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Death Battle Arena: Doctor Strange

Name: Stephen Vincent Strange
Age: Immortal (Born 1936)
Race: Human
Title: The Sorcerer Supreme
Bio: A gifted neurosurgeon and prodigal physician, Doctor Stephen Strange's life would forever change when he was caught in a horrific car accident. He survived, but his hands suffered intense nerve damage to the point where his time as a surgeon was bordering on over. Wanting desperately to get his life and job back, Steven spent his entire fortune on procedures that never worked. Desperate to try anything, Stephen found an old man called "The Ancient One" who taught him in the mystic arts until he became the most powerful sorcerer in the Marvel Universe--the Sorcerer Supreme.
Costume 1: Traditional blue coat and red cape
Costume 2: Dr. Strange 1602
Costume 3: War of Gems robes
Costume 4: 5,000-Year War Aftermath appearance
Costume 5: Necromancer
:icondimension-dino:Dimension-Dino 10 4
Deviant-Curse: A supernatural curse that affects people on Deviantart who have their own characters and OCs with supernatural powers, especially ones who happen to be TF writers/artists. Basically this curse is one that transforms them into their alter-ego persona or a living version of their avatar with elements of TG (both variants) and MC thrown in and there is a 'were-creature' aspect to it as well.
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Marvel vs. Nintendo: Porky Minch

Name: Porky Minch
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Eagleland
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Blonde
Debut: Mother 2 (1994)
Voice Actor: Trey Parker
Porky Minch is a self-centered, rotten brat who lives next door to Ness. As Ness’s adventure progresses, Porky is rapidly led astray and becomes Giygas's right-hand man. Afterward, he goes missing in time and then reappears in the Nowhere Islands.
Intro: The Spider Mech materializes with Porky sitting in the machine. The glass dome seals shut and Porky enters his fighting stance.
Outro: A Mini Porky brings over food only to be tacked out of the way, with the food being snatched from it. Porky throws a Ness voodoo doll and catches it twice in his hand and on the third throw, crushes it in his grip while the head pops off. Porky then hops into his mech, laughs, and teleports away.
Taunt: Porky laughs as he
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Makuta's Test V.2 Ch.23
  "How are you feeling, dad?" Faith asked as she came over.  Preston smiled as his daughter looked his wounds over.  He was thankful that she was taking an interest in medical care, which could prove to be useful in this predicament if Joseph weren't around.
  "Well enough to start helping with the shelters a small bit," he said.  "Still hoping that your mother made it."  Faith nodded, glancing at the younger boys.  They were trying to make sand castles.
  "It would still be kinda tough without someone else helping watch the boys."
  "Just means we'll have to split our attention between the shelters and the boys," Mr. Ray pointed out.  "Shouldn't be too hard."
  "At least Jacob found a new friend for the time," Preston said as he slowly stood up.  "I was getting a little worried about that."
  "From what you said about him earlier, I'm surprised he's even talking to anyone.  I'd have thought he'd be scared mute."
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A word about setting aside Taffy and comapny
A few of you might be confused or worried that I am getting rid of characters like Taffy, Maka and the like.  The fact is that I'm going to avoid role playing with them at least for a while.  The reason for this is because their nature makes them easy to define but difficult to develop from a writing perspective.  They are like simple cartoon characters in their nature, similar to Buggs bunny and Mickey mouse in that they are established but development is not only difficult but potential detrimental to their character.
Ill use the example of Micky mouse.  He is a popular character with a well defined personality, a solid enough setting in which he and his friends exist, and a particular charm that makes him continue to appeal to people.  Dispite all this all his various movies, cartoons and games lack any sense of continuity,as what happens in one movie or episode has no impact on another, therefore his world does not really change.  Yes events happen in
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Ultimate Destiny: Medic
Name: Dr. Ludwig
Gender: Male
Debut: Team Fortress 2 (2007)
VA: Robin Atkin Downes 
Intro: Medic walks in while adjusting his gloves before twirling out his bonesaw with a smirk.
Intro Quotes
"Let's go practice medicine."
"This will only sting for a moment."
"Prepare for Doctor-Assisted Homicide!"
"I am a Medic...though I can hurt just as well as I can heal."
Outro: Medic takes his pose at the end of Meet the Medic while doves fly around him.
