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Never insult a witch

My name is or used to be lance your probably confused thinking" but your a woman" i know i know its confusing this is the story of how i became lana it's my own fault really for not keeping my mouth shut.
i had been convinced by my friend gregg to go to a convention all about magic i didn't believe in magic but gregg did so i went with him for something to do i had been separated from gregg in the crowd & was pushing my way through trying to find him when i tripped knocking a few glass vial's off a stand they fell to the floor & smashed i turned to walk away when the goth woman running the stall grabbed my arm & said
" oh so you just break some of my potions that took me months to make then just walk away is that it" i snorted at this"potions relax we both know its just colored water".
the woman rose an eyebrow at my statement" a non believer are you well if you think its just colored water prove it pick any of my potions & drink it"
:iconab1nsur:Ab1nsur 30 8
What nobody wanted to see....

Writer Onoge: Hey! Are you o..
Girl: LEAVE ME ALONE! *continues crying*
Onoge: Don't shout... just calm down a bit, ok?
    *The young girl cal down a bit*

Girl: You say that.. like if it was important for you....
Onoge: You where running with your face covered with tears... Of course it's important... Wouldn't be your parents worried if they see you like that?
Girl: I.. I don't have...
Onoge: Then I'll do everything I can for helping you as if I were your family... Now tell me, what happened?

Girl: V... Valentine....
Onoge: ?
Girl: I.. some girls of my class told me to.. to confess to the boy I loved... but he rejected me... and they are making fun of it.... and.. and...
Onoge: Hey, calm down. Everything is fine now. Then your classmates are making fun of you, and you feel so .. useless, so small and so alo
:icononoge:Onoge 19 16
The Hybrid Analysis of Alex the Raccoon Glider by AlexRaccoonGlider The Hybrid Analysis of Alex the Raccoon Glider :iconalexraccoonglider:AlexRaccoonGlider 12 8
Loud House Fanfiction - Tango Santiago
At afternoon Lincoln went outside his house and slammed front door in anger.
Lincoln: [to the audience] You see me angry and wonder "Why is Lincoln Loud angry?". It's because my sisters refused to hang out with me. Now when I have time and desire to have fun with them, they simply don't. Why do we have such desynchronized ways of thinking?
Lincoln had flashbacks with his sisters refusing to hang out with him.
Lori: No, I won't play video games with you. I'm going with Leni and Lola to the mall.
Luna: Sorry, Dude, I already planned a meeting with Sam and our friends.
Luan: I'm glad you'd like to hang out with me, but now I need to study and Lisa will be my tutor. No joke, when it's about school.
Lynn: I'd love to play with you, but I need to train with Margo.
Lucy: I would read comics with you, Lincoln, but today I go with Lana on pet cemetery to big new grave for her dead lizard.
Lincoln stopped having flashbacks.
Lincoln: Good that I still have friends. I need someone to keep me compa
:iconfirstdrellspectre:FirstDrellSpectre 7 2
Waking Nightmares
“It’s over. Supreme Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren are dead. The galaxy is at peace.”
The words played over and over on every screen and holo-player on Hosnia Prime, Leia’s face uttering those words projected on the side of every building. All through the streets people were cheering, drinking, throwing confetti and launching fireworks. People made up songs on the spot about the galaxy winning back its freedom. At one corner a man was even putting on a puppet show for kids in which the brave Resistance members killed Kylo Ren.
Kylo Ren, he was always called. Still no one talked about his true identity. Maybe no one cared about it. In fact, Han couldn’t remember a single news story revealing who Kylo Ren really was. Maybe Leia still wanted to hide it even after he was dead.
As he walked, Han’s legs felt like they would slide out from under him at any moment. “It’s over. Supreme Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren are dead. The galaxy is at peace.”
