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Doctor Strange ticked by Cape - History
Doutor Estranho com bastante concentração consegue prender o ser místico Dormammu dentro de um cristal dado por um ser estranho, parecido que tinha saído de um video-game. 
    Chegando ao dojo, Doutor é parabenizado por todos. O doutor foi guardar o Olho de Agamotto, após guardado. O bibliotecário fica preocupado na confiança do novato-salvador num ser estranho e de um vilão tão poderoso numa pedrinha.
    -Você não confiava em artifícios mágicos? - Doutor Estranho ergue uma sobrancelha dando uns tapinhas no ombro do homem gordo.
O vilão Dormammu ainda preso numa pedra dentro de um bolso do doutor, consegue usar seus poderes, mas sobre a influência da pedra, ele espera o momento certo.
***** No quart
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Ace Attorney Wedgie Story
June 13, 15:00 PM. Mia´s department.
“Ouch-AAWw. Sis-ouch-please stop-ouch, this hurts!!!” cried Maya Fey, the youngest of the sisters Fey.
“Nope sis, not until you confess” said Mia Fey, her old sister and the actually responsible for her sister´s huge wedgie punishment.
“I – Ackk – said – oww - I don’t – ouch – have it – mmhh” Maya cried again for the terrible pain in her back from her white pair with a yin-yang logo.
“Just admit it Maya, you are the only one who could steal my favorite collar. You know it was a gift from Diego” Mia said with another huge pull.
“But – OW - I swear, this time I didn’t – OWWW”
“The same you said the previous 10 times. Come on not make me pull from the leg holes” now Mia grabbed the leg holes and threat with pull.
“No no no, I admit it, I take it. It is in my pocket” Maya exclaimed in def
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Pokemon - Torracat and Litten's backstory
It was a normal day at the Litten-Torracat-Incineroar tribe. Everyone was all living peacefully, until they heard a meowing from the distance.
(What was that?!) asked one of the Incineroar. Then, cats appeared from bushes and trees.
(The OceanClan!) said the Shiny Incineroar leader of the tribe.
"It's your choice, Incineroar!" started the leader of the clan, Ripplestar. "You either give up on this territory, or we'll fight for it!"
(I've done my decision already!) said the leader. (Incineroar tribe! Attack!)
"OceanClan! Attack!" yelled Ripplestar. Suddenly, Incineroar, Torracat and cats began to attack, bite and scratch each other.
(Mom! What's going on?!) asked a fellow Torracat, as his mother protected him and his little brother, Litten, from the cats.
(The OceanClan cats want our tribe's territory!) said the female Incineroar. (Torracat! I want you to grab Litten, run away, and don't look back!)
(Don't worry!) said Torracat. He quickly picks up Litten by his scruff and runs to the w
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Fight for the Light - Chapter 1: Strange Visitors
Summary: Angels and demons are in an ongoing war. The one thing that can essentially tip the scales in favors for one side rests on a single human boy. Will the king of angels be able to protect the light of the boy and decide the war for his side or will the king of demons beat him to it and taint the precious human?
Puzzleshipping, Blindshipping, Monarchshipping, Mobiumshipping
Warnings: None for this chapter yet, other than kidnapping maybe.
I stated on my first R&M fanfiction that I would probably also post some of my older stuff if people liked my works, so here you have one of the oldest stories that I’ve written.
This was actually meant to be my “debut story”, but unfortunately, I never completed the last chapter/epilogue.
It’s still not finished, but inspiration may strike again so I finally continue it this time around.
Anyways, this was written a few years ago and I still remember that I’ve read a ton of angel/
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Sun Stone Academy, Pt6: Movie Night
Not having a class in the last period of the day, Winter instead found himself heading to cooking club for the first time. He bit his lip and held his breath as he opened the door, hoping not too many ponies inside would recognize him. Thankfully, he didn't get many eyes on him as he went in, mainly because most of the ponies inside were hard at work on projects. He had clearly walked into a large cooking classroom that the club had taken over for a few hours, numerous stations set up with stovetops and ovens at each one with plenty of counter space, a large fridge, pantry, and supply cabinet all visible across the room.
Sighing in relief, he quickly headed over to a seemingly available space to start setting up. As he was doing so, he suddenly heard a voice from behind. "Umm, sorry, but... this is my station."
He blinked and turned. "Oh, sorry! I thought it was open."
"Oh, well it's fine; I can tell you're new after all." The mare speaking finally moved into his sight, and he got a lo
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Extreme Drama Camp 4 (Ep. 5)
ACE: Last time on Extreme Drama Camp, our teams of campers were faced with some tightrope-walking challenges.  There were some amusing performances, and a couple bails, but in the end, it was Dudley who got the boot leaving the Electric Frogs to finally come out victorious.  Will the Frogs maintain their status?  Find out right now on EXTREME DRAMA CAMP!
