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Ballet TG (English)

-I'll just give this to my sister and then we will leave, I promise. -Said my friend
-Ok, you have their things in a backpack, right? -I asked him.
-Yeah, they forgot almost everything, they are very irresponsible... -he said.
-yep, keep driving, lets see if we can still get to the cinema. 
I was going to the cinema with my friend, but he had to give his sister and her friend a backpack with their ballet stuff because they had forgotten it at my friend's house. 
Their ballet recital was at the City Theatre, about 20 minutes from my friend's house and the cinema was like 5 minutes away from the theatre. 
We got to the theatre and the girls weren't there, my friend was messaging his sister, but she wouldn't answer, we waited there for around 10 minutes and then decided to enter the room where they were supposed to be, to our surprise, no one was there, not even a teacher or other girl, it was totally empty, so my friend called his mothe
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The Gonzyverse Explanation!

Temporal Gonzy: Greetings, Everyone! I think its about time for me to clear up some things with the Multiverse, as I think there might be some confusion about it all.

Temporal Gonzy: As you know already, the universe in which I am in is not the main one. Regardless of having a hub for accessing every single bit of the multiverse, that does not mean that this would be the center point for it.

Temporal Gonzy: Each Alternate Universe has separate branches, or timelines, which show the result of different outcomes for different events.
The Numbering of each Alternate Universe is not based on anything with them. They are more or less randomly decided by myself, with an exception of a few of them. For example, the main universe, I call it Universe 87. That's what you get when you add up the placements of the letters in the Gonzy name together. G = 7 , O = 15 ,
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DND Tales: The First
DND Stories #1: Hey Guys, I Did It
This is the story of my first DND campaign. It is important to know my experience with DND at this point is roughly 10 minutes of watching people play DND. That is it. So I’ve got the GM helping me out through most of the game as I have the least experience of anyone at the table.
Our plot is simple. We’re a group of adventurers hired to gather a vial of Medusa saliva. It’s the cure to petrification. So we go out.
Now, two things you know before we continue. First, we have roughly 90 minutes to get through this whole campaign, because we’re doing this in one of the school ballrooms and we only have it for about that long. DND Club and all. As such, we only get in two fights. Second, as I have no idea about anything, my character’s motivation is no more than ‘get this done as fast as possible so I can get paid’.
So we begin the campaign and to cut things short we jump ahead to the town where the Medusa lives. T
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Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 95
Jaunt 95.0 - Comickook Legend of the Bearers Pt 1
The jaunting Mane Six arrived on the well-kept lawn of a large mansion and saw what looks like THIS universe's Spoiled Rich (at least, she looked a lot like Spoiled except for wearing a royal purple jacket and a white dress shirt) yelling at them from a window on the top floor.
"I don't know who the six of you are, but you are trespassing on my property and making too much noise to boot!", the snotty rich mare shouted as a cab came speeding by and came to a stop just short of the jaunting six.
What looked to be an adult Apple Bloom (like a lot of adult Apple Blooms the jaunting six have encountered, she had a red, apple-shaped tool box and white apple shaped potion bottle for a Cutie Mark) stepped out of the cab and paid the driver, commenting "Thanks very much for the ride. I appreciate you getting me here so quickly."
"Sure thing, ma`am." the cab driver responded, before adding "Yes, this technically covers the fare,
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Sea of Thieves: Cursed

“You’ve wandered far and wide, haven’t you?”

    The wind hissed throughout the island, palm trees swaying violently.
    “Sailing day and night, seeing what others have never seen, beholding places and beings beyond one’s imagination, searching things of untold power and value, living the very legendary tales themselves.”
The sand crunched beneath his feet, a crab skittering to safety. “Surviving...against all odds.” A cloud rumbled in the distance.
    The wind hissed yet again, whipping up sand, his tattered clothes flapping wildly, his tricorne hat black and worn-out as the feather adorning it. “Here you still are, here you still wander.” He pulled out a map, raindrops falling upon its yellow paper. “Braving storms and the untold horrors of this world.” He lowered it, the towering rock be
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A big wuss (Part 2)
Kai woke up still in Aresians stomach
Kai:(How long have I been asleep?)
Kai started rubbing the stomach
Ares: "Oh! Kai you're awake, do you know how long you were asleep?"
Kai:" Umm maybe 12 hours?"
Ares:"Kai you were asleep for three days!"
Kai*unsuprised*"Oh, haha yeah it's been like three months since I've slept"
His entire stomach vibrated at the volume of his voice.
Kai: I'll tell you everything once you get me out of your stomach"
Ares didn't respond but Kai started feeling the stomach close tight around his body and started forcing him what only could be up. Kai suddenly saw Ares teeth and toung. His mouth opened and Kai was suddenly greeted by hard cold stone. Kai stared at the ground.
Ares:*calmly*"Kai, tell me."
Kai:"Ok... Have you ever seen a really tall white wall?"
Ares: "Tall would be a huge understatement."
Kai: "Well... That is where the last humans live, about 500 million of them.
You see I had adopted parents I never met my real parents but the human go
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 The ice dancing was adequate to the watchers but the instructor didn't like it. He clapped his hands twice to teach the teens, Marinette and Luka.
Ice Dance Instructor: "Don't lift her over your head! This sport is done like a Ballroom Dance. Lift her up half way lifting by her ribs. Now place her down. "
The class watches as her body cringes from the flight of fancy of Luka's arms. He had an air about him. No, he wasn't Adrien Agreste but Adrien never shown most of his moves if he had any at all. Luka was Sempai. An older gentleman showing her how to grow into a woman. The golden boy watched them with curious eyes as Chloe pulled Marinette and Luka apart demanding the instructor to star her instead. Adrien stared at Marinette seeing her very happy that his hand was laid on his heart.
 The crowd gathered around Adrien him being the super star. Marinette looked up staring at him with admiration. Was there something she was missing? Adrien spotted t
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Adapting to New Environments - Part 5

