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8 facts about Estelle
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Tagged by ladymintleaf
1. Estelle knows all of the songs on Peter's playlist by heart; finding her self humming them when she misses him.
2. Estelle can fight but prefers to talk herself out of situations.
3. Estelle isn't a official member of the guardians but does class them as her family.
4. Estelle loves listening to people stories of the different worlds of the galaxy.
5. Estelle rarely gets angry but when she does only Peter is able to calm her.
6. Estelle usually hums while concentrating.
7. Estelle can understand Groot rather well and tends to spoil him (Especially Baby Groot)
8. Estelle tends worry for all the guardians safety even before she starts dating Peter.
:iconcommanderskeeper:CommandersKeeper 7 2
Bowsette Bio.
Bowsette: Based on the trend/fanon character of the same name, this version of the character is one with morphing powers as well as fire based spells.  She starts off as a villainess, specifically a leader of a biker gang - with anthro Goombas as her gang members but she later becomes a good monster who helps others and joins the Rights Fighters as a new addition. She can transform into a Koopa-woman, a demonic version of herself and also either a blonde version of herself that resembles Peach or a redhead version of herself.  Her Koopa-woman form has the same skin-color, shell and tail that Bowser has only she has pointed ears that are elf-like and her eyes can change from blue to reddish, when this happens her pupils may become slitted and reptilian as a fiery aura surrounds her, she speaks in a low but at the same time seductive voice.
Despite her gruff appearance,  she's a kind and loving woman who just wants to be admired. In addition to this she loves helping peopl
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 2 2
Zoey And Jack The Neera
Zoey And Jack The Neera
Chapter 9
A Good Morning
Jack opened his eyes watching the ceiling fans blades go around producing a flow of breeze through out Zoey’s room. He got up scratching behind his ears as he walked to the edge of the bed. Thinking to himself but in the corner of his eye seeing her blanket had an elastic string going to the ground.
Jack smiled sitting down and turning over on his belly. He scaled down the string till he felt his feet comfort land onto the carpet. He walked over to her studying desk, looking over to see charger cables and power cords leading up to the top of the desk. Jack walked up to the power cord making sure it’s definitely plugged in as he tugged on it. Pulling himself up on the cable to reach the desk.
Meanwhile Zoey had stopped singing, she stepped out of the shower. The glass door closing behind her as she wrapped a towel around herself. Drying her hair as she gently smiling in the mirror admiring herself. She noticed a small scare on
:icondragonwriter05:DragonWriter05 2 4
Tessa Lematin Platinum Berlitz Bio Database

Tessa Lematin Platinum Berlitz - テッサ・ルミタン ・プラチナ・ベルリッツ
Full Name: Teressa Lematin Platinum Berlitz
Nickname (s): Dr. Berlitz, Tessa-chan, Ms. Lematin, Prof. Berlitz, Red-And-Blue Mistress Of Science
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Occupation: Scientist
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
series: Bishoujo Scientific Club
voice Actor:
Kanna Mori (Japan)Mónica Manjarréz (Mexico, Latin America)Julie Ann Taylor (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia)
First Appearance: Chapter 0: The Beautiest Scientist Ever! The Beautiful Scientific Club!
Place of birth: Paris, Republic Of France, Euro-America, Planet Earth
Date of birth: November 10th, 2028
Color hair: Red-with-blue
Color eyes: Blue
Color skin: Semi-pale
Main Outfits: She always wears a white beret, small glasses, a white short scarf, a blue
:iconmariostrikermurphy:MarioStrikerMurphy 2 0
Ice Tea - Secret kept in a shell
“A secret kept in a shell? A tear or joy? What the…”? Evelyn’s brow furrowed in concentration as she re-read the list of ingredients again. The tea shop owner who that snarky bee boy had sent her to has asked her to gather some ingredients for a “special powerup” for Trixx. It was only because the boy in the bee suit pointed her here that she accepted the owner knowing about Trixx and miraculouses so well and set about finding these powerups on the list. It started off well enough—goats milk and pure chocolate extract, all things that can be bought in store, even if it did eat a huge chunk of her allowance. It was these last pieces that had her stumped.
“It’s gotta be vague, just encase a villain get’s his hands on the recipe and makes the potion” Trixx explained, nestled deep within Evie’s scarf to avoid the New York chill, she grimaced at the thought;
“Well that’s fine and all but it’s no help i
:iconillegalsympathy:IllegalSympathy 2 1
Bio: Hayabusa Dandelion
Name: Hayabusa Dandelion
Nickname(s): None
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 25th November
Appearance: Brown wavy hair in a pony tail, yellow eyes, light skin.
Clothing: a hoodie with the fairytail guild logo in the front and jeans with sneakers.
