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The White Witch-TG
"You shall be my champion!" the angel exclaimed with a heavy and grand voice. "As the darkness has crept around this world, you shall it's protector! The last defense against the abyss! You shall be a light that shines through the endless tunnel of unspeakable evil! The champion of good and the enemy of evil, You shall be known as the archangel of humanity!"
Dave looked at the majestic white-winged woman in front of her. He was sure he wasn't drunk, he didn't drink anything before. He was sure it was a dream because he was pitching his arm right now. Was someone drugging him? He couldn't think of anyone who would do that. So, probably this was the reality! either that or Dave was thrown into another world. Or perhaps, he was just crazy. But, even if it's real, he still had one question.
"Why did you choose me anyway?" Dave asked. 
"As I had seen in the longest time, you are one of the most kind-hearted people I have seen in a long time. You also have the intellect a
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Underrated Worthy Tickle Candidates
Matt Shively

Matt had his first break on Nickelodeon like many others and has since jumped around from various projects, most recently and notably his role on The Real O'neals where he played a lovable wrestling jock and big brother. He has that cute goofy best friend thing going on that I find myself drawn to quite often and he seems to have a great sense of humor which I also greatly appreciate. Despite his adorableness and fun loving personality, he hasn't garnered too much attention in the tickle/foot fetish community to speak of; something I think deserves to change.

Winston Duke

You may recognize this actor from the massive success Black Panther and although he isn't the star of the film, I'd say he was a scene stealer to an extent. From what I've seen he likes to laugh and seems like a nice guy but what got
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Ultimate Destiny: Shadow
Name: Shadow the Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Debut: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
VA: Kirk Thornton
Intro: Shadow teleports onscreen with his arms crossed and eyes closed before opening his eyes and speaking his quote before taking a fighting stance.
Intro Quotes
"Hmph, fine..."
"I will end this quickly."
"Don't compare yourself to me."
"I will make this as painless as I can."
Outro: Shadow tosses a Chaos Emerald into the air and catches it while turning his back with a smirk.
Outro Quote: That's not all. I'm full of surprises.
Results Screen Quotes
"Hmph. Naturally."
"You should have thought twice about challenging the ultimate life form."
"Well... That was extremely disappointing..."
"My power is ultimate! You didn't stand a chance."
Vs. Vegeta: Even with the power of gods, your anger clouds your judgement.
Vs. Mario: Well, you can thank me later, Sonic.
Vs. Sonic: I expect more of a challenge, Sonic. Don't go holding back!
Special Moves
Chaos Control: Shadow snaps his fingers and vanishes in a
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The Winner is the Loser
The Winner is the Loser
By: JaneDoe-2010, 6/23/2018 12:47:09 AM
Laura was an ordinary girl in her early twenties.  Laura had just finished college and received her degree in Industrial Technology with emphasis in robotics.  Finishing college had been more difficult than Laura thought it would be.
In her third year of school, Laura got into an extremely intense argument with her parents, about her lifestyle, too many parties and her being too wild.  Eventually Laura told her parents that she was an independent woman and didn’t need them interfering in her life.  Laura’s parents were very irritated with her, and told Laura that if that was how she felt she should get a job and pay her own way thru school.  Laura’s foolish pride caused her to tell them that was exactly what she would do.
True to her word, Laura did try a couple of jobs.  At first, she worked as a room service maid in a chain hotel near her school.  But Laura found that
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Ultranel Lore: Elven Race by StrandedGeek Ultranel Lore: Elven Race :iconstrandedgeek:StrandedGeek 2 0
FSCP123-340: A demon/Koopa hybrid who sells cursed dvds and blurays. This Koopa/demon hybrid is the son of a being who is basically a demonic version of Bowser and his job is to sell these dvds and blurays to people in order to convert them into demonic anthro Koopas,  he does so in a manner akin to the infamous Terror Toons movies and he gives these movies to other characters as well to get them possessed and to make them serve him.
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Rise of the TMNT OC profile: Xandria
Name: Xandria Walpurgis
Nickname: Sam (her fake name when she disguises herself to go out in public), loud-mouth (by Hecate)
Age: 24
Birthday: April 30th (a joke to Walpurgis Night, a witch holiday)
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: Witch? (She can cast spells and use potions while Hecate can make the spells and potions, sometimes works with Baron Draxum)
Association: Evil (but I plan on making her and Hecate turn good later on)
Markings: None
Disability(ies): Has a short attention span, gets so stressed sometimes she thinks she's going blind
Hair: Electric blue
Eyes: Electric blue
Nationality: I don't think witches have nationality (though appearance wise, she looks European)
Location: Realm of Magic (a fan made "location", more like world, of mine)
Appearance: Despite being the younger of the two sisters, Xandria dresses more maturely. She wears a black long sleeved cut off shirt that exposes her stomach, she wears a black puffy skirt. She wears black
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Star Wars Infinities: FaSotS Timeline 10 (in-work)
Star Wars Infinities: Father and Son of the Suns (part 10)
BBY 10: Emboldened by a stunning win of the heavily-modified freighter Millennium Falcon from Cix Trouvee in a game of sabacc (with an Idiot’s Array hand), Lando Calrissian takes on a highly-competitive, nigh-lethal job of running weapons and supplies to rebellious workers to planet Kessel, a notorious prison world adjacent to the black hole cluster known as the Maw, with loose ties to the Confederacy via underworld connections. A layover on Ylesia, a Hutt-affiliated world dedicated to spice mining of its own, results in the meeting between Lando and a female slave named Bria Tharen, caught in the thrall of the “Exaltation.” Recognizing a con job when he sees one, Lando initially masquerades as a thrall, and enacts a plan that exposes the methodology of the Exaltation to the slaves, resulting in a massive uprising. Bria, free from the influence of the cult, decides to travel with Lando on his journey to Kessel
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Champion of Magic, the Two... Ten. (Re-Casual Set)

