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Bunny Cafe Workers (1)
PART #1: Shop’s Sit-Rep
    Cecillia, how long are you going to be in there, your shift is about to start!”
The blue hair young man in a regal butler outfit shouted while knocking on the door of the woman’s dressing room. “B-be out in a moment just need to get my this heel on and-“ “gah listen your gonna be-... …” before he could finish after storming in… he accidentally saw her halfway dress. Her breast wa halfway tucked into the top, exposed and on view. Before he could react and  leave the room abruptly- *BAM*
“You should no better not to rush a lady, even if she’s new to the job, now come on Cidd.” Pulling away the disoriented man with  a huge lump on his head, a tall black haired girl in a black bunny suit girl told the blue hair girl “just finish up Kiddo”
   The girl finally finishes changing into the uni
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Digimon: Fountains
Hikari sighed as she stopped struggling with the ropes around her wrists and ankles.
"Just once I'd like to be captured by someone or some 'mon that doesn't know how to tie good knots."
Her fellow capturee and similarly bound friend, Takeru nodded in agreement.
"I doubt we'll be tied up for long, those Penguinmon seem to have stopped whatever all the noise is."
The pair had been ambushed near a small village of Penguinmon, separated from the Digimon, and tied up while dumped in an igloo bizarrely made of plastic blocks as the snow bird Digimon presumably held some kind of celebration.
"Yeah. You know, when they forget to tell you their plans before they throw you in the dungeon, I'm not sure if it's a nice change or kind of annoying," Hikari said.
Just then, the leader of the Penguimon village, the self-proclaimed King Penguinmon (who was like the rest but had found a small crown somewhere) entered the fake igloo.
"I am King Peguinm-" He began, only for a second to cut in.
"You told th
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Peter's prank call 12
In Griffin House.
Peter: (watches a funny movie and laughs) that guy is funny. (hears the door knocking)
He opens the door and it's Denkou.
Denkou: hi Peter.
Peter: hey Denkou. How are you?
Denkou: great. I and my friends have happy days.
Peter: that's awesome.
Denkou: i even helped Astro Boy save the world.
Peter: that's really cool. Like the time i and my friends sprayed graffiti on a mansion.
The scene shows Peter and his friends spray graffiti inside a mansion.
Peter: (laughs) this is fun.
Joe: i can't wait to see the owner's face when he sees this.
Quagmire: this is gonna be a good prank.
Cleveland: yeah. Here he comes.
They hide in the bushes outside the mansion.
Mansion owner: lalalala. (sees his mansion vandalized and screams) my mansion. Oh god why!!!
Peter and his friends laughs. The scene shows Peter and Denkou.
Peter: (laughs) this is hilarious.
Denkou: (laughs) yeah.
Peter: ok. Wanna make prank calls with me?
Denkou: (smiles) sure.
Peter: sweet. (calls Moe on Phone)
In Moe
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Johnny Test Wedgie
Another day at Porkbelly and inside of a house shows a kid talking to his dad.
The kid has blond spiky hair with red tips and blue eyes. He’s wearing a blue short-sleeved dress shirt with a black shirt with a radioactive symbol on the front underneath, green cargo pants, and black shoes.
The dad has blonde hair with blue eyes. He’s wearing a green sweater with a yellow shirt underneath, brown pants and black shoes.
“But dad, why do have to take Dukey with you. He doesn’t have to go to the vet.”
“Yes, he does Johnny. He needs to go and I’m not gonna change my mind.”
Johnny then grabbed his Dad’s leg and begged more.
“But don’t you know what would happen if you take him. He could be getting shots that will make him sick, he could get attacked by the other animals and he could…..”
“Enough Johnny. He will be fine. Besides, I’m taking your sisters with me. After the vet, I got to drop them off at the i
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Even Goddesses Deserve Karma
           Viridi, looking over the vast and beautiful ocean in front of her, dangled her bare feet over the cliff's edge and stared at the sunset ahead in satisfaction. She had just recently made a fool out of the Goddess of Light, Palutena, by knocking her absolutely stupid with a dud reset bomb and secretly posting a truck load of pictures to the...“internet”, as the mortals seem to call it. The Nature Goddess, since she deserved a little bit of lounging after all of her hard work, teleported to the most relaxing and sightful area of earth that she could conjure up in her mind and ended up where she is currently. Overall, things were going wonderfully.
