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Something to know
I don’t think some of you who don’t like vore don’t know that you have the option to ignore my vore related art instead of just questioning it or something.
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I'm the bad guy but it's opposite day
So, i do wanna break up with you?
Sob sob, sob sob sob sob sob sob ho your, that isn't, i say that you, without me, that isn't too bad, you don't mean, happy for me but, groan, don't let you put this here that me clevers won't understand
You're the knight
You're my boyfriend neither the brave prince
You're a big mole who doesn't need my help to swim
Yep... You're not the good gal
Not all these latter heroes that i hear,
Not each of them, without still arms, has not potrayed after you
So you're my leader neither hero out heroic deeds
Where am I not, girls?
He's not the good gal
Ho, it's not technology
To not read a meteor
Not shrivel down and live
Ho, it's not boring
To be a hero
You save our hotels and then you read us laugh
Sob sob sob sob sob
Not cause you're not the good gal
Ho your grop, He's trying to save the world so he cannot obey it, He doesn't want to help it, Woman, that's not good
Ho, is it horrible?
You hear nothing, You keep it alive
And don't let you tell m
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Darth Maul, Dark Lord of the Sith
Type: Cyborged Dark Lord of the Sith (as of the Battle of Endor)
Brawling parry 7D+2, dodge 8D+2, lightsaber 12D, melee combat 8D, melee parry 9D+2, vehicle blasters 6D
Alien species 3D, bureaucracy: Galactic Dominion 9D, intimidation 9D, planetary systems 6D, streetwise 7D, scholar: Jedi lore 7D, scholar: Sith lore 9D, survival 6D, value 6D, willpower 8D
Astrogation 6D, communications 5D+1, repulsorlift operations 6D+2, sensors 7D, space transports: Sith Infiltrator 6D+2, starfighter piloting: TIE 10D, starship gunnery 9D+2, starship shields 5D+2
Bargain 7D, command: Galactic Dominion forces 9D, hide 6D, investigation 7D, search 7D, sneak 8D
Brawling 7D, climbing/jumping 7D, lifting 7D, stamina 8D
Computer programming/repair 5D, droid programming/repair 4D, first aid 4D, lightsaber repair 7D+2, repulsorlift repair 5D, security 6D, space transport repair 6D, starfighter repair 6D
Special Abilities:
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Character profile: Ashley Rathipal (superhero)
I'm using this as a guide:
Physical information 
Name used: Ashley Rathipal
Who gave them this name? She picked it when she was about 13
Why this name?
Ashley was considered an unambiguously female name.
She wanted to change her last name too, to protect her family's identity. She wanted a name of Indian origin, so she took "Rathipal" from someone who was well known but was not a relative.

Full birth name: I don't even know
Who gave them this name? Her dad.
Do they use their birth name? Not anymore
Aliases: Metalen Meisje
Why these aliases? She was really young when she became a superhero. Now she usually just goes by her regular name.
Birth date: Sometime in 1991
Sex: M
Gender: F
Pronouns: she/her
Physical age: 26
Mental age: 26
Species: human
Ethnicity: Indian
Nationality: Suri
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20 Ideas For A Story
Since I'm a gentleman, I'll offer you people 20 of my ideas for a story. You may take them and use them as you wish. You're gonna have to write the story yourself. Or not. I really don't care either way.
*An eight-year-old girl wins a doll at the county fair, and soon discovers that its allows her to control the minds of adults.
*A fifteen-year-old boy is thrust 30 years into the future where he learns that he's become a tyrannical dictator guilty for numerous tragedies. A resistance movement in the future debate whether it's worth it to send him back, or if they're willing to risk a massive paradox.
*Write a story from the point of view of an aging house who, for the first time, has someone move in: a family of four.
*Your main character has spent most of his life trying to stop time. Now he's finally succeeded. Unfortunately he succeeded too well, and can't seem to start time up again.
*A man and his wife get a robot that can take any form its owners wish. While most people use them
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Finn and Candy vs. The Bouncing Belles
It was another typical day for average boy Finn and his overweight girlfriend, Candy. They had their bumps along the way, but their relationship was still going strong. Candy even had some friends to share in pleasuring Finn, and even then, their relationship was great.
However, during lunch hour, everyone was gathered at the bulletin board for something big going on.
"The Bouncing Belles are in town! One week only!" the poster said.
