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Elemental Encyclopedia: Cosmic

Time elementals are God Like beings who alter temporal perception. They can travel through time and alter somethings Age. They are considered the Guardians of the fabric of Time You can Likely find them working with a Space Elemental

Space ELementals are the Guardians od the Fabric of Dimensions. They can fold space and teleport however they see fit without damaging the Universe. they have a type of Omnipresence, being able to see all things at once. They have mini celestial bodies that follow them and each has a unique system

Gravity Elementals are a able to manipulate any objects pull to the point that they even manipulate time to a point. They are physically strong and often have one per celestial Bodies

Plasma elementals are beings made form the same substance that the Big Bang was made of meaning the are both Energy and Matter. They are
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Elemental Encyclopedia: Cloud

The basic of the Cloud Elementals, they are a made of water droplets and can alter their density level so that they can look like cloud people, become invisible, ore look somewhat solid. It is possible to walk through them in any of their states. They find it ticklish and will at times rap themselves around solid beings to show affection.

Aroma Elementals. They are what you would call "wannabe love elemental". They are major shippers and will make any pair the see "fall in love" in reality they are affecting peoples senses with perfumes and pheremones. They aren't really good at pairing people either as they will just through together anyone they see interacting with another person.

Stink Elementals are lazy creatures that emit terrible odors. they don't like to be disturbed so expect to find one covered in a large coud of stench. When they do interact with people they can con
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Elemental Encyclopedia: Air

Wind Elementals are free spirits that literally go with the wind. they don't worry. they like to gossip but are very forgetful so they tend to share the same stories over and over.

Sound Elementals are creatures that change form based on the Music they are interested in. They are also capable of replicating any sound they here to use in any way they see fit. They can alsouse frequencies to cause visual illusions as well

Bubble elementals are childish and immature. They are usually floating around asleep in their own personal bubble. when they are awake all they want to do is play
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Rubberband Girl And Furnace Guy: Origins Part 1
John Hanes and Rebecca Midwal walked out of the cinema. John wasn't into the movie he just saw in the cinema. "Gorgon VS the Rubber Woman". A movie about a giant sea dragon called Gorgon that battles an elastic russian superheroine. While John wasn't into it, his girlfriend Rebecca didn't think it was that bad. But before she could voice her opinion, both John and Rebecca heard a loud monstrous screech coming from an abandoned power plant. "Did you hear that?" Rebecca said. "That didn't sound real at all. And why would it come from that power plant that has been abandoned for 2 years?" John replied, knowing that something wasn't right. He decided to go and investigate.
Rebecca followed him into the power plant. "Ew, what died here, a mutant skunk?" Rebecca commented about the stench inside the power plant. "Okay, whoever you are, you aren't pranking---" Suddenly a quiet hiss was heard, and John and Rebecca saw something that they wished they didn't. The thing they saw was humanoid in s
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furry critique please dont throw an entire desert
Hello, and welcome to a shitty critique or rant. The theme is furry community. To be more exact, 3 topics or around, remember I'm a furry myself although (lmao) but this is a subjective opinion to the fandom's majority.
- "Mature" furries.
Long story, short.
It's alright that we all have opinions, personal likes and etc. but being around the age of 20-25 and liking anthro animals, or to be more exact, yiff itself isn't wrong. But, let's put an example.
You're an 24 years old guy. You are in a discussion in some forum and you have a furry picture, and let's say you have an old username somewhat like "furryboy165465" or similar. You are debating about something serious af and by having THAT picture and name, no matter what your arguments are, you are ridiculizing yourself. Of course, no one will listen to someone with appearently, that "description" of itself, or at least not in a non-furry forum.
You still cosplaying in a furry, rainbow-colored fursuit. As said before, having personal t
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Folders of Society: Jay
February 12, 6:00 a.m.
“Hello?” Jay picks up, arrogantly.
There’s a deep breathing on the other side of the phone for a few seconds.
“Jay Thompson. If you hang up, we won’t hesitate to come inside. We’re outside your house now. Do as we say and we’ll let you live.”
“I don’t know who you are, and I honestly don’t much care to know. Give me what I want and I’ll give you what you want.”
“We want your niece, Sarah. We suspect that she’s the cure to this disease that will outbreak any moment.”
“If I fail to give you her, what will happen to my family?”
“The whole country will succumb to this disease. We’ll make sure there isn’t an exception to Sarah. Our crew will kill her if we have to.”
“You will give me whatever I want in return, correct?”
“Yes. We want her by tomorrow night. If you don’t give her to us by tonight, we will make sure w
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[APH:NGC] Teddy Kirkland-Jones