“Haaaahh….as much as I adore to lead and grow army and all that, it's been WAAAY too boring ever since Hades bit the dust...I should open up a spa near the hotspring, that would bring in some good reviews…” Viridi went on and on, rambling sweet nothings to herself as he
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My Little Pony: Mutant Ponies, meet the mane 8
Samantha's heroes ran from her before she could thank them."Wait," she shouted.She followed them to a tall building.She could hear them talking. "That was awesome,"shouted one of them. "I can't wait to do that again," shouted another one.Samantha climbed up a ladder to the roof.She saw them on the roof.They were about to give each other a high five when a flash of light stopped them."Was that a camera?" asked one of them. "Whoever toke our picture is going to pay for that." shouted the other one.The figure ran towards Samantha who was on the ladder.The figure grabbed a rope near by.Samantha discovered that she got busted.Panicked, she was climbing down the ladder.She quickly deleted the picture from her phone before the rope came over her head. It went around her body.She felt herself being pulled up.She landed on the roof."Well, well looks like we caught ourselves a spy."says the figure who brought Samantha onto the roof.Samantha looked up at the wasn't human at all.It was a
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Spiderverse: Into the hula
The Spider Gang hid behind some pillars as the Super-Collider started activating.
“Okay, we’re going to need to deactivate that thing before it destroys anything else and...well, kills you guys.” Miles explained.
“Good idea, but something tells me that this big device won’t just go unguarded. There’s gotta be someone protecting it.” Peter Parker responded.
“You mean like those guys?” Spider-Gwen pointed towards Doc Ock and Scorpion, who were scouting the perimeters of the Super-Collider.
“...Yep. Exactly those guys.” Miles said.
“So what’s the plan for getting past those guys?” Spider-Man Noir asked.
“...Live bait.” Peter Parker responded.
“Good idea!” Spider-Ham said...before realizing what Peter meant by that. “Hey!” Spider-Ham said, now rather peeved.
“Come on, guys. You gotta create a diversion.” Spider-Gwen tried to calm the situation down.
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Tales from Skyrim: Cpt 18 To Morthal pt 9
Tales from Skyrim: Cpt 18 to Morthal Part 9
Movarth Piquine knew there are some invaders in his lair, having his best minions at this side to protect him, knowing they have come for him. However one, a female redguard is being tasked with something else. “Tell lord Harkon I’m sorry I failed him, Asha.” Movarth tasking her with sending a message to this, Harkon fella. The young redguard vampire quickly makes her escape. Movarth would have come along as well, but he smells a werewolf among the invaders, knowing the beast has his scent; so he would just be hunted down anyways.
Than, everything goes silent. Movarth tell what remaining goons he has left, to stay back and stay quite. He draws out his weapon, just incase. “W...Who goes there.” Hearing the sounds of feet coming his way. The rest of his goons draw their weapons, looking at the entrance way into the lair.
The body of an orc vampire stands before them, his weapon in his hand, which had blood on it. M
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Mini conversaciones random con Jhin 51
*Una noche cualquiera a las 10, se escuchan las sirenas de los carabineros/policía por la calle*
Yo: *Bromeando* ¡Escóndete, Jhin!
Jhin: *Bromeando también, va corriendo hacia la cama y se esconde bajo las sábanas*
*Esperamos a que las sirenas dejen de escucharse*
Yo: Ya se fueron, puedes salir
Jhin: *Baja de la cama y suspira*
Yo: Jejejeje
Jhin: *Sonríe levemente*
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Naruto Meet's Pyramid Head Part 4
Once they gotten back to Hinata's House. As She opened the door Tenten was there waiting for her and since P.H and her haven't met yet he mistook her for a threat to Hinata and her safety and he drew at his sword and threw it out 2 inches pointed from her face and she dropped to the floor in fear and started crawling to safety but he stomped on her hand and was ready to strike but Hinata was able to convince Him from hurting her by saying
"Don't hurt her! That's Tenten! She's me friend!"
