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RWBY// Teacher!Cinder x Principal!Male!Reader 1/2
l/n: last name
w/n: weapon name
f/c: favorite color
The school bell rings out for the students to go home. I walk up to the microphone make an announcement, "Students, have a wonderful weekend and please, don't forget to study for final exams and practice with your team members." Turning to my side, I let out a sigh. Such a stressful undertake to take over as Head Master. I start to fiddle with a few pencils and notice how dark it is in the room. Using my light semblance, the entire room is now lit. I fall back into my chair.
Glynda enters the room with a young woman beside her. The woman has dark, short hair that covers her left eye, black gloves that go to her shoulders, black stockings that reach up her thigh, black heels and a red dress that has only the left sleeve and a slit through the right side. A scar falls across her face and if I could fully see it, I assume it would be an X on her face.
The witch motions to her, "This is Cinder Fall, she wishes to teach here," she walks up
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Califurnia Dreaming, Part Five
The clock by Judy's bedside said it was past 3 AM by the time Nick unlocked the door to the apartment they shared. Her ears twitched up at the noise but she remained still, waiting as she listened to Nick locking his service pistol in their gun safe, then entered their bedroom to strip out of his uniform and crawl into bed with her. His long, warm body wrapped around her, as he lay down nose to tail, his familiar scent tickling her nose. Judy's arms automatically wrapped around his brush as she buried her face in his fur, sighing in pleasure.
"You awake, Judy?" Nick asked softly.
"Yes. Is now a good time to talk?" she asked.
"No," he replied. Nick's body shifted, curling up behind her, his left arm draping itself over her chest as he rested his chin between her ears. "But there's never going to be a good time, so it may as well be now." His paw moved down to stroke her belly fur, and she reached over to grip it again. "What do you want to know?"
"You and your mom spoke together about N
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The Hunter's story
-“And suddenly, that beast was right before me, clawing at my chest and my arms with its scythes! “-
When the Hunter remarked the most thrilling moment of his story with a violent hit of his fist on the table, all the skeksis who had leant forward to listen raptly at his coarse voice jumped back with a start.
-“And then? What happened then?!”- demanded the Ornamentalist,wide-eyed and fanning his madeup face with a tremulous hand.
The Emperor had kept eating with apparent indifference during skekMal’s retelling. His eyes, though, hadn’t stopped darting back and forth between his food bown and the Hunter’s face. Not even His Lordship could have guessed what had to happen to the savage skeksis in black to make him dissapear for several days and return all torn and bloodied, roaring for food and bandages from the Scientist.
Even though he was just as eager to know as his courtiers were, skekSo remained silent and composed as he listened, in order t
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THE LAST WISH - Starry Skies (pt.15) THE END
PART 15 – Starry Skies
I can’t tell how long we just… stood there… hugging. I was never the type to believe in magic, but I believed in right moments, and right people. Bertholdt wasn’t the right type – on the contrary – he was wrong for me on so many levels – but he felt right at that time.
And, when I say at that time… I mean, the dawn of my life. I was sixteen years old… and I was just starting to live. In Titan-based world, true… but I was starting to live, and starting to love. Who would have thought it would be so difficult? And beautiful.
He was staring into my scars. His eyes got teary.
“I am sorry…” he started. I have interrupted him from finishing that sentence.
“We had to make it look that way. Don’t apologize.”
“I have heard from some locals… that you were crippled.”
“No… I still use a can, sometimes even the wheelchair for the appearanc
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Cross Ange: The Knight of Hilda-Chap 2: Rio
Though he had hoped travelling through the forest would give him some reprieve from the storm, Rio found that the canopy overhead didn’t so much as shield him and his passenger from the rain as scatter it into a fine mist.  And with his poncho used to secure the Norma to him, they both were completely drenched.  Not only that but the motionless girl sitting between his arms had been reduced to dead weight that he now had to struggle to hold on to.  The only thing in his favor was that they were now in deep cover and less likely to be seen.  Travelling in an open vehicle in the middle of a storm was suspicious enough but the sight of an unconscious and badly beaten girl sitting in his lap was bound to attract the wrong kind of attention.  And if the police were called on him, Rio knew that he’d be unable to escape them in his current state.  Luckily, he hadn’t encountered another person since he had picked up the Norma so he just needed hi
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Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood chapter FOUR
Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood
Chapter Four
"Family Jewels"

    A few hours since they left camp, Cicero and Jade finally reached the outskirts of Morthal, a small town hidden in the dense marshes of the Hjaalmarch reach. The swampy surroundings made it difficult to travel, but also provided some decent protection from attack. Jade groaned, trudging through the mucky shin-high waters, her boots suctioning into the mud. Even tho the elvan girl weighed less than a hundred pounds, Cicero's arms felt weak and his back was hurting from carrying her for so long. He had her piggyback now to relieve some of the strain but it was still taxing by this point. The docks became visible through the trees.
