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Culture Profile: Universal Collective


The Universal Collective ("Collective") is a galactic scourge that, in the wake of the Third Federation-Imperial War, has a limited presence in the Milky Way. The Collective has control of systems on the fringes of Federation and Alliance space, with a stronger presence in Xeno Alley. There are an uncountable number of artificial, Collective-constructed megastructures hiding in intergalactic space.
Natural Physical Appearance
The Collective assimilates any species or machine it encounters and deems useful, and renders useless biomass and machine mass down into its constituent chemicals for the use in industrial processes. This makes the concept of a "natural physical appearance" inapplicable to the Collective. The Collective does produce machinery of it own design, which have a typically angular, blue or gray metal aesthetic, similar to that of the Federation during the Third Federation-Imperial War. However, irregularities also appear as nanogel "growths." T
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Noctis Takes the Throne of DEATH BATTLE!


First Appearance: Final Fantasy XV (2016).

Species: Human.

Height: 5'9".

Weight: Not Specified.

Age: 20 (most of the game), 30 (After the time skip).

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Blue (Red glow).

Occupation: Prince (eventual King) of Lucis.

Alias: Prince of Lucis, King of Lucis, Noct, King of Light, The True King, King of Fishing.

Physical Ability:

    Strength/Destructive Capacity:
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Marvel vs. Nintendo: Wolverine

Real Name: James “Logan” Howlett
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Canada
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Debut: The Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)
Voice Actor: Steven Blum
Wolverine is a recurring member of the X-Men. Beneath his grisly exterior lies a noble spirit as he gradually values his allies. In the eyes of his enemies, he is a savage beast that employs extreme measures of tactics.
Intro: Wolverine drops down onscreen and crosses his arms over his chest in an "X" shape before unsheathing his claws and taking a battle stance.
Outro: Wolverine slashes his claws together, creating some sparks, before retracting them, turning his back to the camera, and glaring at the screen from over his shoulder.
Taunt: Wolverine scrapes his claws together and says, “Yer gettin’ scared?” or “Nice and sharp, alright.
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Race: Mermaids
Race: Mermaids
Where they live
Mermaids lives mainly in the water regions of Slimea, so mainly the Rhine and Lake Blauauge. It is forbidden to pass the border over the Rhine for the mermaids.
Additionally they have a far underground water tunnel network that is connected to the Goocaves. With their ability to walk for a short time on land they can also go nearly anywhere they want.
Their homes are mostly flooded rooms in the Goocaves.
Playfully, attractive, predatory
Typical job/role
Mermaids care mostly for their water regions and manages beaches and swimming regions for visitors, meaning they work mainly as lifeguards in as tourism attraction. Swimming with mermaids is an highly popular activity in Slimea today.
Notable/Important figures
Sephania Eisenstein: The queen of the mermaids and first of her kind. She is also the sister of Queen Suchiru of Slimea and because of that, a princess of Slimea.
Ismaralde Seeschlange: Creator
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Blood Curse Conclusion Casting Call!
Fair winds, Fellfangir!
The end of the Blood Curse Plot draws near. Below is the rough itinerary/timeline for the crucial RPs that lead up to and make up the climax and conclusion of the plot! Please read through these brief descriptions of the upcoming RPs and let me know which ones you'd like to be included in! I included the Resistance members that previously volunteered into the one where the whole Resistance is meeting- but for both Resistance members and Valda supporters, I need to know what the final headcount is, so please let me know what you want to sign up for. :)
Blood Curse Plot Itinerary

Moth's Discovery (Not actual title)
Moth discovers the particulars about what Valda is doing to Fable. The fox has been procuring psychoactive herbs to alter Fable's state of mind and render him susceptible to her suggestion and manipulation.
Player: Moth (with Valda featured)
Temperance and Baely Return
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Valley of the Dahlias: Chapter 2
    “Dad, we are moving to where?”Louis Bradford, the 15-year old boy said in a worried voice.
    “There’s a town called Hisanna, son.” Mr.Bradford replied, “Louis, isn’t it where you grew up from?”
    Louis sighed as he reluctantly packed his small suitcase while he stood next to his father’s car, he gazed outside to the clouds, so indolently gliding across the azure sky, like the sweet lassitude gently flooding his body...he just wanted to lay down on the soft, vast, and warm grass as he dreamed of watching his life pass by like the clouds drifting in the sky...
     Looking across the sedate grassland, and the soporific song of the birds that wallowed and called....and the golden sun that lit up the entire sky with its warm glow, while the clouds gently drifted away like herds of sheep, grazing in the vast azure sky....
     The little boy didn’t want to mov
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Mistress Velvet Biography

