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Embarrassing Ashley: Pants, wedgies and more pt. 2
Ashley sat on the bathroom floor, it was cold against her bare legs, she had been pantsed yet again, and swirlied, and that was the most disgusting she had ever had, sure she had chocolate swirlies before, but that one was particularly gross, it seemed like that toilet hadn’t been flushed all year, and there was a horrible taste in her mouth.
“Why do they always have to wedgie us when our heads are in there?” she asked herself “Isn’t it enough to dunk our heads in a toilet without the damn wedgie?”
As she got up, she saw herself in the mirror, her hair was wet, and swirled around, he shirt was wet, and had some brown chunks on it, and her blue panties were exposed by her lack of pants, she was bright red from humiliation, as she stood there in the mirror the bathroom door opened, and the last person she wanted to see right now, walked in…it was her former best friend Amy, and she had a huge grin on her face when she saw Ashley’s current o
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Sunset Shimmer the Wicked wedgie Woman 11
It had been a long while since the whole load of incidents of Sunset Shimmer’s brutal wedgies and ever since then the whole school was becoming more aware of each incident and was becoming more terrified of the situation, even Celestia was terrified, she was so scared she had become a total lockdown warden on the whole ideas of wedgies, if a person uttered the word wedgie she would probably put them in detention, she couldn’t be too careful at this point.
Bullying had almost got to an all time low at Canterlot High as Celestia now patrolled the halls, staff were always on the case if they heard an incident and wedgies were hardly seen since the whole incident of Wallflower getting brutally wedgied, but since then everyone kept wondering who was next and with Halloween almost near everyone didn’t want to hang around too much to get their panties pulled.
However, there were people who thought they could get away with bullying and found a way to do it underneath Celestia
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Kingdom Hearts: DM77 Version Chapter 1 (Pt2)
Emerl after claiming the cloth for the sail slides down the ladder, he turns to face a pink hedgehog in a red dress.
“Oh hey Amy, how are you doing?” Emerl asked her smiling.
“I’m doing fine, just thinking about the legend of the Paopu fruit” Amy said smiling
“Oh, what legend is that?” Emerl asked her
“They say if two people share the paopu fruit, there hearts stay connected forever. It sounds romanatic I hope me and Sonic will share one someday” Amy said with a smile then grins saying “I bet you wouldn’t mind sharing one with Blaze Emerl.”
It was hard to keep a secret except to Blaze but Emerl has grown to like the purple cat despite him being a robot. He would sneak peaks at her, just to catch a glimpse of her beauty it was weird to fall in love with her but he did like her that much. After all they were always together that he thought nothing would separate them.
“Well…err…I best be going. See
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Lara (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go AU)
This shows the info of my fursona in my Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go AU. She's Chiro's little sister.
Main information

Name: Lara
Nicknames: Sis, little sis, sister (Chiro), pup monkey (Sparx, Nova), bananas, kid (Sparx), bestie (Nova), furry fellow (Gibson, Antauri, Otto), brat, runt, mutt, fleabag (The Skeleton King).
Age: 3
Species: Wolfdog
Height: 1''3
Weight: 5 kg
Fur/hair color: Purple, white, and pink

Eye color: Brown
Clothing: She often wears a pink onesie with white polkadots and jeans overralls, along with matching pink bows on her ears and tail. As a hero, she wears a white outfit similar to Chiro's, except that her markings and scarf are purple instead of orange.
Disorders: Abandonment issues, ADHD, autism, separation anxiety.
Disabilities: 50% deaf on her right ear.
Markings: A large scar on her back.

Lara's backstory did not s
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case 57 the case of the sea maid and the mt. maid
Pedro as Jonathan Thumb
Joey Wheeler as Jack Rodgers
Tristan Taylor as Tuck Hammers
Minoru Shiraishi as Doug Lockers
Guest stars
Sqweep as herself
Denkou as himself
Special Guest stars
Ariel as herself
Jorgen's girlfriend as herself
Jorgen as himself
In NYPD...
Tuck is about to break the table with his head but the duo restrain him.
JACK: Take it easy, Hulk. Control yourself.
TUCK: I can't take it anymore! That lunatic homo sapiens has given me worst group therapy.
DOUG: You need to calm down. That's no way to let the audience down. Even Warner Bros. has given us a contract.
TUCK: Since when?
JACK: Since Tex Avery production has given us a second chance.
DOUG: Trust me. Rooster Teeth has given us little.
TUCK: Tell me about it.
In the ancient forest, the little child is walking.
JONATHAN: Well, looks like everything is under control.
When suddenly, he saw something interesting.
JONATHAN: Well, this is something new.
