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Horror Brawl Request 1807: Mecha Sonic

Name: Mecha Sonic
Debut: Super Mario Bros. Z (2006)
Voice Actor: Fred Tatasciore
Intro: Mecha Sonic floats down and laughs as he flares his energy before preparing to fight as he says "I. Am. A GOD!"
Outro: Mecha Sonic floats into the air as the Chaos Emeralds surround him, saying "You are nothing but an ant to me."
Special Moves
Spin Attack: Mecha Sonic curls into a spiked ball and rolls at the opponent.
Missile Launch: Mecha Sonic fires a missile from his hand.
Gun Arm: Mecha Sonic turns his arm into a machine gun and fires a round of bullets.
Energy Blast: Mecha Sonic sends a weak but fast moving energy bolt
Super Destroyer: Mecha Sonic summons Four of the Chaos Emeralds, transforming into his Semi-Super Form, before teleporting behind the opponent and kicking them in the back, shattering the spine, and then he does a Spin Attack, slashing past the opponent several times and finally does a kick that sends them to the gro
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My Version of Blueruleum in the Real World AU

Blueruleum is a 2D look alike demonic manifestation of the virtual band Gorillaz. Manifestation appears in concerts or outside during the dates release of the first album to new album called the Now Now. Blueruleum has dark powers and the ability to shapeshift into the fictional band members of the Gorillaz. He shows the fans of the Gorillaz suffering and tremendous pain if they stop liking Gorillaz or were late for an upcoming Gorillaz concert. He loves to kill people in sick twisted ways not even a fan cannot handle. Blueruleum was going to be a scripted movie but man realizes in 1997 since the upcoming creation of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's Gorillaz. His horror movie comes to life, Blueruleum became real because of the virtual band Gorillaz, The Man tries to contact Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett to burn their creation to end the demon's life but to no fail. The Man dec
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Legendaris_la bataille contre l'apocalypse Chap 2
Légendaris chapitre 2
Au diable le passé !
Au réveil du lendemain, je me rendis compte que l'orbe qui m'avait suivi depuis hier ne m'avait toujours pas quitté. Quelque chose entre nous était lié, mais quoi ?
Sans plus attendre, je sortis de mon lit et allumai mon ordinateur personnel. Ce que je ne faisais jamais en temps normal. Je cherchai des informations qui pouvaient concerner cet orbe, mais sur le net les informations sont souvent erronées et n'ont aucun lien les unes entre les autres.
Étant donné qu'elle me suivait, il fallait que je m'adapte avec elle. En aucun cas, elle ne doit être vue avec moi. À moins que ce que la dame blanche m'ait dit hier soit vrai, et que seuls ceux ayant un esprit ouvert et qui arrive à reconnaître le bien du mal peuvent voir ce type de chose.
Sans plus tarder, j'essayai donc avec ma sœur jumelle qui se trouvait déjà en bas, dans la cu
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[Danganronpa EA] Chapter 4 - Daily Life 4.5
With our heroine stuck in a situation – let’s change to another, this time the one that is free.
As hearing the last of Masa’s voice, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. However I stop to think for a moment.
“Hm… what can I-?” “…Chika, is that you?”
I blinked as I turn my attention to the door that I was standing by – it sounded like Reiji’s voice, it was a relief to hear him again.
“Oh – hey Reiji, and I was just about to try and get the power back on but…” I mumbled as folding my arms. “But… what?” Reiji asked, I sense concern in his voice as I sighed. “I’m… not sure where to start, I’m not really good at turning power back on and it’s dark so… I think I’ll get lost.”
I turn to look, the entire place was dark and it made me worried… what if we run out of air? Will we starve if the power was out or-?
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Sleepy Hollow - The Missing Episodes, Chapter 23
Chapter XXIII
The Decisive Battle, Part I