On the Inside
Personality: shy, heroic, friendly, smart.
Strengths: her magic, cooking, fencing, krav maga, reading (she owns a pair of gale-force reading glasses)
Weaknesses: social interaction, other forms of fighting, living without magic, mood swings.
Likes: gardening, cooking, reading, training, decorating cakes, being noticed for her magic, friends, fire and fireplaces, red wine, her long straight hair (she wishes hers were straight too), has a weak spot for blond men, ice-cream, marzipan, horse-riding.
Dislikes: spicy food, cold/raw food, soups, fruits, men shorter than her, people with stronger magic than hers, not being noticed, people nagging, people overreacting (except of if these people are her friends, then sh
:iconchuju-loves-zuko:ChuJu-loves-Zuko 1 3
Character Profile - Kogeru
An aging cyborg ninja, Kogeru is my oldest character in terms of creation date. He was created way back in 2002 when I was an actual child as opposed to the manchild I am today. I wanted a modernized version of Hannya from Rurouni Kenshin, and so Kogeru (named Koban at the time) was born.
Over the years, his faith was discarded (originally he was a devout follower of Zen Buddhism, now, he's one of the 'spiritual-yet-faithless' types who doesn't really have an actual religion) and his adherence to not killing has gotten looser. Now, he's much more willing to kill if necessary, even if he still has a distaste for pointless murder.
His story, however, has largely remained the same since 2014... with the exception that he's now a magitech full-conversion cyborg rather than a conventional one. What's the difference, you say? Kogeru's body is powered by a mixture of mystical forces (his own soul helping to power his body, for one) and mundane but advanced technology, a
:iconahellian:Ahellian 1 4
The Pokemon of Alola: Entry 15 - Alolan Rattata
Entry 15 – Alolan Rattata
Name (Unovan): Rattata – “rat” and “attack”
Name (Kantonese): Koratta – “ko” (child) and “rat”
Dex Number: 015
Classification: Rodent, Mouse Pokemon
Species: Agrirattus communia nocturnus – “common nocturnal field rat”
Primary Type: Dark. As a result of increased predation, Alolan Rattata has taken on a nocturnal lifestyle. This seemingly simple change in behavior was all it took to set off a cascade of other, more complex changes that would lead to Alolan Rattata gaining a primary Dark-type. It is one of only two known examples of a Pokemon evolving to change its primary type in favor of another.
Secondary Type: Normal. It is quite odd that Rattata’s original type classification would become secondary (in other words, less important than its new primary type) in such a short amount of time. Some scientists be
:iconcm25:Cm25 2 0
Types of Destroyer Escorts and Frigates
Types of Destroyer Escorts
Types of Frigates
:iconsupreme-emperor-over:supreme-emperor-over 0 0
Monster Bio: Lilly
Name: Lilly Drake
Species: slime (sentient liquid mass in the shape of a girl)
Height: 5'6" / 168 cm.
Weight: 135 lbs. / 61.235 kg.
Skin color: blue
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blue
Personality: bubbly and optimistic
Likes: cute things, food (especially sweets), any beverage except soda
Dislikes: creepy-crawlies, her allergies (see below), being inflated
Other: Lilly has several allergies, most of which cause her to puff up upon contact. These allergies include:
            soda: Lilly becomes overfilled with the soda's carbonation, causing her to blow up like a balloon.
            marshmallows: Lilly's body becomes soft and white, like a marshmallow, and she swells with marshmallow fluff.
            dogs: Lilly's body turns light pink, and she sneezes uncontrollably (despite having no lungs).
            certain metals:
:iconlillydrake7:LillyDrake7 2 0
Abnormal Saga: Operation Scarlet Dust Ch 1
Euphemia Celeste enter the her office rubbing the brows of her eyes after a long and enduring conference with the Tribunal 
court. She silently sat in her chair as she attempts to relieve the stress from being barked at for the past couple hours. The 
Colony of Alastair is under tension after the rogue esper made his escape from maximum security and she was held 
accountable. Celeste tap her glass desk to display a holographic screens spread throughout the surface with various icons 
containing data. She examine each folder carefully until she notice an icon pulsating a red beacon with the message: 
URGENT! Euphemia gave out a sigh of annoyance assuming the message wasn't going to bode too well and then open email.
One of her eyebrows raised up discovering the sender of the letter: From Venus Brigade. She then use her left hand to hold
the current scre
:iconchronoheartstudio:CHRONOHEARTSTUDIO 1 0
-PA- Poke Nappers! :EVENT:
After Kristoph had led guards and their Pokemon after a Gourgeist and it’s group of Gastlys and Crystal had been attacked by an Ariados and it’s group of Spinarak, the call to put an end to this madness had been issued once and for all and the Pokemon were wide awake to help wether they wanted to be or not. Jazeel and Dante stood close by Winter as Winter assigned groups to patrol the city and it’s borders to stop any of the suspected Pokemon from causing any more damage to people, Pokemon, and even possibly property.  Dante and Jazeel were responsible for overseeing to make sure the Pokemon actually left to do their duties.