Jane: *sighs and sniffs* Now, let’s hope that my mother is still alive.
Alisa: We’re doing the best we can Jane. In the meantime, why don’t you hang out with Kite and Clair for just a little longer?
Jane: Alright. I would like to make a request if I may.
Alisa: Certainly. What will it be?
Jane: Kite, I heard that you have a fear of Joltik, don’t you?
Kite: *shivers in fear* Wha? Uh, yes...I do.
Jane: Since you’ve helped me become more social with the townsfolk, it’s only fair that I’ll help you now.
Clair: Hmm, are you sure Jane? Kite is not fond of your idea.
Kite: Yeah, why don’t you choose something else.
Hunter: Now now Kite. I know that you’re fear is a huge issue, but Jane really wants to help you with that. At least let her try, okay?
Kite: *growls and gives in* Fine! I’ll do it.
Jane: Yay!
Clair: Oh boy. I know this isn’t going to go well.
Jane: Alright guys. Follow me. I know a spot where a
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Ironheart (Remastered) Chapter 2
Ironheart (Remastered) - The Tale of the Half Dragon

Chapter 2 - Rescued by Fate

    By J.C. Solis
Jaxson was in a delirium as he tried to open his eyes. But the overbearing weakness could barely allow him to think, let alone wake up, or even less, stand up. He wondered if this was his fate, to die beside the riverbank and become a feast for the wolves and vultures.
And what about Darmantas becoming his father? Was it really his Da, Lionel Augustine Bastille? And what of his uncles and his mother. Was mother dead too? Uncle Artur? Uncle Tardagen?
His eyes immediately popped open wide at the thought of his Uncle Tardagen's fate.
'I killed my Uncle,' thought Jaxson. But what about Gwyneth? Where was his sister.
All of these questions fueled Jaxson's will to survive, and he built enough strength to move his neck. And sure enough, Gwyneth was to his right. And, to th
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Teaser PKU FR
Et si tout ce qu'on connaissait n'était pas la réalité ? Et si il y avait quelque chose dans ce monde? Un secret enfoui, d'une telle importance qu'il pourrait déclarer une guerre s'il était révélé au mauvais moment. Et si vous étiez lié à ce secret depuis de nombreuses générations? Que feriez vous si un matin vous vous retrouviez avec un corps en pleine mutation? Quelle serait votre réaction en apprenant que tout ce que vous croyez savoir était en fait des mensonges? Et en entendant ce van s'arrêter devant chez vous pour sonner à votre porte? Comment réagirez vous dans ces circonstances quand ils diront "Vous êtes l'un d'entre eux" avant de vous gazer et de vous kidnapper sauvagement?
Et bien oui, si vous êtes l'un d'entre eux, cela peut vous arriver même si vous n'y croyez pas.
Si vous êtes l'un d'entre eux, vous ne pourrez que faire face à votre destin.
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Kagome GTS Preview 1
Chapter 1: Ascension of the queen
While on her way to meet with Inuyasha, taking the well to feudal Japan from modern Japan, Kagome encountered an old man struggling to bring a wagon of supplies to Kyoto. She offered to help him, and he accepted the offer. they both carry the wagon to Lady Kaede who was waiting for him. 
"she was a kind help my lady"
The Stranger then rewarded Kagome with a special potion.
"please take this. it will give you the power to rule all of the world and unleash your true beauty"
Although skeptical, Kagome accepted this and thanked him. She then set off to find Inuyasha who went off to search for the shards of a sacred jewel. Meanwhile Miroku and Sango searched for Lady Kagura who attempted to seduce Inuyasha again. Tired and thirsty from searching, Kagome reluctantly drank the potion, and started to feel its effects...
"huh? what's happening to me?"
Her breasts grew in size pressing against her shirt.
"my chest is expanding? could that be the power the m
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To Survive without the Guardians- Chapter 12
Chapter 12: To Survive without the Guardians
No matter the fact that Duran was beginning to almost threaten Matt’s life at this point, the stubborn teen absolutely refused to disband the L.E.R.
“They won’t expect us to be in the middle of the forest,” he insisted as he ran with the others. “We’ll find someplace to hide there until…”
“Until what, the Guardians find us?” Duran asked sarcastically.
Garvit pointed at Matt’s glowing coat pocket. “Give me that! Let me see the Indicator. My jacket’s darker, and I want to see why it’s lighting up like that.” Matt thrust it into his arms, not really caring about him having it at the moment.
“It’s trying to get me killed!” Angelia whispered in horror as she narrowly avoided a tree.
“I think the Fearlings see us,” Garvit said at an equal volume, pointing into the black sky.
“Then put the Indicator away
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Kamen Rider Reaper 1: Where did my life go?
Tokyo is running as it usually does, people going about their daily business without a care in the world. No monsters, no giant robots, no evil organizations or cults trying to kill everyone. Everything is peaceful, except for one boy named Rai Kazumi, an average college student studying to become a biologist. I am that boy, or at least I was...I'm what is called a Remnant, which is what's left after someone dies and they have unfinished business. You may be asking 'What's your unfinished business' well I'll tell you...I was part of a long line of reapers who defeat the multiversal enemies that face every universe of what are called Kamen Riders. I unfortunately didn't get a chance to defeat them before I died, however I did gain something amazing...the Grave Driver. It allows for the user to harness the power of the seven deadly sins, and this is the story of how I, Rai Kazumi, became the Reaper.
*alarm beeping, groaning coming from a nearby bed*
"shut up..." hits the alarm clock, tur
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Sacrificed to the Scauldron

