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Dracule Bat ( ML OC
Name: Dracule Bat 
Real Name: Felix Alexander 
Nicknames: none 
Age: 16
Eye Colour: light brown 
Hair Colour: brown but he made green parts in it 
Phobia: none
Fear: he has a fear of speaking to people 
Allergy: Glutten
Parents: Mia Alexander and Keith Alexander 
Sibblings: none
Friends: Marinette, Adrien, Marc, Tessa, 
Neutral: Cloe, Alya, Nino
Enemies: Hawk Moth
Relationship: none
Kwami Name: Vern
Species: Vampire Bat  
Activation: Vern, wings of night  
Miraculous: a zipper on his jacket 
Food: bugs
Powers: can create a black mist like fog 
Weakness: unkown
Weapon: double cross bow 
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Kingdom Hearts Crossroads 6
    The Ruthless was going through space at maximum speed, heading straight to the first world. Sora was touring the ship to familiarize himself with its decks. He saw Cody approaching without his helmet. “Cody!” called Sora.
    “Captain Sora, sir!” said Cody as he saluted.
    “Er…what’s with the salute?” asked Sora. Cody then realized what he was doing.
    “Sorry,” he chuckled. “Old habits. I keep forgetting I’m not in the Grand Army of the Republic anymore.”
    “Where are you off to?” asked Sora.
    “Recreation Deck, Sir,” reported Cody.
    “Got something you wanna see?” inquired Sora.
    “Unless you have something else for me to do, Sir,” said Cody.
    “I got nothing,” replied Sora. “Carry on.” As Cody went off, Sora remembered some
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Yuri the Man - Chapter 6 Part 1
*After hostilities with the remnants of the Orders fleet have ended, Yuri and company head to the Void Gate near the Elson Star System to head into the Galactic Federation Central Sector. From there, they head straight to Merylgild, capital of the Galactic Federation. When they are about halfway between Nizia and Merylgild however...*
Franny: "Yuri, there's a message for you from Vice Admiral Sankt"
Yuri: "A message? What does it say?"
Franny: "Something about the Federation President calling an emergency meeting"
Yuri: "Hmm, let me take a look at that"
*Meanwhile, above Merylgild...*
*Admiral Norton of the Republic of Libertas, Ettore the 235th of the Grand Duchy of Enemonzo, Prime Minister Falko of Nacio and Vice Admiral Sankt of the Republic of Regeinland, victor of the recent battle meet, each bringing their own fleets as a demonstration of power.*
Yuri: "I'd heard the Federation President was just a figurehead who didn't actually have a lot of power. But it seems he's finally reve
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Spaceship/Space station names
Avenger: Super capital ship; heavy cruiser
Behemoth: Super capital ship; Heavy cruiser
Colossus: Super capital ship; Heavy cruiser
Devastator: Heavy Cruiser
Epoch: Super capital; Carrier
Fortitude: Heavy Cruiser
Guardian: Super capital carrier/heavy cruiser
Hercules: Heavy Cruiser
Intrepid: Science Vessel
Juggernaut: Heavy Cruiser
Kelvin: Science Vessel
Liberator: Heavy Cruiser
Magnus: Carrier
Nullifier: Super capital: heavy cruiser
Odysseus: Science vessel
Orpheus: Science vessel
Protector: Super capital carrier/heavy cruiser
Quaker: Missile launcher
Reaper: Super capital; Heavy cruiser
Solaris: Ion cannon frigate
Thor: Heavy Cruiser
Ulysses: Science ship
Vendetta: Heavy Cruiser
Warrior: Heavy Cruiser
Xenolith: Interceptor class
Yagi: Personal Scout ship
Yazel: Space station
Zenith: Carrier
Zeus: Heavy cruiser
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basilisk brawl (vore rp)
You were out hunting in the mountains when you hear somthing behind you... what do you do?
A. Run
B. Attack
C. Freeze in fear
This is the demon
:iconkatomatic22:katomatic22 2 7
Bandage Buddies
Zinnia was in the apothecary, she had a couple of herbs spread out on the table in front of her, she wasn't alone, she was also with her friend Raul, she was helping him with his studies, he didn't have much confidence in himself and was having trouble making his mentor proud. The she-cat was determined to help both her and Raul to graduate. 