He dashes and not only he f
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Granny, Mammy Two-Shoes (with her face), Doc the Cat´s owner, Katnip´s owner from Will Do Mousework and Percy the Cat´s owner, Jon Arbuckle and Liz (D.J.´s house and Jungle scenes)
Little Audrey (D.J.´s house and Jungle scenes)
Casper the Friendly Ghost (Warner Bros, MGM, Universal, Paramount and 20th Century Fox´s Restaurant scene)
The Ghostly Trio (Warner Bros, MGM, Universal, Paramount and 20th Century Fox´s Restaurant scene)
Wendy the Witch (Warner Bros, MGM, Universal, Paramount and 20th Century Fox´s Restaurant scene)
Spooky the Tuff Ghost (Warner Bros, MGM, Universal, Paramount and 20th Century Fox´s Restaurant scene)
Sylvester, Tom, Doc the Cat, Katnip, Buzzy´s Cat and Percy the Cat and Garfield and Odie (D.J.´s house and Jungle scenes)
Tweety, Jerry, Hickory and Dickory, Herman and Buzzy and Little Roquefort, Floyd the Mouse and the Mice from Garfield (D.J.´s house and Jungle scenes)
Foghorn Leghorn,
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Writetumber~ Part 1 (Michael Afton Weight Gain)
Part 1. Who’s it gonna be? Show off who your character will be to establish the challenge, can be as simple or as complicated as you like, a free day if you will.
    A cool, October breeze brushed through the neighborhood, sending a chilling reminder that Halloween was to be soon. A holiday that was designed to torment young children.
Walking around with hideous masks as you approach unwilling victims of your tricks. Carving grotesque faces into once seemingly harmless pumpkins. The horrifying props, standing nearly eight feet tall, with gleaming red eyes and loud screaming howls.
Michael sat comfortably in his father’s armchair with his work set before him. Wearily tapping the end of his pencil against the coffee table as he let out a bored sigh. His attention quickly shifted to the nervous child pacing about the living room.
He watched amusedly as his younger sister
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Month of Pink '18 18: Monica Raybrandt
Red eyes were filled with curiosity as Monica watched her friend Max work on his Ridepod.  The pink-haired princess from the future was curious as to how the robot worked.
“Hey, Max?  Do you think I could try your Ridepod?” asked Monica.
The blond boy looked up from his work to look at the girl with a raised eyebrow. “You want to ride Steve?  Why?”
Monica pouted at the question. “I want to see what it’s like.  You always get to ride it and it looks like it’s so much fun!”
“…But the only time I ever use Steve is when fighting monsters.”
“It still looks like it would be fun.  Please, Max?  May I please try your Ridepod?” begged Monica, unintentionally giving off a puppy dog look.
Max let out a sigh before relenting. “Fine.  Just let me finish tuning him up and then we can head to the field so you can practice.”
“Thank you, Max!” chirped the girl with a
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Ep. 5: Attack of the Senior Citi-Zombies
It starts off in the Eds' homeworld, Peach Creek, with the Narrator narrating, "Peach Creek! The homeworld to the Eds. Even though we're in the same world of Peach Creek, we're going someplace else where our heroes are going on vacation." as it zoomed into a car driving alongside a road on a mountainside, it shows the Super Secret Crisis Team, along with their friends and families. Also in the car was Dee Dee, Dexter's Mom and Dad, Douglas E. Mordecai III, Professor Utonium, Grandpa Max, Carl and Sandra Tennyson, Rook, Julie, Cousin Lucy, Cash, J.T., Cooper, Jonesy (P.S. I changed some of the appearances with the last four I just listed. Cash and J.T. are now good friends with Ben and given up their bullying ways. Cash is still a little taller than Ben but shorter than Kevin. He now wears a red t-shirt with long black sleeves coming out of the short sleeves, black shorts, black and white sneakers, and a black beanie on his head, J.T. is still a little shorter than Ben and Gwen. He stil
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Mini conversaciones random con Jhin 16
Jhin: Cariño, ¿Cuándo te afeitarás la barba?
Yo: ¿Eh? Pero no es tan notoria, no es larga y tampoco se me ve mal
Jhin: Es que no me gusta, y lo sabes
Yo: Bueno, yo ya me acostumbré a mi barbita, aunque no sería problema si me afeitara, lo cual es lo que tengo planeado
Jhin: ¿Entonces por qué no lo haces?
Yo: ... ¡No lo pienso hacer hasta que en la calle dejen de confundirme con una mujer! ¡Mi barba es aparentemente lo único que me hacer ver masculino! ¡¡Ofende que me llamen "señorita" o "mijita!! ¡Así que no me afeitaré hasta que mi cara luzca como la de un chico!
