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DOD Bestiary: Tusker
Common Name: Tusker (Lizardbull, Dicynodont)
Pronounced: (Tusker)
Classification: Saurobovidae / various sp.
SGOC Rank: Fauna / Megafauna
Length: 2 – 27 feet
Height: 1 – 10 feet at the shoulder
Weight: 50 lbs. – 7 tons
Diet: Herbivore
Social Structure: Solitary, Herd (10-100+ members)
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: Vostok Prime (Antarctica)
IUCN Status: Near Threatened
Tuskers are a family of modern-day dicynodonts endemic to the Antarctic cavern of Vostok Prime.
The largest herbivores in their native cavern, tuskers have an upright posture like that of dinosaurs and mammals. They have parrot-like beaks with a strong overbite for cutting up tough vegetation, as well as a pair of tusks in the upper jaw for digging and se
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Scarlet - BIO

Name: Scarlet 
Nicknames or other names: Red
Gender: Female
Species: Hedgehog (Father - Cat (Mother) "Hedge-cat"
Age: 16
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Mother: Lotte (Lot - ee) the cat 
Father: --- The Hedgehog        
Siblings: None 
Children: N/A
Personality: Timid, sweet, more comfortable with familiarity, total cluts
Items: None
Fears and Phobias: Overcrowded places, attention to herself
Morality: Moral 
Strengths: Agility, strong hearing
Weaknesses: Easy flustered, has no physical strength
Other skills/ traits: Her cat genes are more dominant than her hedgehog, she purrs when she's comfortable or if she gets a headscratch its also a sign of affection
Education: N/A
Likes: Sushi/fish (her favourite is raw salmon), Gymnas
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FSCP123-340: A demon/Koopa hybrid who sells cursed dvds and blurays. This Koopa/demon hybrid is the son of a being who is basically a demonic version of Bowser and his job is to sell these dvds and blurays to people in order to convert them into demonic anthro Koopas,  he does so in a manner akin to the infamous Terror Toons movies and he gives these movies to other characters as well to get them possessed and to make them serve him.
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The Winner is the Loser
The Winner is the Loser
By: JaneDoe-2010, 6/23/2018 12:47:09 AM
Laura was an ordinary girl in her early twenties.  Laura had just finished college and received her degree in Industrial Technology with emphasis in robotics.  Finishing college had been more difficult than Laura thought it would be.
In her third year of school, Laura got into an extremely intense argument with her parents, about her lifestyle, too many parties and her being too wild.  Eventually Laura told her parents that she was an independent woman and didn’t need them interfering in her life.  Laura’s parents were very irritated with her, and told Laura that if that was how she felt she should get a job and pay her own way thru school.  Laura’s foolish pride caused her to tell them that was exactly what she would do.
True to her word, Laura did try a couple of jobs.  At first, she worked as a room service maid in a chain hotel near her school.  But Laura found that
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Fate/Zootopia - Assassin (Xavier Lenoir)
True Name: Xavier Lenoir
Also Known As: The Black Executioner
Species: Panther
Servant Class:
Gender: Male
Description: He is a black panther, and so he has completely black fur, but some darker spots can be seem when watched intently and against the light. He has eyes of a deep shade of red, and he can be quite intimidating if you look at them. He wears cloths of completely black color, which include shit, pants, and a coat that is very similar to the one of a medic, and he has a great sword, which he can swing rather easily.
Personality: As someone who grew up into a noble family he is deeply educate, and he is very polite with nearly everyone he meets, with the exception of the ones who he identify as evil, and even with them he is somewhat polite, even though he is cold and incisive. He is a person who grew up in the belief of using evil to destroy evil, and he wil
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Bishop Adams
Name: Bishop Adams
Bishop is a cyborg human-giant who serves as the bosun of the Roc Pirates, the crew led by the Pirate Lord Jonathan Roc, better known as Thunder. He has recently been relocated - quite reluctantly - to the crew of Lincoln Roc under the wishes of Jon. The Pirate Lord wanted eyes on his renegade son so he could be kept safe, but also so he could be guided with experienced pirates. With his great size, strength and extremely startling appearance, Bishop is a feared outlaw and one of the strongest - if not the strongest - of both crews. In spite of his fierce appearance and reputation, Bishop has a caring side that he keeps well hidden (especially from Linc).
