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Technology Profile: Ansibles
Ansibles are the primary mode of faster-than-light communication used in the modern galaxy, apart from transporting messages along with starships. “Ansible” is a catch-all term describing all forms of faster-than-light communication that involve a direct communicator-to-communicator connection, and operate using a variety of means. These different forms of ansibles have their advantages and disadvantages, leading to all of them being used in particular instances in particular times.
The most primitive, cheapest, and most common, form of ansible is the quantum ansible. Utilizing the principle of quantum entanglement, quantum ansibles are paired machines, each with a pair of entangled particles that are modified by the ansible’s computer to spin in one direction or the other. The spin change in one particle causes the other particle to change spin instantaneously, which is detected by the receiver. Quantum ansibles are relatively cheap to create, and they allow for the
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New Year, New Problems: Suzumi - Part 1
Summer is coming to an end and autumn bellows in. With the end of a teenager’s happiest season, the sounds of the school bell rings loud. Shiro Yukimura, our indigestible protagonist, his sister, Suzumi, and girlfriend, Yuuna, return to Zenith High School ready to start a new year.
As Suzumi wandered through the halls in search of her class, she heard a loud belching sound echo from a room in the distance. She peeked into the room to see a redheaded girl whose belly, which was bigger than her whole body, shook and thrashed about as the girl lets out another loud burp.
“*Urp* I know I’m supposed to go on a diet, but these bullies just taste too good!” the girl complains as she smacks her belly. She sighs but then yelps as she felt her breasts being groped from behind. “What the….Suzu!?”
“Damn these are big!” Suzumi says as she continues to fondle her friend’s breasts. The girl was Akari Ichigaya, Suzumi’s gluttonous best
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Star Trek FASA - Captain Venthen
(for use with FASA's Star Trek RPG)
Venthen, Tarah T'Zarath / Captain / Andorian, Female / Age 35
Commanding USS Jeanne D'Arc
STR: 67  END: 63  INT: 80  DEX: 70  CHA: 95  LUC: 62  PSI: 42
"TO HIT" Modern Weapons - 60  Hand-to-Hand - 52
Administration 40
Astronomy/Astrophysics 45
Artistic Ability (Painting) - 79
Computer Operation - 36
Computer Technology - 16
Carousing - 36
Electronics Technology - 20
Federation History - 30
Federation Law - 30
Instruction - 46
Languages (English) - 45
Leadership - 89
Marksmanship (Modern) - 53
Negotiation/Diplomacy - 62
Personal Combat (armed - Andorian) 65
Personal Combat (unarmed) - 34
Racial Culture/History (Earth) - 45
Ship's Weaponry Technology - 31
Shuttlecraft Pilot - 38
Starship Combat Strategy/Tactics - 83
Starship Communications Procedures - 10
Starship Engineering (General)- 20
Starship Helm Operati
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Capcom vs. Nintendo: General Scales

Real Name: Scales
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Sauria
Eyes: Reddish Orange
Hair: None
Debut: Star Fox Adventures (2002)
Voice Actor: John Silke
General Scales is the self-proclaimed ruler of Sauria (aka Dinosaur Planet), and is the leader of the SharpClaw Tribe. He had always desired to elevate his tribe to ruling status like the EarthWalkers and the CloudRunners. After being rejected, he attempted several times to take control of Sauria, but failed every time. Scales eventually gained new power and information from an unknown entity and used it to steal the SpellStones from the Force Point Temples. This caused the planet to become unstable and break apart.
Intro: Scales walks onscreen and gives a cutthroat stance with his sword before getting into his fighting stance.
Outro: Scales does a few sword swipes and points his sword towards
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Ultimate Destiny: Dan Backslide
Name: Dan Backslide
Gender: Male
Debut: The Dover Boys (1942)
VA: Corey Burton
Title: The Dover Boy's Arch-Foe
Alternate Costume: Kidnapper Outfit
Signature Stage: Pimento University Bar
Intro: A cloud of smoke appears and Dan stands out above it, taking a deep breath with a "Hark" with smoke forming the words as he proceeds to say his quote as he stomps his foot down angrily.
Intro Quotes
"You aren't the Dover Boys, but you will still do!"
"A new opponent it seems!"
"You shall not get in my way!"
"What have we here?"
Outro: Dan laughs evilly before getting in his runabout and waving as he drives off.
