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Untouchable [Levi Ackerman x Reader]
Before he dared to wear the uniform of the Survey Corps, Levi Ackerman carried the smell of dead cigarettes and dead men in the sound of his footsteps.
Careful, midnight footsteps; and thoughts, and doubts. They sounded bloody and guilty, hiding from the dark silence of the room.
Her voice slipped out of the quiet.
"Long night?" she asked him.
He stood in between the sounds of another step, another thought, some more doubt. And the unmoving smell of his smoked cigarettes.
And she may have heard the small sound of his conscience. And maybe it was sorry before he smiled and said, "Yeah. It always fucking is."
His footsteps approached the edges of the lamplight she sat in, next to her insomnia and across from a few sleepless sips of rum.
She could see his grey eyes. Then, the rest of him.
He carried himself neatly, in a quiet, calm, bloodstained manner: the strong shoulders of a businessman's respected attitude and the proud chest of a gangster's respected reputation; all well dressed in
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Never Alone (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)
“Bakugou!” you screamed, racing towards him.
‘He’s too far.’
As he was being dragged back into the warp by the villains, his eyes met yours.
“Don’t come, (Name).”
You looked up as your eyes filled with tears.
‘This is the only time I’ve ever heard such fear in his voice.’
With your last spurt of energy, you propelled yourself forward, flying into the warp and wrapping your arms tightly around him.
As you disappeared into the warp gate together, you relayed one last message to him.
“I’ll never leave you alone.”
And then darkness.
“Excuse me” you approached a tall blonde male who sat at his desk, looking out the window.
The boy turned his head, giving you a frown.
“Aren’t you from Class 1-B?” he asked.
“You’re right.”
“Then get lost. I don’t want to deal with your bullsh*t” Bakugou said, turning
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Highschool DXD X One winged Angel Male Reader ch:3
Y/n’s Pov
As I make my way down the street heading home I sense someone was following me. Thinking to myself she must have sent one of her members to spy on me to see what I was up to, but I wasn’t alone for someone else was also watching me. As I decided to take a short cut through the park a light spear came out of no where and hit the ground a few feet away from me.
“What do we have here…a human who wander into my territory, humans are really stupid.” A man said in a trench coat and wearing fedora standing on a tree branch.

“I’m surprised to see a fallen angel here of all places.” I replied with a calm look on my face.
“How did….no matter you won’t live to tell anyone about us.” He said as he summoned another light spear and threw it at me, but I just looked at it and caught it shocking the man who was almost speechless.
“What. How no human has ever blocked one o
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Stand Profile: Guren no Yumiya
Name: Guren no Yumiya.
English Name: Give me the Yummies.
Namesake: The first Attack on Titan OP.
Appearance: Guren no Yumiya takes the form of a garbage-can like figure with a massive mouth.
Ability: When Guren no Yumiya is fed a person, it will grow larger. Eventually its form will change and it will become an automatic stand, seeking out more and more food. However, it needs to eat its target with its mouth to grow and change form. It cannot absorb them.
Destructive Power: A.
Speed: B.
Range: C-A.
Durability: A.
Precision: D.
Development Potential: A.
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Van der Linde gang x Male Reader Part. 43
Those damn O'Driscolls, they took a friend from me. Kieran didn't have a lot of friends in camp, but I know he liked me. He saved Arthur's life...and for that, I am eternally grateful, my only regret is that I could never pay back the debt I felt I owed him. But I guess ever since he led us to the O'Dricoll cabin he was living on borrowed time. I wish we didn't have to deal with things like this, but we have to. Mrs. Adler fought braver than us all, I swear if I had a sister she would be a lot like her. I don't understand how she has that much rage pent up inside, I guess that's the dark side of love for you.
(F/N) sank the board of wood into the ground, then stepped back to look at the pile of dirt. He sighed, "This is a spot where horses come to graze. It's got open fields and it's warm'll love it here."
The gunslinger looked at the ground,
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The IRL Fnaf 4 timeline.
I know I said I'd do the thing with trying to explain the Afton family tree, but I need to get this all out before I neglect it.
Alot of people are under the impression that the Lockbox cutscene shows that Scott knew from the beginning that Fnaf 4 would be weird or strange or extreme for the series, enough to make the community reject it.
But that's not true. The Box cutscene, in fact, says "Some things are best left forgotten. . . For now."
