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The Drowned Floods Into DEATH BATTLE

The Drowned:
-Real Name: Bryce Wayne.
-First Appearance: Dark Days: The Casting #1.
-Originally From: Earth -11 (not Earth 11, negative 11)

-Systematically went about killing every meta-human of her Earth
-Killed Aquawoman and eventually overwhelmed Aquaman and Mera, corrupting Mera and forcing Aquaman to retreat
-Helped the other Dark Knights capture and sacrifice Prime-Earth's Bruce Wayne, allowing them to create a portal to the Prime-Earth's universe
-Assisted the Dark Knights in taking over the Justice League Watchtower, which was guarded by Cyborg, eventually corrupting it
-Along with the other Dark Knights, took down the Gotham Resistance, although the Resistance members were teleported away by Dr. Fate, preventing them from getting killed
-With the other Dark Knights, led an assault on Superman after he escaped Barbatos, although once again, Dr. Fate teleported
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Chase's TF Chamber (TF/RP)
You suddenly wake up in a strange chamber, operated by Chase, the Werecat.
"Oh, hello, nya. What do we have here, it's you of course, nya. Say, shall we experiment the transformations?"
Age regression
Animal Anthro (Your choice!)
Animal Kemonomimi (Your choice!)
Were-animal (Your choice!)
Pokemon (Your choice!)
Living Slime
Plant Girl (Alraune, Dryad, Mandragora, or Matango)
Muscle Growth
Pool Toy
Toony Flu (Concept by emailed333)
Elemental Girl (Your choice!)
Mind Control
:iconchasegreenhorn:ChaseGreenHorn 6 235
Dealing With It (Part 4)

"I'm creating a school for weapon users. I'd like you to join us as well, young Aster."
A gleaming metal man had appeared before Aster, with two of her own friends and two others she wasn't very familiar with. Like the metal man, there were other famous, talented people who had arrived to Rolan Ranch to show off their skill and teach others their ways. Being the under-confident girl she was, Aster avoided them like the plague. But now one of these famous, talented people had approached her with a mind-blowing proposition. 
The one with this proposition- the gleaming metal man- was none other than Sir Eisenhower.
"Like the other youths who have willingly joined this cause of mine, you hold in your hands one of the rare living weapons of the world- a Weapon Mini." Eisenhower explained. "And like them, you are currently unaligned. At least, I'm hoping that's the case."
"Yo, Aster, this is the real deal!" Zeus,
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The Maze of Doors (TF RP)
Welcome to the Door Maze, Each door leads to a new dimension of people of different races, species, etc, and their goal is to keep you part of their world. If you win then you'll get a prize, lose and your stuck in that world forever.
Who are you...well you just woke up in a poor white chamber with many of doors a head of you and a voice echoing through out the chamber "COME MORTAL CLAIM YOUR PRIZE....JUST STEP THROUGH THE FIRST DOOR AND WE CAN BEGIN"
-this is a TF based RP, but I will not allowed Pokemon, Digimon, gore, or vore.
-All reply's must be in paragraph format
-I have the right to stop Rps if I get bored or lose interest
-their will be a limit of 5 at once
-NO GOD MODDING, your in my world, I make the rules
-Must fill out the character sheet and copy and paste it in each reply
-must answer the question at the bottom of this
Character Sheet
Body type: (Slim, chubby etc)
Cup Size: (if any)
Mental State: 10/10 (to start if you)
TFs n
:iconaungshadow:Aungshadow 6 55
Citizenship in Zhouran
The Nationality Law of the People's Republic of Zhouran was enacted by the Central Council on February 23, 1957. Zhouranese citizenship law is administered by the Ministry of Territorial Affairs which can issue certificates of citizenship on naturalization or on request provide other proof or evidence of Zhouranese citizenship. Zhouranese passports are issued to Zhouranese citizens by the Ministry of External Affairs.
Zhouranese nationality law, which operates mainly on the basis of jus sanguinis ("right of blood"), confers citizenship upon all children of Zhouranese citizens born in Zhouran, as well as the first generation of descendants of Zhouranese expatriates living abroad. The law also confers an automatic right to citizenship on any immigrant to Zhouran who is either ethnically Zhouranese Kangyuli (Putonghua: 康玉立; Pinyin: Kāngyùlì), has a Zhouranese Kangyuli parent, grandparent, spouse or fiancé/fiancée, or is
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Toriko Crossover OC Bio - Saigoken
Name: Saigoken
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Title: Interdimensional Bishokuya
Occupation: Bishoku-ya (Gourmet Hunter)
Partner: Unknown
Appearance: He has the body of a muscular man in his mid-twenties. He has long brown hair that is kept in a ponytail, blue eyes, brown soul patch style beard, and a X-shaped scar on his neck where his Adam's apple is located at.
