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RWBY/JP Dinosaur Files: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex (aka T-Rex)

Name Meaning: Tyrant Lizard King

Diet: Carnivore

Era: Late Cretaceous (68-65 Million Years Ago)

Family: Tyrannosauriade

Height: 3.5 meters (11.48 feet) on average

Length: 13.5 meters (44.29 feet) on average

Weight: 7 tons

The most famous dinosaur in the history of paleontology is undoubtedly Tyrannosaurus Rex. This 7 ton, 13 meter long predator was the apex of it's time. In Remnant's prehistoric past, they ruled for the last 3 million years of the age of the dinosaurs and they ruled with almost total supremacy. Most of the creatures that shared their domain would have spent their lives in fear of running into this nightmare on legs. Their domain was where the continent of Saunus stands now, stretching from where the Emerald Forest is to as far as where Vacuo now stands. Recent e
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Rose Alra and the Hawtsprings
Slimea character
Name: Rose Alra
Race: Cat-girl
Job: Hot Spring operator
Birthday:  Nov 15 2000
   Rose is a very affectionate and loving cat-girl, she loves to play particularly with her bubbles.   she does occasionally have extreme mood swings
Bubbles, relaxing, helping people, having fun. taking baths in the hawt springs.
upset people, people hiding from their emotions, scaredy cats, being lonely.
Rose was born and raised in the Zoterberger region and was changed into a catgirl having always been fond of cats. One day she was exploring some of Slimea's wilds, when she found some hot springs. the Hot springs were large all these wonderful bubbles coming from it. Tired, Rose slipped in and relaxed. she had at some point fallen asleep. When she woke up in a bubble surrounded by the pink mist. The bubble popped and she couldn't help but start laughing and wanted to have fun despite th
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Capcom vs. Nintendo: Sylux

Name: Sylux
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Debut: Metroid Prime Hunters (2006)
Voice Actor: N/A
Very little is known about Sylux other than the fact that he harbors an intense hatred for the Galactic Federation and Samus Aran. He views Samus as an enemy by association for working with the Federation. Looking at the overall humanoid shape, and the humanoid hand holding the Shock Coil (Sylux's weapon of choice), it is possible, and sometimes assumed, that Sylux could be human. His power suit appears to be based on a Federation prototype and possesses offensive and defensive capabilities.
Intro: Sylux dive bombs onto the stage, then aims his arm gun forward as he gets into his fighting stance.
Outro: Sylux aims his arm cannon around, then aims at the camera.
Taunt: Sylux puts his hand to his visor
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Legends Never Cry | Link VS Dante Battle!
Ark: “Alright the combatants are set!”
Riley: “It’s time to settle this debate once and for all!”
The Forest of Spirits. A place that is tranquil and serene. This forest is lush with wildlife, ranging from boars, foxes, and birds. A brave soul steps foot into this land. This soul belongs to none other than the Devil Hunter himself, Dante. Why would he come here? Could it be perhaps a damsel is in distress? Or maybe he has come to find his brother, Vergil, once again? Could demons be swarming around this place? Well, actually it’s quite rather simple.
To find the Master Sword.
This Master Sword is said to be the Sword of Evil’s Bane. If he wished to stop Mundus in his tracks as long as multiple other evil beings in the way as well, he must obtain this weapon. That is why he is searching in the Forest of Spirits. As he has heard that the Master Sword lays rest there. In
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Character Profile - Emma
Emma is an intentional Mary-Sue (though she’s more of a Parody-Sue given her appearance), essentially being a very large, homely version of this archetype:… (In this case, her bank account is about as fat as she is)
Her origins lie in a tubby extra from one of the Lupin III made-for-TV movies, Angel Tactics.
She only appears for several seconds, but her design was so distinct to me because she was the only fatty among what amounted to a group of supermodel terrorists. Plus, I liked her design enough to base one of my characters off her.
Since 2014 I’ve continuously reshaped and changed Emma until I have her as sh
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Were-Celebs Around Us.
WereCelebs Around Us: A Choose Your Own Change style website based around were-celebrities, it is an interactive story site and RPG that anyone can take part in and more than one person can play and there are several different stories to be involved in. The main story is one where the role of the werecelebrity can either be a lead role or a supporting role,  with the former it is where you are the one who turns into a were-celebrity and with the latter it's a loved one or best friend who is the were-celebrity.  People from websites like DA and Facebook can sign up on the site and take part in the story as well and you can invite your friends and family to be part of the story as a nice little bonus.
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Drake Empire Technology Sheet
Drake Empire Technology Sheet:

