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Tales of Mewni Chapter 27: Differing paths
Nia groaned as she slowly regained consciousness. She opened her eyes and found herself staring at a very familiar ceiling. Her ceiling. She glanced around and found that she was indeed inside of her room, in her own bed. She slowly sat up and rubbed her head. What was going on? Why was she here and not in the monster kingdom?
The last thing she remembered was her brother walking away from her in the arena and then… nothing. She got out of bed and stumbled forward. A look of surprise made it’s way across her face. She felt… weird. Not tired or weary, but weird. It was like that feeling when your leg was asleep, but across her whole body.
“Princess Nia?”
She looked over and saw Visas, her mother’s handmaiden, standing in the doorway. She was holding a tray of food in her hands. “Visas?” she asked. “What am I doing here? How did I get back? Where is everyone?” she asked walking towards her.
She stumbled, but Visas quickly steppe
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The Lost Love Quote Shared Between Mortal and God

A/N: This new fanfic story that I made takes place after the first five new DM episodes of last week. Spoilers for “Clash of the Odd-essy” and “For Your Insides Only”. Also, I’d like to thank AshleyWolf259’s costume design for Modern DM in his fan comic series, “Chiller”. I can’t help it if I think he looks awesome in those clothes.
The Lost Love Quote Shared Between Mortal and God
Shirakage Mouse rolled her eyes at Colonel K and her boffin colleague, Prof. Squawkencluck. She had just returned from her 6 day holiday trip to visit her parents back in America, missing out 5 of her boyfriend’s new secret agent adventures.
Penfold had phoned her earlier during her flight back to London with a brief and vague detail about Danger Mouse suffering from a deadly allergy attack, and that he was ordered to save DM from the inside of his body.
She couldn’t know the exact details unt
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Salem!Camille x Warlock!Reader: Battle
            The Witch of the Wild has two apprentices, a young girl named Camille and you, (Y/N). Overtime, (Y/N) developed a "tiny" crush on Camille. She might have been stubborn, but she was kind and gentle at times. It was a normal night in the witch's hut, you and Camille were sitting at the long wooden table with seats lining it. Until, The witch slammed open the door and you two shot up out of your seats. You take a glance at Camille before looking at the Witch of the Wild."Camille, remember how you wanted to do something for once." The witch stared at Camille with her blue eyes."Um oui." Camille stammered nervously. Camille was brave and cocky around other people but the Witch of the Wild, she would become nervous and almost even scared."Well, tonight is your night!" Camille's brown eyes lit up with excitement, like what a child looks when they step foot in a candy store. Camille st
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Valkyrie Densetsu Zero Assassin's Fist Pt.4 by Hollowtaker Valkyrie Densetsu Zero Assassin's Fist Pt.4 :iconhollowtaker:Hollowtaker 0 0
Kasamatsu x Kise - Remember When... 2
Kasamatsu and Moriyama had made it to the hospital relatively fine. Even though they had to pull over for a few close calls with the puking possibility, but none resulted in Kasamatsu's vomit, thankfully.
At the hospital, after waiting for about an hour and a half, Kasamatsu was told he had no brain or skull damage from the head injury. They stitched up the wound and moved onto the more important issue. Kasamatsu being drugged was scary and intentionally deadly, so the two friends were a bit worried about what they'd find out. However, they quickly found out the drug was nothing fatal and the effects should wear off in a day or so. That meant Kasamatsu was completely alright, even though the sick feeling would remain for a little while.
“I'm glad you're alright, but couldn't they have given you something to help with the feeling sick thing you have going on?” Moriyama questioned, a little annoyed as they left the hospital.
“They said the worst has alread
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Hatred and Mercy
Hatred and Mercy
You stood in an abyss, the darkness seemingly endless all around you; the lone semblance of light surrounded a lone figure and yourself, yet only enough to see one another.
You regarded the figure, the yellow shrouded troublemaker with a look, almost passive, if not for the tears dried on your cheeks. Your right hand clutched tightly around the handle of a well-worn knife; it had been used for gardening long ago, true justice that it would be used on a facsimile of a flower. You let out a breath, shifting your hand, the weight of the knife, it was heavy, it filled you with determination.
A greater power fuelled you now, one that had to be quenched, tempered or fuelled as you step onto a path you had avoided for so long.
The knife had never tasted blood, magic, nor dust.
You shook in anger.
The flower, that misdirecting, scheming bastard, he had been playing you for a fool since the beginning.
The name brought a bitter taste to your mouth.
The bitterness
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she mask the wild side-return of the mayhem pg 38
Kyle finally manages to sell his apartment as it brings in a little extra money and moves in with Christy as they are now married. Christy enjoys so much time with kyle now that she does not think to often about the mask. The next night they decide to have a little fun. Shadow and demon are just laying around until one of them decides to go a grab the mask.
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Forgotten (ucn story)
William woke up. He's head was killing him. He didn't know were he was her he got here or what happened before. He puts his hand on his head and tries to bare the pain. He could barely think so he just later there until the pain was gone. It didn't take long for it to go away and as soon as it did William true to remember what happens before. All of a sudden he remembered the fire the burning hot fire. Then he remeberd the line ' but for one of you the darkest pit of hell has opened to swallow you hole so don't keep the devil waiting old friend' William of course knew that Henry was talking about him William was the only person there that has done something really bad. But the once yellow decaying rabbit was wondering how the hell was this hell. It was just a dark room with no lights he didn't fell any fire or any pain.
Afton got up and looked around he couldn't see anything not even his own hands. He thought "maybe there's something around here going to jumpscare me " so he felt aroun
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My GX Harem - Prologue

