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Maribelle Genosha and Popel (MHA OC)
Name: Maribelle Genosha
Namesake: I thought the name Maribelle sounded adorable, and Genosha sounds cool and fancy
Hero/Villain Namesake: He really didnt care about the Hero name so he went with part of the name of his quirk
Age: 6 & 3/4
Affiliation(s): She is the adopted daughter of a UA hero, being taught basic elementary education at UA due to circumstances
Quirk: Subconscious Manifestation 
This quirk allows Maribelle after a full nights of rest to conjures what her mind thinks of into reality as a psionic construct,, however due to an incident most of the things she summon tend to be sentient and have humaniod shapes. Her most constant use/formation of this quirk is a creature called Popel a nightmarish creature, one that is good for offense and is quite durable. The constructs though sentient dont exactly feel pain themselves. Due to the apparent sentience of this quirk, it has a limited telepathic connection with Maribelle and can be active even when Maribelle is uncons
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snuggie witch
Monster:snuggie witch
Appearance: resembles a Older teenage Female Wearing what appears to be a Snuggie like suit inspired by a witch with a mobile snuggie cauldron and and giant Snuggie spoon.
Personality:is very cunning and tends to be very obsessive over Snuggie-fyng  her victims.
Plush bending:she can bend and control plush material as if it were clay.
Absorption:she can physically absorb her target to take their powers, abilities, weapons and armor, and physical traits for her own personal usage.
Snuggie cocoon:she can trap targets in snuggie cocoons to render them helpless
Melt into plush:she can melt into plush to avoid damage.
Plush touch:she can touch someone and spread plush material across their bodies.
Bubbly hex;she can hex someone to make them easily to manipulation.
Become snuggie witch:she can turn others into snuggie witches.
Potion fumes:she can make different fumes in order to hypnotize targets.
Make snuggie monsters:she can turn others into snuggie witc
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At Least It's Not Greek

It’s shameful about how much work I put into Dark Souls than my actual school work
Ey, another lore speculation for Dark Souls, this time on the worst family since Greek mythology. Anyways, I’ll explain why I think who is related to who.
Lloyd’s relation to Gwyn: It was explicitly stated that Lloyd was Gwyn’s grandfather, therefore Gwyn most likely had a parental figure who was siblings with one of them.
Gywn’s maybe Wife and their relation with the Fabulous Four: It was NEVER stated Gwyn had a wife, at least not when I was researching, but it would have felt off if he was the only dude that had offspring and didn’t have one when everyone else in the line had parents. But hey, maybe his children did just spawn into the world by some Deus ex Machinaway. But
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The Gear Powers Profile: Water-Fire

Water-Fire is a Robot Master who initially appeared in “Mega Man Fully Charged: Shattered Redemption” Who also appears in “The Gear Powers” Made to create energy without the need of Fossil fuels. She can use Fire and water separately, but can also combine them turning them into plasma, which is her main weapon. Despite her kind personality, she often disagrees with and dislikes Oil Man.
Voice actress: Erica Shroeder
Backstory: Water-Fire was created to be a new breed of Robot Master; Ones that can create energy from a mixture of Fire and Water, even able to power themselves with this method. She was successful in being able to power herself, as well as being able to power different factories and cities. Soon many other robot masters like her were built around the world. However, Marysalis wanted this endless source for herself and sent her Shimmer Numbers to reprogram the Robots so they would obey her and
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Astia and Targato, Uncomfortable truths Ch 22
“Your eating implements!”   King Haggo exclaimed.  “I have been obsessed with  blandishments, to make you
give them to me”.  
“You may have them.  But I could have another, more 'masculine' set, made for you.” said Astia
“No I must have 'yours', to display to everyone”  he said.
“Oh no, my fork, and knife, are to be used as trophies, of your sexual prowess?” asked Astia.
He nodded. “Everyone knows how passionately  I desired you.!  How can I LET YOU LEAVE ME EMPTY HANDED, with no token of your esteem?”
“What else?”  asked Astia.
He  smiled slyly(deep yellow eyes glowing).  Haggo acknowledged defeat, but he could not resist,turning on the charm, for one more exquisite night together.
