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NEW - Flash's Log Entry 5
PHEW OKAY!! TIME TO WRITE ANOTHER ONE OF THESE!! Wow it’s been a LONG time now, I’m really sorry! Honestly not much has really happened these past few months, we were all just really busy.
I’m just gonna get straight to the point, Alien had to serve time in a hospital.
Remember back when I thought it was really funny that he gets worked up about off-brand food? Well… now I’m getting paranoid and I feel like maybe I should also do that, because Alien came down with a food poisoning, and it was.. bad.
It’s a good thing that we can both breathe in space, because otherwise all the throwing up would probably kill us both. Poor thing had to drive too, since I can’t do it.
I feel bad not just for mocking him about being picky, but also because I thought that this is going to be a quick hospital visit but it turned out that he was in a pretty bad condition.
I learned a lot though. Sapurrians are really sturdy type of alien that can take a lot of things
:iconneonufo:neonUFO 17 9
Pika-Me? Pika-You! (Samus/Pikachu Heart-Swap TG)
The clash of two warriors in a desperate struggle for dominance is truly a sight to behold. There is truly no bigger way to prove this than that contest of champions known as "Super Smash Bros." Powerful Nintendo characters from across many fictional universes come together to fight each other in this nonstop brawl, to prove which is the strongest.
One such battle was raging atop a small floating platform known as "Final Destination". Final Destination was a single hovering mechanical plateau, one that was covered in beautiful crystals. Glowing red lines covered said crystals, while also covering the stage itself. The stage also had a strange rocket-booster-like device attached to the bottom of it, which allowed it to remain high up in the air. There were also three smaller platforms seated above Final Destination, which were magically suspended in the air.
The two fighters who were duking it out on this strange battlefield were a pair of unusual individuals. One such fighter was the s
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 40 79
Elemental Encyclopedia: Cloud

The basic of the Cloud Elementals, they are a made of water droplets and can alter their density level so that they can look like cloud people, become invisible, ore look somewhat solid. It is possible to walk through them in any of their states. They find it ticklish and will at times rap themselves around solid beings to show affection.

Aroma Elementals. They are what you would call "wannabe love elemental". They are major shippers and will make any pair the see "fall in love" in reality they are affecting peoples senses with perfumes and pheremones. They aren't really good at pairing people either as they will just through together anyone they see interacting with another person.

Stink Elementals are lazy creatures that emit terrible odors. they don't like to be disturbed so expect to find one covered in a large coud of stench. When they do interact with people they can con
:icontgdj:TGDJ 8 1
Marvel vs. Nintendo: Colossus

Real Name: Piotr Rasputin
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Russia
Eyes: Silver (Blue as Rasputin)
Hair: Black
Debut: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975)
Voice Actor: George Buza
Piotr "Peter" Rasputin was born on a Soviet collective farm called the Ust-Ordynski Collective near Lake Baikal in Siberia. He lived there with his mother Alexandra, father Nikolai, and sister, Illyana. His older brother, Mikhail, had been a Russian cosmonaut and had apparently died in a rocket accident. Peter's superhuman powers manifested during his adolescence while saving his sister from a runaway tractor. At first, Peter was content simply to use these powers to aid the other people of the collective; however he was soon contacted by Professor Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men. Xavier was recruiting a new team of X-Men to rescue the original team, most of whom had been captured by the sentient mutant isl
:iconthesweetroseprince:TheSweetRosePrince 9 6
Predator and prey: Anna vs. Masae, Round 1 corners