Near the port of Duel Academy, Chancellor Sheppard waits out on the dock on an average morning as the chancellor smiles in seeing a high-class luxury boat sailing closer towards the dock as he checks his watch. “Right on time.” the chancellor thought happily. In case you aren’t able to put the pieces together, Duel Academy was expecting a foreign transfer student. “Where from?” is the probable question in your mind and I have the answer, right here on this silver platter; Rome, Italy. 
As the boat docked on Duel Academy’s shores, a young boy dressed head to toe in black clothing, the neutral color here at Duel Academy. He wore a black denim vest that had patches all over it, making it look like a biker vest. A patch near the left side of his collarbone said, “It’s a beautiful day, now watch some bastard fuck it up” and another patch on his right pectoral muscle was a tri-fusion flag of Italy
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she mask the wild side-return of the mayhem pg 37
The next day is the big day. It is now Saturday and the day of the big wedding. Both kyle and Christy spend time getting ready, everyone starts to gather at christy's house, the wedding than goes on and Christy and kyle both get married.  The wedding turns out to be a huge success and then they have a reception and that too goes well. After all that is over everyone leaves and Christy and kyle spend time with just each other. The next day christy and kyle decide to go and move all of his things to Christy's house as he is going to sell his apartment.
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CAT Force X Episode 41

10:58 P.M.
Illinois State Prison.

*A guard was walking on the 9th level.*
Guard: Finally, all peaceful.
*He then hears something. A shadow figure was putting something on their cell as it beeps.*
Guard: Who's there?
*The beeping continues as the guard comes closer to it.*
Guard: What the heck?
*It beeped faster as it exploded.*
Guard: Oh.
*The alarm rings as the villain comes out with explosives and destroying the prison yard.*
Guard 2: Prisoner 342853 has escaped.
*The prisoner was known to be Fashion Fanita.*
Fashion Finata: I'm back.
*She then laughed evilly as she makes her way to Chicago.*
Episode 41: Evil Fashion Palace.
3:57 P.M.
Kate's House.

