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Kaa's Double Date
Out in the jungle, two bikini clad girls with big breasts were taking a stroll. First there was Amanda, a 21-year old girl with black shoulder length hair, blue eyes and was wearing a pink striped bikini set. The second was named Ericia, an 18- year old girl with blonde hair in a pony tail, green eyes and was wearing a blue bikini set. They had come to the jungle to take a break from the crowded city.
“Ah, the air here is so fresh.” Said Amanda, as she sniffed the air.
“I agree.” Said Ericia.
After walking for an hour or so, they soon arrived at a secluded lagoon.
“This looks like a good place to rest.” Said Ericia.
“I see what you mean.” Said Amanda.
The two girls then laid down near the edge of the water and started to sunbathe.
After a few minutes, Amanda broke the silence by saying, “Ericia, I just remembered some of the villagers telling us about a large snake called Kaa.”
“What about him?” Asked Ericia.
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Death Battle Arena: Doctor Strange

Name: Stephen Vincent Strange
Age: Immortal (Born 1936)
Race: Human
Title: The Sorcerer Supreme
Bio: A gifted neurosurgeon and prodigal physician, Doctor Stephen Strange's life would forever change when he was caught in a horrific car accident. He survived, but his hands suffered intense nerve damage to the point where his time as a surgeon was bordering on over. Wanting desperately to get his life and job back, Steven spent his entire fortune on procedures that never worked. Desperate to try anything, Stephen found an old man called "The Ancient One" who taught him in the mystic arts until he became the most powerful sorcerer in the Marvel Universe--the Sorcerer Supreme.
Costume 1: Traditional blue coat and red cape
Costume 2: Dr. Strange 1602
Costume 3: War of Gems robes
Costume 4: 5,000-Year War Aftermath appearance
Costume 5: Necromancer
:icondimension-dino:Dimension-Dino 14 8
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Elemental Blitz: Hiroto Fujiwara

from Battle Rhythm
Comes with a cosplay skin for Sanguiny based on Funzo Jack from BeastKnights (another fighting franchise by Dragon-Kid himself).Comes with the Battle Rhythm Pack consisting of skins for Bryson Demarco (Carlos Velasquez)Krister Agnes (Joaquin Ortiz)Abel Manyara (Murdock Jameson)Koi Ikaika (John Holt)
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Oversized Rommate - Ashley Expansion Story part 2
„Are you serious?”  Ashley was still looking at the huge bra Emily was holding, trying to imagine how massive her roomie has to be.
The other girl simply nodded at first, still having a hard time talking about that. She was afraid, that after finding out that some of the girls are getting way past sizes anyone from outside this strange city would consider normal, Ashley will freak out and esceape. She really liked Ashley, or at least she thought that after theese barely two hours she spent with her. The idea of her friend becoming afraid of the growth that would eventually come, wasn’t pleasant for her. She thought Ashley might want to leave as fast as possibile, after finding that out.
„Yes,  I … thats a rare thing, but happens to some of the women”  Emily’s nervous voice was making such fate sound like a really bad thing.
„How does she... live?”  Ashley figured out after a second that it wasn’t really a g
:iconmagicgrowthhormone:MagicGrowthHormone 15 5
Ultimate Destiny: Dark Magician Girl

: Dark Magician Girl
Gender: Female
Debut:  Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent Official Tournament Street Duel Legend of Power prize card (2000)
English Voice Actor: Cristina Vee
JP Voice Actor: Noriko Hidaka
Intro:  A magical seal appears on the ground and shines brightly as Dark Magician Girl then rises up from it fast while putting her hand on top of her headpiece. When the seal goes d
Intro Quote:
“I’ll show what I know a thing or two about dark magic!”
 “Whoa! I need to get used to these teleportation spells!”
“Think just because I’m a girl you can go take me on easily?”
“If you don’t believe in magic, well…*giggles* you will now.”
Outro:  Dark Magician Girl smiles as she then floats in the air and spins around before winking at the camera while doing the “V
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 8 38
Marvel vs. Nintendo: M.O.D.O.K.

