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Nina's profile
Nina is an advanced android built by Professor N. Shroud designed to get close to the Humane 7 as a spy.
Android Spy
Professor N. Shroud (creator)
Voice Actor: Grey DeLisle
Nina is a calm, honest, adequate, polite, studious, kind, sufficient, caring, sympathetic, and professional android with superb work ethics.
However, in private, she's actually an android created by Professor N. Shroud as a spy.
In her true nature, she's cold, harsh, sarcastic, cocksure, devious, narcissistic, stubborn, and charismatic girl. 
She is loyal and obedient to N. Shroud during the evil schemes of the N. Shroud Empire, and she used to use crafty tactics to gain and analysis data and informations of the Hu
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Capcom vs. Nintendo: Chrom

Name: Chrom
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Ylisse
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blue
Debut: Fire Emblem Awakening (2012)
Voice Actor: Matthew Mercer
Descendant of the Hero-King Marth and prince of the Halidom of Ylisse, Chrom leads a group of soldiers known as the Shepherds against those who would do his nation harm. Alongside his comrades in the Shepherds, Chrom has done battle with countless enemies to protect his family and friends. Though Chrom is a bit of a hot-head, who is more comfortable on the battlefield than working politically, his sister's early death forces him to become the ruling Exalt of Ylisse. This transition was difficult for Chrom to handle at first, but with the help of his friends, he managed to pull through and lead his nation to victory against the invading empires of Plegia and Valm, and even the Fell Dragon Grima.
Intro: Chrom is
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MT-06b Heavy Blaster Pistol
MT-06b Heavy Blaster Pistol
Manufacturer: Czerka Arms
Model: MT-06b
Type: heavy blaster pistol
Cost: 1000 credits (original market price) >1400 credits (post-production)
Action: semi-automatic, low and high power settings
Length: 2.75cm
Weight: 1.35kg
Capacity: 80 shots low-power, 40 shots high-power
Range: 30-50m (optimum), 70-90m (maximum)
Eras: Rise of the Empire, Galactic Civil War, New Republic, New Jedi Order, Legacy
Affiliation: various (limited production makes it a collectible)
Description: powerful heavy blaster pistol with an under-slung barrel design and flip-out energy pack for quick reload and a variable power level selector
History: the MT-06b was a blaster pistol design built by Czerka Arms as a direct competitor to BlasTech's diverse inventory of similar heavy handheld blasters. It featured several unique innovations that gave it a rather distinctive performance characteristics, the two most notable being the under-slung barrel which sat beneath the gas chamber and
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Decepto Profile

"Our world is so full of lies and pettiness. You're a celebrity, a hero, someone people look up to and admire, but you'll discover the deception when it's too late to do anything about it. These same people who cried your name in admiration will cry it in bloodlust the moment you do or say anything that doesn't agree with this society's collective mind. Then suddenly you're a monster that only they can destroy, and they will stoop to every low, resort to every underhanded tactic to do so, they'll kick you while your down, spit on your corpse, and celebrate your demise, and they'll do it with the full approval of their conscience. That is the true nature behind the lies."
Code Name: Decepto
Identity: Steven Lucas
Age: 21
Personality:  In costume, Decepto is very theatrical and over the top, indulging in use of his power and dominating others. Underneath,
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[T] Fairness Does Not Always Prevail | 2
    In the mind of the alpha, this land, this tundra, was a desert.  Predators were scarce, but so was prey, and so was resources.  It was difficult to live here, but the tokotas of the Imperial Hearts were strong and resourceful.  And it was with this that Justice knew breaking tradition was best.
    The land had cheated her, starved her, tested her - so it was only fair that she would return this oh-so-kind sentiment.
    Justice's breath came out in excited huffs as she ran alongside her younger packmate, Ayato.  He was a juvenile, or at least certainly one of the younger tokotas of Imperial Heart, with a mostly white coat from piebald and a dark face and tail tip.  Honestly it could be difficult to detect what he was feeling at times, especially considering his more reserved personality.  Not that this was uncommon for Imperial Hearts.
    When she looked over, she could see the b
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Boss Fight Idea: Cosmic-Chaos
(Note: This is not a call-out deviation. This is simply satire.)
Round 1: Human Form.
Shoot at target with the dual-wielded pistols Ebony and Ivory.Slashes with the sword Yamato.Stabs with the sword Yamato.Uses the sword Yamato to swing a dimensional portal open, enters that portal, and ends up in a different location on the map.Uses the Devil Bringer Arm as a grappling hook to get her from location to location quickly.Uses the Devil Bringer Arm to lift an immensely heavy object and throws it at target.Uses the Devil Bringer Arm to scratch at target.Swings V's Cane as an improvised melee weapon.Uses V's Cane to teleport at a short distance.