The next morning gifts arrived for Astia, and Queen Agda.  The note attached to Astia's present, Asking her forgiveness for not being there to see her off. &
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Name: Zennyo-Ryu
Age: unknown
Height: 160ft tall
Weight: 10,000 tons
Hair: Pink
Eye: Purple
Alignment: Bad but turn good
Gender: Female
Family: The Dragon Clan
Race: Half Dragon & Half Human 
1,000 year age Zennyo-Ryu was encased in ice, her icy prison broke off the island and floated out to sea, gradually thawing. A submarine accidentally crash into the iceberg while in the water north of Japan, causing it to split open and finally free Zennyo-Ryu. Zennyo-Ryu swam to a nearby military base, annihilating the military forces with fire breath. 
As she continued to rampage she encounter a giant name Greip. As Greip toss a boulder at her, she responded by blasting Greip with  her fire breath, setting the forest ablaze. Greip unable to fight back walked away in defeat. She continued to rampage, across Japan as the military try many way to stop her, setting pit trap, explosives and netting her. Tokyo was surrounded by a barrier of high-tension wires, similar to the
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The do's and don'ts of a Dragon Encounter
Do: Show them respect.
Remember, they are much larger and much more powerful than you. You'd be nothing but a snack to them if provoked. Show them the respect that they deserve and they may warm up to you.
Don't: Betray their trust.
If a dragon trusts you, that is an incredible thing to accomplish as they now believe that you have their back. They often return that trust with friendship and kindness. However, regardless how much is offered to you to betray their trust, never accept it. A dragon that trusts you will try and rescue you, but a dragon that is betrayed will see to it that you are the first to burn. A dragon will never be the first to betray trust, but they will destroy those that betray them.
Do: Always be cautious about approaching them, especially for the first time.
Dragons, like humans, have many different personalities and goals. They also have a moral compass,  so while many are good, there are a few evil dragons out there. Plus, they may not want to be discovere
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PF - The Flash Freeze
Morrigan trudged into the barn unceremoniously, snow falling from her paws and tails as she shook herself out, Conobar following suit as he trailed behind her. Under each arm, an Uzala was tucked... Even Conobar carried one, wriggling unceremoniously as the amalgam carried him by the scruff with the patience of a perfect saint. The place was right as it was when they had left it after their first drop-off, Vulcan snoozing near their setup, a playpen of Uzala and Myskia, diligently working away at the loom with a speed no human could possibly have kept up with- two piles had already been claimed, and yet another pile- this time, plain blankets- grew next to Myskia, Nettla settled at the girl's feet. Cashmere lounged on the blankets, purring contentedly with one slit eye open to watch the new additions to the barn, otherwise enjoying her new personal heater and bodyguard, even if he snored louder than the wind outside dared to howl.
"Okay, little ones, in you go," Morrigan said, placing
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Art-Tastia: Similar to the Disney Paint, this is a special kind of paint that is body paint and it transforms the person who the paint is being applied on into either a celebrity, a humanized/anthro-ish version of a Pokémon, a fanon character of their choice (including memes like Bowsette), a monster character they created, and a variety of interesting character concepts they may think of as long as it's nothing from an anime outside of ones the owner has already heard of.  Can also be used to turn other characters into other characters as well.
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Lisia Interrogated Part 2/2
Lisia did not know what to do. She could not last 1 minute of her belly or navel being tickled, let alone 5 hours! The ten minutes seemed to have flew past, especially compared to how long it felt that the tickling went on for. The Magma Grunt strolled in. "Ready for me, are we?" He said with a evil grin. Lisia pleaded for mercy "P-Please, no more tickling, I can't handle it!". However, the Magma Grunt slowly made his way towards Lisia. He placed a single feather onto Lisia's insanely ticklish belly. Immediately, Lisia started to squirm and giggle uncontrollably. "Hahahahahihihihi stahahahap!" Lisia begged. "If your belly is so ticklish, why do you expose SO much of it then? It is like you are asking to be tickled." The Grunt teased, while teasing the feather occasionally over Lisia's belly button. Lisia didn't answer, only giggling like mad.
