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Headtrip: The Dream Doctor
Alter-Ego: Dr. Abigail Guillory
Occupation: Professor of Psychology, specializing in Psychoanalysis, at Dream Haven University.
Hair: Black (as Abigail) / Purple (as Rapture) / Blue (as Incubus)
Eyes: Green (as Abigail) / Purple (as Rapture) / Blue (as Incubus)
Dr. Guillory has the ability to enter people's dreams and she uses this ability to extract information from her patients. The information is sold to her clients to be used for fraud, blackmail, etc. To accomplish this, Abigail created two personalities that are utilized in their dreams:

Rapture: Considered "the good sister", Abigail's colorful alter-ego has super-strength, flight, etc. She acts nobly, looking to protect Abigail's patient in their dreams.  But if they become non-compliant with her requests, she warns of her "bad sister" that lurks in the world.

Incubus: Rapture's "bad sister", A
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The Creation(a PANDROID story)
This is a story told in the perspective of my PANDROID,Elija.PANDROID is a closed species by LacrimareObscura

Once upon an unknown date,in a world that has nothing left,we were created.
An amount that couldn't be counted by human or PANDROID.
I was created.
A handful of beings woke up as one.I opened my eyes,yet I couldn't see,I could hardly breathe,I could only really remember.A panda that was kept in a zoo,two girls that hated each other,a deer that was hit by a car and a cow that was cruelly slaughtered for beef.That's what I saw and all I could see.I didn't know what was happening.It was as if I was watching five televisions at the same time.
"Time for her sensory check."I heard faintly in the distance."Are you 100 percent sure you gave them all at least one English-Speaking person?"I heard slightly louder."Yes Greg,but a couple might speak other languages as well."...I did not understand what they were talking about.They might as well have been speaking
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Hirudegarn Terrorises Death Battle!
Name: Hirudegarn
Species: Phantom Majin.
Age: Many years old.
Height: varies on the forms.
Weight: ??
Homeworld: Konats.
Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
First Appearance: DBZ Movie 13: Wrath of the Dragon (1995)
-He existed for many years even before the events of Dragon Ball, just like Majin Boo.
-He was a statue that later became a giant monster by the Sorcerers of the Kashvar race.
-Ravaged through Konats until he was defeated and sealed by the hero Tapion and his brother, Minotia, with each half living inside the warriors.
-He was brought back to life by the Dragon Balls after Tapion was freed from his seal.
-Wrecked Mister Satan City.
-In his first form, he dominated Super Saiyan 2 Goku, Ultimate Gohan and Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta.
-In his final form, oneshot Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, Videl and Ultimate Gohan (again).
-Went toe-to-toe with Super Saiyan 3 Goku until he was killed by the Dragon Fist.
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The Haunted Balloons
A car is driving down a long dirt road as it reaches a fork in the road before stopping' followed by a second car as it pulls up to the first car.
Eliza Dushku - Alright everybody I'm going to let you all in on a little secret I think we are lost!
Emmanuelle Chriqui - Well so much for your short cut do we go back where we came from or take either the left or right road and continue on until we find the highway to Las Vegas?
Eliza Dushku - Lets try the right road and see where it takes us.
"As both cars drive up a little further they see a sign saying OWL CREEK VALLEY POPULATION: 41'638.
Emmanuelle Chriqui - I hope there gas station is still open my car needs gas.
Eliza Dushku - It's only 2:00 pm I'm sure its still open and I need gas too lets go!
"As they reach the gas station in town the first thing that everyone notice is that no one seemed to be around.
Leighton Meester - Where is everyone? I still haven't seen anyone so far since we got here over five mins ago!
Michelle Trachtenber
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Primer: Uniforms and Fashion
Village Hidden in the Sun (Higakure)
Location: Land of Stones
Element: Earth
Color Palette: Tans, browns, yellows, light reds, light oranges, and white.
Symbol: A Circle with Three Downward Lines
Ninja Uniforms: Higa-nin have learned to make the best out of the harsh conditions of their home. With brutally high temperatures and virtually no wind, the Village Hidden in the Sun has fostered an appreciation for lighter colors that reflect as much heat as possible, such as tans, yellows, light warm colors, and white. Shades of brown are also commonly added to different uniforms to help with camouflage in the dusty, mostly-barren landscape. Those who follow the Brown Sun philosophy and seek to embrace the hardships of their homeland often choose to wear minimal clothing, leaving their skin exposed to the cloudless sky. Even they most often use the standard colors on what little fabr
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Marvel vs. Nintendo: Psylocke

Real Name: Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: England
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Purple
Debut: Uncanny X-Men #213 (1987)
Voice Actor: Kimberly Brooks
Betsy Braddock is the mutant twin sister of English superhero Captain Britain. Though originally British, the villainous Mojo and the Hand ninja clan switched Betsy’s mind and intermingled her DNA with that of a ninja assassin named Kwannon, leaving her trapped in a new Asian body. Psylocke has the powers of telepathy and telekinesis, which she can focus into psychic knives and swords.
