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Erwin x Reader |I'll Be Here When You Return|
“You can’t leave!” You shout, tears of frustration trickling down your cheeks and catapulting themselves onto the floor.
But Erwin just stands there, one hand resting gently on the doorknob. Even though he’s only a few meters away, it's like he can't hear you, his mind already pushing your cries to to the back of his thoughts.
Dropping onto the floor and pounding your fists against the carpet, you scream until your voice turns guttural and hoarse. “You can’t leave!” You repeat, rasping. “You can’t! You can’t! What if you don’t come back?!”
But his reaction doesn’t betray even the slightest hint of regret; he just takes steady breath after steady breath.
In. Out. In. Out.
How can he be so emotionless? You hate him for it. You hate him so incredibly much. Hate him enough to mutter:
“I though you loved me.”
And it’s a horrible thing to say, especially when you know that there’s so much mo
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Thistle In The Crown: Chapter 12
Chapter 12
Fast, Ol’Jack certainly was. He didn’t have the strength of Skye, and ploughing through low foliage proved to be considerably more difficult than when riding a Clydesdale. But on the open moors the thoroughbred tore so far ahead of Glen that Douglas occasionally had to stop to allow his brother to keep up.
Donald recalled the badges on the policemen’s uniforms, and told Douglas the name of the jail as they rode side by side over a section of particularly barren moorland. Pinehills Prison. On the surface that sounded like a scout camp the Scots would have participated in as kids. In the back of both of their minds they half imagined the prisoners sitting around a campfire, singing songs and telling ghost stories. The reality of course, was far from this image. But it had been pleasant enough whilst it lasted. Donald had also gained a sense of where the jail was located from some of the policemen, who’s conversations he’d evesdropped on. Pinehill&
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Star Allies, Unite! - Chapter 3 Preview
Waves of heat soared over her entire body, absolutely smothering her in a blanket far too warm for her tastes. Flickers of red fell over the fiery wasteland, accompanied by enormous clouds of smoke making it far too difficult to see. And not helping was all the coughing she was doing, as a result of all of that smog entering her lungs. Sizzlai Moon was not a place you wanted to be in when it was raining hailfire all over the place – but she didn’t exactly have a choice in that regard.
But that wasn’t going to stop her. Oh no, it wasn’t. She’d push on through this hellscape, even the heat seemed overbearing—because there were people she still had to find, people who needed her (and who she needed in turn), and it’d be a cold day in—well, here—before she’d let her efforts be wasted now!
“J-Just because it’s hot… doesn’t mean… I—I c-can’t get through this…!
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Catboy's Quest-Chapter 5: Les Petit Masks (Part 1)
Catboy's Quest-Chapter 5: Les Petit Masks! (Part 1)
Written by Dapple-ishh

00:30 AM...
Connor was walking peacefully under the moonlight to the slope that was behind the houses while Unità, Hope, and Vita played around him, chasing each other and laughing in the process. Connor couldn't help but smile at them, they reminded him of when he was their age playing around the city with Gekko and Owlette when there were only three PJ Masks on the team.
Hope was a lot like Greg when he was younger, just a lot more nervous and fragile. Vita was more like Owlette and Unità was more like him, and he was sure about that. She is energetic, a little bit egocentric, and quick to act without thinking, reckless; just like his younger self. He cringed a little at the thought of his younger self but shook his head with a snort.
He started climbing, with the kids racing ahead of him, tr
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DISSIDIA ACADEMY - Chapter 1: Class 13A
Volume 1: Semester Begins!
Warrior of Light stepped through the large, towering gate that suddenly sprung open just for his welcoming. His long, neat silver hair flowing in the breeze. He kept his chest held high and had a strong grip on his plain yet posh rucksack.
He constantly checked his uniform to make sure that every part of his clothing and body had been neat and clean: his dark blue blazer was completely new and spotless; his long-sleeved shirt was as white as pearls with every button done up securely; his dark blue trousers was thoroughly washed and ironed just before he put them on; his dark blue tie was straight and neatly tied around the collar of his neck, ensuring that it wasn't too loose or too tight; even his smart, jet-black shoes were completely polished for the day just as they were every day since he bought them.
Once the final checks were done, he lifted his head and gazed at the large, office-like building that stood out amongst all other buildings in the district
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Fallen for the Enemy chapter 34
Fallen for the Enemy
   Chapter 34
How many times had he starred at the photo in his hands, five perhaps ten times in the past half hour and still he could not get his head around the fact she was his sister.
Lizel Cherrie was his own sister after all these years and she was the enemy of the Reich and he'd been ordered to search for her, hunt down his own sister.
