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Lothal Jedi Temple
Grand Master: Ahsoka Tano
Head Guardian: Kanan Jarrus
(Guardians x3)
Head Consular: Bendu
Consular: The Father
Consular: Chirrut Îmwe
(Jedi Masters x4)
Jedi Battlemaster: Kanan Jarris
Jedi Chief Librarian: The Father
Protectors of the Temple: Sabine’s Mandalorians
Other Notable Jedi:
Jedi Knight: Ezra Bridger
Jedi Knight: Pix
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Kashyyyk Jedi Temple
Grand Master: Kento Marek
Head Guardian: Lowbacca
Guardian: Kol Skywalker
Guardian: Roron Corobb
Guardian: Foul Moudama
Head Consular: Yaddle
(Consulars x2)
Jedi Master: Dass Jennir
Jedi Master: Maz Kanata
(Jedi Masters x2)
Jedi Battlemaster: Kento Marek
Jedi Chief Librarian: Yaddle
Guardians of the Jedi Temple: Wookie Warriors
Other Notable Jedi:
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World of Light Trailer but with Objects instead
On a tall large hill, MePhone4 points towards something in the sky
MePhone4: Alright, don't let a single one get away!
A very large group of objects and hosts; from Battle of Dream Island, Inanimate Insanity, Battle of the Objects, Object Mayhem, etc, stand on this cliff and either look at thing with horror or determination.
What they were looking at is a large army of angelic beings, being led by a large entity, which is a man made out of light with six pairs of wings behind him.
Golf Ball: According to my calculations, if we take down about 10 each, that should be enough to destroy them all!
Gelatin: Let's throw Bomby at them! *grabs onto Bomby*
OJ: Pfft, oh please, i KNOW we're gonna win this!
Suddenly, the angelic beings start to loose their physical form and become streams of light that absorb into the entity. The entity slowly morphs into a black hole.
Before anyone could react, the black hole suddenly bursts into a million beams of light, those beams heading s
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It was simple. It was only upon looking back that it became complicated. It was only upon looking back that they missed those bright days. A common phenomenon throughout time.
"I bet you can't!" The words were not really meant to stop her- they were to prompt her to try harder. And so she did.
"We'll see!" She squeaked, her fingertips just barely missing the other's vest. Her shoes thudded harder against the pavement, determination building with each step. She was going to reach him. She was going to prove those words wrong, however playfully they were meant.
She stretched out her small arms as far as she could, and at last caught a hold of his clothing. "Aha!"
He wasn't expecting this, lost his balance and fell. She tumbled down with him.
They both laughed the fall off, silently surprised at the other's actions. "I told you!" She exclaimed, as politely as she could.
"Yeah, yeah, I know…" He stuck out his tongue, not meaning much of it.
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Michael Langdon headcanon (Michael x reader)
Young Michael is such a sweet ‘n Soft Boy
His s/o giving him a Hufflepuff scarf as a present, it’s soft and warm and one of his favorite things, he wears it any chance.
Some time later he confesses to you that he’s the antichrist, fear and worry fill him about what you’ll say, even though he truly believes you love him so much, but your reaction is
“Well shit.” You’re not looking at him, starring towards the ground instead, and he gets starts to shake, more worried until you look up at him
“This means I need to Slytherin scarf now instead you sneak.” And he’s so relieved he probably cries, hugging you like your his lifeline because that’s the only concern on the matter.
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Baby Mine (Naga!Choromatsu X Female!Reader)
(BEFORE YOU READ: This is a fanfiction happening in an alternative universe, where Anthropomorphic Animals and Mythical Creatures lives with humans, but in segregation, like in the era of the Jim Crow laws. And you, dear reader, are a human girl that goes to a private girl-only school and has rather rich parents. You have been in love with Choromatsu since the beginning of High School but kept it a secret from your parents and comrades at school, because they are not opened to ''anthros''. Thankfully, the Matsuno family is opened to humans and is happy for you and Choromatsu. All goes relatively well, until Bonnie and his minions catches you at the movie theater during the weekend...)