The Drakes are a unique and strange nation focused entirely around magic and their ability to mold reality with said magic. As such technology in their nation is either totally based around magic or influenced by it in some way, with only a few pieces of technology being actually grounded in non magical means. As such it is hard to quantify the Drakes exact technological prowess but the best has been put here, however exact nature of their technology or individual Drake capabilities are nigh on impossible to generalize.
Magi-Spatial Dissapators
 The Drakes main weapon is their ability to create beams of magical energy capable of breaking matter apart, while very intensive energy wise can do massive damage to the target, this is also used for mining purposes when needed on lower power.
Magi-Graviton Beams
 The secondary Drake weapons is their ability to use their magic
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Headcanon: Misty
Name: Misty Waterflower "The Tomboyish Mermaid"
Age: 20
Hair Color: Orange
Hair Style: Shoulder-Length
Eye Color: Green
Hometown: Cerulean City
Region: Kanto
Trainer Class: Gym Leader, Pokemon Trainer
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Gym: Cerulean Gym
Badge: Cascade Badge
Specializes: Water Types
Family: Daisy Waterflower, Voilet Waterflower, Lily Waterflower (Older Sisters)
Love Interest: Lana, Lorelei, Let's Go Female Protagonist, Brock(Game Only)
X-over Love Interests: You Watanabe (Love Live! Sunshine), Asu Rito (Yandere Sim.), Celina (Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V)
Unrequited: Serena, May, Dawn, Red, Erika
Close Friends: Red, Leaf, Blue, Brock, Sabrina, Ethan, Lyra, Kris, May, Brendan, Dawn, Lucas, Barry, Hilda, Hilbert, Rosa, Nate, Serena, Calem, Shauna, Selene, Lillie, Elio, Hau, Gladion, Mallow, Kiawe, Ash Ketchum (Anime on
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[JJBA: Pig Den] Barak Amani
Barak Amani
• Male
• 17
• Hair: White
• Eyes: White
• 5'3"
• Arabic
• Stand: Clarity
• Crush: ???
• Likes: Cats, Sleeping, Fish, octopus
• Dislikes: Dogs, Noisy/Crowded area, Bright Sunlight
• Biography: TBA
• Namesake:
 ☼ Barak: "Blessing" in Arabic.
 ☼ Amani: "Wishes" in Arabic.
☼ Clarity
• Stand Ability: Clairvoyance
• Description: Has the ability to predict the future for 5 minuets. It takes the form of a Crystal Ball.
• Namesake:
  ☼ Stone Cold: "Queen" song
• Aali Amani [First Son, Alive, Stand: Intoxicated]
• Adil Amani [Second Son, Alive, Stand: Stone Cold]
• Aisha Amani [Only Daughter, Alive, Stand: Angel with a Shotgun]
• Baki Amani [Fourth Son, Alive, Stand: Pity Party]
• Dana Amani [Fifth Son, Alive, Stand: Hey Brother]
• Faiz Amani [Sixth Son, Alive, Stand: Dollhouse]
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Full Name: Corbin Alexander Beltran
Also Known As Corey or Alex
Race/Species: Mutant-human
Sex and Gender: Male
Age: 400+
Birthday: June 4, 1616
Birthplace: Jamestown, Virginia
Current Residence: RV
Current Occupation: Traveling musician/Superhero
Heritage: English-Irish
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Spoken: Gaelic, English
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic
Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Immortal, carpenter, musician, mechanic, inventor, poet, songwriter, artist, novelist, skilled fighter
Notable Strengths: None
Notable Weaknesses: Mention of his family
Physical Appearance: Tall and lanky with long reddish-brown hair and hazel eyes set within a boyishly handsome face dotted with freckles
Usual Attire: Ragged jeans, baggy t-shirts, and old sneakers
Hero Attire: Colonial clothing that has been slightly modified and a simple mask
Inventory: Guitar, writing utensils, art supplies, notepads, food, lighter, matches, lighter fluid, water, cooking utensils, c
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Greek Goddesses character sheet
A/N: And here a chara sheet for the goddesses. ^^
Names and Aliases/Epithets:
(A/N: Again, check out
Hera: She is usually called by her real name. Zeus sometimes jokingly calls her his "cow-eyed queen" or "Xanthippe" (y'know, like the bitchy wife of Socrates). The minor deities refer to her as Basileia ("Queen"). Some of her step-children call her "dragon lady" or "queen bitch" (because of her evil stepmother tendencies). Her own children and sometimes Athena just call her "Mother" (she's the only step-child with that privilege, because Hera is especially fond of her). Hephaistos sometimes calls her his "Frankenstein" (it's an anachronistic inside joke).