Paul Miller
Casual Swimsuit
Casual Beachwear
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DOD Bestiary: Tusker
Common Name: Tusker (Lizardbull, Dicynodont)
Pronounced: (Tusker)
Classification: Saurobovidae / various sp.
SGOC Rank: Fauna / Megafauna
Length: 2 – 27 feet
Height: 1 – 10 feet at the shoulder
Weight: 50 lbs. – 7 tons
Diet: Herbivore
Social Structure: Solitary, Herd (10-100+ members)
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: Vostok Prime (Antarctica)
IUCN Status: Near Threatened
Tuskers are a family of modern-day dicynodonts endemic to the Antarctic cavern of Vostok Prime.
The largest herbivores in their native cavern, tuskers have an upright posture like that of dinosaurs and mammals. They have parrot-like beaks with a strong overbite for cutting up tough vegetation, as well as a pair of tusks in the upper jaw for digging and se
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Review of Moody Blue by Elvis
Album Review, “Moody Blue” by Elvis Presley
Elvis is only a cliche from the surface people assume because misrepresentation has occurred in the industries relating to his work.  No, his years of youth don’t represent his whole career.  This album is excellent since he dives into the sad parts of life to reign on prosperous motives he displays for approach, realistic abstractions, and visionary work.  “Teachers” on TV are usually wrong about Elvis.  Elvis’ album here (late 70’s) leaves its presumptive evidence towards love and holy pictures although we also find his other records fans of his assign comparative ages to by hoarding, organizing, and treasuring.  A standing man like Elvis resembles a business man who sneezes with a cold as the price tag drips from his nose, so I understand if the so-called “experts” on Elvis go on and on talking about his appearance on old TV showings while being hesitant of prov
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A tale
Once, there was a girl that was a fairy that was known for her exceptional chocolate making talents.
She was so skilled, that her chocolate was seen as the miracle itself of chocolate, thus gaining her the title "Chocolatier of Miracles"
There was a bit of a problem...
You see, an assistant of hers, who was a wood sprite...was plotting something terrible.
You see, her assistant was jealous of her bosses' fame, and she also was involved in a plot to try and kill the royal family of fairyland led by Rhiannon, due to the fact that Rhiannon had been prepared a lot of things for humanity and was thinking it would be great fun to play with human beings all day
You see, our dear chocolatier's assistant was not very happy about that at all, because to many like her, they saw humans as an abomination...
So, she, using plant based toxins, had poisoned the Chocolatier's chocolates and had schemed to poison many people all over the realm of fairyland because of it, and g
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Fur Your Eyes Only Chapter 12
~The Situation~
"Swat Kat gear launcher, test twenty eight." Echo was holding a large bowling ball inside a protected room that had a protector shield in it. "Launching in three two one." She threw the bowling ball and hid behind the shield, the bowling bowl opened up but the gear and helmet didn't come out. "Dangit, I thought for sure the calibrations were right."
"Don't worry, we'll work on it." Razor said, writing it down. "At least the other things you made have worked out, I would say you're doing a great job. You've not only saved us multiple times, but you've also learned a lot since you've been here."
"Only because I have the two most greatest heroes of all time helping me." Echo smiled, carefully picking up the ball and walked out to the control room. "I may not fly, but I do invent and I have an amazing teacher to thank for it. So thank you, Razor."
"Anytime, Echo." Razor smiled, the ball shot out the gear and she yelped hiding behind him after dropping it. "We'll defenitely
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Fate/Zootopia - Berserker (Taro)
True Name: Taro
Also Known As: Son of the Labyrinths, Beast of the Tauris Island, Minotaur (the name by which he is most famous, and is a combination of “Minos” and a distortion of the name “Taro”)
Species: Bull
Servant Class:
Gender: Male
Description: He is one of the biggest Berserkers that exist, being taller than an elephant and a true wall of muscles. His fur is all white in color, like marble, and his horns look like they were made from the purest gold, and his eyes are both blue. Over his head, he wears a mask of iron that covers his features (something that his “father” came up with), and he wears no armor, but only a traditional fighting attire that is somewhat like the underside of a toga with some metal plating on it. Labrys is his main weapon, and is so huge that only he can swing it.
Personality: As a Berserker, he would
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Awakening in a pile of ashes,  Calistrobe (Whose name is an anagram for Catastrophe.) would soon get up to find himself in an empty room;  barely with a light above as the bulb had burned out.   He'd attempt to speak;  "..." but only silence as his jaw was lacking.  "Where am I?" he thought to himself;  "Am I dead?..   how did I get here?".   He wandered around the empty room,  searching for something;  only managing to find a mirror that would barely show his reflection.
"This doesn't look right.." he pointed;  "I can't be dead..    I can still feel my bones crunching as I move....   what's happened to me?"
But that's when he would bring the mirror to the dim light;  wiping away at the dust to have a glance at his true reflection,  to his horror he saw only a skeletal remains of the man he once was.  "OH MY GOD!!--"  he gasped;  dropping the mirror causing it to break upon hitting
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MLP NG Jonagold Apple
Name: Jonagold Apple
Quote: “Well howdy there, darlin’! What can I do for you?”
Parents: Big Macintosh and Trenderhoof
Build: Tall/Muscular
Special talent: Playing the banjo
Occupation: Singer and banjo player for parties and events/Apple farmer
Nicknames: Jona (pronounced Jonah)
Cutie Mark: A banjo with a half apple as the head, the stem as the neck, leaves as the tuning pegs
Relationships: Jonagold loves both his Pa Big Mac and Daddy Trenderhoof. He loves to lay on the grass with them under Big Mac’s favorite tree and look at the stars.
Jonagold loves all of his extended family, even though some of them are difficult to be around. He tends to fill his mouth with food or drink more cider than he should to deal with uncomfortable situations.
Jonagold is friends with most of the children of his parents’ friends. He will tease some and flirt with others, but it’s all in good fun and will stop when they ask him to.
Jonagold has a hu
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Bishop Adams
Name: Bishop Adams
Bishop is a cyborg human-giant who serves as the bosun of the Roc Pirates, the crew led by the Pirate Lord Jonathan Roc, better known as Thunder. He has recently been relocated - quite reluctantly - to the crew of Lincoln Roc under the wishes of Jon. The Pirate Lord wanted eyes on his renegade son so he could be kept safe, but also so he could be guided with experienced pirates. With his great size, strength and extremely startling appearance, Bishop is a feared outlaw and one of the strongest - if not the strongest - of both crews. In spite of his fierce appearance and reputation, Bishop has a caring side that he keeps well hidden (especially from Linc).
Bishop is a monster of a man who is a mixture of flesh and technology. In years past, Bishop was a dark black-skinned brute with bulging muscles and a chiseled, handsome face. He was intimidating, but attractive to many a fine lass. His muscles and strength were earn
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Ultimate Destiny: Yukimura Sanada