It wasn't until Scott's "Halloween Content update" post That he dubbed the true answer to Fnaf 4 to be something the community would not except.
And looking at the events in the franchise, community, and Scott's post about said events, There's a clear story of happenings going on here.
Strap in tight bois and gurls, Cause I'm gonna try and figure out the Fnaf 4 timeline. . . Of development.
So, it all starts, as Scott said in the interview, with Sco
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Genie Birthday
in Scuttle Town.
Shantae: what a nice day.
Sky: hi Shantae.
Shantae: hi Sky.
Sky: how's the town.
Shantae: (smiles) pretty great. It's now safe.
Sky: glad to hear.
Shantae: at least it's a good day.
Fortuna appears.
Shantae: it's Fortuna. Hi Fortuna.
Fortuna: hello Shantae.
Sky: you're the genie who is a good friend of King Sequino.
Fortuna: (smiles) of course. I like to bring fortune and luck to people i really like.
Shantae: sounds cool. So what brings you in Scuttle Town?
Fortuna: i'm here to tell you that today is the birthday of Luna and Solara.
Shantae: sweet. You celebrate birthdays in the Genie Realm.
Fortuna: of course we do. The twins will arrive here shortly. So would you like to keep them busy so i and my friends prepare a surprise party for them?
Shantae: (smiles) sure thing.
Fortuna: sounds great. See you later. (warps to the Genie Realm)
Shantae: bye Fortuna.
Sky: sweet, Solara and Luna are gonna celebrate their own birthday!
Shantae: yeah. It's gonna be a good day.
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Arc 17, Ch. 4
Vore Warning. I want everyone to listen to The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore, it’s a song, and think about it to an apocalypse setting. It was used in the season one trailer for The Walking Dead. It’s genuinely a fantastic song.
(Flashback, continued from previous chapter)
Mabel’s eyes opened to warm, wet,  suckling darkness. She stretched and rubbed the soft walls surrounding her. Spino lightly purred, looked at his belly where his sister was nice and warm inside.  Mabel rolled onto her back, she’d been on her side, and felt the stomach wall pressing into her bare back. She pressed her feet into the walls, pushing against them gently, making Spino sleepily purr.
She felt her giant big brother sitting up and beginning to push her out of his stomach. Spino pushed her back up his gullet , a bulge going up his neck. He felt her slide onto his tongue and he opened his jaws, sitting her on the ground. Mabel landed on the grass outside he
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Melody of the Moon 2, Ch 6
Underwater, Barbara Gordon, as Batgirl, was swimming by to find some sea snakes. She stops to see three on the sea floor. With a smirk, she took out her batgirl grabbers and opens and closes them a few times. She then swam towards them. She stops in front of them which they notice her.
“Hey there, I’m Batgirl.” Batgirl greeted. “I just stop by and wondered if you guys keep your fangs to yourself and help us get rid of some moray eels?”
Their response… showing their teeth at her. Now Barbara was swimming away screaming as the snacks chased her.
With the other heroes, they were swimming to find Atlantica. Wing has a map from Watanuki. Selene was holding Klonoa’s hand to keep him calm.
“Let’s see… the map says take another turn and we’ll be there soon.” Wing said.
“I can’t wait to see Atlantica!” Akko exclaimed. “I hope it’s as beautiful as it is in the story.”
“Me too.
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An Almighty Paintball Game
 The sky was a pleasant orange with wispy pink clouds of the sunset over Tadfield. No longer were the skies the Apocalyptic red of earlier. Four children and six adults stood on the American Airbase, still dazed at what had just happened. The Four Horse-people of said Apocalypse were defeated by the children's belief in their future. Aziraphale couldn’t help but feel pride in humanity for the decision to make their world better for themselves. And he was proud of Adam, as he chose not to be the Anti-Christ since he grew up loving his parents, his home and his friends. 
 Before they could contemplate this any further, a crack of lightning filled the air, and the smell of brimstone permeated the area. Two figures appeared, much to the dismay of Crowley and Aziraphale-and they were Gabriel and Beelzebub. Both Angel and Demon shifted uncomfortably as their superiors walked to meet the group. 
 Crowley flourished his hands as he bowed, “Lord Beelzebub
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Miraculous Sally vs The Big Chungus
One day, the magician Harry Chungo was in prison with Lady Dominator the Coyote and Black Anubis.
