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Fem!High Elf X M!Reader FULL
(Thanks once again to IgnobleFiend)Thanks to TheNessY21 for the name...
"I have something special, just for you~" the shady man smiled. "Just because you're my friend, and a good customer!" his stained yellow teeth glowed in the moonlight. "If it's anything that can get me into trouble Yasmir..." (Y/N) sighed as Yasmir laughed. "Just... take a look," Yasmir gestured to a door. (Y/N) carefully opened the door, and saw what Yasmir had been 'offering' him. Pointy ears, Pale skin, Silver hair... this was an elf, but not just any elf. This female elf looked the same as the elves from the regions of nobility, (Y/N) immediately knew he had come across a gem.. but did Yasmir know it?
"Do you like her?" Yasmir asked as the Elf angrily hissed and cursed through her mouth-binding. "What type of Elf is she?" (Y/N) asked. "I dunno, I came across her out in the highlands.. all by her lonesome.." Yasmir chuckled, remembering the encounter. "With that their mouth-binding, she can't chuck curs
:icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 58 5
Platinum's Victory(BBTAG Feminization)
Platinum's Victory(BBTAG Feminization)
Plat happily skipped across the battlefield looking for a new opponent. She along with multiple others from various worlds were brought into this strange world to fight each other. Platinum didn't know what was going on, but she had no intention of losing.  Eventually she noticed some blonde haired loser with black highlights. Platinum snickered thinking what an easy win it would be. “Hey Mr. Tryhard! Come and fight me!”
Hyde stopped and looked down at the puny girl. “Like hell, I am not fighting some child.”
Platinum scowled after hearing him dismiss her. “My name is Magical Girl Luna! Don’t underestimate me just because I am a child!” She was determined to make the loser teenager pay for mocking her like this. Hyde turned and walked away, ignoring the little girl. Plat knew just what to do though, as she prepared to starting handing Hyde a humiliating defeat. She raised her staff and fired a cutesy
:iconmiragesand:MirageSand 30 0
Pumpkinhead VS The Creeper | Bar Fight!

Be sure to check out the prelude if you haven't.

Dat Gye: Alright, the combatants are set to go! Let's settle this once and for all!


Black Ridge, Somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains  

Deep in the shadows of the Appalachian mountains, a disheveled cabin stood bordering a small marsh. An eerie mist emanated from the murky waters giving the surrounding area a creepy atmosphere. The cabin itself was covered in roots and vines and looked to be as old as the forest around it. The setting sun began to cast distorted shadows from the branches of nearby dead trees that made it look like crooked hands just waiting to snatch some poor soul. Overall this place looked to be abandoned by God Himself.
Many of the locals knew this place and were wise to stay away from it for they knew she lived
:iconstewiegriffin2:StewieGriffin2 17 14
Spider-Man: Learning Curves #3
"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with freedom."
-Bob Dylan
        There's a really dangerous part of being a superhero not a lot of people talk about.  It's catharsis; just letting loose pent-up anger.  When you spend a good portion of your week punching bad guys, it becomes tempting to hit a little harder than necessary.  Combine that with the proportional strength of a spider, and you're risking outright killing someone.  I typically pull my punches unless the other guy can take it, but on a bad day that can be harder than I'm comfortable admitting.
        So when I'm waiting for three weeks to get a call back from Gwen, catharsis becomes a very tempting thing.
        That's how long it had been since the museum incident when she figured out I'm Spider-Man.  I was filling my time the best I could with taking pictures and fighting crime,
:iconplumpspidergwen:PlumpSpiderGwen 36 13
Pre-Game Rituals - Kuroo Tetsurou X Reader

