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Angustus babysits Sofi and Safira
Sofi: ☺️
Angustus: 😌
Sofi: 😊
Angustus: *pets her*
Sofi: ☺️
Angustus: hehe~
Sofi: ☺️
Angustus: your so cute human~
Sofi: thanks
Safira: well don’t leave me out
Angustus: *pets Safira*
Safira: hehe~
Angustus: you both are so cute~
Safira and Sofi: :3
Angustus: *hugs them*
Sofi and Safira: ^^
Angustus: *nuzzles them*
Sofi and Safira: ☺️
Angustus: *chuckles*
Sofi: *yawns*
Safira: *yawns*
Angustus: tired little humans?
Sofi and Safira: yeah
Angustus: *pets them*
Sofi and Safira: 😊
Angustus: *stomach growls*
Sofi: hungry?
Angustus: yeah
Safira: oh my
Sofi: why don’t you devour me and Safira?
Angustus: are you sure
Sofi: yeah
Safira: I agree
Angustus: well, alright
Sofi and Safira: :D
Angustus: *places them in his mouth*
Sofi and Safira: ☺️
Angustus: *toys with them*
Sofi and Safira: *giggles*
Angustus: *chuckles and swallows*
Sofi: weeeeeee
Safira: woooooo
Angustus: slide down little ones~
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Favorite Actors
- Brendan Fraser.
- Wesley Snipes.
- Kurt Russell.
-  James Hong.
- Kane Hodder.
- Sly Stallone.  I've seen people criticize Sly saying that he can't act, but clearly they don't know that he actually can act and for further evidence of that see Rocky Balboa and Copland.
- Tim Curry.
- Christopher Walken.  My taste in actors is different than most since I don't go for types like Tom Hanks or Leo Dicaprio because they don't seem to play any roles other than heroes or good guy type roles (although Woody from Toy Story was originally supposed to be a much meaner character,  especially if you've seen the 'Black Friday' reel) -  types like Stallone though are an exception because action heroes are different than typical goody two-shoes types, and I like villains...a lot,  some of my favorite actors play bad guys like for example Tim Curry, the late Christopher Lee,  the late Vincent Price,  Kane Hodder,  Robert Englund,  Malcolm McDowell,
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who wants to make a winx group?
I am bored and I want to create a winx group because I have some oc's who deserve some love.
It can be a next generation group or just normal
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Under the Mask
Episode 52
"Damn this things freakin fast!" Issei grunted as he chased after the dino like dragon, who's longer legs and short arms gave it better speed on the ground. "HEY WAIT UP WOULD YA!" Issei panted and yelled at the panicked dragon. But it appeared this dragon had no intentions of sticking around, as it bolted from the scene as fast as it could muster.
Then in a flash ashira appeared in front of the panicked dragon, baring his fangs in tiger form he barricaded the dragons escape as the others soon caught up and made a circle around the dragon.
"No! Get away from me demons! I hate you!" The dragon cried and tried to snap at ashira, and then whipped his large powerful tail at shiro.
"Just calm down! We aren't-!" Shiro tried to calm the dragon as i spun around and was now turning to aggression to defend itself.
"Let me go!" The dragon yelped as it made a sudden dash toward issei, ramming him with his long strong head and tossing him aside.
"HEY!" Ashira roared and in a desperate at
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MLP Character Recast - Star Wars (Sequel)
FN-2187/Finn - Thorax
Rey - Sunset Shimmer
Poe Dameron - Dark Sword
Kylo Ren - Allied Mastercomputer (AM)
General Hux - Doctor Hybrid

Captain Phasma - Queen Chrysalis
Bfbbffa2-84e0-4335-827c-0c6bf215cc6c by JustinMella777     Queen Chrysalis by JustinMella777
Rose Tico - Silver Shuriken
44c7d710-bff0-40b3-87b1-ff274d005747 by JustinMella777     Silver Shuriken by JustinMella777
Supreme Leader Snoke - Lord Tirek
4ffccd24-575e-4238-96e4-b30d13e11995 by JustinMella777   
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Gembrook hotel
Location: Gembrook.
Industry: Hotel/pub.
Status: destroyed.
Corse of distraction: burnt by fire.
The Gembrook hotel was a hotel in Gembrook the hotel opened in 1896, it then closed down for a while, it was renovated in 2017 & was reopened, in 2018 the hotel was destroyed by fire, the Funzone mutants would also hangout there.
On 24/9/2018 Locals spotted smoke coming from The Ranges Hotel, on Main Road in Gembrook, around dawn, and the CFA said it was well alight when the first crews arrived just after 6:00am, Videos on social media showed flames coming through the building's roof, and smoke could be seen as far away as Cranbourne, about 40 kilometres to the south-west, "It's very thick and black smoke coming out," local bakery worker Rachael told ABC Radio Melbourne, "[There are] police everywhere, a lot of locals have turned up watching it, “About 50 firefighters and more than a dozen vehicles were called to the scene, and managed to bring the fire under control shor
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Magic Mishap - Inflation RP
Shoot me a note if you’re interested!