Outro Quote: The healing is not as rewarding as the hurting.
Results Screen Quotes
"Would you like a second opinion? YOU ARE ALSO UGLY!"
"Come over here. I promise I will heal you!"
"I have healed my allies so that they will be the ones to kill you."
"Oh, do not worry, I will have you fixed in no time! ...Oh, my mistake. That is not medicine."
Vs. Mercy: My dear, we should do this again.
Vs. Richtofen: My old friend, must we fight like this?
Heavy as Teammate: Danka, Herr Heavy!
Special Moves
Syringe Gun: The Medic rapidly fires several needl
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Introduction To Lung Bats
Introduction to Lung Bats
Hello! You’ve probably noticed by now that your Lung Bat doesn’t come with a formal instruction manual. Consider this booklet to be your guide to this fascinating species of pathogen.
What is a Lung Bat?
A Lung Bat, also known as an Akumu Core, is an Aletheia-like pathogen that serves as the mother (or father) core to all seven strains of the Akumu disease, manufactured by Delphi. Each Lung Bat host acts as a Sinner for the entire disease of Akumu, and as long as at least one Sinner exists, the disease cannot be vaccinated against or otherwise eliminated.
I have a Lung Bat. What does that mean for me?
If you have a Lung Bat, then you got it from one of two ways. Either you’re Hera Preston and had it implanted as a child, or you’re one of her offspring and inherited it during gestation. Either way, the Lung Bat is one with your soul and you’ll have it with you for the rest of your life. You cannot be cured of t
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Kushala Daora, Dragon of Steel
Time: 35'19"75
Size: 1,913.13 cm
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Monopoly TF Remastered Part 3
"Anything, you can be anything, even if it's mythical or unimaginable" Sprouts said.
"Well Iike a slime or goo" Sami replied "Granted" Sprouts said hastily
"I didn't choose my thing yet Sprouts!" Sami said angrily.
"Oh fine." Sprout snapped
"Well I would like to be a full Succubus" Sami said
"Granted" Sprout happily said
"Your turn Jack" Sprout said
"Something cool with boobs" Jack said proudly
"You'll become a Anime Character then" Sprout said with a sigh
A cap appeared on top of Jacks Head and his body curved and shifted to be a girl with tiny boobs and a rad jacket appeared with some cool shorts and longer hair grew and the style of his whole body looked animated in 3d.
"Well this is nice and good enough for me but what name would I have now?" Jack asked the others
"How about Jacki? That was my cat name" Jessica replied
"Good enough" Jacki replied
"Hey you Sprouts, can you host someone else like my horrible creepy friend that was just trying to escape from this awesomeness" Sami wil
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Marco Stan-Bouken Star Bio Database

Marco Stan Kaijou - マルコ・スタン・海城
Cowboy Kid Bouken Star -  カウボーイ・キッド・冒険・スター
Full Name: Marco Stanley Kaijou Rivera
Nickname (s): Marco-kun, Stan, Mr. Kaijou, Cowboy Kid Bouken Star, Fire Star Of The West
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Occupation: Student, Wanderer, Vigilante, Cowboy, Politician
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
series: Cowboy Kid Bouken Star
voice Actor:
Ukyo Matsumoto (Japan)
Víctor Ugarte (Mexico, Latin America)Bryce Papenbrook (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia)First Appearance: Chapter 0: The Fire Star Of The West! Enters Cowboy Kid Bouken Star!!
Place of birth: San Antonio, Texas, Republic Of San Angeles, North-America/EuroAmerica, Planet Earth
Date of birth: September 13th, 2026
Color hair: Black
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My Little Winx Club:Friendship is Magic Casts
Here are the voices and background equipments.
Narrator = Ellie
Twilight Sparkle = Samantha
Rarity = Ashley(Me)
Rainbow Dash = Vicky
Pinkie Pie = Jane
Fluttershy = Jane
Applejack = Vicky
Starlight Glimmer = Trixie
Bloom = Ellie
Stella = Ashley(Me)
Flora = Ashley(Me)
Aisha = Jane
Musa = Violet(Original), Ashley(Me, Backup)
Tecna = Nicole
Here are some other characters that will apper in the series as well.
