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Culture Profile: Universal Collective


The Universal Collective ("Collective") is a galactic scourge that, in the wake of the Third Federation-Imperial War, has a limited presence in the Milky Way. The Collective has control of systems on the fringes of Federation and Alliance space, with a stronger presence in Xeno Alley. There are an uncountable number of artificial, Collective-constructed megastructures hiding in intergalactic space.
Natural Physical Appearance
The Collective assimilates any species or machine it encounters and deems useful, and renders useless biomass and machine mass down into its constituent chemicals for the use in industrial processes. This makes the concept of a "natural physical appearance" inapplicable to the Collective. The Collective does produce machinery of it own design, which have a typically angular, blue or gray metal aesthetic, similar to that of the Federation during the Third Federation-Imperial War. However, irregularities also appear as nanogel "growths." T
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The Wonders Part 2


The Wonders’ mini jet arrived on the scene above the buildings within ten minutes, Wildcard walking out of the town hall with a prized artifact from the city’s centennial. “Remember, we’re a team; we work together” Titan said before the door opened and the five heroes ran out onto the street. “Hey, buddy! This would be a lot easier if you just returned that” Jeeo proposed as the gang eyed the blonde villain. “Who said I was your buddy?” he replied before shooting a thick red blast of energy toward the group. Blink poofed Houdini out of the way while Nitro snagged Titan and Jeeo to dodge the attack. “W
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Orange Tango Advert (Orangutan TF)
It was a snowy and cold day outside, one that would make it difficult for anyone to set foot outside. The human named James was taking advantage of this cold day, and was sitting inside with little else to do. James was dressed in his average inside attire. He was wearing a green and black plaid shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. Adorning his rather large feet were a pair of plain orange socks.
James had shaggy brown hair, a fairly skinny frame, and stood at about 5 feet 10 inches tall. James stretched his long lanky arms, while he sat on his brown leather couch. He was immensely bored, with little clue as to what to do. "Eh, maybe I'll go grab a soda." Said James, as he stood up from the couch. After pulling his body off the comfortable leather cushions, James turned and started walking towards the kitchen.
James walked over to the fridge, but stopped midway. He looked around, getting the strange feeling he was being watched. James looked over both his shoulders, scanning the kitchen wi
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Neocene - Rationale for New Zealand
This is a post for those interested in the Neocene Project which was started by Paul Volkov.
My initial romance with this project was trying to expand the New Zealand fauna, as I visited New Zealand soon after discovering the project. So now I resume my invasion of this neighboring country, and will post a rationale of what is left to be added or potentially added.
Here is the section on New Zealand from the Neocene ecology summary "Portrait of the Earth"
Here we see that several animals are undescribed and will eventually be added.
Fox like canids, dwarf wolf-like canids, and small felines analogous to wildcats. There will be a large semi-aquatic North Island pig, and both montane and forest dwelling typical pigs, with both islands having subspecies of these.
-Creatively, I would add that forest-dwelling pigs could have warty growths on their faces much like african wild pigs of various kinds. I would also suggest that the sem
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Connor seeks freedom in DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Assassin's Creed III (30th of October 2012)
Full/Real Name: Ratonhnhaké:ton
AKA: Connor
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Age: 27
Gender: Human
Species: Male
Place of Birth: Kanatahséton, Mohawk Valley, America
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliation: Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins
Occupation: Assassin
Speaks like a robot sometimes
Trained Eseosa, a member of the Assassins in Saint-Domingue

:icondeathbattledino:DeathBattleDino 17 9
Noctis Takes the Throne of DEATH BATTLE!


First Appearance: Final Fantasy XV (2016).

Species: Human.

Height: 5'9".

Weight: Not Specified.

Age: 20 (most of the game), 30 (After the time skip).

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Blue (Red glow).

Occupation: Prince (eventual King) of Lucis.

Alias: Prince of Lucis, King of Lucis, Noct, King of Light, The True King, King of Fishing.