Outro Quote: No one will ever know your defeat!
Results Screen Quotes
"Drat you! Double drat you! You distracted me from my mission to capture Dora!"
"Oh, how I hate you! Just as much as I hate Tom, Dick and Larry!"
"I now have another reason to drink about!"
"Oh dear rich Dora Standpipe! How I love her!.....Father's money."
Vs. Bugs Bunny: You big shots left toons like me in the dust! No
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a strange day (vrp) (male version)
You were out at the bar havin fun when a fine lad catches yer eye~ you decide try your luck and flirt up!~ who is it?
A dragon
A coon
A snorlax
A cat
A lucario
A creep
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Hunting a Bear
Lex juggled the information as she pet her own tokotas and shook her head. None of them would be coming with her for this hunt today. A bear hunt usually required more than two tokotas, but with both of them being giant dires, she was pretty sure it would be fine.
She was glad she knew how to deal with dires or this would be a big job, especially since she hadn’t known the dires for very long. Having any number of tokotas dumped on you for just one day and hunt because a handler got sick wasn’t something that happened often. But she really couldn’t say no to the extra she got from today. She shrugged as she gave one last pat to the tokotas in the stable and left them to the other handlers.
Making her way over to the pasture that held Pakkanen and Kielo she made sure she had a med kit on her person and her phone in case something happened while on the hunt. When hunting large game, bear included, there was never anything as too much caution. Anything could go wrong and
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Rounded Off Ninja
[WARNING! This story contains fetish material]
It was a late night in the fast growing city of Ninjago. No sight of anything to disrupt the peaceful lives of the citizens that rest knowing everything is well. No need for ninja to go out on patrol so it was a night of for everyone. Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole and Lloyd had a boys night where they would rot their brains with the flashiest of screens and destroy their thumbs with the mashing of buttons to try get the new high score in their game. And when a boys night is heard of a girls night isn’t far off. Nya had met up with Skylar and Pixal to adventure the streets of Ninjago for the coolest of clothes and the sharpest of shoes. They also went out to a new restaurant that Nya was given an invitation too anonymously. Nya had her doubts but a night out with old friends is more important. We pick off from the girls leaving Ninjago’s women’s clothes shop.
Nya: What a deal! Skirts on half price!
Skylar: Yeah, well I’m not
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Time Encourages Creativity {Refaire}
"Time, do you believe in creativity?" 
A soft ticking began filling the room moments after Paige spoke. Once again their friends had 'left' and she was left with Tony, or Time as he was better called. Paige moved her arm and a black line with three little fingers came into her view, on her arms were sticks that tapped lightly on the table where she'd been left since her last adventure. Above was a cluster of rainbow yarn bundled against what Paige assumed was her forehead. Still, Time remained silent and faceless; ticking away and filling the room with his noise. It was strange, the last time she remembered them hanging out she'd been a woman... slender and defined with a vast array of artistic opportunity lying before her. She'd been painting something...then Tony had come in and her mind went blank. 
What had I been drawing? What had I been thinking?
"You were being a twat." 
Paige froze, her eyes laser focusing upon the clock hung on the wall.
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Marilyn Shine LIVES - The Philosophy Revisited
Before we get started, I just want to say something: Marilyn Shine LIVES. Just because Ken ( :iconnerdsman567: )’s stopped doing drawings of the character doesn’t mean the character’s dead. What psycho would think that? 
Once upon a time, I wrote an essay about Kenneth Anderson’s Marilyn Shine and how the lore related to how I live my life. I’m not sure how much of a good job I did back then, so I wanted to revisit that essay. This time around, I will share how some of my past has molded the way I see the world. I also talked with some of my family to see their perspective in comparison to mine. See, our life experiences and the influence of those we look up to shape the way we view the world. Once you’ve read this sequel to my Marilyn philosophy essay, maybe you could better understand the importance of living life like each day is yo
:iconthedisney1901atda:TheDisney1901atDA 2 1
Poison Ivy (New OC)
Name: Poison Ivy
Nickname(s): Ivy (mostly), Poison (By her father)
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Species/What Are They: Skeleton
Soul (Color): Unknown
Sexuality: Heterosexual
HP: Normal= 6000
Genocide: 12000
Atk: Normal= 100-150
Genocide= 250-500
Def: Normal= 80-160
Genocide= 100-200
Exp: Normal= 200
Genocide= 2000
LV: 21 (Sometime glitches upto 42)
Powers/Attacks: A combined attack by every monster in the Underground
Fighting Style: (Pacifist) Doesn't fight if you spared everyone
(Genocide) Fights you immediately and heals you when you're at 1HP.
