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Riverside meeting. {Svajone}

Bindy was used to trolling up and down the Magellan by now. After many moons north of the Tundeslands, the length of the river was now familiar to her. It’s winter cold, it’s spring flood, and now it’s slow, summer rivulets to curdle softer amidst the rocks. When she was wee, she knew its Ithunnwood-plunging southern end well enough, for its proximity to her childhood hollow. The babbling water running beneath the waving broadleaf trees while she played alone in the mud. Dag knew she was far from that childhood now.
But she could argue she was still playing alone in the mud now – although this mud was a more metaphorical-type mud. Mud like just kind of a real shitty-type situation. I mean, no offence to Mud as a whole, sticky wet dirt did very nicely on sore paws on a hot day – but this was the bad kind of mud. The Mud of the Dark and the Madness and the Magic that had suddenly divided the island in two. Yea
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Cloudcuckooland Monsters (25)
1. Man Eater Rose
A rose that was once given in love, but a curse due to betrayal turned it into a ravenous monster. Succubi love these and often give them out to people they are trying to hurt.
2. Skateboarding Radical
A radical skateboarder that is totally radical, man. Also, he's a radical in the bad way, too.
3. Crusty Pie
A pie that is very crusty about not getting his way in life, so plots to overthrow the government by throwing pies at people's faces that are from the 'evil party'.
4. Negative Elemental
An elemental of pure negativity that is very negative about life and the universe.
5. Weapon Hunting Oni Warlord
A half bull half oni warrior lord that is seeking the strongest opponents to battle against to get stronger and collect the weapons of legends for it's collection.
6. Mop Riding Nixie Witch
A frog like lady water sprite witch clad in green that rides on a giant watery mop that is a hyperobsessed clean freak who wants to eliminate all that is dirty and impure.
7. Giant
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Melissa Anne Heartily Quotes Pt.2
Melissa's Personal Actions
"Dude, you alright there?"
"If you can't hit me, why bother attacking at all?"
"Get in the game, man."
"Get serious..."
"The fight's just begun."
"Ugh... is that really all you can do?"
"Come on, man. Take this seriously!"
"Come on, show me what you're made of!"
"You can still win this, if you don't give up."
(Round Win)
"Challenge me after some practice."
"That's right!"
"I knew I'd win!"
(Win Quotes Pt.3)
Win Quote vs. Hitomi
If you really wanna find what you're after, you can't hold back like that!
Win Quote vs. Bellemere Vermilion
So this is the Satsui no Hado I've been hearing about. I'll admit, it's no joke!
Win Quote vs. Terry Bogard
You don't have what it takes to be America's No. 1 fighter!
Win Quote vs. Saya Valentine
If you wanna go around braggin', you gotta beat me before runnin' your mouth!
Win Quote vs. Rock Lee
I like your style, Handsome Devil of the Hidden Leaf Village!
Win Quote vs. 
Velvet Crowe
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Capcom vs. Nintendo: Ibuki

Name: Ibuki
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Japan
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Debut: Street Fighter III: New Generation (1997)
Voice Actor: Kat Steel
A kunoichi, Ibuki lives in a village composed entirely of Shinobi. She has been trained from childhood, but resents her lot in life. The other ninja in Ibuki's clan include Sanjou, Enjou, Genda, Raion, and Homura Yuuta. Ibuki also has a pet tanuki named Don, and her best friend and sparring partner is Sarai Kurosawa. Nevertheless, she would prefer to live the normal life of a modern Japanese teenager. She is also a close friend of Sakura, and has a friendly rivalry with R. Mika.
Intro: Ibuki jumps and flips onscreen before taking a fighting stance.
Outro: Ibuki stretches her arms above her head before smiling and taking out some kunai.