He normally wears a blue leather jacket that has a tribal skull logo on the back, blue leather jeans, black biker gloves, black knee high boots, and necklace that has a clear pearl-like crystal on it. He normally doesn't wear a shirt.
Full Course Menu:
• Hors-d'Oeuvre (Appetizer):
• Soup:
• Fish Dish:
• Meat Dish:
• Main:
• Salad:
• Dessert:
• Drink:
• Father: Toriko
• Mother: Rin
• Paternal Uncle: Starjun
• Maternal Uncle: Sunny
• Paternal Grandfather: Acacia - Deceased
• Paternal Grandmother: Froese - De
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The Temptation of the Unctus
The holy spectre escorts Salomone Unctus to the desert in Jericho, to be tempted by Asmodeo. After he fasted 40 each of days and nights, he got really starved. When Asmodeo came in...
"If you, the son of the high All-Father, you will insist that these stones become rolls of bread," he said.
"Not by bread alone does mankind live, but by every word that comes forth by Pere's mouth." replied Salomone.
Asmodeo then took him into the holy city, Santastadt, and set him on the pinnacle of the shrine. "If you, the Son of Pere, throw yourself down; as it's written by the Scriptures, 'Pere has given his angels charge concerning thee, and upon their hands, they shall bear thee up, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.'" Salomone replied, "As it's written further, 'You can't tempt the Lord, Pere, your God.'"
Once again, Asmodeo took him to a very steep mountain, and gave him a panoramic view of all of the kingdoms of Edar and their glory. "All these things I will give to you,
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Injustice 2: Zenyatta (Guest Character)

Voice Actor: Feodor Chin
Character Type: Gadget
Symbol: Transcendence Icon
Defense Intro: Zenyatta is hovering in place with his hands down at his knees, meditating as his orbs slowly spin around him. He looks up after the opponent approaches and speaks, his orbs lighting up systematically.
Offense Intro: Zenyatta slowly floats into view, staring plainly at the opponent with his hands placed on his legs in a zen pose. After dialogue is exchanged, Zenyatta makes his orbs rapidly orbit his neck before halting them with an extended palm, taking up an attacking stance.
Ability: Tranquility - By activating his ability, Zenyatta meditates in place, leaving him open. While he meditates, the bar for his ability fills up at a quick pace. When full, Zenyatta gains a passive healing effect over the next ten seconds that restores his own health incrementally. The bar refills on i
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 8 4
RWBY - The Silliest Sparring Match (Pt 2)

Now...let's get this silly slobberknocker started!
"You guys said this was gonna be fun! But you guys are sooooooooo boring! I can't make bubbles, because I forgot my Dust, but that's no excuse for you to bring nothing to the potluck! And you can't even pet bunny ears right!"
"Come on guys! I'm bored! Play with me!"
"NO!! NOOOOOO!!!!"
Team CRDL They were sent to Beacon Academy for a reason. At least, that's what others tho
:icontipsyra1d3n:TipsyRa1d3n 4 7
Character Profile: Jake
-Bio to be edited with the story's progression.  Beware of future spoilers!-
General Info
Name: Jakob Yang (pronounced YOH-ng)
Nicknames: Jake (what he goes by)
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Straight
Date of Birth: April 10
Star Sign: Aries
Nationality: Johtonese (Half Korean, Half White in real life AU)
Class: Pokémon Trainer
Hair: Thin black hair with a slight side part to the left
Eyes: Black
Body: Short and wiry, but moderately fit for his age, pale with slight yellow skin undertones, has a Tentacool sting on his right cheek
Height: 155 cm (5’1)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Clothing style: Likes to wear combinations of red and black, sometimes accentuated with yellow or other monochromes.  Hates shorts, so he wears long pants and jeans--even in the summer.  Never seen without a black hoodie, usually worn over a plain or graphic T-Shirt.  Wears a pair of white headphones around his neck.
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Let It Out
There's nothing left
Nothing left to hold onto
There is no reason for me to fight anymore
I let it all go
It'll be easier I know
The weight on my shoulders tells me so...