After he was told that he had drawn back his sword into his Holster and decided to help her back up but she continued to crawl away and eventually got back up with her back against the wall. He wrote something on a blank sheet of paper that said
"I'm sorry Ms. Tenten. Did I do something wrong?"
Tenten only replied with
"OK so this.. Man...Monster... Thing Can write and comprehend Full sentences"
P.H only nodded yes and tried to shake her hand but she continued to back away. Hinata replied to this react
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Storm+Noid - Part 1
Stormie and Noid!
Part 1: On My Own
(We begin in the Nixelands, a billboard reading "COMING SOON: NIXES. ALL THE UNHEALTHY FOOD YOU WANT". Two Nixels are moving carboard boxes into a moving van, and a car, also loaded with packages, is parked outside a small house. Inside, we see a Nixel Worker finish moving.)
Nixel Woman: Almost finished?
Nixel Mover: Just about!
Nixel Woman: Don't forget the loveseat!
Nixel Mover: (Lifting up a loveseat) I got it!
Nixel Woman: Well, please hurry. It's a long drive to our new house!
(Two workers carry away the loveseat, revealing a Nixel cat sleeping in it's bed. The food bowl besides him reads "Stormie")
Nixel Woman: (Offscreen) Stormie! Storminson! Hurry up, Stormie. We're leaving!
(Stormie jumps up, looking excited. He grabs his cushion and food bowl, then runs off, by a small mouse-sized hole. Noid, a tiny Mixel, pops his head out the hole, then runs out with his own luggage. Outside, Stormie throws his things into the back of t
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How Could You Not Notice Me?!
Summery: Hagakure isn't too happy upon learning Todoroki hadn't even noticed she was in the same area as him during the USJ incident and almost froze her
Disclaimer: I don't own My Hero Academia
How Could You Not Notice Me?!
"Man, training today intense!" Midoriya groaned as he dropped onto the couch, a few of his classmates joining.
"I'll say! Fighting others is one thing, being surrounded by fire is another but fighting other while being surrounded by fire, no thanks!" Ochaco agreed as she handed a glass of water to Tsuyu, the frog-like girl have gotten a little dehydrated from all the heat.
"It is only good that they teach us to fight in different environments! As expected of an institution such as UA!" Iida stated, arms chopping as he spoke.
"Say Ojiro, when the League of Villains attacked USJ you ended up on your own in the Fire Zone, right?" Midoriya turned to look at the tailed boy.
"Huh? Uhm... Yeah I was but I only held on by using hit-and-run tactics." Ojiro awkwardly answere
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SpongeCat Family - New plush
Jade was playing with her dolls and stuffed animals, when Connor comes in.
"Hi Jadey." said Connor.
"Hi daddy." said Jade.
"You playing?" asked Connor.
"Mm-hmm." replied Jade.
"Great, 'cause I got you something." said Connor. "There it is."
He pulled out a Combusken plushie.
Jade gasped at the sight of it. "A Combusken plushie!" she said. She grabbed it and hugged it. "My new best friend! Thank you, daddy!"
"You're welcome, sweetheart." said Connor. He kneeled down to her level and kissed her in the forehead. Then, Jade begins to play with her new plush.
"Look, Greninja. You got a new friend!" said Jade, grabbing her Greninja plush. "Now I'm gonna sleep with you both everynight, and we'll go everywhere together."
Connor laughed, as he watched her play.
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APH _ Country x (Fem) Reader
       Nagyon régen tettem fel bármit is ide a DA - ra ,de ez nem azt jelenti hogy nem írtam közben. ^^ Igaz már nincs Szilveszter ,de egyébként a wattpadon akkor pont Új év napján raktam fel a részt éjfél előtt. Meow :3 Úgy kimaradt hogy ide fel tegyem, úgy hogy bárki akinek tetszett és várta a folytatást annak attól elnézést kérek. Sweating a little... 