Intro: Psylocke leaps into the arena and briefly forms her psychic knife before getting into her fighting stance.
Outro: Psylocke turns around showing her backside and butt at the screen. She then turns her head towards the screen as she focuses her psychic knife, as well as forms the
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Kepler Station 1
Kepler Station:
Rose was led through the main courtyard to another obscenely huge door. It, like all the others, was perfectly square. Likely due for the accommodation of all sorts of differently structured creatures from different worlds.
“Enter through here to face medical examination.”
ATLAS, despite his vast knowledge of human languages, still hadn’t mastered the art of phrasing them in a comforting way. Rose ignored this and entered the imposing doorway.
She was led to an examination pod, roughly her size, and immersed in a warm fluid. Within seconds she was asleep. No dreams this time.
When she woke she was being dried off and offered a shiny black disk about the size of her palm. The offerer was a humanoid in shape, but only with severe cataracts would one be able to think it was human. It stood tall, made of thick sinews of some kind, and clothed in a black jumpsuit with a black overcoat. Though the overcoat was black, something about it radiated peace
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Project Ascension OC: Jinsei (Part 2 of 2)
Master Name: Jinsei
Title: Swordsman of the Six Sovereigns
Ascended Title:  The Celestial Swordsman
Faction: Sainthood of Verrill
Class: Brigadier
Sex: Male
Proposed Voice Actor: Ricco Fajardo – (JackalFairy Tail)
Passive: Stonebreaker
    Jinsei’s knowledge and control of stone materials from his life with the Krydge underground allow him to know the exact materials in which enemies arm themselves with and no exactly where each material’s weakness is. By landing abilities on enemies, Jinsei inflicts a stack of Stonebreaker on them which reduces their protections by a percentage. By landing different abilities he can build additional stacks of the passive on them that stack all the way up to a cap. The stacks show in numbers on enemies above their head with the passive symbol and a number within it which allows allies to direct their focus on s
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Hectors rescuer
One shot In dedication to Jc-river and some of his characters.
Shimmers was going about his usual business this was on the same day his parents were murdered and burned alive on that fateful day. Shimmers was at his parent grave site crying and weeping over them. It had been fifteen years since he had this loss, and it still felt as fresh as if it was yesterday. He remained crying alone and grieving. But as this was going on, his caring beeper went off/ "Beep, beep, beep, beep." Shimmers sighed and answered with a saddened face. "Yes?" Shimmers replied.
It was tenderheart. "I'm sorry to disturb you Shimmers, but everyone else is busy with other caring missions, and there's two boys that need your help. Its a boy named Hector who is being abused by his father physically being beaten. And there's another boy named Lionel who also got beaten by him for trying to stand up to him!"
Shimmers did not like the sound of this, but as he sighed and thought of the situation, he was a carebear fir
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Helios - The Beginning [PoC]
Helios could remember his other life, how it had been before the curse, but as if through a fog. He knew that at one point in time he had been a human, a young boy being raised by his mother alone since his father had walked out on before Heli had been old enough to really remember him. He had grown up into a gangly teen, with only his mother to care for him. It had left a burning resentment inside him towards his father, who had chosen to leave them and start a new family as if they were not good enough for him. He remembered these things, but not very clearly. But he could remember well the day the curse had hit them, when he and his mother had gone through the changes seemingly out of nowhere. The pair of them had been spending time outside their small cottage together, enjoying the day when suddenly they felt sick, and pain crept through their limbs until it reached torturous levels. When next they became aware of themselves, the world seemed different but they could not pinpoint t
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DB Prediction - Optimus Prime vs Gundam RX-78-2

What's up, everybody? Here with another Deathbattle Prediction blog. My video prediction for this one is here. I apologize in advance as this is a battle of robots, I just have to share this gif.

With that out of the way, let's see what these two combatants can bring to the table. I do want to note early that Transformers has been around for decades so it's entirely possible I missed content in my own research. Gundam was never something I was a fan of, so again, it's possible I missed material. That out of the way, I still did research on this and am approaching this without bias to determine who would win. I simply wanted to let you all know right off the bat it's possible I missed things.
Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots. He's a strong moral leader, brilliant military tactician, and charismatic
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name: gin (like the alchohol)
age: 20
gen: F
occupation: bounty hunter in training (being trained by her big bro~)
species: racoon
sex: avoided (too shy)
psysical description: in terms of body shes a combo of , in terms of clothes has a black skinsuit (think of zero suit samus), and a skull mask when shes on the job
equipment: 2 butterfly knifes and a sawed-off shotgun
like: fighting, music, getting drunk, freerunning, art
dislike: pointy things, loud noises, mices
3 qoutes: "try an keep up!", "WANKA!", "dont fuck with a coon!"
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The Unknown Warrior: A Wolfs Journey: Chapter 11
The Unknown Warrior: A Wolfs Journey
Chapter 11
Razok and Torrhen looked at each-other with worry. They looked to see a light-blue room, with guards all over and blue-lit fires. Icefall would pour ‘Ice Crystals’ into the fire to keep them lit in the scones that were mounted on the walls and the chandeliers. Razok and Torrhen looked ahead to see a light-blue dragon and a white wolf, sitting in thrones.
Razok and Torrhen looked as the male black panther in black fine clothes, approached them. “Trespassers, you now stand before ‘King Arno’,” The panther introduced the light-blue dragon. “And ‘Queen Allea’ of Icefall.” The panther said, introducing the white wolf.
Arno: “You two are charged with trespassing into the kingdom. What do you have to say?” He asked in a serious tone.
Razok: “We-we came here to speak with Fangar.” He said, in a shivering tone.
Allea: “What business do you have with the Arch-
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The Dragon Rider: High views and deep falls
High views and deep falls
He soared above the earth, through the lowest clouds. Suddenly he spotted a group of humans in black armor traveling south in the shadow of the hills. Then he saw more of them, a lot more. The whole picture seemed very familiar. He flew up through the clouds and kept flying above them in circles, illuminated by the sun’s rays. More of his kind broke through the fog and joined him. Finally there were hundreds of them. One creature gave a loud roar and dived down. All together they roared too and followed the leader in a dive towards the ground. And so the great battle started. Accompanied by the ones around him he approached the human army with high speed. He dived through valley after valley, killing everyone on his path. Then he got shot in his chest and groaned in pain as he fell out of the sky. Time slowed down as the hillside came closer and closer.
We are in danger!
With a huge force he collided with the earth and crashed.
Lars opened his eyes, abru
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Korsun Backstory Lore: Mentor and Apprentice Pt1
Korsun Backstory Lore: “Mentor and Apprentice”.
A middle aged Volterran female sits in the darkened space of a once prestigious office suite, though it looks quite dilapidated at present. Surrounding her are the various documents, pictures, and floorplans conveying the appearance of a professional line of work; however her personal trappings and surroundings paint a different picture. A closer inspection yields the conclusion that this is a figure who stalks the dark alleys of the Volterran underworld for their coin: given her long cloak, obscuring hood, and collection of silent and deadly weapons.
Pausing for the briefest of moments, the figure quickly retrieves a silenced pistol from her holster and points it towards and darkened corner of her surroundings; she speaks first, calmly keeping her deadly intent firmly in the mind of whomever she’s addressing.
Older Volterran (chiding): You have light footsteps, far more careful than the last one they sent to me; though
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The cursed dinosaur
In an alternative version of our universe, on earth, dinosaurs are still alive, some of them remained at the primary state while others evolved. This is the case of Dulan, a very intelligent dinosaur, able to talk.
However, this is not even the most surprising thing, indeed, in this reality, science is not the only one to govern existence, it shares equitably its place with magic.
In fact, even death has been eradicated, however, conflicts remains present.
Indeed, Dulan is not very modest, he always considered himself like different than other species, even a bit more intelligent.
His arrogance is his main default, and his reputation towards his neighborhood is rather negative, but not only for this reason...
The dinosaur tends to show his "superiority" by using what he calls his "weapons".
He likes to get his victims stuck between his feet and play with them like a cat plays with a wool ball.
As you know it, Dulan's feet are pretty big, and in his opinion, this is a great tactica
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Turbo-Jens, Heinavalas beskyddare Del 3
Turbo-Jens: Heinävalas beskyddare Del 3
Kämpen Turbo-Jens från Kvicktomtebo är ute på sitt stora uppdrag att besegra sin ärkefiende Törnefina och befria det goda riket Heinävala från hennes välde. Han begav sig till Tappavuoret för att bringa en jokerpärla till Narri-Atte men blev tillfångatagen av det mäktiga knekttrollet Tapparogre och hans här. Just nu i Törnefinas slott är hon med Tyrann-Alma, Nitro-Anni och Kvick-Lina.
-Nu när vi alla är samlade ska jag berätta för er om de drakoniska komponenterna som jag ska ha och när jag har dem blir jag kraftfullare än någonsin och då är domedagen definitivt kommen för Turbo-Jens, flinade Törnefina.
