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Tagged by: SylveonsRibbons101 
1. Post rules
2.Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag at least 3-8 people
 8 facts about Candycup: 
1) he is gay 
2) he can snap his neck (like natsuki) 
3) He, Skylar le berg, and Blurry petal are on a mission >:3 
4) he a snikers boi 
5) he has an English accent 
6) His sister dropped him when he was a baby (she was ONE okay?!)  
7) he wants to steal his sisters candy gun cos he can :V 
8) he has many senpais 
Galactisy : Pavel 
Anavinnik : Terry 
ImACoolFlower : Ghostcup 
Nikytale : Ocean 
ItzAnnaDraws03 : Chocolate Vanilla Sprinkles
:icontimidrawsart:timidrawsart 3 2
Washed up on an Amazonian Island [Part MC TG TF]
You were on your boat, when a giant storm came and washed you overboard. When you woke up, you were on a beautiful beach with clear blue, calm waters. A hot woman wearing only a skinny loincloth that did almost nothing to cover anything came over to you, and helped you up. She then led you to her shack in a small village, and gave you some food, along with a purple bubbling liquid. When you drank it, you passed out and woke up as a... hot woman? Also, you knew:
1: You lived in a society where it was vore or be vored. You got to choose your fate, and method of voring... or being vored.
[Vore methods allowed]
[Anal Vore, and Oral [Normal} vore. Others are allowed, just tell me which ones and I'll say if we can do them or not.]
2: You lived in a society where the woman with the biggest belly was worshiped... and you wanted to be that woman. You wanted to gain the biggest tummy around.
:iconroleplaysandother234:Roleplaysandother234 4 5
(65) Unconditional Offer (Ifrit TF/MG)

“Dear Algernon,
There is a rather pressing need for me to do this and it is one thing that was so very hoping that I would avoid doing.
But times are tough and times do change; now is a time that I do need your help with something.
I am in desperate need for a new member of staff. I do not care what they were, for I shall ensure Sebastian train them up in what they need to be. Though, if you can provide one who is very eager to assist in my issue, then that would be all the more greater.
Oh, and if you can, do make sure its one who would be willing to defend my mansion to the very end. I am heading off to university next month and I would rather have my mind at rest.
Yours Sincerely,

Al spat out his chocolate milk when he read that. He was being asked to provide something for Aleister? The nerve! He already gave him the ninja to protect his mansion at night (and to help with the grounds, he couldn’t forget that!) and now the little lord wanted somet
:icona-c-crowley:A-C-Crowley 8 1
Mornings. Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano x Reader.
Reyna had long ago found that she had a love/hate relationship with mornings. She hated them because it meant that she was forced out of bed to do menial tasks like; allow extra toilet paper for cohort three or break up a fight between a legionnaire and a Huntress of Artemis/Diana. However, Reyna had grown accustomed to forcing herself out of bed for these tasks. She simply loathed this part of the morning, however she hated with a passion the other aspect of the morning. It meant having to leave her precious baby. Yes, the great, unemotional Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano had fallen for someone. At first the Roman Praetor had been worried about falling for the dangerous game of love again. But after eleven months of peace, adoration and a surprising amount of surprise kisses, Reyna decided that she had made the right choice. Reyna’s deep seeded hate for mornings appeared one morning as she woke up.
Reyna’s eyes fluttered open slowly, a light yawn escaping her plump lips as h
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 10 7
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 88
Jaunt 88.0 - BrutalityInc The Night Unfurls Pt 1
“... Yet the night is long, and full of horrors.
The darkness is deep, without and within.
The Sun is setting, and the Light soon fades.
The Shadows gather…
… and The Night Unfurls.”