Aslan, Potato, and Natass had all been assigned together to investigate the reports of Pokemon being kidnapped by other Pokemon. Of course Natass was less than pleased and had to be roped in by Aslan and Potato… and it was impressive that of anyone to rope in the bratty Skiddo it was Aslan. Aslan and Potato had listened to Natass grumbl
:iconnoodlekarp:NoodleKarp 0 0
World of Infinite Light TEASER
World of Infinite Light TEASER
Plot: Ultron, Sigma, Brainiac and Tabuu have formed a powerful alliance. Their goal is to create a new universe where machines reign supreme. Using the Infinity Stones and Chaos Emeralds, the robots have merged different universes to create their own from the ground. Heroes and warriors from the affected universes most join forces to fight against the evil machines. Meanwhile, a deadly alliance of villains have plans of their own.
Ace Attorney
Bionic Commando
Captain Commando
Dead Rising
Devil May Cry
Doctor Strange
Donkey Kong
Dragon Ball
Fatal Fury
Final Fantasy
Final Fight
Fire Emblem
Ghost Rider
Ghosts 'N Goblins
God Eater
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guilty Gear
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Justice League
Kid Icarus
Mega Man X
Metal Gear
Monster Hunter
Mortal Kombat
My Hero Academia
Namco x Capcom
Ninja Gaiden
One Piece
:iconredrojo17:redrojo17 1 2
My life at highschool
Chapter 1: New High School
My name is Billy Kazami, for those who do not know me, I am half Japanese and half American and I am 18 years old.
I have friends I can count on: Gabriel N'Dwanga, my best friend, Amanda Lenoir, my best friend, Mizukawa Ryuugu, my girlfriend.
What the other high school students do not know about me is that I have supernatural powers, those of the wind as Amanda who controls the fire, Alexandria, her elder who makes ice, Mizukawa who controls the water, Gabriel who can be fast as a panther, Griffin who has the power of the land.
But unfortunately, most of the other students in our high school do not have powers, which makes us different from others, we are victims of the bad jokes of "normal" people.
And to say that this is my first comeback with Mizukawa, Amanda warned me against Harper Crenshaw, the plague of the class, she will lead the hard life to the new students, besides, she is the girlfriend of Brad Daxter, the captain of American football, he is down
:iconnanalove222:NanaLove222 0 0
Meet Asuma and Amusa
Name: Asuma and Amusa
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Two-headed Dragoness
Height: 70ft
Body color: Sliver 
Underbelly color: Tan
Eye Color: Golden
Other Features: Has a Spade Tail tip. They have forked tongue. Covered in a Coat of Gold Plating that covers the tail and back
Fire Breathing (They breath out a Golden colored Fire)
Golden Breath (She spew a Pool of Molten Gold that burns everything in front of her 
Hardened Scale
Long Extendable tongue
Healing + Matter Ingestion (They eat just about everything from Organic to Stones,Metal and Gold)
Likes: Terrorizing Villages,Eating Peoples,Shiny Things,Playing with each other
Dislike: Being Bored,Knights
Bio: Asuma and Amusa are Two headed Dragoness that lives in a large castle that house a Large Room of Treasure that is where they sleep at as both heads think the same though they have one thing different which is how they introduce themselves to their prey one head would want to eat them right now whil
:iconduskyblade2018:DuskyBlade2018 0 0
Left 4 Dead OC: The Strangler
Left 4 Dead OC: The Strangler
A female Infected who has tentacles for arms. They are similar to the Smoker in attack patterns. However, they don't have as much range as the Smoker does, though they don't leap on a Survivor like a Jockey or a Hunter.
The Strangler has sharp teeth, though it prefers strangling their victims instead of biting them. It can bite down on players that are in its grasp, however.
They are dressed in black.
Though they don't have the range a Smoker possesses, they can do more damage with their tentacles than a Smoker does with his tongue.
They can be discovered by the giggling noises they make. They're not as psychotic as a Jockey however.
Playing Against The Strangler:
Listen for the giggling noises they make.
Unlike the Smoker, you can't shoot the tentacle to get them to let go. However, you can shove them away.
The Strangler has more HP than the Smoker, at 325, similar to the Jockey. Thus, they are a bit harder to take down.
