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Bowie Type List.
- Fire.
Representation: Ziggy.
Rebellious, feisty and fierce and also impossible to touch without being burned.  Quite difficult to tame if you are unexperienced and also a nightmare for grass types,  commands the element of fire with ease and can conjure up a number of fire based attacks and moves in battle.
- Water
Representation: Blue denim look.
Strangely attractive for an aquatic creature,  has webbed hands/webbed feet and gills and is extremely intelligent,  fighting for reasons anyone can understand and is naturally quite attractive,  attractive enough to consider him as a main character.  Very much like the Asset from The Shape Of Water,  is aquatic and graceful.  Loves the water and is connected to it in many ways,  also has fish-like attributes and may be considered as a type of mer-person, can also command the element of water and conjure up water based moves. 
- Poison
Representation: Malthazar (Arthur and the Invisible
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[JJBA: Pig Den] Adil Amani
Adil Amani
• Male
• 18
• Hair: Brown
• Eyes: White
• 5'5
• Arabic
• Stand: Stone Cold
• Crush: ???
• Likes: Chocolate, Reading, Being Alone
• Dislikes: Loud Noises, Crowded Places, Annoying People
• Biography: TBA
• Namesake:
 ☼ Adil:  "Fair, Honest, Just" in Arabic.
 ☼ Amani: "Wishes" in Arabic.
☼ Pigskin
• Stand Ability: Stone Cold
• Description: It's powers are still unknown. Even it's form is unknown.
• Namesake:
  ☼ Stone Cold: "Queen" song
• Aali Amani [First Son, Alive, Stand: Intoxicated]
• Barak Amani [Third Son, Alive, Stand: Clarity]
• Aisha Amani [Only Daughter, Alive, Stand: Angel with a Shotgun]
• Baki Amani [Fourth Son, Alive, Stand: Pity Party]
• Dana Amani [Fifth Son, Alive, Stand: Hey Brother]
• Faiz Amani [Sixth Son, Alive, Stand: Dollhouse]
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Reborn Hero: Episode 37
One Day Later 
Fate's House, 8:00 am 
[Tekken Tag Tournament 2 OST - Landscape Under The Ghost -Kaminano]
Fate: -laying his back on the roof with his hands behind his head- …Who the hell was that guy...? 
Naodac: -removes his hood-
Fate: -notices his hair-Huh?
Naodac: -puts hand on his shoulder- You'll know in the near future. -makes a portal-
Fate: What the?
Naodac: The next time we meet, I'll tell you everything you want to know. -goes through portal-
Fate: Wait!
Flashback Ends 
Fate: He knew who I was, he'd seen be before. But why didn't he tell me at first glance. If only he stuck around a little longer. 
Kyomaru: Wait a minute, didn't you see his hair? 
Fate: Yeah? 
Kyomaru: The silver bangs are new, but most of it is mid-teal. Didn't your brother have the same hair style 
Fate:  Wait, are you saying.
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My template 12 Arcas Profile
Signo zodiacal: 
Lugar de origen: 
Interés Amoroso: 
Aliados | Amigos: (Your OC's) 
Mejor Amig@:
Peor enemig@:
Familiar | Familiares: 