*The campers wake up and arrive outside the mess hall where Ace is waiting for them.*
ACE: This next challenge will test your skills in teamwork and cooking. In these two crates are a supply of food products and other ingredients. Each team will appoint a head chef and prepare an entree using what is in these crates. The team with the best dish will win immunity.
*The teams open their crates.*
STRONG BAD: Wow!  Look at all this stuff!  The possibilities are endless!  We can do make a wicked cuisine with this!
PALMON: Lead the way, Head chef!
STRONG BAD: Really?  Oh, this is gonna be awesome!
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Cling's Sick Day
Disclaimer: I do not own Hr. Pufnstuf, Freddie Flute, Or any of the other characters mentioned in this little fiction. This fic is based on the show that was created by Sid and Marty Krofft so don't try and take them. Mcdonald's tried it and lost so don't let that happen to you. I am not making any money off of this, its just for fun.
Jimmy and Freddie flute were fast asleep on their little hole in the wall in Pufnstuf's cave. Pufnstuf
and everyone else were also asleep, but Jimmy was suddenly awoken by a loud noise. It was just Pufnstuf snoring loudly, for him being the mayor, sure did snore. Jimmy found that he was hungry.
"Gee Fweddie, I sure am hungry." Jimmy said as Freddie flute slowly awoke to greet his friend.
Freddie just smiled and then yawned sleepily. " I'm hungry too."
Witchiepoo's henchmen Orson Vulture was spying at Jimmy and Freddie through the image machine as the two made their way to Pop Lolly's. The diamonds on Freddie Flute's body glistened and shimmered i
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S1E20 - PvZ Heroes - Captured Gossip
Genre: Humor
also, what's a llama badge? :memeTHONK:
As you floated to the next floor, and again the next floor, Professor was recording a trap. He was imitating but not in a falsetto, as after he recorded it, he put it on his computer and played with his voice editor.
He decided to sleep first, since he had many tries on this message and woke up in the morning, just like everyone else. This was the first thing he did, and what the first thing you did was to eat breakfast, and of course, go here. He was wondering what to use else for his trap message. It was around 11, and he was busy as anybody else who had a job right now.
"I know now who to imitate, but who to send this trap message?" He thought to himself. He decided to send it to Grass Knuckles, as gullible, but tricky he is to catch. Since he imitated Beta-Carrotina, Rose, and Citron, he decided to send it to Grass Knuckles, since their rooms are far away from each other, and they are barely noticed by Grass. He knew this because
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Closed RP w/ AutobotHoneFlash: Vega
Somewhere, deep in the middle of the center of Multiverse inside of a temple resided a lone woman. A Goddess to be specific. Who was currently asleep as she always was for the past Millions of Years since her last awakening. 
If one were to describe her, at first glance she would be considered beautiful. Flawless fair color skin with a heart shaped face. And long pure white hair pooling around her as she slept. It's length reaching all the way down to her thighs. Her shapely body curves and unbelievably large chest were that of something most if not all model women would kill for. However, despite this woman's gently and serene appearance. This woman was someone you did not want angered or tested. 
The Original Goddess of Both Creation and Destruction. Her name was Vega G. S.
???: . . . . . . . . N-Ngh... Hn?
Vega's facial expression winced before she slowly opened her eyes. Revealing a Heterochromatic pair of red and blue colored eyes (Left: Red/Right: Blue). She sat up in h
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Lois vs Peggy.
In a cafe. Lois goes to a table where Peggy is waiting for her.
Lois: oh hello.
Peggy: i'm Peggy Hill. Hank's wife.
Lois: i'm Lois. Peter's wife.
Peggy: our husbands can be stubborn and idiotic.
Lois: yeah. Men can be stubborn sometimes.
Peggy: yeah. And women can be reasonable.
Lois: sometimes we can solve our problems peaceful.
Peggy: good thinking. Love is what make us special.
Lois: Peter and i have a great time together.
Peggy: same with Hank
Lois: that's right. You look like a grandma to me.
Peggy: excuse me?!
Lois: you're not pretty!
Peggy: your family stinks!
Lois: oh you're dead ugly lady! (punches her)
Peggy: (punches her) take that!
They both glare and beat each other up. The fight takes place in 2 Streets, a mall, a spa, a supermarket, a building and in a park.
Minister: ladies and gentlemen. I give you the peace bot. This guy can make nations and countries peaceful. With the peace dust, we can have global peace.
The people cheers. The fight destroys it.
Minister: (scr
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(TheBrothers) 3am at the Golden Gate Bridge
BigG.03: Hey bro😄.
