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Quick Dyzjalli Stuff
So I got more ideas for when Dyz rescues Zeku that reinforces the whole "caring and supportive boyfriend" shit that I crave
1. Zeku becomes significantly more prone to panic attacks, and overtime Dyz feels one coming on, he excuses himself from class, goes and finds wherever the hell Zeku is, and does the caring thing where he holds him close, and talks to him calmly, and quietly. It's usually in the hallway, but yeah. Eventually hall monitors and such get used to it, so they've given up telling them to get back to class.
2. Zeku also starts having horrific nightmares a lot, to the point where Dyz requests to have Zeku transferred to his room. The request is (hopefully please we need this supportive shit) granted, and so whenever Zeku has nightmares, Dyz will cuddle with him, and tell him calming things, and just make him feel safe.
3. Dyz basically becomes the equivalent of a therapy dog for Zeku.
Yes yes there's no context
I'll add more context later
But think of it as Zekujalli and
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The Anti-Champion of Magic
Simon Inconnus, was once a person that wanted everything, he thought he had his luck in Gensokyo. So far is haven't, he power didn't do anything other than being a personal dyer for other, his girl of his dream dislike him, he get showed up by the Champion of Magic. The envy driven him into help Colress to end all Magic, making them into nothing. Where he can be the Hero that so desperate to be. Alast it didn't work, he was a pawn by the Colorless Monster that Colress ended up to be. But his dislike to the Champion of Magic still exist. More so when John joined the Champion. So he plan to make a Team of his own to take down the Champion of Magic.
He tried to asking some former member of Colress's cult. None of them wanting to join him. Saying that it a dumb idea or they just don't like the guy. However with his luck, he find a new outsider, being attack by some  youkai, seeing the determination in his guys eyes, he came up and ask him if he can join his team
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My YWWW - Capitulo 02
Capítulo 02:
Se ve a un yo-kai en un árbol en plena noche.
Estaba observando a una chica.
-Kyubi: Katie, al fin te encuentro.
Esta vez no escaparás.
Esta vez, ¡conseguiré tu corazón!
Se transforma en humano.
-Kyubi (niño): Ah, hace una hermosa noche.
Desde que caí en este mundo, he estado buscándote, Katie.
¡Y después hallaré la forma de volver a casa!
-???: ¿Por qué hablas tan alto?
-Kyubi (niño): (ve a una persona detrás suyo) ¡Ah!
¡¿T-Tú cómo has llegado hasta aquí arriba?!
-???: Práctica.
-Kyubi (niño): N-No habrás escuchado nada de lo que he dicho, ¿no?
-???: ... He oído que te gusta una chica. ¿Necesitas ayuda?
-Kyubi (niño): ¡N-No necesito ayuda de desconocidos!
... ¿Sabes cómo conquistar a una chica?
-???: ... No demasiado, pero puedo darte un par de consejillos.
-Kyubi (niño): (le da las manos) ¡¿De verda
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Accidental Rehabilitation [Twinning Contest Entry]
Captain's Log: Stardate 26532.8
Having finally completed our exhaustive survey of the Volanis system, the Johannesburg is headed to Starbase 149 for a long overdue refit. The crew likewise is looking forward to some well-deserved shore leave. Personally, I plan to-
“Captain Brooks?”
The man made a gesture. "Computer, pause log." A beep sounded in response. "Yes, what is it, lieutenant?"
"I'm sorry to disturb you in your quarters, but we're picking up a distress signal."
The starship captain quirked a bushy brow. "Origin?"
"A ship, sir. Unknown design."
"Curious." He stroked his beard in contemplation for a moment before coming to a decision. "Alright, divert course. And send a message to Starbase 149 that our arrival will be delayed."
"Aye, sir."
Another series of beeps indicated the connection closing.
“So much for an uneventful return journey.” Brooks mused as he began undoing the buttons on his nightshirt, walking over to the closet where
:icontheeverything:TheEverything 4 11
Reign of Violence: Sergio Palazuelos

Special Moves
Pistolazo: B, F + FP or RP (He shoots to his opponent with his gun. Can be repeated two more times.)
Granada Explosiva: QCB + LP or RP (He throws a grenade towards his opponent, exploding it at contact.)
Patada de Calibre: QCB + LK (He hops and does a flying kick to his opponent, similar to K's Minute Spike.)
¿Conga? ¡Con Garrote!: HCF + RP (He grabs his baton and hits his opponent with an upward swing.)
Candado Policiaco: HCB + LP and LK (He grabs his opponent and turns him/her in the back to do a sleeper hold, passing him/her out.)