Taunt: Ibuki does a handstand with only one hand w
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CIA File: Jane Arkansaw
Full Name: Jane Anyssa Arkansaw-Nicks
Nickname(s): Doe, Everlasting, The Real Arkansaw and Chrysalis
Creepypasta Name: Jane Everlasting
Gender: Woman
Sex: Female (Don't know why I'd need both....In this instance at least.)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age: 32
Date of Birth: Oct. 12, 1986
Place of Birth: Unknown town in pennsylvania
Race/Species: Human possessed By Demon.
Powers/Special Abilities: Accelerated healing and healing abilities.
Languages spoken: English, French, Latin, Spanish and italian. *known to sing in them*
Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): Student in high school, Wanted to be a librarian.
Are They Dead: Thought to be, but no.
If Yes, How’d They Die: Well, the Fake Arkansaw died in a fight against Jane the Killer (richardson).
Date of Death: None
Place of Death: None
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130lb
Hair color: Black (Was brown)
Hairstyle: Long
Eye color: Green, In Chrysalis's control Black.
Piercings: Earrings
Tattoos: None
Scars/Weird Marking(s):
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Exploration Time!
How beautiful the forest looked in the soft orangey glow of Fall. Leaves had already begun drifting downward toward the ground while the crisp smell of Autumn fluttered through everyone’s noses. Tokotas and humans alike worked side by side to make sure everything was harvested and stored away for that coming Winter. That also meant a certain Tokota rider would be busy for the next few months trying to stock up on pelts, meat and fish. That was a lot of work, but in the end it would be nice to see the cellar full once more. Ryan and Rain did tend to have a bad habit of not stocking it back up once they took things out. “Come on girl. We have to meet up with a few new faces. Everyone else seems busy…” The flicker of greyish colored hair caught the light as Cass sat atop her Chimera mount Sunny while a pale lilac colored long mane trotted behind her. Oddy was somewhat new Cassandra’s pack, but had made herself at home almost instantly. Among those who welcome
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The Chun-Li Classic by Stylistic86 The Chun-Li Classic :iconstylistic86:Stylistic86 3 0
Luigi VS. Darwin Watterson: Prelude
Nester: Little brothers. Sometimes loved, sometimes left under someone's shadow.
Banner: Even when they have skills that make them better than big bro, they still are buttmonkeys...who are still up and raring to go!
Nester. Luigi, the Goofy Mario Brother.
Banner: And Darwin Watterson, Gumball's Partner in Crime.
Nester: It's time to figure out who would survive a Death Battle.
Nester: The Mushroom Kingdom is constantly defended by two heroes. Sadly, one of them receives more recognition than the other.
Banner: Who you ask? Luigi!
Nester: Luigi's has it quite rough. Even when he was being brought to his parent's from a stroke, he was kidnapped while Mario was missed.
Banner: Though a Yoshi and Mario saved him, Luigi hadn't escape humiliation. Yet he chooses to continue to help out, regardless if no one notices what he did.
-Full Name: Luigi Mario
-Born in: Brooklyn
-Age: 26
-Alignment: Good
-Height: 5'6
-Weight: 200 lbs
:icondemarlion:Demarlion 2 3
You know I use to think of the idea of having a guardian angel was comforting, until I got one and learn the true about. First it turns out that not everyone has one after which shouldn't to much of a surprise if you think about it really. Then came the knowledge of what guardian angel or peri as turns out that what they really are called is. They are just people who wasn't good enough to go upstairs but won't bad enough to go downstairs so they have to do what is basely community service until they can go up.
So what the problem here? I mean that by itself doesn't sound so bad, well the problems is that peri are pranksters! So yeah they do all the things you heard that guardian angels do but they do it a way to make themselves laugh! That is when they aren't just pulling random pranks are you for the lols! For example some guy with a gun broke into my house and then mix up his gun with a realized watergun that shot ink! So yeah they are helpful doesn't mean their pranks can't get on y
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Namco X Nintendo: Jin Kazama

Jin Kazama
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Yakushima, Japan
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Debut: Tekken 3 (1997)
Voice Actor: Brad Swaile
Jin Kazama is the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. However, being born in that line made him prone to the Devil Gene. This has drove him into a darker path as time went on. He was lied to by his grandfather Heihachi Mishima after having been taught martial arts by him, his utter disgust towards his illegitimate father for a demonic influence that has taken control of his life, and he has taken over the Mishima Zaibatsu and used it as a base of operation for his all-out war against the entire world.
