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Horror Brawl Request 2039: Sailor Jupiter

Name: Lita Kino
Debut: Sailor Moon Act 1 CH 5 (1992)
Voice Actor: Amanda Celine Miller
Intro: Sailor Jupiter flips in, then poses in her iconic way saying, "Agent of Thunder and Lightning, Sailor Jupiter! On behalf of the planet Jupiter, I'll leave you numb with regret!"
Outro:  Sailor Jupiter brushes her thumb across her nose and says, "You're way too weak. Try again when you're stronger!"
Special Moves
Supreme Thunder: Sailor Jupiter launches an electrical bolt from her tiara.
Jupiter Knuckle: Sailor Jupiter dives in with an electrically charged punch
Jupiter Thunderbolt: Sailor Jupiter does a flying kick with electrical energy coursing through it.
Sparkling Wide Pressure: Sailor Jupiter launches a powerful disk of electricity at the opponent.
Jupiter Coconut Cyclone: Sailor Jupiter summons forth an orb of electricity and throws it at the opponent, electrocuting them and showing their skeleton, then she charges in with a knee
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Alice of Human Sacrifice: Prologue
Once upon a time, there was a dream. No one knew who dreamt the dream, or where it went after it was dreamt. It was a tiny, simple dream. Full of wilderness and magic and kingdoms. Though, despite any charm it had, it was still small. And it was fading.
All around it, there were other forgotten dreams. Some odd, some boring, but all were uncared for by their dreamers.
One by one, the little dream watched the others disappeared. Yet, very few cared. For each dream that faded away, many more appeared. This scared the little dream.
With not much else to do, the little dream began to think. It thought and thought. It came to a realization.
“I don’t want to disappear,” the scared little dream whispered to itself,”How can I make people dream of me?” Not long after, a plan formed.
“I...will make the humans come to me...,” it decided, the smile of one escaping their fate forming,”And they will create my world.”
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Fishy Boopkins In Super Paper Mario Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Gotta Go Fast
The three of them investigated their surroundings.
"I guess the Pure Heart is down here somewhere..." noted Fishy.
"Yes...I can tell that it's close." said Tippi.
"Are you not going to call me Tippi?" asked the butterfly.
"WELL, YOU ARE ALWAYS GIVING US TIPS!" noted the Garo. He was rather grateful for that.
"It most likely is close, but be careful. We may have defeated the Villager, but Mimi's still on the loose." answered Meggy. She was likely in the basement somewhere waiting for them.
What was the worst she could do? Slap them in the face?
"I don't think we should judge her just by appearance." stated the Inkling.
"I'm not so sure about that..." noted Fishy. Saiko may have looked pretty on the outside but inside she was rather unhinged. Although, to be fair, she had become a better person after befriending
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Do you want ''?
Are you willing to give up your life so she can live?
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There is too much suspense!
Here’s a great story!
One dark and stormy night, lightning flashed and the thunder growled.
The End
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The Baby with a red Balloon
Creepy music box playing as a woman saws the ghost of a baby girl and her brush drops.
Thunder crash and woman screams
A man dragged into a bush and someone knocks the door.
"Did you hear that"
The door opens revealing a skinless man who was the knocker.
"I told you i was ripped.
He falls and everyone screams
Creepy music box playing as a ghostly baby girl phase through the wall.
"What the-"
"There's nothing to be scared"
But she sees the ghost of a girl with long black hair.
Woman screams
The Baby with a red Balloon new series coming in November on Nick.
A ghostly baby girl giggles.
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