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Culture Profile: Elven Confederation
The Elven Confederation is the confederation of the twelve elven tribes. Its territories sit between the Karaspi Mountains and the Stone Wall frostward, the Ducal States and the Stormy Sea corpseward, and the Union of the Three Crowns sunwise, within the White Woods. The Elven Confederation was formed in the aftermath of the Blood Wars to unite the elf tribes against the Crimson Empire.
Elves are one of the Old Races, a species native to Thyrros. Elves used to dominate the entirety of Thyrros, although no primordial elven societies reached the level of sedentary human civilizations later on. Human migration corpseward drove the elves to extinction throughout most of Thyrros; while elves proved more physically powerful and were all naturally magical, humans outnumbered them and mastered the use of leylines. The last elves were driven into the White Woods, where leylines were weak and the elves’ natural magic allowed them to survive repeated human invasions. Initiall
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Godzilla: Daikaiju Planet bios: Kemular
Height: 35 meters
Weight: 10,000 metric tons
Aliases: The Bringer of Smoke
First sighted: 1983
Status: Alive
Poison Gas: Kemular can spew a dark grey, poisonous gas from his mouth. He can also spew it from his tail.
Armor Plates: The two appendages on Kemular's back provide protection if he's ever attacked from behind. He also uses them to absorb sunlight to convert it into poison.
Burrowing: Kemular can burrow at a moderate speed.
Beneath the appendages on Kemular's back is his brain. When exposed, it is vulnerable and attacking it is fatal to Kemular.
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Capcom vs. Nintendo: Neon Tiger

Name: Neon Tiger
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Unknown
Eyes: Black
Hair: None
Debut: Mega Man X3 (1995)
Voice Actor: Robby Benson
Neon Tiger was originally a poacher hunter, designed to ensure no one attempted to steal and/or harm the small amount of remaining natural wildlife, but became a Maverick after being infected with Dr. Doppler’s enhanced Maverick virus. Utilizing solar energy as a power source, his power is said to be unlimited as long as there is sunlight available. However, he also possesses highly advanced visual sensors, granting him quick reflexes and making him a dangerous opponent even in total darkness.
Intro: Neon Tiger pounces onto the battlefield and gets into his fighting stance.
Outro: Neon Tiger swipes at the camera with his energy claws, scratching the lens.
Taunt: Neon Tiger points his energy claw
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The Shapeshifter Tropes

This is mostly just for fun and don't worry, while I will do the tropes concerning DarChronicles Main Antagonist, I'll avoid as many story-related spoilers as possible.
No Gender: While The Shapeshifter can take on any form, it does not actually have it's own gender. Though, it can take on the form of either a human male or female, it in and of itself, is genderless.
Cosmic Entity: The Shapeshifter is a being that is FAR above the humans of DarChronicles. It exist on a cosmological level and has existed since before the creation of the universe. While this being is certainly NOT God, it is a created entity and a literal force of nature. The shapeshifter's own existence is what enables and maintains all the gravitational force in
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The Destroyer: Dragon Ball Series Style (GTS RP)
Now do any of you remember an old RP I did called "The Destroyer" Well I thought about this after getting Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission. And it got me thinking. Why not do a Dragon Ball GTS RP. So Originally I tried Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission GTS RP. But it was to long. Dragon Ball Omniverse wouldn't do cause it'll be ripping of Xenoverse. So I went with this.
Basically this RP is all about no matter what alliance you are on. Whether you be good, neutral, or evil. You will destroy stuff. Whether it was not important to you or it means everything to you. Well anyways hope you like the RP. Now for the rules!
1) Instead of the skeleton sheet here. I'm gonna show you the list of options of how your character may end up being a giantess. Also judging by the race you choose. There will also be unique ones. So here we go.
A) You make a wish from one of the eternal dragon. (You ca
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Purple Succubus can we keep it?
Previously in our last adventure. Oswalda had joined forces with the establishment of Juicys after it was terribly left in shambles. Furutsu, Yasai, and Sodie we’re kidnapped by stray monsters from a nearby dungeon. Shortly Jojo, Oswalda, and Rin came to their rescue. Jojo was very grateful for this, but Oswalda had felt sorry for the three, that she had made a new juice bar from scratch into her bar the purple succubus. And from this point forward, the four joined the ranks of purple succubus.
Currently, Oswalda, Nishi, and Fructorus are looking through Bloomington Park in Britolia.
“Are you sure it’s out here Oswa?” Asked Nishi.
“I am very confident. I can sense a strong presence near by” said Oswalda, as she looked at her projected map from her crystal.
“I know how to find them” Said Nishi.
“Oh?” Oswalda exclaimed.