Bishop is a monster of a man who is a mixture of flesh and technology. In years past, Bishop was a dark black-skinned brute with bulging muscles and a chiseled, handsome face. He was intimidating, but attractive to many a fine lass. His muscles and strength were earn
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Amorous Wraith, Ch.2
“Forget Him?”  How did that  note get here, on her pillow?”
 She was suddenly wide awake!  Staring around the room......afraid.  But she was alone.  Who wrote this note?  She went downstairs and checked all the locks.  Everything was fine.... nothing disturbed.  She had the only set of keys, and she had changed the locks.  
She stayed downstairs on the couch.  In the morning, she walked around outside,  looking for any access to the  inside of the house.  
Should she call the police? And tell them what?  She had a feeling someone was 'around', when she was alone.  She found a note on her pillow?   Had Cal or the Girl left the note?  They were never upstairs!
The note appeared when she got a glass of water.  It wasn't there before.
She started tapping the wall looking for false panels and secret passages..  Her 'odd feelings' went away and there were no more notes.
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Invictus 3: Jack Christopher Van Danke

Jack Christopher Van Danke is a movie star, supermodel, and the older twin brother to Joanna. Unlike his sister, Jack has a more serious approach when it comes to his skills as a martial artist, taking every fight as crucial as possible. Many of his critics believe that Jack is nothing more than a pretty boy in the world of martial arts, however, he looks to prove that theory wrong when he announced that he would enter the third Glory to the Gods tournament. 
Inching Kicks: Jack delivers a series of high kicks while inching towards his opponent. 
Leaping Rays: He delivers three leaping sidekicks, followed by a roundhouse kick. 
Heaven Spiral: Jack delivers a sidekick and a tornado kick. 
Split Punch: He does a split and punches the opponent.

Aegis Attack:
Back and Forth: Jack delivers a roundhouse kick and a heel kick back and forth several times at the opponent’s face while standing on
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Reddit Emblem: Team N - Achilleo Crollo
Achilleo spent the majority of his life in Alvad as the son of sailing merchant. His Father would often leave on long mercantile trips leaving Achilleo in Alvad with a nanny due to his Mother's death from disease when Achilleo was 4. Achilleo would wait day after day for his Father's return as he would bring him gifts from wherever he went and would tell him amazing stories. These stories sparked Achilleo's interest in adventure and sailing. When Achilleo was 11, his Father was leaving on a long mercantile trip to Zeveit. Before his Father's ship departed, Achilleo managed to sneak out of his house and sneak onto what he thought was his Father's ship. Achilleo hid with the goods inside the ship as it departed. Achilleo was very excited as it was his first time leaving Alvad. Achilleo lived on eating the goods that were being transported so he wouldn't starve. The days and nights of being on the ship lasted so long that Achilleo eventually lost track of how long he had been on the ship.
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♔ ♛ ♔
{ ♀️ ! ROSALINA ! AGE ? ! 6'3 }
( motherly, kind, protective, soft spoken, calm )
( straight forward, dense, selective mute, )
the stars can be seen as people,
worlds, sprits but no matter what they are a guide
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Cell's perfect meal pt1
    Cell is not quite happy that he can't find anyone worth absorbing, he really wants to find someone worth his time and can easily take their bio-energy. As he's flying around looking for a good meal, he spots a good looking, purple haired girl by the name of Touka. "Ahhhhhhh, she seems perfect," cell cackles as Touka walks inside her apartment. "Must be my lucky day," says Cell.
    "Ahhh, I'm so tired," Touka complains as she removes her shoes and socks revealing her barefeet, and changes to her shorts, showing a good portion of her legs. Touka let's herself fall on her bed as she sighs in relief that she can relax from work. "Let's watch some TV." Touka sits up and hugs her knees and watches her favorite show. Then out of know where, cell comes crashing down from the ceiling. "WHAT THE HELL!" Touka screams. "Little girl, you may be my perfect meal," cell says.
