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Last Card #15
DarkBlood and DarkBlood.EXE were already prepared for the final battle, and everything was going to be decided there, all were hoping that Dark won the battle
Star Chaos: Come on, I know you can defeat him
Surprisingly, both began to battle, they were struggling at a high speed, it was almost impossible to see where they were going.
Star Chaos: Do you know where they are going?
Golden Dimaond: No, I can't see them
DarkBlood: Of course I never need this to dodge all my attacks
DarkBlood.EXE: Lately you have improved, that impresses me
DarkBlood: And lately I improved my necklace, now it's more powerful
DarkBlood.EXE: Well, that will not be enough for you to defeat me
Dark and EXE continued the battle, each time the intensity and temperature of the area increased, which were becoming increasingly dehydrated
Golden Diamond: Dark, be careful with the temperature, if you go very high, you will faint
DarkBlood: Thanks for the data
After many minutes, both were already tired
DarkBlood: I need
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The Feral
Carmine's friend, Alex, doubled over with his hands on his knees, panting. Waluigi had accepted his challenge to a match of tennis, but he easily overpowered his son's friend.
"Man, Carmine." Alex huffed. "I thought I was a pro at this game, but your dad's a menace!"
"Told you so." Carmine said, grinning.
"I think you both played really well." said Rebecca. "Even Deva enjoyed watching, didn't you, girl?" She petted the kitsune in her arms.
"Good game, Alex." Waluigi said, walking over. He held out his hand. "If you'd like, I'd love to play again sometime."
Alex shook his hand. "Yeah, I'd like that a lot." he said. "Well, I guess I'd better get going. Thanks for letting me challenge you. I'll see you at school, Carmine." Walentyna saw him out.
"Whew, Alex sure had me sweating over here." Waluigi said. "I'm gonna go grab a shower."
He opened the sliding glass door and walked quickly upstairs. But just as he was entering the bathroom, someone suddenly grabbed him from behind, one hand cla
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Impending disaster... (HTF)
“Um... h-hey Sara,” Lumpy said.
“Hey, Lumpy,” Sara responded.
“How are you today?” Lumpy asked with a smile.
“I’m good... I guess...” said Sara.
“Oh, good... um... I-I brought some friends...”
The other HTFs, minus Splendont and the Ant Family, smiled.
“I saw...”
Lumpy smiled at her, but suddenly, a feather from the air floated down and landed... right on his nose!
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Una vieja amiga
                                 TEMPORADA 4
                                EPISODIO 4
                               Una vieja amiga
-Mi contador favorito...¿en que puedo ayudarte?
-Jane,estoy en Crape,¿por que no estas aqui?
-No puedo hablar ahora,¿encontraste los papeles?
-No,por eso te llamo...¿donde estan?
-Sobre el escritorio,cualquier duda preguntale a Liu
-¿Son sobre los temas que discutimos la ultima vez?¿los camiones?
-Exacto,solo falta tu firma para poder llevarlo a cabo
-Ok,me gustaria que Jeff los vea tambien
-Pronto los vera debo cortar,bienvenido mi jefe favorito
-Jane,que bueno verte
-Alguien volvio mas...relajado
-Fue un viaje eslarecedor ,¿como van la cosas por el festival?
Mientas tant
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Worldmeld: Quake
The group ran out of the theater and into the hallways. The seismic activity was starting to increase.
"Is the whole castle shaking?" Riku questioned.
"Your Majesty!!"
Running into view was Queen Minnie, who soon found her husband. It wasn't long until the two Gummi engineers joined them.
"Your Majesty! Are you okay?" Chip asked.
"Your Majesty! What Chipper said!" Dale added.
"We're all fine," King Mickey confirmed, joining hands with his wife. "And how about you three?"
"We managed to lock down the castle!" Minnie told him. "But we've yet to check on the Cornerstone of Light!"
"I've been to that room before!" Sora recalled. "I think I know where it is!"
"The whole place is shaking, though," Minnie said with concern. "And I don't know where Daisy is..."
"I'll find her, Your Majesty!" a determined Donald assured her.
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Apple a Day
{It was a few days after Princess Twilight's carination and thing seem to be normal around Ponyville}
At Sweet Apple Acres Apple Jack got ready to tackle her chores on the farm. She walked over to the barn and saw a shadow on the roof "Big Mac is that you up there?" she called up while keeping a hoof over her eyes to block the sun. Except instead of the usual "Eeyup" she hears "Oh evening Miss Apple Jack." it was Wreck and from what it look like he was fixing a hole in the roof. After she recognizes who it is "Wreck? What are you doing up there? Apple Jack called up to him. Wreck put climbed down his ladder and once he was eye level with the orange mare. He answered by saying "Sorry I was gonna pay a visit to see if you needed us for any other jobs." Apple Jack then retorted out of confusion "I thought you boys already got other ponies to work for." Wreck was checking his tool belt making sure it was all there and added "We do Nero and Ice O'Tope are off with a job I'm not needed on so
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Hetalia: Seven Minutes in Heaven (Italy)
...a fork. You cock your head, confused. "Okay, whose is this exactly?" A hand belonging to a closed-eyed man shoots up. "That would-a be me, bella! Ve~" You recognize this person immediately as Feliciano. "Come on Feli, I guess we have to go into the closet now."
You both walk over to the closet, and as you enter, he takes a step back. "Wait! You didn't-a tell me the closet was-a gonna be so dark!" Alfred pushes Feli into the closet as he shouts, "Don't be such a wuss!" He slams the door shut and locks it.
You sit in the dark closet, watching the trembling Italian in front of you. "_-____? Are you there?" You reply with a simple, "Yah."
You see Italy's shoulders loosen as if a weight had just been lifted off of them. "Good-a. I'm afraid of the dark. But if-a your here with-a me, then I-a should be alright."
You grab his hand, noticing it is still shaking. You see him blush slightly. Suddenly, you feel warm lips pressing passionately against yours.
Your eyes widen for a moment, but the
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A Tale of Two Schools Ch 24: Goodbye Robin
Mason Porter had been placed in an interrogation room later that day.  He was falling asleep when something heavy slammed the table.  He sprang awake to see who it was.  "Officer Montoya." he said groggily.  She sat down across from him and slid a file across the table.  Porter observed it suspiciously.  "What is this?" he asked her.  "A file...on Daniel Newman."  Mason's eyes widened.  "One of my students."  Montoya shook her head.  "No.  The student.  The one you were seeing on the side."  Mason let out a shuddering breath.
"He died in a fraternity hazing.  A piece of wood splintered into his femoral artery.  Doctors managed to save him, but they missed an infection from the wood."  Mason's eyes became wet with tears.  "And none of them got even arrested by the police." he said.  Montoya flipped through the file.  "The fire started where their house was, it just spread?"  M
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GF: Mors Trium chapter 8
Velora decided to take a break from the Grim family sensing Bill wouldn't bother with them again anytime soon.  Instead she decided to pay an old acquaintance a visit however her presence was not  as welcomed as she liked. "Velora why is he still breathing?" Mira Asked glaring down at the fox, she sat on top of a collection of rocks and appeared to be star gazing prior to the limbodyian's visit. Velora said nothing at first, she simply looked up at the silver haired mistress.
"you haven't come here to feed me excuses, so why have you?" Mira asked inquisitively. The fox started to climb the large rocks  and once at the top, took a seat next to her "Somethings not right, Bill had another clone but I'm more then sure he had none left. To top it off, When we went inside his latest victims mind...everything was strange." Velora held her chin in thought. "You've known Bill for a very long time and only now does he appear...strange. You know this is all within his nature."Mira
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Amiibositting Ch.36 (Loving Killer)
Song: [link]