“We just find a person with a big butt” Nishi said with a silly expression on his face.
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D and D Starter Races
Main 9 playable races in DnD
There are 35 playable races in DnD to keep things simple we will stick to the main 8.( Plus videos)
They consist of
Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings, Gnomes, Tieflings, Half-Orcs and Dragonborn
Humans are the most adaptable and ambitious people among the common races. They have widely varying tastes, morals, and customs in the many different lands where they have settled. When they settle, though, they stay: they build cities to last for the ages, and great kingdoms that can persist for long centuries. An individual human might have a relatively short life span, but a human nation or culture preserves traditions with origins far beyond the reach of any single human’s memory. They live fully in the present—making them well suited to the adventuring life—but also plan for the future, striving to leave a lasting legacy. Individually and as a group, humans are adaptable opportunists, and they s
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Realms of Possibility - Chapter 22
The day started badly to begin with; within the depths of her dreams, Renetta saw the Other Worldlies flitting frantically back and forth, vague shapes that resembled familiar beings or nothing like she’d ever seen before in life.  The overall feeling was one of anxiety and dismay, and in an abstract way Renetta felt she was being appealed to for help, although no words, nor distinct feelings could be defined.  
Something which looked like a cross between Ceiwyth and gathered moss wavered in front of her vision for the briefest of moments, ere Renetta felt herself being shaken by some unseen force.  Within her nether world, the whole of her body rocked erratically back and forth, which in turn dragged her to wakefulness to find herself and her bed yet shuddering.
In fact her whole room was shaking, the curtains and bed canopy swaying to the snappy rhythm of the rattling furniture; badly startled, Renetta sat up in fright.
“Oh gods!” Dietta’s voice
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The Spark Within - Chapter Four
The Spark Within
By: Penpause47 / For: ElkTea and others
— Chapter Four —
    Tambri gazed at the shimmering dome in awe. Omari looked at her, waiting for her reaction. Vine slowly climbed the hill to join them at its peak.
    ”That sure looks like the conservatory to me,” she said.
    Tambri looked over at her. ”Did you know this was here?”
    Vine shrugged, ”Didn’t have a clue.”
    ”The conservatory appears where and when it wants to,” Tofu reminded Tambri.
    Tambri nodded. ”Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go explore.”
    Omari turned to Vine. ”Thank you for your hospitality,” he said.
    Vine chuckled. ”It’s hardly hospitality if you ask me. Everyone comes and goes. Few stay long.”
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Despite This Mask: Profiles
Maximillia Karolina (The Ink Machine/‘Bendy’)
The Ink Demon Grand Witch whose nature is to believe. She possesses a false body resembling a demon made of ink, which she controls remotely. Destroying her false body will cause time within the barrier to reset, but if her true body—a bizarre machine that constantly spews ink—is destroyed, she will be defeated. She detests liars and traitors, and won’t let anyone leave her barrier, not even familiars that have evolved into witches.
(Name derived from Max Fleischer and Charles Mintz [Karolina is an Eastern European derivative of Caroline, a feminine equivalent of Charles].)
Helena Elizabeth (‘Alice’)
The Scarred Angel Witch with a proud nature. Though she believes herself to have once been human, she is actually a former familiar who gained power by feeding on other familiars of the Ink Demon witch. She hates her former mistress, and does everything she can to aggravate her. She uses the inside
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Game Of Thrones finalle
So as I predicted a few years ago, Game of Thrones finale turned out to be a complete failure of a show, not just compared to the books, but also compared to seasons 1-4, which considered as GOT classics and one of the best TV-series ever made. Unfortunately, since season five the showrunners lost the sense of style, and in an attempt of making their own story based on someone else's books, they made a monstrous mess with unnecessary storylines, subverted characters, fan-service, numerous plot holes, and of course the main shortcoming - Bad writing!
For you to see a better picture, let's just say that even the actors of Game of Thrones said that the writing in season 8 was crap. Peter Dinklage, Kit Harrington, Emilia Clark, Jacob Anderson, and Conleth Hill... all voiced their displeasure of how disappointed the show's finale turned out. And mind me, this is not because they 'subverted my expectations' because my expectation is always one. I expect good and interesting storytelli
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Dopplegangers | Dracostryx MQ
When Flare first heard about the 'spell chat' she was adamant about getting one for her and her mate. They are wanted commodities after all and being away from Grace for too long caused her mind to fall to some darker places. With this lovely little device, they'd no doubt be able to keep in good contact! It was a small rectangle with the engraving of a sun on the back, fitting for them and their heritage. Clutching it in her talon, she tried to send a message,
Only to be greeted by the BULGING eye horror of her own DOPPLEGANGER staring right back at her with its BEADY beak, she dropped the device with a clack and let out a mighty SHRIEK of horror!