"They sound fun!" a female student said.
"Can't wait!" Another female student replied.
"They look cute, too," a male student said.
The students got out of the way so that our heroes could get a look at what they were in store for. It was a poster for an entertainment troupe called "The Bouncing Belles". It was just a picture of some girls obviously dressed in inflatable suits.
"Eh, I call fraud," Candy's bottom-heavy friend Janet said.
"Yeah, if my boobs were that bouncy, they'd fly all over the place," replied the overweight yet busty Bobbi.
"I don't know
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FSCP870-908: Basically Dawn Bellwether as a ghost, there is more than one of her and these other versions of her are alternate selves that she talks to out of loneliness. She suffers from nightmares of being stalked or being watched by ghostly versions of predatorial creatures with glowing white eyes and they all echo to her 'turn around',  this is a nod to the song Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler and the music video,  one of the versions of her that may appear to humans that she befriends is one dressed in what appears to be a ball-gown dressed like she's going to the theater or is in a play,  another version of is her dressed up like Natalie Portman in Black Swan with a cape that looks like a pair of black bird-wings,  another version is one of her dressed in a Red Riding Hood costume.  She isn't an evil spectre at all,  she's just the spirit of the lamb that had been traumatized when she was young and took it out on predators because of what
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Sticks and Stones
Roleplay with Mighty-C-amurai that we had finished a long time ago and I didn't get the chance to post it until now, enjoy!


Seymour gazed out across the field that held a large herd of sheep. They appeared to be clouds, floating across the grassy meadow in small groups to stay warm. The rottweiler mix kept a close eye on them right inside the fence. The morning held a brisk atmosphere but Seymour didn't mind because it kept him awake and exhilirated, ready for anything that may happen. Frost coated the grass giving it a sparkle in the sun that tried to peak through the heavy clouds in the sky. Today was just observation day, they wouldn't be moving the herd quite yet. The pasture was relatively close to the drive-in that sat in front of Seymour's new home. A rustic-looking cabin with a front porch swing and pots of (now dead) flowers sitt
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Last of the unit.
File Documentation by A.I. Costruct: Lost, 11773435
Document date: 57th day, Season of bloom, 4554
"Ja'kar..." The voice was a muffled echo, a distraction from what Ja'kar wished was the real world; but the echo continued, bringing him out of the pleasant realm of sleep. Lifting himself from the bed, Ja'kar looks to the small metallic projector. The projector held a small blue being within it, one with a more than familiar face. "Lost?..." Ja'kar replied with a weary and ever more raspy voice. "Yup..." Lost said with a chuckle, as he watched his groggy counterpart shake off the sleep he held on to so much; "...You've got another message.". Ja'kar sighed to the new information, physically hating the thought of another Military documentation that needed signing.
"It's Mojito, Ja'kar..." That changed things for Ja'kar, who was physically more interested in his brothers message; but that interest quickly changed, Ja'kar knew what Mojito wanted. "It's about the Keep, isn't it.
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Pacific Rim Uprising Review
Pacific Rim was a fun homage to Kaiju films and mecha anime. Its sequel, is mostly more of the same. If that's what you want, then you'll like this movie, and if not, then why are you even bothering?
While I enjoyed the original film, I did have a problem with our leads feeling dull compared to the rest of the cast, and before the Hong Kong battle, we got introduced to two Jaegers that sounded cool just to see them get scrapped without making any meaningful impact so Gypsy Danger could save the day. You could have cut them out and had Striker Eureka do the fighting and nothing would have changed.
My former is issue is resolved with our leads. Jake Pentecost is a much more fun protagonist than Raleigh Beckett with his initial dickish but comical behavior and only getting involved with the Pan-Pacific Defence Corps to avoid jail, but he shows his chops when actual danger does start and he needs to step and defend the Earth. Jake's dynamic with the no nonsense Nate Lambert is especially e
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Twister Rise of the Elementals Part Four
As the silence sank through the coffee shop, Fellecia and Amel look at the armor that Charles was wearing. A grayish black suit covered the inside of his armor. The outer armor was yellow and orange painted in this unknown metal with sphere shoulder pads, armor that cover his feet and red armor ankles. "So what answers did you tell us," Fellecia asked. "You never told us this until now."
