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Kaa's Double Date
Out in the jungle, two bikini clad girls with big breasts were taking a stroll. First there was Amanda, a 21-year old girl with black shoulder length hair, blue eyes and was wearing a pink striped bikini set. The second was named Ericia, an 18- year old girl with blonde hair in a pony tail, yellow eyes and was wearing a blue bikini set. They had come to the jungle to take a break from the crowded city.
“Ah, the air here is so fresh.” Said Amanda, as she sniffed the air.
“I agree.” Said Ericia.
After walking for an hour or so, they soon arrived at a secluded lagoon.
“This looks like a good place to rest.” Said Ericia.
“I see what you mean.” Said Amanda.
The two girls then laid down near the edge of the water and started to sunbathe.
After a few minutes, Amanda broke the silence by saying, “Ericia, I just remembered some of the villagers telling us about a large snake called Kaa.”
“What about him?” Asked Ericia.
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Marvel vs. Nintendo: M.O.D.O.K.

Real Name: George Tarleton
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: USA
Eyes: White (Brown as Tarleton)
Hair: Brown
Debut: Tales of Suspense #93 (1967)
Voice Actor: Wally Wingert
Average technician George Tarleton found his fate forever changed thanks to a random selection by his boss, the Scientist Supreme of A.I.M., who needed a unique, bio-engineered “living computer” in order to plumb the mysteries of the Cosmic Cube. Tarleton was subjected to hideous experiments, mutating his body into a massive-headed being possessing superhuman intelligence and extraordinary psionic powers, and the process drove him mad. Given the code-name M.O.D.O.C. ("Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing"), Tarleton instead turned on his superiors, slaying them all and declaring himself Scientist Supreme. Moreover, he changed his name to M.O.D.O.K., with the “K” standing now for “Killing.
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The Giant of the Sea- Chapter 1


*~*~ Two Weeks Earlier ~*~*
I sat alone at the table, eating the old leftovers from earlier that week.  The bread was tasteless and stale. The deli meat inside had been slimy, causing me to pull it out of the sandwich. All that was left was cheese and mustard. I fought the urge to toss it away and go hungry for the third night in a row. If Travis wouldn’t go shopping by tomorrow, I’d buy my own food and hide it from him. I was grateful for the job I had received at the local restaurant just three days before.
Travis and I had moved to Imber, Maine no more than a month after Mom passed away. But things had been tough long before she died. While she was sick in the hospital with more brain tumor than actual brain, Travis was in charge of “taking care” of me. And by that, I mean he was of course abusing me and treating me like his property. Something
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Celebri-Suits: Special living suits/symbiotes that are celebrity costumes,  they can be worn anywhere and once you put them or they merge with you,  you become that celebrity for real and this includes male to female and female to male tg,  mc, weight gain and also includes WWE wrestlers, singers, actors/actresses and members of the Trump family and this also includes celebrities who have appeared in horror movies like Christopher Walken, George Clooney, Kathy Bates, Sissy Spacek..etc. And the costumes are ones that have a hypnotic effect on you as you hear the voice of that celebrity instructing you.
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"I'll enter with you. It will take a short time for one of the messenger carriers to arrive." Lich turned his head to the desert, giving a sharp, loud whistle before dropping some food from a small pouch into the sand. "Lead the way, I'm interested to know what you are looking for, as I don't find these places particularly useful myself." He was still running through ideas, but if this child was going to be so innocent and would be on his own, he would surely be better off with Lich's more selfish plan.
The sharp sound let Aztec ears press against his head for a short second. This was loud. But hey, it definitly made sense. The leucistic toa nodded and carefully walked deeper into the ruins. He tried to be as attentive as possible. His ears played, listening to every sound that might occure. His eyes were wide open to catch every movement and he constantly checked the scent of the ruins. He know it could be dangerous in such old buildings. Creatures could hide in here and other - unspe
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Creator ask #1
Me: What's your favorite food?
Seven (Geno): .....
Dawn: Cupcake.
Kevin: Some sweet tomato.
Astrum: Ummm..... Paopu pie?
Flynn: Apples.
Ochikomu: Blood and knives
All except the creator and Ochikomu: O_O.....
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The Truth of Magic
                 Ithemba's P.O.V
    When I was five I was always told, 'ulingo omub, uma uyisenzisa khon kusasa uzfa' i never knew what it meant til i was twenty at last years Autumn Brings Winter festival.
Autumn Brings Winter festival
Ithemba City
6:00 pm
    I walked past a tree with a pile of leaves next to a tree. I looked up at the sky, there were two moons up that night, it was unusual, there are usually four. Shaking the moon thing from my mind I walked up to a table. It had a black blanket on it with a sign that read, 'Magic, let me show you the future' There cards next to the sign, but owner of the table was nowhere to be found.
    Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I tried to act like nothing happened. The hand slowly moved to my neck. I shot my hand into my pocket to get my keys. Once my keys were locked in my hand i turned my body to see a guy with a knife. Without think I punched him
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Invictus 3: El Victorioso