Sweetie Belle = Katelyn(My younger sis)
Apple Bloom = Vicky
Scootaloo = Catherine
Coral Glitter(My OC) = Ashley
Sugar Light(Jane's OC) = Jane
Babs Seed = Mia
Princess Celestia = Rachel
Princess Luna = Samantha
Princess Cadence = Ashley(Me)
Shining Armor = James
Winx Club:
Roxy = Violet(original), Stephanie(Backup)
Daphne = Ashley(Me
Miele(Flora's younger sis) = Lily
Faragonda = Samantha
Griselda = Vicky
Icy = Vicky
Darcy = Rachel
Stormy = Rachel
Here are the people responsible for the other stuff.
Shine like the Sun = Rachel
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[SI] The Aftermath of a Dream
Featuring Maliji
With mentions of Lunala & Maivera
Year 106 after the Great Release, Spring
Malkan Tribe, Temple
A crowd of pale cats gathered within the safety of the Malkan temple, their pale fur bright even in the shadows. A low murmur of conversation went around as the assembled cats spoke amongst themselves, an ebb and flow of conversation that carried through the cave as naturally as waves on the beach. Every now and again, one would step forward and speak louder, addressing all the cats with their own opinion on the matter in question.
The matter of Lunala's vision.
Maliji's eyes flicked briefly to her young mistress, taking in the younger cat's body language and expression with the subtle ease of one th
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Kira's relationship with Equestria part 3
Kira's relationship with the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
Kira never takes them on his adventures because he wants to keep them safe.
When he went on one of his dangerous adventures, the Cutie Mark Crusaders manage to sneak into it without Kira knowing. However, the Cutie Mark Crusaders were exposed and got captured. Kira had to rescue them.
After Kira defeat the villain and saves the day, he takes them back home. He tells Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash what the Cutie Mark Crusaders did. The Cutie Mark Crusaders got punishment. Kira apologizes to them, but it's for their own good.
Kira tells them that they were in over their heads and they don't have the experience, the maturity, survival skills, and the combat skills to do these missions. Once they get older, have experience, mature, and skills then they would tag along with him.
There was a time the Cutie Mark Crusaders met two ponies that don't have cutie marks and they're very old. The Cutie Mark Crusaders wanted to help them to get
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Day 531, Night at the Bighouse by TheShaggyDragon Day 531, Night at the Bighouse :icontheshaggydragon:TheShaggyDragon 1 0
Her Baby (Book) Chapter 6
                            Chapter 6 A Dream
     Elizabeth could barely keep her eyes open.
     "WAKE UP!" a docter yelled. Her eyes shot open.
     "Why?!" Elizabeth screamed. "I mean all i do is sit here! I should at least be able to sleep!"
     "Cause you have t-----" before she finished her sentence Elizabeth was asleep. Her dreams were always a void. Yet tonight her mom was there. Crying on the floor, a younger Elizabeth was crying too. A man was yelling at them, Elizabeth tried to look at his face by her mind refused. Then she heard someone yell' 'wake up'.
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Playful occupants (Plush RP)
Okay so you had been dared to go to this supposably haunted mansion for $100 by some school bullies who probably wouldn’t even pay you in the end and plus they knew you were an orphan and you thought to yourself “Not like it matters really if I don’t make it there alive I don’t have anyone to be with” So you sigh and head out into the forest and used a map to supposably where it is located  as you got half way there it began to rain hard so you begin to run and soon you arrive under the front porch of it though you were soaking wet as the door was unlocked for you
(List a few of plushies can be anything and they’ll be the main ones you see but I’ll add some other ones)
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Humanization For Love RP
A domestic of wild animal's (male or female) life was saved by a man or woman. By the time being that animal became emotionally strong with roman with that human. But he or she knows that it can never be with that person which it will cause sadness in it's eyes. But by mysterious force (science or magic) that animal became fully human, but since that was an animal it will started out naked. When that person found him or her, or that former animal found that person, that love story will about to begin.
- The animal can be a mammal, fish, bird, reptile, etc.