:  Caitlin Crane
Alias: Mistress Velvet
Race: Mutant
Height:   5’10
Age: 25 
Place of Birth: Paris, France 
Gender: Female
Hair: Dyed it Dark Red, her original hair color was black.
Eyes: Black
Confirmed Relatives:
Brandon Crane (Father, Deceased)
Helena Crane (Mother, Deceased)
Telepathy: Velvet can read thoughts of other beings, and she can also manipulate their minds, such as controlling their movements, making them see things that are not there or the ability to make herself seem invisible to others and mind-wiping. 
Force Field: Velvet can generate force fields that can block most forms of attacks, such as bullets and even punches from Hyper Girl
Limited Molecule Manipulation: With some concentration Velvet can manipulate the molecules of objec
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Ultimate Destiny: Marionette
Name: Marionette
Gender: Male
Debut: Five Night's at Freddy's 2 (2014)
VA: David Near
Intro: A music box winds up and then springs open as Marionette flips out gracefully and then lands before taking a bow.
Intro Quotes
"I will protect all the children..."
"You are full of sin, I will punish you."
"The Fazbear Curse must end..."
"Hello, want to pick a prize?"
Outro: Marionette falls backwards into his music box and then peeks out as he leans forward and looks amused.
Outro Quote:  Such beautiful strings cut....
Results Screen Quotes
"I will find the one who hurt the children and punish him."
"Come, children, it is time for bed..."
"I will do my best to carry those in fear safely in my arms."
"The guilty must be punished for their atrocities..."
Freddy Fazbear as Teammate: Hush, young one. Our time will come.
Vs. Springtrap: Mr. Afton...Don't keep the devil waiting...
Special Moves
Bash Jam: Toy Bonnie strums his guitar and sends a music note projectile.
Mangled: Mangle will swing
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UMvC3 Moveset- The Angry Video Game Nerd
Theme song:  AVGN Theme Song ( or Techno Remix AVGN Theme ( or Epic Orchestral Theme ( or Go! Go! Angry Game Nerd! ( OR any of the following: ( ( ( ( (
Character Bio:
Real name: Unknown
Occupation: Video game nerd
Abilities: AVGN is a force to be reckoned with, not counting his hair trigger temper and foul mouthed personalities, he is shown to be an avid hand-to-hand combatant and even has shown to possess some strange supernatural powers, such as shooting Hadoukens
Weapons: Various video game accessories such as
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Black Skin, Red Blood
In the days immediately following the start of the War of Dissolution, many slaves in the south, upon hearing that Lincoln had begun his campaign against the Confederate States of America and the Republic of Texas, were excited, and hoped that it would lead to the end of slavery. As California, Cascadia-Montana, the Plains Federation, and New England seceded, these hopes were dashed as the Confederacy became independent and officially enshrined slavery into its constitution, extending their suffering even further.
In the years between 1866 and 1910, the CSA officially maintained its "peculiar institution" with a fervent passion, even as slavery began to grow economically redundant with the continuing industrialization of the Confederacy. This was more out of a sense that slavery was part of the Southron cultural identity rather than as a viable economic activity, especiall
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Cosas del pasado
Acababa de aterrizar en el aeropuerto de Florida, pero no había mucha gente debido a que llegó a primera hora de la mañana, tras haber salido el vuelo desde su ciudad por la tarde, el cual, era un vuelo transoceánico y pese a la duración de dicho vuelo, no había dejado de estar nerviosa desde que salió de su casa en dirección al aeropuerto para subirse al avión, pero ahí estaba ella, ya no había vuelta atrás, por lo que salió del aeropuerto para coger un taxi y dirigirse a su destino, tanto las pocas personas que habían en el aeropuerto, como el taxista, estaban asombrados de la belleza de dicha mujer, pero ella no les prestó atención debido a todos los pensamientos que tenía en su mente.
