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Earth: The Stirring Giant
Earth is the homeworld of humanity, and the most populated region of the Solar System. By most estimates, the majority of humans live on Earth. Once the natural core of human power in the Solar System, Earth declined in the latter half of the third millennium, becoming dominated by the Orbital powers. It is only recently that Earth has started to reassert itself as a player on the interplanetary stage, with the great powers of the American Empire, American Directorate, and African Federation slowly making their mark in the Solar System.
Earth’s environment is the template upon which all other planets, moons and habitats are based, as it is the home environment of the human species. However, rampant industrialism has led to the gradual environmental degradation of the planet. The release of greenhouse gases, both from man-made and natural sources, led to a runaway warming effect, flooding much of the planet. Air and water pollution, particularly those resulting from the rise of Ea
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Up North
For a large number of years, Canada was the “Good” one of Britain’s dominions: politically stable, stayed loyal during the American Rebellion, and willingly cooperated with Britain. In 1867, not long after the horrors of the War of Dissolution scared many Canadians out of the idea of republicanism, the “Dominion of Canada” was formed as a federation of an initial five provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. Over the years, these 5 provinces would see the number grow to 10, but things began to grow more and more problematic over that time.
The breakup of the United States gave a lot of people around the world ideas. Many, many separatist movements exist around the world can trace inspiration to the shattering of the United States of America. Canada
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Raising stakes: Alesia vs. Katia, Round 5 corners

Esther: "Round 5 has been freshly printed in the books and we turn to the coaches for their spin. Starting with red."
Ally turns and walks the short distance to her corner after getting smacked at the bell.
Regina: "I find you inconsistent in this fight. You had two brilliant rounds but have been supbar in the three others. I know you can fight better than that. You don't lack the fitness or confidence."
Alesia: "I... I know. Gotta raise my game."
Regina: "You landed good shots in the last round, but have taken too many of them as well. She had a clear advantage with power shots and it's most likely that she's ahead now. I want less trading, more chess. Fight from outside, not from inside. You can do everything else right if you nail this part."
Alesia: "Yes. I'll do better."
The former world champ puts vaseline on her face and gives her water.

In the blue corner, La
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Capcom vs. Nintendo: Gravity Beetle