--- Excerpt from the poem The Night Unfurls, author unknown. Worldline: [REDACTED: Clearance Required]
= = =
“Your highness, I would like to express some concerns about the Jaunt we’re launching this morning.” Said Stablemaster, flipping through a clipboard of notes.
Princess Luna turned to face him, both standing on the ‘bridge’ section of the main Jaunt facility’s main mission control chamber, a raised platform overseeing the launch chamber behind magically-reinforced glass where even as they spoke, a number of scientists, technicians and engineers are working in preparations around a specially-manufactured crystal mirror. “What worries you, our estee
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 6 7
FlowerHEAVEN: Chapter 1 (Part 1)
"The view shows the world while the Narrator speaks"
Narrator: Ahh~ Helldustri, people call it Gamindustri before, but now it covered with different biomes... Here in this reality shift realm are 4 presiding CPUs (Console Patron Unit) and their allies, The G.o.D's (Guardians of Destiny)
Each reside in Celestia, a world separate from the land they oversee.
RaySevenExcaliber: Wait Wait Wait! Can't we just start the story with our main protagonist?
(Hyperdimension) Neptune: Me?
RaySevenExcaliber: No, oh and in this AU, it's..... Idk, If this is FlowerHEAVEN, then the characters in their own perspective characters???
Narrator: Alright, Take 2!
- Take 2 -
Narrator: As our creator of this story said, let's get on to it.
"The view change to a bored Seven and Flowey at a wooden shelter while the weather is wintering, and the shelter contains a hanging lamp, a small refrigerator with a generator linked to, a wooden table with a box tools under it and a sleeping bag"
Flowey: This is boring...
:iconraysevenexcaliber:RaySevenExcaliber 1 3
Life of a King Ch 143
Void's End
* back in the sol zone*
Blaze" Laying on top of sky as she kissed him passionately  Hmm hmm..*stroking his chest she purred softly* Sky" love you~ " Blaze" I love you too my king~ *  stroking his cheek* I know it feels like its nto the best time for us to do this but if we don't try to relax at some point its not going to go well "  Sky" especially after the scolding my mother gave me and vinca " Blaze" well at least you know she means well"  Sky" mhm" Blaze" why don't try-!!!..* quickly she sat up holding her head* " Sky" blaze" Blaze" >
:iconskythehedgehog47:Skythehedgehog47 1 0
Firestom Quest:: The Elementals
"Vetru!" "Vetru?" "Vetru!!" All around him, Esks were cheering, yelling, scrambling to get to Vetru's side. All the tasks that they were doing has been abandoned in favour of reporting to the Wanderer.
Midori himself is also one of these Esk. But he's fighting a losing battle against all the bigger, stronger Esk, and is getting pushed and squished against many other soot covered furry bodies. Violet, who is currently on his back, clings to his fur for dear life. She yells and pushes at a couple of backsides when someone gets a little to close to crushing them. Midori is just trying to not get swept off his feet. Somewhere down the line, he got swept away from his little group. Rosette and Elwynn had disappeared from sight when an approaching horde of Esk has cut them off from each other. Rosette had yelled something at him before the both of them disappeared, the clamour of the crowd. Song was above them at one point in time as well, but they soon vanished, and no amount of yelling fro
:iconskellumsketch:SkellumSketch 5 6
Starlight's Fourth Evil Plan (Part 1)
Starlight's Fourth Evil Plan (Part 1)
By: JuriHanFan2014
Requested by: YangIsCool
It's been 2 Months since Starlight Glimmer had taken over the Throne. Twilight, Celestia and Luna all were STILL Balloon Ponies, while Twilight's Friends ended up being Mind Controlled Wedgie Slaves. Others have fallen victim to Starlight's Power..........but there was one problem for Starlight: Less Free Ponies means No One To Torture.
Starlight sat in her newly Throne, tapping her finger against the Arm Rest with a bored expression on her face. She used her magic to make a Checklist appear. She sighed, "Better check off the things on my list," she used her magic to make a pen appear, "Betraying Twilight, Check. Turning The Alicorn Princesses into Balloons, Check. Stealing their underwear, Double Check. Mind Control over The Mane Six, excluding Twilight, Check. Music, Slaves, etc. Check." Starlight huffs and looks up at the nude Alicorn Princess Balloons, "Buck it. I can't take this anymore. I'm going to
:iconjurihanfan2014:JuriHanFan2014 2 3
Monster Hunter: World x Fallout 4
Monster Hunter: World × Fallout 4
The sun was shining down onto the Wildspire Waste on the massive island known as the New World. A hunter clad in Odogaron β Armor with his long sword Xeno Cypher on his back was walking through the area.
A palico clad in Odogaron armor was following behind him, "Meowster, why are we here?"
"There has been reports of a mysterious new monster appearing in this area..." the hunter kept on walking through the area with his palico partner following behind him.
"So a new monster?" the palico blinked confusedly.
"Yup a new unidentified monster breed. Some hunters stated that they saw it first emerged from some kind of rift..." the hunter kept on walking.
Few moments later, both of them arrived in the depths of the waste where they encountered a adult Deathclaw.
"That's it," the hunter smirked.
"Eh... What should we call it?" the palico sweats.
"I think they are calling it a Deathclaw..." the hunter sweats.
The Deathclaw noticed them when
:icontrueslasherchaos:TrueSlasherChaos 1 2
Fic 12 Arcas - Pasion Oscura Capitulo 19
Capítulo 19:
La destrucción de una era, Pasión Oscura
Kurisuchina, Reiji y Onya celebraban su triunfo sobre los divinizados, pues no solo habían conseguido separarlos, sino, que también habían acumulado magia suficiente como para poder alinear sus poderes y lanzar finalmente su mayor hechizo. Un hechizo tan oscuro que destruiría el mundo y absorbería lentamente los poderes de todos y cada uno de los divinizados y magos. Y ahora que se habían librado de la divinizada de Seth estaban convencidos de que nada podría parar el cambio de corazón que provocarían. Después de todo, sin un divinizado de un dios del caos, Kurisuchina podía hacer que se peleasen fácilmente los unos con los otros.
Gracias al recipiente de la alineación de oro, los tres habían alineado correctamente sus poderes y estaban aumentando, pero eso no era todo, no, sino, que, a
:iconreena-kusakabe:Reena-Kusakabe 3 7
Wendys Revenge (Intro)
Wendy Colbs was prepared to have yet another grueling year of high school. Sure, every year had been a bad one for Wendy, but today she was at her limits. Her high school tormentor Heather Walker has brought her to the brink of just how much shit she could take. Wendy had been tormented ever since her freshman year, she was a senior now, and nothing seemed to change.
Wendy sighed as she waddled through the halls. The 5’4 brunette had her hair pulled back into pigtails, she sported her signature thick black rimmed glasses. The chubby girl wore a red polo shirt, which she tucked into a pair of khaki shorts that she waisted high up under boobs. Wendy also had a pair of long white tube socks and converse shoes that she wore. The chunky teen was the spitting image of a nerd off of a Hollywood movie. Wendy was a chemistry geek, inside and out. She had won countless chemistry competitions nation wide, the young scientist had even managed to secure scholarships to several well known coll
:iconkingjayon:KingJayon 7 2
Danger Games Master Shirakage

