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Klonoa Dreams Up Death BATTLE!

-First Appearance: Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (December 1997)
-Species: Lunatean "Cabbit"
-Gender: Male
-Age: 13
-Height: 90 cm
-Weight: Unknown
-Hair: Black
-Eyes: Amber
-Occupation: The Dream Traveler
-Aliases: Klonoa of the Wind

-Defeated Nahatomb, who was stated to be capable of destroying the world.
--Nahatomb was specifically going to annihilate Phantomile, the nexus point for all dreams.
--Clearly, there are multiple of these worlds/dreams. And according to certain translations, these worlds/dreams are entire universes.
--And thanks to Noctis Sol, we know there are
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DOW: Highclan Dec Ceremonies (Cats from Stoneclan)
Deathrose stretched her legs as Blackstar’s voice stopped echoing through the camp. It was time for a clan meeting, and Deathrose knew what this was regarding. One would have to be a mouse-brain to not know that this clan meeting would be about, after all Stoneclan disbanded one sunrise ago and some had joined Highclan. It made sense after all, the Stoneclan cats would be used to a rocky environment.
The dark tabby padded into the main area of camp, and her clanmates came spilling from their dens and where ever else they loitered. New faces awkwardly mingled in with the rest of the clan, some of those that Deathrose could spot were Jasperfang, Fawnfeather, and Acornflame. While it was probably a new experience for them, Deathrose was pleased they were at least attempting to try. Soon enough they would be accepted, rather than tolerated. The she-cat thought that this situation would be especially awkward for Jasperfang, as now he was no longer the one making decisions. If Deathros
:iconsuicunetobigaara:suicunetobigaara 6 2
Silica x Male!Reader (One Shot)
It had been two years since you had been trapped inside Aincrad, a world within a game. A virtual reality game that had now become your actual reality until the players could beat all one hundred floors. That wasn't any of your concern, you're happy with how everything is, you do as you please and just spend your time enjoying the scenery and traveling through all of the different floors and fighting the mobs. Everything was nearly perfect, a nice relaxing life in a pretty new world, all it needed to be perfect was for you to find love.
Luckily for you love found you, in the form of a beautiful girl by the name of Silica. She was the cutest girl you'd ever seen, light brown pigtails, beautiful red eyes and pale skin that both made her stand out and yet still fit in.
"Are you day dreaming again?" A cute voice that brings back memories of adventures and time well spent asks.
"Yeah, sorry." You answer with a nervous chuckle.
You look to your side and see Silica looking up at you with a po
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SW Reclaim Avalon: Nighttime Concerns
Orchid shot up in her bed her blue skin covered in sweat as she looked around the empty cabin desperately. Her eyes were wide and searching as she groped around for her mother in the bed but found herself alone. Tears welled up in her eyes as she tucked her knees up against her chin and ducked her head miserably.
“Mommy....” she whimpered as her tears began to fall down her cheeks.
A wet coarse sponge began to lick her hand then, followed by an inquisitive chirp as Orchid looked up to look in the gloom at the little creature licking at her hand.
“Jelico,” she murmured tearfully as she scooped the marmar up in her arms and held it close. “I want my mom.”
The furry little creature let out a low rumbling purr as it nudged its lozenge shaped head against Orchid affectionately. She cuddled the little marmar closely, grateful for its presence as she sniffled emotionally.
“Let's go find mom.”
Standing up, Orchid hurriedly got
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 5 3
Doing her a favour (MILF TG AP)
Doing her a favour (MILF TG AP)
Greg was at his friend Mark's house, They were happily playing call of duty together, when Mark's mum- Stacey- knocked on the door. She was 55, 5 foot 2 and a bit of a MILF. She asked Greg if she could have a word. Greg’s heart started beating fast as he left the room. She led him into her room, and pleaded her case:
“Greg, I need to ask you a favour, over the years me and Mark have grown very distant, we barely talk and he hardly ever spends time with me. Will you swap bodies with me, just for today, so I can play with him and spend time with him” she asked, dead serious.
Greg didn’t really understand the question, so he just said “Yeah sure" and went to leave, when suddenly she leant in and kissed him right on the lips! His head felt fuzzy as he closed his eyes tightly. When he opened them, he was looking at a 6 foot 16 year old who looked just like... He looked down at himself and quickly realised he was looking down at H
:icondemilovatosbigfan:Demilovatosbigfan 12 0
Loud House - Luna's Nightmare