Physical Ability:

    Strength/Destructive Capacity:
:iconpokesega64:PokeSEGA64 32 11
Race: Mermaids
Race: Mermaids
Where they live
Mermaids lives mainly in the water regions of Slimea, so mainly the Rhine and Lake Blauauge. It is forbidden to pass the border over the Rhine for the mermaids.
Additionally they have a far underground water tunnel network that is connected to the Goocaves. With their ability to walk for a short time on land they can also go nearly anywhere they want.
Their homes are mostly flooded rooms in the Goocaves.
Playfully, attractive, predatory
Typical job/role
Mermaids care mostly for their water regions and manages beaches and swimming regions for visitors, meaning they work mainly as lifeguards in as tourism attraction. Swimming with mermaids is an highly popular activity in Slimea today.
Notable/Important figures
Sephania Eisenstein: The queen of the mermaids and first of her kind. She is also the sister of Queen Suchiru of Slimea and because of that, a princess of Slimea.
Ismaralde Seeschlange: Creator
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[DotW] Looking for Faces
He had been basking in the sun, enjoying the warmth on his pelt. The seasons were changing, he could feel it in his bones. While the weather remained pleasant most of autumn, he knew winter’s winds were stalking through the forests. The Eir would enjoy the warmth while it lasted, worrying that this winter might be a particularly difficult one. But then again, that was always a worry. One that reoccured each year, regardless of what he felt in his bones. Shaking his head in amusement, the silver wolf let his gaze travel across the mainden. The wolves here had become familiar, as if he had walked amongst them all his life. His pups were playing at the edge of the clearing, entertained by a pretty stone he had brought for them. Well, the girls were, at least. Arum just seemed to be glowering, as he usually did. A frown crossed his maw as he observed them from his perch, still perturbed by the boy’s peculiar behavior. Such a strange little thing, he was.
A violent shake scatter
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Linne cuts into DEATH BATLE!


Name: Linne

Age: Over 100 years old

Birthday: March 18th

Height: 141cm (4'8")

Weight: 74 lbs

Gender: Female

Bloodtype: AB



- Can destroy a town with God Mower

-Trained Hyde
-Defeated Paradox
-Strong enough to call magma from the center of the earth by just hitting the ground
-Faster than Seth
-Dodged attacks from Vatista
-Has lived over 100 years and still isn't insane

-Can defeat a robot that was designed to kill other 'In-Births' like Linne

Weapons & Equipment:

No name and Nameless
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Alana Linaki
Alana Linaki 
Age: 18
Gender: Female 
Skin Colour: Brown 
Species: Mandalorian Human 
Physical Description: Unlike her older sister Jemini Alana is not as well suited for war. Shorter, plumper and curvier, this young woman's only desires was to settle down, found her own restaurant and meet a cute guy to spend her life with. Since having her dreams dashed the younger Linaki has had to toughen up and while she is now well-muscled shes lost none of her curves nor her signature twintails, bright purple eyes still glowing with decency. 
Personality: Alana was always the more modest of the two sisters growing up. While Jemini was brash and loud in her desire to become a true Mandalorian bounty hunter Alana was quiet and far preferred the harsh but peaceful life on Mandalore. While outwardly soft and warm Alana is no pushover and has a tongue sharp as Jemini's should the situation call for it. Caring, nurturing and humble Alana merely seeks t
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Marvel vs. Nintendo: Wolverine