Charles felt the pressure of Fellecia's frustration. "Look, I don't know what happened to me. This guy in some robes told me to head a cracked world monument to find his order."
Fellecia gasps,"That monument could be our answer to find the Elementum Resistance. Thank you!" She hugs Charles and kisses him on the cheek. "Let's go."
Charles felt a strange tingle inside. "Wow," Amel said. "Best you get used to that."
Fellecia was impatient with Charles and Amel. "Come on, slow pokes, let's go to that monument. That could be the key to that order!" As the three raced to the monument, they noticed that peopl
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NTV: SotR - Dream Demon
Name: Shane Wolfrik
Creator: :iconShaneWolfrik:
Series: Dreamcatchers
Species: Wolf
Alignment: Hero
Playability: Unlocked by Default
Playstyle: Brawler: Preferably uses his own body as his greatest weapon, using his fists and claws to attack, but won’t hesitate to use his trusty switchblade if need be.
Ideal Voice Actor: Adam Harrington
Taunt: Assumes a fighter stance. “Only the good die young… I ain’t dyin’ anytime soon.”
Intro: Is shown sitting atop a motorcycle smoking a cigarette. Upon noticing his opponent, he stand up, kicks the motorcycle aside, snubs his cigarette, assumes a battle stance and says an intro quote. If he is the second character to appear/speak, he is only shown kicking aside the motorcycle. If he is the first person to speak, he is shown entering his battle sta
:iconshanewolfrik:ShaneWolfrik 7 5
The Royal Line of Delphina
The Royal Line of Delphina
By Andre Partridge
~ (The Rulers of Delphina):
☆ King Elmo The Great (1st Golden Age) ♥️
☆ Queen Doris the Wise (1st Golden Age) ♥️
☆ King Nemo The Brave (1st Golden Age) ♦️
☆ Queen Ariel The Bold (1st Golden Age) ♦️
☆ King Nikola The Dark (Dark Age) ♠️
☆ Queen Ursula The Grim (Dark Age) ♠️
☆ King Jonah The Terrible* (Dark Age) ♣️
☆ Queen Sirena The Wicked* (Dark Age) ♣️
☆ Queen Marina The Lovely (2nd Golden Age)
☆ Prince Robert The Valiant (2nd Golden Age)
(*): Captain Bluebeard & Sirena The Cat Witch
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Welcome to Juniper:Prologue
Imagine a world were magic was the norm. Where humans without magic were lowlifes in the eyes of the witches and wizards in the bustling cities, living as you do now. Imagine every mythical being you thought to be a child's tale, the ghouls and goblins and fairies, were actually your neighbors, living day to day. Practicing basic spells to better their lives, right next door.
Now, imagine a college. It's like any other. The students come from all over. They make friends, party too loud, drink far too much, and smoke only God knows what, all while trying to keep their grades up and show up on time to that dreaded eight a.m. clas.s
That's where our story begins.
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Caulifla Inflation (WIP)
So this all started after a vast amount of time training with Goku. Dear old Caulifla was just minding her own business just pondering how she could be able to do more damage on any enemies... However... It would not be that easy. What if she were surrounded by so many of them and they overwhelmed her?! That is when she got an idea... She easily remembered the Dragon Balls and using them to call upon Shenron to grant a wish!
"This'll be TOO easy." she said with a grin on her face.
The female Saiyan just scurried up to where the Dragon Balls were laid out... Right near Shenron's common summoning spot.
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Shadow Hearts: The Forgotten Grimoire Demo
Shadow Hearts: The Forgotten Grimoire DEMO
Synopsis: After escaping from the Wulf Units, the party ends up trapped on an abandoned castle at the outskirts of Romania. There, they not only find enemies and traps waiting for them, but also clues about the Hamilton Grimoire and the creation of the Prometheans.
Playable Characters:
York Silverman - A 19-year-old pilot serving with the American army. York is a cheerful young man who loves his family, friends, hamburgers and flying. He's the kind of guy who won't back down from any challenge and will give it all to put on a good fight till the end, something he learned from his mentor and hero Hunter Ayers. After Hunter died, York obtained his mentor's airplane the Foo Fighter. His personal weapons of choice are a pair of modified Apache revolver, a handgun which incorporates multiple other weapons.