*Rita, Susie and Carrie were doing something while Kate watches.*
Kate: And time. Let's see your progress.
*The girls were known to be working on hairstyles on their heads.*
Kate: Nice. Very nice.
Rita: Thanks for teaching us how to save money on hairstyles.
Kate: I lea
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she mask the wild side-return of the mayhem pg 34
(Bartender ) sir just leave the lady alone all right, the poor woman has had it ruff lately and she is asking you nicely. (Guy) whatever, I don't know what guy would want to marry you or have a fun time with you with that green face anyway. Just then christy gets real mad and she loses control over the mask (Masked Christy ) hey bozo.  The guy then turns around. (Guy) what did you just call me. ( Masked Christy ) you heard me, you think you can just talk to me like I am some piece of trash. (Guy) you know what woman, just shut up and go back to your drink. (Masked Christy ) I am sorry but can you hold my drink, I will be right back. She says to the bartender. (Bartender ) sure thing. She then spins into a tornado as she spins over and grabs the guy and tosses him outside
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ASCAH:Chapter 20
I’m sorry, Goldia… everything went gold and when you opened your eyes, she was already gone.
Don’t worry, Lisette, you tried your best. Perhaps I never should have closed my-
No. You needed to do something about it and you couldn’t do it with your eyes open.
….Well, what do we do now?

But Lisette stopped thinking loud enough for Goldia to hear her over her own thoughts, and stopped.
Goldia was very conflicted. She was awake, and thinking like she was multiple people. In less than an hour, her sanity would be questioned. Was this a good idea?
But what had happened to Enjel? To find out, she needed to sleep, but she only had time for a quick nap, and she had to ask Fritz first. But while it was the middle of the day, and she was not feeling very tired, she’d grown good at falling asleep when she wanted to.
What’s going on inside my head, now that Enjel is back? She worried. But now, her personalities could only communicate feelings
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straight razor || todoroki shouto || chapter 3
'Cause it don't stop. No, it don't end.
"Hiyocchi, come here!" the small boy laughed out loud as he chased after Hiyoka's running figure. No matter how hard he tried, it seemed she was always faster than him.