After five minutes of stroking the feather over Lisia's exposed, pale, ticklish midriff. The Magma Grunt pressed a button, suddenly, white, feath
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Miraculous Ladybug OC: Kaneko Kaminari
|Civilian Bio|
Name: Kaneko Kaminari
Nickname(s): Kane, Nario
Age: 15
Birthday: February 11th
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5’9”
School/Job: Student at Collège Françoise Dupont. Works part-time at a haunted house horror show
Hair: Collarbone-length; Cool Messy Spiky
Hair Color: Black with Mikado Yellow and Carmine Red highlights all over his hair
Eyes: Red-Violet
Nationality: Japanese
Location: Japan (Formerly); France (Currently)
Appearance: Green hoodie shirt; Black jeans; Light blue slip-ons; Bone necklace; Bone bracelet on his right wrist; Black beanie hat
|Superhero Bio|
Superhero Name: Trickster
Transformation Catchphrase: “Tann, let’s play tricks!”
Hair: Same hairstyle (highlights changes color to Spring Green and Blue-Violet)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Appearance: Brown and black striped suit; Brown and black striped mask over his eyes; Brown headband with Tanuki ears attached to it; Tanuki “tail”; Leaf bracelets on both wrists; Leaf ankl
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N4Z April 2011
No one knows her name
National Autonomous Zone
Dr Zealotry Ben Isichei
976 Paddington road
Bizango river
METAZAKA province
My name is Jessey
I was born in 1986 new jersey I'm a democrat
I live with my METZAKA MAMMA and dude NICO CHASE
No one knows her name ARIADNE all they call her PUTA MOOD
Nine years without a KING Anarchy still remains
Invisible girl remember LOVE sign memories homeless NINJA
24/7 Tobacconist tech fashion inception waves
Street toys survive synthetic highs according to police
Better for you buy them at the supermarket
New World order Dictator Bill Clinton
Bordered on common sense N4Z stillness voices never stop
Cannot break alone sleeping still remains
What actions are you taking to get these ideas
Graveyard shift  12-8 industrial hygiene
When did it happen invisible moment touches you
Phone DR.Z Bizango Pacific P
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Savage Prime characters (3 extra!)
Name: Willy Cid
Age: 45
Gender: male
Heigh: 190cm
Natioality: US-Italian
Hair: black bit around behind
Eyes: red
Name: Riku Kallionlaita
Age: 22
Gender: male
Heigh: 178cm
Natioality: Finland
Hair: darkbrown reach to neck
Eyes: blue another one brown
Name: Ukitake Hanzo
Age: 26
Heigh: 175cm
Natioality: Japan
Hair: white bun behind
Eyes: blue
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The Excelsior Classic Bracketology Episode
Hello, everyone. This is Stylistic86, here at the Bracketology center for the Excelsior Classic and I’m here to breakdown the first round matches for the tournament. Let’s start things off on the left side of the bracket. 
(We see a graphic of Doctor Milagros wielding her time wand at Grey Eagle, who’s swooping down at her.)
Stylistic86 (v/o): Spain’s Doctor Milagros takes on Mexico’s Grey Eagle. Doctor Milagros is a dimensional time lady and a professor with some tournament experience, dating back to the Chun-Li Classic. Grey Eagle, looks to soar above the competition, but will Doctor Milagros warp his reality? 
(We see a graphic of Doctor Milagros and Steel Justice  running towards each other as if they’re about to punch each other.)
Stylistic86 (v/o): Venezuela’s Angela “Dash” Rodriguez squares off against Steel Justice. Dash may have the speed and the electricity, but will she be able to withstand th
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New Places, New Faces (Part 1)
Leveling information in the description!
The sun shone brightly upon the flourishing land. A dust-glazed trail that snaked up to the distant mountains stretched as far as the eye could see. Pangea was a tranquil region, filled to the brim with lore and myths that were yet to be discovered. In the middle of everything were the infamous trio of best friends, always prying themselves into whatever situation they could find. Whether it was trouble, a party, or adventure, the three adolescent pokémon were there.
Afternoon had donned, heat still beating down on every plant and creature that dwelled during the day. A travelling Dratini slithered its way down the trail to the nearby lake, directed by a kind Scyther who had been given duty to point passing traders in the right direction. Saul, the self-proclaimed leader of the iconic trio, was a genial adult Scyther with no prominent other than his artificial eyes, installed at a young age. He didn
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Mortal Kombat #2 - Armageddon Boogaloo

Now that I've taken care of Restricted and Mid Tiers of Mortal Kombat, it's about time I take a look at some of the Top Tiers. Namely, Unrestricted Raiden, Shao Kahn and Onaga, among anyone who might scale to them.