Friends With: Everyone in the Underground
Neutral With: Human (Pacifist)
Enemies With: Human (Genocide)
Family: Unknown parents, Lilly Bloom (sister), Sans and Papyrus (Caretakers)
Crush(es): Asriel
Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Talking, Asriel
Personality Towards Humans: (Pacifist) A bit scared, but becomes a friend of your at the end
(Genocide) Doesn't and does be
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Adam's and Emma's Couple's Costumes
    With Halloween coming up, it means that my OC's Adam and Emma will be dressing up for Halloween in an upcoming chapter of An Unusual Relationship. Now, Emma has already said that she has already picked out their couple's costumes for this year and is not telling him what they will be dressing up as.
    I would like to hear your ideas for some couples costumes for this loving couple in the comments section. Or, if you wish, feel free to guess what Adam and Emma will be dressing up as this year.
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New rule for my gallery
If you read this,i might get better but i want to warn everyone,and i mean EVRYONE.
Do NOT post my art in any other sites like youtube,twiterr,twitch,etc.
if you do it,i'll get announced and telling everyone how much of a thief you are if i didn't gave you permission.Ask me before you put it on any site
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Isoro Dex: 051-100

"As we progress with the studies of Pokémon life in Isoro, we see clearly how the history of humans and Pokémon have been intertwined. The existence of Pokémon that so closely follow our cultures, such as Phantomime, and the myths surrounding many others, such as Mystikroak and Turraven, prove how closely linked our two seperate species have always been. And as we look deeper, we see how the influence of Pokémon has swayed many of our island's cultural beliefs and cornerstones. Nowhere is this more prevailant than with the Legendary Pokémon of Isoro, Retreris and Antrovus, records of which have existed since the times of the earliets civilizations. But there are those who seemingly defy even those theories - those called the Outsiders, and the myths that surround the place known as Land's End..."
- Extract from the Notes of Professor Audrey Maple.
The following is a list of recorded Pokédex entries for the native
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    Ese día debió suponer que todo saldría mal cuando extrañamente se rompió su espejo de bolsillo de la nada, sin embargo, Sakura no pareció prestarle real importancia a lo sucedido, no había nada que la hiciera preocuparse y eso la dejaba tranquila.
    La mañana transcurrió como si nada, ayudando a la señora que la dejaba alojarse en un pequeño cuartito cerca del granero, la mañana se paso casi volando. En momentos cuando limpiaba el granero o bañaba a los Pokémon se veía pensando que si su familia la viera haciendo esas cosas seguramente pegaría el grito en el cielo, ellos nunca le permitieron en su vida hacer cosas que significaran un esfuerzo físico para ella, después de todo y a pesar de que con los años su salud mejoro, seguían viéndola débil y enfermiza, cosa que en parte tenían razón, era una muchacha un poco enfermiza
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HoTS || A place to rest your head.
"What were you doing traveling with... well." Laphira tipped her head towards the small chestnut colt who had been utterly silent the entirety of their walk. The appaloosa mare glanced down towards him, following the gesture before she shook her head, "Alfarr was being raised by a pair of vampires." This brought a particularly confused look on both Arun and Laphira's faces but they seemed to be empty of judgement and seemed to grow even more curious when the colt's guardian mare seemed unbothered by their surprise. Bones remained quiet as he took up the rear, allowing the four other horses to head the way while he listened intently to their surroundings as though expecting the hunters from earlier to show their faces. He wasn't quite so familiar with vampire or werewolf affairs but he didn't quite seem to mind either way, content just to have the company still.
"That's a little odd, init?" Arun murmured softly but the appaloosa rolled her shoulders in a shrug. "<i>
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15 Fact about DJ
15 Fact about DJ
1: DJ real name Alex Zaleska.
2: The nick name DJ was giving to him by Alucard.
3: DJ is the youngest sibling.
4: DJ is six year old.
5: His favorite super hero is Captain American & Spider-Man.
6: His favorite video is PlayStation.