:iconesmeamelia:EsmeAmelia 5 13
My Road Rovers Voice Cast
Hunter: Jess Harnell
Colleen: Tress MacNielle
Exile: Kevin Michael Richardson
Blitz: Jeff Bennett
Shag: Frank Welker
Muzzle: Scott McNeil
Professor Hubert: Jim Byrnes
Professor Shepherd/Master: Rob Paulsen
Huntress: Lia Sergeant
Princess: Tara Strong
Tsunami: Phil Lamarr
Roger: Danny Cooksey
Boomer: Ian James Corlette
Ace: Wally West
Connor: Vincent Tong
General Parvo: Jim Cummings
Groomer: Sheena Easton
Geist: Mark Hamill
Banshee: Rob Dobson
Mettle: Ron Pearlman
Akajaki: John DiMaggio
Harley: Barbara Goodson
Lightning: Arleen Sorkin
Dr. Psycho: Tim Curry
Fluffy: Richard Newman
Spot: Gary Chalk
Snuggles: Maurice Lamarche
Rex: Cam Clarke
Chomper: Frank Welker
Sanjuro: Crispin Freeman
Karasu: Steve Blum
Torakichi: Chris Patton
Hakumaru: Dave Bautista
Kumori: Lucy Liu
Krieger: Peter Cullen
Steele: Kirk Thornton
Mikhail: Kevin Michael Richardson
Butch: Frank Welker
Shogun: Tessho Genda
Daniel: Michael Donovan
Prowl: Keith David
Sheng-Long: John DiMaggio
Vladimir: Jay Hickman
Raptor: Nolan
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 7 29
Fire emblem Kaden!Kana to Selkie tg tf
It had been a few months after the conflict between Hoshido and Nohr had ended peace had come between the two nations and the threat of anankos was finally gone.
Kana was happy carrying two objects in his hand: a beaststone and a heart seal, he loved his mama but he was always disappointed that he wasn’t like his Papa and his sister Selkie.
But that would change today! With this seal he might be able to be more like them! He smiled excitedly, thinking this would make him closer to the entire family. He pocketed the beaststone and gripped the heart seal trying to concentrate, he soon felt the light from the heart seal forming just like with how it worked for the others! He started thinking of how much better he could play with his sister and help his Papa and mama as a Kitsune.
But then something odd happened as the bright light surprounded him causing a warm tingling feeling to go over him. He then felt himself begin to grown, he dint know the seal could make him grown up too! Th
:iconspecialistkaiden:Specialistkaiden 9 0
My Little Pony: The Lost Soul Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Reunion
"Today is the day. The Festival of Friendship, an excited and also special festival for gathering and making friends between ponies and other creatures. This conceptual idea was inspired by my experience and adventure of friendship with my friends, across the Equestria. I want to share this experience and joy with everyone including other creatures.
I was disappointed and upset that my proposal idea of Songbird Serenade's performance was rejected by both Royal Princesses and Mystic Council. They told me that I should rely on my own magic to do so.
I couldn't understand what they mean. So, it looks like I have to rely on my organization and intelligent mind, and even my own friends to make Festival of Friendship excited and special. We're making our final preparation for Festival of Friendship.
But we're about to get some unexpected company. Someone we didn't expected to be alive..."

:iconnigel5469:nigel5469 4 2
Madame Viper Attacks
Twas a rather dark night in the Marvel universe. Earth's Mightiest heroes, The Avengers, were all getting ready for bed. Tony Stark had a causal make out session with his assistant/love interest, Pepper Potts. Steve Rogers did a few exercises before bed. Bruce Banner meditated to keep himself from Hulking out in his sleep. Thor...denied the fact that he needed sleep. Hawkeye was forced to listen to him not sleep. Vision, powered down and went into his charging station. Black Widow set up some defenses around her room. Ant-Man read a book before going to bed. Black Panther would patrol Avengers Mansion before getting some rest. And finally Wasp, who would normally whine to Ant-Man to go to bed, wasn't even in Avengers Mansion. In the middle of the night, she had been kidnapped by a shadowy figure and taken to a Hydra base. The dark figure had tied her up in a chair once they got to a hidden Hydra base. Wasp was of course not happy with being tied up in a dark room.
"Ok, I don't know who
:iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 6 2
VS Bio: Kate (Crash Zoom)


First appearance: Crash Zoom - "Movie Massacre"
Occupation: Film-maker
Age: Unknown (Can't physically age, though is repeatedly considered to be older than both Ben and Lucy combined)
Species: Demon
Likes: Making movies, violence, blood, death, destruction, magic, supernatural things in general
Theme song:

- Might be the most powerful character in Crash Zoom so far ("Movie Massacre")
- Scared Lucy and made her accidentally shoot an old lady (who turned out to be an alien queen) 
("Movie Massacre")
- Helped foil an alien invasion 
("Movie Massacre")
- Turned an entire forest of L.A.R.P. role players into actual monsters, animals, knights, etc. 
