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Capcom vs. Nintendo: Jigglypuff

Name: Jigglypuff
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Kanto
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Pink
Debut: Pokemon Red and Green Version (1996)
Voice Actor: Rachael Lillis
Jigglypuff is a Balloon Pokemon. She invites opponents in close with her big, round eyes, then puts them to sleep with a calming song. The secret to the song's unfailing efficacy is Jigglypuff's ability to sing on the wavelength that will make its opponent the sleepiest. She also uses Attract to infatuate opponents who touch her. She uses a Moon Stone to evolve into Wigglytuff.
Intro: Jigglypuff stumbles onscreen before getting back up on her feet and waving to the opponent. She then pulls out her microphone, as if she's preparing to sing.
Outro: Jigglypuff looks down at her unconscious opponent and glares at them, inflating slightly. She then pulls out her marker and begins scribbling on
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Creating Transformers characters [Tips and Tricks]
In here I reference Transformers Prime from time to time, and other cartoons but I have written this to apply to all Transformer media.
Overall Design
Inspirations/themes -
It’s good to have inspirations when creating a character, though it is easy to fall down the trap of using one inspiration which in turn can make the character look like a “rip off” - so I’ll briefly explain how to avoid such an occurrence, when looking for inspiration don’t use just one source, gather or create a moodboard of images from a number of sources, also don’t just stick to cannon characters and other robots, use resources outside the tf fandom, such as clothing styles/music genres and anything else that catches your eye. If you gather images from many places that link together into one large theme, you’re more likely to be able to create a more unique Oc that has a well put together design.
Ripping off -
Mention b
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Technology Profile: Ansibles
Ansibles are the primary mode of faster-than-light communication used in the modern galaxy, apart from transporting messages along with starships. “Ansible” is a catch-all term describing all forms of faster-than-light communication that involve a direct communicator-to-communicator connection, and operate using a variety of means. These different forms of ansibles have their advantages and disadvantages, leading to all of them being used in particular instances in particular times.
The most primitive, cheapest, and most common, form of ansible is the quantum ansible. Utilizing the principle of quantum entanglement, quantum ansibles are paired machines, each with a pair of entangled particles that are modified by the ansible’s computer to spin in one direction or the other. The spin change in one particle causes the other particle to change spin instantaneously, which is detected by the receiver. Quantum ansibles are relatively cheap to create, and they allow for the
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Copernicus 5a: Now with tits
Copernicus 5a: Now with tits
   Not trusting the butler-bot with the sleepers, you call out to it, hoping to keep it out of the stasis chambers. After all, who knows what it might be programmed to do?
   "Uh, h-hey!"  You call out, the butler-bot stopping in its tracks. "Clean up this mess, please!"
   The butler-bot turns and begins walking back towards you again.  Looking around, you grab an aluminum baseball bat out of one of the sporting goods crates, and back away.  Thankfully, the butler-bot seems to stop at the first piece of debris it comes to, opening a compartment in its chest cavity to deposit each piece.  Breathing a sigh of relief, you head to the T-junction and look down the halls, pressed against the corner and watching for any other strangeness. To the right, the lights seem to have burned out, only residual light faintly illuminating the closed door at the end of the hallway. To the left, there is a brightly-lit
:iconthesoylentorange:TheSoylentOrange 5 5
Ultimate Destiny: Roll
Name: Roll Light
Gender: Female
Debut: Mega Man (1986)
VA: Angie Beers (English) Yuka Iguchi (Japanese)
Title: Mega Man’s Little Sister
Alternate Costume: Classic Roll
Signature Stage: Dr. Light's Laboratory 
Intro: Roll is sweeping the floor before noticing the foe and bowing.
Intro Quotes
"Oh! Nice to meet you!"
"Don't take this broom lightly. Even the original six Robot Masters have a hard time against it.”
"I'll punish you right now!"
"Can we talk this over?"
Outro: Roll wipes her head with a sigh of relief before pumping her fist in the air.