"WHAT." she exclaimed!
Surely that was not a doppelganger, but was instead her own reflection of some eldritch horror the Spell chat had crafted for her! But why? What did she do to deserve such a twisted punishment! 
Edging back over to the device, head held down to her claws and wings outstretched in case she had to f
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Burning Dreams Ch.2: The Sisterhood
    With flaps of their powerful wings, Cathrine and Melissa had just made it back to their sisterhood's sorority house. Fortunately, not many calories had been used up since they only used their wings and tails to fly here, because they'd need what they had in reserve for the training ahead.
    Now picture, if you will, a house of at least two stories high, and a quarter block wide all around. The front entrance had white pillars, decorated with silver serpentine dragons coiling around them. The building was made of brick and mortar, but painted a deep blue. The roof tiles were a deep sea-green, and the emblem of their sorority was proudly placed right over the door. This was the home of Delta Ryu Gamma, or D.R.G. for short. Like all other fraternities and sororities on this campus, it had six members - the required amount to be officially recognised, and although theirs was among the youngest groups, having only been formed for a single duo-sol cycle (a year on t
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[A montage of what happened in the previous episode plays.]
Diana and Krystal: (narrating) On the previous episode of Wonder Woman: The Anime Series…
Diana: By the goddess! You seem to be holding up pretty well, Callidora.
Maria: Better than last time. Far from solo champ level but we might could do just fine. Seeing as it's a tag team tournament.
Nubia: (sees Callidora showing off a bit and working out) Seems like she's becoming more confident in herself too.
Trixie: She's kinda always been cocky though.
Krystal: More like they wanna be turned into punching bags so badly!
Maria: Woo! I can't wait to get out there and strut my stuff!
Callidora: Me neither! (Smiles) I especially like my outfit's design.
Maria: Same here. It's pretty good.
Callidora: (Smiles as she strikes a pose) Thanks.
Maria: Nice. Now let’s get ready. (Smiles and winks)
Thrax: Winner take all?! (smiles)
Kasden: (looks at Thrax, then at Maria) I don't think you should have said- (gets tackled)
Maria: Our t
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Malak Spring Showers - Part 4
After the trio had eaten their fill of little triangled sandwiches and hot cocoa, it didn't take long for Shiloh to fall asleep snuggled up on the couch. Shiloh had bundled up in a cute yellow flowery blanket and with the headphones in, blocking out the storm, she seemed much calmer and content than earlier. Malak chuckled as she snored softly.  
As hail slammed against the rooftop, Malak admired the pure unfettered strength of nature. He could see the cobbled streets begin flooding a bit, carrying all sorts of debris down the rushing waters. He couldn't make out the ocean through the violent downpour, but he imagined the waves stood several stories tall. He let out a quiet yawn, snuggling into the recliner more comfortable. He could definitely slip into a comforting slumber with weather like this...
And that's exactly what happened.
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Forsaken Files: Katalina
Full Name(s):
Katalina Asmond-Marquis
Kaledona Asmondken (Infernal)
Age: 25
Height: 5' 6"
Weight(lbs): 115
Race: Half-Devil
Katalina is the daughter of Evaline Marquis and Asmondeus, the reigning king of devil-kind. Being half devil she ages at the same rate as humans, but her mind develops much faster and she can recall many vivid details of her early years, including a fateful night when she was five. Naturally, Katalina has developed many abilities that bely her devilish heritage, including immense mobility and strength, among many others reminiscent of her father's particular bloodline. Katalina is fiercely loyal to those she is close to, though she is just as likely to verbally abuse them as she is to defend them when they are in trouble.
Katalina has raven-colored hair, a pale complexion, and her eyes are both gold and silver and glow faintly in the dark. Her facial structure is distinctly human, but her teeth have all developed into slightly rounded points. She typically prefers
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Densetsu Sentai Kyojinger Character: Kyojin Lion
Kyojin Lion (Kyojin no Honō! Kyojin...Lion!)
 Leo Hikaru
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese/American
Race: Human/Mythos-hybrid
Appearance: Neck-length, wild black hair with several bangs over his forehead, light skin, bright blue eyes with cat-like pupils, and fang-like incisors. He wears a dark red jacket over a light grey t-shirt with a picture of a cat's head on the front, blue jean pants, black-white sneakers, and a silver amulet with a lion's head dangling over his neck.