N3: Nekoma High #1 Kuroo Tetsurō
“Kuroo-kun” you whispered, while stroking his outrageous bed-head.
He groaned as you giggled in response.
“Kuroo-kun. You need to wake up, or you’re going to be late.”
This time he tightened his grip around your waist.
You laughed out loud, ruffling his hair.
“(y/n)’re making it worse,” he said, lifting up his head to look at you.
You smiled down at his sleepy figure.
“I told you, you’re going to be late.”
He frowned at the thought of leaving you, only to smile as you ran your fingers through his hair again.
“Come on Kuroo. This is a pretty important game right?”
He chuckled, sitting up to rub the sleep out of his eyes.
“Oya oya. Is my little kitten worried?”
You blushed, looking sideways to avoid his gaze. He laughed and moved towards you, gripping your chin and turning your gaze back to him.
You blushed even
:iconcoffeelurvr:coffeelurvr 17 2
Poke-napper: Ultra Captive
Story contains DiD, Kyle is my OC, the rest belong to Pokemon!
"Your next target is this girl!" Kyle took his phone from his ear, seeing a girl on his screen, long blonde hair, wearing mostly a white attire and a hat to match. "Our client says she stole an important research speciment from the Aether Foundation and would like it and her back with them" 
Kyle nodded "I see, but where would I begin to look? I mean wasen't that "Theft" months ago?" He looked at the image again, poking his thumb against the photo. 
"Well, reports say she is staying with the professor of this region." His phone replied. "She stays at his house as an assistant, but he rarely leaves her by herself, it would be up to you to find the right time to grab the bag, and preferably the girl too." 
"So it's this kind of mission, huh?  Well fine I guess, wouldn't be the first time. But what
:iconjustadidfan:JustaDiDfan 44 44
Maria Backstory Part 1
In the middle of the fog and direct sunlight, in a rundown village made of wood and brick, a 15-year old Maria was walking through her village. It was Lucario tribe village, only Lucario's and Riolus lived there. She had lived there all her life.
Maria, as a 15-year old Riolu, with normal blue fur, spiky long hair, blue eyes, some fur on her chest, and wears an orange scarf. She has a small scar on her back from falling off of a tree and hitting the ground hard. She’ll often wave her tail to the right or use the rest of her scarf to cover it.
Her parents weren’t very close to her, they always told her not to go outside by any means, that other kids aren’t allowed to play with her. Maria, however, always thought the opposite. The moment they took their attention of of her, Maria was mostly on her own.
One day, while she was walking around in the forest, she became lost. It had never happened before, she had a good sense of direction. She began to walk around, trying to
:iconxael-the-artist:Xael-The-Artist 36 12
Just a Normal Day at School (Part 1)

Just a Normal Day at School

A Teen Titans Fanfiction
By StepfordCrimson

This is part 1 of a large story. To see the full story in one place, click here
For a more entertaining read, try to imagine every speaking character with a British accent x3
    A girl awoke rubbing her eyes and looking at her alarm clock. “Hmm…? Morning already? Better get ready for class. Haven’t been late before, better not start now,” the girl said as she turned off her alarm clock and began to get out of her bed.
    Hi there~ Better get introductions out of the way. My name is Crimson. I’m 18 years old and I attend a special boarding school. I was enrolled here because apparently I was a bit of a “misbehaving child” or a “t
:iconstepfordcrimson:StepfordCrimson 17 1

Author Zidane : Here we are again~
Author Furuichi : H..Hm...I..I think we do deserve an explanation to the watchers...
Author Prince : And some others things to introduce!
Author Sunohara : We don't have any minute to waste!

Author Zidane : I EXACTLY know how to make it entertaining for the watchers...Ready to transform?!
Author Furuichi : W..What's that now...? A..Are we forced to be changed...?
Author Prince : Hehe, after two weeks without transformations, they do deserve a lttle thing, plus my form will of course be the most loved one and make me the favorite author's representation!
Author Sunohara : In your dreams!

Author Zidana : So...Welcome back everyone ! Here's your favorite (or not) Kisekae user, Tfgame! Like the phoenix, back from the two weeks suspension. Some of you might have not even noticed it or didn't know the details but to make it short...A three parts
:icontfgame:Tfgame 45 75
MHA: Momo Yaoyorozu x Male Reader. Part 23
ALRIGHT! NEXT CHAPTER! It's time, and I know you guys have been waiting for it.
I've been brain-storming, and I've decided on what I want to do.  Momo and The Reader will get together, and the story won't end after they are together, just remember that.
Keep the support up on the series, it keeps me motivated!

(Links to the other parts will be in the description of course, don't forget to check it out if you missed them!)