Real Name: James “Logan” Howlett
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Canada
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Debut: The Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)
Voice Actor: Steven Blum
Wolverine is a recurring member of the X-Men. Beneath his grisly exterior lies a noble spirit as he gradually values his allies. In the eyes of his enemies, he is a savage beast that employs extreme measures of tactics.
Intro: Wolverine drops down onscreen and crosses his arms over his chest in an "X" shape before unsheathing his claws and taking a battle stance.
Outro: Wolverine slashes his claws together, creating some sparks, before retracting them, turning his back to the camera, and glaring at the screen from over his shoulder.
Taunt: Wolverine scrapes his claws together and says, “Yer gettin’ scared?” or “Nice and sharp, alright.
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Enter Deadly Nightshade
Z’nth made his way through the forest towards the thief. It was afternoon near the edge of the southern forests of vandervale. This particular con artist had managed to swipe a hefty sum from a nearby town, plenty of jewels, and a decent supply of tears from the isle of respite. A worthy enough cause to track her down but there was something far more important at stake here.
“She took the Ver’tas Mirror…” the noble said with a furrowed brow and a bit of an anxious tone. “It’s a powerful artifact, allowing the user to predict the future and even change it. We think she has intention to take it to G’glynn… i think you understand how grave the importance of this is”
Z’nth knew all to well what that monster was capable of, with the power to predict the future in his hands… Z’nth shuddered at the thought, he wasn’t about to let that happen. The wind blew through the trees, the entire forest shuddered
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Hunt is on. (Mountain goat)
Hunting mountain goats was always an adventure, heading up to the mountain took a lot more energy than one would think. The tundra landscape was a vast world of wild plains, dense forests and winding turns. The journey was a long one, and with the weather being a sunny, albeit cold day. (there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining, it just wasn’t bringing any of the necessary warmth with it) they were all moving fatser than necessary to keep warm. Spring was here though, and Maria couldn’t wait for the hot summer days that could be wasted on lazing around the lake or by the ocean. Maria wasn’t the only one looking forward to that. Rhey was as well, granted she wasn’t too fond of the water (even if this would be her first summer and the yeti toki had no idea how hot she would be with all that fur.) Maria could already hear the pitiful whining moans she would give. Rhey was either going to have to be shaved, or deal with the water. There was no o
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Blood Curse Conclusion Casting Call!
Fair winds, Fellfangir!
The end of the Blood Curse Plot draws near. Below is the rough itinerary/timeline for the crucial RPs that lead up to and make up the climax and conclusion of the plot! Please read through these brief descriptions of the upcoming RPs and let me know which ones you'd like to be included in! I included the Resistance members that previously volunteered into the one where the whole Resistance is meeting- but for both Resistance members and Valda supporters, I need to know what the final headcount is, so please let me know what you want to sign up for. :)
Blood Curse Plot Itinerary

Moth's Discovery (Not actual title)
Moth discovers the particulars about what Valda is doing to Fable. The fox has been procuring psychoactive herbs to alter Fable's state of mind and render him susceptible to her suggestion and manipulation.
Player: Moth (with Valda featured)
Temperance and Baely Return
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Le Dieu et la Belle

Les Dieux sont des créatures humanoïdes et ont une taille très grande. Ils vivent dans des Palais autour des villes en Grèce. Ils sont nos gardiens, nos protecteurs et nos parents.
Terra est une des servantes de Alam le dieu de la Terre de la nature. Elle a été recueillie à 12 ans après la mort de ses parents. Sa beauté est ravissante, ses longs cheveux bruns bouclés et ses beaux yeux marron chocolaté. Elle est volontaire, gentille mais très timide quand elle voit un Dieu.  
Terra a peur des dieux, parce qu'ils sont géants mais si un dieu se met en colère contre elle il peut l'écraser comme un inceste.
Pour faciliter de ne pas rencontrer un dieu, Terra s'occupe des tâches où elle ne voit pas de Dieu, en échange du travail de servante, elle reçoit à manger, se laver, elle aura des habits et un endroit pour dormir.
Tous les jours, Terra
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Prelude: Jugger-Nautical Nonsense!

Mr. Krabs: Men are often defined by their resilience, strength, tenacity, and courage! So, what happens when you take two men that have shown to be unstoppable powerhouses and throw them against each other in a fight to the death? Well, that's where these two come in!
Zac: Cain Marko, the Juggernaut-
Kazuichi: -and Popeye, the Spinach-fueled sailor! Before we begin, we should give credit where it's due: :iconbreloom-da-bassgod: for the Juggernaut research, and :icondoctormoodb: for the Popeye research! Now, let's begin with the analysis!

