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Childish Fears | Bakugo Katsuki
[Bakugo Katsuki x Reader]

“I’m scared, Katsuki.”
He sighs. A long sigh, with the rise-and-fall of his shoulders almost exaggerated. For a moment, there is no response but then, with a hint of comfort (or pride, she can’t tell), he replies,
“Don’t be. I’m here.”
Dipping his head to his words, she grows suddenly aware of how she’s been ripping bits of her nails off - it’s disgusting, she thinks to herself, and it’s a habit she has to get quit sometime soon.
“I know, and thank you, but-“ her words snag on her throat; when they’ve freed themselves, they fall out at an uncontrollable pace,”but I’m scared, Katsuki, I’m so fucking scared. What if I don’t want to be a hero? Why did I come to this school? I don’t want to fight villains, I just want to be alone in a cottage somewhere in the country, not in the city streets risking my life for a stranger who won’t care.
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DEATH BATTLE Hero or Menace: Part 2


Holy Shit they are still going?
SHAUN: Yeah they are! Now let's start part 2 of many parts!
(Stop Music)
   The Camera pans to show the rubble of the building from a birds eye view, before it finally shows Spider-Man struggling to push the massive building off of his body but sadly this was futile. Peter then just fell back into place and began coughing in a mixture of pain and the dust in the air, "Oh god what have I done I have failed every body and now this monster will keep on causing damage! I...
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Pumpkin pie pt.3 - Drake x reader x Kid

Drake came home late that night.
 You woke up when he slid under the blanket, without turning on the lights.
A soft moan left your lips when his muscular arms wrapped around you and his chin leaned on your naked shoulder.
«Sorry I woke you up.»
«Don’t be.» you whispered, hands lifting to caress his cheek «You work too much.»
He smiled against your skin, placing a warm kiss at the base of your neck.
«It feels good to come back and find you here.»
A knot of guilt tugged at your stomach.
«Yes, it feels good.»
«Yup, you’re the worst girlfriend ever. That’s not new.» Bartolomeo laughed, patting your head.
You groaned, forehead leaned against his counter.
«Can you believe it?! It’s just the second day at work and I found myself already checking out the courses abroad!»
The green-haired guy shrugged.
«How was it today?»
«Not bad. L
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The Final Secret of Della Duck!, Part XX
In Launchpad's Shack, Danny was sitting on an old tire with some pillows inside
as he took his mind off of things playing a new videogame of his favorite superhero: "Arachno-Duck"
It made him feel a little better..but, Louie's hurtful words still lingered in the back of his mind.
Was Louie right?, had his very presence only made things worse??
Part of him wanted to run away, in a desperate hope to give back what he took.
But, even he knew that wouldn't do any good. It wouldn't undo the last twelve years.
(and, besides. Della would only hunt him down no matter how far he tried to run.)
And, then there was Webby. Sweet, Wonderful Webbigail.
He loved her so much..and, she loved him, despite how different he was.
But, that proved to also be a problem, as Mystica De Spell tried to use her against him.
And, Danny feared that under different circumstances..he might've submitted to the witch.
Danny didn't even want to imagine a world without Webby in it.
which only made Mystica's
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As we step out of the dark(Lucifer Fan fiction)-6
Chloe woke up beside Lucifer and smiled softly to herself as she rolled over and watched him. 'So childlike.' She thought to her self as she watched him. She got up shortly and walked out into the living room and rolled her neck slightly before she looked down and noticed she wasn't wearing any shoes. She walked towards the balcony when she felt something tickling her ear some. She reached up and went to wipe it away when she hit it instead. She turned around quickly and almost fell over and didn't see anything behind her. "What the heck." She said simply before she quickly but carefully went back to Lucifer.
Lucifer had just sat up in bed and rubbed a hand across his face yawning.
"Lucifer?" Chloe said from the doorway.
"Come back to bed Chloe." He said yawning again as he rolled his neck slightly.
"Lucifer?" Chloe said again to him.
Lucifer yawned again. "I might stay in bed until tomorrow if you want to join me." He chuckled softly.
"LUCIFER!" She finally just shouted at him as she
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One Helluva Night Chapter 5
  Dark was standing off on his own, still digesting what Edward had told him. He couldn’t believe it, he’s never had feelings like these for someone else before. He slowly turned and looked around the room. Edward had walked outside with Henrick, therefore he was no longer in the room. Google was still sitting on the couch, having not moved, probably communicating with the Chromes back at the Iplier house.