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Power Rangers What If 3
                               Power Rangers United Nations
One day a collection of government agencies tracking down the Cult of Chaos. An evil cult that had been causing chaos all over the world was attacked. The culprits were believed to be that cult but no one knew how they could do the damage that was done.
Until monsters showed up in cities all over the world. The UN had to activate a secret program that they had been working on for years. The Power Rangers United Nations.
Agents from Japan, France, Kenya, Cossack, and America were selected to become these Power Rangers and they fought to protect the world from the Cult of Chaos. But for the first time since these monsters started showing up once they were beaten they would grow to giant size.
They scrambled to come up with a way to fight these giant monsters. And eventually, the very first Megazord came into existence. And with this Megazord, they we
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The Dark Lords
The Lordly States
The coming of the fourfold plagues overthrew the old tribes, nations and kingdoms of Outland, and, in the consequent ruin, the Dark Lords emerged. They were warlords of a new type, personalities strong enough to confront and control the forces of undeath that had transformed the continent. With armies of revenants they built great fortresses, guarded by hosts of ghouls, the surrounding lands prowled by wolves both were and wife. They forged links with the primordial races, bringing elvish sages and dwarfish weapons into their forces. The arts of the hangmen were first pioneered by the Dark Lords, seeking to control their armies of walking corpses. The Dark Lords warred with one another, and the outside world. A few particularly bold ones even launched invasions of the Heartland – the last royal family of Alanay that ruled before it was annexed by the Sorcerers’ League was of Dark Lord descent.
Once upon a time, the vast majority of Outland was ruled
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granny vs baldi
Baldi pops out from the fire after it goes out heading in last direction the player went leadijg him to a house... he peeks in and sees granny and a dead player! Very mad he readys his ruler and granny readys her bat upon noticing him come in...
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MSH/Prologue (Literature mode)
The world is terrorised with 'monsters' called Mary sues
And they're start to rampaging against society
Thus,an organisation called 'mary sue hunters' to stop them
Can this organisation stop them?
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Mighty The Armadillo (Sonic BrotherHood)
Name: Mighty
Age: 16
Species: Mobian Armadillo.
Family: Unnamed Father (Deceased), Unnamed Mother (Deceased), Matilda (Sister).
Fur: Black
Skin: Peach, red.
Eyes: Blue.
Attire: Grey tank top, blue jeans, White gloves with sock-like cuffs, Red sneakers with white straps, White socks
Story: Mighty is a mobian eastern armadillo who took up residence in the mountains of Angel Island, though he was born planet-side in the Kingdom of Mercia. He has known Sonic the Hedgehog since his childhood, though after their first adventure together they did not meet again for roughly six years. After spending much of his youth wandering, he was brought to the Angel Island by Knuckles the Echidna and Vector the Crocodile. One of the original members of the Chaotix, Mighty has fought by their side in numerous battles, and would often back up Sonic's old team, the Knothole Freedom Fighters. His adventures eventually led to being reunited with his long-lost sister, Matilda the Armadillo, long after both the
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A New Light [RE] #3
After some time it had become clear that the humans had given up looking for the mare, and she dipped her head in gratitude to Little River. The group exited the camouflage of the cave, the foliage draping down their backs and Wolf’s Howl grumbled softly as he walked ahead, scouting to ensure that no humans were hiding to surprise them. But also to get away from Willow, and this was something that Little River had noted and would speak to him about it later. The mare watched him walk off before shaking her head, as she looked at Willow who seemed to want go ask her a question.
”You wish to join my herd? Well, of course Willow, I'll let you in on a little secret, I grew up around humans too but unlike the ones who cared for you they allowed me freedom from a young age. We’ll be heading off now, are you ready go keep walking?”  Little River said, looking at the black roan mare who looked at her in gratitude and happiness that she had been a
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at 0950 yesterday, the facility was able to aprehend a very interesting specimen. We only call what we believe to be a him this, as his appearance is human but scientifically, he shouldn’t be alive. The humanoid is clad in hospital patient clothing, and has a oxygen tank sticking out of his back. We had LT. Anderson and DR. ##### Talk to him today. Here are the logs from 1200 to 1330.
[ANDERSON]: so...what exactly are you?
At this time, the subject growls, fumbling for the adapter on the tank, putting the mask on and takes a deep breath
[#####]: you know kid, you’re a real miracle. You shouldn’t be alive...
The specimal looks at them with shock, before it turned to anger, finally speaking..
[UNKNOWN]: Everyone says I shouldn’t be alive...what makes you so different...
[ANDERSON]: Listen...we only want to talk to you, ok?