Lady Dominator: Look at you. You’re just a fatter version of Bugs Bunny!
Black Anubis: Yeah! You’ll never become a big leaguer like us!
But Harvey was very angry.
Harvey: Look, Doc. Do you go around insulting people because they’re fat? I don’t think so.
Black Anubis: Well, tough beans. My magic is more powerful than yours.
Lady Dominator: And I have a cybernetic whip!
Black Anubis: So hit the bricks, Mac!
Black Anubis and Lady Dominator laughed as Harvey walked back to his cell. There, he saw Vic, a German shepherd.
Vic: So, another tough day, is it?
Harvey: Yeah, doc. Every day the other prisoners make fun of me because I’m fat. That’s exactly the same thing I went through at high school.
Vic: Well, you’ll just have to deal with it. This is prison, you know.
Harvey let out a sigh. Meanwhile, Hawk Moth (Fiona Fox) was about to release another akum
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Arcade Galaxy: Tifa Lockhart VS. Catwoman
Arcade Galaxy: Tifa Lockhart VS. Catwoman
The sun was shining down onto the high tech city known as Esthar City within the nation of Esthar. William came out of the Presidential Palace with Tifa following behind him, "Seems like it will be a nice day,"
"Yup, specially after that victory that Zoro got us sometime ago," Tifa glanced around with her arms crossed beneath her curvy chest.
At that moment, the Batwing flew through the area and headed towards the airstation.
"Ah today's challenge just arrived," William smiled.
"Ah who will be fighting this time?" Tifa smiled.
"How about you?" William smiled at her, "I bet you will like a turn,"
"Yup. I wanna join in the fun," Tifa smiled.
"Okay lets go greet our opponents," William smirked and walked up to his car, the Regalia, which he got inside of and sat down in the driver's seat.
"Alright," Tifa smiled when she got inside of the Regalia and sat down beside him in the passenger's seat.
William started the car up and drove it down to
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All-Star WarZone: Axol
Entrance: Axol walks onstage with Inkweaver, smiling and challenging the opponent.
Exit: Axol beams upward, summoning False Ultra Instict Shaggy to carry him off.
Standard (Light): Pokes
Standard (Medium): Stabs with Inkweaver
Standard (Heavy): Sketches False Mewtwo appears who emits a pulse of psychic power from its hand
Launcher: Sketches a bomb in the shape of a manga before it explodes
Aerial (Light): Kicks
Aerial (Medium): Flips with Inkweaver extended
Aerial (Heavy): Sketches False Pheonix Wright who sneezes
Crouching (Light): Slaps
Crouching (Medium): Swings Inkweaver
Crouching (Heavy): Sketches False Jotaro Kujo who summons Star Platinum who, in turn, extends his index finger and sweeps it across the ground
Grab: Weeaboo Washout
Axol grabs the opponent before kicking them away and sketching a cute anime girl in the distance; drawing the for towards the figure, but instead falling through an invisible portal and getting launched toward Axol.
Special Moves:
Ink Bomb: Axol throws
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SORA AND VENTUS bounce to smash fanfic in desc. by DJJumpsta77 SORA AND VENTUS bounce to smash fanfic in desc. :icondjjumpsta77:DJJumpsta77 2 0
This is me as a elephant
This would be me as a elephant
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Grid Ghost Chapter 8
Returning to Roots
“Have you discovered the identity of the mutant?”
“Not yet. But I am making progress. Luckily, he isn’t too hard to find. The idea to look for a specific heat signature was brilliant idea, Naoki.”
“Give yourself some credit, Erin. You’re the one specialized on this mutant, not me. You provided the information, I helped provide resources and a solution.”
Erin chuckled, thumbing through her files on a tablet, glancing up once in awhile at her monitor set up.
“True. Bird Boy is of extreme interest to me and I know the most about him.” She pulled a picture The Phoenix, smiling softly. “But alas, I’ll only be able to do so much before I have to hand him over to Liv.” She sighed, resting a cheek against her hand. “I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.” She shook her head, putting the image away. “Regardless, once I have more information I’ll be sending her another repor
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Fast Food in the Pokeworld
For the most part, fast food in the Pokeworld is no different from fast food in the real world--there are chains one would find everywhere (your McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell counterparts, for example) and some local chains you would only find in certain regions or even in certain parts of a region.