Intro: Jin faces away from his opponent and clinches his fist. He then turns around and gets to his fighting stance.
Outro: Jin looks at his fist which sparkles with red lightning-like energy, looks at his defeated op
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Women punching men
Just examples of women knocking out men using only punches to the face. Very sexy way to dominate a man !
1.Unknown hungarian actress in Zsaruver es csigaver - A szerencse fia. She is some kind of domina mistress, a man kneel in front of her, she delivers two hard fists, the second KO's out. She is wearing sexy lingerie (stockings, garters etc.) !
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TBLT Shipping Guide
Character Ships
Although I stated that affection between appliances is considered a defect, it can still happen; however, there is a right and wrong way when it comes to shipping characters. Again, I am not debunking anyone in these guides. I will use examples of what works and what is considered a faulty ship, so please be careful what you say in the comments. Remember: let's make the fandom for The Brave Little Toaster a ship-war-free zone.
First of all, your pairing does not need to be just male and female. You can have same-sex pairings and there is no rule to how far you can go. If you plan on shipping canon characters with canon or fan characters, you need to pay close attention to how they interact with others and their character traits in general. I am going to pick on the fandom's “lamp THOT”, Lampy, which used to be paired with everything under the sun back in the old, outdated fandom. Lampy is dim witted, mean to children, has no patience for anything, and fights
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You're my boyfriend
Daryl: " I been thinkin" for a while and there's something I have tell you."
Alucard: Daryl I'm playing the game.
Daryl: "Been thinking our love for each other has grown so very strong."
Alucard: Oh god you're singing.
Daryl: "It's plain to see we're building our world together."
Alucard: Uhh, hold up Daryl.
Daryl: "It's looking in your eyes right now and I can tell you feel the same."
Alucard: Daryl you're crushing me.
"You are my boyfriend!"
Daryl; I'm so in love with you."
"You're my boyfriend"!
Alucard: "I'm think I going to fly away".
"You're are my boyfriend"!
Alucard: Did you hack my cellphones?"
"You're my boyfriend!"
Daryl: "Yes I hack your cellphone.
Alucard: I won't lie, you very pretty girl.
Daryl: (Thank you)
Alucard: But you're crazy, crazy, crazy. You make me want to leave Riverside.
Daryl: (oh I'll leave with you)
Alucard: I thinkinh get a restraining order.
Daryl: (Good luck with that)
Alucard: Because you stand outside my house every night look through my window.
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The Mii is created for DEATH BATTLE! (W.I.P.)
The Mii:

- First Appearance: Wii Sports (November 19, 2006)
- Real Name: Mii
    - Aside from a few given names featured in promotional material, the Mii doesn't have a real name, since it's all up to player input due to being a custom avatar. Miis, in playable appearances, are also often simply referred to as "Mii."
- Age: Variable.
- Height: Variable.
- Weight: Variable.
- Occupation: Athelete, chef, news reporter, store clerk, race car driver, detective, photographer, magician, scientist, warrior, skiller combatant, etc.
- Affiliation: Wuhu Island, Mii News, Miitopia, Mii Ninja Clan, Mii Force, Nintendo Land, The Mushroom Kingdom, Fighting Mii Team, The Olympic Games
- Theme Song:

Skills and Abilities:

- Delivers punches strong enough to knock punching bags off of metal chains and send them flying across a training room.