  What Dark hadn’t expected to see was what greeted him as he turned his attention to Wil. He saw JJ and Wil flirting, he then saw Wil’s face blush. He chuckled internally, knowing that Wil didn’t blush often. If JJ could make him blush by just flirting, he may be the perfect match for Wil. What he saw next however, shocked him. He saw JJ rise up on the tips of his toes and kiss Wil on the cheek. WIl’s face blushed even brighter, and a moment later, JJ leapt at Wil, pulling him into an enormous hug. When JJ released Wil, he grabbe
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Many years later,  the whole situation has flipped 180 degrees after the tragedy of the innocent fox. Most Animals are frightening, scared, and worried about their safety. It's been years and that sketchy figure is still framing Foxstor. Governors in each individual state decided to spend more on defense. Checkpoints block every highway and every city. Many of the animals protest and some even riot, holding posters of Foxstor that say "Kill this monster," on top of it, posters of a white eagle placing his knuckles on his hips while Foxstor is hung behind, written on it. "We need justice, America." Most of these animals were not able to sleep, most of them are losing their mind. In addition, the percentage of the crimes has increased during these years. The focus on Foxstor's case leads to law enforcement to become distracted, meaning other criminals were able to do whatever felony or crime they want without resisting or being spotted. Still, the sketchy figure continued to heat up
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Phoebe Meets the Sky Dancers: chapter 4
"So, this is your gym?" Atticus asked.
"Yeah, it ain't much, but I hope you guys like it." Breeze said.
"Meh," Thor shrugged. "My uncle's gym is a lot bigger and spacious, but it'll do."
"Let's do this thing." Slam said.
"Fine by me." Thor smirked.
"Just know that because you're new, we'll give you a warning, but it won't be easy." Slam smirked back.
"I'm so going to have fun with you." Thor smirked back.
"You do seem like the challenger type." Breeze chuckled.
"He really loves to show off during football practice." Atticus teased his best guy friend.
"How's about we make things interesting? We'll switch sparing partners from time-to-time to make it fair." Slam said.
Atticus and Thor looked to each other before discussing this with each other and then looked back to him.
"Sure," Atticus smiled. "Anything to make this more interesting."
"Great, so while Thor and I are going at it, and you and Breeze can do the same." Slam said.
"Fair enough for me." Atticus replied.
"Finally! Some actio
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There was something different about this world.
Jesse could feel it. It was as if something inside of her was shifting in recognition, stirring, as if something inside of her was waking up.
She wasn't the only one who was feeling odd about this either.
Petra seemed on edge, constantly tense and snapping at every little noise.
Ivor was muttering to himself, tapping at his head, as if there was something here that he should remember.
Olivia was squinting to herself, a sign of thinking intently, and she was completely out of it, her name having to be repeated several times before she finally acknowledged that she was being called, and after she was done being talked to, she'd immediately go back to thinking.
Lukas seemed to have a nervous, yet also excited, air around him. He was an architect, sure, but even though the buildings were really impressive he still seemed just a little too excited for the scenario.
And if that wasn't enough, the place was in a pristine condition, as if it were
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Chapter 125: Marina Origin
- - 2 Years Ago, Under Blue - -
“You look extraordinary, highness!” An attendant to Princess Marina said to the blue haired girl as she helped tailor Marina’s eye catching, white wedding dress.
“Yeah, Prince Kade really is lucky to have such a beautiful woman to get married to!” Another attendant added.
Marina blushed at the compliments. She admired herself in a large mirror that showed her every angle of herself in her wedding dress. Seeing herself in the dress began to cement the feeling she would be getting married in less than 24 hours.
For several years, Under Blue Kingdom and Kraken Kingdom have been at odds with one another. Nothing quite to scale of a war, but more of a feud. Under Blue prospered and thrived as a people full of growth and plenty of occupation. It also flourished with a bounty of produce, making every meal more savory than the last.
In contrast, Kraken Kingdom was situated on a cliffside, overlooking a ravine that seemed bottomless.
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Arkham Infamy Ch 24: A Bright Light
"Oracle, Alfred, I'm going after the League of Assassins."  "Why would you...wait.  Is this about Ra's, or his daughter?"  "Not the one I'm worried about.  Penguin had one of the League's assassins in the museum.  I recognize the symbol, she was one of Talia's personal guard."  "I still have no idea what this  has to do with her."  "I uploaded Freeze's cure, looks like the answer is-"  "In Ra's al Ghul's blood.  Fine, guess you gotta go after him.  But e careful, don't let Talia or even Zoe get in the way again." 