Baby Mine (Naga!Choromatsu x Fem!Reader):
You ran towards a familiar house, far away from your parents’ home…Tears ran down your face as you remembered what happened to you at school…
You had just finished your last class and was about to
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Confessing to Sergeant Lily hcs (Sarge x reader)
- There was no real ‘confessing’, just a 'she’s now pressed against you in a sudden semi-rough kiss after the latest we almost died two minutes ago’.
- It’s the apocalypse, she thinks you’re hot to why wait?
- Zombies don’t get any action.
- But is too embarrassed to say anything else afterwards and avoids looking at your shocked (and flushed) face.
- Misses the huge grin you get after the surprise wears off.
- You walk after her and yank her torn up sleeve to she turns around and pull her into a much more passionate kiss.
- Now it’s Sarge’s turn to be too stunned to comprehend.
- Before grinning into it and pulling you off to the side to continue that is.
- Doc’s smiling, glad you too finally got together. Anymore waiting and he would’ve asked Sketchy and Skeezy to help with you pinning lovebirds.
- He also covers 10k’s eyes.
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The Wind's Romance Chapter 2
My Prologue
When morning came it took a while to realize that I wasn’t in Texas anymore. Or Earth, for that matter. Instead, I was sleeping in a cozy little room in the village tavern; the bed was in the corner across from the door, and a table rested along the wall. Sitting up from the comfortable bed, I went over everything that happened in the last few hours.
Made a deal with a ROB, traveled through Infinity, landed in One Piece, passed out in One Piece, ate a Devil Fruit…
A ripple of green traveled throughout my body at that thought, a light breeze born from the motion. It felt… weird, like my body wasn't tangible anymore and floaty. Moving my arm back and forth created trails of wind through the air, rustling some paper on the table. With another thought my body became solid again. I guess I became a wind Logia, though I don’t recall anything of the sort from the story.
After rolling out of bed and dressing in a pair of blue jeans and a dark green shirt, I
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Neferpitou foot worship pt.1
Neferpitou foot worship pt.1
Warning: this is a foot fetish story, If your not into that then plz click out.
Cross: "*groan*", Cross wakes up in a bed, in sheets with a bright colored room, he couldn't move for some reason, Cross: "I can't move, where am I?" The door open's and enters Neferpitou, Neferpitou:" well look who's awake, Cross: "you, where am I, why can't I move?",  were in a house, that let's just say I found," Cross sees her claws, there was a red liquidy substance on it, Cross: did you kill the person that lived here?", Neferpitou: “uuuuugh." A women enters the room, woman: “oh, you’re awake, that's good, here's a snack for the both of you," she brought four sandwiches. Cross: "oh, thank you," Neferpitou: "thanks," the woman put's the sandwiches down, woman: I'm going to head to town to pick up some groceries, so I'll be back in an hour or so, the woman left, Neferpitou closed the door, and locks it. Cross: "wait you didn't hurt them?," Neferpitou:&
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Rippers Journies: Monster wedgie
Yōkai Academy is your normal, everyday high school. It teaches academics, has gym class, monster students, sports and clubs...what? Does your school not have monsters as students? Alright, weirdo, I'm from the "crazy monster school". Well, one of the highest ranking monsters are vampires and there is two vampires at this school. Sisters, no less. Moka Akashiya and Kokoa Shuzen. Moka had lots of friends while Kokoa was kind of a loner who only wanted her real sister to show up. Oh yeah, Moka is a sealed vampire. Anyway, if you're confused on where Ripper is, he's kind of a human who is believed to some kind of monster but, in reality, he can only transform thanks to his mask. In fact, he was going to have to transform soon. Steven doesn't have a lot of friends, but one of his best friends is the pink haired vampire, Moka. Moka doesn't like fighting but wants to be stronger to protect her friends without transforming.
"I...I'm sorry...can you say that again, Moka?" Steven was hesita
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Geonosis Jedi Temple
Grand Master: Celeste Morne
(Head Guardian and Guardians x3)
(Head Consular and Consular x2)
(Jedi Masters x4)
Jedi Battlemaster:
Jedi Chief Librarian:
Guardians of the Temple: Desert Clone Troopers
Notable Dangers:
Other Notable Jedi:
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.:OC Story:. Brute Force
It was a busy day at the market. A lot of people were there that day buying items and goods. Three noticeable figures walked through the crowd. One of them had white hair along with a gray hoodie and matching pants.
