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Loud House the Vampire Movie Chapter 1
Theme song:
Chapter 1: A strange feeling
Royal Woods
Lincoln and his best friend Clyde are walking to the arcade from school and they had a long day.
Lincoln: Man. What a day.
Clyde: You said it. Glad it was the last day.
Lincoln: Mm hm. Three whole months of no school. Sun…
Clyde: Fun…
Then they’re friend Ronnie Anne walked up to them and added.
Ronnie Anne: And surf. Don’t forget surf. What’s up guys?
Lincoln: Hey Ronnie Anne. What are you doing Royal Woods?
Ronnie Anne: Well My family and I bought a vacation home here for the summer. We’ve been wanting to come back to our home town.
Lincoln: Well that’s great. Lori’s gonna be glad to hear this.
Clyde: Yeah. Welcome back to Royal Woods. So what are you and your brother Bobby planning to do this summer?
Ronnie Anne: Don’t know. Hopefully something fun.
The three shared a laugh. Then Lincoln heard someone say his name in a whispering raspy
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A Creepypasta story:Zandra
It was a normal day for Zandra,she was a 17 year old girl with a fairly normal life. School had just gotten out,and she was walking home. Her house wasnt that far from the school,and she didnt mind walking,so there was no need to ride a bus. Zandra was enjoying the cool,fall day when something caught her eye. It was a small dog? It was whimpering,so Zandra,being her animal loving self,went into the thicket of trees to help it. A few kids heard a yelp coming from behind the treeline,but wanted to get home. Zandra felt something prick into her neck and a fuzzy coating covered her mind. All went black. When she woke, Zandra found herself on a cold table. She tried to move her arms,but she strapped to it while standing. Taking everything in,the cold atmosphere to the lack of warm lighting.  A small figure came into her view. It was accompanied by a strong musk and a rather large mammal. The small figured didnt say a word and threw the large beast into a cage. It looked at Zandra and s
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Yandere!2P Italy x Reader: No Escape Pt. 2
    "You're not eating again," Luciano said irritably. "You need to eat, (Name), or you'll get sick."
    "I'm sorry," you murmur. "I just am not very hungry..."
    "You've said that for the last three days, (Name)," Luciano growled.
    "I know, but I just can't eat. I have no appetite. The thought of food makes me feel sick."
    "Hm. Well, you still need to eat." Luciano set down his fork and pushed back his chair before standing up and making his way towards you.
    Oh no, you thought. He's going to feed me again. I hate it when he does that. He scolds me for being messy when it's his fault, and he won't let me go until he's satisfied with how much I've eaten.
    Luciano pulled your seat back and turned it towards him. Next he kneeled down in front of you, and gently got a forkful of pasta to feed you.
    Don't they eat anything else besi
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