:iconmr-nooblette:Mr-Nooblette 3 2
Nation Profiles: The Empire
Nation: Human
Capital: Ganpon
Government: Imperial Monarchy
Offshoots: The Islanders
The human race is split into two factions. This is about the aptly-named Continental Humans, descended from the Twelve Nomadic Tribes. They reside as citizens of the Human Empire and subjects of the High Kings. The Empire has been around since the start of the Second Epoch when the Nomadics decided it was time to take a piece out of the Animal Nations' playbooks and create their own united civilization. At the time, the Continent was still in the Isolationist Age where the High Kings ruled from their castles as distant entities and Quetzalcoatl was still the mortal Wanderer. The Nomadic Tribes met in a location now lost to time and there, the idea of the Empire was born. The Nomadics then wandered the Continent looking for a suitable place to build their first city. Their travels took them to the Suzaku's South side of Verboden Bereik, the so-called Forbi
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Velocieus Issue 1
The police siren echoed loudly through the street, it took Velo a few second to find the source of the commotion in the city at this time of the night. A bank robbery went wrong and the crook were unloading rounds to keep the cops at bay, barking demands before spraying the streets with lead once more.
It didn't take long for the speedster to decide to whatever or not get involved in this mess, before anyone notices his arrival he already started deviating bullets away from people. The robbers got all sort of confused when all of their shot stopped hitting anything and it got worst when a guy in a yellow and black spandex standing before them....with their bullets in hand.
''Alright lads its getting late, put ya hands up and no one gets hurt'' said the speedsters, dropping the bullets he caught on the ground.
Some of the robbers did lower their weapons but their leader finally appear from behind armed with a rocket launcher and said '' Not gonna happen piss boy! '' before firing the we
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Handsome Devil - WM116 Taming Entry
Preparing for fall festivities could always be so tiring and exhausting. Planning all the times and days to go out could be a lot of work, as well as the travel. To think, that it would be difficult even for just one person to complete a multitude of tasks! So much to do and see, yet there was so little time in one day, week, or month to do everything all at once!
Tokotna was currently a hot spot for such commotion, considering Tokoween was drawing near. Trick-or-treating festivities were being held quite early this year, considering that such activities were open for all of October. This month, it seemed that every single day was Halloween! For a particular Tokota handler, such a spooky feeling could be detected in the air.
There sat Sapphire in a warm, fuzzy, and rather cozy outfit. The young adult's green eyes darted back and forth over some posters she had managed to get a hold of from a bulletin board posted around Tokotna. From a glance, the large posters has images of Tokotas on
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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Eddie Riggs
[Eddie Riggs]
Name: Eddie Riggs
First Appearance: Brütal Legend (2009)
Occupation: Roadie
Abilities: As a roadie he is able to fix whatever is broken, and keeps a band on the road, in the land of metal, Eddie becomes skilled with a battle axe and his guitar conjures magic abilities. Leads an army by the name of Ironheade.
Weapons: In the Age of Metal Eddie gains control of the Separator, a large battle axe, and his guitar Clementine has the ability to cast varies magic abilities.
Bio:  Eddie is an old school metal head who dreams of a world back when Heavy Metal was pure and not outdated by the modern day standards. But one day on stage he gets into an accident causing blood to spill on his belt buckle which turns out to be a magical amulet that summons the spirit of Ormagoden, the Eternal Fire Beast. The beast killed the band members that disrespected Eddie and then to save his life; travelled him back in time to a time known as the “Age of Metal” which is a myth
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Ultimate Destiny: Frank West
Name: Frank West
Gender: Male
Debut: Dead Rising (2006)
VA: T.J. Rotolo
Title: The Zombie-Killing Freelance Photographer
Alternate Costume: Mega Man X Outfit
Signature Stage: Willamette Parkview Mall
Intro: Frank West snaps a few pictures before giving a thumbs up as he prepares to fight.
Intro Quotes
"I've covered wars y'know!"
"Last one! Smile!"
"This'll be the scoop of the century!"
"Alright! Let's see what you got!"
Outro: Frank pushes away a zombie and runs offscreen, followed by him running in the other direction as an army of zombies chase after him.