Osmar Valente Hernandez Sr., a.k.a. El Victorioso, suffered yet another loss at the second Glory to the Gods tournament, this time against his son, Hijo Del Victorioso. On top of all that, he lost the Mexican Heavyweight Championship against a young luchador in Silver Mask. With the recent string of losses hindering away at his confidence, El Victorioso begins to question who he is and how could he continue to live up to his moniker. Rather than live with his own shame, El Victorioso rededicated himself back to his craft. After defeating several opponents, El Victorioso announced that not only will he compete in the third Glory to the Gods tournament, but he would also win the whole thing without a scratch. 
Victory Tornado: El Victorioso places the opponent in a chin lock and spins them around and slams them to the ground.
Bearhug: He puts the opponent in a bearhug. 
Power bomb: He performs a power bomb on the oppone
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Scorching Earth part 11
I followed Kamari. The forest had been hit hard by the bombs-  wide swathes had little left except for bare tree trunks jutting upward from ash covered ground, many of the trees still burning. Smoke rose from smoldering branches and logs, making the very air gray. I could feel the heat of cinders even through my boots- I wondered how Kamari could stand it. She hadn’t said a word since we left the rocks. I usually wasn’t bothered by silence, but over the last day or so I’d gotten used to Alar’s chattering.
I let Kamari take the lead- she knew these mountains much better than I did- and there was something about walking ahead of her that seemed inherently disrespectful. After a few minutes she leapt into a tree with relatively intact branches, gesturing with her head for me to keep moving.
The forest here was in better shape- they probably hadn’t wanted to drop any munitions too close to their own base, and the fire couldn’t travel well on these s
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Myra Profile - DarChronicles

Myra Hawk is the teenage prodigy of the Sacred Guards, daughter of Zachary Hawk, and one of the five main characters of DarChronicles and the final member of Shadow Striker. She may be the youngest member of the team but she's the only one that wields one of the Fifteen Legendary Weapons of Antanak, which in the world of Bectar, was used to defeat The Guardians 1600 years ago. As with all five characters, there's plenty of information being excluded from this profile; however, Myra's will likely contain the most minor spoilers among all five.
Age: 15 years old

Height: 5'8

Background: Myra is the prodigy child of Zachary Hawk, a Lieutenant in the Intelligence Division. The series begins with her being 12 years old so there's very little background information with her. In a way, DarChronicles IS her origin story. Ever since she
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amandas spiral to underland
My name is Amanda i live by myself in a house in the outskirts of a medium sized city.
I work at a heavy equipment factory that produce parts for the construction industry.
And for the pervs in the audince im 22 years old and about 175 cm tall, slim but "curvy" and i wear my hair red whit black "streaks".
Oh i almost forgot! English isnt my native tounge so please bare that in mind! I'l do my best!
So to the point of my journal, ive started to have these hallucinations now and then in my every day life,
I see things happen that isnt really happening, like last week i met a forklift at work and i didnt have time to move my foot out of the way so it ran over it but when i blinked i just saw it driving away like nothing happend so i looked at my foot and it was perfectly normal, all i had felt was some sudden pressure.
Stuff like that happens to me like three times a day.
And some mornings i wakeup on the floor and my bedroom looks like a bomb hit it!.
I dont know whats going on anymore t
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The Sorceress and the Jaguar Ch. 2
          Daniella lost track of time as she traveled, against her will, to Quinton’s home.  She thought she could dissuade him from taking her if she hit or kneed him, but quickly realized that each outburst would earn her a pinch to her side.  She dropped the tantrums altogether and opted for ignoring the Jaguar man as they continued their trek through the forest. 
    Quinton tried to make small talk, with the conversation being one sided.  He talked about his training into the royal guard, blah blah, defending the King’s forest, blah blah, being attacked by multiple monsters and species from this realm, asking Daniella questions that went unanswered, blah blah blah.  She tuned out his blabbering early on and settled on thoughts about how she could escape from the rope and turn him into her mindless slave.  She had his name, she had her knowledge and spells, all she needed were her hands.
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Elemental Blitz: Edmund Gareth