Hope you all enjoy~! 
I looked at Kendo. She was from Class 1-B. I don’t think she and I really talked to one another all that m
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 46 9
Miscellaneous compilation volume 3
Royal Titles:
Queen of Mewni: self-explanatory
Queen of the Mewnian people: by law, the Queen has legal authority over mewnians living outside of Mewni itself, but this is usually dismissed as a legal fiction
Heir of Urania: As it was Urania who gave the Mewnians their freedom it should come as no surprise that the queens where their ancestry on their sleeve
Emperess of the Isles: When queen Polaria rediscovered the Imperial Isles and found them mostly deserted she immediately proclaimed them part of Mewni and proclaimed herself heiress of the old emperors. Ever since it has been an official royal policy that, when they got around to it, the queens would recolonize and repopulate the imperial Isles. every few decades an ambitious Watterson attempts to establish a colony only for the colony to fail for lack of support and be abandoned. Queen Star has claimed that metal ships made with earthling technol
:iconanaconda22:anaconda22 8 3
Tg Book
Mmmmmmmm. This body feels correct. Oh hi. I;m Patricia. One of the 16 daughters of Nicole. Being a 16 year old teen girl feels better than a boy. My transformation started yesterday. It started with my arms becoming small. Along with my legs. The fat in my body redistributed. My thighs thickened. My hair grew down over my petite feminine face. My nipples shot out expanding to nice b cup breasts. Equipped with large nipples. My hard erect penis shrunk into me leaving a sensitive clitoris. As I admired my pussy my waist caved and my body curved. My ass jutted out. I admired my body. Confused yet satisfied. My mind changed and I Moaned loudly in my high pitched voice. Now I’m here admiring it again. Maybe even getting a bit to horny with it.
captain (abby)
Nick was at home. He was brainstorming ideas for the next tg work would be on deviantart. He deleted a few of his caps realizing there was too many. But regretted it as all the caps combined and phased into him. The long
:iconsequencechaser:SequenceChaser 10 3
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter thirty-nine)
There's not much to say about the hours following the terrible idea of drinking the wretched honey water other than the fact that it was long and uncomfortable. The pain in your stomach hadn't even completely subsided by the time you'd finally fallen asleep around 3:30 AM, but you didn't tell Maia. For all she knew, you went to bed at 1:00 AM. But, alas. You weren't able to sleep. So, you sat awake going down the wormhole of weird videos on YouTube ranging on how snails reproduce to the renowned video "Late For Meeting" by David Lewandowski. 
But, eventually you fell asleep with your phone laying flat on your face. How that happened, you're not completely sure—though it's still funny nonetheless. Well, funny until your alarms went off early in the morning and scared the heck out of you.
When it happened, you jumped so fast that your phone was actually launched across your small bedroom, twisting and turning in the air until it hit the floor, alarm still going. Thank God you
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 11 2
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 94
Jaunt 94.0 - Kendell2
"Uh...Rarity," said Fluttershy at Rarity's Manehatten Boutique in preparation to fill in. "Why didn't you just get another Rarity to fill in?"
"Because the other Raritys are all busy with their own, darling," said Rarity. "Though Star Crossed from Stellaria will be filling in along with you to explain a recent wing..." she said, trotting over and pulling up a curtain to reveal a line of star and space themed outfits with a very alien, but still beautiful appearance...and crystals lining them in multiple areas, giving them constant glowing patterns all through them of various elaborate colors. "Aren't they gorgeous?! This is the current 'in style' on Stellaria right now!"
"It's very...bright..."
"EVERYTHING on Stellaria is bright, darling."
"So, uh, Rainbow," said Splitfire when Rainbow returned from Las Pegasus.
"Yeah?" asked the mare, still excited from the rollercoaster ride.
"Why didn't you just visit a universe a few years behind us and ride i
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 5 19
Hannah In Tubular
Hannah found herself standing on top of a grassy platform and saw a number of warp-pipes. The level she is on which is known to be an infamous one to many Mario fans is none other than Tubular.
"I've heard this level had quite a rep for its difficulty," Hannah said. "But no use standing around, the timer is counting, and I rather not lose a life."
Hannah jumped off the pillar making a sound effect each time Mario would jump and dodged the first Charging Chuck by bouncing off them like springs. She managed to avoid the small piranha plants that jumped out of the green warp-pipe. She then jumped off the second Charging Chuck and landed on a yellow warp-pipe and jumped to the next one with the P switch sitting on top of the block.
"Here goes nothing," Hannah said and triggered the switch. She then fell and landed on a green spring and hit her head on the block where the P switch was formerly. Out came from the block was a yellow colored P-Balloon and Hannah used the spring once again and
:iconhannahdoma:HannahDoma 28 6
Wendy Traps the Hero: Day 2 Part 3
“Ooooohhhhhh Linkyyyyy, just one last pleeeeease!” Link shivered as the sound her that bratty voice. That would have been her tenth ‘last one’, had there been any chocolates left in the bowl. If Link had gathered any information at this point, it was that Wendy loved chocolate. He wondered if that could be of use. Link just stood there.
“No more? Well, bring up the next box!” Said Wendy, as Link’s head filled with dread.
“I-I’m afraid that’s all there w-w-was, p-p-p-princess...” That voice had come from a purple robe-wearing Koopa which Link had heard referred to as a “Magikoopa”. There were few Koopas that Link couldn’t defeat bare-handed, and this was one of them.
“What!?!” Yelled Wendy in a shrill voice “why did you let me eat all of that?” she was glaring at Link when she said that. As if it was his fault! “Somebody needs a punishment!”
“P-perhaps this human
:iconorangechocobo:OrangeChocobo 9 4
Mandalorian Uprising pt 4
Princess Leia Organa walked down the brightly lit corridor aboard the Mon Calamari cruiser Home One. The Alliance flagship and its task group had rendezvoused with the medical frigate Redemption and its escorts a short time ago and Leia's presence had been requested aboard the flagship almost immediately. With Luke still recovering and of course no information about Han's possible location she'd welcomed the summons and hoped that it'd provide a much needed distraction from the recent abduction of the smuggler captain. Not that the alternative prospect was much better. The Alliance wasn't beaten, but it was bloodied.
They'd lost a lot of good people on Hoth, one name had both surprised and saddened her. Isabelle Devon hadn't been a close friend but she'd been a fellow Alderaanian and one that Leia had been glad to make the acquaintance of, given her connection to Leia's father. Seeing that she was counted amongst the missing—likely dead—was hardly welcome news. Reaching her
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 10 14
Shantae and the Black Baron Chronicles 38
Episode 37: The Sin Isles conquest
Isle 6: Sloth
In the Black Adder ship, the Black Order is working tirelessly but some of the members are relaxing while Bolo is doing most of the errands.
BOLO: Since when am I the errand boy?
SKY: Since you lost your bet.
ROTTYTOPS: And believe me. Tiring isn't for the faint of heart.
BOLO: I am beat. I need a break.
SC.BL.: Well, just this once, take a break.
BOLO: Finally.
SC.BL.: For 1 hour.
BOLO (Shocked): Really?
In the office, Black Baron is checking notes from his co-workers when somebody knocks the door.
B.B.: Come in.
Shantae appears.
SHANTAE: Black Baron. You worked all day. I think it's time for you to rest.
B.B.: You know that slacking can be your worst enemy.
SHANTAE: How do you know that?
B.B.: I just informed from Greenbeard that the hotels from the Isle of Sloth are fully booked and no return.
SHANTAE: I didn't know that. But why don't they return?
B.B.: One reason. Laziness.
SHANTAE: That's crazy. We have to do something.
B.B.: I thi
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Wakfu: Descent - Truths