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Solid Snake VS. Fox McCloud: Prelude
Nester: Wars. Such things are nigh-unavoidable, and can result in many deaths. Not many can prevent them...
Banner: Ah, shut up. These two combatants are war-preventing master badasses, man!
Nester: Well, yes. These two are possibly very "Normal", but they've singlehandedly taken down threats and saved the world.
Banner: With nothing but wits and a gun or two.
Nester: Solid Snake, the successor to the Greatest Solider to Ever Live.
Banner: And Fox McCloud, the Badass Space Pilot Furry!
Nester: Ugh....well, it's time for us to analyze what these characters can do to find out who would survive a Death Battle.
Nester: Solid Snake was a former spy, special operations soldier, and mercenary. He was a product of the Les Enfants Terribles project and "son" of legendary soldier Big Boss, along with his "brothers" Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake.
Banner: Who were the lucky sperms!
Nester: For Pete's sake...
Banner: Having an IQ of 180
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Sexual orientations of the heroes of unity
Normally everyone in the heros of Unity are either Bisexual or Panisexual
Everyone is Bisexual except, Xander Randolph, Arthur, And Xander who are Panisexual.
According to Xander Everyone in Marvinia is Pan, there are a few straight and gay people but it's not as widespread as being Pan.
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Kanari Kitsune- Mari Mari Cutie OC Bio
Apperance: Kanari Kitsune- Mari Mari Cutie OC
Name: Kanari Kitsune
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human born kitsune (I'll explain that in the backstory later)
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Pale Pinkish-Red
Hair: Faded Orange long bob with peachy tips and fox ears following the same color scheme.
Extra Stuff: Tail following the same color scheme!
Clothes: White shirt with a pink heart, pink pleated skirt, pink socks with white polka dots, white with school shoes.
Likes: Sunshine Corporation, Her animal element, outside, manga, anime, her mother's works, singing, video games, Helping others, kawaii stuff.
Dislikes: Her ability to easily get sick, Her ears and tail giving away her moods, getting sunburnt, her mother's messy handwriting, messing up songs, game glitches, the cringe she receives from people when she says "kawaii".
Personality: Creative, helpful, artsy, kind, fangirl-ish.
Bio: She's a kitsune, which is an anime fox girl. This is because her mothe
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Before reunited: years before, sharon gets sent to the us to live in an orphanage.
During legs from here to home world: Sharon's mom, rosa goes to the su but gets sick with a disease.  Peridot find a way to make her into a gem.
It becomes war with white diamond and the other diamonds.
During the war: rosa comes back to life as a rose quartz and helps to fight off white diamond.
After the war: rosa settles back in germany. The she discovers where her daughter was at and adopted her back. (Sharon didn't know that the gem was her real mom)
When sharon was 7: rosa and peridot teamed up to bring her husband back to life as he died from a heart attack long ago. He becomes a citrine.
When sharon became a teen: sharon begins to train and hand out with quartz soldiers. Along the way she teams up with a rutile nicknamed rue and a moss agate nicknamed leafy.  Then eventually finds out she was with her real parents along.
Late teens years: sharon begins college to learn about the militar
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Behind the Overwatch: Orisa

 is a Tank Hero in Overwatch.
Real Name: Orisa
Age: 1 Month
Occupation: Guardian Robot
Base: Numbani
Orisa uses multiple abilities and weapons, including:Fusion DriverHalt!FortifyProtective BarrierSupercharger
"Your safety is my primary concern."
Orisa is a newly-created robot with both a heart and personality. Urged to become a hero by her creator, Efi Oladele, Orisa strives to right wrongs and act as the hero the world needs. While her relative inexperience can make her an occasional liability, Efi's optimism and willingness to make modifications to Orisa's adaptive artificial intelligence have always been able to set things right.
While Orisa has much to learn about the world and its functionality, Orisa stands ready to protect
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[JJBA: Pig Den] Aali Amani
Aali Amani
• Male
• 19
• Hair: White
• Eyes: Blue
• 5'7
• Arabic
• Stand: Intoxicated
• Crush: ???
• Likes: Sweets, Cookies, Bathing
• Dislikes: Tomatoes, Being in his little brothers Stand "Dollhouse", Sour Foods
• Biography: The oldest child of the Amani Family and the oldest prince. Growing up he would protect Aisha a lot, same with his younger brothers as well. He got his stand when he was young.
• Namesake:
 ☼ Aali: "High, Lofty, Sublime" in Arabic.
 ☼ Amani: "Wishes" in Arabic.
☼ Pigskin
• Stand Ability: Angel with a Shotgun
• Description: A humanoid-like being. It's abilities are unknown, though it is shown to make people fall in love.
• Namesake:
  ☼ Intoxicated: "The Cab" song
• Adil Amani [Second Son, Alive, Stand: Stone Cold]
• Barak Amani [Third Son, Alive, Stand: Clarity]
• Aisha Amani [Only Daughter, Alive
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Behind the Overwatch: Junkrat

