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Daddy's Boy | Bucky Barnes x Reader |
The first day of school was never easy for any kid. Feelings of anxiety, dread, and exhaustion were easy to take over, especially when it was the first day at a new school. It was even worse when everyone seemed to know who your dad was, and when your father happened to be the Winter Soldier, school was harder than it should’ve been.
Zachary and Sevimli Barnes were freshmen at the school, and while they were never ones to back down from a fight, they sure as hell didn’t want to face the wrath of their father if they got into one, especially on the first day. Zach struggled more than his twin sister at the art of choosing his battles, and as a result he’d already come close to quite a few altercations before their lunch bell rang. He didn't get how his peers could take the struggle his father went through, the torture, the pain, the lack of control, and use all of that to paint him as a man he never was. His father was strict, sure, and quite frank
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The Light In The Dark Blake BelladonnaxM!Reader#13
(A hand raises from the ground and digs himself out) Gah finally finish this chapter it took time to remember where I left off and get my mind on the plot of the story (cough) Anyways hope you guys enjoy the chapter.
“Come on Adam don’t stop now keep going!!” you? Laugh ignoring the curses that Adam is spewing.
“SHUT UP AND JUST DIE!!” he screams and he only got another laugh as a response.
Tonfa met sword sparks flying as both weapons clash with Blake watching from the sideline trying to get up, but because of all the injuries that she receive from Adam she’s having a hard time standing up and Yang is still pass out.
“Didn’t you say you were going to kill me?” you question with a grin and Adam just seethes in anger and rushes back to you.
“Yang please get up” Blake said trying to shake her but she w
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Broken Wings - Chapter 1 Her Name Is Skybird by ColonelWalther Broken Wings - Chapter 1 Her Name Is Skybird :iconcolonelwalther:ColonelWalther 3 1
Pokemon: The Dark We Carry Ch.4
Here is the child.
He comes from nowhere, from nothing. He cannot remember a mother or father. He was raised by the dirt, nurtured by the “tender” hands of those who chose not to see him, dirty and alone in dark and trash-filled alleys.
The child is afraid. He is afraid because he has, against all odds, grown big enough and old enough that the bigger children see him as a threat. He is afraid because when the bigger children move against him he cannot hope to defeat them. He is afraid because he wants to leave, but there is nothing that surrounds the city and its precious water but miles and miles of barren desert: harsh winds and dry rocks.
The child wants to be brave. He wants to be brave by heading to the nice part of town and making a living there. He knows that the other boys, even the rough ones, stay away from that area; yet the boy does not know why, for the people there are fat and content. Their wallets poke carelessly out of pockets, and change jingles as they wa
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'CloudSeph Idea''
                                          From "Eternal Hearts"
                                           Dark Depths Scene
-Then it happened. . .
-Cloud stumbled during a hard attack by Kane who saw him stumble as did Sephiroth. The blonde moved back, stumbling as he tried to gain his footing back underneath him again. Kane grinned when he saw him struggle to gain his footing and attacked. Clood looked up and saw Kane coming at him which caused his blue-eyes to widened wide with horror. He knew that he wouldn't be able to repent for this mistake. He closed his eyes, prepared to take the attack.
-"Cloud, look out!"
-He heard the voice as he finally got his feet back and looked upwards. His eyes widened when he saw a streak of silver and black in front of him, the person's h
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Quoth the Reaper
“’Ey, Gabe,” Sombra said, wandering into a darkened chamber in an undisclosed Talon stronghold.  A looming shadow, the object of her greeting, sat hunched over a desk before her.  “You ready for the next op or what?”
A weathered white mask turned towards her, shadowed by the wearer’s hood.  A gravelly voice (whether affected by the mask or something deeper) responded, “You should see to your own preparations, Sombra.  I won’t accept another failure like at Volskaya.”
Rolling her eyes, the Mexican hacker turned from the brooding wraith and, smirking, walked away; but, she also threw over her shoulder, “Alright, sheesh, no need to worry, Reaper.  This op should be a cakewalk.”
