princess Serenity answered, not taking her head away from her pillow.
                Sailor Jupiter opened the door to her room, and in her right hand was a plate carrying a slice of the Birthday cake she had made for her with a single lit candle and a fork, and she entered along with her fellow Guardians. "I brought you some cake." she spoke, softly, as she sat on the Princess' bed. "Would you at
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Black Widow x Male Reader
(F/N) was in a dark room hanging by his arms, his feet were barely touching the ground. He was dressed in full black combat gear, ready to fight. Suddenly, (F/N) looked off and said, "You're probably wondering, why i'm hanging in a dark room," (F/N) waited for awhile, but their was no reply:
"Well, rather than elaborately explaining this with an awesome descriptive flashback, I'll just tell you basically I with my hot girlfriend went on a mission to secure an informant, but then we found out he was working with the enemy and then one thing led to another and now  were both in a makeshift dungeon...anyway I" (F/N) never got to finish his speech because his 'hot girlfriend', Natasha Romanoff spoke up, "Who are you talking to?"
(F/N) didn't really respond at first but than he said, "I was talking to them," Natasha decided not to pry, whenever it came to (F/N) doing odd things she had learned not to question his madness. Suddenly, the door to the dark room opened and a man walked in,
:iconjetrayf:jetrayf 20 5
2 + 2 Is Ninjitsu (Shinobu TG TF)
    'This is an interesting item, would you not agree?'
    We all see some pretty interesting things from time to time while working shifts. Even standard, day to day jobs have their weird moments, and being prepared for the unanticipated is one of the most important things when working an...okay job in that one side of town.
    Enemil Ivoire knew that all too well. He spent his time working at a store which sold Japanese gifts and knick knacks. Japanophiles frequented this store, most of them unable to actually take a trip to the country, and some of them just too lazy...but most not able. The job was pretty menial, involving a lot of sorting stuff, answering customer questions (some of them were idiots!), and keeping tabs of what got sold, but it paid decently and wasn't very difficult, and his boss was nice. His boss even called him Enemil-san, which was a little thing that Enemil really loved.
    On his off-hours, Enemil would sit in the b
:iconseibara:Seibara 20 4
BatIM TH.AU - Devil's Deal - Part 3
A few minutes later, they’d set up a small summoning circle, complete with lit candles. No one seemed to believe that any of it was necessary, not even Henry who’d told them that it was ‘better safe than sorry’. And while no one said it aloud, he was probably right.
That didn’t make Bendy feel any better when he stood in the centre of the thing.
Not that he’d told anyone, but he still didn’t know what to think about the whole ‘real demon’ business. He also hadn’t told them that his fragmented memory pieces together from his… demonic episode were coming together to form a rather disturbing picture, if he was going to be honest. It made him sick to his stomach that he’d acted in such an untoony way, and he was grateful that no one had gotten hurt because of him.
Well… almost no one.
He tried not to wince as Henry approached him and the circle he was standing in. The old man was stil
:iconlnicol1990:LNicol1990 8 2