Outro Quote: I've got some all new upgrades for this time around, although I do miss having Rush and Beat with me.
Results Screen Quotes
"Oh no, I left Auto all alone with the garbage duty! Ah well, hopefully he can handle it on his own.”
"Did I remember to feed Beat and Rush?"
"Why do we need to fight so much?"
"Jeez! That was a big toughie!"
Vs. Magneto: Hey! It wasn’t nice for you to lift me
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 7 3
Aquatic Technology
It was a sunny day in Ponyville, a perfect day to take a walk and hang out with friends. Delphina Depths has heard of this new shop that opened up in town thanks to a friend which thought could have the solution to something special she wanted for her aquarium, so she decided to give a visit to the place to see if there was something that could help. She entered through the main door, and found that there were lots of items you normally wouldn't see around. Digital watches, clocks, tools for small applications, wired, and all sorts of technology. On the other end of the room was a counter, and in it was a yellow pegasus with a red mane. She greeted Delphina happily.
-"Welcome to my shop! How may I help you?"-
-"Good afternoon! I would like to ask for something special."-
-"Of course! What do you need?"-
-"I need a special door that allows me to enter a flooded place from a dry place."-
Chip's ears perked up when hearing this, since it was quite a rare
:iconbladedragoon7575:BladeDragoon7575 6 1
Marvel Equestria girls Get Striking 6
Frostine's Kingdom, Equestria girls world
Guest room
Cadence had just got done applying the ice pack Spike's black eye and was now examining the finger marks on Twilight's neck. Both were gifts from Striking Sword earlier when they Cap, Black Widow and Okoye had located him here at Frostine's hidden Kingdom to try to get him to help against Thanos after...Cadence felt her heart break all over again remembering Shining Armor just disappearing before her's and Flurry's eyes.
It had been made worse by the absolute horror...How, after a particulary violent fight with Cap, Striking lung for Twily's throat and pinned her to a wall, Yelling how since h couldn't be the one to finish off Shining Armor, He'd settle for the satisfaction of shutting up Her. Then Spike went her rescue only for Striking to viciously elbow him in the gut and  backhand him right in the face. Cadence had never imagined Striking had fallen so far. That he had become so violent. Just how long had..
That was when Str
:icongojira012:Gojira012 3 5
The Balance (Fable and Lincoln)
Featuring xCinderfrostx and Lincoln, and Ramala as Fable

It was midday. The forest was ablaze with a rich hue of verdant green, spots of sunlight swayed across the forest floor as it trickled down between the fluttering leaves. A small, golden lizard basked in a spot of sunlight atop a low rock. Fable’s eyes slid from the lizard to his son Lincoln who crouched at his side. The two wolves were hidden in the undergrowth, only a few long paces from the reptile for an adult wolf, but for Link, it was a little further. Lincoln had expressed a puppish, but excited desire to learn more about hunting, and Fable wanted to support the young wolf as he continued to grow and discover himself- so he set about finding his son a tricky, but obtainable prey with which he could learn the basics.
“Alright, Lincoln,” he whispered, craning his head down to his son’s ear. “Lizards are slow to start movin
:iconramala:Ramala 10 3
Project Ascension OC: Illi Gaskarus
Master Name: Illi Gaskarus
Title: The Guilty Monarch
Celestial Title: The Celestial Anomaly
Faction: Unbound of Zathuum
Class: Sorcerer
Sex: Female
Proposed Voice Actor: Tara Platt – (Wang Yuanji – Dynasty Warriors 7)
Master’s Lore
    It is of no surprise that as the Conduits go to war on the material plane of the Earth that upon examining the clashing legions that each of the factions come with their own identity and diversity unique to each realm. Conduits are, after all, the most powerful creative forces in all the Astral Realms: being living dimensions built off the recycling of life. In fact, in the few Conduit scholars that exist, it is argued that Conduits are their own specific species with processes such as turning into Voids, being a part of a natural yet ultimately cosmic life cycle. This is reinforced by the fact that Conduits commonly take forms of the species
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This strange looking cub was found by Akasa who noticed that he had either been abandoned or his family had been killed, feeling sorry for him she took him home, gave him the name Ajabu and became his adoptive mother, she taught him how to hunt and how to defend himself, he's a cub of very few words but is close to his adoptive mother however he couldn't remember how he ended up all by himself, as well as possessing some of Akasa's powers, he possesses the abilities of Evolving Absorbing Replication which means he can absorb and replicate any materials, then upgrade/augment them, Parasitic Energy Manipulation which gives him the power to harness an energy that not only inflicts damage but simultaneously absorbs other forms of energy to make itself more destructive and Psi-Leech Energy Manipulation which gives him the power to create, shape and manipulate parasitic psychic energy which drains psychoactive, neural, emotional, mental or life energies. 