    "I hope you know, I'm not planning to pay for the wagon," Jade protested while out of breath, "It was your choice to backtrack. We could be in Markarth right now, drinking the finest mead at the tavern with the pay from these riches I'VE BEEN HAULING!"
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Chapter 57: A True Hero Never Rests!
- - A couple days later - -
Back at the University, the others on Team Rey were doing their part to bounce back from the incident they were involved with. While it was true they succeeded in their first mission, it wasn’t an easy first mission by any means.
Stella found herself walking through the halls of CU on her own. Since Marina had something to do, she decided to visit her other close friend that was still on campus. On the way to see him, she decided to text Neil also.
Her text read: [Doing okay?]
Shortly after sending the text, she received a text back: [Yeah, visiting Cece.]
The conversation continued as follows,
Stella: [How is she?]
Neil: [She seems to be better.]
Stella: [Good. I’m glad.]
Neil: [Been to see Rey yet? I haven’t visited him today...]
Stella: [I’m actually headed there now. I’ll text you when I see how he’s doing.]
Neil: [Thanks, Stella.]
Stella smiled as she slipped her phone - given to her by the campus - into her pocket up
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The Legend of Heroes: Fallen Lover Part 3
Rolent City Restaurant
11:00 AM
Estelle, Anelace, and Cassius sat down a three-chair table just across from the restaurant floor. It was quiet, only a few customers rarely ever come here due to the recent incident happening back then. Still, it didn't stop the restaurant from halting its procedures, a waiter approaches the three and asks them after they sit.
"Hello, you three. Welcome to the Rolent City Restaurant. How may I take your order?"
"I'd like to have the usual, thank you." Cassius said. The waiter looked at Anelace.
"Same, thanks." Anelace said, barely smiling. When the waiter looked at Estelle, he felt troubled.
"Excuse me, miss?" He asked her quite calmly. "Is there something wrong? Shall I get you anything you like?"
Cassius darted back at the waiter the moment he stopped asking Estelle. "She's having a bad day, sir. She just wants some chicken oumorice. That's it."
The waiter jotted down everything Cassius had said and rushed back into the kitchen to get the
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Gravity Falls- Lost in the Snow 3
Part Three
Wendy stirred to the light coming in from outside. She grimaced as she tried to move. Wendy turned to Dipper who was still asleep.
Dipper didn’t respond.
“Dipper, we should get going..”
When she tried to wake him, she froze as Dipper was freezing cold.
“Dipper? Dipper!”
She shook him but he didn’t respond.
“D-Dipper! Come on!”
After a few moments, Dipper finally began to stir.
“Wendy..” He croaked.
“Dipper, we have to go! Now..!”
Dipper tried to get up but found his body wouldn’t move. He coughed painfully. It hurt to breathe as every gasp felt as though he was inhaling jagged pieces of ice.
“Dipper.. Dipper, are you okay?”
Dipper gritted his teeth and fought to get up. Wendy carefully helped him stand up.
As he stood, his vision spun wildly as his head throbbed. He took one step before his eyes drifted shut and he collapsed to the floor.
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MHA1: truth and perception
one-shot: truth and perception
Katsuki Bakugo was furious. How could he, someone with such an amazing quirk, fail to get his provisional license? And even worse, how could Deku have passed? It didn’t make sense. It wasn’t right!
He looked at his score sheet briefly. The words ‘failed’, ‘rude’, ‘effort’, and ‘lack’ stood out against the rest of the words; it was like they were screaming at him. He didn’t lack anything! He was fine! Amazing, even! Everyone said so!
His mother’s words echoed through his mind. “…People were always fawning over him, while he deserved it or not…” That stupid hag should have kept her mouth shut. He was good, amazing, because he was him. He tried so hard, harder than anyone else.
So, why…
“…I froze up a bit, so it makes sense that
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Lucille led Gabriel out into a different hall, but one no less grand than the first he walked down. The place was illuminated with candles and more paintings from the Romantic period lined the walls. Soon they came upon a stairwell that spilt about twenty steps up. She took to the left. The new hall had open windows that let the moonlight in, making the lush red carpet look violet. "This is your room," she said and gestured to a large wooden door.
"Uh, thanks," Gabriel replied, taking in the castle hallways with continued awe. It was such a magnificent place, and he wondered what it would be like during the day. When sunlight warmed its corridors and people bustled about, giving it life. He suspected that it was so quiet simply because of the late hour, though was curious about how the schedule worked when catering to a Vampire.
Gabriel opened the doors partly by sagging against them. "Is this really my room?" he said, gaping at all that was around him.
