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Omotale: Desperate Run
(Turn back now if you don't like Omorashi, Undertale, or Undertale Omorashi! Requested by :iconlucasgameruw:!)
The young gender-ambiguous (but female in this story because of writer's headcanons) child sighed as she stepped into her new home on the surface with her new family, consisting of her adopted mother Toriel, and her especially adopted uncles Sans and Papyrus; Toriel was having a thing with Sans at the moment and Frisk was willing to pretend they were married just as an excuse to not think about how odd it was for her friends to live with her in her house. To celebrate the successful move, they decided to have a movie night, with everyone indulging themselves in human foods, with Frisk being the only one choosing to drink up some human beverages. 
"I read the nutrition facts on those 'sodas,' and they do not seem particularly healthy," Toriel warned Frisk in her trademark motherly way. 
With a chuckle, Frisk assured her as she cracked open her first can, "They're not
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Adam's First Hanging Wedgie (Loosely Based on Tru)
"I Hate being a nerd" said a seventh grade boy with pale pasty skin, dark hair and blue eyes, he said this to himself, since even though there were a lot of people around, none of them were interested in talking to him, for one because he was generally regarded as the biggest nerd in the school...maybe even the city, and also because they were too busy laughing and mocking at him, as they all gathered around the flagpole, you see Adam was currently hanging on the flagpole by his tightey whities, and he was wearing nothing else, he was humiliated again.
"This is the worst wedgie I've ever gotten" said the nerd to himself shifting his weight slightly, trying to ease the pain, only to make it worse.  In all honesty he wasn't really sure it was the worst, but it was definitely top three, he had received a  lot of wedgies in his time so far, from the basic regular wedgie, shoulder wedgies, messy wedgies, squeaky clean wedgies, jock locks, the fabled atomic and one time they even p
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Por darle Ciruela
En la casa Rucia estaba cocinando mientras César jueha con Margaret
César : Cuchi Cuchi Cuchi
Margaret bebe : *ríe*
César : Ay que hermosa eres
Rucia : Ya es hora de comer
César : Vamos Margaret *la carga*
Se sientan a comer
César : Que delicioso te quedó el espagueti con champiñones
Rucia : gracias *le da biberon a su bebé*
Margaret bebe : *toma su biberon*
Rucia : muy bien ya tomaste tu leche
Margaret : *llora*
Rucia : ahora porque lloras ?
Margaret : *llora*
Rucia : bueno te doy el biberón así podré comer yo también
Margaret : *toma su biberon*
César : *sonríe*
Luego el celular de ella sino
Rucia : Bueno hola Pompom
Pompom : Hola Rucia puedes venir a la teatro? Es que tengo que ir a la tienda de disfraces a comprar los disfraces para la obra de Blancanieves y quiero que vayas a cuidar el teatro por si alguien viene
Rucia : Ok muy bien chao
Pompom : Chao
César : y?
Rucia : Tengo que ir al teatro de Pompom
:iconadrinetteporsiempre:adrinetteporsiempre 1 5
Don't Throw The Kitty Out Of The Bathwater
    Katsuki was a trouble-making kitten for sure. Once he was able to leap and pounce on his own, there was no stopping his antics. He already ruptured and torn at most of the plush trees mounted on towering posts in the cattery. Pounce toys were shredded and mangled in his fangs, and of course who can forget the scattering of litter particles every time he'd dig in his sand-filled latrine. Though one day he had gotten too curious with the smell of something outside and well, to curious nature; Katsuki rolled and tumbled around in its foul presence. Amused, he began to head back inside but was halted by his mother, Mitsuki.
    "Hold it little guy..." she said sternly, ears tilted back a bit and tail swishing about. Mitsuki took a slight whiff from her nose and then yowled in disgust. "You're filthy, Katsuki! Where have you been?"