Name: Gravity Beetle
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Unknown
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Debut: Mega Man X3 (1995)
Voice Actor: Patrick Seitz
Though he was once a loyal member of the Maverick Hunters’ 17th Unit, Gravity Beetle now harbors a grudge towards Mega Man X for destroying his younger brother, Boomer Kuwanger. He deserted his duties and joined Dr. Doppler’s forces in order to satisfy his vendetta. Gravity Beetle has modified an aerial transport he stole from Maverick Hunter HQ into a flying fortress, and has been assaulting airfields around the world. His ability to manipulate gravity and create black holes makes him a fearsome opponent.
Intro: Gravity Beetle lands on the battlefield, with a gravitational aura surrounding him as he gets into his fighting stance.
Outro: Gravity Beetle raises his arms up in the air as debris f
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The New Girl of the La Royal Swans Script
*la royal swans misadventures logo
It was a dawn morning on an empty highway.
A bike was driving & made a stop at
the welcoming sign to Inkopolis.
*tutorial splatoon 2 starts
???: "It's been so long,I'm surprised it hasn't changed a bit while I was away."
She was looking at the horizon at the city
She was holding an envelope,her face is out of view
???: "Well,guess it's time to make a comeback after 3 years." lower face smiled.
She hopped back on her bike,on her side were her duelies,she revved up and drove off to the city.
The envelope landed on the ground near the sign.
On the front has the Royal Swans Emblem.(fades to black)
               Movie intro title
    The New Girl of the Royal Swans
*cozy campfire miitopia plays
In a bright morning at the park,she was sitting on a bench eating an apple.
She was looking at the letter she
received (flashback to this morning)
She was outside the house,she checked h
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Is Everyone this Sweaty or is it just Me? Part 2/2
(Fat nerds on the beach. A lot of chattin' )
Buki didn’t often visit the beach, in fact this was probably the second time she’d ever set foot on it. This sure was the first time she’d ever done such in the summer. To be honest, it wasn’t her favorite experience thus far. A day that was supposed to be just some nice, relaxing fun with her friends had devolved into this neverending display of slapstick performed by the city’s colorful cast of heroes and villains. She found recluse from it all in Tataki; the gassy glutton who was colloquially known as “The Scourge of Lowtown.”  A girl whose hobbies included gorging and getting, and wouldn’t let anything stop her from completing the cycle.
KRAAACK! And there went the vending machine, the third one thus far. Buki just watched it happen, at least she wasn’t beating up people!
The automated shop fell onto its side burst open, glass and cans of soda rolled out onto the bo
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Rose Alra and the Hawtsprings
Slimea character
Name: Rose Alra
Race: Cat-girl
Job: Hot Spring operator
Birthday:  Nov 15 2000
   Rose is a very affectionate and loving cat-girl, she loves to play particularly with her bubbles.   she does occasionally have extreme mood swings
Bubbles, relaxing, helping people, having fun. taking baths in the hawt springs.
upset people, people hiding from their emotions, scaredy cats, being lonely.
Rose was born and raised in the Zoterberger region and was changed into a catgirl having always been fond of cats. One day she was exploring some of Slimea's wilds, when she found some hot springs. the Hot springs were large all these wonderful bubbles coming from it. Tired, Rose slipped in and relaxed. she had at some point fallen asleep. When she woke up in a bubble surrounded by the pink mist. The bubble popped and she couldn't help but start laughing and wanted to have fun despite th
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Dungeons and Damsels: Shadow Silk Sera
"Why are we all the way out here again?  I'm pretty sure the low level area was to the south of Whetstone, not east!  This is mid-level territory!  Dark Elf territory!"  Winnie whined, looking around the small clearing in the woods tentatively whilst Sera swiped through her Stats page nearby.  
"Why, yes it is my intrepid Winnie!  Dark Elves have a chance to drop Drider Silk, remember?" Sera answered, keeping her attention to the distribution of her recently acquired Bonus Points for Leveling Up.  "More Struggle...more Will?  Ehhhh, more Speed!  Won't get caught if I'm too fast for 'em!"  Sera reached out to touch the floating display arrayed in front of her, projected like a hologram.  In Dungeons and Damsels, she was standing in Dreadmore Forest, decked out in comfortable ninja attire, quite possibly surrounded by a Dark Elf raiding party nearby.
In the real world, she was a high school student, laying com
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Quartermaster Kraw'Ta
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Skin Colour: Bright Yellow
Species: Twilek
Physical Description: Kraw is a rotund and hefty looking Twilek with an easy smile and a charming face. While not as obese as Orn Free Ta, he is by no means as lithe as many of his species. Barrel-chested with a belly Kraw is what he calls 'healthily fat'. Despite his pudgy appearance underneath the fat are the muscles of a wrestler which he uses to great effect. His eyes are a striking green while his teeth remain un-filed, a rarity among his people.
Personality: Jovial, helpful and straightforward to a fault there appears to be not much of a subtle bone in Kraw's fleshy body. Beneath his jokes and friendly personality, Kraw is a deeply attentive social animal who keeps his ear to the ground at all times. Laid back due to his love rith’ki root and advanced age, Kraw will be the first to talk your ear off and offer some hard-earned wisdom. 
Home Planet: Ryloth 
Abilities: In his youth
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RWBY/JP Dinosaur Files: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex (aka T-Rex)

Name Meaning: Tyrant Lizard King

Diet: Carnivore

Era: Late Cretaceous (68-65 Million Years Ago)

Family: Tyrannosauriade

Height: 3.5 meters (11.48 feet) on average

Length: 13.5 meters (44.29 feet) on average

Weight: 7 tons

The most famous dinosaur in the history of paleontology is undoubtedly Tyrannosaurus Rex. This 7 ton, 13 meter long predator was the apex of it's time. In Remnant's prehistoric past, they ruled for the last 3 million years of the age of the dinosaurs and they ruled with almost total supremacy. Most of the creatures that shared their domain would have spent their lives in fear of running into this nightmare on legs. Their domain was where the continent of Saunus stands now, stretching from where the Emerald Forest is to as far as where Vacuo now stands. Recent e
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HL :: Wine Festival (Chat Event) by Wiree HL :: Wine Festival (Chat Event) :iconwiree:Wiree 4 0
Death Battle: Clowns, why did it have to be Clowns

Marcus: All right, the combatants got all their bags of goodies ready, the night has come, and it's time for the killer clowns to do their thing on this night of Halloween~
Deicy: It's time for a CLOWN DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!
Gotham City Circus, October 31'st, 8:17 p.m.