Utter silence.
The one thing that Luna Loud hated and feared was silence. Even static was better than silence as that was a sign that sound had once been there or was about to happen. But utter silence, it meant nothing and Luna Loud couldn't stand nothing happening. She needed music because she felt alive with it. But she felt nothing with silence.
 That's why she knew that something was wrong the minute she walked into the graveyard and heard nothing. Even Lucy would be creeped out by the absence of creepy sounds. Luna walked among the graves when she came across something more terrifying than even the cemetery.
She gasp and even her mouth produce no sound. She was completely speechless before the presence of her own dead body. On top of what appeared to be an altar, as if her body was part of some cheesy goth ritual. She walked towards it and her foot got wet. She had stepped on a puddle and saw her reflection.
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Fanfiction Lost on the Open Ocean
Sunny summer day, whole Loud family had a ship voyage on North Atlantic Ocean. The older girls were lying on chairs and sunbathing with help of special mirrors, while the younger girls and Lincoln were playing and their parents took care of Lily. All were in their swimsuits. Lincoln and Lynn were fighting on pool noodles like on swords, playing a pirate duel. They were moving during fight, suddenly they approached a rescue inflatable boat. They went on it and began fighting, what attracted Luna's attention. She decided to leave her sunglasses and mirror on her hair and go to her younger siblings to stop them.
Luna: Hey, guys, stop! [she was approaching her siblings] Stop or you will fall!
Lincoln: Don't worry, sis. We have all under control.
Luna: Mom and dad told clearly to not go too close to the water!
Lynn used talk between Lincoln and Luna as a distraction to strike him by her pool noodle. He lost his balance so grabbed Lynn to prevent his falling. However he pulled h
:iconfirstdrellspectre:FirstDrellSpectre 4 2
Obi-Wan A Star Wars Story fan script by Jarol-Tilap Obi-Wan A Star Wars Story fan script :iconjarol-tilap:Jarol-Tilap 7 0 The Spring Beauty and The Kyokugen Wolf Clash by Hollowtaker The Spring Beauty and The Kyokugen Wolf Clash :iconhollowtaker:Hollowtaker 4 0
Bloody snow chapter 11
-Liu's pov-
So Jeff is apparently is the cruelest person I've ever met. He's my brother and I love him, but he's evil. The signs were there from the moment he discovered that Damien was ordered by the doctor to not walk on his injured leg. Jeff then shocked Damien by buying a really expensive and very well put together house. As an 'apology' for not paying the electricity bill, and he paid this bill in full to top it off. At first I thought this was beyond nice of Jeff and didn't raise any eyebrows at all. The tour of the house was normal at first. The living room, kitchen, Jeff's room, and my room were normal and not weird at all. Then we got to Damien's room. Everything was the same like in his old room except for one major piece we all couldn't avoid.
The giant floor to ceiling picture of Jeff's fucking chicken.
To make it worse the damn thing was right smack dab IN FRONT of Damien's bed. Jeff was just smiling like nothing was wrong while Damien had a look like he just died again.
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Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 3 Episode 25
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
標記和娛樂 (Marks & Recreation)
Cutie Mark Crusaders including Pipsqueak, Dinky and Twist were having meeting discussion involving of helping many foals.
Jade groaned: I don't know if we can help them tomorrow. Working with blank flanks one at a time takes forever.
Nyx sighed: If only there was a way we could help a whole herd of them at once.
Alyson: That would be perfect! We'd save time and they could help each other!
Scootaloo: Just like we used to! Oh, but it'd have to be somewhere big enough to handle all those blank flanks.
Sweetie Belle: Somewhere outside, with tons of activities to try.
Apple Bloom: Are you guys thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?
Cutie Mark Crusaders: Cutie Mark Day Camp!
Cutie Mark Crusaders visit and meet up Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon at the Rich's Mansion. They were discussing
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 5 4
Equestria Girls Christmas Rules!
Equestria Girls Christmas Rules!
(Exterior, the park in Canterlot City. Snow falls on the ground and more snow covers most of the ground. Sunset Shimmer in winter gear is seen walking through the park and admires the scenery. She stops and begins to sing)
Sunset: Christmas time is here there’s a tingle in the air~!
Pinkie: (sitting on a bench and gets stuck to it) I sat on a park bench and froze my derriere~.
Rainbow: (at home with her parents) We’re all hanging stockings, drinking cocoa-- (looks out the window) Oh my gosh, it’s snowing!
Applejack: (putting up decorations on the tree) Santa’s bringing tons of loot and we’ve got Christmas spirit bloooowiiiiiing~...
(Twilight appears while petting Spike)
Twilight: It’s the time of year we try to drop our negativity~.
Pinkie: (drops a glitter bomb on Twilight and Spike) I just dropped a glitter bomb to make the town more Christmas-y~!
Fluttershy: (at the mall ca
:iconheroman655:HeroMan655 2 0
One Piece x reader - Christmas special pt.5