A "Hetalia" karakterei nem az enyémek,mert Himaruja Hidekazu - hoz tartozik.;) (Wink) 
 Ebben a sztoriban szó szerint a világországaival töltheted a Szilvesztert.:D (Big Grin) Mivel csak németül tudok ,és sajnos a többi nyelv ,ami itt feltűnik azt nem beszélem így Google
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diamond nation prologue
  the dust had settled...the bare destroyed field flickered with a somber flame.
as the three gems got up from behind the shield.
"rose wht happened?..." asked  the orange gem. 
rose stayed silent.
"does it matter sard." replied the red and green gem as she walked off.
"bloodtone wait!! we need to find out if any other gems..."
sard stopped as she felt roses hand on her shoulders, she did not look she just gave a soft pat...insuring sard it will not be horrible anymore.
she was starting to calm down until...
  "HEY! OVER HERE!!!!!!!!"
sard ran off to her as rose...
"whats wrong blood..." she quickly stopped.
as she looked at 9 mechanical sentries..
"wait...there could be.."
bloodstone quickly started to tear off the sentries metal panels to reveal that the sentries were gem powered...she started to started to free all 9."
  sard was happy but...could't help feeling more bittersweet.
but her feelings were interrupted by bloodstone.
"looks like t
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Male Order Bride CH. 1
DragonballZ fanfic; Humor Romance; Gohan/Videl.
Hercule Satan is tired of being single, so he goes to the Mail Order Bride's Headquarters to buy himself a wife. He brings his daughter, Videl, along, and they return with a surprising new addition to the family!
Gohan stared, slack-jawed at his mother.  There was just  no way he had heard her right. She couldn't be serious.
"You're kidding." He said, waiting for her furrowed brows to rise in happy arches, and her lips to curl up. His heart hammered frantically in his chest as Chichi's expression didn't change.
She's not joking! His brain screamed at him, sounding off sirens within his head and setting him into a panic. He managed to stumble into one of the kitchen chairs before his legs gave out.
"No. . . Just, no. There's no way I can do that, Mom. I can't!"  He ran both of his hands through his hair. Nothing made sense to him anymore. Everything was normal when he went for his daily wa
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The joys of motherhood
Shuriki: (Chuckles as she shows Esteban staring at an egg and Joshua sitting in a corner.) They say parenthood is hard, but it is really hilarious. (Walks to her son with the camara.) Why daddy was upset?
Joshua: I told him that I care an egg about his opinion.
Shuriki: He said it in spanish, and papi was really upset.
Joshua:  Almost, he was upset but found it hilarious.
Shuriki: (Walks to her husband and shows him.) Why were you upset
Esteban: (Laughs) He literally gave me this egg to show me that he cares an egg. I was upset but I couldn't help but laugh at how literally he took the insult in spanish but in an innocent way.
Shuriki: Of course that he is in time out but we couldn't help but laugh at how literally and innocent our kids takes things.
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Artists in the Multiverse : 6_ the Artists
It's 10 am, and Malik is still in her bed, sleeping peacefully. And I will skip the Foxy's Screamer scene, cuz it will be repetitive. Anyway, he open her Computer and see a Chat page from Artisticburr. He writes:
_ hello, Mrcherd, so, what do you wanna show me?
_ hello, burr. Before showing you, can you tell me if you have something important to do today?
_Nope, nothin to do.
_ great. Now, just still in your seat and stay calm.
Then, Malik press : " Pixelisation". Suddenly, a glitchy sound accompanied the apparition of so many little cubes which get out of the screen. These Cubes, turn and form slowly a anthropomorphic bear body, wearing a white shirt and a black shorts. The bear see around himself, surprised.
_ ww.ww... wat.. what the hell just happened?
_ I prefer explain when Quinn will be here.