Demeter: Except for her kids, who call her "Mum", the rest of her family calls her by her name, or "Auntie D". Hera jokingly/fondly calls her "Blondie" sometimes (Demeter calls her "Blackie" in fond retribution). Hades sometimes calls her "Erinys of honour".
Hestia: Is either called by her
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Handful of Memories
Lia was developing a soft spot for Hala. Unlike certain befuddling members of the group, she was all child, and it was easy to know how to behave with her. She was refreshingly innocent and good-natured, and she really hoped that she and Hackmon would become a little more comfortable with each other soon.
Maybe that was part of the girl's motivation behind asking to hear stories about how the human and Digimon partners got along. Either way, Byodramon was one of her favourite topics to talk about, and it hadn't taken a lot of convincing to do the stone fetch quest and tell a story. She'd even gone the extra mile, and had Byo track down Hackmon before she started telling it, because she thought maybe it was just as important for the Digimon to hear it as the girl.
He hadn't been far. Where would he go, anyway? But Byo had convinced him (mostly by lying on top of his head and talking about a really tasty bush of meat-berries) to meander closer to the beach, where Lia was rubbing a smooth
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Nightshade RyukoxOdin part 10
Ryuko was enraged as he clenched the letter tightly, struggling to not let his bezerk out and kill this monster who took his child. His body shook with the power he was so desperately trying to hold back and he didn’t notice as Odin took the letter and began reading, “Dear Odin, I’ve heard much about you, but sadly I am not who your mutt came to find. I know Fenris in fact, I travel with him but he is a busy busy wolf. How about we meet up tonight and have a chat? Though if you don’t show, Drogon will suffer. Come alone. Thanks, Taiga.” Odin then crumbled the letter, throwing it to the floor before he embraced Ryuko in a tight hug.
Ryuko was still shaking, absolutely furious at this person for threatening his son. Odin’s nearness helped some. “We will save Drogon…I will save him.” Ryuko’s heart raced at the thought of Odin going alone, but Ryuko was shit when it came to fighting. “Take me with you please, I’ll hang
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Corrupt Heart Saga Chapter Twenty Three
The one thing that came to Elizabeth's mind was "I'm god damn fucking done with these bullshit news reports". It was resonating within her mind each night. Forced telecommunications coming from the above radio towers at 12 o'clock each day. Warning about the dangers of going outside the walls, and not to try to escape unless in a convey because it's not safe. Therefore it would sound like a heartbeat upon every lunch break that twas.
Sometimes they changed the presenter, most commonly university students from across a far away. A select few carried a soothing voice whilst the rest had a more enforcing sound, it had been a while in her studies past since arrival. About 3 weeks into it now and finally each classroom is mapped en route inside the brain that lairs her thoughts.
Biological Plants and remedial herbs were one of her favorite subjects, not only for the plants that could limply move around but a few could ignite her blade, with a pulsing bright blue, and even green and red too.
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List of known Pseravdians
Currently, the pseravdian population is about 4 billion on Tothora.
• David (Eik; his original name) ♂- One of the two friendly pseravdians that currently resides in one of the planets inhabited by inanimate objects, in which he becomes the savior of one of them. Originally sent to wipe out life on this planet, his mission ended abruptly when he and Dora suddenly suffered head traumas.
• Dora (Gneha; her original name) ♀- David’s current wife with a Spanish accent. When she and David suffered head traumas in their stick forms, she took a massive grudge on him for years, only for it to fade away when she causes a second head trauma during the ten year gap.
• Kam’haw ♀- A very shy pseravdian who runs away from any big threat, though still territorial, since she is her own kind.
• Tottor ♂- David’s t
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Akumu Profile