"Yes, sir," she said plainly. Lu
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Spider-Friends: A Night We'll Never Forget Act 3
“So Drake,” Tony asked, “What do you think?”
“About that note?” Bobby answered, “It's the Green Goblin alright and if it's my guess, his street thug group called the Goblin are contributing to this mess too! Norman is obsessed with destroying us, especially Parker and Watson because of the latter's history with him.”
“What should we do about this musical then?” Tony made a suggestion, “I suggest we call it off until this threat goes away!”
“With all due respect, Mr. Stark,” Bobby objected, “I disagree. The school worked so hard to quit now. Besides they need to do something here for the two schools to come together like a bonding experience and that's the perfect way to do it.”
“I guess you're right,” Tony sighed and replied, “You know what they say: the Show Must Go On.”
Michelle, Peter, Felicia, Flash and the Ensemble were on stage rehearsing their part in a number
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Broken Child (Dc Comic's/shows)-Part 4
Once they landed Hera looked at Ray Palmer. "Do you want to go meet a fortune teller or call your girlfriend?" Ray tried not to blush, but had failed over, it "No and I don't know what you're talking about." Hera laughed softly. "Whatever Ray." She looked at Sara and nodded her head slightly before she turned and walked off the ship and away from of them. Sara looked at Ray briefly and as she walked pass him. "Call her." She said as she walked away, leaving Ray looking lost. "Call who?" John walked up beside him. "Nora." He said as he jogged to catch up with Sara. John lead the way towards his friend's place as he knocked on the door. A man about John's age with red hair that had a streak of white in it opened the door and looked annoyed at John. "What do you want Constantine?" John smiled at him. "Is that any way to greet a friend Jason?" Jason sighed softly. "Just you." Sara snickered softly. "I guess that's normal?" John rolled his eyes slightly. "With him yes, i
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My Navi {Part 3}
Summer passed away too quickly for us. Now I had to enter back into that hell I called a school. Maybe they would stop teasing me a bit for having a net navi. Sadly, the teasing never stopped, it actually got worst. Talk about prejudice. I was still pushed around, beaten up, and left on the ground. But at least Starlight was there for me. We continued to live our lives as if this was normal. Through these perils, we become stronger together. It was like we were inseparable. We still watched net battles after school, learning people’s strategies and moves. Starlight ever grew in her interest in net battling with a burning fire. I couldn’t deny that so I was going to help her with that. Dad told me that she was first programed in the beginning of May. I considered that as Starlight’s birthday and wanted to treat her to something special when the time came around. Throughout the year, I saved enough money to purchase some battle chips for Starlight. The countless all nig
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Undertale: Reason to Live Chapter 61
Frisk got out of sight easily.  
The only obstacle he faced once off-stage was the fire man stage manager who asked him where he was going.  Once Frisk told his lie, he let him go and warned him about getting his mic wet in the bathroom.
After that, Frisk ran straight for the backstairs still carrying the water bottle in one hand and removing his mic with the other.  Just as he reached the stairs, he threw the lavalier mic on the floor and bolted through the door as fast as his little legs would carry him.
Frisk felt his frightened tears running down his face and blinding his vision, but he didn’t dare stop lest Mettaton seize the opportunity to drag him back.  He wished his determination was healed so that he could make himself run faster.  He wished he had known better than to agree to any of this.  More than anything else, he wished his new family was right there to encourage him.
As if an answer to prayer, Frisk felt his phone vibrating.  He
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Internet Boys
Based on characters created by Craig McCracken, Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel.
*Sam, Clover and Alex are in her room feeling very board*
Sam: *sighs* What a boring day, Girls!
Clover: I know, right!
Alex: Totally!
Sam: We would've want to hang out with Brick, Boomer and Butch, But they're on their family vacition and they won't be back until tomarrow and Jerry has never gotten any spy missions for us!
Clover/Alex: Yeah!
Clover: Hey! I know, why don't we go do something at the mall like we always do?
Sam: I wish we could, Clover. But our parents didn't want us to use their credit cards for the clothes we bought anymore!
Clover: Oh yeah! Well at the mall, we could find some cute boys!
Sam: We could but Mandy always take them and you wouldn't want to hurt Boomer's feelings again!
Clover: Oh yeah. Well you wouldn't want to hurt Brick's feelings either!
Alex: Well we could find cute boys in the internet!
Sam: What?! Alex, you know we can't order them online!
Clover: Yeah!
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Sylverscar's Journal - Entry 36 Part 1
Entry Thirty-Six: Trust is Earned

Part 1 : The Fight

The next day, I awoke my sleepy eyes. I was a bit hangover after all the energon. I opened my eyes and saw a white metal chest up against my face. Fortress Maximus was against the wall asleep. His giant blue arms were wrapped around me. I saw my journal on the ground near him. The blanket was draped around me and he was holding a bit of it with his right hand. I rubbed my eyes. I could not move a muscle, as he was way to strong for my body. I looked around, seeing the remnants of our day.