Real Name: George Tarleton
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: USA
Eyes: White (Brown as Tarleton)
Hair: Brown
Debut: Tales of Suspense #93 (1967)
Voice Actor: Wally Wingert
Average technician George Tarleton found his fate forever changed thanks to a random selection by his boss, the Scientist Supreme of A.I.M., who needed a unique, bio-engineered “living computer” in order to plumb the mysteries of the Cosmic Cube. Tarleton was subjected to hideous experiments, mutating his body into a massive-headed being possessing superhuman intelligence and extraordinary psionic powers, and the process drove him mad. Given the code-name M.O.D.O.C. ("Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing"), Tarleton instead turned on his superiors, slaying them all and declaring himself Scientist Supreme. Moreover, he changed his name to M.O.D.O.K., with the “K” standing now for “Killing.
:iconthesweetroseprince:TheSweetRosePrince 9 12
Ultimate Destiny: Snow White
Name: Snow White
Gender: Female
Debut: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1938)
VA: Pamela Ribon Andre Sogliuzzo (Doc) Corey Burton (Grumpy) Stephen Stanton (Happy) Bill Farmer (Sleepy) Jeff Bennett (Bashful) Bob Joles (Sneezy)
Intro: Snow White is seen walking with the Seven Dwarfs hanging around her. Suddenly, they all notice the opponent. Snow White looks worried as she draws her Treasure Trove keyblade while the Seven Dwarfs step to the sidelines, but ready to defend her if necessary.
Intro Quotes
"I...I will fight for everyone!"
"I am a Princess of Heart...I will not back down!"
"I do not want to fight, please stop this!"
"I don't fight unless there is no other way."
Outro: Snow White giggles as she then pats on all of the Dwarfs’ heads, causing them all to smile. They'll then all break out into a merry dance, joined by some woodland critters.
Outro Quote: *giggles happily*
Results Screen Quotes
"Oh dear, are you okay?"
"Boys, I feel like we should apologize to
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A Sore Site
Time: 10'27"91
Size: n/g
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The Sorceress and the Jaguar Ch. 2
          Daniella lost track of time as she traveled, against her will, to Quinton’s home.  She thought she could dissuade him from taking her if she hit or kneed him, but quickly realized that each outburst would earn her a pinch to her side.  She dropped the tantrums altogether and opted for ignoring the Jaguar man as they continued their trek through the forest. 
    Quinton tried to make small talk, with the conversation being one sided.  He talked about his training into the royal guard, blah blah, defending the King’s forest, blah blah, being attacked by multiple monsters and species from this realm, asking Daniella questions that went unanswered, blah blah blah.  She tuned out his blabbering early on and settled on thoughts about how she could escape from the rope and turn him into her mindless slave.  She had his name, she had her knowledge and spells, all she needed were her hands.
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Prelude: Jump Up, Buster Wolf!

Zac: They're the respective mascots of their individual companies, the red-capped heroes with the ability to command fire at their very fingertips, and are, quite possibly, the best older brothers you could ever have. 
Kazuichi: Super Mario, the plumber turned hero of the Mushroom Kingdom-
Mr. Krabs: And Terry Bogard, the Legendary Hungry Wolf with a Fatal Fury!
Zac: ... Did you really just make that pun-
Mr. Krabs: Yes I did.
Zac: You're a fucking crab, leave the puns to me. Anyways, due to Mario's various iterations and adventures, he has had several power-ups in his time. While his normal power-ups are fine, we will be excluding sentient equipment, such as F.L.U.U.D. and Cappy. No such restrictions will be placed on Terry, however. let's look at these two and assess their powers and abilities to see who would win in a fight to the end!
(Terry bio by: :iconnocturnbros: )
(Mario bio by: :icon
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 9 15
Celebri-Suits: Special living suits/symbiotes that are celebrity costumes,  they can be worn anywhere and once you put them or they merge with you,  you become that celebrity for real and this includes male to female and female to male tg,  mc, weight gain and also includes WWE wrestlers, singers, actors/actresses and members of the Trump family and this also includes celebrities who have appeared in horror movies like Christopher Walken, George Clooney, Kathy Bates, Sissy Spacek..etc. And the costumes are ones that have a hypnotic effect on you as you hear the voice of that celebrity instructing you.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 4 2
The Bear Playing the Tuba
The Bear Playing The Tuba
Written by: Kevin O. [whatisstrangelov]
June 13, 2018 10:37 PM
The old tuba looked like it’d seen better days and better performances. Apart from the huge upright bell and the six nickel-buttoned tuning valves, the only thing that made this tubby instrument stand out from all the others was an engraving of a topless woman that you could barely see because of all the tarnished brass. There was clearly some intonation problems, a stuffy tone, whenever the tuba was blown into. Right now, in the walk-in coatroom, among the parkas and fuzzy mittens, a big bear took another blow into the mouthpiece and he tried to gauge the response, drawing the note out. What was a big horn blast now sounded flat and soothing, like a brass lullaby. The bear took his lips off the mouthpiece but he held the tuba in his two catcher’s-mitt paws and close to his furry botty. The bear was black and brawny, around 300 pounds and as tall as Washington Irving
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Character Sheet Kristal