The ninja had left a trail of red drops on the ground, no doubt she was still bleeding.  Batman then sent a message from his gauntlet.  "I see you sent an information request, and another weapons drop.  Why not just get a bigger belt?"  "I tried it, slowed me down."  Something came over his transmitter.  "Can anyone hear me?!"  "I do, what the hell is
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Dream Of The Lost Summer - Chapter 14: Masks
“You know, you really should be more careful where you leave your stuff. Any of those ‘one-with-nature’ kids could have found it and probably used it as toilet paper or something. And you’re right; this dream of yours is the lamest thing I’ve ever read—HEY!!!” She was suddenly shoved to the ground at the same time the notebook was snatched from her surprised hands.
“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing with this???!!!” demanded the boy.
While his angry tone and sudden aggression was enough to frighten her, Helga was not someone to be pushed around. She jumped to her feet and confronted Arnold with her own pent up anger. “What do you MEAN what do I think I’m doing with this??? Doi!!! If you leave this thing around for anyone to grab, what do you THINK was going to happen other than someone grabbing it and READING IT???!!!”
“And you just thought you coul
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The blog of Sally Donovan.
Hi everyone, I am Dectective Sergeant Sally Donovan. I am starting this blog to document the Scotland Yard cases from the point of view of a Detective Sergeant.
I'm going to start at the begining of this case. On October 12th, a man called Sir Jeffery Patterson took a poisonous pill and commited suicide. Then on November 26th, an 18 year old boy named James Philimore, apparently did the same thing, took the pill and commited sucide. Strange, I know. Anyway, then on January 27th a local MP, Beth Davenport, she takes the same pill and dies.
After the MP's death me and DI Greg Lestrade hold a press conference about the death and the other suicides, I confirm that her death resembles the two previous suicdes and hence why they are all being treated as linked. Greg also mentions that the victims where found in places they had no reason to be. Every phone get a text 'Wrong' I suddenly realise who sent it, it was the Freak AKA Sherlock Holmes. Then if once wasn't enough he does it again. I co
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Pan's Ascent: Chapter 7
Growing up in a world without her grandfather Goku, who remained deceased after the Cell Games, Pan has dedicated her entire life to martial arts and seeks to live up to his daunting legacy. She soon finds her life as she knows it changed forever and her destiny will shape the future of more than just her home.

Co-written by SuperSaiyan2Link.
What is Pan's Level? Trunks the Mentor!
Pan found herself waking up in another cold sweat brought about by another nightmare of Frieza. She sat up, trying to control her breathing to relax, but it wasn't until she looked up at her grandfather's Power Pole, which she had hung up on the wall the night before, that she finally began to relax.
Having it back in her possession after she believed it to be lost was a large comfort for her: it was like her grandfather Goku was still watching over her.
As breakfast w
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Back in Time Pt.2
Disclaimer: I don't own Peace Maker Kurogone or Rurouni Kenshin. I'm not making any money off of this, so don't sue me.
Title: Back in Time
Summery: Saitou(RK) Gets thrown back in time after the Shishio incident. Not only that, he finds himself in a different universe where the Battousai doesn't exist.
Author note: Again Saitou(RK) may seem a bit OOC, but he's confused and unsure about what's going on. He will return to being the Wolf of Mibu we all love in the later chapters.
'italic' - Thoughts
"." - Speaking
'.' - What the sign says.
Saitou wakes up well into the morning. The sun was already nearly reaching the top of the sky. His stomach growls, reminding him that he hadn't eaten much the day before. First the fight with Shishio and then waking up in this place. 'Well I'm still here, And after a good night sleep. I'll just have to get used to this time again.'
Saitou slowly climbs to his feet and heads out. Sword strapped to the side of his blue and black kimono. 'If this
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Ch.3 Kazoku Forever After: Hide and Go Seek
Narrator: Alexis
I'm sleeping,and I begin to feel thirsty. So, I climb down the steps of my parents' palace to go get a glass of water. I'm about to step into the kitchen, but then I decide to back up. I see mommy and daddy speaking  to a man in a navy blue uniform with red and black quills. If anything, they all looked really worried and serious. I know my parents told me its a bad thing to do, but I eavesdropped on them anyways. What can I say? I guess I'm just curious.
Man: Elias, you and your family must come with me. As you know, since Mobius is an ally of Japan, QUANTICO has sent me to help defend the Mobian people from an incoming threat..