Outro Quote: Ugh, these guys don't give up!
Results Screen Quotes
"Oops! Gotta get these pictures in before the deadline!"
"Being a journalist's a demanding job. Ya can't slack off even a little bit!"
"Sorry, pal. I've been through Willamette, I'm not gonna be taken down after that!"
"Man I hate fighting psychopaths...Why are they always so much harder to take down than zombies?"
Vs. Clown characters: Oh man, I f
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Greywood Company Tales - The Generals
Naomi Lendara 
The Generals
    Our party has set up at the inn at the mining camp. After getting our rooms and eating dinner I decide to head out to get some information in town. I ask around about the other knight of Lendara that was supposed to be in this area. I also looked for the herbalist that was going to be near this town that Sylith was looking for. I found out that the knight had continued on to speak to the baron more than likely. The herbalist was in an abandoned mine surrounded by completely insane people supposedly. She is said to take care of them and to tend to their madness. At least she sounds nice enough then.
    After getting my info I head back to the inn to meet up with the others. Most of them go to bed early but Sylith wanted to play some music so I stayed up with her for a while. She sang a song that was more of a story about a hero who pushed back the darkness.
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Turbo-Jens: Hotet fran Lilla Lotta Del 1
Turbo-Jens: Hotet från Lilla Lotta Del 1
Det är en höstdag i Kvicktomtebo och Kvicktomteskolan är igång. Det är en eftermiddag efter skoltiden och en pojke vid 13 års ålder med brunt hår, grönblå rallyskjorta, shorts, rallystövlar och keps kör omkring på sitt snöskoterliknande fordon turboskotern i Kvicktomtebo.
-Det är en så vacker höstdag idag. Jag undrar hur de har de i Heinävala. Hoppas de lyckats återuppbygga riket sedan mitt besök dit, tänkte Turbo-Jens. Då såg han en sammanfattning av dagens nyheter på en kioskvägg.
-Det står att den onda organisationen Lilla Lotta har synts till igen, tänkte Turbo-Jens. Då kom kioskägaren ut.
-Hej Turbo-Jens. Är du bekant med Lilla Lotta, sa kioskägaren.
-Nej, men jag har hört om dem. De styrs väl av den där Mega-Lotta, sa Turbo-Jens.
-Tänk om Mega-Lotta och hennes f&
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Gold Guards
Gold Guards
Golden living statues of various forms located throughout the world. No one is sure how they are alive since they are in both magic and non-magic regions.  Their purpose is to attempt to maintain the balance of life. They exterminate overpopulation and help regrow those dwindling in number. Gold Guards stand alert, motionless as stone. Their movements begin when there is a need of action.
Golden statues towering 50 feet tall. Their forms vary depending on region. The most common form is from various species of dinosaurs, coated in gold plates and armor. They are eyeless.
Gold Guards are a single race that are not biological. Their nature is ensuring harmony and longevity of the planet. They are sometimes referred to as the “world’s conscious.”
29/03/2008 Created
14/10/2018 Edited
A Tabit Production
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Sodc7: Marina Aoyogan facts

She's very tall/big.
Her second name "Aoyogan" it was gived by the ones who survived to her fights, meaning Ao: for blue and Yogan: lavaAble to modify temperatures of other beings fast with touch or lips contactHer voice is very soft, but her way of talk is almost like a robotic one. Still working in her social skills, she can say or do unnapropiatte stuff. When trying to flirt with her, she may ignore or not understand it yet, and will ask about it. Her favorite colour is the yellow/golden. Able to jump very hight. Poison in her claw-nailsHer blood cames half from strong Kaiju DNA and dragon DNA, along with Xillia and human one. Even not having social skills, she can use her body in a unconcious way that sometimes lure even the most clever being. She hates the cold water. Her orders stuck in her mind made her find, fight, defeat and/or kill strong beings or Kaijus. She's isnt able to atop herself. Have a
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