Name: Kristal
Race: Human/Elf
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Age: 58
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'6"
Cup Size: B-cup
Relatives: TBD
Powers: magical arts, enchanting
Occupation: treasure hunter, enchanter
Description: Kristal seeks to develop her skills as an enchanter and revive lost magical devices, as well as develop new ones. To accomplish this, she has joined the Storm Foxes treasure hunter guild, both to fund her research and to search for lost enchantments. When they find rare or complex enchanted items, she would often want to keep them for studies, attempting to duplicate their magic. However, she has made no progress with items of purely divine origins.
She established an on-again off-again relationship with fellow guild member Dierk. Most of the time, their break-ups are amicable and they move onto other partners while still remaining on the same dime. However, they aren't above making jabs at each other's sex lives.
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Clone Personal Walker
Clone Personal Walker
The Clone Personal Walker was a two legged walker that was suited for recon, patrol and light ground support roles in areas that had terrain that was difficult for wheeled, tracked or even some repulsor craft couldn't navigate as an alternate, heavier version of the AT-RT. The pilot controlled the Personal Walker from an enclosed cockpit with the advanced sensors and gyro systems keeping it well balanced and sure footed on rough terrain. The Personal Walker was built more for heavier support than the AT-RT, with heavier armour, a full turret behind the cockpit fitted with dual lasers. The heavier armour and turret make the Personal Walker slower and less maneuverable than the AT-RT, but allowed it to operate in environments such as the vacuum of space, where the AT-RT couldn't. The Personal Walker wasn't produced in large numbers and only assigned to a few groups that specialized in heavy assault and sieges during the Clone Wars.
The Personal Walk
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How To Fix Kingdom Hearts, Part I
I adore the Kingdom Hearts series, but the story and overarching plot has become increasingly jumbled and convoluted, often using microscopic details to explain things, retrofitting things into the timeline, and falling into a few plotholes. Character motives can often be confusing, so I thought it might be fun to see if I could fix the script and story, condenscing the story into just a single trilogy of games, with Birth By Sleep serving as a prequel. I’d like to keep this brief, as I have a habit of blabbing on, and tackle some major plot points with things that bug me, or could do with some retooling.
Kingdom Hearts is a near-perfect game with a decent storyline and a mythology that is simple enough to follow. Kingdom Hearts is the source of all life in the universe. The Keyblade can unlock hearts of people, and those of the worlds. The Heartless, which are hearts corrupted by darkness, seek out other hearts in an attempt to fill the void. Xehanort (or A
:iconevilgidgit:Evilgidgit 4 0
I would like to do an Rp with foot fetish or foot dom where I play the sub.It can include various other things as well like shrinking or growing,wrestling, or almost anything.We can discuss any details in dm, feel free to message me if you are interested.
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Indumati Moon Gauge (and Strawberry Moon)
Indumati has a special gauge known as the "Moon Gauge"
It starts at new moon, and builds up each time she attacks. 4 times until it becomes full.
Once that happens, she can use the power of the Strawberry Moon to transform into a Moon Form.
When it moon form, whatever form it is gets a boost and abilities in particular areas...such as her Holy Silver Moon form being able to use Chaos Destroying Silver Moonlight to it's fullest.
Of course, the gauge will start to wane after the first turn, 4 turns until it goes to the cycle of the new moon, at which point, the transformation will end.
What is Strawberry Moon?
Well, you see, Indumati has, due to human blood, an imbalance in her that merges light and dark into madness and corruption, which is the result of her Red Moon transformation and the curse the red moonlight imparts upon her that can turn her into a psychotic and delusional succubus.
The Strawberry Moon, however, has the blessing of Luna by mixing Luna's Dream and Light magic with
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WoW DHARMA Initiative Swan Station Orientation by l33tn3rdz WoW DHARMA Initiative Swan Station Orientation :iconl33tn3rdz:l33tn3rdz 2 0
Bungo Dairies
About the children of authors and their lives. One of the main characters is Sonoko the daughter of Dazai Osamu and Michiko Ishihara and many more at that.
* Human
* Feiwa (Cat People)
* werewolves
* Unicorn
* Little known but some hybrids between two species
Main Setting(s):
* Chinka High
* Chinka Middle School
* The Mall
* Sonoko's House
* Langdon's House
* The Park
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Fairy Tail - Oc (Fr)
Je verrais si je referais la fiche, en version anglaise.
Fairy Tail - Oc
Nom: Sagas Mangal
Pouvoir: *Magie Temporelle
*Arrêter le temps de 0,1 secondes à 0,15 seconde.
*² Base en Magie de Glace
Origine, permet d’utiliser d’ancienne Magie.
Exemple: Magie chasseur de Dragon, Chasseur de dieux, Arc du Temps ect....
Histoire (point important)
        Quand il eut la rafle des enfants, il put s’échapper grâce a son pouvoir.
En grandissant il renforça sa magie, et fit quelque mission dans les villages.
    Il eut une relation, avec Ultia Milkovich.
Puis durant la période avant la disparition, des mages puissants de Fairy Tail.
Ultia revit Mangal, pour lui parler quel été enceint mais pour leur projet grimoire Heart.
Avoir un enfant en bas âge, serait dure de s'en occuper et pourrait les gênait.
Mangal eut une idée s'il combine leur pouvoir, pour créer une sort
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