-Du blir inte besviken på vår insats, flinade Tyrann-Alma.
-De drakoniska komponenterna är fyra stycken. Dessa är Neptungräset från Haijärvi , Fenixelden från Räj
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[Esk] Firestorm - The Elementals
”The first group must run out to the edges of the field, into the rocky terrain and locate the field's fallen water elementals.”
Claire recalled Vetru's words as she sprinted away from the wanderer. If she craned her head back, she could still see the bright blue horn of Vetru. And the bolts of lightning crashing into the earth around them.
Neskre didn't want to follow her. He had appeared to be very ruffled by Vetru's confession, that's for sure. But he had chose to pursue another path and told her to take another. Claire knew he wasn't going to leave the fields without her, but she was definitely curious about what the old coot had decided to do. He didn't want the wanderer's enchantment, but nor did he seem to want to find the elemental relics... Maybe he was trying to find a way on his own to help?
That sounded like Neskre indeed. Too proud and grumpy to do what he was told outright.
A faint humming reached Claire's form, touching her aura in an unfamiliar but pl
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The Collective Schools Chapter 2
Chapter two
Daxter looks around and just sees nothing but darkness. His heart rate increase steadily and starts feel his hands sweat.
“Who’s there!”
“Just us.” A faint sound comes from behind him down the wall. It sounds like a voice of a small girl.
Daxter shivers and starts to run down the hall opposite of where the sounds came from and doesn’t look back. He runs by door and turns back and enters it quickly and closes the door behind him and closes it quickly.
“What was that voice? It sounded evil and not happy.”
Daxter feels around the frame of the door not able to see. He pulls out his phone uses it as a small flashlight from the screen brightness. He looks and finds a light switch and turns it on. At first it did nothing but the lights slowly turned on and flickered.  Not every light turns on.
“What the?”
He sees a bunch of people sitting in desk facing a chalkboard and sees a lady writing on the board. He hears the
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Wonderland RP
After 100-200 years or so, the previous red queen had died. This caused a new age of peace and prosperity in Wonderland thanks to a new red queen, a kind and fair queen who was the daughter of the white queen. Now, back in the modern world, a descendant of the girl who had her adventures down there was tapping away at his phone, bored of his life as a student. And as with every start of an adventure, a white rabbit appeared with a stopwatch. Soon, he followed it curiously and fell down a rabbit hole; only to end up on a tea table with the familiar sort of people in this wonderful and beautiful place.
“Oh dear, you must have put the table in the wrong place hatter!” A hare said as he noticed the poor young man. “Well, it isn’t my fault that White told us we would meet someone soon! After all, it is tea time..and what’s this?” The titular hatter said as he notice the young man’s blonde hair. “Hmm...he really does look like he had a fall. Is
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X-Arm: A deceased anthro Machamp who came back as a ghost and possessed his own mask with his aura, the mask when put on transfers his energy into the human victim and transforms them into a Poke-wrestler (there are several of them) including into him. This includes elements of MC and a split-personality complex,  this is also where it gets confusing considering it's debatable on whether or not it's the masks themselves that are possessing them or not since these ghostly Poke-wrestlers seem to be able to possess people on their own and the mask is only what is used to transfer their energy.  And also it gets more confusing when the transformed victim uses the term 'owner' to describe their normal self, considering that the entity in general is the one controlling them and not the other way around and it's not implied that the victim is in control or has any say in the matter, so to some it is more of a host/carrier or master/slave relationship.  There is little to no exp
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The Risen Ones (Crossover Group)
1. Queen Ariel (The Risen and Fallen Angel)
2. Cheng (New Kombat)
3. Storm (Storm’s Moon)
4. Cane (Sweet and Sour Warefare)
5. Madeline (Dogs Days)
6. J.J. (J.J. and Friends)
7. Elliot (Elliot’s Odyssey)
8. Auriol (Primal Huntress)
9. Jocelyn (Children of Landia)
10. Athea (Bella and the Little Town of London)
11. Merindah (Outback Dingo)
12. Olivia (Apocalypse Anarchy)
13. Isabella (Apocalypse Anarchy)
14. Lucianna (Evolution Fighters)
15. Takeo (Evolution Fighters)
16. Shirou (Evolution Fighters)
17. Andeddou~itchi (Elliot’s Odyssey)
18. Sasori (New Kombat)
19. Laura (Elliot’s Odyssey)
20. Daniel (Galaxy Warefare)
21. Andrew America (World History Rumble)
22. America (Nation Dashers)
23. Nicole (Storm’s Moon)
24. Shiba (Storm’s Moon)
25. Thunder (Thunder and the League of Saviors)
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