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First Date
:bulletgreen: Firkeeper Rowan-Falls
:bulletblue: Francis TheGreatCattacoon
:bulletgreen: Firkeeper trotted brightly to the crafter's circle through the trees, humming an improvised tune around the pair of yellow tulips in her teeth. She'd spent at least an hour finding the perfect type of flower, one that was humble but beautiful. Eventually she'd settled on the cheery simplicity of the tulips. After that, she'd spent a similar amount of time grooming her fur to a perfect sheen and cleaning her necklace. By then it was nearly Fade and she picked up her chosen flowers and hurried over to meet Francis. She was in a good mood, nervous, but too giddy to freeze up over it. As she entered the circle, she glanced around and then galloped the last stretch to his shop.
"Hello?" she purred, poking her head inside. "Anybody here?"
:bulletblue: Francis had been in his den all day, as usual. But today the crafter had been in an exceptionally good mood, the conversation with Firkeeper from the pre
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Primer: Uniforms and Fashion
Village Hidden in the Sun (Higakure)
Location: Land of Stones
Element: Earth
Color Palette: Tans, browns, yellows, light reds, light oranges, and white.
Symbol: A Circle with Three Downward Lines
Ninja Uniforms: Higa-nin have learned to make the best out of the harsh conditions of their home. With brutally high temperatures and virtually no wind, the Village Hidden in the Sun has fostered an appreciation for lighter colors that reflect as much heat as possible, such as tans, yellows, light warm colors, and white. Shades of brown are also commonly added to different uniforms to help with camouflage in the dusty, mostly-barren landscape. Those who follow the Brown Sun philosophy and seek to embrace the hardships of their homeland often choose to wear minimal clothing, leaving their skin exposed to the cloudless sky. Even they most often use the standard colors on what little fabr
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PowerPuff Girls Headcanon Trivias
• my kink is when everybody shuts the fuck up
• *crushes my emotions with my bare hands* as I was saying,
• covers up real feelings with aggressive sarcasm
• u damn teens with your meh mehs and dabs
• wine mom
• w/ a monotone voice 'wow that is so wild'
• *being murdered* finally
• has been screaming nonstop in her head since fifth grade
• nag nag nag
• *flicks holy water on people* leave
• I love being dramatic and half-naked
• 'tell ur dogs I said hi okay?'
• would betray all of u in the Hunger Games
• cute first date idea : fighting with knifes on Applebee's parking lot
• well well well if it isn't the feelings I've been trying to avoid...
• why must the cute ones (me) suffer?
• 'I wonder how it feels to know what the fuck is going on'
• if u're reading this I'm beautiful
• my seduction style is genuinely caring about your life & want
:icongrimesgen:GrimesGen 3 2
The Haunted Balloons
A car is driving down a long dirt road as it reaches a fork in the road before stopping' followed by a second car as it pulls up to the first car.
Eliza Dushku - Alright everybody I'm going to let you all in on a little secret I think we are lost!
Emmanuelle Chriqui - Well so much for your short cut do we go back where we came from or take either the left or right road and continue on until we find the highway to Las Vegas?
Eliza Dushku - Lets try the right road and see where it takes us.
"As both cars drive up a little further they see a sign saying OWL CREEK VALLEY POPULATION: 41'638.
Emmanuelle Chriqui - I hope there gas station is still open my car needs gas.
Eliza Dushku - It's only 2:00 pm I'm sure its still open and I need gas too lets go!
"As they reach the gas station in town the first thing that everyone notice is that no one seemed to be around.
Leighton Meester - Where is everyone? I still haven't seen anyone so far since we got here over five mins ago!
Michelle Trachtenber
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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Yami Marik
[Yami Marik]
Name: Yami Marik
First Appearance: Yu-Gi-Oh! Chapter #157 (Manga, 2000)  Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode # 89 (Anime, 2002)
Occupation: Duellist, Evil Spirit
Abilities: Skilled at duelling but also manipulating as well as send unfortunate souls to the shadow realm for eternal pain and torment.
Weapons: None but in his Millennium Rod he has a secret dagger in there and even can use it to mind control overs.