   Touka is confused as to what's going on, but actives her kagune in an effort to attack ce
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Jessica's Profile
Full Name: Jessica Mimi Simpson
Nickname: Jess (From Adele), Sis (By Eric, Tony, and Cody)
Date of Birth: May 10th, 2002
Age: 16
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer, FloorMart Employee
Personality: Shy, Timid, Bubbly, Kind, Caring, Polite, Respectful, Graceful, and Optimistic
Clothing: See appearance
Voice Actor: Kerry Williams (Nami's Voice in One Piece)
History: She is the youngest daughter of Joseph and Kelly Lynn. She loves her family very much, but she despises Carly. She loves to collect Pokemon and care for them. She got her first Pokemon Glameow when she was 11. She now has an epic team. She's willing to stop any evil that comes her way.
Family: Kelly Lynn Grace (Mother), Joseph Simpson (Father), Eric Silver (Step-Brother), Cody Simpson (Older brother), Tony Simpson (Older brother) Carly Simpson (Older sister), Brady Silver (Step-brother), Zach Simpson (Uncle), Leslie Clover (Aunt), Elanor (Cousin)
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Terra Green - Profile

Age: 17 
Born in: Vacuo
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green 
History: Terra born in an oasis located in Vacuo. Her mother is a huntress and her father once belonged to a group of thieves who acted in the deserts of Vacuo. Once her father meets her mother, he fell in love with her and choose to let the life of a thief behind so he could live peacefully with her. Not so long after that, Terra was born. 
She had some problems in her childhood because of the past of her father. Some of her classmates from pre-school used to bully her, calling her a thief or robber, or even a burglar. Because of her problems with her classmates and fear of how all the bullying would affect her grown, the family moved to Vale, where nobody knew about her father's past. There, she lived a better school life. Yet, the past of her father still got some problems with her and her family. She did her best t
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Batim Oc's
~Name: Jade Parker
Nickname: Jumpy Jade, Jay
Occupation: Works as an animator/drawer for Joey Drew Studios
Personality: Jade is more or not a very nervous and paranoid person. It doesn't help when after Henry left and when Joey starts acting weird and the ink machine becomes much more of a problem. It's hard for her to stand up for herself which is why Macy often does it for her. Although, under the right circumstances she can become quite determined and she often finds herself doing the right thing.
Bio/Backstory: Jade was quite stressed growing up. Her parents were strict and often pressured her into doing things that they thought would benefit her. Which is how she found herself working at Joey Drew Studios. Soon though she actually found herself getting attached to the place, the people, and the characters. On the other hand, Jade doesn't want to spend her whole life animating and drawing here forever. Her dream is to one day move on from here and paint beautiful paintings or portr
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TOTW (Tribe of the Wolf)
The Tribe of the Wolf is a group of mysterious ponies that live in the woods of Everfree. They are known for kidnapping, ransoming, or sacrificing ponies to their spiritual leader: "He who dances with the wind"
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Character bio - Leon
    Name: Leon
    Real Name: Leon
    Full name: Leon Noire
    Nickname: Leon
    Age: 16 or 17
    Gender: male
    Height: 6ft 2 inches
    Species: Human
    Race: Asian
    Weight: 54.2 kg
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Green
    Alignment: Neutral-Good
    Occupation: TF sniper, TFer
    Former occupation: unknown
    Fears: Unknown
    Relationships: Leo ( friend/boss ), Andrew ( friend/partner ), Helen ( unknown ), Ray ( unknown ), Lea ( sister ), others ( unknown )
    Resistances: none ( yet )
    Immunities: immune to mind change, mind wipes
    Weaknesses: none ( yet )
    Quick bio: Leon is a friendly but very cautious and serious tfer, his hearing and perception is amazingly good and pretty secretive and protective, if you can get past all that, he’s a
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Cossacks and Mavericks: Sugar Woman

Sugar Woman es una Robot Master panadera que aparece por primera vez en el episodio "¡Que la Batalla Comience!, Parte 1", de la serie "Cossacks and Mavericks". Ella es una de los cuatro Robot Masters aldeanos que viven en un viejo pueblo bajo al mando de Anubis Man.
Sugar Woman is a baker Robot Master that appears for the first time in the episode "Time For Battle!, Part 1", from the series "Cossacks and Mavericks". She's one of the four Robot Masters villagers who live in an old village under Anubis Man's command.