While there have been claims of Planet level Mortal Kombat in the past, I don't feel like they were explained well enough. The purpose of this blog is to prove consistency.
Realm Merging
This one is pretty simple, which is why I'm getting it out of the way first.
There are numerous examples of realm merging in Mortal Kombat. I don't remember how many exactly, but I am aware of two instances. First, in the Mortal Kombat III introduction.
At around the 0:51 timeframe, the narrator says "Shao Kahn slowly transforms the planet into a part of Outworld itself". A pretty blatant feat of power, which is supported by the fact that the word "planet" is used instead of "world". Now, the issue with this is that it is sa
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puffy pest (vrp)
You were very proud of your garden and one day you go out and find a puffdrake in it... cant have that! Wat do?
A. Scare it off
B. Watch it
C. Go whack it
This is what your dealing with
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Like Clockwork
Sparks flew and metal clashed, for the lab built of knowledge and innovation was alive in once more with a single figure working behind the doors, not man but instead machine with a humanoid form with light grey outer plating and glowing blue curcits, Allip is what it was called, built to gather data and use it to create it was working on something new that could change so much but wether the humans would abuse it's power or not is something only time will tell. Allip had worked to improve on what was already existing or to create a new contraption it had its own complex code and was the only one of his specific model but he had a routine that would only change when necessary.
Just like clockwork.
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The Gear Powers: Water-Fire
Water-Fire es una Robot Master que aparece en "The Gear Powers", creada para crear energía sin la necesidad de combustibles fósiles. Puede usar el fuego y el agua por separado, pero también puede combinarlos convirtiéndolos en plasma, que es su arma principal.
Actriz de voz: Carla Castañeda
Water-Fire fue creada para ser una nueva raza de Robot Master; Los que pueden crear energía a partir de una mezcla de fuego y agua, incluso pueden alimentarse con este método. Tuvo éxito en ser capaz de potenciarse a sí misma, así como también en poder de diferentes fábricas y ciudades. Pronto muchos otros Robot Masters como ella fueron construidos alrededor del mundo. Sin embargo, Marysalis quería esta fuente infinita para sí misma y envió sus Shimmer Numbers para reprogramar los robots para que la obedecieran a ella y solo a ella. Water-Fire intentó ayudar a sus compa&
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My Kuroinu Original Character (Profile)
Introduction of Character
Name: George.
Epithet: None yet.
Age: 18
Gender: Male.
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Heterosexual.
Nickname(s): None yet.
Alias(es): None yet.
Date of Birth: September 23.
Status: Alive.
Astrological/Zodiac Sign: Libra/Ox.
Species: Human.
Ethnicity: Spanish.
Blood Type: B+
Affiliations/Organizations: Dark Elf Empire.
Occupation: Royal Sorcerer.
The Character’s Appearance
General Appearance: He has shaggy black hair, bright green eyes, and a well-sculpted body.
Height: 5’8’’ (177cm)
Weight: 152lbs (69kg)
Handedness: Right.
Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: None.
Jewelry/Accessories: None.
About the Character
Personality: He is someone kind, caring for people and animals that cannot defend themselves, something perverted (He loves beautiful women with big
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The suits of destiny (part 3)
After all the carnage was cleared there was nothing left except a couple scraps of my shirt. They were all on there knees. AJ walked Over to legacy and said “legacy, I’m...I’m sorry.”. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. “He… he can’t be gone, he just can’t be.” She said.
      “Legacy there is a 99.1% chance he would die from that, I’m sorry, but there is no way he could have lived through that.”. She then grabbed one of the scraps of my shirt and held it close to her chest. Wyatt was stunted at what had happened. Jace walked over to legs and comforted her. When everyone was ready to leave the walked back to the hideout.
AJ managed to find my suit, it survived the explosion. “Is he still in there?” Legacy asks. AJ sighed and said “no...sadly.”. AJ then proceeded to fix the suit. Though it had survived the explosion, it was severely damaged in the
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