So now I stand here
To sing another song for you
About the pain I've felt before
When there was nothing I could do
So now I stand here
With nothing left to say to you
And if you all could sing along
It might help me make it through
I try to move on
Nothing left to hurt me now
I hope it's all in the past to stay
Just try to see through
All the fucked up shit we do
And hope that we all don't drift away
So now I stand here 
To sing another song for you
About the pain I've felt before
When there was nothing I could do
So now I stand here 
With nothing left to say to you
And If you all could sing along
It might help me make it through
So let it all out
Nothing left to hold onto
There is no reason for me to fight anymore
I let it all go
Feels so much
:iconlostfires:Lostfires 7 13
Sea fishing.
The tang of salt in the air was almost enough to make Katherine cringe, it had in fact made Juliette sneeze a few hundred times until she stroppily (or at least stroppy for her) huffed and headed past Finnian and Atlas towards the ocean. A gruff look in her eyes as she practically tackled the water in search of schools of fish in the calm shallows. Right behind her was Rhett and Miki. The barbary brute had seemingly appeared to roll his eyes at the extended marked girl before he skipped into the water. Not too pleased that he was going to have to get wet (he was never too keen with water. Drinking it was fine, but bathing, swimming- well he would avoid it if he could.) he didn’t hesitate when he hit the spray of water, not with Maria narrowing her eyes at him from her perch on Bromley’s back. Bromley was a new brute, a tawny piebald merle, and such a sweet, kind-hearted brute that Maria had decided she would ride him, instead of Oceanus to the ocean. (The alpha male was sti
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Hidden Stars
It was a little past 10:43 in the morning when Rennakii arrived in town for supplies. The strapping male tunnel scrub had met with Caltha out in the field earlier that morning, the Goron woman asking a favor of him, and he agreed to help her in her plight. She was after a few things; lavender to test a theory on acid spitters, mint which he refused to get for obvious reasons known only to him at the time, and special mushrooms that grew near water sources found in underground caves located in the southern swamp lands. Knowing that the trip would possibly take him most of the day, the female Goron promised to pay handsomely and even gave him some rupees beforehand to help him get any supplies he may need. Walking into town, he passed by a shop whose location was burned into his mind, and looked up at the window.
Behind the glass in its display rack was the pickax that Rennakii had been pining over for months, his glowing blue eyes staring at the digging tool in a longing manner. Every t
:iconshadowwolf14:Shadowwolf14 2 2
Magma RP
*Roams around looking lost as she is far from home*
Note me or comment
Add me on discord. Kik. Instagram. Or ifunny if you wish to see a photo of her
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Remnants story arch lore
(cannon in remnants story arch)
remnant background stories and settings
remnant ages
differences between the remnants empires
old remnants empire
old remnants empire was when the dimensions were still young its when everything was empty and boundless the remnants were the pioneers of the new multi verse and its clusters there highly advanced and could essentially be considered as over powered beings they conducted many experiments and they have created many remnants facilities known as ruins now they are part of the reason why there's different existences in the dimensions where there originally wouldn't be one the old remnants were later destroyed by the darkness a experiment the remnants were working on that rise up against them and crumbled there empire with its powers it would be the dictator of the multiverse the clusters and all existence until the arrival of the first legend (the new remnant)
new remnant empire
the new remnant empire was conducted when the first legend (the new
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Here Today Songs #1: Bad idea Sara Bariellies.
It's a bad idea, joining you
I know, I totally agree
It's a bad idea, performin with you
I've never known anything so true
It's a terrible idea, me singing with you
You have a life.
You've been abandoned.
You're in a band!
You've got to keep running
It's a bad idea, me and you
Let's just keep singing til we come to
Mind, stop running
Let's face it, making mistakes like this will make worse what was already pretty bad
Integrity, start working
It's time we just let this idea go
It was a pretty good bad idea, wasn't it though?
It's a bad idea, performing with you
It's a bad idea, performing with you
Pull in close while I think this through
Yeah, it's a very poor idea, performing with you
Mind, stop running
Let's face it, making mistakes like this will make worse what was already pretty bad
Integrity, start working
It's time we just let this idea go
It was a pretty good bad idea, wasn't it though?
Only I know it
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Tanglewood Lost Children Chapter Four
Chapter Four: A Turn In The Road
"When you set out on your journey, you'll bring bad luck to your voyage if you look back toward home after starting out. It's also considered a really bad idea to head back home for any reason."