just to let you know, I kinda imagine your shared flat like Monica’s apartment from FRIENDS, “just” with 5 bedrooms, lol.
«Y/n-ya, it’s late!»
An annoyed groan accompanied your slow squint.
Law was wearing pyjama pants and a T-shirt with the Joker you bought for him years ago, as he went through the room collecting stuff to bring to his apartment.
«But I’m sleeeeepy.»
«Oh, come on!»
He bent on you, swiftly pulling away the pillow from under your head, so you bounced against the mattress.
«Ouch! Mean.»
«Doflamingo is waiting for you downstairs. Don’t piss him off on Christmas day!» Law replied, throwing back the pillow in your face.
You caught it mid-air.
Your bare feet hit the cold ground as you slid in your nightgown.
«Hey cousin.»
Law was not paying attention to you, busy scanning the shelves.
:iconabysscronica:AbyssCronica 13 4
Epic Spider-Man: Episode 45
Episode 45: A Dark Web, Part 2: The Ultimate Slayer
Written by Erin Delgado
(It was another day of New York as Spidey has gotten the V-252 from Beetle as it upgrades his suit as he is stronger and it helps him out.)
Peter: (yawns) "Man... Having this new suit really make things better for me."
(Then Peter gets a call from Gwen Stacy.)
Peter: "Hello?"
Gwen: (calls) "Hey Pete, you free today."
Peter: "Yeah, I am. Why you ask?"
Gwen: "We need to check on Harry, he has been quiet lately since Norman is sent to jail a while back."
Peter: "Oh, sure thing, I'll be there."
(Then Peter gets dressed and got out of his room as he web swings across the city and got to the area where Gwen is waiting as she is surprised to see Spidey in his black suit as it "came off" letting Peter Parker to appear.)
Gwen: (surprised) "Pete? What are you doing and what happened to your suit?"
Peter: "I'll tell ya later. We should meet up with Harry."
Gwen: "Okay then."
(Later this morning, P
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Ultimate Destiny: Godzilla

Name: Godzilla
Gender: Male
Debut: Godzilla (1954)
VA: Keith David
Title: King of the Monsters
Alternate Costume: Battle Scarred
Signature Stage: Tokyo Terror
Intro: Godzilla stomps into the arena and snarls.
Intro Quotes
"Your arrogance is your downfall..."
Vs. Humans: "I fight for Earth, not your kind!"
Vs. Guardian Kaiju: "Bring your best."
Vs. Defender Mechas: "You better be on your guard, robot."
Vs. Kiryu: "Time to find out who really is top King, Father."
Vs. Invaders: "Get off my world!"
Vs. Mutations: "You won't succeed, abomination."
Outro: Godzilla roars, before stomping away.
Outro Quote
"You thought the other way around."
"I expected better."
Result Screen Quotes
"You may be strong, but I am the strongest."
"Crushed...that's what you are."
"I am not a lizard!"
Special Moves
Atomic Breath: Godzilla releases a stream of radioactive energy from his mouth.
Nuclear Pulse: Godzilla blasts the opponent back with a nuclear shockwave
:iconxrnophobicmobian:XrnophobicMobian 10 36
(Chapter 1) Spark of Love (MLP)
    A portal sparked to life. The head of the EEA, Chancellor Neighsay, stepped out. He sighed, flipping through his clipboard.
    “Canterlot School For Performing Arts and Theatre… lets see if it passes inspection…” he said in a weird, disgusted voice. He walked to the frames of the building. “Safe structure… zero chance of collapsing…” he said as he checked ‘proper specs of building’ off the list. He walked into a classroom. “Correct size and shape for a class in Canterlot…” he mumbled as he check ‘adequate classroom specs’ off the list. He looked up, and saw species that were other than pony. He sighed. “A school that accepts more than ponies… I suppose its ok…” he said as he turned to leave. He bumped into a mare. “Hey, watch where you-“ he began.
    The mare looked up at him. His eyes widened. She had the most
:iconbea-drowned:BEA-Drowned 2 7
Astraea slices apart DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Astraea.
Species: Angeloid.
Birthplace: Synapse.
Type: Delta.
Height: Unknown.
Weight: Unknown.
Age: Likely Millions of years old.