- The young animal character can have a family or can be orphaned
- Do not be to cruel
-  No sex
- No overly descriptive and graphic bathroom scenes
- No killing of main characters
- No suicidal thought from any of the characters
Hair Color:
Other quirks:
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Adam Bio (Redux)
Name: Adam Nash
Nickname: N/A
Age: 27
Height: 6 feet tall
Weight: 200 pounds
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Species: Human
Appearance: Tall and muscular with long brown hair, glasses, and wears blue jeans with a red and blue spider web print shirt
Voice: Austin Tindle
Hometown/Residence: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Gym junkie and part-time employee
Personality Traits: Somewhat perverted, high energy, plays it cool, but can get heated and stressed rather easily. He likes to push himself to the limit, both in the gym and in life, oftentimes coming off as stubborn or hard-headed.
Relatives: Has a family, but doesn't talk to them often
Allies: Rachel, Nova, Klaus, and other friends
Enemies: Too many to list
Likes: Gaming, power lifting/exercising, reading manga/watching an
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From Beneath the Waves [Event]
News had spread like wildfire all over Ulfrheim of a new island on the horizon, and it didn’t take long for Hlif-Vindr’s network of ears to get the word to their camp. Many of the pack members had wanted to go see for themselves, for it was so very hard to believe - and of course Wheep had been among them. With the large amount of members that wanted to flock to Hearth, Kaladin had decided that members should travel in teams for safety. Two members of the pack, each pair accompanied by a willing Warrior for protection. So when Bastion had heard that Wheep was planning to go with Astra, he had volunteered to be their guardian. It was a very short trip, and Bastion found he was not much needed but he knew it was better to be hear and have no use than to have let them go alone and be needed. So while the pair of females fought their way through the very large crowd of vargs looking to catch sight of the island to get to the end of the docks, Bastion found himself wandering on
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The Confession
“The confession”
Jill went up to Kate before the show to see if she can talk to her but the director got her attention. Director: “It’s time Jill”. Jill nodded and turn around to go on set.
Kate looks at herself in the mirror wondering what she was going to do or how Jill will handled the truth about what she did. Kate: “God forgive me”.
She blink trying to hold back the tears.
Jill: “Hello and welcome to The Corner”! The crowd clap for her. Jill: “Today my guest is a woman who has become my good friend and help me accept the fact I have a tail now please welcome back to The Corner Ms.Kate London”.
The crowd clap for Kate who did her best to hold herself together and went to Jill to hug her. They took their seats and Jill looks to Kate. Jill: “Good to have you back”.
Kate: “Thank you for having me”. Jill: “So What brings you back to The Corner”?
Kate thought long and hard to think abou
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Wyrm Dragon Species Profile
Physical Attributes:
• Name: Wyrm Dragon
• Age: They have existed since the beginning of time on this planet, as far as anyone knows.
• General Appearance: Resembles a dragon from Chinese Folklore, with no wings and long whiskers. They have 4 legs.
• Lifespan: 40-50 years.
• Defense Mechanisms/Strategies (how do they protect themselves against predators?): They have extremely tough scales, sharp teeth, and magic.
• Abilities:
1. The ability to use magic without the use of a gemstone (due to the levels of magic naturally found in a dragon’s blood).
2. Can Breathe fire
3. Can increase the luck of others (but not itself), but only occasionally.
4. Limited Weather manipulation
5. Extreme resistance to fire.
6. Can Fly without having wings.
• Locomotion: Either flying or walking.
• Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore: Omnivore.
• Diet (specifically what they eat): Mostly birds and leaves off the top of trees.
• Intelligence: Eq
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Cossacks and Mavericks: Meowzma O'Tool
Gataladro es un personaje de "Samurai Pizza Cats" y aparece en "Cossacks and Mavericks".
Gataladro es el más optimista del grupo. Sin embargo, también tiene un mal genio y odia ser ignorado por todos, incluso por su equipo. Un gato con los pies en la tierra, él es extremadamente confiado y bueno para la improvisación. Gataladro a menudo aparecerá en la ciudad saltando de la tierra cuando y donde menos lo esperes. Sus compañeros de equipo lo consideran un straightman con muchos talentos ocultos que rara vez se ven.
Gataladro tiene dos hojas de sierra una en cada antebrazo, él también tiene 3 taladros uno en cada hombro y uno en su cola. Él puede cavar un túnel bajo tierra, también puede usar sus hojas de sierra para cortar en robots, pero su ataque más útil es su ataque de tornado que se pasa a gran velocidad y crear un tornado que puede succion
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