Jhin: Espero que al menos te la recortes con tijera cuando te crezca más
Yo: Descuida, lo haré en su momento
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Bonding: Youtuber ego's x reader by BUN-BUN456 Bonding: Youtuber ego's x reader :iconbun-bun456:BUN-BUN456 1 0
Coral's Playlist: Agent 8 is...
It was a normal day in the Square when Celeste, or Agent 3, realized that she had some competition.
Despite her age, Celeste always wanted to come across as cute. This somewhat annoyed the Cap'n ("You're eighteen for Pete's sake!") but some others found it part of her charm. When Coral decided to whisper something in Luna's ear on a normal day, the Octoling wasn't sure how she was going to pull off what Agent 4 had planned.
Luna swallowed the lump in her throat and approached Celeste.
"Um...Three?" Luna asked.
"Didn't I tell you to call me Celeste?" the older Agent asked her.
In the distance, Coral signaled that she was holding up her hands in the right position.
"Uh..." she began.
She pulled off a nervous smile.
Celeste was shot through the heart with cuteness at that gesture. When she heard Coral's giggles, she quickly approached her.
"Hey! I'm supposed to be the cute one here!" the older agent exclaimed with anger. "Why did you set her up for that?!"
"Celeste, calm down!"
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Extreme Drama Camp 7 (15/16)
ACE: Welcome back to Extreme Drama Camp. Last time, the Final Four took the challenge to new heights...literally!  In an intense rock-climbing race, The Final Four climbed their way to victory. Surprisingly, Penny Ling came out on top. At the campfire, she chose to send Spyro home.  Now, it’s down to her, Marshall and Silverstream. Who will move on to the finale, and who will be going home tonight?  Let’s find out!
*The campers awake and arrive in front of Ace.*
ACE: Well, Congratulations, Final Three!  How does it feel to be where you are now?
SILVERSTREAM: I’m so ecstatic!  I can’t believe I made it this far!  But I’m happy to be here anyway!  I guess I really am a popular camper!
PENNY LING: Last time I was on this show, I finished ninth place, but now, here I am at the Final Three!  This is definitely redemption for me!
MARSHALL: Well, I’m no stranger to the Final Three, But last time I competed, this is as
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Total Drama Weight Gain RP{Open}
With the series coming to an end, I figured I would make an RP out of this silly show.
It can be any character from the show(original series/first six seasons, not spin-offs, and definitely not Total DramaRama), and either one of them in the Roleplay can get big or both.
Also just to make this clear, all characters are over the age of 18 in this RP. By the end of the show, most of them were over the age of 18 anyways, so there we go.
No real limits on gaining, it can be as big as you want.
Notes if you want to do NSFW(age still is over 18 though and only if you're over the age of 18).
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Random Stuff Part 7
Can you fly?
Danny:Can you fly Chill Penguin?
Chill Penguin:I know Im a penguin but I can flyyyyyyy!!!!!*Danny dropped him and he 'flew' into a plane engine*
Red Lobster 2 The Return
Danny and Martin:*doing Fortnite default dance*
*RED LOBSTER appeared*
*Red lobster jumps onto their face and pinches their noses*
Danny and Martin:AHHHHHHHHHH
A message
Ok guys,Im planning to add your ocs into Random Stuff,If you want me to add your oc.Please Note me and get my permission.Thank you.
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Peter and Homer 4
In Quahog.
Peter: what a good day.
He sees a billboard with the photo of James Woods.
Peter: why the hell did they make a billboard of that idiot. He's a big jerk!
He sees a dynamite and gets an idea.
Peter: oh i know.
He throws the dynamite at the billboard, it explodes, destroying the billboard.
James Woods: what a good day to be a actor. (sees his billboard destroyed and screams) my billboard! My face! Disfigured!! Oh god why!!!
Peter: (laughs) this is hilarious.
Homer appears.
Homer: hey Peter. (sees the ruined billboard and laughs) that prank must be funny.
Peter: that's right Homer. I did the prank.
Homer: did you do it?
Peter: of course. James Wood is an idiot.
Homer: that's funny of you.
Peter: that's right.
They see Daniel Tiger walking. Peter and Homer throws a molotov at a store, burning it.
Store owner: hey! Who did that!
They point at Daniel Tiger.
Daniel Tiger: it wasn't me! I swear.
Store owner: get him.
An angry mob chases him. Peter and Homer laughs.