Daddy: And what kind of threat are you referring to, Shadow?
Man: I am referring to Scourge and Rosy the Hedgehog returning to invade Mobius. Once they put this country under a siege, no one will be safe. That is why I need to take all of you to safety aboard my ship now.
A siege? What does that mean? Now I'm really scared.
Mommy: Oh no..
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H 12
One thing I noticed, while I looked around, was how quiet everyone was. None of them spoke to me or to each other. I was afraid to see what their status was as I looked around; I could tell that everyone knew why they were there and I had a feeling that no one wanted to make attachments. I don't blame them. 
it's hard enough being an observer. I imagine it was extremely tough for Dream and Hope. After all, they were guardians themselves. I had personally trained Hope, even helped Dream and it really burned me inside when I met Dream's gaze and saw a near blank look in those eye lights. I imagine he had lost his brother in a fight and I did not wish to know the how. 
What had Hope lost? I didn't really want to think on it, knowing just how fragile a soul he could be at times... and yet so very strong too. He had every reason to fight, to survive. He had a family. A mate, kids, his brother... and several "cousins" too... had he lost any of them in the fight that had brought him
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Wren Sisters Chap.130 - Delinquent Droid Pt.1
A month later
Following Emily and Abigail's engagement, Emily had in turn gone out and gotten her own proposal ring for her fiance and proposed to Abigail. Of course Abigail said yes and the couple were slowly making plans for their wedding. Both did wish there wasn't a war on so they could get married, but both knew that missions came first.
Once again, Emily had been given a mission and R5 would be accompanying her this time. Emily and R5 would infiltrate an Imperial database and get what information they could get. In order to do so, R5 had been repainted black to act as an Imperial droid and Emily had been given a location where some Imperial gear would be waiting for her so that she could get inside the Imperial base undetected.  Kallus had also given Emily specific codes in case any Imperial trooper or officer went sniffing around at the troopers in case something did go wrong or if she did need to get somewhere simply walking wouldn't allow her to get to. "When will I know
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Levi X Reader Chapter 9
Chapter 9
A few days later, I was able to talk to Eren a bit more. He was placed under my supervision while Levi was away.
“So, (y/n), thanks for sticking up for me back there.” Eren mentioned.
“It was my job. But I also did it because you’re my friend. But… I can’t forgive that bastard for disrespecting my father…” I murmured.
“I agree, what he said about him was too far. Especially, to accuse you of being a titan.” Eren mentioned.
“Sadly, there’s nothing I can do against them. I’m not in a high position.” I pouted.
“But that still doesn’t give them any right to insult you like they did.” Eren defended. I smiled.
“Thank you Eren.” I replied.
Levi walked into the room to check up on us.
“Captain Levi…” Eren murmured.
“Something the matter, sir?” I asked.
“You two ready your horses, we are heading out shortly.” Levi responded.
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Like Mother, Like Son. (Part 2)
Bruce went out of his bed... Becky was holding a pillow and woke up, she exits out her bed and she went into the living room and sees her son.
Becky: MY BABYYYYY!!! (rams into him)
Bruce: AH! Mom!!! (was tickled)
Becky: You're a baby...
Bruce: Hey...
Becky: (heard the doorbell) - Oh, I gotta go get it... (opens the door to see Phantom and Beatrice)
Beatrice: Hi...
Becky: Hey Beatrice!
Beatrice: I came to visit your son Bruce.
Becky: Oh, I laid him on the floor...
Phantom: Oh... really? >w
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The Frozen Princess of Egypt Ch 16
Later that afternoon, Anna and Kristoff left the palace and wandered around the building sites where the Hebrews were working harder than ever, despite their exhaustion. A gargoyle named Lexington glared at them and shouted, “It’s Anna!” He grabbed a handful of mud and threw it at Anna’s face, causing her to fall into a mixture pit and getting covered in more mud.
“Anna!” Kristoff gasped in alarm as he ran down to help her.
A familiar voice said, “So, Anna, how does it feel when YOU get struck to the ground?” Anna and Kristoff looked up to see Merida looking down at them with a deadly glare.
Anna looked away in shame and said, “I didn’t mean to cause you more pain. I’m just trying to do as God told me.”
Merida exclaimed in disbelief, “God?! When did God start caring about any of us?” The other Hebrews gathered around as Merida continued, “Was it when ye found out you were one of us?”
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This pain called life?
It hurt.
This pain called love?
It hurt even more.
She never understood exactly why they did that. Why they were like that.
Why they caused so much pain. 
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