Also while it was not known wha
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Under the Mask
Episode 52
"Damn this things freakin fast!" Issei grunted as he chased after the dino like dragon, who's longer legs and short arms gave it better speed on the ground. "HEY WAIT UP WOULD YA!" Issei panted and yelled at the panicked dragon. But it appeared this dragon had no intentions of sticking around, as it bolted from the scene as fast as it could muster.
Then in a flash ashira appeared in front of the panicked dragon, baring his fangs in tiger form he barricaded the dragons escape as the others soon caught up and made a circle around the dragon.
"No! Get away from me demons! I hate you!" The dragon cried and tried to snap at ashira, and then whipped his large powerful tail at shiro.
"Just calm down! We aren't-!" Shiro tried to calm the dragon as i spun around and was now turning to aggression to defend itself.
"Let me go!" The dragon yelped as it made a sudden dash toward issei, ramming him with his long strong head and tossing him aside.
"HEY!" Ashira roared and in a desperate at
:iconshirothedragon123:ShiroTheDragon123 3 0
Fishing 1 | Sims2Freak273 Collab
“Come on Alice, we’re meeting up with Mishka in like ten minutes.” I whined, Softy and Piki were both ready, the tokis tacked, and baskets hanging off the harness attachments that i’d strapped on. “Oh relax. She’s never big on being on time.” Alice snapped playfully. I knew she wasn’t big on tokis, but over the last few months, after Balto was added to the pack she seemed to be growing to them. “Besides, it’s like a five minute ride down to the falls.” She retorted, goosebumps covering her arms as the mention of a waterfall. Not wanting to question if she was ready, I casually asked, “You sure the fishing by the falls is worth it? I know Stoya, “I stretched out her name in a haughty manner, “Said the fishing was better in the lake that borders the private farm.” Alice didn’t seem to register much about the fishing, instead choosing to harp on my about Stoya and she double checked P
:icon2006fuzz:2006fuzz 2 2
[NnNRPG] Motivation
[Bob] - "So, why are you doing this?"
"We all are excited to be on this trip, but as weird as it might sound, not everyone is in it for the same reasons. I know that Lynne is quite fed up about something, so she volunteered- and that the Marauder's leader probably hopes to find riches. But we all know that this doesn't have to be the case for everyone. What is your motivation to be here? Why did you apply for this mission? I'm curious!
[Tuhinga] - "Ehm..well...."
*looks to the ground and fidgets with his fingers at the hem of his west*
"I...Im not sure if I have this one good reason or motivation...there are so many little and not so little reasons why I applied for this mission. As you know, since you found me, Im a NebDusty...I dont know if I was thrown away,got lost or if my parents were maybe attacked and had to hide me or maybe I want to use this mission to maybe find something out about them, what happened to them or maybe one day I migh
:iconzombiegarou:ZombieGarou 2 0
I've got your back, Buki!
(Fatties, punches!)
Buki hated the bright lights of High Adipo; they were inescapable. It was like a casino crossed with every sci-fi movie about the future with a disgustingly high amount of salt from every roadside diner named after the town it’s in. It was a synthetic kind of opulence, everyone here went so far out of the beaten path to discover new ways of pleasuring themselves.