("Orcs and Dorks")
- Brought an entire population of zombies to life to star in Ben's Zombie Massacre movie 
("Grave Mistake")
:iconthatrandomdbwriter:ThatRandomDBWriter 10 6
All-Star WarZone: Air Man
Entrance: Air Man drops down onscreen and aims his arm cannon forward as his propeller activates.
Exit: Air Man throws out his arms as three tornadoes float around him.
Standard (Light): Slaps
Standard (Medium): Backhands
Standard (Heavy): Punches
Launcher: Raises a tornado from the ground
Aerial (Light): Punches
Aerial (Medium): Kicks
Aerial (Heavy): Summons three swirling tornadoes
Crouching (Light): Kicks
Crouching (Medium): Punches
Crouching (Heavy): Punches with both fists
Grab: Vortex
Air Man grabs the opponent and traps them in a tornado that carries them away.
Special Moves:
Air Shooter: Air Man fires a tornado from his arm cannon that splits into three tornadoes and floats upward.
Propeller Blow: Air Man activates his propeller, blowing his foe back with a gust of wind.
Tornado Wave: Air Man shoots a tornado from his arm cannon that travels along the ground.
Cyclone Rise: Air Man shoots a tornado at the ground, which forms into a larger tornado that carries foes into the air.
:iconultimatesaiyaneddy:UltimateSaiyanEddy 4 0
Business TG AR
  Philip had come into the office for an interview as a secretary. Boss Prints was a very prestigious company that produced over 3 billion annually and was hoping to finally get out of a low point in his life. He reached the office of the regional manager, Hank Story, a grumpy man. As Philip enters the office, he feels like he doesn’t belong.
“Sorry kid, you’re not cut out for this job. In fact, I have ten girls prettier than you willing to take this position!” Hank said with a chuckle.
  Philip broke down into tears. He went to UT for god’s sake, but wasn’t pretty enough.
“Goddammit, stop being such a baby!”
As the last word escaped Hank’s mouth, a burst of energy pulsed through the room. The transformation began. Philip moaned as two mounds of flesh erupted from his chest, forming C cups. All of the hair from his body detached itself and reattached to his now collarbone length hair. Next, his arms, legs, and stomach all
:icondjpicklesoap:DJPickleSoap 3 0
Playing Teacher - Part 3
Kite: Now, as we all know, teamwork is a key component when it comes to getting the job done.
Before I was able to continue, I see a familiar face right beside the Motor Drivers.
Kite: Mara! What's up?
Mara: Hey Kite. I just wanted to bring you some good news about Emily and Kira's team.  
Kite: Oh...Emily, huh? What's the news?
Mara: Well, first off, they've decided on Zephyrs as their team name. 
Kite: Zephyrs? Sounds like a pretty cool name for a team.
Mara: Second, they have a potential first recruit!  And you won't believe who it is.
Kite: A new recruit? Who's the new guy or girl on the team?
Mara: you remember telling me about a Shiny Eevee that was hitting on Clair before I started training under you guys?  The one you chased off?  Andrew? 
Kite: Wait a sec...ANDREW!? Holy shit, I remember him! He was quite the battler, but he acted like a sore loser. He managed to get onto a team with Emily of all
:iconscouteevee:ScoutEevee 3 8
Language Barrier
The wolf wandered the Hearth Grove. Her tail was up and curled, her ears were perked, it didn't take an animal genius to figure out that she was a very happy wolf indeed. She trotted and pranced through the gardens as if she were a queen who owned it all.
Many of the guards and staff gave the animal a wide berth - but though they had never seen it before, they did not sound an alarm. Strange wild animals were rather common here at the Grove - especially predators.
The wolf trotted up to Fred outside the garage and sniffed at him. Fred, at the sight of the wolf, went stock still. "Uh....."
The wolf sniffed at his legs and his grease covered hands and after a sneeze, she nosed at his knee.
"Um.... are you new here?" he asked the wolf, but then just looked confused because how was a wolf going to answer that?
Uncomfortable, he backed away - but the wolf just followed.
He walked faster and headed away from the garage toward one of the guard stations. The wolf followed.