Bio: Yami Marik unlike Yami Yugi or Yami Bakura did not originate as an entity sealed within a Millennium Item, but instead was spawned from the pain Marik endured from having his back carved as part of his family's rite of passage. As a child Marik had to go through so much suffering by his father and all that pain, torment and hatred over the years is what created Yami Marik and when Marik saw Odion defeated in a duel this was enough to have Yami Marik take control of his body. Unlike Marik; Yami Marik has no interest in becoming the next pharaoh nor does he care about the past
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 4 55
On The Road For the Very First Time
An annoyed sigh left Kato’s muzzle as he looked sternly up to his Tokota, Elias. Despite the slight breeze which swept through the open track and field, despite the warm and comforting rays of light which gently touched the ground, despite the cloudless and comforting blue sky, this was not going to be an easy feat. The orange and yellow light which tinged the track, the ring which Elias stood near, the rope which connected the dire to the ring and the frustrated handler in front of him with natural light and warmth, it did not however ease Kato’s daunting task. Sitting on a Rolling Tack rack, slightly away from Elias, Kato, his bloodhound, Ciri, Kiara, Moonbean, Jesus and Tuke was a large tack. The Tack Elias had worn, and fought to put on several times now. And Kato could tell saddling this feral beast would be quite the challenge…. Again…
“Elias, are we really doing this again? Rainwater, Jesus, Mufasa and Tuke are waiting, plus we have a
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MH1/2H 80 Chapter 46 Story
Lilith wakes up in the middle of the night after a bad dream. Seed tries to hypnotize her. Lilith recalls the mutation of the MH1/2H many years ago, how they fell into the cave of Giant City and when they landed in the green goo. She also remembers a small lizard, but then some guy picked up that lizard and carried it away. That is all that Lilith can remember. Lilith can't sleep, so she walks around in the cave, searching for the tunnel she dreamed about. Suddenly, she hears a noise up on the streets.
Lilith enters the street, where he encounters three punks running away from the Second City Bank with money. Lilith tries to stop the punk, but fails. When returning home to the cave, Lilith is run down by one of the bank robbers riding a skateboard. Lilith chases the bank robber into a cul-de-sac, where he discover that the punk is a mutant lizard known as "Kim Lizard". Something about Kim is very familiar to Lilith, but before Lilith can find out what, Kim Lizard attacks her and leaves
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DC Headcanon: My Jonathan Crane
- Jonathan is a thin man with short messy ginger hair, dark framed glasses and dark brown eyes.
- His clothing is very 'professor': tweed coat w/ leather elbow patches, sweater vests, slacks, worn brown leather shoes.Generally seen carrying a brief case.
- He looks very tired. His face is very sunken and is pale, despite seeing sunlight on/off. He looks like a battered crow with that nose of his.
- He generally is either associated with or described as 'Ichabod Crane' from Sleepy Hallow by students and staff at Gotham University. He's a professor of Psychology but lacks the social norm of a professor.
- He's very blunt, no non-sense and gets irritated after allowing his patience to hold out. However, Crane is very passionate about his work, has a love for science and only cares about results. Everyone is a test subject, willing or not.
- Jonathan's father, Gerald Crane, subjected him to the scarecrow in the back yard at a young age. Jonathan was afraid of his own shadow and after the l
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Project Ascension OC: Jinsei (Part 2 of 2)
Master Name: Jinsei
Title: Swordsman of the Six Sovereigns
Ascended Title:  The Celestial Swordsman
Faction: Sainthood of Verrill
Class: Brigadier
Sex: Male
Proposed Voice Actor: Ricco Fajardo – (JackalFairy Tail)
Passive: Stonebreaker
    Jinsei’s knowledge and control of stone materials from his life with the Krydge underground allow him to know the exact materials in which enemies arm themselves with and no exactly where each material’s weakness is. By landing abilities on enemies, Jinsei inflicts a stack of Stonebreaker on them which reduces their protections by a percentage. By landing different abilities he can build additional stacks of the passive on them that stack all the way up to a cap. The stacks show in numbers on enemies above their head with the passive symbol and a number within it which allows allies to direct their focus on s
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Marvel vs. Nintendo: Psylocke

