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DBZ: Abducted and Diapered By Giants Part 3

An extremely nervous employee of the State Broadcasting firm shifted from foot to foot, staring at the ground. She was worried for good reason as she was berated by the director of the PSA Bulma and Chi Chi had just stared in. The technical operator had accidentally sent out the audition live, to over four hundred thousand households in the capital alone.
"That was unedited footage!" The director continued. "How could you make such a novice mistake like leaving the transmitter running?!"
" was just an oversight. I must've left it on after the routine test that we're mandated to preform each day." 
"I  can't believe you spaced out like that and-" 
"Director!" A leggy emerald haired woman shouted over to the director, interrupting the conversation, while she held her left palm over the receiver of a phone.
"What is it?!" The director hollered to her. 
"The Department of Intergalactic Adoption is on the line and it's incredible
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Liz's Journey 2: Ch. 4
It was dawn by the time Ryan, Percy and Liz crossed the Vicarstown Bridge and made it safely home to Sodor. They were so exhausted from the rescue last night that they went straight to the nearest water tower to refill their tanks. Liz was still very lightheaded and dizzy, but soon felt a little better when her tanks were filled.
Liz: (sighs happily) I felt so parched these past few hours. This is JUST what I needed.
Percy: (puffs next to her) Liz… I-I want to say I’m really sorry for lashing out at you days ago. I thought you would protect yourself with that magic Lady gave you. But I was selfish and foolish… Can you please forgive me?
Liz: (smiles) Percy, I’ll always love you, so of course I’ll forgive you. I’m sorry too. I should have used the magic during those emergencies, but I just couldn’t stand it on other engines demanding me to use my power. But… (sadly frowns) I think some of it is gone… Lady’s not gonna be happy w
:iconblueengineliz6:BlueEngineLiz6 19 55
Noriko Kashiwagi x Male!Reader - Loopholes!

Yosuke POV
Yosuke: C'mon Y/n! Do it for me!
Y/n: I’m not dating Kashiwagi-sensei. It’s this little thing called “illegal”.
Yosuke: You’re my senpai though! You gotta look out for your kohais man!
Y/n: “Senpai” is not a synonym for “slave”. And I do look out for my kohais. Also known as the Investigation Squad.
Yosuke: I’ll fail though! She’ll fail me! Me! Out of all people!
Spring break was coming up, which meant that parents were going to look at their child’s grades and determine how easy their spring break is. For most people, it’s easy sailing. Such is the case with people like Yu, Yukiko, and Y/n. But those dudes like me, our parents are going to completely kill us. Maybe literally. I don’t want this failing grade because I know I’m not going to hear the end of it and I’d probably go to cram school.
Y/n: How did this deal come to fruition
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Miku's Day Off Part 2
Miku looked at herself in the mirror and watched Shiro begin. Shiro pulled Miku’s hair out from beneath the cape, it took him a couple pulls to get the full length out.  He laid both tails on the cape for both to admire. Both tails reached past the bottom of the cape almost reaching her feet. “Your hair is so soft and silky…” Shiro said. “Thank you! I condition it every day, but I’m happy I won’t have to be struggling in the shower with it for much longer.” Miku said.  Shiro grabbed Miku’s right tail and stroked it, it was so smooth and so silky. Shiro had to plan his direction of attack on all this hair. If he wanted to sell this beautiful hair, he will probably need to keep it in it’s ponytail form.  Shiro looked at Miku’s hairclip and asked, “Do you mind if I use your hairclip?” “Sure!” Miku said enthusiastically. Shiro slid Miku’s hair clip down beneath her shoulder, makin
:iconwillstevenson:willstevenson 15 9
RWBY: M|Reader X Claire Claret (OC)