Reaper turned back from the doorway again, focusing once more on a photo on the desk.  The pictured figures both wore smiles that glistened in the sunlight.  Their very beings seemed to exude happiness
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The vacation (1/3) Fanfiction
DAGR150 Had Free Time to leave the Place And his friends want to go to the vacation To The florida And Mexico ... and want to take a rest in the hotel
DAGR150: Hey guys i am back
SAGR420: Finally
DAGR150: So what we gonna do
SAGR420: Can We Go to vacation
DAGR150: Were
SAGR420: to the florida and mexico
DAGR150: Why
SAGR420: Because We Take a Good Fun right we do that before we go to New york
DAGR150: Ok lets go guys but first we need to take package and briefcases And second we go to the train station to the Brasov Cause we romania And Go airport And if we to the america the plane is going to 3 hours to the america
SAGR420: Cmon quick i cant stay for a while cause the plane going left off to the 8 hours  
TELD666: Ok lets go
- 5 hours later -
DAGR150: Ok guys we to the train station and we go to airport
*group said yeah*
DAGR120: hey guys
DAGR120: I am your Cousin
DAGR150: Oh
DAGR120: So you guys are you going
DAGR150: We go to america cause my
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Avocato's Visit Chapter 3 Final Chapter
Animation Medley PLOT    
SPOILERS for Final Space
It's a week after Avocato and Little Cato were separated. Little Cato has just become a prisoner of the Lord Commander after Avocato refused to kill him. To clear his head, Avocato is going to an Animation Nexus parent support group to speak with other parents in animation and hopefully learn to become a better father. (Animation Medley crossover featuring several other cartoons)
This story is not specifically about Final Space, even though Avocato is the main character. There's a small medley of other characters from a handful of other cartoons that I'm not going to say here because I want you to be a little surprised by who pops up. Before we get to Avocato talking about Little Cato, I have three other characters talking about their experiences and flaws as parents. So whether or not you've seen or even like these shows, I hope you find their insights interesting. Where this takes place is after Avocato refused to kill
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Heat 13
“Are you kidding me? You really think—no, it ain’t like that at all.” She almost wanted to laugh.
“You do seem pretty close,” Clara said, dipping a fry in her shake before eating it. “I mean most dance partners do end up in relationships.”
“Nah, it’s jus’ business fer us. Nothing more,” Sandy replied. She never had time for relationships anyway, and thought about it even less with someone like Shadow.  
The more she thought about him in general, the less of a bad person he actually seemed. He easily could’ve just left her somewhere or took her back home last night.
“I mean, you guys do have some kind of chemistry on and off the dance floor.” Clara joked, giggling as Sandy blushed.
“It ain’t good I know that much.” Business aside, their overall dynamic was. . .chaotic at best. Dissonant if Sandy was being honest with herself. “Is that all ya wanted?” she asked, st
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Yusei x Crow Bondage Story Part 4 (Finale)
It is now the day to sign up for the duel tournament and the sign ups last until 3:30pm.  Sadly it's now 1:35pm and Kalin still has Yusei and Crow nice and taped up in the abandoned warehouse. Since capturing them, Kalin has done nothing but make their lives miserable. Yusei and Crow are now just waiting for someone to save them in time for them to sign up.
"MMMMMMMMMMMPPHHHHHH!!!!" Yusei and Crow moaned through their gag begging Kalin to let them go.
"You really want me to let you go that badly, huh?" Kalin asked before turning on both remote controls so that the collars would shock both boys at the same time.
"MMMMMMMMMPHHHH!!!" Both boys screamed through their gags in pain as the collars shocked them.
"Well I'm not letting you until the sign ups are over, but don't worry because I am going to sign up for the tournament later and then I will finally win and become better than Yusei. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Kalin laughed.