He started to get ne
:iconspidersong:SpiderSong 1 0
The Realm of Eternal Frost 07
Chapter 07: The Empress' New Recruit
An hour or so has passed since Yoyo and her minions recruited the former half Esper girl, Terra “Tina” Branford. Yoyo decided to play her cards right with discussing matters with her new recruit. Terra was taken to Yoyo's personal chamber, where the two women were having a personal discussion with one another. Yoyo sits on her bed, complete with royal purple blankets and pillows, while Terra pulled up a chair in the Empress' room, sitting so where the two can make eye contact as they speak.
“Oh, my precious pretty Tina, I am Empress Yoyo.” Yoyo said to Terra, hiding away the malice in her voice. “I want you to join my forces, because, I am a friend, someone you can love. Someone you can trust.”
“Well, heh heh, you do seem friendly enough my lady Yoyo.” Terra laughed, trying to hide how nervous she was around the arch-demoness. “At least you are nothing like Emperor Gestahl, who raised me without
:iconboschian-fantasies:Boschian-Fantasies 3 6
Gundam SEED Rebuild Ch.3
Gundam SEED Rebuild
Ch. 3 - Giving Thanks
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam SEED. The Lockheed and Donnelly families, Jeff Glenn, and Helen Glenn are my OCs. Andria Yamasaki is Titanic-X-21's OC. Mark Allen and Mackenzie Allen are ZAFT Prime's OCs.
"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." -John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States
Jefferson City, Missouri, Atlantic Federation - America, Nov. 28, CE 53

Adrian Lockheed was smiling as he held his three-year-old son, Derek, as he greeted friends and family at the door with his father, Mark.
"Happy Thanksgiving, Mark," one of the guests greeted.
"Same to you," Mark replied. These guests were some of the family’s old friends, not to mention some of his allies in the Assembly and from NGOs around the country. However, there was no business planned, as the Lockheeds intended for a casual occasion for everyone to forget thei
:iconstryker2984:Stryker2984 4 0
Natsumi Vermilion vs Pullum Purna
Perhaps the people who work for Bryan Valentine wanted at least /one/ Halloween themed fight, not that Pullum was all too familiar with it! The October custom, while still far away, lead to the choice of a rotting, warn down old castle.
To make matters more interesting, it couldn't even be driven to. The fighters were forced to walk up the stairs to the midsection of the castle, stone steps leading to the main yard, stone and lichens mixed about on the elder ground.
It's quite the sight, and Pullum isn't quite sure what to make of it. On one hand, it's really giving her some poor vibes. A dark prince, some of them talked about - how chilling. But still, it was a wonder, especially the cliffside that it rests upon. How they managed to build it so far away!
Standing now in the yard of the castle, stairs about, leading to many an entry, Pullum glances about - of course they made it occur during the bewitching hours, though there's plenty of light - provided, of course, for the cameras. "A
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Precure All Stars Hidden History
Narrator: The story begins sometime after the Great Precure War. As one can remember if they are familiar with that historical event in the Land of Hearts' history, the conflict ended with Cure Elder's victory against Emperor Death who had gone into hiding as a result as well as the beautiful Land of Hearts being free to shine it's light to the entire universe.
With her subsequent meeting with Cure Younger and eventual adoption to Younger as Elder's adopted sister, the Multi-World Garrison was restructured and reorganized into the security force that it is now seen as today.
However, this next event will spell several more hardships for both Precures.
On another alternate world which is as beautiful as the Land of Hearts itself, a pretty blue planet called Earth, the dominant species that lived on that world called the humans worshiped various groups of entities called gods and goddesses. During that golden age of the gods, the warriors of light, love, hope and happiness were born to p
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Best Valentine I've Had(M!O!Reader x Sadie Adler)
Short Valentine's Day. 'Some' Drinking, some fluff, some ooc, no Lemon in this.
(February 14th, 1900)
"How close are you?!" Lee shouts up to me.
"Just....about..." I hit the last three nails on the roof tiles. "Finished!" I get up and holster the hammer then drop down, laughing as I run up to Lee, Alvin, and Kenny, they laugh with me.
"We fucking did it!" Kenny cheers.
"We built my house!" I cheer.
This took 2 and a half weeks to make, a single story house, and we finally built it, three rooms in it, a nice fireplace, windows on each side, all I needed to get was beds, furniture, and food, then me, Sadie, and Clem can live in it.