Theodore “Teddy” Ivory Kirkland-Jones

Age: 14
Birthday: September 30th
Gender: Cis male
Sexuality: Gay
Represents: Columbia, South Carolina (USA)
Likes: big cats, wildlife, nature, heat, the ocean
Dislikes: small dogs, enclosed spaces, chewing gum, cities, snow
Appearance: He has ashy blonde hair that closely resembles America’s in tone, and a hair curl like his father as well. His eyes are a light teal, closer to the blue side of the spectrum than green. He has sun-kissed tan skin and freckles, mostly on his shoulders. He has reading glasses, but doesn’t need them all the time. He’s pretty tall for his age, standing at 5’11”, only an inch shorter than his father. A little chubby and round-faced.
Personality: Gentle, kind, caring, and sweet, Teddy is definitely the bright flower of his family. He loves sweets (but not che
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Folders of Society
February 12, 2013, 11:12 p.m
A man suddenly walks in, on the phone. “Charlie, listen to me, he is the only chance we have to survive. You know this,” says the man, noticing his daughter is on the living room couch in front of him, asleep. Then he says, a bit quieter, “He is the contractor.” …  “I unders- I understand. Let’s talk about this in the morning, alright? Goodnight.”
“Fun day at work, wasn’t it, dad?” asks Paige.
“What are you doing up at this time of night, Paige?” asks Tom.
“Oh shoot, what time is it?”
“Way past your bedtime, Paige.”
Paige walks to the table next to the couch, being told by Tom “Please, not tonight. I do not have the energy for any of this.”
Paige grabs a fairly large box, about twice the size of the average hand, and gives it to Tom.
“Paige, let’s open it in the morning, alright? What’s this for anyway?” Tom asks.
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USF: Neo Metal Sonic
Transformation: Metal Sonic melts into liquid metal and then rises up into his new form. This can only be done after Metal Sonic’s standard form
Required Items: Hedgehog Data
Name: Neo Metal Sonic (Ryan Drummond/Junichi Kanemaru)
Alternate Skins:
Proxy- Metal now has some traits and color schemes of Eggman
Chrome Hex- Metal is now as a monochrome silver color covered with a hexagon grid
Shadow- Metal Sonic has Shadow's color scheme
Propaganda- Coloring resembles an alternate cover for IDW’s 9th issue
Captain- A variation of Metal Sonic's pirate version
Missing Link- Has traits of Justice from the Guilty Gear series
Dark Lord- His armor now resembles Darth Vader
Intro Quotes:
"All living things kneel before your master!"
"I'll give a fair chance, but it's not like you can win."
"Prepare for annihilation!"
Character Specific Intro Quotes:
(Vs. Self) "All other copies will be destroyed!"
(Vs. Sonic) "We meet again, my loathsome copy."
(Vs. Super/Hyper Sonic) “Come to me.
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Reindeer Games-Jasmine-Bio
Name-Jasmine Greenwich
Height-5 foot,4 inches
Weight-103 pounds
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Miraculous Ladybug OC: Nicolette Grinda
