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Pax Martia Text [Part 3]
Venus was colonized by powers that could not compete with the Great Powers’ Space Race in Mars and the Moon. After the Third World War, these powers managed to gain some prominence in the shadow of American domination. A brutal, inhospitable hell, Venus required the combined efforts of the British, South Africans, the Gulf Arab states and Brazil to make the planet even remotely livable. Even then, it was not enough, so the colonists turned to modifying themselves and the lifeforms they sought to bring with them to help meet Venus in the middle. Terraforming would eventually be “totally” successful, but not without the Venusians themselves developing a desire for genetic modification. Venus is now filled with many creatures, some brought back from the dead, others crafted from myth and legend. Venusian technology has a highly biological aspect; Venusian technology is “grown” as much as it is built. Venusians like to brag that it is a better Earth than Earth
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REPOST - Flash's Log Entry 4
Oh man it’s been ages, I’m really sorry for lack of updates!!
The last two months were pretty busy and exhausting so I didn’t have much time to sit down and write a new log entry, and when I did have the time for it I instead used it to rest.
So I’m pretty sure that way back when I mentioned that Alien told me I won’t get to be a freeloader on his ship and that I need to get a job and I’m like yea, obviously, that’s only fair. Gas and food are not cheap.
We brainstormed a bit on what I could do, and it was important for it to be something I could do from home because well. I live on his space ship now and we kinda move around all the time, I can’t have a job that would require me to actually go somewhere right haha
Alien suggested I could just draw for a living. I told him that seems like a ridiculously irresponsible, uncertain and stressful profession, but he was like “all you gotta do is sacrifice your sanity and take on a huge wo
:iconneonufo:neonUFO 12 2
Sketch of a modern-day Odin
The brim of his hat rests low so one eye, or the place where it used to be, is hidden by shadow. A faded black t-shirt, sleeveless to show the raven tattoos on each shoulder, may as well be a uniform. The gold bracelet on his left wrist, simple but solid, was a tribute, and he wears matching rings on each finger.
Sitting on a leather chair in a flat on the top floor of an inner city high rise, he shakes his head at his computer screen, occasionally glancing towards the window. He used to appreciate the view, but now it feels like a warning. Outside in the car park, many floors below, is a van with an eight-legged horse painted on the side.
His phone rings again and anxious fingers twitch towards the sharpened screwdriver taped under his desk. He answers.
“Nine days. Nine fucking days,” he says.
“Well, you wanted to know, didn’t you?” There’s a smirk in the voice, disembodied, bitter.
He takes a deep swallow of mead from the bottle on the desk.
:icontanyasimpson:TanyaSimpson 5 10
Sega Bio: Sir Charles the Hedgehog

"I'll do whatever I can, Sal"- Sir Charles
Sir Charles the Hedgehog (チャールズ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Chāruzu za hejjihoggu), often called Uncle Chuck (チャック叔父 Chakku oji), is an anthropodermic hedgehog, a brilliant inventor in service to the Kingdom of Acorn on Westside Island and a close figure to the world hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Charles is a well-known genius who has always used his research and inventions for the good of the world. He is also a friend and colleague of famed academic, Professor Dillon Pickle.
Full Name: Sir Charles the Hedgehog
Uncle ChuckChuck the HedgehogProfessor CharlesDr. HedgehogCharlieSir Charles
John Sweasey (English) (he voice Hohenheim from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Unshō Ishizuka (Japenese) (he voice Hohenheim from Fullm
:iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 15 17
Home Alone Mpreg Twin Birth
Danny screeches in pain, driving his chin to his chest and pushing as hard as he can. He bends his quivering legs and brings his knees up to his shoulders to stretch his anus further. “Agh,” he grunts, panting as his contraction reaches a lull.
There is a one minute break, and then he screams again and bears down with all of his might. His huge baby is bulging against his anus, not crowning yet. It’s breech, so it will take more effort on Danny’s part.
Danny gasps and pants after his big push, and he forces himself not to collapse with exhaustion. It’s been one hour since he began active labor, but his baby is still at his entrance. He feels the fiery pressure again and grunts while he pushes to relieve it, but the pressure only grows as the baby moves closer to its crown.
Gently fingering himself, he feels a large bulge. He pushes his flaccid penis out of the way and touches the baby. It encourages him to push again, but he’s too weak to provide any
:iconthetetrismaster:thetetrismaster 6 0
Becoming a Japanese electric engine (Koko TF TG)
It was a busy day at home for thomas-fan-collector and he was faving some stuff on Deviantart and it was perfectly fine for him.