Hey Everyooooone! It's Nehpets here. A lot of you requested for our wine-haired girl Claire Claret to have a romance with, and since we broke another milestone (two milestones actually), why not?! I am kind of excited of what you guys would think ;) (Wink) Just for the record , the story will be mainly focusing on your point of view.
And just to make things crystal clear:
RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth
The story belongs to me
And you belong to yourself
Hope you fellas enjoy!
:iconnehpetssanders:NehpetsSanders 52 43
Das Nachtkrapp|Nachtkrapp!Schneeplestein x Reader
"Heh, I guess they don't call this the "Forest of Nachtkrapp" for nothing." You mused as you wandered further down the trail, observing the many flocks of crows and ravens perched on the thin tree branches.
Their beady black eyes watched your every move, although they did not intimidate you in the slightest.
In fact, you loved those kind of birds. And you've always been curious about the fabled Nachtkrapp: the eater of naughty children, protector of ravens, and the herald of diseases... essentially Germany's version of the Boogeyman. So you had entered his realm without fear, as curiosity overrode all of your other thoughts.
The humming you've been doing since you first arrived here stopped when you heard some kind of rustling in the trees. For a moment you tensed and looked around. "Who's there? Is it you, Nachtkrapp?"
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a large, black, winged figure leap down from the trees and into the bushes. You slowly, yet surely, made your way over to
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Adam's Three Wives - A Summary
In ancient times, a race of powerful, intelligent yet fallible beings composed of celestial energy, who called themselves the Heavenly Host,  emerged from a massing of the "dark materials" of the universe, a place they called Tehom, or the Great Deep. The leader of this race, who was the first to come into being, had convinced the others that it was their creator and rightful eternal master - in short, their Demiurge. It had led them in campaigns across the cosmos, overseeing the successful assimilation of other races into their society, such as the wheel-like, multi-eyed Abalim, which were given the task of carrying around the Demiurge's own throne (and thus also became known as "Thrones"). When they came to Earth and discovered the human race, the prideful Demiurge became jealous of the native deities that the humans already honoured, and developed a desire to also subjugate these "lower creatures" and ultimately establish itself as their "one true God". Such was its charisma th
:iconkhialat:Khialat 10 23
How to become a Lucario in 7 days (Shades of Blue)
Day one has given Brandon some interesting features regarding his Lucario Transformation. The iconic black paws with the pink-ish paw pads was the highlight; he also earned his red eyes, his pupil slightly getting taller and more slim, similar to that of a cat. Having both those things alone was exhausting, so imagine learning that this was barely nothing and there was a brand-new body awaiting in the span of a week? There weren’t many options regarding on HOW the boy could transform. The only thing he could do, unfortunately, was wait. An entire week (Sometimes even more) was the price to become a Pokeuman, not that anyone is asking to be one in the first place.
Quinn was right, the entire process was indeed a painful experience, though not an unbearable one. The Alakazam was also right about the entire ‘Sleep-to-avoid-pain’ advice. Brandon didn’t leave his small hospital room at all, or his bed in general, with the sole exception of heading to the bathroom wit
:iconplanetgiga:PlanetGiga 12 5
Ordinal Scale - Suguha Kirigaya
"I'm finally here..... but i don't see anyone." Suguha Kirigaya mumbled between herself, looking around.
It was already a week that the young swordwoman returned from her training camp and that she heard about what happened to her brother and his friends.
Actually, Ordinal Scale was a game developed only to revive the daughter of the professor Shigemura, stealing the memories from SAO's survivors. Even Asuna lost her memories but, thanks to her brother and his friends, the conspiracy was defeated and all returned to the normality.
Whiteout any risk, Suguha was finally enjoying his time in OS, giving proves of her great ability thanks to her experience in kendo.  For many evenings, she went to the "battle places", easily defeating monster, other players and increasing her rank.
And even today she was outside.
She had received a message from OS's admin, telling her that an important event would have taken place near Tokyo station. This new quest would have involved many monsters fro
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Scars of the Quill - Part Five
Chapter Five: Reasons to Fear
“Okay, gotta admit, this isn’t half bad.” Sour put out another helping of wild rice for herself and remarked, “You got the hang of a stove pretty well.”
“Kinda had to living on my own.” Quiver smirked as he speared another bit of broccoli with his fork and remarked, “I don’t want to have fast food every night.”
“Bad for the heart.” Edgar cawed inbetween pecks of his own meal.
The two cousins shared a chuckle at the raven’s remark. “Seriously though, the simpler the meal, the better. I’d love to do more complex stuff, but that takes practice.” The stallion rolled his eyes and noted, “No homemade pancake breakfast yet.” He noticed a smirk on the mare’s face and turned curious. “What?”
“Nothing. Anyway, I hope you don’t mind my setting a few things out in the front room. Just some equipment for my job, couple small things.&
:iconechowing:EchoWing 14 6
Drift | Rin Matsuoka x Reader [Ficlet] | Free!
Outside and inside. Reality and a feeling.
Why did you choose to do this?
To be so foolish that you'd put yourself in danger just for the sake of a boy? And it wasn't to save him either. were the one who needed saving.
Water surrounded you on all sides, as was typically the case with swimming pools. In a strange sort of way, even as you could feel the air being pulled further and further out of your lungs, you could understand why people liked to swim so much. There was a peace down here that you would struggle to find anywhere else.
Rin was so damn competitive though, you wondered if it was ever peaceful for him, or did it just feel like he was further immersing himself in stress?
He was a shark. In terms of both looks and personalities. He had sharp teeth and a sharp bite, one that Haru was often victim to. The guy simply despised losing. You despised it too.
That was why you pushed yourself to this point, plunging into the water after school was done, knowin
:iconvanillametal:VanillaMetal 11 2
Neopolitan x M!Reader Finale
        "Yang Xiao Long, prepare your kingdom for battle!" Ruby exclaimed, dramatically pointing to her sister.
        Yang, not to be outdone, made a threatening fist. "Bring it on!"
        The two girls continued their banter as Ruby's boyfriend, known as the Mimic, rolled his eyes playfully. He looked around the library and took in the sight of Team RWBY playing Remnant: The Game together and Team JNPR sitting at a table nearby. His own team, Team MOBI was also there. Orchid was sitting with JNPR, reading a thick book with her trademark scowl on her face. Barry was watching RWBY's game intently, clearly rooting for Yang to win. And Isabelle was sitting in a seat hugging her beloved girlfriend Maria, who was sitting in her lap.
        "Those two girls really get into this game, don't they?" Mimic asked no one in particular. He wasn't expecting a response, bu
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Shell them all! Rider sets sail in Death Battle!