This included Midori, on the other side of the booth, on the other side of the fishtank that separated them- her visage distorted by the glass. Fishtanks add twenty pounds you know.
“So, you get it right?” Midori tapped a couple of chopsticks to the glass, her electric blue eyes showing just how much she bought into all the showmanship and pizazz. This was a girl who wanted her entrance into any room accompanied by a full orchestra followed by a sick Spanish guitar solo.
“So like, the sushi’s covered in nanobots and you gotta scoop it out of the tank. It’s how bears do it
:iconmidori-muffin:Midori-muffin 5 5
    Ese día debió suponer que todo saldría mal cuando extrañamente se rompió su espejo de bolsillo de la nada, sin embargo, Sakura no pareció prestarle real importancia a lo sucedido, no había nada que la hiciera preocuparse y eso la dejaba tranquila.
    La mañana transcurrió como si nada, ayudando a la señora que la dejaba alojarse en un pequeño cuartito cerca del granero, la mañana se paso casi volando. En momentos cuando limpiaba el granero o bañaba a los Pokémon se veía pensando que si su familia la viera haciendo esas cosas seguramente pegaría el grito en el cielo, ellos nunca le permitieron en su vida hacer cosas que significaran un esfuerzo físico para ella, después de todo y a pesar de que con los años su salud mejoro, seguían viéndola débil y enfermiza, cosa que en parte tenían razón, era una muchacha un poco enfermiza
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[DotW] Seeking in the Swamp
The Silver Swamp had become Makenna’s favourite place to hang out. Alone of course, as Mila stayed in the surroundings of Chandra Isle and Mira was out on her own as well. It didn’t bother Make that much, she had plenty of time to spend with her sisters, it’s not like she wasn’t going to see them anymore, plus in the swamps, there were many interesting things such as toads and lizards to try to play catch for one, especially lizards, those little reptiles were fast and had an incredible hearing, just when she thought to have been as silent as the best hunter could be, the lizard turned its head and bolted away, unreachable to her.
Oh if only she could ask a barn own how were they able to hunt and fly around so silently, so that she could be just like them!
When another lizard escaped her stalking, Makenna sat down near the shallow waters of the swamp. Many parts were still dry for the summer but some water had begun to return, forming small puddles where she cou
:iconzoketi:Zoketi 6 5
The Five Dragon Clans Rewrite
The Five Dragon Clans
In the world of Dragon’s Ashes, there are five clans of dragons. These clans are divided by what kinds of magic they use. They came into existence after Anktra’s rebellion failed, to unite the free dragons all under one banner and train themselves in each type of magic. Some free dragons aren’t part of The Clans, but most are. The Clans are as follows.
The Clan of Summoning Magic, led by Recry.
The Clan of Sound-Based Magic, led by Tra.
The Clan of Illusion Magic, led by Bloodwing.
The Clan of Purifying Magic, led by Theo.
The Clan of Symbolic Magic, led by Anktra (Although he's the head of most free dragons, so he’s the ultimate authority when it comes to the clans anyway.)
The hierarchy goes like this for all of the clans:
2nd in Command
Now for a write-up on each Clan.
The clan of Symbolic Magic
Leader: Anktra (Rank implied by a Black Band with P
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Rukia vs. Saber || PRELUDE
Crystal Fire: "Through comics, manga, visual novels and other forms of media, most stories have begun to accept the role of the powerful and noble swordswoman who plays a key role. Not just in the story itself. But also playing the role of the mentor figure and ally to the protagonist."
Dark Nightmare: "And don't forget that in some cases, become the potential love interest for said protagonist. Either canon or fanon perspective."
Crystal Fire: "Like Rukia Kuchiki, Bleach's Lieutenant of the 13th Division."
Dark Nightmare: "And Artoria Pendragon. Rule 63 version of the King Of Knights and the primary Saberface of the Fate Franchise."
Crystal Fire: "This Crystal Fire and I am joined by Dark Nightmare."