Fine, at least until I appeared in his bedroom and I told him that he had brought a portal with me and showed him it, "Wow!" thomas-fan-collector said, and told him what does it do. When I heard his reply, I then said "Find out for yourself!", I agreed and went into the portal. After that, Mordecai showed up in thomas-fan-collector's bedroom and and grabbed me, "Your coming back to my universe", said Mordecai, "Oh, alright" I said as Mordecai dragged me to the Regular Show verse portal and after Mordecai and me entered the Regular Show verse, the Regular Show verse portal had closed itself.
After entering the portal, thomas-fan-collector ended up in the world of Chuggington, and he felt very happy about this, but little did he know that his transformation into a Japanese elecrtic engine was about to begin, the transformation began when he felt the train base
:iconsharpe-fan:Sharpe-Fan 7 15
Marvel vs. Nintendo: The Abomination

Real Name: Emil Blonsky
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Russia
Eyes: Green (Blue as Blonsky)
Hair: None (Blonde as Blonsky)
Debut: Tales to Astonish #90 (1967)
Voice Actor: Tim Roth
Craving for the power of a Hulk, Emil Blonsky purposely had himself infected with triple the amount of gamma that the Hulk originally had. However, it turned him into a monstrous amphibious reptoid as being more than twice the strength of the normal calm Hulk, at the cost of never being human again.
Intro: Abomination drops down onscreen and slams his fists together.
Outro: Abomination throws out his arms and stomps his foot, shaking the screen.
Taunt: Abomination slams his fists together while saying, “Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?” or “Give me a real fight!”
Standard Costumes:
-Classic Costume 1: His design
:iconthesweetroseprince:TheSweetRosePrince 9 1
Doorway Fences.
Doorway Fences: A series of fences which are part of a challenge and each fence leads to an area where you are transformed into a species of creature that goes with the theme of that area, the first ne is the reptile area where you are turned into an anthro reptile, the second is the afterlife area where you can become a ghost or a Paranormal/Coco inspired being with a design reminiscent of the Day Of The Dead designs,  the third is the forest/garden where you are turned into a cute and furry creature which is a mix of an anthro insect and an anthro bear,  the forth is the snow area where you're turned into an anthro version of an ice type Pokémon (fakemon included) and also into an anthro version of an animal that is associated with the snow as well as into a yeti-esque humanoid ape-monster,  the fifth is basically the Cartoon Network area where you're turned into a character from a Cartoon Network area and the last one is the aquarium area where you are turned int
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 2 6
Steven avatar sketch ideas 16
81. Azula forcing Steven to open up the tree of time, releasing Vaatu.
82. Vaatu fusing with Azula, forming Vaatuzula!
83. Vaatuzula bearing the crud out of yellow and blue diamond!
84. White diamond attempting to destroy Vaatuzula, but failing.
85. The diamond mech fighting Vaatuzula.
:iconmakutakin:Makutakin 4 1
The World of Rumia | Explanation and Overview
Rumia is the name given to the universe in which the majority of my OC's reside. Within this journal, I'll be documenting the specifics of this weird world, as well as linking any and all oc's that are a part of this universe. Warning: I don't recommend reading if you are easily affected by dark subject matter. there isn't much, but I'm just putting this here as a warning

About the Universe | Summary and Explanation
This universe is similar to ours in many ways, with the only jarring differences being the inhabiting species. Mythical creatures (which are referred to as 'Fae') exist within this world and interact with humans on an everyday basis. In the map shown there are many different countries, and below I'll be updating each with information as they're developed. 
With every country/landmass, I'll be talking about it in some form of detail. Please keep in mind that currently some places are more develop
:iconparanoid-sprite:Paranoid-Sprite 6 2
Birchwood Teas and Things
You weren't looking for it, but you ended up finding it, stumbling across it really. The storefront is unimposing. Looking more like someone's home than a business were it not for the open sign and a sandwich board out front labeling the shop ‘Birchwood Teas and Things’. The building itself was tucked between two larger shops, they looked newer than the little Victorian style home turned cafe and dwarfed it in size. There were fairy lights framing a large bay window and you could just make out a table and stool up against it, from your view from the outside of the building.
The building may have been painted white at one point in its life but now it had faded into a cream tone, flaking away in places to reveal the dark brown ageing would below. You look up to see the building is in fact two stories. Though judging by the closed shutters and lack of lights you doubted the second story was part of the shop.
You hear a chime sound and your eyes fall to the doorway. A person is
:iconmriia:Mriia 2 3
Part 9: Faces New and Old
With the Six-Star Dragon Ball in hand, Raditz and Bulma must decide what to do with Oolong, his reign of terror ended and he being exiled from the village.  Bulma thinks his shape-shifting abilities might be useful, and besides, she could use a break from doing all the driving.  Raditz would just as soon cut him loose, but (half-)jokes that the piglet might taste good with hoisin sauce.  Chi-Chi insists that they teach Oolong the error of his ways and learn to respect women, so Raditz is out-voted.