Name: Yukimura Sanada
Gender: Male
Debut:  Samurai Warriors (2004)
English Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
JP Voice Actor: Takeshi Kusao
Intro:  Yukimura is seen walking on stage and then impales the end of his spear into the ground before taking it back out and gets into his fighting stance, glaring at the opponent.
Intro Quote:
“I will show you the true way of the warrior."
“My spear shall lead me to victory!"
“Prepare yourself!"
“A lone attacker…you are brave, but foolish!"
Outro: Yukimura will swing his spear around and then impales it into the ground, a fiery eruption setting off around him.
Outro Quote:
"That was how the Sanada like to fight a battle!"
"The will of the warrior shall conquer all!"
“No enemy shall ever surpass me!”
“Yukimura Sanada stands unbowed!”
(Vs. Date Massamune) ”So the
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The Girl from Space - Ann and Melanie pt 4
Melanie watches the news with Ann while they wait for room service.  
“You did well with that sub rescue,” says Ann.  “Even if you did break up the submarine, apparently only three guys died, before you got there.  They are talking about inviting us to London to get a medal.  Well, you to London anyway, though can I come too?”  
“If they invite me, well, of course you can come!”  
The phone rings in the suite, and Ann goes to answer it.
“Morning, who’s calling?”  
“We are looking for Ann Baker and Melanie Gruber.”  
“Well, this is Ann.  Who are you?”  
“I’m calling from NASA headquarters in Houston; I’m Sylvester Stark, mission director.  You know about the ISS?  The International Space Station?”  
“Of course.  What about it?”  
“We have a slight problem, and we think that, perhaps, you might b
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A Word on my Story
Greetings fair traveler, sit ye down, and regale me of thy tales!
Purpose: To help give the viewer a better understanding about my story world and motives as the master mind behind it. 
First step to victory:  1.) My story is not a Darwinian story. It is not about 'kill or be killed', 'survival of the fittest', 'dog eat dog' or 'only the strong survive' nor is it about 'natural selection'.  It is a 'restoration/reformation' story which revolves around the idea of placing consciousness back in the seat of power- and not our physical selves only.. (this theme, it's kind of meta and potentially boring, especially if you don't spend all day every day thinking about this kind of philosophy, so I won't say too much about it here)
Second Step- down the rabbit hole: 2.) My Story is not a Newtonian Physics story either.  That is to say- you will notice that certain perks of my characters follow Quantum Physics more than they do Newtonian Physics. Lynn an
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Invictus 3: Joanna Claire Van Danke