Peter: (laughs) th
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Head canons for roomates and frozen heart
Roomate headcanons:
Liu x Damien is canon
Necromancer has a coffee maker at his base cause he can’t deal with the slenderman
Damien has Alektorophobia aka fear of chickens
Jeff has knife-Chan,cheese-Chan,and chicken-Chan all on speed dial on his phone
Ani and jack live together
Jeff has to pay 4 billion dollars in damages after his chickennapping of Damien caused the whole city to shut down
Damien likes cuddles and hot coco
Mimic scares Nina
Nina Actually apologized to Jeff bout how she acts cause she saw mimic being thirst
Liu has self worth issues
Frozen heart:
Liu has self esteem issues
Hodrek calls slenderman hentai monster cause he can
Jeff is overprotective of Liu cause he care
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Shannon, Dix and Caroline Episode 18

"Bimbos In The Crusoe."
*A journal was being showed on the marked date, July 19th.*
A voice: A massive storm and a shock wave caused my airship to crash. All the supplies were used up. My only supplies left to eat was lonely natural orchid of grains, fruits and veggies.
*It was known that a young woman was on island not to far from open ocean. Another island was around it, filled with orchids.*
Woman: Of course, gathering my food was a bit of a problem. That is because of a giant dangerous ferocious blue colored alligator. Named Cobra Croc.
In the line between the islands.
*Cobra Croc swims around with his tail sticking out and hid behind a rock.*
On one of the islands.
*It was known to be an orge girl named Greta. Cobra was stalking her as Greta was looking to see if the coast is clear.*
Greta: Seems all clear.
*She then makes to the islands but he was then chased by Cobra. She grabs a mallet and starts beating the croc.*
Greta: Back! Back-off
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Adventures In Omegle Episode Four
Stranger: ahaha
Stranger: what a wonderfully shitty movie
You: yeah, but we got some good memes out of it
Stranger: ill take a numba 9
Stranger: a number 6 with extra dip
Stranger: two number 4s
Stranger: a number 45
You: sir, don't you think you've had enough?
Stranger: no
You: *shoves grapes in nose* LOOK! I'M GRAPE NOSE BOI!
Stranger: oy vey
You: *takes a grape out of nostril with comical popping
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The Life of a Nerd: Chapter 7
“Swirly! Swirly! Swirly! Swirly!” An excited group of students yelled as Ciera dragged Adam out of his locker, whoever had put him in there had pantsed him, but they left his pants around his ankles, Ciera let him fall to the ground with a thud, as students formed a circle and laughed.
“Aww someone’s having a rough day” Ciera said faking empathy for the nerd, she got a closer look at him, his captain America briefs were still wedged partially up his very red butt which clearly took a lot of abuse, his hair was wet, and the bottom of his locker had a puddle of water, clearly he had been swirlied and from the looks of it, more than once.
“Pl-please leave me alone” said the blushing nerd as he tried to pull his pants up, Ciera walked over and stepped on his pants, so he couldn’t.
“Now it’s my turn” Ciera said, as she forced Adam to his feet, while keeping her feet on his pants
“I-I’m sorry I pan—” Ad
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My Pantsing Filled Life...Again
Here are some more actual pantsings that happened to me, that I don’t feel like writing a full story about.
When I was in Fifth grade, I was at my cube thing (we didn’t have lockers in elementary school, we all got a cube to keep our stuff in) I was taking my snow pants off, because I lived in a cold climate, and this was during winter, and as I took my snow pants down, my actual pants went with them, exposing my tightey whities to about twelve people, who all thought it was quite funny that I had accidentally pantsed myself.
When I was in Jr. High school, my younger brother and I went to our local indoor pool one afternoon, and as we were leaving the locker room after getting dressed because it was winter we headed for the dooe when my brother got into an argument with somebody, and they started to fight, I broke them up and stood in between them, as I was facing my brother, the other boy pantsed me, and ran off, everyone laughed at me…including my brother.
When I wa
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Writetumber~ Part 2 (Michael Afton Weight Gain)
Part 2. Foodie feedie. What’s your headcanon fave food for your character? Draw them eating a good binge of the stuff.
 Michael munched down on a few crisp pieces of popcorn as he lazily rested on the sofa. His usual anxiety slowly drifting away as the butter submerged his tongue. One of Michael’s worst habits was his tendency to stress-eat.
Half the time, he wasn’t even sure why he was nervous. There was nothing to worry about. Halloween wasn’t for another few weeks and he didn’t have any work to do for the day. Though, he knew about the encounter he’d have to face on that night. Brandy would find them and make their night hell.
Ugh, another piece, away with the thought. Onto the next, another nibble. That was the way it worked with him. If he could keep himself occupied, he had nothing to worry about.
Munch. Munch. Munch. Clink! Ano
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