Chara: (Everything is still intact?)
Kamui: We're...................still here?
Akira & Hezekiah: *Exhausted* *pant* *pant* *pant* *pant* *pant* *pant* We............*pant*......barely........*pant*.....made it.
Hezekiah & Akira: *Teleports everyone to safety*

Akira & Hezekiah: *Pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*
Bacia: We're back at Final Destination.
Akira: Oh boy, that took a lot out of us. We can't leave this place for so long.
Hezekiah: She shouldn' able to do that again, at least for a while. Hopefully she doesn't know where we are.
Gudruna: Thanks for saving everyone you two.
Akira & Hezekiah: Meh, whatever. It's nothing.

Chara: *Appears behind Kamui*
Everyone: *Petrified*
Chara: H
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Funny Moment #185
Raven: Hey! It's that a volcano?! 833 *Shoves Angela*
Angela: Raven not that old thing! >:3
Raven: How's it work? Does something shoot out of here? Well, where you plug it in? 83 *his foot presses a button as his face getting vacuumed from it* Angelaaa! OAO *gets sucked in*
Angela: *giggles at him* B3
Angela: O~O Oh dear! *zips away as he slammed the volcano stuck in his head to the floor, gets out of her house and runs*
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Ginga Togyushi Taurus (chapter 21)
Chapter 21: Departure
"Leader. It's time," Taurus told Weed as the two of them stood at the entrance of Futago Pass. Now had officially come the fourth month Taurus had spent on his quest. After four full months of hard and rigorous training, Taurus finally decided he was confident enough that he now had everything he needed to defeat Shilo, and therefore spent a large chunk of his morning discussing with Weed that now would be the end of his mission.
Both remained silent and equally apprehensive for a moment, before the young fighting dog finally spoke up again. 
"I do feel like I'm ready, but..."
"But what?" Weed questioned with both concern and support.
"I don't really even know. I've made pretty good progress with almost every technique I've learned, but... I'm still getting butterflies in my stomach. Is that a bad thing?"
"Well, you are only a step away from entering a fight that may define your entire future. Even for an Ohu soldier, it's not exceptional for you to fe
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