    He just smirked playfully. "There was a pile of clumpy, brown stuff out in the grass and I thought it'd be f
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KLK: Kubo and the Three Girls Teaser
The trailer starts off in an old Japanese home with a side door showing a beautiful painting of two Japanese parents saving their baby child.
Narrator Jupiter: Since the world began, people has expect that a girl with blue hair, who has enter a world where people only wear buttons for their eyes. And with the help of her loud friends and their colorful birds, they defeated the evil Beldam and her life was back to normal.
The lights went off.
Narrator Jupiter: However, her story wasn’t the begin of how this universe was made as our universe may be the same as this...
The doors starts to shake by someone outside.
Narrator: But its not. In fact, Coraline isn’t the only kid who has a story to tell.
Soon, a red blade was sliding through between the blinds.
Narrartor: The kid you know of is a boy long ago before Coraline was born and his name...
The blinds open and two people were dropped on the ground.
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a new suit card idea
name of card game: "The Pizza Wars: the suit card game"
-----The Suits-----
1. The Pizza Hut ((a replacement for Spades))
00000 The Deck 00000
2. The Domino's Pizza ((a replacement for Hearts))
00000 The Deck 00000
3. The Papa John's Pizza ((a replacement for Diamonds))
00000 The Deck 00000
4. The Little Ceaser's ((a replacement for Clubs))
00000 The Deck 00000
5. The Chuck E. Cheese's ((A new
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Funny Moment #198
*At RWBY: RoBR backstage, Yang records the camera as Demi-G and Rudy has shaving cream on their hands*
Rudy: Hey Rav! Can you see this real quick! 83
Yang, Demi-G: cB>
*cuts as the door opened, as the three throws it at Raven*
Demi-G: *laughs from this*
:icongojimon452:Gojimon452 1 1
Teens Little Sister
Made by: AlphaVegeta
:iconalphavegeta:AlphaVegeta 0 0
Guards! Guards! Guards!
"Guards! Guards!"
No sooner had Razoul heard those words he ran in pursuit of the thief. His daily patrol in the marketplace was once again interrupted. The person of interest had just snatched a handful of figs from a local merchant. The merchant happened to see him running away when the thief's primate accomplice spilled some of his product into the streets. It didn't take a genius to know who it was.
Fueled by determination and eagerness, the royal guard made a beeline for an empty alleyway near the edge of the marketplace. And there he was.
Purple vest flapping against his back, the ever-elusive street rat was just ahead of him. Razoul did not know this boy's name, and he really didn't care. All he knew was that the boy had a good several feet ahead of him, and he needed to pick up the pace.
The guard practically left a trail of dust in his wake as his tiny feet continued to push forward. Slowly but the surely, the gap began to close. The boy looked back, a brief pang of concern fl
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Mr. B and Ninja Bomber: Sea food frenzy
In Kaboomville's museum, the cops are guarding the golden sardine can.
Cop 1: I hope there is no dumber enough to steal it.
When suddenly, an explosion blasted the wall.
Cop 2: Seriously? The same wall again?
It's Seagull Bomber!
Seagull Bomber: the sardine can is mine!
Cop 3: It's Seagull Bomber! Get him!
They surround him.
Cop 4: End of the line, birdy!
Seagull Bomber: (throws a bomb) take this.
Cops: YIKES!
Explosion echoes. The cops fainted.
The Seagull Bomber took the can and flies away.
Seagull: with this, i can buy for a real sardine can.
He laughs when suddenly, the sardine can is gone from his talons.
Seagull: my can! Whose dum dum stole it?!
???: That will be... me.
Mr. B and Ninja Bomber appear in Floating B.
Seagul: Mr. B?!
Ninja: and ninja Bomber Birdy!
Seagull Bomber tosses a bomb but Mr. B uses the Burning Fire Bomb.
Mr. B: Bomber Shoot!
Mr. B tosses the bomb and exploded. Seagu
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 3 92
Idee sur Pokeumain
J'étais parti en vacances de colonie.