Francis Drake
Alias: El Draque, Navigator of Storms, King of Storms, King of Ghosts, The Woman Who Brought Down the Sun
Age: 55 (age of death)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 121lbs
Species: Human (former), Servant
Occupation: Pirate, Vice Admiral in the British Navy

Real life
The first person to successfully circumnavigate the globe
Paved the way for England to become the dominant superpower in the Age of Discovery
Brought down the invincible Spanish Armada
Close companions with Queen Elizabeth I

Briefly fought against Gawain (Saber)
Was the first Servant to fight Hakuno Kishinami and their Servant
 during the Moon Cell Holy Grail War
Fate/Last Encore
Defeated Armstrong, allowing Shinji Matou to become the master of the First Floor
Put Nero Claudius (Saber) on the ropes during their battle

Fate/Grand Order
Came across the lost ci
:iconwater-frez:Water-Frez 17 11
Stabbed Through the Heart (Male Reader x Asuna)
Since TheNessY21 and I really enjoy writing together, we thought, fuck it, let’s do it again! This time, we’re doing SAO, one of my favorite anime of all time. Let’s do it!
Ness decided to ship his OC with Suguha in this. Both Ninaru Tenshin aka Ninten and Kagami Misuto aka Laylana belong to TheNessY21
Disclaimer: I (or we) don’t own SAO.
    You were once again waiting for his girlfriend, Kagami, at the park. You had been waiting for half an hour and there was still no sign of her. They both escaped SAO together after Kirito aka Kazuto defeated Kayaba. You and Ninten, who is now known as Ninaru due to that being his real life name, have escaped the game together and have become good friends, IRL.
    You two have been dating for two years now, and for a few weeks, Kagami has been ignoring your texts, missing dates you planned, and even flat out
:iconfanficadan:FanFicAdan 27 12
Hoshidan vs Nohr. Part 1: Princesses.
This story contains DiD. All the characters featured are from Fire Emblem.
Roaring Wyverns and clashing of steel, the armies of Hoshidan and Nohr were yet again in a skirmish, the royal families from bother sides gathering on the field of battle, siblings of Hoshidan against Siblings of Nohr, the clash between the two armies had come to a head on the border of Hoshidan.
Smoke rising and avalanches, the skirmish took place in a mountain range overlooking several rivers, the landscape dotted by wooden bridges made of rope and wood. 
On each side casualties were recieved, but neither side would yield, after his defection from Nohr to join Hoshidan, Corrin, prince of Nohr stood against his own siblings with a heavy heart, commanding his troops effectively enough to give his brother Xander a run for his money.
"Takumi, Mozu, incoming!" Seeing Wyvern riders descend from the skies Takumi, Mozu as well as the other Hoshidan arche
:iconjustadidfan:JustaDiDfan 20 17
Medusa Gorgon Experiments on Death Battle!

Name: Medusa Gorgon
Age: Likely over 800 years old
Classification: Witch
 Is one of the three Gorgon Sisters who are among the most dangerous of their people and served as principal antagonists in the Soul Eater series
- Betrayed her sister Archnae 800 years ago in her battle against Lord Death
- Planned on reviving the God of Insanity Asura to rid the world of stagnation (in her mind at least)
- Subjugated her child Crona to inhuman experiments
- Responsible for the creation of Black Blood, the Black Clown, and Violent Clown
- Helped Crona escape from Dr. Stein
- Went undercover in DWMA Academy as a nurse
- Responsible for having "Demon Eye Free" being released from his prison just to study Soul Eater and use him to form a special barrier to trap DWMA
- Had Eruka blow up her own house just to cover her tracks from DWMA
Trapped every student and teacher  
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Himiko wants to gather new fans from DEATH BATTLE!