The specimen grunted at this time
[UNKNOWN]: I’ll only talk
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Chapter 15 A Suprise Gift
Three weeks have gone by, and Blade was on his way to pick up Piccolo which she wasn’t too excited for. She has grown a bit of an attachment to Blades cat. She stroked Piccolo and scratched under the old cat chin, hearing his soft purr. She stopped when she heard the door bell rang, and picked up Piccolo and walked to the door. She looked through the peak hole and sighed when she saw Blade, gentaly gave Piccolo a peck on the forehead and opened the door, “Hey…how was work?”
“Fine, work is work nothing fun.” He had his hands behind her back, looking slightly tired, but had a light smile on his face, which caused Chelsi to be suspisuse.
“What’s behind your back?”” She said leaning her body to the right to get a peak, but when ever she did he would shift his body away.
He scoffed and walked in, a bit rude since he wasn’t tectonically invited. He walked backwards, still hiding whatever he was holding behind him. “So, I
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Perspectives of Individual(and unequal) Equivocacy
to the whisper of effort;
to say the most.
Subject: 9
The ache of your stomach finally pushes you out of the finally comfortable mess of pillows and blankets you call a bed. Sadly, the fridge, it beckons. You contort your limbs while trying to walk due to them already being numb. You walked into the kitchen to see him, you’ve decided to bear it for now. You have work to do, it’s definitely more important than whatever garbage you chucked into the fridge with the intent to eat later. Then again, the garbage you chucked into the fridge tasted really good at the time... No matter, you need to get your work done. You finally make your way back into your room, to your desk with piles of work covering it. You let out a very exaggerated sigh, hoping for a miracle before you realized you just wasted more time. You hesitantly sit there; the room you once knew is now shrouded in darkness, the walls having
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Slenderman Theory
It's a real shame what the Man of slenderness has gone through. In the beginning he was an intriguing being with a lot of potential.
But with some exceptions, he's just been used for cheap scares and cash grabs.
While I'm too chicken to play the games I will say my personal favorite is Slender: The arrival, for being the closest game to provide lore on the character.
While I have researched him, mostly on the slenderman wiki, this theory is a combination of facts and ideas, so I ask that you keep an open mind about my thoughts.
We'll start with the basics: Slenderman is a being in a suit and tie with no face, he is tall and has tentacles/tendrils that sprout from his back. He's been known to kidnap children, hunt and kill those who enter his woods. Those who survive this encounter will be left with either the Sickness of the Obsession. The sickness causes intense paranoia, coughing, nausea and exhaustion. There is no cure and the victim usually takes their own life to find relief. The
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OC-tober 2018
1. Most loved character
2. A recently-made character
3. ARPG character
4. Almost forgotten character you came to think about only when you saw this prompt
5. A character that you regret not loving more
6. D&D NPC character from your campaign
7. Character that comes to mind first when thinking of winter OR summer
8. Character that comes to mind first when thinking of spring OR autumn
9. The character you relate to the most
10. A character with powers/magic/etc
11. The youngest character you have
12. The most disgusting character you have ever made (Personality-wise)
13. Non-canine character
14. A character inspired by music/literature/other media
15. A character whose characterization you have or had the most trouble with
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more vrps!
You were a small neera  living in the house of a neko, it was necessary for the food. One day you were scavenging for leftovers when she wasn't home and you hear the door open and the neko walks in
What do you do?
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Tsura soon finds out that her whole family, including herself, are now targeted by Raynsi, the leader of the capital city's army, after he gets information from an unknown source that Tsura and her family have powers that could over throw the king and his power to rule the land in favor of the jesters/gypsies.
Along Tsura's travels to get all of her families keepsakes that holds the powers they were granted, she meets up with a male blonde hair blue eyes knight who serves right under Raynsi, when the knight finds out that Tsura is the target he has to kill, he becomes a traitor his leader's order and aids Tsura on her journey.
When both Tsura and the knight meet up with a blacksmith named, "Gunith," they find out that the blacksmith's father was in the world changing war, that split countries apart from one another. Gunith's father was the first one in the the fray of war and the last one out and survived the onslaught, after he retired from the military he took up in being a blacksmit
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FSCP431-120: A mysterious werewoman that is a female werecelebrity, this one is dubbed 'Sofia' and she is a supernatural version of Sofia Vergara. She has an exotic look to her with markings on her back that look a bit like stripes and a few markings which resemble spots,  she has long claw-like fingernails and a seductive voice, basically when she hypnotizes someone and puts them under her spell she also transfers her curse to them and turns them into a werecelebrity as well,  often it is a were-celebrity of their choice as well.
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MLP Character Recast - Jurassic World
Owen Grady - Dragun Shoot
Claire Dearing - Sci-Twi
Dr. Henry Wu - Wheatley Airborne

Gray Mitchell - Scootaloo

Zach Mitchell - Rainbow Dash
Victor "Vic" Hoskins - Shadow Fang
Blue The Velociraptor - Herself (In MLP Version)
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