Je cherché des idées sur l'histoire de Pokéumain et j'ai écrit des idées, j'écrit dans un endroit isolé et personnes ne vennais, donc j'ai écrit et dès quelqu'un arrive, je dis que je joue à Super Mario World sur Téléphone, hey ouais. Et en + il n'y a pas d'Internet (TT). Et je peux pas lire les descriptions, règle, bref.
Là je partirait/parte encore de vacances.
Je suis au Chapitre 5. ( et que il y a d'humour, vous pouvez me dire si il faut que l'histoire faut qu'il soit sérieux, et aussi de me dire si vous avez pas compris )
Et voici l'idée.
Chapitre 1 : Un pressentiment.    ( début )
Chapitre 2 : Bienvenue dans la base.
Chapitre 3 : Une vie asser banales. ( attandre )
Chapitre 4 : Combat des héros
( tournoi )
Chapitre 5 :Ma nouvelle vie dans la base Pokéumaine. ( étude ).
Et vous pouvez marqué des idée ( j'ai oublié l
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Extreme Drama Camp 6 (E6)
ACE: Last time on Extreme Drama Camp, the campers were assigned to climb a mountain. The Snapping Beetles showed some good teamwork. The Hyper Raccoons looked like they could have had an advantage, but Strudel’s arrogance ran some drama on the team. In the end, they lost, and Strudel was turned to stone. What dangers await the campers next?  You’re about to find out. This is EXTREME DRAMA CAMP!
*The campers arrive in front of Ace.*
ACE: And then, there were twelve. Your challenge today is to go on a treasure hunt. Your teams are to scout the island and try to retrieve whatever valuable treasures you may find.  Whichever team comes back with the most impressive assortment will win immunity.
KNUCKLES: Treasure-hunting?  That’s in my blood!  My team is sure to win!
*End of interview*
ACE: On your marks, get set, BANANAS! *the campers stumble* Haha. Okay, go.
*The campers take off.*
KNUCKLES: Time to get digging! *digs through the ground co
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SVTFOE Fanfic - Meet The Flowerfairys Part 3
(Azalea is currently outside in her swimming pool, splashing and swimming around with Orchid. Terrance watches the two sisters swim around, enjoying the warm sunshine beaming down on his face, while Saffron watches over all three of them.. The two girls are currently playing Marco Polo and Azalea is currently it.)
Azalea: (Swims around with her eyes closed.) Marco………Marco…….. Marco…….
Orchid: Polo! (Azalea swims swiftly towards her. Orchid quickly moves.)
Azalea: Dang! (Swims again.) Marco……….. Marco……..
Orchid: Polo! (Azalea swiftly swims to her and catches her.) Eek! You got me, sis!
Azalea: (Opens her eyes laughing.) Yay! I win again! I am the best at Marco Polo!
Terrance: (Chuckles.) You sure are, Azalea.
Azalea: (Swims over to Terrance.) Hey, Terrance?
Terrance: Yeah?
Azalea: (Grins and grabs his arms.) Get in here! (Pulls his arms.)
Terrance: Wait what?! (Gets pulled forwards.) Aaaaah!  (Falls into the p
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Ep. 2: Woah, Mama!
It starts off at a local bar in the world of Aku City as the Narrator says, "Aku City! Ruled by the evil shape-shifting demon of darkness, Aku, and our heroes might need to go undercover to stay alive." and it cuts inside the bar where the Super Secret Crisis Team were at eating. The Powerpuff Girls wore their costumes (from "Super Zeroes"), Liberty Belle, Mange, and Harmony Bunny, Jack wore his usual hat, Dexter wore a his beard (from "Beard to be Feared"), Ben wore the ID Mask, but couldn't come up with an identity, Ed wore his Cool Ed outfit (from "Over Your Ed"), Eds was dressed as the Masked Mumbler (from "Tag Yer Ed"), and Eddy was dressed as Carl (from "Pick an Ed"). As they were eating, a group of bounty hunters all huddled together, looked at a wanted poster containing the Super Secret Crisis Team saying under it, "The most dangerous team on the planet." and another picture of them in disguises with it saying, "Sometimes wearing a disguise." (like in "Episode XVII: Jack and th
:icons10127470:s10127470 2 0
RotTMNT - Lara's flu
It was 2:30 AM in New York. The turtles are out on a night patrol, with Lara following behind, to learn some basics of the ninja.