Summons a large spectral arm to swipe at a target.Summons a large spectral arm to uppercut a target.Summons a large spectral arm to jab at target with it's fist.Summons Black Lives Matter Thugs to attack target.
Round 2: Devil Trigger Mode.
Uses Yamato to slash at target so quickly
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Benzou Tejima [AF], Kamen Rider Juusei [Future]
<...> = Equivalent in Ben 10
* = Official Japanese name( in Ben 10)
Japanese Name Order: [Family Name] [Given Name]
Full Name in English: Benzou Tejima [Alternate Future]
Name in Japanese: 手島 弁蔵【もう一つの未来】
Name in Romaji: Tejima Benzō [Mō hitotsu no mirai]
Age: 41
Rider Name: Kamen Rider Juusei [Future] (仮面ライダージュウセイ【フューチャー】 Kamen Raidā Jūsei [Fyūchā], lit. Masked Rider Ten Stars [Future])
Rider Position: Primary
Driver: Omni Driver | Finisher = Matrix Finish (Prime DNA)/Seijin Matrix Finish (Alien DNA)/Evolved Matrix Finish (Evolved Alien DNA)
Gimmick: Omni Cores and Seijin Capsules
Pre-transformation catchphrase: It's hero time! [勇者タイムだ! Yūsha taimu da!
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Maria Santiago Nanao Bio Database

Maria Santiago Nanao - マリア・サンティアゴ七尾
Eastern Flower - 東の花
Full Name: Maria Santiago Nanao
Nickname (s): Maria-san, Ms. Nanao, Eastern Flower, The Phantom Maiden
Status: Alive (presumed as dead)
Occupation: Activist, politician, vigilante
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
series: Insurgente: The Legend Of The Masked Revolutionary Avenger
voice Actor:
Megumi Odaka (Japan)Patricia Acevedo (Mexico, Latin America)Cristina Vee (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia)First Appearance: Chapter 8: The Mysterious Phantom Maiden! Enters The Eastern Flower!!
Place of birth: Tokyo, Republic Of Japan, East-Asia/EuroAmerica, Planet Earth
Date of birth: January 6th, 1997
Color hair: Black
Color eyes: Green
Color skin: Semi-pale
Main Outfits: She always wears a white beret, a white diadema, a whit
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Mel's PSA.
Hello i'm Mel and welcome to a very special PSA. Kids, suicide and depression are both very serious things and are very tragic - in fact there are more than a few famous people that have gone through this sort of thing, but i'm here to tell you that if someone criticizes you for something and you feel like they're picking professional rather than trying to consider suicide as an option to solve the problem. Suicide only makes things worse for you and it isn't normal to think about it.  Other people have feelings too you know and it's not always about you, if you got mad at something they's probably YOUR fault and not theirs.  Suicide is not a toy, it's not a forum weapon, it's not your easy way out,  it's a one way street that you won't come back down from. Next time, considering how the other person feels before throwing a spat. And put down the razor.
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Feliyan Species Profile WIP
Common Name(s): feliyan (in the first most commonly spoken tongue)
Other Name(s): kuptubewa (in the second most commonly-spoken tongue)
Base Species: feliyanoids (related species are long extinct)
   Stages of Maturity: Infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age
   Development at Puberty: Same as human, except gains the ability to transform.
      Age at which puberty is reached: 14 for girls, 16 for boys
   Development at Adulthood: Same as human, ears elongate.
      Age at which adulthood is reached: 18 for girls, 20 for boys
Physical Traits
   Life Expectancy: 210 years
   Strengths: Extended youth (~80 years), superhuman abilities
   Weaknesses: Limited diet, sensitive tails
   Skin Color(s):
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{PTS} Katherine's Beginnings Pt. 1
Katherine was born in the town of Ivywood and has lived in the area for her entire life. During her childhood, she lived in the deeper parts of her hometown but often wandered out and explored the neighboring forest with her mother’s mismagius guiding her.
On a cold wintery morning when she was five, she came across a baby fletchling with a broken wing. It’s family was nowhere to be found and the poor thing looked like it would freeze to death. Katherine knew she couldn’t go home yet because her mother’s clients were still there so they searched the area for a place to take care of the poor thing. With her mother’s misdreavus leading the way, they found an abandoned cottage in the middle of the forest.