Joanna Claire Van Danke is a movie star, supermodel, and the younger twin sister to Jack. Unlike her brother, Joanna has a more vibrant approach when it comes to her skills as a martial artist. With many critics taking shots at Jack more than Joanna, she decides to enter the third Glory to the Gods tournament to challenge her brother. 
Inching Kicks: Joanna delivers a series of high kicks while inching towards her opponent. 
Tilt Kick: She kicks the opponent in the air while balancing on one leg.
Rising Elbow: Joanna does an elbow uppercut, followed by a spinning back elbow. 
Split Punch: She does a split and punches the opponent.

Aegis Attack:
Kicks For Days: Joanna throws two mid kicks at the opponent’s side and goads them to do the same. The opponent throws two kicks at Joanna, leading them to exchange kicks back and forth. The sequence ends with Joanna blocking a kick from the opponent an
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me:  One theme I have left is "Rated".
Jr.:  But what does that even mean?
me:  You have your phone.  You can look it up.
Jr.:  But what does it mean?
me:  I don't know.  I guess, like, hotel rating, movie rating...
Jr.:  Oh, stuff like that.
me:  Yeah, and speed rate, heart rate, growth rate...:
Jr.:  Weed rate.
me:  *internal facepalm* Pencil.
(Silly discussion is silly, but it gets "Rated" off of my list of themes to finish.)
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Happy Birthday Sonic!
Today is the day that the fast blue hedgehog that everyone knows is turning 27! :)
Happy birthday Sonic! :)
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