Full Name: Himiko Natsuno

Origin: Dangan Tenshi Fanclub (Connected to the One Punch Man universe)

Age: Unknown, likely around 16 years old

Sex: Female

Height: Unknown, probably around 5'2" based on her age

Weight: Unknown, probably around 52 kilograms based on her age

Classification: Human, Magical girl, Battle Angel, "Lady Himiko"



Himiko Natsuno was your average, everyday Japanese high school girl. She lives in an average home, eats average food, studies in an average school, and lives an average life. There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, yet Himiko wished for somethi
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Revenge is a Dish Best Served Young (AR)
Kevin was finally ready to exact revenge on Amanda. During their senior assembly, she humiliated him in front of the entire class. She called him for being silly and childish. Kevin was not going to take that lying down and decided to do the most mature thing he could think of - get revenge! Luckily for Kevin, he dabbled in magic and knew where to go to get great revenge tools. Going online to one of these circles he found a charm for sale, one that would turn its target into a helpless toddler for the next 24 hours. “She was going to see who was immature!” he thought to himself smugly.
He waited till the end of the next school day and followed her. She walked to a large bookstore not far away. Seeing this as an opportune place he stalked her though the store, waiting for a perfect time to unleash the charm. Once he found her alone, distracted while looking at the books, he pulled out the charm and prepared to cast it. Just as he was saying the activation word however, an e
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The Usurper's Slaves
“Oh my master,” Ariel sighed. “I could never imagine a life without you.”
“Indeed, my devoted slave,” purred Jafar soothingly. He smiled as Ariel undulated on his lap, dancing for the usurper.
Ariel had long been put under Jafar’s spell to delve this deep into her mindset. After a time of gazing into the eyes of his staff, weeks at a time, there finally wouldn’t be a need for him to use it. Ariel had become his willing slave, every word he spoke the absolute truth, the utter command. Whatever he commanded, she obeyed. When he told her to dance, she did so. When he told her to give pleasure, she did so. And she was now dancing on his lap, slowly rolling her shoulders, slowly undulating her hips, giving her master pleasure.
But soon Ariel won’t be alone. This was just the start of Jafar’s harem.
The sound of a gong brought their attention.
“Ah, the new prize has arrive,” said Jafar with anticipated lust. “We wi
:iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 13 7
The Demi-Fiend Finds His Own Reason in DB!

AKA: Naoki Kashima,
Hitoshura, Chaos King, The Demonic Man, Shin Managi
First Appearance: Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

-Was a high school student who survived the apocalypse
-Was given the Magatama by the Lady in Black and Lucifer, turning him into the Demi-Fiend
-Defeated Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta, and Hikawa, who became demons and attempted to remake the universe in their image

-Killed Kagutsuchi, causing it to cease to exist, destroying the Amala Universe, which contains infinite universes
-Killed Metatron, YHVH's strongest avatar
-In one version of Nocturne, he teamed up with with Dante from Devil May Cry
-In another version of Nocturne, he teamed up withRaidou Kuzunoha from Devil Summoner
-Able to fight on par with Lucifer going all out, and is implied to be stronger than him

-In the True Demon Ending, he leads an army of demons t
:icondynamo1212:Dynamo1212 21 9
Levi x Reader - Shackles [Soulmate!AU] Part 6
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
Invasive. Wrinkled hands.
A rumble shook the ground, the heavens unleashing its wrath on the world.
Empty. Chilled breath.
The night was surprisingly warm even with the onslaught of the thunderstorm. Yet my body trembled, hands cupping the warm pot of tea I had brewed for myself.
I hated this, this weakness of mine. The flashes of lightning that illuminated the night sky and the little table in front of me only made it slightly more bearable. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, my gaze fixed on the opposite wall, I reminded myself that there was nothing left to fear.
But another roar from outside immediately sent goosebumps down my arms. My heart pumping furiously, it was as if my body refused to let me forget what had happened all those years ago. I ran my hands up and down the length of my arms, trying to get rid of that repulsive
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 17 11
Sword Art Online: Suguha Kirigaya x Male Reader
Hellllllo, everybody. And welcome back to another one-shot! To request a one-shot / possibly series go here:

This wasn't requested by anyone .
I would love comments and favorites for this, I spent a lot of time on this one :D. All support will be appreciated :D

You were laying next to your girlfriend, Suguha Kirigaya, completely naked after the events that had just transpired. You had both taken a shower with one another, and due to this, you’re both really cold because the hot water was down.
You look at her body for a moment, before kissing her. Only one thought was in your mind for the time being…
“How did it come down to this?”
Two Years Ago… Two months before the SAO Incident. One Month before the Beta Test.
Currently, you’r
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 23 5