Art of Revenge:
El Oficial Más Perrón*: HCF, LP + RP (Ser
:icondragon-kid:Dragon-Kid 1 18
Morph Palace.
Morph Palace: A special arts locale where you can get transformed into one of the following a live action movie monster/villain, a live action movie character in general,  an anthro/half humanized Pokemon, a were-celebrity, a species of movie monster from 80's or 90's horror movies,  or a Bojack Horseman character. More than one person can attend and there are tg, wg and mc options as well as possession in some aspects, basically there are special makeup paints that are applied to the face and body along with appliances that they blend in with the skin, as that person turns into that character for real and their clothing changes with them.
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Dire Deer Hunt
Warmer weather was upon the land, sending any to seek shelter under the cool shade. Summer had not even started yet and the temperatures had skyrocketed past the eighty degree mark. Clouds were hardly spotted or seen floating aimlessly in the sky, no wind or cool breeze to drift by and cool off the skin where sweat rolled down endlessly. Budding trees that had miniscule leaves were not of much assistance, so many creatures flocked to the always lively pine trees to remain under the shadow of its presence.
While many chose to escape the heat, others decided to pack some heat of their own and get to work. Despite the risks that posed a threat to the massive Tokotas, these massive canids pushed through the heat, their fluffy coats practically suffocating them in the hotter climates. However, a good brushing and thorough removal of a shedding winter coat would do just the trick for these massive bear dogs. Sometimes handlers would go to the extent of giving them a nice cold soak in icy wat
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To Crystal
Hello My Beautiful Princess,
  It's really windy and dusty on my side of town, if it's case with yours, may the Puffs Plus be many with all the sneezes being few.
  How was your day O' Beautiful Woman?
  Are you getting prepared for a rest, now that all the State Workers are going on vacation soon?
  I've always wanted to tell about neat things I've stumbled upon.
  In 2003 on 1700 block of 10th street, get this, there's a little fortune cookie company. In those years, I would pass by it walking to Broadway. One time looking in door when they were full production of cookies; I felt like asking them if I could work with them for a few days at no charge; just to say I made fortune cookies for a couple days of my life.
  I walked by it last weekend and it's still there, it's so small, the factory appears to be no larger than 2 or 3 garages for parking a car. They could possibly make all of Sacramento Counties fortune cookies. The making of fortune cookie is a
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Ultimate Destiny: Dr. Caligari and Cesare

Name: Dr. Caligari and Cesare
Gender: Males
Debut: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
English Voice Actor: Daamen J. Krall (Dr. Caligari), Doug Jones (Cesare)
JP Voice Actor: Unshō Ishizuka (Dr. Caligari) Wataru Takagi (Cesare)
Intro: Caligari is seen with his cabinet standing up. He’ll then wave his cane in front of it before opening it to reveal Cesare who then wakes up, walks out and draws his knife as Caligari then stands back.
Intro Quote:
“See for the first time ever...Cesare the Somnambulist!”
“Cesare can predict the future! But I have a feeling he already knows of your demise!”
“You know what to do Cesare…yes that’s’ right murder!”
“Awake Cesare! Rid this pest at once!”
“Yes? Can I help you?”
Outro: Caligari smirks as he then commands Cesare to return to his cabinet and then go into a deep sleep. Af
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Boredom takes over.
Takichio clashed his machete blade against another Machete user which had kept him occupied in trying to overpower him. Takichio on the other hand, held a pistol in his free hand which he nonchalantly shot the machete user three times in the stomach before pushing his body back onto the floor.
Takichio spins the gun around his finger before quickly snapping his aim at another Vice Vindicate member and shot him through the head before moving onto the next target and doing the same repeatedly as they all stood still, practically giving their life away.
A few Vice Vandicate members rushed Takichio all at once but with the distant they have between one after the other, it was the same as going in one by one. Takichio leaned back and dodged a incoming forward punch from the earliest gangster to reach him. After he leaned back, he used his machete and made a deep gash across his chest which quickly killed him. After the kill, Takichio lowers his hand back to his sides quickly before facing a
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Lowen/Hexenbiest Hybrid: Sekhmet
When a Lowen and Hexenbiest mate together, there offspring well surely be a Sekhmet, a Lion-like Hybrid Wesen that inspired the Lion War Goddess Sekhmet in ancient Egypt, tho there are males as well as females in this species, but there are fewer of them, like maybe 1 male is born for every 3 females.
When they woge, they grow a fur of deep Orange all around their body with black markings on it that looks like black veins running across the fur and a long tail of the same color growing from behind them and that they can use as a third arm to grab things near them. There hair turns pitch black and more wild, like a mane with large Black cat ears growing at the top of there head. There eyes become more cat-like and turquoise in color, but turns a brilliant golden color when using there special powers and there teeth, nails and nose became a cat-like nose and sharp fangs and claws.