Chapter 02


The only sound present within the small bathroom was the dripping of the tap, the droplets hitting the water with a soft plip and creating ripples across the surface which would collide against the one laying in the tub. Not even the sigh Alys released broke the silence as she rested with folded arms on the edge of the tub, her attention elsewhere than the daylight which shimmered in through the small window she gazed upon.
The events of the day before were still rummaging through her head. When Joris left earlier this morning before the rising of the sun, she toyed with the thought to ask him about a book containing forbidden knowledge, the one Aurora mentioned when she brought up her father’s concerns about the Eliatropes. Yet she swallowed down the words and kissed him goodbye with the promise to see him later this day, not daring to fa
:iconwishingstarinajar:WishingStarInAJar 14 16
Part One: An Admirer From Afar
Broadway, New York
9:22 pm

                                       "Out of this wood do not desire to go:
                                        Thou shalt remain here, whether thou wilt or no.
                                        I am a spirit of no common rate;
                                        The summer still doth tend upon my state;
                                        And I do love thee: therefore, go with me;
:iconfoolishtnt:FoolishTNT 9 6
Kittyberry (Unikitty! AU story)
A Unikitty! AU/Inflation story
WARNING: Contains permanent blueberry inflation and shrinkage.
The two siblings were running down the street as fast as they're legs could carry them. They were very, VERY excited.
Puppycorn: Oh, boy! We finally have enough money for a new game!
Unikitty: That's right, lil bro! And you know what that means!
The duo jumped for joy.
Unikitty and Puppycorn: A trip to the Toy Zone!
At the said Toy Zone, the two ran in and searched around.
Unikitty: Just find the funnest game you can find!
Puppycorn: You know I will, sis!
As the two searched, the other three people they lived with entered. Hawkodile, the duo's bodyguard, Dr. Fox, the Unikingdom's leading scientist, and Richard. We don't know what he does. He just exists.
Dr. Fox: Guys, are you sure another game night's safe?
Hawkodile: You two always get a bit... Rich, what's the word?
Richard: Competitive. They get competitive. And also a bit irritable.
Dr. Fox: Irritable
:iconjordanthechespin:JordanTheChespin 15 8
Villainous x Reader - Love Potion Stress (44)
505 watches Flug mixing various liquids together. The bear is worried. What exactly is going on inside the mind of an evil scientist who's hopelessly in love but doesn't know how to convey his feelings?
What will happen if he thinks that his beloved is so near yet so far away from his grasp, only because he's not confident enough to confess? Well, let's say it like this:
"Desperate times call for desperate measures."
Flug has a dazed look on his paper bag face as he carefully fills a potion bottle with a glowing red fluid. "It's finished...", he mumbled. 505 pokes his shoulder. He wants to know what this potion is.
"This is a love potion, 505. Just one sip and you'll fall in love with the person you first see. Maybe with the help of this potion, (Y/N) will finally-"
Flug cut himself off once he realizes what he was trying to say and shakes his head in disgust. "What am I doing...? When did I become so...desperate...? I can't force (Y/N) to love me... I'll bett
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 27 6