Al llegar a su destino, pagó al taxista y salió del taxi, se quedó mirando la casa que tenía enfrente con una mezcla de nostalgia y nervios, mientras la gente que paseaba por la calle admiraba la b
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Zany Zebra
This fairy?
Well, it has a zebra's head and a human upper body, and a zebra's lower body and legs.
It is clad in black and white armor and carries a mace with it.
It's actually a comedian, a teller of bad jokes at that...
Yet, the war between light and dark fairies forced it to pick up twin maces and armor and dedicate itself to helping humanity and fairies alike from being terrorized by others.
It wishes for a fun world, and enjoys jokes rather then battle.
It is a very agile fairy with running speed as fast as the fastest of war horses.
The maces it carries is made up the hardest tungsten and glows with an aura of light and darkness energies with it uses to enhance it's blows.
It is said that the zebra clan can manipulate light and dark.
It will make it's stripes move back and forth to disorient people into confusion status.
It can also launch an overhead swing to inflict stuns right on the opponent's head.
It will zig zag and leap in erratic patterns in battle to confuse enemies and
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MECHAROK - Simian Nomads (Part 1)
For millions of years, simian life had existed on Earth and thrived in its wilderness. Among their numbers emerged Humanity, which evolved an intelligence that allowed it to conquer the world with the power of innovation and industry. However, when Humanity reached for the stars and settled on distant planets, the other simian species were left behind in Earth's wilderness. It was only later that Humanity decided to have their evolutionary brethren join them on their trek to distant worlds. The World Directorate, a governing body consisting of representatives from Earth's most influential nations, launched "Project Noah" in 2113 AD. The purpose of Project Noah was to establish a controlled environment on Mars where various animals were placed. These "Arks" became homes to livestock, such as cows, pigs, sheep, and goats, producing milk, meat, wool and other products for the Martian colonists to harvest. Later on, arks with the express purpose of sheltering endangered species were made,
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Path of a Warrior
Quincy, who is in doubt about his future as a warrior has hitched a ride with Rollins and two thugs off their heroin drug boat. Rollin gives Quincy words of encouragement by telling him that his turn passion is fighting, and that him that his turn passion is fighting, and that his experience with him had earned his respect, prompting him to become more than are intercepted by Angle Fall Police Department who sends May to arrest them. The female officer taker out one of the thugs and faces Rollins, who holds his own against her. However, as they're fighting, an Police sniper takes a shot at Rollins, but Quincy leaps in the way and takes the bullet for him.
In critical condition, Quincy begins to bleed out as May calls in medies to help him. However, Quincy inadvertently taps into the power of the Dark Dragon and shoot out the sniper bullets from his chest and immediately heals up. He urges the other to run as they're baffled by his power. As he loses himself to his power, Quincy remembe
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Team Experiment 2
Red Team:
Blue Team:
HeavyExperiment 616 Joey by dinoboygreenSoldierExperiment 010 Felix by dinoboygreenEngineer
Experiment 603 Zap by dinoboygreenScoutExperiment 527 Chip by dinoboygreenDemomanExperiment 011 Inkstain by dinoboygreenSniper
Experiment 619 Splodyhead by dinoboygreenPyroExperiment 316 Morpholomew by dinoboygreenSpy
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La Foret des Merveilles chapitre 1