Sekhmets are physically very strong, stronger then there Lowen parents even as they
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Welcome to LerCorp! (Part 1 )
She was just a kind girl who liked to do volunteer work. She would always go help pick up trash or anything, her name was Jade, Jade loved to do work for the helping of others. Laughing to herself one day as she was walking along to go home from another good day at some community service, she made sure to check the posts to see if anything was new that she hadn't done. Then she saw it, a poster for a new tool tester, all that was required was being.. ticklish? "Huh" she shrugged, "that can't be right, maybe it was just an error." she mumbled to herself along the way home, thinking to herself. 
The next day she got up and stretched, looking out the window and thinking of the new day, looking at the flyer next to her bed she finally made up her mind. "I'm going to do this!" she mumbled sleepily and swung herself out of bed. Noticing the address was in the city, she put on a rain jacket and started her walk, the city was close enough by, she thought. Arriving at the giant castle, she
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Masks: They'll Break Your Heart
The red numbers on the digital clock by the bed read 4:58 AM when Jin finally forces themself to crack an eye and peer at it. They reach out an exploratory hand, find their glasses on the bedside table with only minimal shuffling around, sit up, run a hand over their face. Mouth tastes like hot garbage. Jin puts their glasses on and swings their legs out of bed, leaving Ben, an unmoving shape half-covered by the blanket, as they fumble their way to the tiny bathroom by the dim slice of light spilling under the door.
The fluorescent overheads in here are harsh at the best of times and straight up unbearable now, but Jin doesn't give in to the urge to slap at the switch on the wall. The water they splash on their face is lukewarm, even after almost a full minute of waiting with their hand under the faucet for it to run cold. They swish their mouth out with it anyway, grimacing at the furriness of their tongue. Sure would be great if they could brush their teeth, but that would necessitat
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[GEET|MEDEA] Spinning Tales
May Prompt #2
Featuring Piper (Wintricacy) , Medea (jitsumi1221) and Geet (jitsumi1221)
Collaborative writing by Wintricacy and jitsumi1221
Travellers from near and far have appeared in greater numbers for each passing day. Your vesper finds themselves in their company by the evening bonfire. A dourin prompts them, what stories do they have to tell?
It was the third night where huge bonfires had sprung up off in the distance and Geet and Medea were becoming more and more curious about what was happening to cause such large gatherings to form. No longer able to contain their curiosity they had packed small bags of food and taken it upon themselves to head out at dusk, right when the fires were lit, to head out towards them.
With the moon
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Crossover Concept: Kaiju Hunter Cosmos
After the reunion of the Terran Kaiju, Cosmos is displeased with the ponies’ efforts to integrate the kaiju into Equestrian society while attempts to return them home are delayed by the appearance of other kaiju. He is further agitated upon hearing that some of the kaiju may want to stay in the World; demanding that all of the kaiju are returned to their Home World, even if he has to “drag their carcasses back to their World himself.” To that end, Cosmos creates a new form for himself that would be more effective against kaiju than his pegasus form, in exchange for some of his Celestial Being abilities that have become apparent. It is in this form that Cosmos decides to hunt down kaiju, both transformed & rogue, as well as any beings that have kaiju-based power, and will take down any who stand in his way.
-Kaiju-Based Form (Physical Basis: Lesser Bogal)
Taking cues from the recent kaiju, Cosmos creat
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Meta Missions 6 and 18 - Wrath, Envy, Meltdown
Ashlynx was currently laying on her bed, it was late at night and she was having one of those restless nights, something she had seemed to be having lately. Staring idly up at the ceiling her thoughts drifted to one of those harder questions, the questions of why she was here, how she got here, all that good stuff. Back before the org re-opened for a second time, Ash had the chance to go back to her home world and really dig deeper into how her somebody lived, and that was where all the memories came back to her.
Closing her eyes, she gave an exhausted sigh and let her thoughts wander, soon coming to the thought of what would’ve happened if her somebody had never died. Before she knew it she was dreaming, the memories appearing as pictures in a museum that Ashlynx was the curator of. Walking through the halls of memories she stopped and looked at one, most importantly the one on the night of her death.