As with other special infected, it
:iconkermitthefrog223456:Kermitthefrog223456 0 0
DnD Inkling Class/Race
starting HP: 6+con
Extra HP: 3+con per level up
bonus stats: +1 dex +2 con
Base Movement: 30 speed
Special Attributes: all weapons require INK to use. can hold up to 100 INK at lvl 1. gain +50 INK capacity per level up. Inklings a very vulnerable to water and rain and suffer penalties from them. while raining they use double INK, restore less HP and INK while submerged, and suffer -10 speed, -4 AC, splat marks last 1 round instead of 2, and are restricted to only M weapon. if they go into water less than 1' deep they suffer -25 speed, -10 AC, cannot submerge, and cannot mark targets. if the water is deeper than 1' they instantly die.
special feats:
Splat (lvl 1): every attack covers the target in ink marking them for the next 2 rounds of combat. while the enemy is marked the Inkling does +1 die of damage. elementals are immune to being marked.  
Home Territory (lvl 3): when standing in a space of ink puddle of own color the Inkling may sumbmerge in the Ink as a bonus action to gai
:iconkirbyfalcon:kirbyfalcon 0 0
Sega Bio: Rotor the Walrus
" I may be a long way from my birthplace, but here? In the thick of it with the Freedom Fighters? I'm home." — Roter the Walrus
Rotor the Walrus (ワルラスのローター Warurasu no rōtā) is an anthropomorphic walrus and a key member of the Freedom Fighters, Rotor was born on Cool Edge Zone, he traveled around the world to shared his talents in gadgets and machines, until he arrives in Mobotropolis, but finds out it was taken over by Dr. Eggman. He manages to escape with Sally, Nicole, Bunnie, and Antoine's Help. He is serving as one of their main inventors, usually working alongside fellow brilliant inventors Tails and Professor Charles the Hedgehog to create the best tech they can for their friends and allies. Using his skills and knowledge of technology and mechanics he is able to provide the Free
:iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 9 4
The Gear Powers: Pearl Bomber

:iconloveenergyandheat:LoveEnergyandHeat 1 0
LoL Champion Bios: Hannibal
Biography: Created by merging the DNA of an ancient lizard with the latest technology, this former Viktor protege is armed with multiple rockets and bombs. An expert strategist, he patrols Zaun not for Viktor's interests, but to protect the people.
He gained this love for people by a chance encounter with Zac, a fellow creation of Zaunite handiwork. Resembling a dismembered Tyrannosaurus, his passive, Tyrant's Leadership will halt minions in their tracks for 3 seconds.
His ultimate, Kingly Dismemberment will have foes literally bowing before being brutally shredded by his rocket-launching sidearms.
1. Tyrant's Leadership
2. Shredding Rocket
3. Ripper Asunder
4. Roar of Tyrannis
5. Kingly Dismemberment
:icondinoboygreen:dinoboygreen 0 0
Michal Mccann's Bio

Michael (Mike) Mccann
Age: 22
Height: 5ft11”
Eye colour: Light brown
Hair colour: Dark brown
Gender: Male
Hobbies: Gaming, reading (books and comics)
Occupation(s): I.T technician, Hunter/Swordsman/Archer
Bio: Michael McCann, or Mike as he is more known as, lives a mostly quiet life as an I.T technician for a big technological corporation in Ember city as one of their top high paid technicians, who is in charge of maintaining, testing, building, and coding of current and new systems.
Mike can come across as bit reserved at first due to his work requiring a lot of his attention, but is actually quite humorous and generally outgoing. He can be also be bold and stern when the situation requires it, putting others first before himself.
Outside of his day job, Mike is a mage, and while not a powerful one, he is still someone to be reckoned with due to him combining his magic
:iconscottadrianarts:ScottAdrianArts 0 0
Elysium Eldritch
Name: Elysium Eldritch
Nickname: Elyssa
Morality: -650(extremely evil, chaotic)
Species: Dark One Reborn
Sex: female
Age: 13
Height: 4'8
Weight: 84 pounds
Physique: small-framed, slender
Personality: enigmatic, childish, dark, playful, sadistic, cruel, views humans as her playthings, murderous, and is highly manipulative
Hobbies: putting humans in deadly trap filled mazes as part of her game, playing the flute, singing, and torturing the people who survive her maze until they die
Outfit: bloody red hooded caped cloak, black and red leather vested shirt, black and red gothic lolita style skirt, thigh-high black socks, and knee-high cuffed black boots with red laces
Appearance: shoulder-length voluminous wavy black hair, bloody red irises with black sclera, pale white skin, and a youthful beauty
Strengths: cannot be killed, her Nevermore trait negates the immortal nature of gods upon dealing what would be a fatal blow to a mortal on them, and immunity to disease and poison
:iconsamuelteague:SamuelTeague 0 0