Looking around quickly, he noted that the park was fairly empty for such a pleasant spring evening. It made him feel a little insecure for a couple of seconds, but he soon remembered that Hiyoka's parents were nearby, watching over them to keep them safe and out of trouble.
Hiyoka spun around a tree smiling widely, aloof to the boy's worries, never letting him catch her.
"What is this, Shouki?" she looked at her smaller friend teasingly. He still couldn't keep up with her, making him frustrated. "Can't catch me?"
"Of course I can!" he answered between heavy breaths. The boy was clearly tired, making Hiyoka give up on their tag, you're it game.
She gave him a knowledge smile, and patted his head. "I
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Join the Herd (Counter Attempt #1)
Aslan swished his cream tail to swat at an irritating fly as he picked his way along the rocky trail that was to lead to the river.  Aslan wanted to reach it before dark so that his herd may drink.  Then he would decide their next step from there.  Whether to journey upriver or to cross over in search of fresh territory.
The pale stallion paused to look over his family.  The bay mare Pipaluk, his lead mare, lead the group of mares while his lieutenant, Wind Spinner followed behind.   It was then as Aslan did a double count of the herd that he realized someone was missing.
“Wind Spinner, have you seen Estelle?” Aslan asked as the multi colored stallion was passing by him.  Wind Spinner frowned and looked up at the herd before glancing back behind him.
“She was following right behind me,” Wind Spinner said with growing concern.  Aslan sighed.
“Pipaluk,” Aslan said turning to address his lead mare.  The bay mare s
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[ 01 ] selfie :: cinnamon
"C'mon! We've gotta at least take one!"
He'd been asking her for a good ten minutes now, and neither side seemed to be letting up. Even when he had shoved the phone right into her face, Nanami hadn't done anything more than push him away straight into the other side of the couch. Did he really have no concept of personal space? Judai's overly exaggerated groans had reached her ears, but it wasn't like she was going to pay him any mind. This was just his nature, after all; an Osiris idiot until the end. Although, was that really a bad thing?
"Is this really necessary? We're going to see each other next year." Oh, she didn't even look up from her book. Bummer, he had put on his best puppy dog face and everything! Judai resigned to placing the phone back on the table behind him, letting out another small sigh. He should be used to her attitude at this point, he really should! It wouldn't kill her to stop being a spoil sport for two minutes at least.. "Book-chaaaaaaan," the whine came, dra
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Chapter 1
As our yellow beautiful car pulled up to our new home,I heard the crunching of the stones on our driveway. “Ugh” I moaned as we got out the car
“Hey brighten up!” My dad said.
I grumbled as we entered, the house was crooked and looked as if it was to break.I heard the creaks of the floor...
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she mask the wild side-return of the mayhem pg 36
Masked Christy then spins home and goes to sleep. The next morning Christy wakes up. (Christy ) wow what a night last night, you are definitely something else. She said to the mask. She then calls a couple of friends up to help her pick out a wedding dress.  They than all go and at first she finds a hard time finding one and then she finds the perfect one. (Christy ) ah this one is perfect. Later on they all go over to Christy's and makes last minute preperations. Meanwhile at the same time kyle and a couple of his friends go out and each get a nice tux.
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she mask the wild side-return of the mayhem pg 35
(Masked Christy ) time to teach you a little lesson. (Guy) no. It's more like me teach you a lesso, thinking you can toss me around. The guy runs and swings on christy but she moves quickly out of the way. He goes to swing again but she catches his arm and shoves it into a brick wall so hard that it gets caught in the wall by masked Christy using the mask ' s powers. (Guy) ughh..god. what are you. (Masked Christy ) just a strong girl who can take care of herself and just wanted a little peace. She than gets a evil grin as she hits him hard twice I'm the face and hits him In the gut and then pulls his pants down and underwear too. (Guy) oh god help me. Christy than manages to gain control before the mask can deal any more damage. (Christy control of mask ) time for you to go. She then yanks the man's arm out of the wall and spins him far from the place. (Christy control of mask ) that takes care of that, I am glad that it did not get anymore out of control.  She then spins back ins
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she mask the wild side-return of the mayhem pg 33
(Christy control of mask ) now what to do,  what to do. Maby I should go to the club, I have not been there for a while and that will let me let loose and have fun. She spins to the club. She dances for a while and then heads up to the bar (bartender) hey beautiful what can I get for you. (Christy control of mask ) how about a stiff drink to start off. (Bartender) long day huh. (Christy control of mask ) you have no idea, I have been very busy lately and I have a wedding coming up on Saturday. (Bartender) wow, well her you go, this should help. Just than a guy walks up to her. (Guy) hey babe how about me and you go have some fun. Christy thinks about what happened last time. (Christy control of mask ) shit, last time the mask was in control and it caused a huge seen, I should try and handle this while I am able to have control. She says to herself. (Christy control of mask ) I am sorry but I am already taken and I have had a very stressful week. (Guy) you sure honey I would love t
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OC Meme: Anna Perenna
Doing this with MLP OCs as well.
1. You must use your original OC's
2. Credit me and/or send me a link
3. Feel free to add any additional questions of your own to the quiz
First, chose one OC from the modern fantasy era. (This OC must preferably have a special ability.)  
1. How old are you?
A: 21
2. Where are you from?
A: Canterlot
3. What is your power?
A: To change form/gender at well.
4. What kind of occupation are you most likely to chose?
A: Princess/Queen, as I was born into a royal family.
5. Do you plan on raising a family?
A: If I find the right pony, yes.
6. What is your favorite subject in school?
A: English.
7. What kind of people do you get along best with?
A: Kind, respectful, with a flirty side.
8. Have you ever dated anyone?
A: I've went out with many mares whilst in my male form. I've only ever consistently dated Skipper Rose.
9. What do you find inspiring?
A: Good work ethic.
10. What is your favorite animal?
A: Owls are my favorite animal.
11. Are you la
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A Letter for Midoriya
A Letter to My Very First Friend: A BnHA fanfiction
Warning: Mention of Major Character Death
‘Dear Midoriya,
It’s me, Todoroki. I miss you. I never told you how much you meant to me before you were taken away. I wish I said this sooner but it’s time for me to tell the truth about how you impacted my life. Thank you for breaking my walls regarding my left side at the sports festival. You tend to meddle in pretty much everything, but you helped me grow so much.  You inspired me to talk to my mom again and learn how I could use my fire without succumbing to my father’s wishes. To be honest it’s safe to say you were my very first friend. I never had any friends before that moment during the match when you told me it was my quirk, not my father’s.  I never felt that way before about my Quirk. Before U.A, I was isolated and filled with resentment and anger. But then, after spending time with you, I realized that the gaping hole I had before a
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