Taking another sip of the whiskey he looked back down at the photo once more, this was a rare color his boss had handed to him. Lizel's green eyes starred away into the distance as if she hadnt known the photo had been taken, her wavy dark golden hair, lips red yet the same facial feature as his own. She wore a white blouse, black clincher belt and brown skirt. The gold locket catching the sunlight as it rested on her chest.
*Perhaps mutter had done zhe right zhing running avay vith jou* he thinks to himself taking yet another sip after all if she had been brought up the Nazi way she would more than likely
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Root Pack x Reader part 4
(Man it's been a long time, but happy New Years and hear is the next chapter)
It's been five days sense I went to the casino and not much has been changed.
I haven't seen the Root Pack sense Monday, but now it's Saturday which means me and S/N can go see them again.
I open my eyes to see that I was sleeping on the couch the entire night. This is actually very normal for me to do sense me and my sisters room is farther away from the entrance then the living room and me being stressed after a long day means me sleeping on the couch. I stretch till I hear my back crack and then I lift my body to make a sitting position on the cushion.
S/N looks at me from the kitchen and could tell I was more tired than usual so she sets the plate of bacon and toast on the coffee table for me to eat while she went over and sat next to me eating the same thing on her plate.
"Catch". She says and throws me a newspaper that had little water droplets on it. Must have been raining this morning.
I grab
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Szmaragdowe Swiatlo #3
Trzy dni później, w okolicach godziny szesnastej, schludnie ubrani goście przybyli do mieszkania, które od ich poprzedniej wizyty zostało porządnie posprzątane. Każdy położył swoje torebki i pudełka pod, zajmującym wazon, przyozdobionym bukietem gałązek jemioły, a po szybkim rozgoszczeniu się i pochwaleniu starań gospodarzy usiadł przy nakrytym stole. Z Cream oprócz małego Chao przyszła jej mama – Vanilla. Przyniosła koszyk z sześcioma tajemniczymi opakowaniami, zrobionych przez jej córeczkę i Cheese’a. Nie zagościła długo – po kilku minutach oznajmiła, że została zaproszona do Chaotix i tam zamierza się wybrać. Grupka ciepło pożegnała ją, niedługo później rozmowy ucichły i rozpoczęto uroczystość. Starszy z właścicieli siedziby powsta
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Dark Brotherhood: Ancient Blood chapter 058
    Cicero was running on pure adrenaline. His lungs burned and his body ached from the chaotic yet rewarding tussle with almost a dozen Whiterun guards and several off duty Stormcloak soldiers. He was unable to tell how much collateral damage he had done, but it was definitely enough to get his face on a wanted poster.
    Temporarily disoriented from a blow to the head during the fight, Cicero staggered through the front gates spitting blood and trying to keep his eyes locked on the horizon to stay balanced. The yelling of several guards echoed in his ears as he leaped over the stone railing and dropped down to the lower level of the path. His landing wasn't as soft as he had anticipated and tried not to think about the horrible sound of his knee popping. Just as expected, the guards refused to take the leap and took the long way around giving him a much-needed lead.
    The billowi
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Unions Ch 6: Work Can Kill
Batman stood on a rooftop in the West Loop.  Below him was Wong and Loras’ apartment, a space in the Industrious Building on Aberdeen Street.  He ducked into a vent and slithered into the apartment.  The floor was hardwood, and a few columns of stone took up space in the room.  Detective Vision was on, but nothing was coming up.  “Anything?” asked Alfred.  “Nothing yet.  Doesn’t even look like they’re home.”
Batman came into a bedroom.  “Never mind.  I just found Jimmy Wong.”  The man was fat and dressed in a worker’s uniform.  Blood was seeping into the mattress from a gaping hole in his head.  “Someone shot him.”  Batman scanned the body.  “Nine-millimeter.  No serial number.”  He then moved to a drawer near the bed, ajar.  There was a small golden key.  “Doesn’t look like a house key
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The fallout II
The bombs stopped. Everyone dried their tears. When all of a sudden. The lights go out...
“HELP ME!” Someone yelled.
The screaming stopped and the lights came back on...
Infront of Alex was a body, a body of a young women.
She had a knife in her back, 28 stab wounds.
Alex looked at the bloody body of this lady.
He kneeled down.
“So,” His brother said.
“We have a killer?”
“Damn straight.”
“No shit Sherlock.”
The vault guards ran over to Alex.
“Did you see him?”
“The killer.”
The guard looked suspicious.
He walked away.
“We have a crime on our hands.” Cameron said (Alex’s brother)
Two men in dressed in black ran over.