Dark Nightmare: "And it is our duty to present the strengths, abilities and weaknesses of our fighters to later determine the winner of a DEATH BATTLE!"
Age: 150, physically 15+
Height: 4'8"
:iconssj4truntanks:SSJ4Truntanks 6 1
My toon sister, the series, pilot
(April 2nd 1982, 3:05 PM, Saint Joseph Medical Center Burbank)
Hank; come on Beth! Just push a little further!
Beth; I'm using every ounce of effort honey!
(Beth pushed hard and hard to force the about to be birthed babies she was creating for the past 9 months, as she pushed, her face started to show veins from her birthing, eventually, the 2 heard 2 soft breathes, and the doctor then pulls out 2 adorable babies out Beth's birth canal, one, a normal baby daughter, the other, an animated, cartoon skinned baby girl.)
Doctor; congratulations you two! It's 2 daughters!
(The parents of their just birthed daughters shed several tears of their newborn daughters.)
Betty; they....they...
Hank; beautiful?
Betty; yes. The most beautiful daughters we have.
Hank; what should we name them?
Betty; I have one for the cartoon one, and her name is Trixie.
Hank: how fitting, I'll call the non cartoon one, Tyra.
Betty: sounds sweet.
(As the parents hug their new infants, the infants hug the parents, mark
:iconjosejr22:josejr22 4 2
CastleMythTale Natalia's bio sheet
Name: CastleMythTale Natalia.
Gender: Genderless (but prefer to be called a he more).
Age: 100 years old (yes they are very old in the au they come monsters cannot die from old age so they can live for millions of years and all but they can die in other ways though).
Speices: Cerberus/Lich Monster Hybrid(last of their kind as well too).
Status: Single very Single.
Nicknames: CMT Natalia, TwoFang, WarBeast, LightDarkness.
Mother: Unknown.
Father: Unknown.
Siblings: Had a brother but they were killed however.
Love Interest or Crush: None.
Personality: They are wise and often will give others advise or tips to help them out, They are kind and caring but when they see someone they care about be hurt watch out they can leash alot of anger and violence when they are very mad and all.
Sometimes they can be somewhat harsh and bitter at times as well too.
Human Name They use when under cover: Fargus.
- Can contorl both Light and Dark element magic at the same time or use one of them at
:iconnatalia-clark:Natalia-Clark 2 0
The Dark Lords
The Lordly States
The coming of the fourfold plagues overthrew the old tribes, nations and kingdoms of Outland, and, in the consequent ruin, the Dark Lords emerged. They were warlords of a new type, personalities strong enough to confront and control the forces of undeath that had transformed the continent. With armies of revenants they built great fortresses, guarded by hosts of ghouls, the surrounding lands prowled by wolves both were and wife. They forged links with the primordial races, bringing elvish sages and dwarfish weapons into their forces. The arts of the hangmen were first pioneered by the Dark Lords, seeking to control their armies of walking corpses. The Dark Lords warred with one another, and the outside world. A few particularly bold ones even launched invasions of the Heartland – the last royal family of Alanay that ruled before it was annexed by the Sorcerers’ League was of Dark Lord descent.
Once upon a time, the vast majority of Outland was ruled
:iconcastlegreifenghast:CastleGreifenghast 7 1
CC: Delvus - The talk

It was a very guilty Corvus who returned to Veda’s densite. He needed Del and he needed him now. He had to get all this guilt off his chest. What he had done with Louisa… He knew it was wrong, but it still didn’t feel like it and that was what confused him so much.
He found his mate not far from the healer’s den, probably checking in on a hurt packmate.
“Ehm Del… I… I need to talk to you… Do you have a minute?” He gently brushed his cheek against Delaware’s neck, but his approach was very far from how he usually acted. His voice was low and actually sounded a bit rushed. He swallowed and really just wanted a private moment with his mate.
Hoping Del would follow, he turned around and headed towards their den, biting his lip hard. This wasn’t him. Unsure and secretive. He hated this feeling.
After what felt like forever, he made it to the entrance and was the first to enter th
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