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Enter... Avery
Name: Mattius Thaddeus Avery
Age: 150 years
Sex: Male
Personality: He is a really good hearted person, he has a high empathy; he hates evil en general, and betrayal.
Specialties: He is an amateur inventor, a certified paramedic, and a expert in weapons.
Location: Blight City, Lightport, Earth
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it twas very dark time. all hopes seemed to be lost, as she was inches from plummering to her death. her name was madison, and she was a 18 year old girl, and the evil boyfriend ben had her bonded and was about to throw her off of the eiffel tower with no witnesses there to see it happen. he giggled with happyness as his victim shruggled and cried for him to spare her. he grinned a wide grin as he prepared tk push her and end it all once, and for all. her terror was inimaginable as she wondered why he do this evil deed. suddenly, a nother guy appeared! he was also 18 and he was madison's OTHER byfriend and his name was mysterio!! "yay mesterik, come save my life ben going to killing me he gone crazy!". the look on both of they're faces said it all. mysterio knew what was going on. "I did not think that I vould see any of you here, in my home countre of francais (he was a french guy with a cool accent lel) vhat is you evil plan le ben misure??" ben was very surprised to see his enemy st
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Training and Earning System | WE
Adult Horse Training Career
Green Broke - One (1) Training Image
Novice - Two (2) Training Images
Intermediate - Three (3) Training Images
Advanced - Four (4) Training Images
Expert - Five (5) Training Images
Master - Six (6) or more Training Images
Showing Career
Novice - One (1) Show Entry
Intermediate - Two (2) to Three (3) Show Entries
Advanced - Three (3) to Four (4) Show Entries
Expert - Four (4) to Five (5) or More Show Entries
Experienced Professional - Ten (10) or More Show Entries
Legendary Stallion / Legendary Mare - Completed Training and Showing Careers with at least three (3) foals with a minimum of three (3) show entries
Legendary Gelding - Completed Training and Showing Careers with an additional three training or daily life images (excluding breeding images)
Daily Life - Have Three to Five Daily Life images that are not training or show entries
Recovery - Completed tasks pertaining to events similar
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Act 2 Chapter 2 Plan A failed
That where to try and Nephilim but how Lulu was not sure but she know she had to think of something and look over at Nyx "You thinking too?"  she asked as she look over at Kneph but back at Nyx.
"Yes.  How are we going to catch one of there guys with out getting into a big fight." Nyx look around. 'And i have not find many around so i am bit worried."  Nyx look at the two.
"Nyx you know we have not travel far so we will find one but now what are we going to use to catch one?   Trap of same kind so any ideas?" Kneph look at the two waiting to hear back from them.  He can tell that where thinking.  
It was LuLu who spoke first. "i know of few human kind of traps we can use but we need rope so we need same hide to turn into rope.  Kneph can you go and hunt for same hide and me and Nyx will turn the hide into rope and then make a net out of it."  
"How good will be rope net to catching one?" Kneph blink and look at her and then Nyx. "What if it break
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Dawnverse - Rhomaion Titles and Hierarchy
Aristocratic Titles & Hierarchy
1) Empress aka Basilissa
1) Emperor aka Basileus
2) Crown Princess aka Sebastokratissa
2) Crown Prince aka Sebastokrator
3) Princess aka Prinkipissa
3) Prince aka Prinkipas
4) Client Queen aka Despotissa
4) Client King aka Despotes
5) Client Princess aka Sebaste
5) Client Prince aka Sebastos
6) Grand Duchess aka Megas Doukissa
6) Grand Duke aka Megas Doux
7) Duchess aka Doukissa
7) Duke aka Doux
8) Countess aka Archiotissa
8) Count aka Archiotes
9) Baroness aka Anthypatissa
9) Baron aka Anthypatos
10) Honorable Lady aka Kyriatate
10) Honorable Lord aka Kyriotatos
11) Lady Aka Kyria
11) Lord aka Kyrios
12) Dame aka Spatharea
12) Sir aka Spatharios
Religious Titles & Hierarchy
1) Maiden of Dawn aka Kori tis Avgis
2) High Oracle aka Proti Sivylla
3) Oracle aka Sivylla
4) High Matriarch aka Proti Archimitria
5) Matriarch aka Archimitria
6) High Matron aka Proti Mitria
7) Matron aka Mitria
8) Maiden
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A Brief History of the Age of Aquarius
A Brief History of the Age of Aquarius
In the towns of Santa Fe, Tumacacori, Arcosanti, Roswell and Sedona, strange and disparate groups had been gathering since the 1970s. Devoted to the esoteric, the otherworldly and the mystical, these so-called "New Agers" had little unifying between them but for a few loose concepts and a disdain for the modern world and its close-mindedness. They saw the coming return to a simpler time as a positive step on humanity's path towards enlightenment.
And so it was that 50 years post-regression, as the wise men saw the early signs of civilizations collapse, that a herald was issued forth from Sedona: the dawning of the Age of Aquarius had come, and it would begin in the American Southwest. Though ridiculed by those "Downers" who still clinged to the hope of society's survival, the herald drew in New Agers from as far away as Cascadia and New England, with entire communities packing themselves into wagons overnight to make the long arduous journe
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Always the Victor
The jovial laughter of the Frankenstein boys rang through the hills which surrounded the little town of Ville Givré.  It was a pure, bright sound, yet to be tainted by the world. It brought a smile to the faces of its two listeners, who were sitting at the foot of one particularly large slope, where they had chosen to have their little family picnic.  Alphonse, the father of the family, looked on at his sons, assuming the role of judge and protector as they played out a sword fight, using the twigs they’d collected on the way to the hills.  Elizabeth sat beside her adoptive father, but she was less focused on the boys’ battle and more intent on the aftermath.  Her delicate fingers wove together grasses and the stems of daisies to form a pretty crown, which would later be placed upon the winner’s head.  She did this every picnic.  It was the tradition.
The mother of the great family had to take a leave of absence on this particular da
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UMvC3 Move Set: EMIYA