They entered it to find the remnants of an abandoned home. The walls looked like they’d collapse but held fast during their time there. Little Katherine scavenged the house to find supplies. Like all the women in her family before her, Katherine hailed
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Name: Cody
age: 5
hair colour: blond
eye colour: violet
height: 42.5" (107.9 cm)
weight:39.5 lb (17.9 kg)
history:  Cody is a first grader who is 5 years old and a little small for his age. he has a bit of an issue. Cody has a chronic wetting problem he simply can’t hold it bladder wise and wears pull-ups and diapers. Cody usialy is in a pull-up for school but usually is diapered when home. unlike others his age Cody also refuses to potty when he needs to poop. He tends to still use a pacifier when home as he is a kindergartener. Cody also still drinks from a baby bottle and sippy cups as his parents don’t trust him with normal mugs. He sleeps in a toddler bed still and his room has a change table.
(this will be updated after every few stories)
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Cocotama OC: Seka Ota
Name: Seka Ota
Gender: female
Age: 11
School: Shimaraoi Elementary School
Hometown: Shimaraoi
Appearance: she has long straight hair in a side ponytail on the left, pale skin and orange-yellow eyes.
Outfit: a orange-red short-sleeve shirt, long white socks, a long blue plaid skirt and teal trainers.
Personality: she quiet and reserved but is hardworking, kind and cheerful once you get know her.
Talent: singing
Hobbies and Interest: music and singing
Abilities: singing
Contracted Cocotama: Ren
Contractor Wish: to be a idol
Cocotama Friends: any good Cocotama
Cocotama Home: a house with a old-style thatched roof.
Affiliation: her friends, her family, any good human Cocotama Contractors and good Cocotama
Friends: any good human Cocotama contractors and good Cocotama
Urako (mom who is a music teacher)
Toshiharu (dad who is a sculptor)
Gempachi (older brother who 17 years old
Anri (younger sister who is 9 years old)
Enemies: Any mean Cocotama and humans.
Pets: a female Poodle nam
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Legend Villains OC profile - Vircent
•Name: Vircent
•Nickname: Lord of Time
Age: Conceived after the creation of the universe
•Gender: N/A
Sexuality: N/A
•Date of birth: Unknown
Race/Species: Time Master
•Hair colour: no hair
•Hair style: N/A
Eye colour: Blue
•Skin colour: icy blue
•Height: 12' (normal height), otherwise variable
•Body type: Ripped
Tattoos/Scars: Tattoos over his face and across his arms and chest.
•(Other information)
-Image if available:-

•Powers: Vircent is the only being strong enough to wield the immense power of time a
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Alma Dorchaweard - Image and Profile
Basic Information
> Name: Alma Dorchaweard
> Pronounced: all-mah, door-cha-wood
> Sex: Female
> Race: Shapeshifter
> Age Appears: Late 20’s to Mid 30’s
> Actual Age: Unknown
> Hair Color: Dark Brownish Black
> Eye Color: Yellow
> Height: 5’9” to 6’2”
> Weight: 130 lbs
> Realm: Aphelia
> Pronounced: ah-fill-ee-ah
> Location Found: Mirror Cavern under Daenah, at the Tree of Beasts named Trolon
> Pronounced: day-nah, trow-loon
Cassusal Information
> Enjoyment: Teasing souls sent down by Navia, Listening to souls, Mind games, Reading people/creatures
> Disenjoyment: Being stuck in one place
> Pet: No
> Pronounced: N/A
Bio Information
> Powers: Soul communication, Shifting forms, Banishment
> Powers Explained: Soul Communication allows her to listen and speak to the souls of the dead. Shifting Forms should speak for itself as she is a shapeshifter. She enjoys changing her appearance a lot and wil
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Astoria Kurai (Winx Bio)
General Statistics
Name: Astoria Kurai
Nicknames/alias: Asti, Toria , Tori
Age: 16 (season 1)
Birthday: 20th June
Occupation: Student/Shrine Priestess
Origin: Kingdom of Otohime
Fairy Sign: Chimera
Weapon Speciality: N/A
Likes:  Sushi, Eating in general, Sleeping , 
Appearance: Long black hair, Emerald green eyes, slightly tanned skin. Often seen around in traditional style attire but a bit more modern when not in her home realm 
History: Astoria is the first born between the Emperor of Otohime, Keiichiro and the former witch of Darkness, Melania. During Keiichiros time in red fountain he and his friends often had showdowns with the witches of cloud tower. But unknown to the rest Keiichiro and Melania fell in love and eventually became a couple. 