After a helping each other memorize herbs and their uses, Zinnia decided it was time they worked on bandaging up patients, she grabbed some red berries, a small roll of bandages and place them on the table. She smiled at the tom a gently grasped his paw, "Can you be my patient?" she asked, Raul was a little confused, but still nodded. Zinnia grabbed a few berries, squashed them and rubbed their juice on Raul's front leg, it was supposed to look like blood.
Once she was finished painting Raul, she grabbed the bandages and started wrapping them around Raul's front leg. "Is this too tight?" she asked. Raul shook his head and said "N-no, it'
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The Twin Kings
Once, long ago, when the Ori alone dwelled upon the planet, we were many. Despite the innumerable creatures which rose from the depths of the Wounds of the World, the power of the star spirits above which was woven into our very being allowed us to survive upon our hostile, but beautiful world. Three great cities were founded, Eda, Mute, and Schrade, lead by councils of the eldest and wisest among our own.
Many years we lived in this way, until an age of great darkness fell upon our people. Crops withered, disaster after disaster struck us, newer and more deadly beasts rose from the Wounds, and the world threatened to shake us from it’s face. That was when two brothers rose up, challenged the way of things, and named themselves the leaders of our people. And lead, they did.
These brothers were beautiful, strong, clever, and wise far beyond their years, glistening like brilliant divine saviors. The younger brother was a quiet, reserved man, however, his ingenious nature knew no li
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Enjoying the flowers (CC Event Entry)
Ryoki was sitting at the grass and looked in the sky. He likes this time of the year when the sun gets warmer and the flowers begin to bloom. Right now a lot of them were around him and he could smell all kind of sweet floral scent. The blue wolf just closed his eyes and listen to the sound of the wind and the birds. The sun was shining directly into his face until something seems to block it. After he opens one eye he could see who was it. “What are you doing here Ryoki?” Simon, his Dragon asked and looked a bit confused. “I just enjoy the sun, the fresh air, the sound of the birds and this wonderful scent from the flowers.” Simon looked a bit confused as he hears that since he never did something like that. Ryoki smiled and sits up again. “Come here sit next to me and just get a feeling about it.” Simon did as Ryoki says and sit next to him. Soon after that, he laid down and just lay quietly in the grass. He breathes slowly and could smell the same
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potion problem (vore rp)
You were working with kat in his lab when he screws up a potion and blew himself up... when the smoke clears you see the result... what potion was he fooling with?
Animal speech (doggo )
Madness inducer (feral )
Pheromone attractor (lady )
Physicality increaser (monster )
:iconkatomatic22:katomatic22 1 12
nobody blitz (vore rp)
You were exploring a new world when you notice an unfamiliar nobody wandering around.. what do you do?
A. Attack
B. Watch
C. Run
This is it
:iconkatomatic22:katomatic22 0 3
la devotee
Name : la devotee
Namesake: the song of the same name by panic at the disco
Appearance: an ink black mannequin figure with cartoon swirly eyes, rake-like claws and no visible joints (everythin just kjnda floats)
Personality: it has no true mindset but acts crazy always all twitchy, fidgeting with things and sometimes just freezing up and staring at pepole, often breaking out in fits of mad laughing when excited
Ability: remote limbs (can launch its peices amd contol them remotly), gathering (can sniff out amd collect just about anything as long as they know what it looks like)
Weakness: the stand amd user share strength when it comes to gathering meaning if the user camt pick it up chanses are the stand wont be able to either, headshots (hitting the head is essinetally a reset button makingvit reel in its peices and forget whats going on)
Destructive power: C
Speed: B
Range: A
Precision: C
Durability: B
Potential: C
:iconkatomatic22:katomatic22 0 9
flying fool (vore rp)
You were lost in the woods when a big shadow starts circling you... what do you do?