"Lara..? Lara?" Ichabod caressed her clammy, heated face, which seemed to grow pale overnight. He kept calling her, desperately wanting to bring her back. Since last night, he never felt so needed, so loved by someone, in over 232 years. There was Katrina, but the Witness from the future never invoked treachery unto him. "Lara..? Please, arise. I need you."
With a whimper, she stirred slowly. Her vision was very hazy as she saw her friend look down on her with a pained gaze. She reached for his hand, he grabbed hers tightly, his grip was also very warm. "Ichabod..."
Their fingers intertwined. "Lara, what is it? What's happening to you?" he begged.
She could only let out a whisper, "It's my past vessel, Ichabod... Molly... She's succumbing to the plagues."
"No..! She can't. If anything should happen to her, you would..." He couldn't finish his sentence; he knew there was a link between Molly and Lara, through the
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Possessed. Chapter 6
The last two nights were silent which made Sandra happy, and she was starting to forget about the disturbances she experienced recently. Maybe it really was nothing special after all. Mrs. Wilkins came home a bit earlier on Wednesday, as her brother called her and announced that they were coming, and around six in the evening the doorbell broke the silence, echoing throughout the house.
“Aunt Caroline!” Cindy’s joyful voice rang, and she literally jumped into Mrs. Wilkins’s arms. “Oh, and there’s Sandra! Yay!” Cindy ran to Sandra next, obviously being happy to see her the most.
“Hey Cindy!” Sandra exclaimed, hugging her cousin. “Long time no see.”
While Mrs. Wilkins invited her brother and his wife inside, Sandra took Cindy to her room upstairs so she could put her small suitcase down. If Cindy spent a night or two in their house, she always slept in Sandra’s room, thus there were two beds in the room. Lucky for Sa
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The Magician (Joker fanfic-oc) Prologue: The Dream
    I was walking down the left sidewalk of my school when a sleek, silver car came to the walkway. I opened the passenger car door, and got in to see a pale skinned man with black hair, with a side part haircut in the driver seat.
    "Hi, Dad!" I said in a voice that expressed my happiness to see him. 
     "Did you have a good day at school darling?" he responded with as much cheerfulness.
    "Yes, it was fine."
    My dad then turned to look at me with those strange, fake brown eyes and grinned. 
    The drive home was silent as I looked around my surroundings. Skyscrapers stood as ominously tall as ever and the lampposts glowed with an eerie light as my carefully drove past them. Soon, we reached the end of the city and saw the familiar bright green of the trees and grass on both sides of the road. My dad slowed down
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(Y/N) walked up to the door of Colinwood with her suitcase. She knocked on the door. A small man answered "my name is (Y/N) (L/N) I am here for the job of the assistant psychiatrist" she said Julia came to the door "Thanks Willie I'll take it from here" Julia said, Willie left. "Welcome to Colinwood, come on in" Julia said. As they entered (Y/N) stops suddenly at the sight of the floor infront of them: wide wavy light and dark blue lines mixed with white. 
"Are you all right?" Julia asked "Yeah, I'm fine" (Y/N) replied which was a lie. "Let's go to the drawing room, Willie will take your bag to your room" Julia said as she lead the way once they got out of the hall (Y/N) relaxed until they got into the drawing room.
A desk stands infront of a window. The window behind the desk looked out of the grass and a line of oak trees with a wide gap, visiable through the gap is a long slpe of rock and then...
"Oh god" (Y/N) turns around she was shaking and sweat was dripping from her f
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Horror Brawl Request 1809: Subject Delta

Name: Subject Delta
Debut: Bioshock 2 (2010)
Voice Actor: N/A
Intro: Subject Delta lumbers in before revving up his drill.
Outro: Delta groans and holds his hand out as electricity sparks from it.
Special Moves
Rivet Gun: Delta fires a couple rivets from the Rivet Gun.
Electro Bolt: Delta fires a small concussive ball of electricity.
Incinerate: Delta clenches his fist and a small plume of fire explodes in front of him.
Drill Slam: Delta slams his drill into the ground, shaking the earth.
Rage of Big Daddy:  Delta enters an enraged state, and stabs the foe in the chest with his drill, breaking the ribs before revving up the drill, splattering the screen with blood as he tears the organs and shatters the spine. He then pulls them off his drill and slams them on the ground face first, fracturing the skull. He then punts them away
Final Sequences
Sci-Fi Tag Team: Delta rams into the foe with his shoulder, making them stumb
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Horror Brawl Request 1806: Kharis