from Brutal Fists
Comes with the Brutal Fists Pack consisting of cosplay skins for Bryson Demarco (Koby Dominic)Krister Agnes (Jimmy Randalf)Abel Manyara (Lord Rattlesnake)Koi Ikaika (Toshio Mitsuo),
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Quenal helyei - Olle
Olle kontinense a Mune-hegységtől egészen a Peremvidék Sole-kövéig húzódik. Három nagy tenger; a Tegetus, a Haemera és az Emare, illetve a Mélyöböl fogja közre. A kontinens nagy része síkság, mely a Hadyuktól és Ammuk'Ha Erdejétől egészen a Hegyes Csúcsokig húzódik és a Síkföld névre hallgat. Nagyvárosok nem találhatóak rajta, inkább kisebb települések, falvak és tanyagazdaságok jellemzőek, de a terület nagy részét szfinx és skorpió törzsek uralják. Erről a síkságról a Talgan választja le a Latazi-dombságot, a Duari és a Megora pedig a Rovina-síkot, melyekre kevésbé jellemzőek ezek a nomád népek.
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Greywood Company Tales Session 7?
Naomi Lendara
Session 7 (I think)
End of the Siege
    Many things have happened since we left the mine we were being held captive in. About a dozen of the militia had surrendered to us in order to return home after our request to the elders. As well as one of the higher ups were surrendering as well. He was the captain of the guard for the town and a former knight. A very rude man though that acted very high and mighty as well as belittling the religion of the militia men. He went by the name of Cilus or something similar.
    The militia men had loaded up a cart of supplies to take with us back to the town from the mine. I had found some rocks baked into the bread that Cilus was none to happy with me finding. He seemed on edge after I took one and kept it for myself. We had no issue bringing the cart and letting everyone go though. After returning back to our
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Transformers: Mobian Chronicles CH 70
     Queen Aleena’s form betrayed an agitated mind as she glared at the new Decepticon leader filling the monitor. “A new power rises on your planet,” said Megatron. “Any attempts to attack the Harbinger will be met with deadly force and extreme prejudice! You would be well advised that my ship possesses enough firepower to devastate any densely populated area of my choosing. I would, in all likelihood, set sights on your children’s birthplace of Mobodoon for starters.”
     “Point taken!” said Aleena. “Now, what do you want from us?”
     “Nothing, your Majesty,” said Megatron. “We Decepticons mean no harm. We simply desire a place to call home, after we were defeated by the Autobots and robbed of our rights on our native soil.”
     “No offense, Megatron,” said Aleena, “but I’m having a tough time believing that
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A Pokemon's Pet - Part 4
A Pokemon's Pet - Part 4
A Soft Vore Story
By Vores4life
“Oh Arceus, please let big brother and Nida be okay” He begs softly as he jumps down and runs off into the forest.
Carus, or now we know as Kyle, continues to run down into the forest as he sees the moon up high in the sky. He was going to find his brother himself. If anyone can find him, it was his little brother. Or so that was at least what Kyle thought to himself.
Eenea was having a hard time keeping up with the boy as he continues to run nonstop into the forest and was growing more and more worried as she thinkings back to Kyle’s mother, and her face. It said everything that needed to be said. It was that face of a mother who has realized that the youngster they worked so hard on to raise is gone. Eenea keeps following the boy but then the entire world seems to start being blurred, and the stars in the night sky begin to dissolve. Eenea blinks, and takes a step back as she watching the world around h
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Lands of Ithia: Dophia
Name: Dophia