Esther: "We go to the corners for some advice between rounds. Let's start with red."
Yumi: "What did I tell you? She's not at your level. We don't want the fight to last too long, though. We need a knockout either in the second or third round to be on a roll and avoid a lucky punch."
Masae: "Yes."
Yumi: "I want you to vary things a bit more in the second round. Her coach will tell her to let her hands go, and that will open things up for the counterattack. In the beginning, don't just go forward and throw big shots. Let her come to you and punish every mistake. You can attack after making her vulnerable."
Masae: "Yes."
Yumi: "There was a small problem with your right hand after the knockdown. If you want to make it a looping punch, you need to step to the right and find an angle. Don't do that when going in straight."
Masae: "Got it."
Yumi: "She's yours. Make her pay the price for stepping in t
:iconalesiaboxing:alesiaboxing 11 16
USF: Neo Metal Sonic
Transformation: Metal Sonic melts into liquid metal and then rises up into his new form. This can only be done after Metal Sonic’s standard form
Required Items: Hedgehog Data
Name: Neo Metal Sonic (Ryan Drummond/Junichi Kanemaru)
Alternate Skins:
Proxy- Metal now has some traits and color schemes of Eggman
Chrome Hex- Metal is now as a monochrome silver color covered with a hexagon grid
Shadow- Metal Sonic has Shadow's color scheme
Propaganda- Coloring resembles an alternate cover for IDW’s 9th issue
Captain- A variation of Metal Sonic's pirate version
Missing Link- Has traits of Justice from the Guilty Gear series
Dark Lord- His armor now resembles Darth Vader
Intro Quotes:
"All living things kneel before your master!"
"I'll give a fair chance, but it's not like you can win."
"Prepare for annihilation!"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
(Vs. Self) "All other copies will be destroyed!"
(Vs. Sonic) "We meet again, my loathsome copy."
(Vs. Super/Hyper Sonic) “Come to me.
:iconomegamorph:OmegaMorph 9 0
Thanks For The Save?
Amazing Drawing from Loganive
When Aina was walking to the parking lot she was ambushed by a couple Modern students surprising and frightening the bespectacled teacher.
Aina *frightened* : "Oh please not now I don't have time to deal with this I just want to go home!"
 Unsurprisingly the students didn't care and just ignored her so one of them quickly gave Aina an atomic wedgie revealing her heart printed panties. The atomic blinded her, and the students moved her away from the parking lot. Aina was desperately trying struggle her way out but it was hopeless.
Aina *in an atomic wedgie*: "Egjhghg can you at least tell me where are you taking me please!"
The students ignored her and kept on walking. After Aina and the Modern students walked for a while until they finally stopped. Aina felt that she was on grass.
Modern Student 1: "Alright we're here take her underwear off her head"
The Modern students undid the atomic a
:iconretroann01:Retroann01 19 3
The Smash Bros. Look: Professor E. Gadd