Warning: Contains vore (the act where someone gets eaten alive!) if you dislike vore then kindly leave, but for the rest, enjoy!
Information about the Man-Eating Scauldron:
In was a cold, winters night in the archipelago, the stars were shinning and the gentle ocean could be seen for miles. While the ocean seems perfectly peaceful at first deep below the surface lies a monster soo horrid and horrible that it'll make the toughest viking scream. Living in dark depth's of the ocean was none other that the mos feared dragon in the sea, the scauldron.
For a small village on an island in the middle of the ocean a pod of scauldron can mean serious trouble. This pod was known to be man-eaters who would take vikings off their ships before devouring them whole! Even if the scauldron's weren't man-eaters they still pose a problem as they scare all the fish away which the village depends on to survive. Becaus
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chapter 4: Inside Rose's Mind
Rose was just about to slaughter Goku and his family until something happened she stopped! Meanwhile inside Rose's mind she was trying to fight Babadis advances to kill Goku and his family.
"Babadi stop this! Please! Please don't hurt them I beg of you!" Said Rose. " you beg of me? There is no way you can fight off my mind control! I won't let you go until you kill everyone you love!" Said Babadi. The evil sorcerer then turned his power up even more and made Rose kill Chichi and Goten but Rose refused to kill Goku and she flew out of the house in a Flash!
"what the hell are you doing? You forgot the big guy!" Yelled Babadi. Goku knew what was going on he then knew what he had to do he had the snap rose out of the hypnotic and the only way he knew how was to defeat her! So he flew over to Vegeta's and asked Vegeta to help. Vegeta was hesitant in to help but then he realized he could take his revenge on Rose if he helped. he agreed to help Goku save Rose.
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Hot Stuff
Hot Stuff's narration
It was in the middle of the afternoon, I was floating around an old neighborhood. I was ten years old and instead of my usual diapers, I wear a black leather trench coat with a black t-shirt and black jeans with black sneakers.
I floated pass by a rundown building, until a I heard a scream coming from inside. Being curious, I floated over and peeked through one of the broken windows and witnessed a teenage girl being harassed by three teenage paled looking demons.
It was obviously a few of Kokro's men. The girl was lying on the floor begging for dear life for one of them not to harm her. "Please, let me go I'll give you whatever you want!" she begged.
"We already got what we want." One of them laughed as they dragged her attempting to rape her with her screaming in agony.
I broke through behind them as they all turned their heads and saw me with my trident ready to attack. "Hey look it's that demon kid." One of them pointed.
"Come on lets get him." The other said
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12th sylveon bio
Name: ???
Weight: 10'500 pounds
Height: 70 feet tall (on two legs)
Species: Sylveon
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(CM1) House Special (Jungo Torii TF/MC/CM)
Apparently that’s what the Japanese sign was suppose to mean. If Trinity trusted what the translation that is. He had seen those images on the internet of the mistranslated signs. So in all honesty, ‘Sakana’ could not be the translation that it was supposed to be. God, here he was, hungry for some Japanese food and Trinity was struggling to come to terms with the name of the place that Yelp had given five stars. He had to trust it. If this place was ‘radically authentic’ and ‘a breath of fresh air’ (as the reviews had said) then surely they would have been rather careful to make sure the name of the place was right. Surely. Maybe?
Trinity sniffed the
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Total drama mutant tales (EP22 Yankee Doodle)