PhantomFoxy 2: Yeah😌.
BigG.03: Silly Salmon 😂😂.
PhantomFoxy 2 Oh really 🤔.
BigG.03: Yeah😄, come one over the 345 foot tall bridge😂.
PhantomFoxy 2: Alrighty then 😄.
*PhantomFoxy 2 jumps off the bridge*
PhantomFoxy 2: Llelelelelelelele😆😆😆!!!!!!!
BigG.03: Lol😂.
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Aria Blaze as the Bride of Frankenstein Chp. 2
After receiving a kiss from Frankenstein's Monster, Aria Blaze become smitten with him. The monster then proceeds to rip off Aria's top of her dress to expose her boobs. Aria doesn't mind it too much especially since there's hardly anyone in the woods watching them. The monster then starts squeezing them so lightly Aria led out a little giggle. Then the monster sucks on Aria's nimples to slurp up her breast milk. Aria felt a little pain at first but then it started to feel good that she said "Don't stop, you hot monster. Keep on sucking me hard!". The Monster sucks even harder that Aria starts to scream very loudly. 
Hours have passed and the storm was still flooding the forest, but Aria Blaze and the Monster were still all dry in the cave they've been stuck in. Aria is now sleeping in th
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Like Father Like Son
"Daddy Daddy wake up!" Sean yelled as he jumped on John's belly.
"I'm up in up!" John chuckled as he ruffled his younger son's hair.
"Happy Father's Day Daddy. I want to spend all day with you!" Sean exclaimed. "Let's play games and eat ice cream and go watch movies and-"
"That's a lot of things to do. How about we invite Julian over? I'm sure he'd want to spend some time with his old man too."
"Yeah! I like Julian!"
After making Sean a breakfast of waffles topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, John went to the phone and dialed his older son.
"Hey Jules, you feel like coming over and spending time with me and Sean?"
"Oh sure! Haven't seen you since you moved to New York. Where are you two staying at?"
"We're at a hotel somewhere near Abbey Road, can't miss it. How about I pick you up instead? Father's treat?"
"Aw Dad, you and Sean can come over, Mom won't mind you spending a few nights here."
Smiling, John agreed that he and Sean stay with his old family and once brea
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BlazNep: Chapter One
BlazNep: Chapter One
After Relius Clover and Hazama used Croire's power to travel to other Dimensions to go to Hyperdimension, Kokonoe somehow found out that Relius and Hazama are no longer in their native Dimension so she built a teleporter machine to go after the villainous duo.
However since she has to be the one to use the machine she recruited some of her friends and allies to go after them for her.
Ragna The Bloodedge, Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya, Iron Tager and Kagura Mutsuki all agreed to be the ones to go to Hyperdimension.
Kokonoe programmed the teleporter to send them to a city in Planeptune but she messed up the coordinates and they wound up in the Virtua Forest dungeon.
 Ragna told Kokonoe "Hey Kokonoe, you got the d word coordinates wrong."
  Kokonoe told Ragna "You're right, my bad."
   Noel said "Even so this place seems kind of nice."
   Makoto told Noel "I agree with you Noellers, what do you think Tsubaki?"
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Patchy the pirate vs Yandere Chan the Fight

Roman: will is let s just being 
yan chan is killing a girl in her school in the  gardening club she
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Backup Plan (Weasley Twins x Reader)
“We need to use dungbombs to distract him. The cat will find them in no time,” George said, pointing at a map laid out on a table in the Gryffindor Common Room.
“No, remember he’ll be in the teacher’s lounge at the time. We don’t need to distract him at all,” Fred said.
“We just need to make sure we time it correctly so that while he’s in the teacher’s room, we can sneak into his office,” (Y/N) added. She pointed a finger at the teacher’s lounge on the map and then traced the path to Filch’s office.
“Let’s recap. He’ll be in there for one hour from 2-3,” George remarked.
“No, he’ll be there from 4-5,” (Y/N) corrected, “He changed his mind because Peeves made that mess in the trophy room, remember.” Fred and George looked at her. She normally became a little know-it-all once they began planning their attacks.
“Okay, he’ll be there from 4-5,
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toad time part 1: the beginning
it was an everday morning in the happy world of the mushroom kingdom.
today, like any other day hannahtoad was sitting on the computer playing video games and drawing pictures.
she looked at the clock on her computer. "HOLY FRICK, 10AM ALREADY!?!?!?"
she ran downstairs to get herself some breakfast.
she looked around the kitchen. hm. mario and luigi were nowhere to be found.
"jeez, where did everybody go?"
"i dont know. they rushed off blabbing something about sarasaland."
hannahtoad looked under the table to see their pet bomb-omb.