Halloween night, the perfect time for families and children of all ages to go about the night to have the most fun possible, trick or treating, going door to door, or doing what the families are currently doing, going to the special one time a year Halloween Gotham Circus, having the most frightful sights, the scariest of food and yet having the tastiest candy. It was a night to enjoy, as there was ice cream all around, some good food from a local fast food chain and a masked magician putting on a show.
It was all looking so nice and peaceful--
The soun
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Ondmuna - Fellfang's Autumn Festival of Souls

“The Night of Souls”
(Etymology: Ond = “Soul/Spirit”, Muna = “Memory/Remember” in Old Norse)
The days are growing shorter, and the color of the leaves has begun to change. With the changing of the season comes the annual Autumnal celebration of the Fellfangir: Ondmuna. As Autumn draws over the territory, Fellfangir believe that the fabric between different realms is at its thinnest, which means that beings from other places are more likely to interact with the Earthen realm. Ondmuna, the night that the fabric is at its most delicate, Fellfang celebrates the memory of their ancestors, lost loved ones, but also ward themselves against the more malevolent of spirits from the spirit realm. 
Timeframe: This time of year is considered to stretch from September to early November, but the night of Ondmuna is in late October (wolves don’t have calendars so the ex
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Summer Festival Chapter 5 part 2
The Swimsuit Contest
The members of Giantastics are shopping for a new swimsuits. Titanya hold up a blue bikini and wonders whether she allowed to show off a bit or not. Colossa asks her why it's giving her such a hard time because she feel like her chest is to small to show off. Gaia tell her to leave her alone.
Nijia holds up an purple bikini with interest, saying she'll get it. Kaila states that she'd expect that from Nijia, as she is so refined. Nijia walks over holding a pink swimsuit saying that it's perfect for her, and Nijia looks at it in horror, debating inside her head whether she should up for herself or not. Before she can say anything, however, Nijia is already buying it for her.
Jena is seen looking at a flowery swimsuit, complaining that are no cute swimsuits for her size
People such as herself. Momo then walks over to her, holding up a purple and revealing swimsuit, saying that it is perfect for Jena. Jena panics and says there is way she would wear th
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Pups Save Friendship Day - PAW PATROL FANFIC
Episode - Pups Save Friendship Day
It was Friendship Day, the sun was shining and the scent of fresh, green grass blew into my truck through the open window as I drove along towards Adventure Bay. I had just come from Foggy Bottom - where it had been particularly foggy and much cooler than where I was now. Then, I saw Paw Patrol 02 approaching - with quite the mountain of cakes on board. I slowed down to let Chase pass by - but before we even got close to one another I saw Chase struggling to control his truck, he swerved across the road and screeched to a halt, the cakes falling onto one another - and onto poor Chase!
"Oh no!" I said out loud, though obviously nobody could hear me. I stopped a little ways in front of his truck and paced over to him. Chase had jumped down from his truck and shaken off the cake frosting that had splattered onto him.
"...and my tires are as flat as pancakes! There's no way I'm getting to Foggy Bottom now!" I heard Chase cry out.
"Hey, Chase! What happene
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Super Smash Bros Bio: Spider-Man