“No, I want to go to the very beginning, what caused her to do this, wha
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Prounced air-eye
Aeri is a small planet in a different universe to ours. Many years ago, Aeri was just rock with no lifeforms on it. However, an asteroid came hurtling towards it and as soon as it hit Aeri, it cracked open to revel a magical being called Sahphai. The rock contained many stars and also, magic. This magic formed a star-being called Sahphai and gave her magic too. She took the stars and put them in her locket and then went to explore Aeri. She decided Aeri was no sutible planet to sustain life so she used her magic to make it habitable. She took some of the stars from her locket and placed them in the sky around Aeri. She also used her magic to make the ocean, plants, creatures and many other things, except for humans. She had made a beautiful planet, but it was very lonely. So, she decided to bring other beings there. She used her locket to see people from other planets who were unhappy with their lives and brought them to Aeri.
Aeri is made of four islands, one city and
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Dragonstar- Know I Love You
    It was vivid yet he could hardly see anything. The shapes he recalled as crisp and clear, yet he couldn’t remember what any of them looked like. The blacks and blues and grays all bled together, leaving him in an ocean of uncertainty as he cradled the broken girl in his arms. She was unnaturally limp, her head lolled back, and her palms open at her sides. Deep scarlet stained Yoshio’s hands and clothes and pooled on the pavement beside the girl’s body. Too much of it.
    The young medic held the girl close, mumbling the familiar incantation over and over, to no avail. It was as if the dragon which had resided in his spirit from the moment he was born had suddenly vanished, made a migration South and never returned. Or had never existed in the first place. He looked back at the girl’s face, only to find that where there was once an unfamiliar figure, there was now the body of his very heart and soul. Lara Song, bleeding out in h
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[TRACKER] Harlow 1136

C H A R A C T E R - I N F O:
 Name: Harlow
 Species: Vayron (Puller)
 Age: 20 years old
 Gender: Female (She/Her)
 Status: Paired with Bedouin
  As intimidating as she looks and sounds, Harlow is more bark than she is bite... that isn't to say she can't still bite, though. Her demeanor is generally unpleasant, and she'll rarely acknowledge anyone not really worth her time. She's somewhat introverted and prefers to be away from the company of others, unless the company is required for a specific task. Even then, She's incredibly picky about who is going to accompany her, as she has very little patience for most people, and next to no faith in their abilities. In short, Harlow is just a big, intimidating jerk.
C R E D I T - P O I N T S:
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Pipe Monstrosity
Name: Pipe Monstrosity (Japanese:パイプ怪物 Paipu kaibutsu)
Rank: SSS
Attribute: Dark
Tribe: Terror
Appearance: is a Boss Yo-kai. He is the Yo-kai form of Nate. He is a a Dark metallic grey Yo-kai Nate's hair in its top and face, half of his body is attached to a massive pipe organ. His arms are attached to the pipes. His eyes are pitch black, and with blood marks under his eyes. He doesn't talk, but he has an ability to make illusions, and make extremely loud music which can make a building crumble.
Pipe Monstrosity is based off of Forte from Disney's Beauty and the Beast, The Enchanted Christmas.  
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Buzz Vanburen: Never Skip Leg Day
All the other furs just watched in awe as Buzz put a ridiculous amount of weight on the squat bar, “there’s on way you can actually squat this much,nofur can.” Buzz just smiled and began to squat the bar almost started to bend against his powerful frame,he put the bar back after awhile “well that was a good warmup,now it’s time for my real workout.” The other furs had no idea what he was talking about,he then went outside,all the other furs followed out of morbid curiosity more than anything else.
There was a fighter jet waiting outside “there’s no way you can squat that,you’re insane!” Buzz just chuckled at the comment taking it as a challenge,he got underneath the jet and growled loudly as the jet slowly began to be lifted off the ground,the veins flowing like a river in both his arms and legs,all the other furs could only watch in amazement as he began to squat the jet.
Afterwards the other furs began to ask questions as to
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Team Zaijirou of Konohagakure
Yamagata Zaijirō
Nakashima Takayoshi


Nakashima Takayoshi
Kaguroshi Ryūsei
Sakei Shiemi
Affiliations: Konohagakure
This genin team from Konohagakure formed under the leadership of the young shinobi, Yamagata Zaijirō who is a descendant of the powerful Ishizuka Ichizoku of Iwagakure. However, in the event that Zaijirō is not there to lead the team, Nakashima Takayoshi reluctantly becomes the leader. The team is comprised of Nakashima Ichizoku heir, Nakashima Takayoshi, Kaguroshi Ryūsei a direct descendant of the legendary Onibi Ichizoku, and Sakei Shiemi of the infamous Sakei Ichizoku and the mysterious Sand Clan of Sunagakure.
These three participated in the Chūnin Exams held in Konohagakure. The team passes both the first and second exams. During the third exam, Nakashima Takayoshi faces off against Tod
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