They covered the body with a white sheet. And dragged it away.
Meanwhile the crowd was whispering.
“Was it him?
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Breaking the Ice: Deep in Thought (Chapter 2)
    Elsa had closed the door to her chambers. She smiled at the slight grin on Kristoff's face after she gave him a little peck on the cheek, well more like his chin. Even on her toes she couldn't reach any higher.
Anna has interesting taste in men. She thought to herself. But it occurred to her, she's a little fickle. First, she takes a few hours to go from 'nice to meet you' to 'let's get married' with Hans. True, Anna had been almost as isolated as Elsa herself had been. So, a sudden crush might be understandable, but marriage?
She seemed to have made a better choice with Kristoff. He genuinely cared about her, about both of them in fact. But Elsa wondered, what are their feelings toward each other. Is it genuine love this time, or had Anna just jumped again at what her storybooks would say is her cue to live happily ever after. What if Elsa hadn't been about to die on the ice that day? If she had run to her hero and they kissed, would Anna still be a solid piece of ice?
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Pokemon vore #1
If you are blind or didn't read the title this story contains vore. If you don't like it either leave or don't and write a stupid comment that makes you look like an idiot.
A 12 year old boy named Scott was walking through a forest that had Pokemon in it which went through a lot and realized he got lost. He didn't bring a map because he always walked on a path when he went there. But he walked off it to see stuff and forgot where it was.
He tried to walk around and find the path but he didn't manage to find it. He soon realized he was wandering around aimlessly and he was only getting more lost. He tried to call out but he got no response. He tried a second time but it gave the same result.
But before he Call out a third time he heard a bush rustle. He brushed it off as the wind but it shook again. "who's there?" he called out. the bush shook more. He walked closer to the bush and moved aside some branches but found nothing was the
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Thomas: What It Means To Be Human Chapter 1
Ten Years Later…..
London 1941
The train station was packed with families having to say goodbye. On the pillars, there were posters for those wanting to enlist and through the speakers came out calm female voices announcing when the trains were to depart. Throughout the air, there was great sadness and love for the children who had to leave. As much as it pained their parents to part with them, they took solace in the fact that they would be far away from the bombs dropped by the German planes that flew above London like angels of death. There was only one boy who was somewhat out of place.
Christopher looked out the window in his compartment, safe from the chaos outside and anticipating his departure from this hellhole. He saw the tiny hands pouring out of the cab, waving and touching those of their parents. He was so glad he did not have to say goodbye to his uncle who would never put him on a train like this.
Unfortunately for him, his excitement did not last. After furious fo
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‘ So its agreed, You take me to where he’s hiding..and ill keep you safe’ JJ nodded and smiled. Jackie pulled his hood up and walked toward the sidewalk. JJ led the way, down alleyways and around turns, stopping at what seemed to be an empty building. ‘Seems fitting..’ Mumbled Jackie as he stepped up to the door. JJ stepped in front of him, pushing the old, splintered door open to reveal a dark staircase. JJ pointed up. Jackie took to the stairs, each one creaking under him. At the top was another closed door. a soft green glow shown from under it. JJ pulled a key from his vest pocket and set it in the lock, turning the tumblers and looked at Jackie. Jackie turned the rusted doorknob, the door squeaking on its hinges. Inside the room, a single chair, Like a throne almost. Jackie stepped closer to it, he touched the side when the air crackled around him, THe door slammed shut.
W̛͏el̵l̵̕ ḑ̴o̶̶n͢e̷̢
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Pirate Adventures: The Blood Ship Chapter 1
Pirate Party
Mobius 1704
At the sea, a ship was sailing slowly in the mist on the way home from Mazuri. It then became clear it was a slave ship when going to lower deck there was slaves laying side by side on shelf and on the floor. They were moaning in constant pain from being uncomfortable placed and chained in shackles.
"It will be a matter of time til we're back at Emerald Town" Said the captain of the ship.
"Well yes, the Governor will be so pleased that we brought in more workers to build up his society" Said an officer.
"Indeed. He does not tolerate delays" The captain said.
"Yes. But other colonies has failed to bring workers. All just to this Captain Ironclaw and his Golden Shark pirates!" The officer said with a look of anger at the thought of the pirate.
"These pirate has a long way to stop us from delivering. And not only just that, we got all the tobacco, spices, chests of gold and silver already. And the wind is breezing steady" The captain said.
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From the heart- Jurassic World Fanfic (Chapter 2)
Huge padded feet stomped down upon the damp mud, the weight of the 950 pound dinosaur resulting in shrubs to sway to and fro.