Real Name: Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: England
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Purple
Debut: Uncanny X-Men #213 (1987)
Voice Actor: Kimberly Brooks
Betsy Braddock is the mutant twin sister of English superhero Captain Britain. Though originally British, the villainous Mojo and the Hand ninja clan switched Betsy’s mind and intermingled her DNA with that of a ninja assassin named Kwannon, leaving her trapped in a new Asian body. Psylocke has the powers of telepathy and telekinesis, which she can focus into psychic knives and swords.
Intro: Psylocke leaps into the arena and briefly forms her psychic knife before getting into her fighting stance.
Outro: Psylocke turns around showing her backside and butt at the screen. She then turns her head towards the screen as she focuses her psychic knife, as well as forms the
:iconthesweetroseprince:TheSweetRosePrince 7 8
Nepgear Gears Up for Death Battle!

Name: Nepgear

Aliases: Gear-Gear, Gearsy, Gear 
Age: Unknown, possibly at least a hundred years old
 Height: 154 cm (5'01")
Weight: 40 kg (88.2 lbs)

Personification: The unreleased Game Gear
Occupation: Goddess, CPU Candidate of Planeptune
Alignment: Good
First Appearance: Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2


- Defeated all of the members of CFW
    - Members are CFW Judge, CFW Brave, CFW Trick and CFW Magic
- Defeated the Deity Of Sin on her own in the True Ending and the Conquest Ending
- Killed Uni, Rom, Ram and Neptune in the Conquest Ending (Non-Canon)
- Helped take down Rei Ryghts
    - At least twice
:icondeathclaw153:deathclaw153 8 1
The time has come
Featuring:Desmond, Faelynn and Isetnofret
Mentioning: Lady Lacette and Duke Jacenty
Royal Glades, Glenmore
Late Summer
Desmond had been with Fae a whole year, a whole year without ending up becoming a father but he could feel the herd expectations. This made him feel a bit of pressure but he could not make this decision alone. He had to talk to Fae first she was up and out in the glade after some recent incidents with a few stags she did not wander far.
He approached
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Sonic Squadron Robots
Jumbo Carrier: A Jumbo jet-like flying fortress that carries the Chaos Mobiles (Mobi Machines). It is armed with missile launchers stored in it's top & laser guns under it's wings. It is stored in the Sonic Squadron's various bases until needed. It is also used as a means of evacuating said bases when they are about to be destroyed. It is rendered inoperable by a Phantom Ruby powered Infinite.
Chaos Mobiles (Mobi Machines)
Sonic Shuttle (Mobi Shuttle): Sonic's personal Space Shuttle Chaos Mobile, a Gokai Machine from the Red Armada. It forms Emerl's jetpack, upper torso, shoulder pads & head.
Tail Gyro (Mobi Gyro): Tails' tilt-rotor Chaos Mobile, a Voyager Machine built during his time serving in the Megarangers. It forms Emerl's left arm.
Knuckle Jet (Mobi Jet): Knuckles' jet fighter Chaos Mobile, a GoGo Vehicle achieved after completing his parole with the Boukengers. It forms Emerl's right arm.
Rose Cruiser (Mobi Cruiser): Amy's personal car Chaos Mobile, a 99 Machine g
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The cursed dinosaur
In an alternative version of our universe, on earth, dinosaurs are still alive, some of them remained at the primary state while others evolved. This is the case of Dulan, a very intelligent dinosaur, able to talk.
However, this is not even the most surprising thing, indeed, in this reality, science is not the only one to govern existence, it shares equitably its place with magic.
In fact, even death has been eradicated, however, conflicts remains present.
Indeed, Dulan is not very modest, he always considered himself like different than other species, even a bit more intelligent.
His arrogance is his main default, and his reputation towards his neighborhood is rather negative, but not only for this reason...
The dinosaur tends to show his "superiority" by using what he calls his "weapons".
He likes to get his victims stuck between his feet and play with them like a cat plays with a wool ball.
As you know it, Dulan's feet are pretty big, and in his opinion, this is a great tactica
:iconiexodusi:IExodusI 1 2
The Fattest Girlfriend ever
Hello I am looking for someone to be a SSBBW girlfriend for my 16 year old rp character called Lewis. He just wants to pleasure the girlfriend and worship her and have her pleasure him with her belly.
If you are interested in doing this comment down below and I will be the character Lewis in the rp story.
I dont want and sex in the rp I just want it to be about the SSBBWS belly
:iconssbbwbellylover:ssbbwbellylover 0 0
The Dragon Rider: High views and deep falls
High views and deep falls
He soared above the earth, through the lowest clouds. Suddenly he spotted a group of humans in black armor traveling south in the shadow of the hills. Then he saw more of them, a lot more. The whole picture seemed very familiar. He flew up through the clouds and kept flying above them in circles, illuminated by the sun’s rays. More of his kind broke through the fog and joined him. Finally there were hundreds of them. One creature gave a loud roar and dived down. All together they roared too and followed the leader in a dive towards the ground. And so the great battle started. Accompanied by the ones around him he approached the human army with high speed. He dived through valley after valley, killing everyone on his path. Then he got shot in his chest and groaned in pain as he fell out of the sky. Time slowed down as the hillside came closer and closer.
We are in danger!
With a huge force he collided with the earth and crashed.
Lars opened his eyes, abru
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Review of The Playroom VR for PS4
Videogame Review, The Playroom VR for the PS4 (Playstation VR)