A/N: My original plan was to write a longer humorous fan fic that resolved around a compromised name for Potato crisps between DM and Jeopardy. But it turned out that the rough draft version,which I’d written in my now completed notebook, contained too many silly conversations between Shirakage and Penfold while DM and Jeopardy argued in front of them.

I’m going to have to split up those funny sketches into separate short stories while typing them up in my Ipad’s Pages app somehow later.

For now, one of these short stories that I’ve written to celebrate one year after the release of the Danger Mouse Danger Games Phone game app. And although there was a 2 month delay in releasing the game for the States, 10 months was all I needed to master the obstacle course.
“Ohhh~~😣.... Shirakage, you beat me again!!” Penfold pouted sourly as he stared down at his phone’s screen.
:icondmsdormantfangirl:DMsDormantFangirl 1 0
Dlhe hovno by Azraelangelo02 Dlhe hovno :iconazraelangelo02:Azraelangelo02 1 3
Vs. Face Off Ep 13 - Bill Cipher Vs Discord
Disclaimer: I don't own anything (EX: Any of the characters that are made every video game and/or anime company or any other company that I can't think of right now, any of the drawings/characters that are by anybody that are involved in the making of said drawings/characters, and anything that is in movies, video games, TV shows, fan made animated shows on YouTube, and anime. I do own any of my OC's (I'll say it's mine when I say it's mine).
Before anyone could say anything else, reality started to crack behind them. "Huh?" Everyone turned around as the crack became much larger and generated a wind that pushed everyone back.
From the shadows, Bill Cipher reappeared! However, he looked... different. He's now a black triangle (actual black -_-) and a purple eye. "Impossible! I made sure he was erased!" Asriel was beyond shocked, along with
:icontuvgm:TUVGM 4 0
Straw Hat Hero (M!Reader x My Hero Academia) Ch. 8
A/n: Second Season baby, oh yeah. This chapter will kinda be a “filler” from me, as there will be new characters introduced, and because much of the first episode of season 2 was more about build-up for the sports festival. That aside, hope you enjoy.