A. Run
B. Look up
C. Ignore
This is what your dealing with
:iconkatomatic22:katomatic22 1 6
enter one
Name: enter one
Namesake: song of the same name by sol seppy
Appearence: a swarm of those flying paper lanterns
Ability: guidance (pepole who follow the lanterns are known to find great fortune or deadly misfortune depending on there karma)
Weakness: unknown as no ones ever sucessfully attacked one
Rankings are unknown
:iconkatomatic22:katomatic22 0 0
komm susser tod
Name: komm süsser tod
Namesake: song of the same name from evangelion (dunno who made it)
Appearence: when inactive its a small humanoid statue wearing a tattered angels robe and a red blindfold it also has 1 black amgel wing amd 1 red dragon wing small enough for the user to carry around in there pocket. And when active its the same but big and moving
Ability: the end (when the user is put in critical condition beyond fixing a countdown will start (5 minutes) and once it runs out tue user will explode with the same power as a tank blast but alot bigger) reincarnation (the user will be brought back to life 1 year after with no memory)
Weakness: none notable tho fixing stands (such as crazy diamond) can temporarily stop the timer
Destructive power: A
Speed: E
Range: ?
Precision: ?
Durability: A
Potential: C
:iconkatomatic22:katomatic22 2 4
Femaxian Points of Profit
1.) Once you have their money, never give it back.
2.) You can't cheat an honest customer, but it never hurts to try.
3.) Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to.
4.) Sex and profit are the two things that never last long enough.
5.) If you can't break a contract, bend it.
6.) Never let family stand in the way of opportunity.
7.) Always keep your arms ready.
8.) Keep count of your change.
9.) Instinct plus opportunity equals profit.
10.) A dead customer can't buy as much as a live one.
11.) Arsanium isn't the only thing that shines.
12.) Anything worth selling is worth selling twice.
13.) Anything worth doing is worth doing for money.
14.) Anything stolen is pure profit.
15.) Acting stupid is often smart.
16.) A deal is a deal (...until a better one comes along).
17.) A bargain usually isn't.
18.) A Femaxian without profit is no Femaxian at all.
19.) Don't lie too soon after a promotion.
20.) When the customer is sweating, turn up the heat.
21.) Never place friendship befo
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lose yourself to dance
Name: lose yourself to dance
Namesake: song of the same name by daft punk
Appearence: a mannequin in a tuxedo with a one man band set amd a white rabbit mask
Ability: hypnotic music (hypnotizes pepole with its odd music), master of musoc based combat
User: stand is parasitic only having a user for defense as its coawrdly
Weakness: none notable
Destructive power: C
Speed: A
Range: B
Precision: C
Durability: D
Potential: A
:iconkatomatic22:katomatic22 1 0
Courtship ART Oberon x Scipio
The cave was dark and Oberon sleeps quietly in his nest. Dragons come and go these days to get an egg from him. He really does not mind at all but now all he wanted to do was sleeping. After some time he hears something and opens his eyes just to see another dragon. He was curious what the green dragons want from him. He put a small back down and diapered again. Oberon decided to ignore it for now and take a nap.
Scipio just wanted to bring all stones she found to the cave bevor she went of to find some more. Not far away was a cave full of different gemstones and Scipio wanted to get as much as she could to build a nice nest for Oberon. She had to snicker a bit as soon as she thought about it and runs a bit faster. As soon as she arrives at the cave she began to gather some of the gemstones. It was not an easy task since she to dig them out. With her four arms, she could do it fast but only if the ground was not solid. Scipio could get a decent amount of different stones. She was real
:iconxaunus:Xaunus 1 1
Storage and Survival: Chapter 14
Storage and Survival
Chapter 14: Decorations
Jared, Zane and Tristan were paralyzed and couldn’t move or speak, but they could still see and hear.
Edmond: “I put a powder in your glasses that causes temporary paralysis.” He said. “I’m afraid you three will remain here and become decorations for my parties, just like all the others that came here.” He said, then pressed on his watch.
Edmond looked to see four panther robot butlers enter the room and told two them to take Zane and Tristan to be prepped for the party, while the other two picked up Jared and got him on his feet. The robots then took off Jareds clothes, until he was in his underwear. One of the robots then went over to a door to reveal a small closet, filled with what looked like pink ribbon wrappings.
The robot went over to Jared, pushed his legs together and began to wrap the ribbon around his ankles, while the other robot took ribbon and wrapped his hands behind his back. Jared felt th
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mimicry (vore rp)
You were exploring some old ruins when you find a treasure chest! But somthing dosent seem right... what do you do?
A. Open
B. Whack it
C. Ignore it
This is it
:iconkatomatic22:katomatic22 2 8