You won’t be disappointed with the delicious graphics.  General stuff from cowboys to aliens will turn your world upside down just from the very nature of Playstation Virtual Reality.  However, it’s actually virtual fiction.  Everything here reminds me of “Pixels” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.  Imagine a cartoon world filled with robots who have owl-like eyes made of lasers and who play odd games where aliens fly into space and cowboys fall from the sky.  Sony has had to take it easy with The Playroom VR since we’re only going to get into so much virtual reality at a time- in fact, sometimes I still see my hair in the VR helmet, and my DualShock 4 (controller) needs some continuous winding and rewinding through the VR options list.  VR works well depending on what clothes you wear, what light is around you, how the camera relationship is, and how your
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Ultimate Destiny: Kyoka Jiro
Name: Kyoka Jiro
Gender: Female
Debut: My Hero Academia (2014)
VA: Trina Nishimura (English) Kei Shindo (Japanese)
Title: The Hearing Hero
Alternate Costume: Cheerleader Outfit
Signature Stage: U.A Festival Stage
Intro: Kyoka walks onscreen with a bored look on her face, twirling one of her earlobes. Upon noticing the opponent, she stares at them, her expression changing to an annoyed frown, her earlobes extending forwards ahead of her.
Intro Quotes
"Fine, I guess I'll fight you."
"Try not to bore me, K?"
"Guess I gotta give it my all."
"Seriously? This just isn't a good day."
Outro: Kyoka smiles and moves her right hand back to touch her hair, as her left earlobe retracts to her shoulder, the right one going down to her ankles.
Outro Quote: Couldn't handle the beat?
Results Screen Quotes
"A hero has to always give it there all, Plus Ultra."
"Do you want me to turn the volume up?"
"*chuckles* I rock."
"That's definitely gonna leave a mark."
Denki as Teammate: Glad t
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Vore RP #1
Just got inspired after looking at an old image base I have.
Scenario 1: Sleep
You're sleeping in your bed when I sneak behind you and put your feet into my mouth as I begin to eat you. You then wake up and begin to react.
I can't fit you in all at once, so I let your head stick out all the time so it looks like you're wearing a costume of my character.
I decide to make you taste a little better, so I force feed you stuffing first then eat and digest you.
Create your own Modifier.
Scenario 2: Surprise
You're wandering in a cave, when you notice something staring at you from nearby. You get closer, and the creature eats you.
The creature hypnotizes you first, and then slides you into its maw.
You manage to eat the creature before it eats you.
Make your own.
Swapping is allowed, digestion is allowed, pretty much anything. Just ask before we start.
:iconlazydiapereddragon:LazyDiaperedDragon 2 9
Plushsuit TF RP
How about some plush tfs?^^
1. Haunted mansion
It´s late autumn. A friend told you about a haunted mansion in the woods and you two decide to search the mansion. While searching, it starts to rain heavily and your clothes get very wet.
We try to escape the rain and finally find the mansion.
What will be inside:
a) We find a large amount of onesies/romper inside. We freeze due to the wet clothes. So we take out clothes off, let them dry and put on onesies.
b) Some giant plushies are lying around inside the Mansion. They notice our wet clothes and will take care of them.
c) There are actually ghosts inside the mansion. Ghosts of children who want new plushies.
d) own ideas?
2. Testsubjects
a)You just bought a machine that should make your life easier. While you are testing it, it has a malfunction.
b) We are working in a fabric that produces plushies. One day we are involved in a incident.
c) We were just about to meet with some friends when a stran
:iconnoisin:Noisin 5 90
Depiction List.
- Dark Lilly (Legend)
- Elvira (Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark)
- Russell.  I may be kind of cheating here considering Russell is basically Russell Brand as a monster,  but he was one of the first genuine antagonists in Mel's adventures and he was a major antagonist in the 2010-2014 storyarc regarding Nathan, Mel, and Eukie as well.  He is depicted as being sometimes a vampire and sometimes a demon, and while he was a stalker type or 'Yandere'  when he was a villain,  he's a much nicer character in the arc where he becomes a good guy and helps Mel with her missions.   He's one of many reformed antagonistic characters in the monster universe next to Cowellconstrictor (actually Cowellconstrictor was probably one of the first antagonists turned to the side of good, well him and a few others) and the villain Tortura from the infamous Power Rangers fanfic 'Agony In Pink'. When he was a villain,  he was obsessed with trying to make Mel his lover and he was ge
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Clashing Heroes 2: Ammon

Michael Simmons’ life changed drastically when a old sage gave him an amulet of the warrior Ammon. With the power of the amulet in his possession, Michael used it to turn himself into the mighty warrior himself and do battle against evildoers. After competing in the first Tournament of Heroes, Michael looked to have a normal life while going to high school, but recent news of Dr. Gaius’s resurfacing garnered his attention. Michael would have to take his newfound high school life to the side as the warrior Ammon would rise again as the second Tournament of Heroes loomed. 
*Super Strength 
*Possesses Power from the Egyptian Gods 
*Godlike Athleticism

Earthquake of Geb: Ammon slams his fists to the ground, causing an earthquake. 
Energy of Osiris: Ammon throws a fireball from his hands. 
Pharaoh’s Throw: He throws the opponent over his head and stomps o
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