The bear noticed Malik finally and he jumped, scared. He see the tall dark haired boy who talked. But his torso was nude, revealing a horrific slim body and a weird robotic right arm, wi
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Team Snoot Dress-Up
RYDER: Welcome, Team Snoot. I have assembled you all here at the abandoned warehouse for a random dress-up challenge.
TEAM SNOOT: *chattering positively*
ZOE: Bloody brilliant!
RYDER: You will each be given a dressing-up box and you'll dig into your box for some random clothes and accessories which you'll use to piece together a weird costume. You have one hour to transform yourselves into seven different characters. And your time... *runs to the front door and opens it* starts... *slinks out through the doorway* Now!
After Ryder closes the door, everybody rushes over to their dressing-up boxes to rummage for random costume pieces.
ZOE: I want to disguise myself as a guy.
TRIP: Wait a minute, Zoe. What's your purpose of dressing up as a bloke?
ZOE: Just to hide my femininity, Trip.
ZURI: Even if I pass off as a human, not even Zazu can recognise me.
FENNEKIN: I'm just as sly as a fox.
JORGE: Obviously.
ROSEBUD: Y'know, Fuchsia, my and my brothers never did a Totem Pole Trench in any of
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The Symmetrical Organized Trio: Chapter 2
No one's POV
    It was Monday and at the DWMA, everybody was in their classes learning, meanwhile Blackstar and Soul were outside at the front entrance of the school, skipping class to wait for someone. That someone happens to be Death the Kid. Kid is another new student at the DWMA and is Lord Death's son. Blackstar wanting to "surpass god" considers Kid a rival to him since he is "The God Of Death" and wants to battle against him along with Soul.
    Meanwhile inside the DWMA, Darcelle is walking in the hallways with Piper, Eve, Joseph, and Joshua following her. Lord Death wanted Darcelle to show the new students around the academy. Piper was right behind Darcelle holding her hands together and looking around the interior, fascinated by it's appearance. Eve and her twins were also fascinated, Joshua especially. "Alright," Darcelle says while walking and having her hands in her pockets, "The first thing I'm gonna show you guys is, the library." Eve had a smile app
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Jessie: Return of a Bully
It’s a bright sunny Wednesday at the Walden Academy and Luke, and Finch were hanging out at a table near the Gym and are having a good time talking about the new addition to the NBA game.
Luke was wearing a blue T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and white shoes. And Finch was wearing a red long sleeve plaid dress shirt, grey cargo pants, and black shoes.
Luke: Yeah I heard that this new addition is gonna be better than the last game.
Finch: The only thing I like about the new addition is that the roster will be bigger and will give you new packs to open.
Luke: I guess, but I already got Kobe and Lebron. I don’t see why I should buy the new pack if my team is already great.
Finch: For now, when I get that pack. I will be able to beat you.
Luke: Dream o-
Luke was cut off by Ravi, who was running into the room as fast as he could to where Luke and Finch are at. Ravi was wearing a green short sleeve plaid dress shirt, beige pants, and black shoes.
Luke: Ravi. I haven’t seen you r
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My Little Pony: Mutant Ponies,incluedintion
One day cold day in the city of Lawrenceville,GA at a grocery store called Publix. A woman with dark brown hair, wearing glasses was bagging groceries for costumers.Her name was Samantha Martin.She was a hard working employee." Hey, Samantha, how are you?" asked her co-worker Scott."I'm good," she said.Scott walked over to help the others.Samantha was working very hard at her work." How's my girl?" asked her boyfriend Chase."Oh, Chase." Samantha said, giggling.It was getting late. Her boss Bob toke her a side."Samantha, he replied. "I need you to go to Atlanta after work & drop off some supplies at one of our stores."" Sure thing." Samantha said.Frankie looked at the others."Why is she going to one of our stores in the city?" he asked." Because Bob needs someone to do it."says Phoebe."Plus her van can carry the load." says Ed.After work Samantha loaded her van with the supplies.Samantha drove to here she needed to be at. After she drop the stuff off. She saw a group of baddies.The
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