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A Thing
"you've been in a coma for a few days, mister Diadon. And seemed to be in quite a bit of pain, too." The nurse took a warm, white cloth off of the fireplace, and gently placed the small towel on the patient's head as the cloth gathered a small puddle of blood. The hospital was quiet and calming. The blinds on the windows let in a soft, warm light and a small gentle breeze. The nurse then brought in a tray with a tea pot and two small cups and set the tea pot filled with water onto the fireplace to boil. "I hope you enjoy your stay here, mister Diadon. You're the calmest patient I've ever had." The nurse soon took the tea pot and placed a few tea bags in. She had done this for a week or two since he's been half-conscious the entire time. Only now he's fully awake. The nurse lightly brushed the patient's white hair behind his ears, he slightly smiled at this, he trusted her more than his entire family.
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Steven the Scarred Chapter 3
Note #1: Wendy will be the only one of her teammates that'll appear on this chapter.
Steven Arc-Chapter 3: Lincoln Catches a Pikachu! Time to Start the Journey!
Steven and Lincoln were flying to Professor Oak's house on his Charizard. You see, Lincoln had slept past 8 o'clock. Steven had woken up a few minutes before 10 and had to wake Lincoln up. After a while of flying, the lab was in sight.
Steven: (commands) Charizard, land near the steps.
Charizard roared. It flew towards the steps and landed. Steven and Lincoln got off.
Steven: Charizard, return. (returns Pokémon)
They ran up the steps and into the Lobby where Professor Oak was sitting on the couch, waiting for Lincoln.
Prof. Oak: Ah, there you are. About time you got here. You're late.
Lincoln: (apologizes) Sorry, Professor...
Lincoln scratched the back of his head sheepishly. He was going to tell Professor Oak, but then Steven interrupted him.
Steven: (lying) I forgot to tell him
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Rose's Information
Name: Rose
Age: 26
Appearence: Mouse: Kinda short red dress, Long brown hair, Light grey fur, Tan muzzle, Non-droopy Nose, Light brown eyes, Inside ears tan, Red Pumps (Shoes) with pink, little bows on front, Thin Tail
Cat: All same but has very furry Dark Grey fur, Has 3 whiskers, Sharp teeth, and claws
Gender: Female
Species: Were-Mouse (Turns to a cat at night)
Personality: Nice, Sweet, Kind, Shy, Bashful (sometimes), Naive (kinda), Scared, Angry (so, so, so rare), Caring, Polite
Relatives: Her Mom (deceased), Her Dad (deceased), Angelica (Sister)
Other Names: Rose (by Everyone)
            Doll (by PTT Chuck E)
            Sister (by Angelica)
            Ma'am (by PTT Chuck E)
Alignment: Good
Allies: PTT Chuck E, PTT Jasper, PTT Helen, PTT Pasqually, Harmony Howlette, PTT Mr. Munch, All the PTT (Pizza Time Theatre) Gang, Avenger Chuck E, Avenger Jasper, Avenger Helen, Avenger Mr. Munch, Aveng
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rainbow warriors chapter 3, explanation (shorter)
Chapter 3 explanation
                                  (short chapter)
“Mom!” I yelled when I got home.
“Oh, honey, you're home!” mom said walking over to me
“I have a few questions about this lock,” I said taking the locket out of my bag, it had stopped glowing.
“Oh, what do you want to know?” mom said. And I could tell she was nerves.
“Well today in class when I got mad, my necklace started to glow a bright pink. I don't know why,”I said looking at the necklace. My mom had fear in her eyes
“Ok, fine. I guess it's time you found out the truth.”  mom said while taking a set on the couch.
“What do you mean?” I asked her in a scared voice.
“Sit down.” mom said to me and I sat next to her.
“Emily, there's something I have been keeping from you, for a long time.” mom said
“Listen, you are
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DOD Bestiary: Trilobite
Common Name: Trilobite (Shell-bug)
Pronounced: (Try-low-bite)
Classification: Trilobita / various sp.
SGOC Rank: Mesofauna / Fauna / Megafauna
Length: ½ inch – 12 feet
Height: ¼ inch – 2 feet (ground level)
Weight: ¼ oz. – 540 lbs.
Diet: Carnivore / Herbivore / Omnivore
Social Structure: Solitary, Swarm (20-1000+ members)
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: Saltwater / brackish water worldwide
IUCN Status: Least Concern
Trilobites are some of the most successful animals of all time. These marine arthropods first emerged during the early Cambrian period and thrived worldwide until their sudden surface-world demise at the end of the Paleozoic; innumerable species of trilobite have survived in the planet’s various Wo
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