After the whole villain attack at the USJ went down, the next day we got the day off school. It was nice, getting a chance to sleep in once again, not have to worry about schoolwork, and all the niceties. The USJ attack was all over the news, on every channel and radio station in the country. It was interesting at first, but not when they went on and on. At the moment, I was in the living room, where yet ANOTHER news report about the USJ attack was airing. Grumbling, I grabbed the remote to change the channel, but then the headline caught my attention.
:iconoperation-ivysaur:Operation-Ivysaur 7 2
Merlin sleeps uneasily that night. The thick walls of Gaius’s tower do nothing to block out the furious howl of the wind and the constant clatter of unforgiving hail bouncing off the flagstones. Lightning flashes even behind his closed eyelids, accompanied by thunder rumbling like a beast greater than any he’s ever faced. He can’t remember ever being scared of storms, even as a small child (although he’s certain Arthur would go to great lengths to claim the opposite: he can practically hear his voice calling him a girl), but it’s hard to sleep with this racket. Eventually, exhaustion takes him.
There’s a frostiness in the council chambers when the highest-ranking men of Camelot next convene, almost a leftover from the recent storm. Merlin, from his usual inconspicuous spot where he can keep his eyes trained on Arthur to see to his needs, can’t find it in his heart to blame them. He’s seen it; everyone with eyes has seen it. The p
:iconsweetophelia4231616:SweetOphelia4231616 1 0
Getting into My Big Sisters Belly (Vore Rp)
Check description for preferences and discord.
This rp will be fatal ynless prey is regurgitated. Reformation maybe
All preds and prey are human.
I can play both, but I get to play orey on second rp
Youngest Age allowed is 14.
Any size vore is okay
If 18+ is to occur involving sex, they must be stepbrothers
Willing Prey x Unwilling Pred: Perhaps you had a bit of an incest thing going for your sister. Luckily you’re really into vore so this was the closest you will get. Be careful, your sister may wind up enjoying this more than you in the end.
Willing Prey and Pred: Maybe you lost a dare. Maybe you both have a thing for each other, but don’t want to get in trouble with the law. But you’re both into vore so that’s alright
Forceful Prey x Unwilling Pred: Maybe you’re friends bet you wouldn’t do this to your sister. Maybe you wanted to make her look fat as revenge so you decide to shove yourself down her throat. Be careful, she may decide to
:iconultrashiko:UltraShiko 2 22
Jackson the absol bio
Name: Jackson
Weight 100 tons
Height: 100'000'00 (on two legs)
Hair: blond (shoulder length)
Eyes: grey
Species: Absol
Likes: Food, rubs, his fat
Dislikes: Mean people, discrimination, Exercise, Bodyshamers and bullies.
Personality: Lazy, but really nice
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QvQ Ch1: New Life (Part 2)
Part 2: Daily Life

Virginia (narration): "For the next few weeks since Clementine and I made up, things have been quite calm and peaceful. At this point, we have a basic daily routine. Clementine still wakes up before me, as I like sleeping more than she does.

Virginia (narration): "Breakfast time is usually the slower part of our day. This is usually the perfect time to chat between each other while we eat. Clementine likes to talk about her gadgets and theories, while I ask questions on Maud Island life. One day, she did bring up her current theory about me possibly being a TF. She explained that TF users, or Transmogrification Force users, are a category of mythic beings or items that can alter spacetime and reality of anything or anyone around them. Something as simple as changing appearance, or change someone's mind and memories, or even the fabric of the multiverse itself. At
:iconvirginia-kae:Virginia-Kae 2 0
The Wreckage of Lordaeron
The desolation spread as far as any eye could see, or as far as anyone could see with the thick haze of blight gas and smoke swallowing every horizon. Brill was razed, no citizen and no building spared by the Alliance. Lordaeron Keep itself was awash with glowing green toxic mist that refused to lift, the whole city above and below now uninhabitable to both living and undead alike. Between here and there, the broken, smoldering remains of siege towers, glaive throwers, shredders and demolishers, and other machines of war littered the landscape with the myriad bodies of the fallen.
Aranya had taken it all in before alighting on what was left of one of the zeppelin towers with her betrothed, Captain Halenver Bloodborne. It was so quiet now. Resoundingly quiet against the noise that stormed in her head for the last week.
“This…” nearly choked Aranya, standing next to Halenvar, staring at all the wreckage. “I have watched this kingdom change, for better and worse, a
:iconaranyaversarn:AranyaVerSarn 1 0
Nichijou GTS Rp
((Hi I'm back! I decided to make another one of these Unfortunately I can't list how gentle every character can be but I'll try))
You finally finished watching all of Nichijou since it took up most of your day you obviously feel sleepy so you decided to get the sleep you needed however when you woke up you weren't on your bed everything seemed a lot bigger and when you looked around you were right next to...
Options: A)Pick a character!: B) Or switch!
A)Hakase: (Since she acts like an 8-year-old you may have to remind her you're fragile) 
B)Nano: (Even though shes really shy she will still try to keep you happy)
A&B Together!) They do live in the same house after all
C)Mio: (Just make sure you give her privacy when drawing manga and when she's mad)
D)Yukko: (She may not do it well but she'll try to
:iconbonziboyspy:Bonziboyspy 1 0