 is a Damage Hero in Overwatch.
Real Name: Jamison Fawkes
Age: 25
Occupation: Anarchist, Thief, Demolitionist, Mercenary, Scavenger
Base: Unknown
Junkrat uses multiple abilities and weapons, including:Total Mayhem
Frag LauncherConcussion MineSteel TrapRIP-Tire
"It's a perfect day for some mayhem."
The attack on the Australian Omnium's fusion core forever altered the landscape of the Outback. After the detonation, the area was transformed into a harsh, irradiated wasteland, littered with debris and the twisted fragments of the ruined facility, and unlivable to most.
But there were some who survived. Calling themselves the Junkers, they scavenged the husk of the omnium and formed a lawless, cutthroat society in its shadow. Junkrat was one of them,
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Alien Pregnancy RP
Hey, I've been looking around DA for a bit, and I found some really old rps from people about alien pregnancies. I would like to see if anyone would be interested in doing one. If you are, send me a note and I'll talk with you on more info.
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Adventure Time CYOA
~Class= Warrior[+9]
_Weapon skill 5/5
_Physique 2/5
_Willpower 4/5
_Arcane Knowledge 5/5
_Spell-craft 2/5
_Memory 1/5
-Cursed[+50](Everything I touch dies)
-Talented{20} x3
*Magic schools
*Magic and supernaturals
-Friend{7} x8
-Villain(Second level)[+40]
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Legends Never Cry | Link VS Dante Battle!
Ark: “Alright the combatants are set!”
Riley: “It’s time to settle this debate once and for all!”
The Forest of Spirits. A place that is tranquil and serene. This forest is lush with wildlife, ranging from boars, foxes, and birds. A brave soul steps foot into this land. This soul belongs to none other than the Devil Hunter himself, Dante. Why would he come here? Could it be perhaps a damsel is in distress? Or maybe he has come to find his brother, Vergil, once again? Could demons be swarming around this place? Well, actually it’s quite rather simple.
To find the Master Sword.
This Master Sword is said to be the Sword of Evil’s Bane. If he wished to stop Mundus in his tracks as long as multiple other evil beings in the way as well, he must obtain this weapon. That is why he is searching in the Forest of Spirits. As he has heard that the Master Sword lays rest there. In
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[JJBA: Pig Den] Aisha Amani
Aisha Amani
• Female
• 16
• Hair: Brown
• Eyes: Blue
• 5'
• Arabic
• Stand: Angel with a Shotgun
• Crush: ???
• Likes: Dancing, Singing, Pudding, Sweets, Adventures, Dogs
• Dislikes: Evil, Octopus, Fish, Cats, Lemons/Limes, Being Locked Up
• Biography: The Egyptian princess of the Amani Family. She is the middle child, with 3 older brothers and 3 younger brothers, it also makes her the only girl out of the family. Always being spoiled by her parents and brothers and protected by her brothers which she enjoyed but she never really got to go out much and explore since they always said "A young princess shouldn't do such a thing".
• Namesake:
 ☼ Aisha: "Alive" in Arabic.
 ☼ Amani: "Wishes" in Arabic.
☼ Pigskin
• Stand Ability: Angel with a Shotgun
• Description: A humanoid being with white angel wings. Angel with a Shotgun's abilities are "Heaven's Shot" where her
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Random Ideas
1. A giant book filled with fairy tales and fantasies that are fairy is taking time to read to someone in a dream in the middle of the dark of night.
2. A dancing mayfly fairy that looks more mayfly then human, yet humanoid nonetheless. She, eh, doesn't have long to live though. ;n;
3. A winged emperor angel fish that is aggressive with other fish, yet rather harmless to people.
4. A zebra eel mermaid that looks rather strikingly beautiful, yet is actually an assassin.
5. A tiny little gray drider that is inside of a house. Don't worry-she's not venomous. But is rather cute and is a common run of the mill house spider who made a web in the corner to catch bugs.
6. A half mouse half girl knight who uses a bottle cap as a shield and a needle as a sword.
7. A lump of dust that turns into a hopping little ball creature that has rabbit ears that inhabits dirty and dusty homes of lazy people.
8. A chihuahua man with a smug look, a fedora on his head, a leather jacket on, and carrying a whip,
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Narissa Severina
Name: Narissa 'Rina' Severina
Age: 5 years younger than Percival
Crush: Percival Graves
Occupation: MACUSA Auror assistant
Sexual orientation: Straight
Species: Pureblood Witch
School: Hogwarts (graduated)
House: Ravenclaw
Personality: Severina is a kind and hardworking girl, but has her secrets about her past as a witch whose family followed Grindlewald who ended up murdering them causing the graduate of Hogwarts to flee.
Likes: Doing her job, tea, her friends and seeing justice.
Dislikes: Bullies/jerks, being lied to, losing her friends, being hurt,and New Salem Philanthropic Society

