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The beginning
Early Wednesday saw a terrible morning Storm,
Blackness raged upon the polished brittle surface,
The sun dragged to rise, it rained hail and thorns
The white ball rolled close to the serpent's hole
Thursday saw the late egg hatch far from home,
The sun rises, it rises too late.
The tiny heart beats dark to the core,
The storm is trapped inside his peaceful form.
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FNaF: What is Dead Ch.1
There were Fire Trucks all over the building trying to put the fire out that had started so suddenly in the Pizzeria. Most of the Animatronics seem be gone. There was one outside as it looked like it fell from the Roof. Foxy and Mangle were in a truck watching the the Fire in shocked as their Friends seem to be gone now. Freddy and Ft Foxy had not been seen since last night. Though they were horrified on what Freddy did and how much this effect everyone around him. They knew that Freddy never meant for things to escalate this far. He just allowed his Grief and Love for Ft Foxy to consume and now everything seems to be destroyed cause of that. Mangle was crying and all Foxy could do was hug and silently comfort her. Something then lets out a loud high shriek in the air scaring everyone. What ever this thing was that cause all this destruction it was either dying or yelling out in victory. 
2 Week Ago...
It was another busy day in the Pizzeria. Kids were being entertain by the Anima
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Danny hacked my account
Danny Cat has hacked into my account and now he's reading all of my information to call him and report him call 931-261-9275
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plant food chap 6 ( vore feet tickling )
Starring Peyton ( pics in favs soccer mom webcam ) Jennifer and Donna ( pics in favs ) Marie ( pics in favs summertime )
one month later..
Marie had been busy this past month , even though the disappearances by the plants have stopped due to the scientist from the government containing the plants, there was still the question of who the vampire murderer was . The last murder was hours after the last murder victim was crushed when she was put through a ceiling . The last victim was another shop owner right down the street from the last one . The poor girl suffered the same fate as the previous one . No clues , Marie even went as far as talking to a lady who ran a video production that the victim used to work for as an actress in " tickling videos ". The lady was crossed off the suspect list and Marie chuckled when the woman offered her a job for the same thing . Marie was awaiting the arrival of a new secretary she wanted to hire part time to help out Donna who wanted to spend more time
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