"wait, sarasaland?"
"yeah, right after they read the news."
hannahtoad jumped up and read the front page.
"evil witch cackletta and three koopas terrorize sarasaland? shit, this is bad."
"well duh."
"jeez, i gotta do something about this!"
hannahtoad packed up a few bags and ran outside.
bomb omb rolled his eyes. "just another day."
then he heard a knock at the door.
he ran over and opened it.
it was hannahtoad.
she walked inside. "forgot to save and quit."
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The LCA gang watch Freddi Fish Sneezes
Me: (shows the gang this video that I've posted of Freddi Fish sneezing:
Lumpy: That's cute :aww:
Tootie: EEEEEEEE!! :squee: That's too cute!!
Yin: I don't usually say this, but that was one of the cutest sneezes I've ever heard! :love:
Yang: Cool :D
Mario: That's cute, I like it :)
Luigi: Awww :love: Bless you, Freddi~ :aww:
SpongeBob: Awwww, ain't it the cutest thing? :giggle:
Gumball: This was possible?! :wow: I gotta start playing this again and see if I can find that sneeze for myself! :D
Kit: I remember this game :) That was a really cute sneeze! I didn't know Freddi could sneeze, but now that I've seen her do it, I am a happy kitty! :happybounce:
Kate: Me too! :happybounce: And I agree, that was too cute!
Unikitty: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :squee: [OMG! I can't contain my excitement!]
Meowth: ...I guess that was an okay sneeze. Also, you guys are going nuts over a cartoon fish sneezing, big deal.
Dedede: Heh heh heh! She made 'erself sneeze with th' pepper!
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Pokemon - Mechanical bull
It was a normal day in Lumiose City. But it was more than normal. Today, there was a little Summer carnival at the park, and Bonnie was there with all her Pokémon, and of course, she can't forget about Clemont, who's there to supervise her.
Right now, all the Pokémon were having some fun, when Bonnie's Charmeleon saw a mechanic bull on the other side of the fair.
(Bonnie! I wanna go to the mechanical bull.) said Charmeleon.
"Oh, the mechanical bull? Okay." replied Bonnie.
Then, Charmeleon heads there to play with the mechanical bull.
"Be careful, Charmeleon!" called Bonnie, as Charmeleon climbed on the bull's back.
(Don't worry Bonnie! I'll try to hold as tight as i can!) assured Charmeleon. Then, the machine was turned on, and the bull began to wiggle around, as Charmeleon held onto the saddle.
(Woah... wooaaaahh... woah, woah!) exclaimed Charmeleon as he held onto the bull. (Woah! This bull is crazy! That's why they don't like to see the color red! Woah! Oops!)
Suddenly, th
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Pokemon - Litten Captain America
It was a normal day at the Shuren household. Torracat was reading a comic book, when his little brother, Litten, came in, wearing his Captain America suit.
(Hey big brother! Look at me!) said Litten.
Torracat then looked up and giggled. (Why hello there, Captain America!)
(Yup! That's me!) replied Litten. (I only need his shield though.)
Torracat then had an idea as he snapped his fingers. (Wait here, little bro. I'll be right back.)
(Okay...?) asked Litten, as Torracat ran off. Litten then sat down on the couch.
A few minutes later, Torracat came back with a homemade cardboard Captain America shield.
(There you go, Litten.) said Torracat.
Litten gasped. (A Captain America shield!) he said.
(Yup! And i've done it myself!) said Torracat. (Sorry it doesn't look like the Captain America shield you saw on the store, though.)
(I don't care! I still love it!) cheered Litten, before hugging his brother. (Thank you, big brother!)
Torracat chuckled as he hugged Litten back. (No problem, little
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Pokemon - The toy pushcart
It was a normal day at the Stewart household. Bonnie and the Kanto starters were in the toy room, playing with some toys. They were having fun sharing and playing with the toys. Then, Squirtle went to get a toy when something surprised her the most - a toy pushcart.
(Wow! A pushcart!) said Squirtle. Bonnie, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Wartortle and Charmeleon looked at it too.
(Woah! How cool is that!) said Bulbasaur.
(I know!) agreed Squirtle.
"Oh, you guys can play with it too!" said Bonnie. "Since it'll be basically useless to me."
Bulbasaur giggled. (Come on, Squirtle! Let's go get some princess toys and play princesses outside!) she said.
(Good idea!) said Squirtle.
Then, they grabbed some toys and crowns and put them in the toy pushcart, before heading outside.
(Welp! There they go!) said Wartortle.
(Let them be, Wartortle.) said Charmeleon, as he went ahead and played Legos with Charmander.
"Yeah..." said Bonnie, as she went back on playing on her wooden three-story dollhouse, as War
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