Height: 5'2
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair color: Black and purple
Eye color: Gold
Bio: Severina was born and raised in London, England to a witch and wizard. When she was 10, she received her Hogwarts letter and attended school there. After finishing school there her family fell under Grindlewald's control and she fled to the US after witnessing their m
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Precure Buffoon List (Including Fan Buffoons)
Brick Buffoon (Renga Akanbe)
Volleyball Buffoon (Barebaru Akanbe)
Poster Buffoon (Harigami Akanbe)
Soccer Goal Buffoon (Sakka-goru Akanbe)
Mirror Buffoon (Kagami Akanbe)
Empty Can Buffoon (Akikan Akanbe)
Tree Buffoon (Jumoku Akanbe)
Spring Horse Buffoon (Bane-ba Akanbe)
Roller Buffoon (Rora Akanbe)
Choice-fried Sauce Pot Buffoon (Okonomi-yaki Sosu-potto Akanbe)
Dandelion Buffoon (Tanpopo Akanbe)
Capsule Toy Buffoon (Gashapon Akanbe)
Fortune Slip Buffoon (Omikuji Akanbe)
Heavenly Tower Buffoon (Tsutenkaku Akanbe)
Bouquet Buffoon (Hanataba Akanbe)
Textbook Buffoon (Kyokasho Akanbe)
Billboard Buffoon (Kokokuto Akanbe)
Basket Buffoon (Kago Akanbe)
Paper Fox Buffoon (Kami-kitsune Akanbe)
Jack-in-the-box Buffoon (Bikkuri-bako Akanbe)
Tanabata Buffoon (Tanabata Akanbe)
Cobblestone Buffoon (Maru-ishi Akanbe)
House of Sweets Buffoon (Okashi-no-ie Akanbe)
Snow-cone Buffoon (Kakigori Akanbe)
Quoits Buffoon (Wanage Akanbe)
Mosquito Incense Buffoon (Katori-senko Akanbe)
School Buffoon (Gakko Akanbe
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[JJBA: Pig Den] Yukiko Aoki
Yukiko Aoki
• Female
• 13
• Hair: Black
• Eyes: Brown
• 4'12"
• Japanese
• Stand: Pigskin
• Crush: ???
• Likes: Sweets, Cute Stuff, Pink
• Dislikes: Rock Music, Spicy Foods, Rude People
• Features: Star Shaped birthmark on the back of her left shoulder
• Biography: She's Dio's illegitimate daughter and half-sister of Giorno. Her mother is an unknown women whom was one of Dio's followers whom he impregnated due to her loyalty to him. She's deceased now, so Yukiko lives with some relatives.
• Namesake:
 ☼ Yukiko (Translates to Snow Child in Japanese)
 ☼ Ume Aoki (A Japanese manga artist)
☼ Pigskin
• Stand Ability: Skin Manipulation
• Description: Her Stand is a humanoid being with pink skin color. Skin Manipulation, allows Pigskin to manipulate and change the skin of anyone she touches, just by doing so it will remove their skin, replace their skin, or make
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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find RP OC
Name: Frances 'Frankie' Cook
Age: A year younger than Newt
Crush: Newt Scamander
Occupation: Pet shop owner
Sexual orientation: Straight
Species: Pureblood Witch
School: Hogwarts (graduated)
House: Hufflepuff
Personality: Frankie is a kind and hardworking girl, but has her secrets about her true nature as a witch since she lives in a nation that doesn't exactly have a good reputation for witches and wizards.
Likes: Doing magic, coffee/tea, tending to her animals, seeing a satisfied customer, and nice weather
Dislikes: Bullies/jerks, being lied to, losing her friends, being hurt, super bad weather, and New Salem Philanthropic Society

Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Bio: Frankie was born and raised in Liverpool, England to a witch and wizard. When she was 11, she received her Hogwarts letter and attended school there. After finishing school there and being intrigued by magical animals, she decided to work in t
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Behind the Overwatch: Roadhog

Roadhog is a Tank Hero in Overwatch.
Real Name: Mako Rutledge
Age: 48
Occupation: Bodyguard
Base: Unknown
Roadhog uses multiple abilities and weapons, including:Scrap GunChain HookTake a BreatherWhole Hog

"I'm a one-man apocalypse."
Like an Australian Bane, this big, burly, masked man uses chemicals to counteract the radioactive environment he came from. Long story short, the Omnic Crisis left Australia as a Mad Max-like hellhole, where he met fellow survivor Junkrat. Now his bodyguard, this strange, near-Disney-style duo wanders the world, causing chaos wherever they go.
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