General Description: Dophia is technically two separate continents ramming into one another forming the massive Dwar'Vic mountains as they push against one another. The Eastern lands are a great mix of desert and badlands with heavy forest in the north and against the Dwar'Vic mountains. To the West is a great plain covered with forested expanses, great lakes, and in its center an artificial desert of unnatural cold. Rocky coasts cover the north-west coast and like the east, and crowned in a vast forest. With three large outlying islands the Bulwark and Whirlpool island being covered in grasslands and forests with Loslin island a barren volcanic wasteland. Lastly on the South are a series of islands formed long ago when one a part of the continent was destroyed leaving chunks of mountain and earth to settle into islands that become spotted with thick jungles.
Biomes: Deserts, Badlands, Great Forests, Jungle, Plains, Grasslands, Arctic Wastelands, Swamps.
Regions: The Zelti
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ODA Heroines
Plot: Upset after her defeat in Monster Busters, Anna Gorynych teams up with Talia Poh to develop a secret weapon. The ODA dispatches some of it's best female agents to deal with the two.
Marika: A young girl who dresses like an anime Magical Girl. She has a huge love for unicorns and has a pet Pegacorn named Alana. Despite her age, she is actually very smart. Her main weapon is her magic wand.
Mylaela: A elf archer who is somewhat naive. One interesting thing about her is that she talks in old Shakespearean. Her main weapons are her bow and wide variety of arrows.
Phalla: A genie. She was found by the ODA during a mission and Princess Emilise took her as a servent, using her third and final wish to set her free. She now serves the ODA out of gratitude. She has control over sand.  
Kaili: A Chinese lung, aka Chinese dragon, who is mostly seen in human form. She is friendly, though very eager to fight. She uses her martial art skills.
Vanessa: A robot built by Dr. Wells
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Starman History Profile: Martians
Known in their native tongue as "Taraxans" and known in the Federation as "Greenskins," Martians are a race in the "Human-Like" Family, a family of races named for being very similar in biology to Humans, with other members being the Etrovlirn, the Gaularans (who technically count as Etrovlirn themselves) and others. However, the Martians are a unique race, Not only are they older than many other Human-Likes (except for the Etrovlirn) but they are also unique in many other ways as well.
One of the main things people notice of a Martian is their Green skin. Unlike Humans, Martian Blood is a weird Bluish-Green, resulting in a greener skin tone than most. Martian Skin seems to be more adapted to Harsh, Cold Temperatures, as it has been recorded to burn easily in direct sunlight. Because of this, it seems that Martians prefer a colder climate, as their current homeworld, Neo-Tara (Tar-Ah), is known for having colder temperatures than the preferred human world. But aside from colder tempera
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Blue Gender parody cast
Yuji Kaido: Naraku
Marlene Angel: Jade
Key: Suikotsu
Joey: Bankotsu
Tony Frost: Muso
Alicia Whistle: Princess Abi
Seno Miyagi: Sousuke Aizen
Rick: Koga
Doug Vreiss: Gin
The Blues as themselves
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Short Chapter TW 25
The world had turned to meadowland; the grassy earth slopping slowly upward. There was a scent in the air Chance had smelt once before when he’d been a child, when his father had sent him to live with his aunt for the summer near potter's bay.
The sound of waves lapping at an unseen shoreline was muffled and slightly off kilter, as if whoever or whatever was shaping this landscape had forgotten the smaller details, causing the world to have a flattish feel to it.
“It this one broken, this memory I mean?” Higgins boot nearly tripped on a clump of weeping vine that grew from the clay ridden earth. That wasn't right, weeper weeds didn’t grow by the coast line, at least he’d been told that once. Chance reached down and removed the vine’s grip on his foot, small blue flowers tipped with white fell onto his hands.
“Yours was like this too, you just think your memory is sharper than everyone else's when it’s not.”
Westgate stuck his hands
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