That matter resolved for now, the quartet set out again, upgrading to a double-decker camper from Bulma's capsule collection.  A Dragon Ball signal on her radar seems to be moving slowly towards them from the north, so they intend to intercept it.
Even skirting around the edge of the Diablo Desert, the heat is unbearable.  Raditz climbs atop the camper's roof, preferring the blowing sands to Bulma's incessant whining.  After a few uneventful hours of travel, pas
:iconsongoharotto:SonGoharotto 2 0
Ultimate Destiny: Professor Alberto Levin

:  Alberto Levin
Gender: Male
Debut: Atom Age Vampire (1960)
Voice Actor:  Fred Tatiscore
Title:  The Atom Age Vampire
Alternate Costume: Lab Coat
Signature Stage:  Greenhouse
Intro: Levin is seen in his normal form, until he injects himself with his serum in which he’ll transform into his monstrous form before glaring at the opponent.
Intro Quotes:
“This is the power of Derma 25!"
“You stop me and Jeannette will remain ugly! She is NOTHING without me!"
“You saw the truth…I cannot let you live!”
“Nothing will stop me from making a woman forever beautiful…and mine!”
Outro: Levin walks up to the camera and then starts strangling the camera man with both hands.
Outro Quotes:
“You can't have Jeannette! She is mine! You hear me?! All mine!"
“Fool! You can't win against me!"
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 7 27
Grocery Run
Grocery Run
Tom and his friends Blake and Ryan were getting ready for a night out at the bars. Before they went out, the crew decided to run to the grocery store to buy a few pregame beers. They headed out together, Blake driving the few blocks down the road.
As they walked in they started looking at products and making jokes. Blake held a cucumber to his crotch and made certain gestures. Ryan grabbed a bag of mixed nuts and began asking the other two if they wanted a feel.
“Cut it out,” said Tom' “this is where I shop during the week.”
“Oh, we got th humor police over here!” Mocked Ryan.
“How about this?” Blake said as he reached into Toms sweatpants. The white Hanes waistband came out and Tom felt his underwear go up his Burt with a small tug.
“Wedgie!” Yelled Blake.
Ryan peeled over with laughter as Tom squirmed and barked at Ryan to stop.
“Nice tighties, by the way.” Blake remarked. Tom blushed. He had been wea
:iconundie-games:undie-games 9 2
Palutena's Guiddance: Tsubaki Yayoi
Pit: I feel kinda sorry for Tsubaki. She went through a whole lot.
Viridi: How nice of you. If you ask me, I don't think she deserves any sympathy.
Pit: No one did, and besides, she didn't know she was helping the bad guys at that time.
Palutena: Pit's right. Her weapon, the Izayoi, renders its wielder blind until it eventually takes the user's life.
Viridi: Exactly the point! It takes an idiot to use a weapon that endangers herself, and to make herself blind. Not only that, but she's also the first idiot in that dimension to blame not only her best friend for taking her spot as that guy's secretary, but also the first idiot to think that everything was all Ragna's fault when it's really Terumi and Izanami's.
Pit: And I thought I was quick to judge people. Anyway, any ideas as to what to do?
Palutena: As you know, Tsubaki's attacks can be either weak or strong. But they're at their strongest once part of, or her entire Install gauge is at full.
Viridi: But to do that, she has to stand
:iconarmorcrystal:ARMORCRYSTAL 5 3
character scenario generator!
Pick 9 characters, and number them.
Now, what if...
3 and 7 are given a child to raise together?
5 is in a boxing match with 4?
9 is secretly crushing on 5?
6 and 1 are stuck in an elevator when the the elevator stops working, and 1 is claustrophobic?
2 and 8 went on a date together?
9 was put into a fantasy RPG, and 4 was the boss?
2 and 6 were detectives solving a mystery?
3 was sick, and had only 1 to comfort them?
2, 4, and 9 were decorating the Christmas tree?
6 and 7 are drunk, and 2 had to drag them home?
3 and 2 suddenly switched bodies?
6 hypnotized 4?
9 and 7 stumbled across the last soda pop in the supermarket. Who would win the fight?
7 got sleep deprived, and 3 is trying to get 7 to go to sleep?
4 is an insomniac, and 6 has to stay at 4's place to comfort them?
6 lost their pet, so 7, 2, and 1 went deep into the forest looking for it?
4 and 2 played leapfrog?
7 has a broken leg, and 9 has to help 7 get around and do things?
2 is a king, and 3, 7, 1, and 8 are 2's servants?
:iconmarbletism:Marbletism 6 7
Show some leg to distract men
A female character  provides a distraction by flirting with and/or showing some sexy legs to a man (usually a  guard), in order to knocks him out (in a way or another) or even to kill him.
1. Unknown actress make this in Al Este del Oeste. One shows her fishnet leg to a bandit and other sneaks behind him to hit him in the head with a bat, putting him off the fight.