Name: Kharis
Debut: The Mummy's Hand (1940) 
Voice Actor: N/A
Intro: Kharis is seen sleeping in his sarcophagus before suddenly waking up. He walks out and lumbersr towards the opponent with his free arm raised towards them.
Outro:  Kharis lumbers towards the camera and then raises the camera man by its neck with its free hand, ready to strangle.
Special Moves
Mummy Strangle: Kharis will grab the opponent with his free hand and then lifts them up to strangel them before slamming them onto the ground.
Mummy Shoulder: Kharis will do a quick shoulder tackle attack to knock the opponent to the floor.
Unstoppable Body: Kharis will slowly approach the opponent with his free arm stretched out to swipe them away. He cannot be stopped by projectiles but can still take damage.
Tama Leafs: Kharis will consume some Tama Leafs to regain some health.
Tama Leaf Power: Kharis will consume nine Tama Leafs which then gives him a glowing
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Possessed. Chapter 7
Hearing Cindy’s piercing scream, Caroline Wilkins jumped from her bed like if she was scalded and ran to Sandra’s room. She burst inside, switching the light on, and saw Cindy all in tears, frightened to death and screaming; and Sandra holding her cousin and trying to calm her down. Caroline sat on Cindy’s bed and also tried to stop her screaming.
“Cindy, please, calm down” Mrs. Wilkins said, hugging the crying girl. “We’re here with you. What happened?”
“There’s someone else in our room!” Cindy screamed through tears. “There, in the corner behind the door!”
“What? What are you talking about?” Mrs. Wilkins asked and looked at Sandra. “What’s going on here, Sandra?”
“I have no idea,” Sandra replied in a nervous voice. “Cindy woke me up at night, telling me that she saw someone behind the door, but I saw nothing, even when I came right to that spot. The only weird
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Horror Brawl Request 1805: Taizou Hisegawa

Name: Taizou Hasegawa
Debut: Gintama Chapter #2 (Hasegawa, 2004) and Gintama Chaper #9 (Musashi, 2004)
Voice Actors: Ted Cole (Taizou) and William Knight (Musashi)
Intro: Hasegawa walks in with Musashi, slowly following behind him on his cart. He then notices the opponent and begins to panic but, then pulls on a brave face as he pushes up his sunglasses, saying “Let me show you what this “MADAO” can do!”
Outro:   Hasegawa and Musashi both smirk as the former says “Jeez this is hard wo…change!”  as they suddenly see a spare coin on the ground, both lunging at it and both ending up fighting in a comical dust cloud for it.
Special Moves
Bodyguard Pistol: Hasegawa brings out a pistol and fires a single shot from it.
Broom Sweep: Hasegawa brings out a broom and then sweeps it across the ground.
Shell Spin: Hasegawa puts on a turtle shell, shrinks into it and spins rapidly forward.
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Horror Brawl Request 1808: Rruzika Bilibin

Name: Rruzika Bilibin the Kikimora
Debut: DeviantArt (2018)
Voice Actor: Cindy Robinson
Intro: Rruzica is seen cleaning when she turns to the opponent and says "Do you mind!? I'm trying to clean here!". Just before she continues, she mistakenly knocks over her bucket and furiously shouts "NOW LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!" before then assuming her stance.
Outro:  Rruzica huffs with an annoyed look on her face and says "Now I have to make this place spotless all over again, no thanks to you.", before she then whips out a mop and begins cleaning up the blood that was spilled everywhere during the battle from earlier.
Special Moves
Sweeper: Rruzica sweeps some dust at the opponent with her broom.
Soapwater Sphere: Rruzica swings a bucket of soap, slipping the opponent 
Projectile Vac: Rruzica sucks a projectile in via a vaccum
Throat Scrubber: Rruzica grabs the opponent and shoves a toilet scrubber down their throat, before headbutting them.
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