GAME: Luigi's Mansion (2001)
CREATOR: Nintendo
Ideal Voice Actor: Kazumi Totaka
BIO: Professor Elvin Gadd is the Mushroom Kingdom's leading expert on the topic of ghosts: the restless spirits of those who have long since passed away. He lives in a house near Luigi's haunted mansion, and has always been kindly enough to bequeath to Luigi his many inventions to assist in the battle against the supernatural.
Neutral A: Professor E. Gadd uses the Elemental Medals to firstly blast a short stream of water out of the Poltergust 3000, then a equally short stream of ice, and finally a slightly longer stream of fire. The stream of water deals 2% with a little knockback, the stream of ice deals 3% also with a little knockback and can freeze enemies if they are right in front of Professor E. Gadd and the stream of fire not only deals 4% with mild knockback, but also burns enemies.
:iconsunnyspells11:SunnySpells11 8 7
Rubberband Girl And Furnace Guy: Origins Part 1
John Hanes and Rebecca Midwal walked out of the cinema. John wasn't into the movie he just saw in the cinema. "Gorgon VS the Rubber Woman". A movie about a giant sea dragon called Gorgon that battles an elastic russian superheroine. While John wasn't into it, his girlfriend Rebecca didn't think it was that bad. But before she could voice her opinion, both John and Rebecca heard a loud monstrous screech coming from an abandoned power plant. "Did you hear that?" Rebecca said. "That didn't sound real at all. And why would it come from that power plant that has been abandoned for 2 years?" John replied, knowing that something wasn't right. He decided to go and investigate.
Rebecca followed him into the power plant. "Ew, what died here, a mutant skunk?" Rebecca commented about the stench inside the power plant. "Okay, whoever you are, you aren't pranking---" Suddenly a quiet hiss was heard, and John and Rebecca saw something that they wished they didn't. The thing they saw was humanoid in s
:icontoadstool-comics:Toadstool-Comics 5 3
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Evil Cole MacGrath
[Evil Cole MacGrath]
Name: Cole MacGrath
First Appearance: infamous (2009)
Occupation: Former Bike Courier, Conduit
Abilities: Conduit Powers that involve him being able to channel and shoot electricity.
Weapons: AMP
Bio: Granted dangerous new abilities by the Ray Sphere, Cole is consumed by a thirst for more power, however it can be gained. His remorseless and single-minded path shapes his powers toward the sinister and destructive, turning him into a shell of his former self.
Intro: Cole falls down from the sky and lands creating a red lightning shockwave around him as he lands. He’ll then stand up straight and puts his AMP on his back and gets ready to fight.
Intro Quotes:
“You can’t stop me!”
“Time for action!”
“Pack it in folks. It's already over.”
(Vs. Any Marvel Hero) “A hero trying to stop me? How cute.”
(Vs. M.O.D.O.K) “You are on ugly Conduit.”
(Vs. Sentinel) “Sending gigantic toys after Conduits no
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 8 9
Werewolf List.
- Wayne (Hotel Transylania trilogy)
- Shaggy (Scooby Doo And The Reluctant Werewolf)
- Wolfgang Smith (Big Bad Beetleborgs/Beetleborgs Metallix)
- Clawdeen Wolf (Monster High)
- Stirba (Howling II: Your Sister Is A Werewolf)
- David Kessler (An American Werewolf In London)
- Tommy Dawkins (Big Wolf On Campus)
- Will Randall (Wolf)
- Eddie Quist (The Howling)
- Marsha Quist (The Howling)
- Mr Wolf (A Bear's Christmas Tale)
- Scott Howard (Teen Wolf)
- Oz (Buffyverse)
- Clawd Wolf (Monster High)
- Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers)
- Midnight Lycanroc (Pokémon)
- Monroe (Grimm).
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 4 5
Ultimate Destiny: Alucard
Name: Vlad Tepes III
Gender: Male
Debut: Hellsing (1997)
VA: Crispin Freeman (English) Jouji Nakata (Japanese)
Title: Hellsing's Trump Card
Alternate Costume: Rio de Janero Outfit
Signature Stage: Hellsing Mansion
Intro: Alucard drops onscreen, holding the Casull and Jackal out to his sides, before slowly levitating to the ground and aiming his handguns at the camera with a sadistic smirk.
Intro Quotes
"Why hello there, friends."
"There will be bloodshed."
"Don't give up. Giving up kills people."
"I wonder what you taste like."
Outro: Alucard turns to the camera and grins before pointing the Jackal at it, his cloak blowing behind him.
Outro Quote: Better luck next time, perhaps?
Results Screen Quotes
"I enjoyed the massacre. Farewell."
"Oh? What's this? Are you resigning yourself to defeat? Very good, it's an honour to face a good sport."
"It was a fun battle. I believe I will spare you, so that we may have a rematch someday."
"Ah, such succulent blood...I believe I will have some
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 9 7
Introducting Greta (Late 2018)
Name: Greta
Age: 17 - 22
Gender: Female ♀
D.o.b: 24th April 1997
Nickname(s) Grandma, Kitten Princess, Gretsuo,  Cutie,  Gretma
Occupation: Student,  Part timer
Hair Colour: Light Grey
Eye Colour: Hazel Green
Likes :
- Going to libraries and books
- Watching Action, Comedy, Horror,Science fiction movies
- Listening to Classical music,  rock pop, Remixes and Nightcore
- Anime and Manga
- Sewing
- Playing any genre of Video games (Including going to arcades)
- Cats and dogs
- Geography
- Boots and converses
- Hoodies
- Making any form of art
- Fashion
- Mocking hilarious ripoffs (I.e Mockbuster Movies and terrible video games)
- Being accused of something she didn't do
- Backstabbing
- ungrateful,  rude, inconsiderate,  annoying,  rude people
- People who don't say Please or Thank you
- Dealing with Filthy surfaces and materials
- Delayed Transport
- Ripoff Movies and video games
- People who g
:iconadammuddyfox:AdamMuddyfox 5 4
Death Battle Moveset: Mario
Biography: Born as one of the seven Star Children, Mario and his brother Luigi started out as New York plumbers. Eventually, he found himself in the mystical land known as the Mushroom Kingdom, where he would achieve many spectacular feats of heroism over the years. He's saved the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil Koopa King Bowser, played various sports, been a doctor at one point, and traveled through the cosmos themselves. Mario really needs no introduction.
Play Style: Mario would be a very easy character to use and play. With decent ranks in pretty much every stat, Mario is one of the most well-rounded characters in the games, making him sort of a jack-of-all-trades. His attack speed is also incredibly quick, meaning he shines in close-ranged combat, though his long-ranged attacks can help him fight from a distance if he needs to. However, this comes with the price of making him pretty predictable to people who know what they're doing.
Entrance: A Warp Pipe appears on
:iconyellowflash1234:YellowFlash1234 11 2
Hammerhead Cages DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #113 (October, 1972)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 265 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Occupations: Crimelord, Hit-Man
Aliases: Joseph (last name unrevealed)

-An underrated foe to the Spider-man.
-Constantly gives him trouble, despite having no real powers.
-Fled from the Soviet Union with his family.
-Was involved in a major gang war against Wilson Fisk.
-Kidnapped Aunt May.
-Allied himself with Chameleon in the Lobo Brothers Gang War.
-Built up an army of costumed supervillains during Civil War and even gave Iron Man & S.H.I.E.L.D some trouble.