Powers & Abilities:

Angeloid Body:
-Body functions and is created similarly to a robot.
-Unlike Ikaros and Nymph, strictly designed for combat with no other real function.
    -From this, we could potentially gather that she is a master swordswoman, considering her main weapon is a blade.
-Astraea possesses Wings that allow her to increase her speed drastically.
-Has some form of energy manipulation as she can appear to poor energy into her blade to increase its power.
    -This, however, is extremely limited and does not allow her to fire energy beams or attacks like Ikaros and Nymph can.
-Possesses "Pandora" Which is a system that allows her to Evolve in battle to incre
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Mona's Do's and Don'ts of Bowling Etiquette
:iconmonaplz:: "Hi! I'm Mona, and it's a pleasure to see you boys and girls again! First off, I'd like to thank all of you for playing our latest installment, WarioWare Gold on Nintendo 3DS. Oh yeah, and one of 9-Volt's best friends, Phoebe, gives thanks for your teaching my misguided-as-ever boyfriend, Wario, a lesson (with a little help from our new friend Lulu) for that crazy stunt he pulled on everyone. She's over in my assigned lane with 9-Volt, Cheerful White/Shirobon, Cute Pink/Pretty Bomber, Kat, Ana, and a few more of our best pals - including 9-Volt's mom, of course.
Now, ten-pin bowling can be a fun activity for everyone who just wants to wind down from whatever serious competition they might've already gone through, like the recently-released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, or playing football, you name it. And sure, it can be fun to dress for the occasion, like I have. That red dress you saw me purchase for a party I attended at the end of my stage - it'll double
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All-Star WarZone: Miia
Entrance: Miia slithers into the stage before blowing a kiss to the opponent and pumping her arms with an excited look.
Exit: Miia crosses her arms and looks down at the opponent with a dissapointed look before smiling and dragging them offscreen with her tail while winking at the camera.
Standard (Light): Blows a kiss that sends out a small heart
Standard (Medium): Hits with a frying pan
Standard (Heavy): Slams her tail down
Launcher: Springs her tail forward like a spring
Aerial (Light): Slaps
Aerial (Medium): Lashes down with her tail
Aerial (Heavy): Dives down, striking with both arms
Crouching (Light): Hits with the tip of her tail
Crouching (Medium): Hits with her elbow
Crouching (Heavy): Does a slow but massive sweep with her tail
Grab: Smooching My Darling
Miia wraps her tail around the opponent's foot and dangles them upside down in front of her, then smooches their cheek and giggles before hurling them away.
Special Moves:
Lamia Whip: Miia whips her tail forward like a whip,
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The Seven Mages of Servamp 2
Chapter 2-My Name is Sleepy Ash 
Mahiru stared at the red eyed man, confused and shaking with anxiety. Mahiru subtly looked around the room, trying to find something he could use to fight this person. His eyes stopped when he spotted a mop leaning against his dresser, likely left by one of the maids. Gathering all his courage, he sprint over to the mop and grabbed it, but before he could turn around, he sensed a large figure standing directly behind him.
He froze, his hands sweating as he gripped the mop handle tighter. A large, pale hand reached out from behind him and grasped his hand holding the mop, slowly prying his fingers off of it. The second he loosened his grip on the mop, it jumped from his hand and flew around the ceiling. As quickly as it started the mop settled down and lifelessly leaned against the wall on the other side of the room. Mahiru stared at it, completely speechless, but he was quickly brought back by a deep monotonous voice right by his ear.
"Using violen
:iconyaoitorachan:YaoiToraChan 2 0
The Researcher And The Dreamer
Once upon a time, within Gensokyo, Eirin wanted to research the universe's origins.
Answering what happened before the giant explosion that caused it all would take a ton of computational power.
It would be somewhere within the likes of computation never seen before.
Knowing that the brain is one of the best computers known to youkai, she decided to base her calculations upon them.
However, a single mind would be of no use. Merely two to three teraflops would at best be as worthy as a single drop in the sea.
She knew that she had to combine them. There was also the problem of control.
How can you control something as full of thoughts as a human psyche? It's always on, it's always connected, it's always working.
Even when you're... asleep. Sleep... is a wonderful thing. Humans do dream. Their minds tend to bend to their thoughts when they do so.
She decided to ask none other than Doremy Sweet for help.
"Oh, hello, Eirin. What brings you to my wonderful dreamly throne? Ahaha~"
"Well, you
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