I sat up in his lap and picked up the journal into my hands. I saw it was half open. I picked it up in my hands and saw that a few pages in the beginning was on display. I looked at them closely, he had been reading my first few entries. I flipped the places on the screen and saw something written below.
The ones who care about you can hear you when you’re quie
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The PJ Masks, Greg, Connor, Amaya, Catboy, Gekko, Owlette, PJ Robot, Luna Girl, Night Ninja, Romeo, etc are all © to their respective owners, presumably Romuald and Disney Junior. The only part of this work that I claim ownership of is the story itself. Again, none of these characters are mine.
Beware! This story is 5000 words long! Get comfy before reading it!
Previous chapter: Luna Troubles

The next afternoon, Wednesday, Greg was finishing the process of feeding his little brother, a bottle in the hospital room where he met him a few days ago. The baby wiggled as he finished the bottle and Greg smiled. Thunder echoed outside, but it was mostly muffled by the sound of the room’s television in the background.
His mother, Linda, was nearby. She said, “Alright, let me have him; it is time to burp him. I still don
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Delsin Rowe x Child!Reader
When he first discovered you, a young child, around 13 maybe, you were destroying the town.
Your gift of darkness was something you couldn't control, it showed in your features as you screamed for people to stay away from you. Tears were pouring down your face, any person who tried to get close to you was flown back by the darkness of your powers.
You sat there in pure agony as your dark power destroyed everything around you, a black cloud looming over you.
Despite the destruction, Delsin found your power intriguing, he needed that power. It could help him get rid of Augustine, for good. He would think about "borrowing" some of your powers later. For now he needed to heal all of the citizens you injured, you had already ran off so he wouldn't have to deal with you.
After healing everyone and restraining the D.U.P. soldiers he called his brother, he was genuinely surprised his brother didn't call him. Before he could say a word his brother's stern tone filled his ears,
"If you're thinki
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PTS | Cat-tastic Makeup Mess
Riley wasn’t normally the type to wear makeup, sure she did a little bit here and there for special occasions but other then some Mascara and eyeliner there wasn’t really much to her everyday look, after all makeup went everywhere when mixed with sweat and water so she never wore much if any at all. She and FrouFrou had plucked some details from a notice on the job boards that morning all about that realm she didn’t know much of, they had even sought out a makeup parlour to try and attempt it but she didn’t even know where to start and just ended up giving Froufrou come lovely eyeshadow and lipstick instead, "I have no clue Girl, what do i even do?" She questioned, pursing her lips as she tied Froufrous hair back with a ribbon. Froufrou was so pleased with her own look she almost didn’t catch her trainer speak, "Frou..." she responded, giving a short shrug as she examined herself in the mirror.
Celeste hadn't even noticed the redheaded girl yet. She'd been
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Happy Hearth's Warming: chapter 9
Estelle was going to be with the adults in the throne room for them to talk alone. The kids looked curious.
"Come along, dears, let's get you ready for bed, we have a big day tomorrow." Rarity reminded the young fillies and colts.
"Yes, Ms. Rarity/Aunt Rarity/Mum!" The kids replied.
The white unicorn mare smiled as she sent them to bed.
Estelle bowed her head as she joined the adults in the throne room and she took her seat in front of them. "I'm really sorry, everybody."
"Estelle, what were you thinking?" Spike asked. "You could have got rid of Hearth's Warming Eve for good, and could have caused everypony their lives."
"I-I know..." Estelle looked up. "I'm sorry, but... I was just... Upset..."
"About what?" Flash Sentry asked.
"Nothing..." Estelle looked away.
"Estelle..." Mo started.
"It's nothing!" Estelle didn't want to say the real reason just yet.
"Estelle, it's okay for you to tell us why you did it." Matches said.
"I don't wanna..." Estelle stared at the floor.
"Estelle Moniqu
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Prisoner of war: Proof [RP]
WHO: Vipersnap, Bearheart, and Elkhorn
WHERE: Riverclan territory
BP: 55
Vipersnap padded alongside her beta rather quiet now as they left the camp. Her ears were focused on the sounds around her as she was often quite alert with her surroundings. Her nose sniffed the air a bit as they finally arrived at the borders between shadowclan and riverclan. She gave a bitter snort but said nothing. Her mind was off elsewhere as she remembered how her father left using this border, along with Badgerblossom. She hated this border and would always hate this border. 
The shadowclan beta would have padded along in silence as his gaze was set on their goal, they needed to check this border for proof. The clan's arguments would continue without any. Bearheart's ear would flick towards the snort the warrior with him made, she wasn't exactly a warrior he would have preferred to go with him. The one thing he d
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