The sky was a hot bright pink; as it sometimes is in Goldwood, when the day draws on certain magical qualities.
Gildo reached for the blue ribbon in his pocket, an anchor for him to steady himself, as he made along towards uncertainty. Gildo didn't look back, there was nothing to look back to; home would not be home again till he'd managed his task.
The old hound dog proceeded after him, keeping familiar company. Once they reached the end of the farm the canine stopped; he was an old dog, days of crossing beyond his turf long gone.
The hound sat at the fence post, tail thumping on the dusty ground. As Gildo kept onward the dog gave a disgruntled whine, ducking its head; as if bidding farewell.
Gildo unwrapped the symbol that he kept in his overcoat, he’d s
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Laise Seul
My Superhero Character Profile Sheet
Credit: Arachnid95 (I made some modifications to V2.)
Superhero Character Profile
Alias 1: Laise Seul/Left Alone
Alias 2: Supreme Calamitas
Legal Name: Ex.I8-9A0U1
Morality: Neutral
Inspiration: Rage and Suffering
Gender: Unknown (It is speculated that it has no gender)
Age: 28
Sexual Orientation: Unknown (Speculated that it has no preference)
Occupation: Mercenary
Height: 6'8"
Weight: Unknown (Speculated to be between 80-90 Lbs)
Hair Color: Silver with Blue Streaks
Hair Style: Long and Unkempt
Eye Color: Emerald Green with Blue Specks (The specks have been seen to change color depending on emotion. Ex: Red=Livid, Blue=Calm, Green=Sick/Nauseous, etc.)
Skin Color: Dark Grey-Charcoal (Depends on stability throughout the day)
Race/Species: Experiment
Nationality: French
Voice: A broken, yet strangely rich and smooth Baritone. There is a slight French Accent
Distinguishing Features: Four Arms, Four Eyes, a red scar running down from it's bo
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No Burgers Tonight : HotS : Rosny (Rikard feature)
This herd life was probably the best decision Rikard had ever made.  Though he hadn't quite expected the dynamics of it to be quite so...unbalanced.  When he'd met his lead, Rósný, she had been alone.  So, like any stallion, he had taken the opportunity to attract her, to attempt to flatter her, and get her attention.  However, it hadn't had the effect that he'd wanted.  In fact, it was almost the opposite.  Perhaps, he'd come on a bit too strong, or been too pushy?  He wasn't really sure, as he had met many women when traveling and delivering messages, but all interactions had been brief and not very interesting.  The ladies had been fine of course, some even giggled like little school girls with a crush when he showed up in his uniform, but nothing has progressed from there.
He'd had his share of flings, just little romps with a lady in the moonlight to relieve both of their natural needs and urges, but then they both went o
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Ocean Blue Diamond's Court
Leader: Ocean Blue Diamond
Personality: Introvert, Kind, Slightly Sarcastic, Easily Angered, Secretly Vengeful, Quirky, and Paranoid
Info: Ocean Blue Diamond is the kind of gem who makes sure that her Court runs in an orderly fashion. However she does treat her subjects with respect and dignity, even her Rubies, Spinels, Pearls, and Goldstones. Ocean Blue cares very much for her fellow Diamonds and Pearls. Even though she can be off the wall most of the time, she can have her dark sides. Sometimes the Diamond feels like she is too annoying or pushy to her friends. She also has the habit of keeping secrets from those around her.
Ocean Blue’s Court is mainly consists of islands. However there are some forested islands thanks to the care of Forest Green Diamond. She often likes to stay on her island with her Pearls. However she does like to visit her gems once and a while. She’ll also make special trips to see the other Diamonds.
Aristocratic Gems: Sapphires (Predictions), Aga
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Save That Pokemon - Mightyena by Swiftstar01 Save That Pokemon - Mightyena :iconswiftstar01:Swiftstar01 5 0
Submission Form
Please copy and paste the following form into a Note to :iconDragon-Quest-RP:.
+++Check the Character List to make sure the character you want to be isn't taken!+++
ALL sections must be completed unless stated otherwise. Original Characters have additional detail fields in their form, so be mindful of that.
You may only control up to three characters at any time, one of which must be a canon character.
Refer to the RP RULES for further information regarding character ownership.
Happy Slime Happy Slime Happy Slime 
*** You may control TWO CANON CHARACTERS. After actively participating as those canon characters for THREE MONTHS, you may request an additional canon character to control. ***
Canon Character Form
Account Name: (Your personal DA accou
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