Theme: EMIYA
Character Bio
Real Name: Shirou Emiya
Occupation: Counter Guardian
Abilities: Reinforcement Magic, a Reality Marble specifically called “Unlimited Blade Works”, which creates a world of infinite swords, and Eye of the Mind (True), an ability that allows EMIYA to predict his opponents and react accordingly.
Weapons: His twin swords Kanshou and Bakuya, his bow, and the thousands of swords he has recorded in Unlimited Blade Works.
Profile: Unlike most Heroic Spirits, EMIYA is a Counter Guardian, one who made a contract with Alaya to protect the world, and was originally Shirou Emiya, who had attempted to accomplish his dream of being a hero to save everyone. Unfortunately, his own path to that dream led to him having to go against his own ideals and kill in order to save humanity. Ultimately, this lead him to be summoned back in a ti
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The Days Before Time Ends
The Days Before Time Ends
We aim at the sunrise. They tell us that we must aim our guns at the sunrise. I don't know why, but I do it. Just as my neighbor does it, and just as my every comrade does it. We aim our guns at the sunrise. We do not stop until the all-clear is given. They tell us that our enemy is great. I have never seen our enemy, but I must always be prepared.
They call him wretched. They tell us that he will come to destroy. They punish those who do not claim curses and hatred upon our enemy.
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The Guardian of the Forest (RP) {OPEN}
This is a RP with my OC Alice
It will take place in the Fantasy Universe
Alice was in the forest in her human form walking around at night. She smiles joyfully as she looks around the beautiful scenery of flowers, mossy trees, and many more while the fire flies shines in the dark. 
Alice then decides to stop and rest on the grassy ground. She smiles happily as flowers grow around her.
Everything was peaceful till she hears someone or something in the distance.
Sorry if it's short but I hope you like it.
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Full Name: Eglantine Sweetbrier
Reason for name: She gives off a pleasant aroma
Nickname: Eglantine
Reason for nickname: It’s her name
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Gender: Also Female
Place of Birth: Belgrade Square, UK
Birthday: April 13
Currently living in: USA
Species/Race: Human
Ethnicity: English White
Blood Type: A+
Occupation: A Professor
Sexual Orientation: Into Males
Social Status: Semi-Low
Relationship Status: Single // Into Fraise
Body Build: Has a very slim figure, with perfect posture
Height: 5’1
Weight: 118
Skin colour: White
Hair style:Long and Curly
Hair colour: Reddish Blonde
Eye colour: Light Brown
Distinguishing Features: Small Deer Horns
Preferred Clothing: Long Golden & Aqua Dresses
Accessories: A Aqua Topaz Laced Necklace
General health: Very Healthy
Posture: Absolutely Perfect
Any physical illnesses?: No
Any mental illnesses?: When she is in nature she loses herself
Take drugs?: No
Smoke?: No
Way of speaking: Clearly
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False-wyverns are a very ancient species known for their aggression and stealth. Cannibalism is rather common within various hives. Their origin is currently unknown.
False-wyverns live in smooth black structures. The structures are magical and often drain magic from the surrounding area. Hives can be found below ground, in cave systems and occasionally within treetops. A single queen rules over each hive. The population of a hive can vary from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands. The main hive is the largest hive.
Workers, warriors and hunters are male and female. The larger and bulkier members are usually assigned as warriors. All false-wyverns can spit acid.
For some reason, false-wyverns value unusual colorings. Albinos can do whatever they want if they don’t kill of too many workers. Royals have few anatomical differences from the others. Royals have stronger wings, legs and jaws. Royals often have more unusual colors such as grey to white wing membranes and tails
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Linne cuts into DEATH BATLE!