"So, what are we gonna do?" asked Lara.
"First thing, kid, is to learn how to be a ninja." replied Raph. "When they're in action, they need to be silent."
"Ooohh." said Lara. "*sniff* Ah-choo! Excuse me."
"Bless you." said Mikey.
"That was quite a sneeze." said Leo.
"I think it's this cold weather." said Lara. "*cough* *cough* Excuse me!"
"Hmmm..." hummed Donnie. "I think you're getting the sniffles, Lara. We better get her back to the lair."
"But Donnie!" complained Leo.
"No buts! Her health is more important right now!" said Donnie. "Come on Lara."
He picked her up as they headed back to the lair. Later, Lara was laying in her bed, as Donnie checked her temperature. The thermometer beeped, and he got it out of the wolf pup's mouth.
"101.3...She is sure getting the sniffles." said Donnie. "She's gonna have to stay in bed during a week."
"A week?! That's lik
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Techmiketale part 30 (chapter 3) (derp part)
*as tech continues east to the next room, were going to check what going on at the J LAB.*
(Name: J LAB. location: The VOID, observation room of experiment. Test RESET experiment #5)
*Dr. J and Zenus are watching techmike on the monitors.*
Dr. J: did he *burp* take the bag?
Zenus: yep this time he did *hold up the red glowing orb*
Dr. J: good job my zenuus. *in squeckie voice*
Zenus: *purr* oh stop it heh heh. *as Dr. J pet Zenus*
*then alarm sound went off*
(*WARNING unknown entity has entered AU)
Dr. J: A-*burp Ah F***! *as he doe some typing to search location where the unknown entity has entered*
(*unknown entity has entered Snowdin forest, causing destruction to forest bio-place)
Dr. J: This un*barp*exceptionable. come Zenus let's go see the "gest" that come my AU causing... troubles. *with magic coming out his eyes*
*Dr. J & Zenus teleported to unknown entity to see a black glitchy skeleton destroying the Forrest with his blue strings
???: h-huh?!? who-who the f-*** are you?
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Super Mario Tales: A Jump Start
*Press Start*


Here we go! Super Mario!

In a valley surrounded by bones of Koopas, pools of lava, and dark mountains. The sky was dark red with black clouds due to the constant eruptions of the smoke that comes from the volcanoes that keep the river of lava flowing. There wasn't a blue sky or white cloud that ever set in the valley, at least not before a certain large turtle like monster declare it as it's home long ago.
There wasn't a sign of anything green, for the ground was completely gray and lifeless that it was impossible a wild animal could even survive in the area. (Not mention it's a horrible place for a vacation for the hotels stinks.) The only living beings that roam the land are the goombas, Koopas, Fuzzy Beatles, and many other henchmen that work for the the large boss himself.
At the other side of this dark and unfun valley was a large dark castle with green spiky roofs on the top and a flag that shows the symbol of
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Little Monsters
Joey was, to put it mildly, exhausted. That tended to happen when one had a bunch of toddlers to care for. Much as he cared for the creations of the Ink Machine like his own children, be they the Toons he had intended to bring to life or the pint-sized copies of several former staff members, it was not easy keeping them under control.
"How dare you disrespect my Lord!"
"Your 'Lord' poured mustard all over my dress!"
"So? You can just wear something else."
"I like that dress!"
Rubbing his forehead, Joey made a mental note to pick up more aspirin. He had opened the last one this morning, and he had a feeling that he was going to need his second dose of the day very soon.