It had been several days since Indy had escaped her near-doom; and frankly, she was doing well. In result to her absconding bolt, many of the dinosaur species had clumped themselves together in large groups, constantly keeping a hawk-eye out in search for the merciless killer that had presumably perished. Of course, she had not been killed just yet, although there was still a possibility. After all, that damned T-rex could simply just finish Indy now, seeing as she was currently much weaker than usual.
A sudden scent caught her attention as the breeze changed direction. She could just about identify the smell of that of a raptor's. It was mingled with the sharp, iron scent of fresh blood, and it also carried the spoor of another classified creature. Averting her crimson eyes in the direction of the 'stench', Indy set onward, gradually beginning to jog as
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A Full-Filling Love Life Chapter 13
"H-Hey Alya. How's it going?" Marinette hesitantly asked.
"Don't you "Hey Alya" me girl. What is up with you and Sunshine Child? Yesterday you can't string together two words in front of him and then today you pull up to school in his car?!" Alya screamed at her bestie.
"Geez Alya, don't shatter my eardrums!"
"Sorry girl. But seriously, what is up with you two? Are you secretly dating now?!" Alya cried out, getting excited at the prospect of one of her OTPs getting together.
"N-No! I mean yes, I mean it's a long story?" Marinette tried again.
"I have time." Alya said.
Marinette could practically see her best friend smirking on the other end of the phone. She groaned. "Well Adrien came to the bakery for some pastries, after he ditched his bodyguard, and I happened to be helping Maman and Papa with customers. We started talking and realized we had a lot in common. Then he asked me out, and I said yes." Marinette lied.
"Are you sure that's what happened?" Alya asked, ske
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Astro bot claw machine toys tf rp
Now if any of you play the game or watch videos about it and the rescue mission, you will know about the characters and yes this is a inanimate tf and we can move again
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Another Girl From The Well-Sesshomarux OC 4
Sesshomaru and Jaken did indeed stay the night in the hut with Kirai and Rin. Rin slept well but Kirai did not. She couldn’t handle the demonic aura in the air around her. She wasn’t used to demons yet, let alone a demon resting in the same area as her. So, it was one restless night for Kirai.
“Time to get up Kirai! Let’s pack our stuff and head out on our journey!” Rin had only been awake for a few minutes but was already so loud. It caused Kirai to just groan as she sat up and looked around the hut in a daze. She just wanted to see if she had gone crazy or if the demons were still there around her.
“What are you looking at you human!?” Jaken snapped at the girl as she paused when she looked at the imp.
“I’m looking at something disgusting. That’s what.”
“Already so angry Kirai? Is that your default mood or something?” Rin questioned with a laugh. Kirai then turned to glare at the young girl.
“It might
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The Glitch and The Undead
"Why the hell is there a zombie in our living room?" Anti sneered, starring at a purple zombie, sitting on the couch with JJ, who was hugging him close, watching a movie on Netflix.
"That's Jack's new ego." Marvin answered, cutting up a dead chicken, putting it on the plate, leaving it raw. "I found him about a week ago. I didn't want to bring him here right away, because I didn't know how he would act around us."
"I didn't see him in any of Jack's new videos." The Glitch whispered, sharpening one of his knives.
"That's because the fans made him, not Jack." Marvin began, taking the knife away from Anti and placed it back in the drawer. "They looked at an edit on one of Jack's thumb nail, where he was a zombie and they named him and boom." He smiled looking at Robbie, who was playing with a pencil and paper. "Here he is."
"Yeah just what we need, another puppet." Anti scoffed, rolling his eyes.
Marvin glared at Anti. "You don't want to meet him?"
"Why would I want to meet a man eating f
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Darla's Adventures of Winn-Dixie: chapter 5
The next day soon came. Daniel woke up, feeling weirded out by the dream he had, but he also felt motivated when he woke up that morning. Winn-Dixie played with Opal for a bit until Animal Control came to take him away which made him come outside only to be taken while Patch ran outside to help Winn-Dixie.
"Don't worry, Winn-Dixie, I won't let Animal Control take you away." Patch told him.
The Animal Control people tried to get Winn-Dixie, much to Opal's misfortune.
"Go away!" Patch growled and barked loudly to make them go away, sounding like his father.
"Now, come on, boy, we just want your friend." One of the Animal Control people said as he reached out for Winn-Dixie.
"No!" Patch barked and growled. "Leave Winn-Dixie alone! This is his home!"
"Sir, I need you to sign this release form, please." Another worker told Daniel as he soon came out.
"No! It's not right, Daddy!" Opal cried out. "You know it isn't! Please, Daddy, he was the first real friend I've ever had! Don't take him awa
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