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Olympics Event 1: Curling
Canada: The 1st Event is Curling. Each team will have 5 stones, the objective is to through the stone closest to the target, whoever's stone goes to the closest, will score a point. (Not DA points.)
Japan: For Team USA, Karabolkyanishavikon Ravibelequarskyanko, Annie Hattington, and Josh Heatley. And for Team Britain, Hinora Easeson, Peter Raichu, and Q. Easeson.
Kara: That was an easy moment.
Annie: Fine by me.
Josh: I can't wait for this, dude!
Hinora: What are this wackers doing?
Q: Why are Americans so freaky.
Peter: I don't know.
America: OK, now listen, this is a cool sport, but use the stone and pay attention to the goal, understand!?
Team USA: Yay!
Britain: When Team USA begins take guard and takeout.
Team Britain: Yes!
*The Game begins your objective is to score to the closest target.*
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Tano sister's chapter 7:Destroying the Malevolence
"How is she doing Layla?" Ahsoka asked using the holo channel in her quarters 
"She is doing well to say the least Ahsoka, your sister has been following combat sessions and other lessons and she always gets the highest scores." Layla explained
"That's great, I can't wait to have her by my side after this mission." Ahsoka said smiling at the thought of seeing her sister
"Well she will be happy to Ahsoka."
"How do you mean?" Ahsoka asked confused as still thinking her sister doesn't remember her
"Well your sister has been getting these flashbacks, wich means she remembers you but....."
"But what?" Ahsoka asked
"Last night she remembered her torture, im pretty sure she woke half of the temple before we could calm her down." Layla said
"She had a panic attack?"  Ahsoka asked
"Yes, and her combat instructor is worried about her Ahsoka and I am to." 
"What do you mean Layla?" 
"We are afraid that she is letting her emotions getting a hold of her, that is why she excels i
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Hostage - Epilogue Two
Both men sat in a brief stalemate, the elder patiently and curiously awaiting an explanation from his former mentee.
Derek, on the other hand, struggled with where to begin. He had a general outline of how this would go, and now that it was here, it felt impossible to land on a starting point.
He sighed loudly after coming to the realization that the answer was simple: in all the time spent discussing his feelings as of late, he had come to find over and over that instead of having a grand plan, the best way to share what was in his heart and mind was to just start.
Somehow, he always managed to find his way. And he could only hope that this time would be no different.
"I know you've dropped by to visit me," Derek began, "but it took some time for me to formulate my thoughts and feelings into something concrete. Every time I thought I had something I either couldn't psych myself up to talk about it, or people were always coming in and out…"
He rested his elbows on his knees, hand
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Lovers Exposed-A JL story
"Why did Clark do this?" Batman wondered to himself as he sat in his quarters in the Watchtower, orbiting above Earth, "Why would he tell? I swear, he's really lucky I don't have Kryptonite with me, or he'd be dead in a snap." Bruce said angrily in his head.
He kept wondering why Superman would tell the others found out that he and Diana were dating. They had been dating for a few weeks now,and it had been good. They had decided not to tell the others just yet cause they weren't sure how to tell them.
But now they knew, thanks to Superman, they knew.
Four days earlier...
It was just after a mission, involving several escaped criminals. Batman was in his quarters with Diana. The two were in the middle of a passionate kiss. Diana had slipped Bruce's cowl off his head and ran her fingers through his jet-black hair. Bruce moved his hands to the nape of her neck ad ran his hands through her hair as well. The two had only been dating for several week
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Commission for Zebbie45
-Nervous new beginnings-
An Invader Zim oneshot
Written by Dib07
Idea belongs to Zebbie45
It was a pale dawn that morning.
Zim rose as normal to meet that cold dawn, conflicted with the idea of starting a new year at college, and all the inundations that came with it. Any good soldier worth his battle scars would know that any good Irken would not need to attend ‘human’ college, especially when he’d already spent listless years of his life at SKOOL followed by the slug of high school thereafter, although, surely not attending would condemn him to his own united paranoia, sure that his old classmates would question his reasons for absconding, and suspect that he was more than what he seemed.