Name: Linne

Age: Over 100 years old

Birthday: March 18th

Height: 141cm (4'8")

Weight: 74 lbs

Gender: Female

Bloodtype: AB



- Can destroy a town with God Mower

-Trained Hyde
-Defeated Paradox
-Strong enough to call magma from the center of the earth by just hitting the ground
-Faster than Seth
-Dodged attacks from Vatista
-Has lived over 100 years and still isn't insane

-Can defeat a robot that was designed to kill other 'In-Births' like Linne

Weapons & Equipment:

No name and Nameless
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Name: Alice
Age: 19
Looks: Alice {Human Form}
          Alice {Lung Dragon Form}
Species: Lung dragon
Personality: Calm, curious, difficult at times
Backstory: Alice’s mother was a guardian of a mystical forest; loved by all who lives there. But when time came close for her to pass her role on, she created her children and stayed there till they hatch. Once Alice and her siblings where hatch, they come to their mother and comfort her till she finally passed. Alice still remembers her last words, “I will always love you my children, and I will always be with you for I will be part of this earth. It is now your turn to protect your own sacred land and protect the creatures that lived there. I believe that you all be great guardians. Goodbye, my children…” After her death, they went their separate ways and leave the forest except for Alice.
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Kaijumaster107 third one-shot story request
This story is non-canon to Face Tearer, involving Audrey and Miyoko, all characters belong to their respective owners, this was made for entertainment purposes only, hope you enjoy it:
One day, in a small home in Paris, Audrey was doing her usual activity, she was designing her latest new dress she can make for Iris Miracles, later she gave herself a small break, just then she heard the ringbell from her door, she checked through the balcony on her room to see it was Miyoko who had planned to visit her, so she came down and went ahead to the door:
"Hi Audrey" -Miyoko said
"Hello Miyoko, come on in" -she replied
"Thanks girl"
"Do you want something to drink?"
"This time I want water"
"Very well"
"Say, you sound tired, are you alright?"
"I'm alright, just exhausted and bored"
"Really how come?"
"I was doing work, I need some rest and something to cheer up"
Miyoko wanted to help Audrey feel better, however just as they both sat down on the couch, Miyoko had an idea, she prepared her hands
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The Jade's Gems FREEWRITE 1
A daily/semi-daily freewrite centered around my original series "The Jade's Gems" is going to be a common occurrence. These probably won't all be canon, and they're surely not going to be edited, so don't expect them to be amazing.
Naos sat at her desk, fidgeting with the neon cap eraser on her pencil. She sat at the furthest and back-est corner of the classroom. Not a single friend in her pre-algebra class. It's been this way all year, and she still hated it.
    Especially since the teacher, Mr. Ivy, was so perfect for poking fun at. A middle-aged human man, always wearing the ugliest turtle neck sweater. He rambled, stuttered, and the poor guy tripped all the time. It was a pathetic sight, how he managed to score a job as a middle school math teacher perplexed Naos.
    "S-so... those are your notes, okay?" Mr. Ivy said, adjusting his over-sized square glasses that were far too big for his head. "Your assignment is on page 204, 1-12. A
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Sweetheart Bear
Care bears
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The Gameshow
The host Kevin Ramone , greats everyone to the show rich kid Douchebags , in front of Herbert Manor , says the rules of the show and what the contestants must do to comply with it.
The first team already has people that we have seen before Me , Hassan , Randolph , Commander and Raylen has red ties.
Me and Raylen glare at each other before shrugging it off , the next team has two twin white Chinese cats named Chang and Ching , a black bull named Sam ,  Zack and Leonardo a white haired light brown lion. They have Blue ties.
The next team has a Rottweiler named Mark a blonde cat named Prince , a Blue Jay named Kyle , a  kangaroo named Albert and a snake named Matthew. They are wearing green ties.
The first episode is all about getting used to the Manor and your new teammates, team A goes with Team Victory , team B goes with Team Platinum  , team C goes with Team bronze. After the teams are set the first challenge is a foot race around the manor with team Bronze coming in la
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Game show ideas...
Name : Rich Kid Douchebags !
Host : A White blue eyed rabbit, named Kevin Ramone , handsome somewhat smart and slightly sadistic he is 37 years of age.
Rules:  Three teams of five must compete to win various challenges, through a span of 10 weeks. The contestants come from a rich family background, and must wear dark blue blazers with either red blue or green ties , black dress pants & black dress shoes.
If someone has a red tie they are on team A
If someone has a blue tie they are on Team B
If someone has a green tie they are on Team C
The names that the teams have will be said in the Game Show which takes place in Herbert Manor in the outskirts of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The Manor is gated in rather big white and has three floors with a basement.
The Game Show requires all contestants to wear black collars for reasons that are unknown, also the winner will get one million dollars, there will be 15 contestants on the show and are also required to leave all their electronics at
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