Tate: Oh my! Certainly a lot of people here! It's a good thing we got here before it got too crowded! ^w^
He said with a smile.
"It wouldn't be much of a difference, Tate." One tall figure replied.
"Yeah, a crowd's a crowd, no use in sugarcoating it." The other responded.
These statements didn't break Tate's smile though.
Tate: Oh cheer up you two! You're probably both hungry, let's get something to eat! ^^
A girl in a cyan colored wrestling outfit sat outside as she face-timed her friend.
"Katelyn! How's it going girl?!" The friend said with an upbeat tone.
Katelyn: Oh, nothing much to be honest. ^^;
She said with an awkward smile.
"So how's wrestling going for you?"
Katelyn: Oh it's going well, been getting a good win streak going on! ^^
"That's good to know!
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Fireteam Purple Fox Prologue
“We need a fire team to help Devrim retrieve the cache on Earth, before the Fallen or Cabal manage to grab it.”  Zavala grimaced, looking over the messy stacks of paper that lay spread out on the table, his glowing blue cyan eyes snapping from one list of names to the other in desperation.  The Awoken Titan donned his usual heavy armor attire, wearing it with great pride as one of the great Guardians that guard the Tower and lead the Guardians.  His pale bluish-purple skin common among the Awoken and displayed the energy that flowed through their very skin.
Standing tall with her back straight and hands behind her back in her usual posture, Ikora Rey watched quietly as the Titan seemed to desperately search for some form fire team that could assist Devrim.  The European sniper was skilled and indeed a talented man, but even he would need help when dealing with the Fallen and Cabal who could be zeroing in on the cache as they spoke.  Her still, cold
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Begin Again Chapter Seven
Rain backtracked towards the fountain while Honey followed closely with her head down and ears back. The distant rumbling noise made Honey’s skin crawl.
“Do you know what that sound is, Rain?” She asked quietly. “It’s a rumble and a kind of…I don’t know…”
“It’s a megaspell alarm siren,” Rain answered. “It’s old, though. It’s been so long that I think it’s decayed and distorted. No one was around to turn it off, so it just kept going.”
“I can’t believe I ever thought I’d find someplace safe here,” Honey mumbled with a shudder. “I can’t imagine staying here for hundreds of years without going insane. Is whatever Royce wants really worth it?”
“I don’t know,” Rain said. “I’m not sure what he’s thinking. I guess it must be worth it to him.” The two fell silent as they continued on. After a while Rain glanced
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Godzilla universe episode 42: A special gift
My name is Shiro Bones, prince of Tepohkai, but right I'm a nervous wreck because eight months passed and my mother Empress Aya still hasn't tried to contact me or my father Emperor Trevor. "Why hasn't Mama written back to us?" I asked myself, watching my best friends Ryuunosuke Sasaki and Princess Penelope watch basketball on t.v. "So, the ball and hoop game has a different score position?" she asked him as they got comfortable. "Hello? My mother could be in trouble!" I shouted at them as Hope came in the room. Hope is my dad's sister and even though she is six years older than me, she's still young enough for me to call her just Hope. It was embarrassing when someone (usually a boy her age) would ask me "Who's this hottie?" and I would have to respond "My aunt." There was something about that was very different. The white in her eyes were red as if she was crying, her brown hair was smoothed out, obviously preparing for something. Papa noticed Angel standing in the doorway and slowly
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The Peasant Princess: chapter 4
Chapter 4: Plans afoot in the palace and a letter from the king
Meanwhile, over at the royal palace, which stood rather majestically among the rest of the kingdom, the king was having his own issues... issues with his son to be exact.
"My son has been avoiding his responsibilities long enough", King Hubert insisted, slamming his fist down on his desk.  "It's high time he got himself a female companion."
"Of course, Your Majesty", Grimsby, the grand duke, replied, coming out from behind a large shield.  "But we must be patient."
"I am patient!" King Hubert shouted as he threw an inkwell causing Grimsby to duck behind the shield again.  "But I'm not getting any younger, you know.  I want to see him happy to be with a girl before I go."
"I understand, sire", Grimsby said sympathetically.
"No; no, you don't know what it mean to see your only child grow farther, farther, and farther away from you", King Hubert said, looking around at the painted portraits on the w
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