7: Dj is show to be very intelligent of his age.
8: Like his brother and sister DJ is a half human & half vampire.
9: Unlike his brother and sister DJ haven't grow his fang yet.
10: DJ is short of Dracula Jr.
11: DJ is afraid of clowns.
12: Dj has a little crush on Daryl >_
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Nymph Info
Creature Compendium - Nymph
If anyone can take to knowledge one detail concerning mother nature. Her wrath can often times be subject to many forms, and the nymph is no exception. She yields a slender aesthetic, a confident vessel born from ljosalfar perfection and a hart of the forest. Resulting in a creation profoundly beautiful in appearance, but a stark reminder of the harsh brutality these fey have become renown for.
Very rarely does an outsider stumble upon them, only for it to possibly be their last. Or in the case of most males, a last encounter guaranteed to say the least. Depending on your geographic location and your personal upbringing, many Almharian residents from all over feel that gender discrimination, a concept originally thought to have been buried along with the (old world) has resurfaced more frequently as time goes on and this outlook has forever shaped the nymph into what she is today.
Listener Commentary
Despite how dangerous they normally are to outsiders. It i
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Maleficent, Mistress of Evil (Kingdom Tales)
Name: Maleficent
Age: Unknown.
Story: Maleficent is a major antagonist in Kingdom Tales. Maleficent is an incarnation of pure evil, and responsible for all misfortune in King Stefan's kingdom. She takes offense at not being invited to the christening of Princess Aurora and attempts revenge on King Stefan and the Queen by cursing Aurora. She appears to be particularly disdainful of the three good fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, her polar opposites, who do all in their power to keep Maleficent's overwhelming evil magic at bay. She has Pete as her assistant, the Mad Doctor as her chief scientist, and Magica De Spell and Lord Dominator as her apprentices. She leads a group of villains which forms 13 of her own (Not to be confused with Orginization XIII). to seek out the 7 princesses of light and wreck havoc upon the worlds.
Voice: Toshiko Sawada (JPN) Susanne Blakeslee (ENG)
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Imperial Ontemazei pronunciation (Part 1)
Alphabetical order: a, i, o, u, e, y, (ʔ), z, nj, r, w, vl, s, k, g, [q], t, d, p, [f], m, b, h, [kh], [th], ts, dztšdž, [gh], [lh], [rh], [ź], [kw], [ø], [æ], [], [ț], [], an/roi. The order of the syllables of the Imperial Ontemâzei language was based on that of the Sarmelonid Vozonid alphabet, whose culture was a major influence to the Ontemâzei Empire.
Names: aka, aza, ini, ij, oroâwo, uluušo, ase, eke, aga, [equo], <b>
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Winds of Winter Results - Part One
Part Two: TBA
Judges: LizzardDraws & Fervious
Disclaimer: Lizzard judged all entries by Fervious . Show was orginally was to be judged by it's host, but due to complications other judges had to volunteer. When there was tie, Ferv's entries automatically scored below the other image.

Comparison to Gallery (1-20): Score should be higher the more positive consistencies and differences there are.
Extra Entries (0-5): Users are allowed to submit one extra entry. The entry will be scored based off it's quality.
Word Count (0-10): +1 for every 100 words up to 10 points (1000/one thousand words)
Accuracy (0-10): How accurately the artist depicts the sport, setting, and gear.
Previous Experience (0-5): The dog's previous experience in the sport they're competing in.
Handler (1-5): Optional, but must be in main entry. The more depicted, the more you score.
Dog Link:
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Tidedash's POV: why she is protective of Bluesea?
POV of Tidedash
 I’m Tidedash, an oceanic whitetip shark. You see, although I could not remember the very start of my life, I’m clear that, like all sharks, I left my mother the moment I saw the big blue. Yes, we sharks never take care of our children; not because we are cold-blooded, but because we are able to survive on our own as soon as birth. Besides, if we take care of our children by letting them always stay close to us, we will easily eat them someday due to the strong instinct of eating much smaller preys.
Even though my mother had never taken care of me and I never know who she is, I’m still grateful for her, because she had contained her instinct to eat me when I was born. You humans always believe we sharks are blood-thirsty; but I have to tell you that if my mother really intended to eat me, she could have done it easily. But she didn’t. Instead she protected me from being eaten by herself; she swam away quickly to get rid of the blood smell.
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