:iconvictor584694:victor584694 1 0
Whack-A-Mole - part 2 (collab)
Danny's eyes had stars for pupils and rolled around in his sockets, tongue flopped out the side of his mouth, and little angels with mallets swimming around his head, laughing and pointing at him, just as all the kids were doing. Radio actually stopped mid-swing because he heard the impact. He turned and dropped the mallet in surprise... right onto Danny's family jewels.
-"Whoops. My bad."
Radio grinned and waved with a sneer. It WAS an accident but he clearly wasn't sorry. He didn't have to be ; after all, it brought Danny back to reality.
Everyone laughed at the sight of him rolling on the floor while holding his privates. His face was already bright red, but when he noticed the crowd, it got even worse. Then he looked down and saw the mallet.
It was at this moment Radio knew…
...he messed up.
-"THAT'S IT! IMMA SQUASH YOU RIGHT NOW!", Danny shouted as he grabbed the wooden weapon.
-"W-wait! If you want to use that, you must pay first!"
:iconwotzael:Wotzael 3 2
Godzilla Angel Wars: List of Kaiju and Mecha
Earth Kaiju
Godzilla (2002-2003)
Anguirus (1968-1974)
Baragon (2001)
Ebirah (2004)
Kamacuras (2004)
King Caesar (1974)
Kumonga (2004)
Manda (2004)
Mothra (1992)
Rodan (2004)
Zilla (1998)
GDF Units
Jet Alone Prime
Jet Jaguar
MechaGodzilla 1993/Super MechaGodzilla
Mecha-King Ghidorah
NERV Units
Evangelion Unit-00
Evangelion Unit-01
Evangelion Unit-02
Evangelion Unit-03
Cryog Kaiju
Gigan 1973/Gigan 2004
MechaGodzilla 1974/1975
Monster X
Wild Cards
Cretaceous Ghidorah/King Ghidorah 1991/Grand King Ghidorah
Jet Alone
Space Godzilla
Seeds of Life:
Adam, Fruit of Life
Lilith, Fruit of Knowledge
? (Sideswipe and I are undecided about whether to have the Cryog be a species that evolved on its own or if they were spaw
:icondalek1994:dalek1994 2 6
The Freeing Glide : Chapter 1 (Sample)

Chapter 1
3o : 22 : 56 : 28 

    A winged, weasel-like beast with a fur coat that was a shimmering silver, obstructed by black clothes and brown bag, perched itself atop a pole that helped carry the electric current across the building-covered cliffs. It wasn’t exactly sturdy; it had tilted slightly over the months that this beast kept hopping up there, even after being told repeatedly to not do that since it was not dug into the ground. Most things in this region couldn’t be supported by the ground due to the incredible density of the red mineral that the gorge they lived in was composed of.
The beast hopped off the thick, wooden pole, readjusted the bag that was hanging around their shoulders, and headed over to the Quonset hut it had been staring at, the hut itself was quite long and had a heavy coating of rust on top. It had been
:iconvertwig:Vertwig 2 0
Introducting Eric (Late 2018)
Name: Eric
Gender: Male
Age: 17 - 24
D.o.b: 3rd April 1997
Occupation: Student,  Delivery man
Nickname: Teddy,  Eric Bear,  Nerd,  Ewik
Eye Colour: Left - Green,  Right - Pale Purple
Hair Colour: Blonde with a slight touch of brown to the tips
Likes :
- Listening to Rock, pop and Nightcore
- Playing any genre of Games including going to the arcade for his spare time
- Watching Horror Movies
- Socialising
- Watching all Anime and reading action, comedy manga
- Making art
- Hoodies
- Being pointed at
- Inconsiderate,  rude, Hypocritical people
- Having to deal with Filthy surfaces
- Being turned down consistently.
- Being left out
Dec 9th 2018
:iconadammuddyfox:AdamMuddyfox 3 11
My back story for my Fursona
Hetnen Silverfox
  A lot of the past is unknown to the foxes.  The ruling wolf race has made it a crime to educate the enslaved vulpine.  The only knowledge passed down was by word of mouth, causing much of what was history to become legend.  The vulpine eventually began to doubt they ever had a place in this world, doubted that there was ever a time that the two races lived in equality.  It went on for many generations.
  Hetnen was an ordinary silver fox, in the servitude of the well off widow Mae.  She had purchased him on auction from a breeders and trainers facility at a young age to serve with her existing servant Avieth.  Hetnen and Avieth were kept busy on a daily bases, taking care of the massive estate, cleaning, repairing, and serving Mae.  Mae required much attention, she was quite large for a wolf, her loneliness leading to a life of little activity outside of the estate.  She found joy in the torment of her servants, findi
:iconhetnen:hetnen 3 0