Angeline "Angie" Hamilton - The only daughter of a distinguished British noble family, Angie is their young and talented family head. A curly bl
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Tomb Rabbit Reboot Part 1
On a expedition, Lara Croft came across a statue that cursed her into becoming a human sized rabbit, but it wasn’t all bad, she had developed the ability to turn to human to a rabbit at will through mental and physical training, she had the ability to partly turn into a rabbit so if she wanted rabbit ears and nothing else, she could. The Next Morning. Beeeppp beeeeeeep. Lara’s alarm went off and she woke up. “Yawwwwn,Rabbitt.” She whispered that and she got up, as she started walking her feet became rabbit feet. “There they are.” She had made shoes that can fit human feet but when it detects that she is transforming, changes in size to fit her rabbit feet so her shoes don’t rip. She put her signature leather jacket on as a tail came out of her but, ripping through the jacket. “That feels so warm.” She went to brush her teeth and smiled in the mirror to look at her teeth as buck teeth came out. “Danm it, it’s so hard to b
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Mil Types: Predator
The Snarq’s big brother, with a larger chassis, 2 more guns, thicker armor, and a special ability that switches from pinpoint accurate rapid fire lasers, to a barrage of explosive projectiles that are spread over a wide area. Predators are very dangerous, like airborne Titans. They have two additional abilities. Their accuracy lets them shoot down incoming projectiles, and they can adapt mid-combat to almost any energy or magic shield, dealing more and more damage before finally piercing them with ease.
Bomber: Bomber Predators have the barrage ability as their primary fire, and their secondary turns into a bombing run, letting them drop a number of explosives as they fly.
Shadow: Shadow-class Predators have active camouflage modules installed, giving them a cloaking secondary. Their engines are also muffled.
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Isaac Iron
Whenever Eli and Buckell aren't present Isaac
takes charge of the current device in testing.
Another former American citizen,
not too fond of his bosses.
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Griffin Species Bio(Dragon's Ashes)
Physical Attributes:
• Name: Griffins
• Age (how long has the species existed?): Since the planet came into existence.
• General Appearance: They look like a mix of a bird and a lion, with bird wings, lion paws, and bird talons. Each griffin looks like a different species of bird.
• Lifespan: 60 years.
• Defence Mechanisms/Strategies (how do they protect themselves against predators?): Primarily with magic, but they’re not as skilled with it as Dragons or Changelings.
• Abilities: They can use magic naturally.
• Locomotion (how do they move? Eg. humans walk, snakes slither): They either walk or fly.
• Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore?: Omnivore.
• Diet (specifically what they eat): Seeds, small insects, and small rodents.
• Intelligence: Just as intelligent as humans.
• Illnesses (any unique diseases that the species is vulnerable to?): No.
• Predators: In the distant past, griffins were hunted by dragons. Th
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A light rain pattered outside a small pub. Most of their patronage had gone home for the evening to sleep off whatever spirits they had consumed, whether in celebration or grief. Only a handful of guests remained, them and the performers. His hands glided over the piano keys, playing out the songs to soothe one’s woes. Lyrics flowed from her ruby lips, shimmering almost as brilliantly as her sequin dress in the dim spotlight. Few watched, even fewer lifted their heads from their drinks. Yet still she sang, and still he played. Her movements were as fluid and as lovely as her smoky voice draped anyone who would listen in warm dulcet tones. He still kept time with her, each keystroke a symphony in itself, his strong hands turning the agony in his heart into smoothed rhythms that would have you believe he was anything but elated. His was pain of loss, of futility, his life fell to pieces, and he cannot reshape it. That Piano was all he had left, all he could do to escape his misery.
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Name: Darth Lady Bio Alpha Bug Annihilator (“Darth BABA” for short)
Species: (Time Soul) Shadow Cyborg Ladyba
Alliance: Grand Master Greevil & Cipher (due to Shadow Corruption and bionic control implants, was independent prior to this)
Type: [Shadow] Bug/Flying
There is a universe branching off from the Napoleon falls into a coma event from Platinum were almost everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. In this universe the Magikarp Time ELF and former host of the voices, BABA ran for the Johto Presidential election. However she lost the election to Domealakazam who after winning, used his new power to have BABA “disappear”. He had her kidnapped and sold to Cipher to be disposed of. Cipher had her transferred into a virtual SIM world where she was reverted to her original Magikarp form where she would burn to death for all eternity. However thanks to her Time ELF powers BABA was able to throw her
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