Personality: Leo is a rather shy young man when it comes to people. However, he is quite the chatterbox once you get him going. Due to his different nationalities, Leo feels like an outcast in his mother's native homeland. When he morphs into Kyojin Lion, his shy personality is cast aside for a brave, courageous and fearless one. As the Titan of Fire, he has a natural affinity for fire and finds warm environments qui
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World Heroes: Beauty of Annihilation
The Earth's five most dangerous fighters, that would shake the world with terror, were all wiped out. The planet, filled with green and blue, was saved once again. But the newest, and the biggest, threat awoke: Sheeva, the God of Destroyer. He ressurected all five dangerous horsemen and sent them to the different eras, planning on causing an inevitable havoc. Dr. Brown then realized that the Earth will be reset through the destruction. He gathered all brave and dedicated heroes to stop Sheeva and his minions from rebuilding the Earth through the destruction. The clock... is ticking for those heroes.
Like the first two WH games, each characters have their own stages. Once player is selected, he/she must fight the rest of his/her opponents. The bosses, including Sheeva, are now playable. The WH: BoA has now its soundtraclks consisted of real life songs and game music.
Returning Characters
BrockenCaptain KiddErickFuuma KotoroHanzo HattoriJ. CarnJackJanne
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Impim MAWP May 2019: Picnic in the Spring
Prompt: Spring has sprung
Your impim is participating in one of their favourite springtime activities, Describe what that something is and how the impim interacts with the setting.
Spring had finally sprung, the flowers had sprung into full bloom,filled bees and butterflies danced and fluttered all around and the songs of nearby birds filled the air with sweet melodies and a sense of joy and springtime whimsy.
Romeo always looked forward to Spring as it was the perfect season for having a picnic, so when it finally arrived, he leapt up with joy and packed a basket of mini cakes and sandwiches, salad and refreshments a plenty and rushed out of his hut.
His eyes shone as he carried the heavy basket and sprinted across through the beachside town (which he inhabited), barely avoiding collision with other impim and after what seemed like (hours) but was barely 10 minutes, Romeo finally arrived at the local beachtown park which was filled with the chatter or impims and the petals of cherry b
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WAGE S2E3 'the volcanic rescue' episode summary
the episode starts with Penny and Bolt taking a walk down a road returning from a request they did from their guild. suddenly, they are ambushed by android sentries that look like puffballs. Bolt and Penny fought them off, but they were too strong and and took off with Penny in their clutches. Penny yelled to bolt to get help from her team. knowing that he can't do it alone, Bolt followed Penny's command and ran off toward Cappy Town. Bolt busted in through the door entrance of the guild/restaurant and ran straight toward Nikki and her team. Bolt barked like crazy and scattered in circles in panic. thanks to Brianna's ability to talk to animals, she translated Bolt's urgent help message and the team grew surprised, even to the new enemy he encountered. Brianna kindly asked Bolt to follow Penny's scent. after miles of traveling, the reached the outskirts of a volcanic biome of planet Popstar called Vocal Volcano. Vocal Volcano was known for it's hearing sensitive volcanoes. one yell, sc
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Corrupted Omniverse Characters 2
1. The Artist 
Name: Unknown
Age: Older than Creation itself 
Species: Primordial Entity 
Omnipresence, Creation Embodiment, Absolute Creation, Matter Generation, Antimatter Generation, Existence Erasure, Omnipotence, Meta Art Manipulation 
Appearance: he takes the form of any known artist across existence or he will transform into a man in a pure white suit with green eyes and ginger hair 
Quotes: "Life is like a Painting on a Canvas, you are the cause of how it turns out" "i should have expected more from a godlike being"
2. Surge 
Name: Surge
Electricity Manipulation, Teleportation, Immobilization beams, Energy manipulation, Hi-tech weaponry, Energy Cannons 
Age: 21
Appearance: his suit holds a resemblance to Whiplash and Iron man with the chest core and the metal rods showing skin in squares across his chest, his arms have metal covering them and his hands have 2 color shifting whit
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Ahit AU Role Swap location names
I'm fortunate enough to write short essays about my Ahit AU Role Swap on the Discord server, well, it prevented me from doing everything you need to understand what was happening to them. Read these four scenario as it all happens:
Goat Town - The Mountain city on them live villagers goats when they steally argued with the Bandits Goat Groons spying on them, steal a village's gold thing ms is relatively transferred to the mountain castle lives here by Leader of Bandit Godmother goat Valiania Joe Goot.
Subcon Island - The Great and charming kingdom with two parts between enemies Kings could not share one sword on a stone. It was, of course, a biggest war with the Wizards and the Elves. Basically Peaceful Prince and Princess Vanessa (Childern of Enemy Kings), they all the time love each other did not want to conquer the battle orders by dads.
Eagle Forest - The dark ghostly desert lived by ghosts birds and the leader/director of this desert The Snatchductor. He compromises peoples signin
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