Melania who wanted to rid of her dark past ,
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BnHA OC: Kaiya/Shieldbreaker
Name: Kaiya Ito (Kaiya - 'forgiveness', Ito - 'Fujiwara of Ise' )
Alias: Shieldbreaker
Profession: Villain
Affiliations: Noritaka's Crew
Ethnicity: Japanese
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 6'2" (187.96 cm)
Weight: 189 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black. Her hair is in a ponytail with sharp bangs framing her face ( ) and the ponytail reaches to her shoulders.
Eye Color: Teal. Her eyes have a line or two from squinting and being punched during boxing, but otherwise look fairly normal.
Body Type: Kaiya has a mesomorph body, built for power and speed needed for boxing and MMA fighting. She is the perfect combination of the two and sometimes comes off as almost amazonian in build with
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Wild Link Headcanons
*If something says that whatever runs through the family or implies that it does, it means that it runs through Link’s father’s side of the family
Scrunchie & earrings that match eye color is a theme that runs through the familyMembers of his family tend to get their growth spurts late, so by the time they’re adults (17), they’re still shortFamily has long bloodline of royal guardsFlurry Rush ability runs through the familyGrandmother named himPart Sheikah, gets it from his motherDecided to keep his hair in a ponytail when he was young because his father does & he looks up to him (also likes how long his mom’s hair is)Grandmother started ‘training’ him when he was 4Father is a noble but his mother isn’t, this leads to tension between his parents (mainly his father) and a few other noblesEven though he’s silent around Zelda, he talks a lot around his family, though not as muchProtective of his little sister AryllLoves Aryll more than
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Ava the Kitsune Diclonius Short Bio
[Ava the Kitsune Diclonii]
Name :
Ava Lilith Dawn
Age :
Gender :
Race :
Kitsune Diclonii
Alignment :
Pure (Hero)
Nicknames :
Ava, Little Sis, Sis, Kitty
Home Planet :
Born Kingdom/Town :
4 ft 1 in
Eye color:
Blue-ish Green
Hair color:
Crimson Red
Gold/black Dress. Black/Gold Armor.
TCH Family, The Draconians, Cole the Half-Saiyan  
Chara Dreemurr
Friends, Family, Relaxing, Sex
Tyrants, Slaves, Evil, people who kill for fun.
Chastiefol :
A spear that can transform into a pillow, it also has dozens of techniques and forms! (Ava’s weapon)
Nova Dust
A special dust that can revive her soul but only can be done by someone who knows her, and as a great deal of Ki to spare! Two tons is needed for it to work. (Cole, Brother in faith, has two tons of this dust, be he seems to have a idea for it)
Red Dragon Gauntlet:
(Gifted to Ava by Whis and Lord Beeru
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Fuyuko Fudo
Name: Fuyuko Fudo
Age: 16
Birthdate: December 14
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Nationality: Japanese with American-French descent
Species: Cambion [Devilman]
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Parents: Akira Fudo and Miki Fudo (nee Makimura)
Aunts and Uncle: Jun (parental aunt) Tare (maternal uncle)
Grandparents: Kaori (paternal grandmother) (deceased) Reijiro (paternal grandfather) (deceased) Akiko (maternal grandmother) Noel ( maternal grandfather)
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Mission 104 outcome.
Outcome: did it go? A total disaster...the team found Serenis, only for Serenis to lead them to a trap and the team realized that Serenis is now working for the Black Pirates, her body having been modified for combat!  Serenis seems to be being controlled by something of sorts and kissed Carlos and Arc.  After a long hard battle due to an ambush, the Black Pirates got away with Serenis and Lutha, who got captured by Macer, oh and Serra evolved on a slightly brighter note.  Overall, the mission was a disaster, and the team was shocked.
Reward: 500P% and 3 Sitrus Berries.
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Drahumon lore: the First-Born
The Primordials are named as such as they are the first Dragons and the First-Born are named as such as they are the first born of the Primordials and the creators of the Primordagons who then populated the planet with different Dragons. The Primordials and First-Born have the unique ability where even if they were male, they could give birth through the Primordagons didn't gain this ability and as such, birthed life the usual way.
Pyrordial is the creator of the sun and volcanic landscapes where fire Dragons call home. He is the Sun father, and his children are.
Firdra the first fire Dragon who can breathe fire and create and control it, with the primary fire being orange and the hotter fire becoming red.
Metogon the first meteor Dragon who can call down fire from the sun which become meteors.
Explogon the first explosion Dragon who can create explosions at will. He can also release an explosive gas from his mouth and wings and then detonate it by sparking his claws or gnashing his te
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