|Civilian Bio|
Name: Nicolette Grinda
Nickname(s): Nicole
Age: 13
Birthday: June 25th
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5'3"
School/Job: Student of Collège Françoise Dupont. Works as a street performer
Hair: Mid-back length; Pretty Twisted
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Golden/Yellow
Nationality: French
Location: France (Currently)
Appearance: White off-the-shoulder shirt with black straps and a blue snowflakes print on the left side of her shirt; Pink ruffle skirt; Black knee-length leggings; White flats; Black wrist-length gloves; Red lipstick; Black eyeliner; Red eyeshadow; Black mini top hat with peacock feather on it and dark red veil hanging on the side
|Superhero Bio|
Superhero Name: Copypus
Transformation Catchphrase: "Squiggly, time to take the stage!"
Hair: Messy and Spiky
Eyes: Left: Brown; Right: White
Appearance: Brown and white dress with 8 "appendages" surrounding her dress; White mask with brown stripes over her eyes; Reddish-brown elbow-length gloves; Barefoot; Appendage
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I kinda like you a little bit.... - (DARPG)
It was a cool crisp fall day in the kennels Lola was still in bed with Lassie Daisy Rachel and Dixie. Her alarm suddenly rang she woke up with the four dogs sitting on her. Lola in a rush said ”outside??” all four dogs popped up and ran to the door. Lola checked the time while the dogs were outside ”wait TEN O CLOCK IM LATE” Lola called the dogs back inside quickly she put the dogs away except for Daisy. She grabbed her jacket and ran out the door with Daisy to go meet up with Ari
Ari was standing under a towering red maple tree with Red and Lucky. "I wonder where she is?" Ari asked to herself, they'd planned to meet up around 10:00am at the local dog park. Red and Lucky were running around with a beautiful Husky and a very loud Jack Russel Terrier. Ari turned to see Daisy running at her.
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Storage and Survival: Chapter 5
Storage and Survival
     Chapter 5: Secrecy
Back in the Last Refuge, it was late at night. A male tiger in a hooded coat was walking into the old entrance tunnel in the eastern section of the city. With him was a male lion, who was pushing a cart with a storage trunk on it. They walked halfway down then tunnel and came to a stop, the lion then put the trunk on the ground. They then looked back to the direction they came and saw a black panther in a hoodie, walking in their direction.
“Leave us alone!” The tiger said to the lion.
“Yes master ‘Dex’.” The lion said. The tiger was non other than Dex, one of the leaders of the Last Refuge. Dex was wearing a turtleneck coat, pants and boots. He then looked to see the trunk rattling and heard muffling from inside it.
“Mmmpphmhmhmhh!” He heard from the trunk. Dex knew that there was animals inside the trunk, that he had captured.
Dex: “Shut up!” He said, after kicking
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Marvel vs. Nintendo: Machamp