One day at halls Zeke was chasing a mutant mouse around the garage the mouse flys out of the garage Zeke chases him to the stringybark lodge building the mouse enters the building & goes into a mouse hole in the wall Zeke stops & look into the hole the mouse throws tomato at him the mouse then flys to the kitchen & grabs some eggs & throws them at Zeke the mutant human takes cover behind the couch where he gets hit in the eye by an egg the mouse then pops champagne corks at Zeke witch hit him in the face cursing him to fall off the couch into a bucket of water the mouse then fires a brick at him witch hits him into the chest sending him out the window.
Later the mouse was looking out his hole around the building he spots Zeke with a mallet & some cheese the mutant human comes up to the hole & puts the cheese on the floor in front of the hole the mouse sees the cheese he also sees Zeke ready to crash him with the mallet the mouse then flys up the wall into a ironing board
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Me Vs Green Pigs From Angry Birds Evolution #29
4 Hours Later
Me In His Japanese Form: (Stops Working)
Alex (My Dad): (Comes To See Me) Alright Son, This Is A German Snack You Can Try. (Gives Lorenz Pomsticks Salted Potato Sticks To Me) That's Lorenz Pomsticks Salted.
Me In His Japanese Form: Okay. Thank You.
Alex (My Dad): Your Welcome. (Walks Back To The Living Room At The Anime House)
Me In His Japanese Form: (Clears Throat) A-hem. Here It Goes. (Reads In German) "Gesalzen." "Aus Echten Kartoffeln Geschnitten." Okay. (Opens The Bag) (Eats The Pomsticks Salted Potato Sticks) Hmm, Pretty Salty, It Tastes Pretty Good.
6 Minutes Later
Me In His Japanese Form: (Eats The Last Potato Stick) (Puts The Plastic Bag In The Garbage) Wow.
My Cousin: (Comes To See Me) So, We Finished The German Snacks We Tried. So, Me & Your Great Uncle Have To Eat Sushi With Your Dad Cousin Joe.
Me In His Japanese Form: Yes Cousin.
My Cousin: Alright. (Walks Back To The Living Room)
Me In His Japanese Form: (Works On My Laptop) (Watches Videos On YouTube)
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The Thief and the Hunter 2 Ch 21
The Thief and the Hunter 2
A Sequel fic to "The Thief and the Hunter"
by Rachel Hearne
Co-written by John Fadeley
Part 2
The next morning, even though Yashira had experienced a horrifying night, she was relieved when Jerris woke up and yawned as a normal human would.
"I'm so happy that you're okay, Jerris. You really worried me for a minute there." Yashira said, wanting to greet him with a warm hug...only to remember her arms were bound to her sides by the chain cocoon she was trapped in.
As Jerris opened his eyes, he noticed the blood on his hands, then looked towards Yashira. "Oh, Firebird...please tell me I didn't..."
"Uhh, you...sort of tore the slave traders apart earlier. You almost had me afraid that I'd lost you." Yashira said.
"I...I didn't harm you, did I?" he asked of her.
"No, no. You scared me a little, but you didn't hurt me." Yashira promised him.
Jerris breathed a sigh of relief. He'd never forgive himself if he harmed her.
"Hey, wh
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MLP OC : Duststrife profile
Name : Duststrife
Nickname(s) : Strider, Sentinel
Race : Alicorn
Gender : Male
Current Occupation : Wanderer & Fugitive
BirthPlace : Unknown
Weapon : Sword & Bow
Talent : Combat Technique & Handling the sword
Biography :
Duststrife is the central main character of my fanfiction, My Little Pony : Knights of Virtue. He is a wandering warrior who has bound his sword to keep it sheathed. Despite being a unicorn, his level of magic is extremely low. He can only pick up and carry objects, however he is a gifted swordsman able to fight several trained warriors and was able to fight despite injuries. In the past, we called him "Strider" or  "Steninel" in the ranks of the Empire Concordia
Personnality :
He is of writing as very naive and ignorant, but he is clearly more altruistic than he seems. He is a selfless and brave character he very often shows great determination. Because he only knew the war, he does not know much about the party, he is still very calm and logical, but he is able
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