Real Name: Cain Marko
Aliases: The Unstoppable Juggernaut; Kuurth: Breaker of Stone; Exemplar of Physical Power
Debuts: ‎The X-Men #12 (July 1965)
Height: 9'5"
Weight: 1,900 lbs
Age: Unknown

-Killed the p
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 13 17
I Need Your Prayers
To all of my friends and watchers.
I would really appreciate your prayers.
I'm having surgery tomorrow and I'm very nervous about it.
Please pray that it goes smoothly and that there are no complications.
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Monster Girl TF RP
This RP is now closed for the time being.
You're an adventurer in a medieval fantasy world full of monsters, specifically monster girls. Monster girls are monstrous women who are often driven by their lust for males, typically human ones. You could be anything from a novice adventurer, with barely any successes under their belt, to a hardened veteran with years of experience. You could be a knight, fighting up-close and personal with a sword and shield, or a mage of some kind, casting spells from a distance. No matter what kind of adventurer you are, you're soon going to have an encounter that will change your life.
Scenario A: You are delving deep into a dungeon, and find some form of cursed item, a potion, or a trap of some kind. After using, drinking, or activating whatever you found, you get turned into a lusty monster girl.
Scenario B: As you're travelling, or exploring a dungeon or cave, you get attacked by a monster girl and attempt to defend yourself. T
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Elemental Blitz: Liang Shu


Comes with a "Jiang Shi" skin for Sanguiny as well as a "Techno Cleric" skin for Jabin Gwendoline (which is a Warhammer 40k inspired armory consisting of Christian symbols everywhere).Comes with the Musician Pack consisting of music-themed outfit skins for Bryson Demarco (Jazz club)Krister Agnes (Boy band member)Abel Manyara (Rapper)
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Hailey Autumn, PI: Full Season One Episode Guide
Back in college, my friend Jeanie wrote a whole season of scripts for a TV show she was working on. She always said she wanted to write something that “smashed gender roles to smithereens” and this was supposed to be it. We were both theater majors and loved working on and talking about these things. It’s called HAILEY AUTUMN. And now—2 years after college—Jeanie is going to get to shoot the pilot and maybe the first season and she wants ME to play Taylor.
Taylor is the male lead. He’s kind of a dude in distress but whatever. It’s a HUGE BREAK for me. I can’t wait to start. I’ve read some of the scripts before but she just sent me the episode list and a break down of my part.
S01:E01 – PILOT
The premise of this episode is my best friend, Joey Martin, is kidnapped and his parents hire Hailey to investigate. Jeanie plays Hailey of course, which she will do an awesome job at. She’s really beautiful, Jeanie&
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Black Skin, Red Blood
In the days immediately following the start of the War of Dissolution, many slaves in the south, upon hearing that Lincoln had begun his campaign against the Confederate States of America and the Republic of Texas, were excited, and hoped that it would lead to the end of slavery. As California, Cascadia-Montana, the Plains Federation, and New England seceded, these hopes were dashed as the Confederacy became independent and officially enshrined slavery into its constitution, extending their suffering even further.
In the years between 1866 and 1910, the CSA officially maintained its "peculiar institution" with a fervent passion, even as slavery began to grow economically redundant with the continuing industrialization of the Confederacy. This was more out of a sense that slavery was part of the Southron cultural identity rather than as a viable economic activity, especiall
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Temple of Snakes (anthro snake tf tg)
Jack loved Egyptian culture, everything about it spoke to him, thats why he had become an archeologist. He had devoted his entire life to discovering everything he could about them, their culture, their rituals, he knew almost everything one could possibly know about egypt, which is why this story is so surprising.
Jack and his team had spent weeks digging up and exploring an ancient tomb, which was apparantly the one of the main worshipping spaces of the goddess Isis. while searching the halls, his team had found piles of information about the history of this area, and as they dug deeper and deeper, it really felt like they were getting somewhere.
but there was nothing.
Jack was sure there was something special somewhere in there, but no matter how hard they searched they just never found anything. as weeks turned into months, jacks team began to grow weary, there were many more promising spots only a few kilometres away, and after much negotiation, jack and his team moved on to the n
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