:iconbangjang96:BangJang96 19 1
Mari Self Insert Character Sheet
Name: Mari, real name withheld
Age: Old as the first Jurassic Park/World film (birthday: July 21)
Zodiac Signs: Cancer (Western), Water Rooster (Chinese), Iguana (Primal)
Hometown: Daly City, San Mateo County, California, USA
Racial Ancestry: Chinese-Filipino
Physical Appearance: Black hair with caramel/brown ombré highlights, dark brown hooded eyes, neutral fair skin, 4’10”, right-handed, needs glasses
Hobbies/Activities: Reading, writing, listening to music, Net surfing, traveling, running, swimming, badminton, cooking, messing with beauty products, shopping, hanging out with her family and friends
Current Job: Assistant Librarian in the Daly City Public Library
Dream Job: Writer of Stories
She’s that socially awkward nerdy girl you may come across in high school. Timid though not painfully shy, as she just wants to have some me time sometimes & prefers to have a small circle of
:iconmariposalass-93:MariposaLass-93 4 7
Giantess Vore Story by mydood Giantess Vore Story :iconmydood:mydood 7 0
Tangled the Series goes Populist
It may seem strange that I'm talking about a Disney's animation series at the moment but I have no doubt that the rise in populism has had an effect in making films and television series. Basically, in the first episode of the second series, Eugene, Rapunzel, Lance, Hookfoot, Casandra, and Shorty end up making a stop at a city state known as Vardaros which by it's culture, I could only assume it might be somewhat based off of Romanian culture based on the direction they were heading. Though ironically, the city that Eugene and Lance had so long remembered and cherished seems to have fallen in decay. This is at first the case because it is ruled by a crime lord that our heroes know otherwise as the baron. Though he is defeated in an effort to save Eugene from being forced in marriage to the baron's daughter, the Baron's right hand man, Weasel, ends up threatening to take over the city and then squeezing more revenue out of the hands of the already financially drained population.
:iconlordelthibar:LordElthibar 4 1
A Maiden and Her Knight: Christmas Special

Gabriel starts to wake up, his eyes slowly opening when his bladder decides to wake him from the afternoon nap that both he and Ashley had decided to take. He starts to roll over when he notices that something feels off. Ashley doesn't feel as soft as she normally does. For months he has been sleeping on her, in her loving embrace with his head between her breasts all while listening to the soothing sound of her heartbeat. So he can tell when something feels off about where he is sleeping. He looks around, noticing that he isn't on Ashley but is actually on her bed, covered up with a piece of cloth like it is a blanket. He looks around Ashley's room, seeing no signs of her.
     "Ashley?" he calls out, wondering where she is. He doesn't even see Cuddles on the bed either, always opting to sleep next to Ashley every night, who rarely leaves Ashley. He stands up, the mattress moving beneath his feet a bit
:iconrenulen:Renulen 3 3
Superpowered Catastrophe: Bushido

Special Moves:
Gekidou-Zan: QCB + LA (He launches a cyan-colored ground wave from the Mirai-Ken towards his opponent.)
Rasetsu-Zan: HCF + MA (He charges the Mirai-Ken and does a powerful slash to his opponent, similar to Strider Hiryu's Excalibur. Hold MA to delay the move.)
Tsukimaru-Zan: DP + HA (He swings the Mirai-Ken like a crescent moon upwards to slash his opponent, similar to Moriya Minakata's Ittou Sogetsu.)
Tatsuryuu-Zan: HCF + LA (He hops towards his opponent. At contact, does a shoulder flip to his opponent before impaling him/her in the back before he kicks him/her to the other side.)
Raikage-Zan: QCB + A (He assumes a defensive stance. If his opponent attacks, he rushes towards his opponent with a zapping slash, collapsing him/her down or falling to the ground if he/she
:icongreatdragonkid:GreatDragonKid 4 13