140 years old
He has the appearance of a 14 year old 
October 29th
Shy, timid, is nervous around new people, his kind though, and doesn't get angry
Nightmare type
5 foot 3
Nightmare hero
Darkness, has nightmare powers too
A nightmare bow and arrow
Spending time with people close to him
Being around people he doesn't know, but that doesn't last long, because new people calm him and get to know him
Losing ones he loves, losing in battles too, his scared of light too
The nightmare world, he lives in a nightmare mansion
Blood related siblings:
His backstory is mostly unknown, but what we know of him is that he used to be confident, b
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Obsidian Odachi info
Weapon Name: Obsidian Odachi
User: Nathan Ralls/Obsidian Legend Warrior
Appearance: Think the Odachi used by Ishida Mitsunari from the Sengoku Basara franchise
Info: Nathan's personal sword weapon, he can wield this sword with one hand very easily like Vergil from DMC and Mitsunari from Sengoku Basara, he can use Darkness element attacks with this
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Super Smash Bros Bio: Godzilla

Real Name: Godzilla, Gojira
Weight Class/Playstyle: Heavyweight
Debuts: Godzilla (1954)(Film Appearance/Godzilla vs 3 Giant Monsters (1984)(Video Game Appearance)
Voice Actor: Godzilla
Bio: In the year 1954, Tokyo was ravaged by a monstrous titan of radioactive power named Gojira, or Godzilla. The kaiju’s reign of terror resulted in the lost lives of thousands of people, until the brave Doctor Serizawa sacrified himself to end Godzilla’s destruction by killing him with the Oxygen Destroyer. However, this would be far from the end for Godzilla, for the kaiju has come back to continue his legacy. To this day, Godzilla has either terrorized or saved the Earth, destroying cities and battling other daikaiju as he continues to reign as King of the Monsters.

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henloo i'm an artist from another world!!
Welcome to my world!! I hope you like what i'm posting, its my hobby, doing arts and stuff, i mainly draw charas from brave frontier, OC and sometimes anime!! I love anime!!
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Daithi Aaron Radcliff (Updated 9/18/18)
Daithi Aaron Radcliff
23 (With a 56 year old mind.)
Loboan Night Wolf
223 Ib
- Hair and fur:
Hair colour (Black and Blonde White hair with Green hairs.)
Hairstyle ( Long jungle dread hair)
Facial Hairstyle (Goatee with a light mustache)
Skin and fur color (Dark Gray fur with brown skin)
- Markings:
The mark of an alchemist on his stomach.
A big tribal heart on his back.
- Eye color:
(right eye) Black with green pupil
(Left eye) lime green pupil
- Other features:
Body Figure (Slightly muscular)
Piercings (Skull Earring left ear,Black earrings left ear,Tag Earring right ear,5 tongue piercings.)
Restraint collar/choker (the collar keeps him from turning into a full-on alien and whenever he looks like he is about to change into a alien it keeps him restraint.)
Moon stone necklace (these stones keep him strong and Whenever there is a full moon the Stillness will glow and his strength and speed will dramatically increase bu
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Behind the Overwatch: Reaper

Widowmaker is a Damage Hero in Overwatch.
Real Name: Gabriel Reyes
Age: 58
Occupation: Mercenary
Base: Unknown
Reaper uses multiple abilities and weapons, including:The ReapingHellfire ShotgunsWraith FormShadow StepDeath Blossom
"Death walks among you."
Don't let his age, or the fact that he looks like a rejected My Chemical Romance guitarist fool you. This mercenary's a feared warrior, who was once one of the super soldiers along with Soldier 76 (as Soldier 24). That is, until a rift between the two soldiers during Overwatch's height caused him to turn to the terrorist group known as Talon.
As of now, his intentions are unknown, but what's clear is his goal: Kill every Overwatch agent he can find, especially Soldier 76!
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Overwatch Map idea: Paris
Lore: After Disease created a virus, most of the citizens of Paris became mindless, flesh eating monsters. Soon a group of survivors decided it was time they left Paris, this included Yvette Toryenta and Valjean Montwai. After fighting through hordes of the zombified citizens. Yvette and Valjean managed to contact Winston, who promised to have a dropship waiting for them at the military base. After fighting through more hordes, The survivors were attacked by Wrath, Lust, and Disease. After blowing salt on them, Yvette and Valjean stayed behind to hold the horde off. Yvette chose to do it alone and pushed Valjean through the gate that led to the helicopter landing pad. After fleeing the horde, Yvette managed to get to the dropship.
Gameplay: The escorting team has to bring the payload through the streets of Paris. The payload itself holds a gas that has a formula that is suppose to cure the virus and turn everyone back to normal. While going through the streets, there are shops and
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