Je suis Clara Ling-Dubois, je suis en Terminale au Lycée Dominique. Je suis origine Française et Japonaise. Ma mère est le dr. Yui Ling à l'hôpital de Nantes. Elle est très gentille et calme mais elle n'est pas souvent à la maison à cause de son travail.
Mon Père Franck Dubois est parti, il y a 5 ans et il nous a abandonnés dans jamais savoir pourquoi.
C' était l'homme à qui j'avais le plus confiance. C'est à cause de lui que je ne fais plus confiant à aucun garçon de mon lycée ou même dans la ville.
Bref, je ne suis pas une fille populaire ou je traîne avec les filles les plus jolies ou avec des garçons d'équipe de foot. Je suis seule, pas d'amis, parce que je suis une fille timide et personne ne m'intéresse. C'est comme si je n'existe pas. J'entends des élèves qui disent que je n'ai jamais parlé en classe depuis que j
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Puppy House.
Puppy House: Perhaps the most light-hearted of the were-worlds expansion but with some dark humor thrown in,  this one is centered on werecanines of the anthro variety as well as Teen Wolf or Big Wolf On Campus style werewolves, werefoxes and similar were-canines.  The overall theme of this one is film noir/detective with a heavy focus on teamwork and law enforcement,  basically a mix of Dick Tracey and Dog City and with a focus on family as well,  there are Paw Patrol-like elements too in the form of the vehicles and other inventions the Inventor class can create.
Humans work alongside the werecanines in this particular game and help them solve crimes and other emergencies and the rules are exactly the same as all the others but with special rules for law-enforcement divisions and rescue missions,  and there are added classes like 'Inventor' 'Healer' 'Officer' and 'Rescuer'.  And also the weredogs are all of various different breeds that are based on real
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DOD Bestiary: Roadripper
Common Name: Roadripper
Pronounced: (Road-ripper)
Classification: Rubraraptor ellioti (Elliot’s Red-plunderer)
SGOC Rank: Fauna
Length: 7 feet
Height: 3 feet at the hips
Weight: 74 lbs.
Diet: Omnivore
Social Structure: Solitary, Pair
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: North America, South America (arid regions)
IUCN Status: Vulnerable
Dromaeosaurs or “raptors” are common all across post-Cycle Earth. These bird-like dinosaurs are feathery, mostly small, and highly adaptable, encompassing a wide variety of ecological niches; most are predators, but some are omnivorous. A few, like the mangler (Goliaraptor calconychus), are apex predators. The group is home to its oddballs, of course, including the roadripper.
Roadrippers are fas
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Biting like a hungry animal, wracked with grief lashing out, the wind howled and moaned, grieving for the sun, a day lost once more to the storm.
“Bundle up, it’s gonna be another snowy day folks, the second week of our little blizzard up here in Juneau, and it ain’t looking any better.”
Weighed down by this knowledge, thousands went out to do their daily business, looking forward to the evening and its escape from the blights of the outside. Bound in boots and strung with scarves they open their doors and feel the first blast. The cold was indescribable, as shocking and painful as a cannon blast, but blinding like the sun, a cold mockery of what light it brings.
They step out into the urban tundra, a winter wasteland wracked with rubble and debris, many give up, hoping that they could call in and say they were blocked off, receding into their homes, triumphant at their half victory, for you cannot fail if you never begin. The others push onward, into the white
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Monster Girl TF RP
You're an adventurer in a medieval fantasy world full of monsters, specifically monster girls. Monster girls are monstrous women who are often driven by their lust for males, typically human ones. You could be anything from a novice adventurer, with barely any successes under their belt, to a hardened veteran with years of experience. You could be a knight, fighting up-close and personal with a sword and shield, or a mage of some kind, casting spells from a distance. No matter what kind of adventurer you are, you're soon going to have an encounter that will change your life.
Scenario A: You are delving deep into a dungeon, and find some form of cursed item, a potion, or a trap of some kind. After using, drinking, or activating whatever you found, you get turned into a lusty monster girl.
Scenario B: As you're travelling, or exploring a dungeon or cave, you get attacked by a monster girl and attempt to defend yourself. They manage to overpower you, and use you as they
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Hailey Autumn, PI: Full Season One Episode Guide
Back in college, my friend Jeanie wrote a whole season of scripts for a TV show she was working on. She always said she wanted to write something that “smashed gender roles to smithereens” and this was supposed to be it. We were both theater majors and loved working on and talking about these things. It’s called HAILEY AUTUMN. And now—2 years after college—Jeanie is going to get to shoot the pilot and maybe the first season and she wants ME to play Taylor.
Taylor is the male lead. He’s kind of a dude in distress but whatever. It’s a HUGE BREAK for me. I can’t wait to start. I’ve read some of the scripts before but she just sent me the episode list and a break down of my part.
S01:E01 – PILOT
The premise of this episode is my best friend, Joey Martin, is kidnapped and his parents hire Hailey to investigate. Jeanie plays Hailey of course, which she will do an awesome job at. She’s really beautiful, Jeanie&
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Kingdom Key N: New Spells
List of techniques
Stone (Stonera, Stonega, Stoneza): Grants the petrified status to non-boss enemies. Learned by Callie and Coral, the latter getting it through linking with Callie.
Water (Watera, Waterga, Waterza): Traps enemies in a whirlpool of water. Learned by Callie.
Shell (Shellra, Shellga): Protects against magic attacks. Learned by Marie and Coral, the latter learning it through linking with Marie.
Rave (Ravera, Ravega): Utilizes sound combined from Coral's Keyblade and music player to attack enemies. Unique to Coral.
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