Upon receiving his grades during summer break, he had visited this ‘new’ Sacred Heart college he was to attend if he so decided to. It was a new building, having been built from a single brick two years past, and, after receiving certified awards for being the most econ
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Power Rider Fusion pilot
[It’s starts when Edd and Ashi had founded two emblems of Animals when they shake them, they became EdHi a fusion of Edd and Ashi with a new strange morpher, they became Power Rider Fusion then starts a lab experiment when Edd and Ashi had try make some more Animal Changers with booster but with a little bit of Ashi’s blood make it a pure evil booster (as you readed in Legend of Cybertron, by the way this series take place before Season 2 Finale two parters.) as Yellow Diamond send some of her minions the Sea Wreckers and work with a teacher to take down the two riders.]
(Power Rider Fusion theme starts playing until it show the episode title)
Mr. D. Antonucci: [get on a stage at the gym for a announce] “Setter down everyone!! As you know Peach Creek have some type of glow space cube, it’s been powering this school for free since some men in black pay me double to show it off and keep safe from some fake bad gem people. Back I was saying you all can get a look a
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Saving Jacob Frye
Jaocb and Evie were sitting on a rooftop. They were observing the City below. All the carriages and pedestrians as they all had a place to be.
"Lovely morning today ain't it Jacob?"
Evie asked breaking the silence.
" day in quite a while" he said smiling.
London had been foggy for the past few days, felling the sun on their faces was quite enjoyable for them.
As they sat on the roof, hanging their feet over the edge, Jacob noticed a group of some no-good blighters terrorizing and torturing the people of London. Feeling bored he looked over to Evie and asked "Up for some blighter busting?"
Evie shrugged "well...since I have absolutely nothing to do.....why not?" She said giving a smirk.
The two then jump off the roof simultaneously and land in a nearby hay cart. "Shall I call on the Rooks?" Jacob asked.
"Why?...think we can't take them on our own?" She crossed her arms and looked at her brother.
"Evie,... Of course I know we can take them,my sweet sister. But, this is West
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Sonic is on his way to "Fogo de chow". Sonic arrives to "Fogo de chow" and a waiter says "Do you have a reservation sir". "Yes I do have a reservation" Sonic said. "Ok what's your name sir" the waiter asks. "My name is Sonic the hedgehog" Sonic said. " Ok You under Sally's reservation correct" the waiter asks. "Correct" Sonic said. " Ok she is booth 112" the waiter said. "Thank you" Sonic said. Sonic starts to walking booth 112 until he sees Shadow talking to Sally. Sonic starts to get a little jealous but kept telling himself " Sally loves me Sally loves me". Sonic kept telling himself this until he heard Sally say "I love you so much Shadow". Those words instantly shattered Sonic's heart into a million pieces but it didn't stop there the next he heard was from Shadow " I love you too, Sally but what about Sonic" Shadow said. I don't care about him all I care about is you" Sally Said. That all Sonic heard before dashing out of Fogo de chow crying.
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Close to the Vest Ch 2
The First Day, pt 2
August 24, 1100
Arnold was bored. Bored out of his mind. He had spent all morning reading the Civil Division manual and going over the finer points of serving papers, forfeitures, garnishments, and it was driving him crazy. The 1st Sergeant had just released him for a half hour lunch and he was headed back to grab his bag from his locker. On his way he ran into Gerald.
“Hey, Arnold. How’s it going?”
“Hey, Gerald. It’s alright. Civil stuff is boring. I wanted to be a cop to help people, not serve them eviction notices. How’s dispatch?”
Gerald shrugged. “It’s not bad. A lot to do. They have me learning the computer program right now. In a few days they’ll put me on the radios. Then they’ll add the phones in. Lots of multitasking. I guess after 3 weeks we’ll switch before we go on to our patrol training.” Gerald looked at Arnold more closely. Arnold had a slumped posture, and lo
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In Ten Forward
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