"Well, this calls, for a celebration!" Kenny pulls out some beer.
"I'll have one." Alvin chuckles.
"So will I, have to be able to ride my horse sober." I said, Lee takes one as well.
"Look at us, four men, managed to get this done, in not even a
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 6 1
Galactic Heroes Ch. 23 - A slimy situation
Location: Aldebaran Time: 06:00 AM (Earth's time)
The cruiser was flying in space, discovering alien planets and lifeforms as the crew awaits their next mission to protect the innocent from evilkind.
Currently, Aladar was experimenting on something in his lab. He had a slimy substance under his microscope. He added a very small cube of sugar to it. It got absorbed quick, but that was it. No reaction from the slime other than absorbing. He sighed.
Light checked in.
"Cherry said breakfast's ready." - he said. Aladar turned towards him. He had bags under his eyes, his top eyelids were shown, and had crumbs on his eyes. He looked like he hadn't slept for days.
"Is it one of your important experiments again?" - asked an annoyed Light.
"Light. Think about it. Aliens that aren't humanoid or animal-like, but things come to alive. Like slimes." - he replied in a sour excitement, due to his small quote unquote insomnia.
"Really?" - asked Light, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow while smil
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The Unexpected Visitor | Kuroh Yatogami
“We need to talk,” Kuroh states, as you enter the apartment.
Earlier today, whilst he prepared you a dinner for when you returned, Kuroh had been shocked by the sudden realisation that he was not alone. Typically, of course, he would have noticed the intruder before it became so obvious, but the smell of sake had been stiff in the air, and he’d been preoccupied with perfecting his tamagoyaki instead of looking out for any possible invaders.
And then he saw her - or him, Kuroh didn't look to check - with one paw on the man’s foot, looking up at Kuroh with that fake love of “please feed me” in big blue eyes.
To say Kuroh was shocked would have been an understatement.
Firstly, the two of you were banned from having pets in the apartment, and Kuroh had presumed you were responsible enough to keep that in mind at all times - even though he knew, occasionally, you tended to get caught up on all those web pages of various an
:iconjustabrokenspirit:JustABrokenSpirit 5 0
Anti Dora + Caillou + Little Bill Story 1
Caillou, Dora, and Little Bill hijack a Cargo Ship that is loaded with highly Flammable substances
A Super Mario Star Fox Splatoon Panel de Pon Vs. Dora the Explorer, Caillou, and Little Bill story by HarukaKawaiiUltra775. Enjoy!
Newcomers: Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Krystal (Star Fox Character), Slippy Toad, and Lip (Panel de Pon)
One day, in Inkopolis, Mario is having a stroll with his good old friend, Fox McCloud. They are having a conversation about Baby Show Characters that become terrorists.
Fox: “Whoa, Who are Dora Marquez and Caillou Anderson?”
Mario: “Mr. Fox, you don’t want to mess with them. Ever since those two guys found out that their shows are cancelled, they become bad guys. Once, they destroyed the Spaghetti Vs. Udon Splatfest!”
Fox: “No Kidding, I was there too! Me and My team are on Team Spaghetti and we are on the Second round after you guys, but…”
Mario: “I know, before my team could splat Marth’s team i
:iconharukakawaiiultra775:HarukaKawaiiUltra775 10 30
The Incredibles meet the Spider-Verse part 2
The Incredibles Meet The Spider-Verse. Part 2
The home of the Parr family in the hills outside Metroville
It is a grey and overcast afternoon in Metroville, and in the luxurious, expansive house of the Parr family, or better known as the superhero family, the Incredibles, Parents Bob and Helen are playing in their backyard with Jack-Jack, both having fun and helping their infant son Jack-Jack brush up on his powers. Bob threw a ball behind him, and as he did, Jack-Jack disappeared into a portal and then reappeared from another portal behind Bob and caught the ball, with his parents applauding him.
While Jack-Jack and his parents were playing, Jack-Jack’s older brother Dash was running around at the speed of life and soon came speeding in the driveway and through the house. He then bragged to his parents about running 25 miles in 3 minutes, and while his parents seemed impressed at first, Helen frowned upon Dash for going too far, but Bob reassured Helen that Dash was just doing w
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