Real Name: Peter Parker
Weight Class/Playstyle: Lightweight. Spider-Man's tactics often rely on out-speeding opponents and trapping them, and, as such, he can easily out-maneuver opponents with his impressive ground and air speed. His neutral attacks, both his A and B moves, are mainly used to get around opponents and escape tricky situations as quickly as possible. He is a very fast character with small hurtboxes and has multiple moves that activate instantly and act out of quickly, but this does pose an issue in terms of his physical strength. His recovery options, including a wall-cling, make him a really strong character off-stage. Despite his exceedingly above average speed, Spider-Man himself doesn't hit too hard and his small hurtbox also translates into mostly small hitboxes, meaning that most hits Spidey lands absolutely need to count, even if he can escape undesirable situations quickl
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Guardian Angel Sisters of Fall
One day after an explosion in Angel Falls University, it was a disaster as there were a few lives lost. A professor, and a cousin of the Taylor sisters. However, their cousin Atlas is not dead. Their other cousin was killed. Weeks after the incident, the twins were given a animal to assist them. It resembled mouse and a fairy at the same time. They tried to stop the furry friend of theirs, but it led them to an abandoned warehouse as the twins realized most of their Pluses were being produced in a machine. P.L.U.S (Perpetual, long lasting, ubiquitous, Structobot.) is a small bot that combines with other pluses to construct anything the wielder desires. After escaping from a crazy cloaked figure, they tried to report the police but they did not believe them. They later thought for themselves but they were in a slump. They tried to turn on the television to help jog their brains, suddenly there is a commercial and the contact number for the Guardians in case if anyone wants their
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La Ti Da
Morris sits upon the stairs leading to his eccentric abode, as he listens to the click-clack of horses hooves upon the cobblestone road. He can hear the hiss of the gas supplying the nearby lantern it’s flame. His fashionable clothing went out of style when the pilgrims’ landed in the Americas. His overly large spectacles keep sliding down his distinguished nose, despite the fact he doesn’t require them, he believes himself to look better with them on.
Flora walks toward him in a fanciful gown, a circle of fresh flowers serve as a crown upon her auburn locks that extend down to her waist. She carries a parasol over her head despite the fact that the sun set hours ago. “Hello, Morris, how do you do on this marvelous evening.”
“I feel wonderful, my lovely.” He stands holds his hand toward her and as she grasps it he raises it to his lips and places a light kiss on the back of her hand. “Should we take a carriage.”
“Of course not
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My template 12 Arcas Profile
Signo zodiacal: 
Lugar de origen: 
Interés Amoroso: 
Aliados | Amigos: (Your OC's) 
Mejor Amig@:
Peor enemig@:
Familiar | Familiares: 

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Bestiaire des terres désolées de "New Day" :
Les Chassieurs

Nom : Chassieur
Habitat : souterrains
Nourriture : de petits animaux (comme les milus ou les écailleux), mais ils leurs arrive de chasser des animaux plus gros quand ils sont en meute.
Aspect physique :
    - un corps de loup de 1 m 30 de long.
    - de grandes oreilles.
    - une absence d’yeux.
    - des pattes avant surdéveloppées.
    - une énorme mâchoire.
    - une truffe recouverte de poils sensitifs.
Niveau de dangerosité :
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XTREME ( FRESH ! CROSS ) - Character Info!

Being possessed by the Fresh parasite, he’s provided with a funny-looking outfit and bright colors, along with the word “YO” on his heart locket, and Fresh’s characteristic sunglasses. Taking off the sunglasses would reveal Cross’s soul in his right eye socket.
He likes to take a lot of unnecessary risks and act in a rather reckless manner. Behavior-wise, he’s mostly like, well, Fresh, but he tends to get more serious at times, even when it’s not really required for him to do so. He also yells a lot.
His main weapon is the “Xqueaky Hammer”, which serves almost the same functions as Cross’s hack knife – although instead of turning the victim colorless, it turns them into a neon mess. His seconda
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World of Warcraft: An Epic Quest: BIO'S
Thought I'd create my first character BIO from my WoW epic quest series, since I can do that know thanks to warcraft model viewer.

Name: Zanata Doomsword
Race: Orc
Age: 23
Class: Warrior: Arms
Likes: large weapons, outdoors, fights, taking large dumps, fighting for the horde.
Dislike: brittle/weak weapons, people taking advantage of the weak, soft/diarrhea dumps, alliance, dishonor
Zanata became an orphan at the age of nine when her parents died in battle, leaving her with her mothers friends who has been training  her at a young age already. Her warrior training had finally finished at the age of 16. After she was finished with her training, she decided to explore the world, fighting monster and alliance dogs, while continuing to honor the horde.

Name: Val'zan
Race: Jungle Troll
Class: Shaman: Elemental
Age: 26
Like: being naked, voodoo, talking to the spirits, herbs, helping others in need.
Dislikes: Prude
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