"Joey, Daisy kicked me!"
With a sigh, Joey turned to the small disfigured angel. "Daisy, say you're sorry."
She pointed at the mask-wearing ink boy. "Not until he tells me where Bendy is!"
As Joey buried his face in his hands, wondering why Allison and Sammy's miniature clones were such far cri
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Jumpscares (Kaminari Denki x Fem!Reader)|Adult AU
Another lazy Saturday brought about the usual routine for a pair of young heros. You sat on your second-hand couch with a phone in one hand while the other was occupied by the shockingly soft locs on Kaminari’s head, which rested comfortably in your lap. Said blond was equally as distracted by the smartphone he held above his face, thoughtlessly fiddling with the charms of the black and yellow bracelet on your wrist beside his head. With his ankle planted on the knee of his propped up leg, Kaminari found himself tapping his foot in the air to the melody emanating from your lips that mimicked the ad on your phone.
Always in sync, the two of you met each other’s eyes upon realizing the happenstance, both immediately letting out a chuckle before returning the play on your respective phones. The sounds of auto-played videos and video games filled the otherwise silent apartment spared, for the most part, of Kaminari’s gaudy room decor. Though distracted, he made sure to nu
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Undercooked Ch. 11
Ch 11 Batter Up
Frisk got up before her annoying bracelet could wake her. Well, that is what she is going to tell Sans if he asks because she couldn’t sleep at all. Not only was the fact that she really couldn’t get to sleep because of nerves today. It was also due to a particular teacher of hers genuinely doesn’t like her the same way. Frisk is determined to get past this. Frisk changed out of her “pjs” into her chef's outfit. She grabbed her little recipe card, with the details on exact ingredients to make Toriel’s pancakes, but also her review mask as well.
It was still really early 5:30 as she left the bedroom. Sans is still asleep. She looked at Papyrus sleeping on the couch snoring. Frisk couldn’t help but smiled his blanket laid on the floor to where he kicked it off. She picked it up and put it on her tall “potential” friend.
‘These brothers’ she thought to herself.
Frisk wrote a quick note on a piece
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Make Me Laugh Challenge 3 (Part 5)
- Round 7 -
Coco is now in the chair. Tom comes out, disguised as Angela. He is wearing her usual heart T-shirt and denim boy-shorts with a white bodysuit underneath, as well as white basketball shoes and white gloves, and his face is painted to look identical to Angela (with his nose painted white with a tiny pink cat-nose painted in the middle). The bodysuit has a tail-sleeve attached to its butt, which can be seen poking out the back of the boy-shorts. He is seen filming himself with his iPhone.
TOM: *mimicking Angela, in a high, feminine voice* "Oh hey. It's Talking Angela here, and I'm here at StackerCoat's studio." *iPhone POV* "And I'm gonna meet a special guest here." *places his iPhone onto a tripod in front of Coco* "Coco Bandicoot." *runs over to Coco and stands beside her, gripping the chair with both paws* "Smile for the camera, Coco! We putting this on YouTube!"
Coco laughs and spits out her water.
TOM: *drops his Angela voice* You laughed! I'm off the
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At the sound of her name, Miku turned around to see two of her best friends, Rin and Len, running towards her and waving. “Rin-chan! Len-kun!” She chirped, approaching them, a calm smile on her face. “What’s up?”
The twins looked visibly excited. They were hopping from one foot to another, practically unable to keep still. Rin quickly took out her phone, scrolling down as fast as she could, before showing the phone to Miku. “Miku-chan, our fans finally assigned you an item!” She gushed, looking at her brother excitedly.
Taking the phone, Miku glanced at the poll Rin had pulled up on it. lt was a poll deciding what her designated item would be. Usually, fans decided what each vocaloid’s special item was, and the vocaloid would often be seen eating or holding their item. Rin’s was oranges, Len’s was bananas, Kaito’s was ice cream, Meiko’s was sakē…Miku had always wondered about her
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