The two most common burger joints one could find anywhere are PokeBurger (the much nicer counterpart of McDonald's) and Char's Grill (or just Char's to its fans--it is the much nicer Burger King counterpart)
PokeBurger's Poke Ball shaped burger sign and Pikachu mascot Swift is an icon around the Pokeworld. Char's has Flame the Charizard (and Flame Jr. the Charmander, who is used to advertise the kids' meals.) The two chains have a friendly rivalry with each other, often gently poking fun at the other's mascot in commercials.
If a trainer's craving tacos, there is Taco Rico (the Taco Bell counterpart) They are best known for their Party Boxes--a cheap multipack of tacos ranging from
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[aph] Paragraf 175 [10]
    Upewnił się, że niewielka kartka jest ciasno zwinięta, a sznurek mocno trzyma. Następnie przyłożył rulonik do łydki i zaczął wiązać, mocno dociskając do skóry, a gdy skończył, upewnił się, że papier nie przeszkadza mu ani w spokojnym marszu, ani w biegu. Opuścił nogawkę, do tej pory podwiniętą do kolana, a potem się uśmiechnął.
    – Jest dobrze.
    Ludwig nie uniósł wzroku, zajęty poprawianiem własnego kompletu dokumentów. W skupieniu kilkakrotnie sprawdził, czy zwitek na pewno nie wypadnie, a potem rozejrzał się po ich obozowisku. Zgarnął dłońmi pozostałe skrawki i rzucił w ogień.
    Przerysowane fragmenty map, pomyślał Gilbert, odruchowo dotykając rulonika przez
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Trying it out pt.2
me and mommy drove to sister's daycare, then she unbuckled me
and walked with me inside.
I was a little scared what my sister would do, would she make fun of me for wearing a dress, would she tease me every chance she got?
I guess only time would tell.
my mom paused at the front office and went about enrolling me into the daycare, after the lady told my mom this could take a while the lady asked my mom
if she would like me to wait in the daycare while she filled out the forms, my mom said yes, that might be more fun for me.
as the woman from the front office started walking me inside she asked my mom what age I was, mommy said I was 6, so the lady took me to that part of the daycare.
she told me to play with some toys while her and mommy filled out the paperwork before she left. luckily no one else was here other than the teacher so I started playing with some
Lego sets. after a while of playing with them I started to feel the need to poop, I figured I could hold it for a little bit lo
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From Darkness: The Prologue
 When the first of them came up from within, the path leading up to the surface was ancient, long decommissioned, abandoned. This was the first time they were setting a single claw upon its worn, dingy interior, feeling the faint breeze pulling air slowly through the gaping throat of the tunnel. A legion of weary steps dragged and strayed along the many pipes, rails and tubes. Trails of dribbling energon and fallen pieces were left in the wake of the quiet army of crooked shadows. This was not the only place that they could have fled to after Erokteriss was overtaken by the poisoned ones, but it was the only place that they were willing to gamble on. 
Here, they could find their last line of support.
 Umbra shuffled ahead of the group, their body falling apart as they went.  Each shaking step threatened to fell the erokt leader, an occasional spark signalled yet another broken line or circuit being cut off for repair o
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What Could Have Been...
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The story of Son (Y/n). Chapter Five: Helping hand
A few days had past now, since Son (Y/n) had helped the pro hero Midnight in arresting the smugglers. The story had been posted in many newspapers and news stories and the one photo that kept appearing was one of (Y/n) after he had passed out thanks to residue from Midnight’s quirk, his head softly laying in her lap as the police took care of the defeated smugglers in the background. Of course, the suggestive picture spread rumors like wildfire around UA high and when Son (Y/n) first walked into his class since that day he was greeted by Mineta jumping in his face.
Big perving eyes locked onto (Y/n) and his voice was actually a fair bit louder in volume, so much so that when he spoke he drew the rest of the class’s attention. “Son-kun!” Mineta creepily spoke, like his mind was elsewhere “How did it feel?” he asked. With a blank stare, (Y/n) looked at Mineta oblivious as to what he was talking about.
“How did what feel?” he asked confused
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Good Idea Bad idea 13
It's time for another good idea bad idea.
Dressing like a chicken in Halloween.
Dressing like a chicken in the wolf area.
The wolves chase Roman and they attack him.
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