Name: Machamp
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Kanto
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Debut: Pokemon Red and Green Version (1996)
Voice Actor: Eric Stuart
According to Pokédex entries, Machamp has enough strength in just one arm to move entire mountains, and sometimes when attempting to do work that requires care, its arms can become tangled up. Machamp is a very powerful Pokémon, having a high Attack stat and decent Defense stats. Another Dex entry states that it can unleash a flurry of 1,000 punches in just two seconds.
Intro: Bruno is seen sitting with his back to the camera and his legs crossed, before he gets up and turns around. Bruno then sends out Machamp from his Poké Ball, who flexes with his four arms.
Outro: Machamp flexes and crosses his arms before Bruno returns him to his Poké Ball.
Taunt: Machamp simply flex
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Siana, Uya, and the Rulers of Terra
Siana was a Marchioness chosen by Bishop to replace Queen Merium after her execution. It is theorized he chose her for her gullible and naive personality, hence her nickname as “The Puppet Queen”.
Marchioness Siana Baridian was born to Pauline O’Leah and Marquess Sebastian Baridian. Her parents disappeared shortly after her birth and she was taken into the personal care of Bishop Callex.
She was raised in secret until the fall of Merium Ashking, when Bishop, the man she knew as her father, installed her as Queen. Having raised her as long as she could remember, he was able to use her as a surrogate to control the country.
She was executed by public hanging in the days following Maria’s coronation.
Uya, also called Χάρος, meaning “Death”. He inhabits his own realm, known as τo κεvó in the Old Tongues, which is translated to ‘The Void’. This realm is, today, called the ‘Fog of Despair
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Knight Callum Yosiah and Ex-Knight Bishop Callex
Callum Yosiah lived in Northern Nisea. He was versed in swordfighting and the ways of a knight. However, he was staunchly loyal to the Ashking bloodline. Maria came to him and he became her second-in-command.
When she was coronated, he was officially knighted and named as her Prime Advisor and personal guard.
The two were inseparable. Upon Maria’s death, Callum disappeared and was never seen again.
Bishop Callex was hired as an advisor by King Quentin Ashking upon his coronation and wedding. Bishop was knighted by Queen Resme and went on to make himself very integral to the operation of the Nisean monarchy.
In the ways of history, hindsight shows us many red flags we should have noticed. Bishop’s rush to get Merium coronated before the mourning period was even over, as well as his own insistence that the halfblood population was responsible for her parents’ assassination.
Through study and investigation, we uncovered his role in the plot through letters and journals.
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I.O.N. Database Entry: FTA Industries
FTA (Future Technology of Angon) Industries is an independent research and development corporation based in the Seniko Federation. The focus of the FTA is to conduct scientific advancements for all of Angon.
FTA was founded by Senikoian scientist Vance Helios after making a breakthrough discovery after creating a latex like resin known as Gamma-56 (G56). This resin had the incredible properties of being able to transform any organic lifeform into a drone like being. However, this was only hypothesized as the Senikoian government declared tests with G56 potentially inhumane shortly after it’s discovery. This incited Helios to become an independent scientist which lead to the foundation of the FTA.
The Drone Project:
The initial tests done by Helios on volunteers proved his hypothesis true. Any sapient creature who is completely coated in G56 will swiftly have their biological structure simplified whilst not damaging them mentally. Those who underwent the drone process
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Queens Merium and Maria Ashking
Queen Merium was coronated two months after the assassination of her parents, King and Queen Quentin and Resme.
Her Prime Advisor, one Bishop Callex, became her closest confidante and father figure.
Queen Merium became convinced that the entire population of halfbloods was conniving to overthrow her and the monarchy, and began measures against this, resulting in The Halfblood Cleansing. The systematic enslavement and genocide of all halfblood within the borders of Nisea.
This soon resulted in the Halfblood Uprising, which overthrew the Ashking bloodline, executing Merium and banishing her sister, Maria.
Queen Merium was absolved of all guilt in recent years, on the argument that was both a minor, and coerced into her crimes.
Princess Maria was banished following the Halfblood Uprising. She went North, as far as we can tell, and took refuge just within the border of Astia. There she lived for upwards of ten years before starting back into Nisea.
She made her way South toward the capital
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[APG:NGC] Nikolas Beilschmidt-Braginski

Nikolas Joseph Beilschmidt-Braginski

Age: 17
Birthday: December 19th
Gender: Cis male
Sexuality: Gay
Represents: Moscow, Russia
Likes: cats, baking, boxing, driving
Dislikes: loud noises/yelling, dogs barking, needles, dust
Appearance: He has shaggy hair that is so light silver it’s almost white. His eyes are red-violet and he has very pale skin, no freckles. His eyesight is bad, so he wears contacts. He’s pretty tall, standing at 6’1” at his full height, only a few inches shorter than his father. He has a treasured scarf, though he doesn’t always wear it like his father does. Decently muscled but mostly lean.
Personality: Usually quiet, when he gets to talking there’s no stopping him. Quietly intelligent. A little bit stubborn and a lot creepy. Has a tendency to hide his face when he gets flustered. Will do anything for good f
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