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FSCP199-123: A hybrid of Donkey Kong and Bowser that was created with a special remote that can change people into characters from games, tv shows and movies as well as combine two characters together to make a new character.  He has the attributes of both characters and is inhumanly strong, although he tends to be clumsy and isn't all that good at being a monster because he slips up and is more comedic than frightening.  He is a professional Monsters Inc type monster that is gentle despite his gruff and grizzly appearance.
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Ruthless Defenders - Character Sheet (Blank)
:bulletred: Name:
:bulletred: Nicknames:
:bulletred: Age:
:bulletred: Birthday:
:bulletred: Gender:
:bulletred: Sexuality:
:bulletred: Home Town:
:bulletred: Job/Student:
:bulletred: Crest:
[Bullet; Blue] Height:
[Bullet; Blue] Weight:
[Bullet; Blue] Eye Color:
[Bullet; Blue] Hair Color:
[Bullet; Blue] Body Type:
[Bullet; Blue] Sexuality:
[Bullet; Blue] Dominate Hand:
[Bullet; Blue] Job/Student:
[Bullet; Blue] Outfit:
[Bullet; Yellow]
[Bullet; White] Likes:
o At least four...
o At least four...
o At least four...
o At least four...
[Bullet; Black] Dislikes:
o At least four...
o At least four...
o At least four...
o At least four...
[Bullet; White] Dreams/Aspirations:
o At least Two...
o At least two...
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Charlotte Forever! - Janus
Name: Janus Martinez
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Weight: 650lbs
Height: 6'2''
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: The dark,Her job, Skateboarding, Rock Music, spicy pork-beef layered burrito with chipotle cream sauce with spicy nacho chips, a Sazerac drink with candied jalapeno in it. It's obvious she loves spicy hood, really spicy food. 
Dislikes: Really sweet food, seeing her boss being romantic with his wife during working hours, Cirrus staring at her, then again customers staring at her...on the behind. 
Personality: She's a Darkling with a sassy attitude, & a spicy personality. She acts like a typical tough, single, Hispanic girl, with a sexy accent. She's shown to be a risk-taker, being venturous, & not afraid to beat someone up. She sometimes can be harsh & sarcastic, but she means well. She's caring towards her family & her working family, basically will volunteer to help them both when it comes to a crisis. She's also a punk girl.
Appearance: She's a Darkling or Ni
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I just got out of 7th grade. It was a fair summer day, my friend Ashley and I parked our bikes in the bike rack near the playground. It was where we usually hung out. Ashley was wearing a pink shirt with black leggings and a navy jacket around her waist. I was wearing a grey tank top and black shorts. She tied her mahogany hair up into a ponytail as we walked over to the playground. The playground consisted of two towers, a low one with stairs and a fireman pole, and a higher one with a ladder, rock wall and slide, and they were connected with a bounce bridge. We were climbing the ladder when Ashley's leggings came down a bit, revealing her underwear. I thought to myself and imagined what it would be like to give her, y'know, a wedgie. I kind of liked Ashley, she was cute and had a playful personality, so it would be interesting to see how she'd react. We were standing at the top of the tower, and while the breeze blew my hair into my face, I tapped Ashley on the shoulder, making her t
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All Alone...
     Kaitlyn woke up with a jolt. After surveying the room, Kaitlyn realised she was safe at home. Kaitlyn put her glasses on and picked up her phone.  She stared at its dark blue case. It glittered like a billion stars in the night sky. She smiled. Kaitlyn looked at her notifications. At the top of the list, there was a mysterious text from a number that wasn't in her contacts.
    The text read as follows: "Dear Kaitlyn: I've been away from you for 6 long months. I need to hang out with you 😜" Kaitlyn knew who it was from. It was from a psycho wolf named Carl. 6  months before, Kaitlyn fell in love with Carl. She was tricked into thinking he was nice. But Carl abused Kaitlyn, and fooled her into thinking she deserved it. One day, Carl invited Kaitlyn to his house to "hang out". But Carl ended up raping her. Kaitlyn knew what "hanging out" meant. And it was bad.
    Kaitlyn texted her friend, Raven. She and Raven were friends since
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Aome Linda Jones: Story One

Chapter One: The Family Name, Zeit, German Word for Time
"Wir müssen ihn finden! Und töte ihn!" One of the German officers called out with an order, "We need to find him! And kill him!" He pointed a few officers, " Geh nach links!" They went left. He pointed the other officers, "Geh rechts!" They went right. The leader whispered to himself, "Heinz, we will find you! I swear to you!" He went straight onward. 
The year was 1872, one year after the German Empire was declared. Meanwhile, the officers were looking for a man, a man who is the best of the best, a genius, but the second smartest in the country. Their reasoning for finding him, he's been wanted for a threat to kill they're only genius, who discovered one thing that no one could ever imagined to do, time travel. No one would believe it, but the people in the country would give  him praise, so much respect, and suggested him to be thei
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Your Nightmare Quiz.
Your Worst Nightmare Quiz: A personality quiz which reads your mind, as you answer the questions...your thoughts and your dreams are transferred into the quiz which causes you to transform into a creature or monster related to your own nightmares and this includes elements of MC thrown in and plenty of possession type elements.  More than one person can take the quiz as well and can also be affected in the same way as you.
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Nintendo X DC Universe: Despero

Name: Despero
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Kalanor
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None
Debut: Justice League of America #1 (1960)
Voice Actor: Keith David
*Costume 1: His design from Young Justice
*Costume 2: His design from Justice League
*Costume 3: His design from Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Despero is the tyrant ruler of Kalanor who has fought the Justice League on numerous occasions. He is one of their first villains and has appeared repeatedly throughout their history. Though he first appeared as a pink skinned alien genius who had a third eye that granted him hypnotic powers, he is now one of the most physically powerful villains the League has ever faced while at the same time retaining all his mental abilities. His newfound power comes from recreating himself in the Flame of Py'tar, which was the last remnant of the same nuclear energy resp
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Kira's Relationship with Minster Jackal Anubis
Kira's Relationship with Minster Jackal.
Minster Jackal is one of Kira's teachers.
Minster Jackal belongs to a clan of jackals called the Anubis Clan.
Minster Jackal is loyal to Fan Yee and her family.
In one world: Minster Jackal doesn't trust Kira (due to being a human at first and got turn into a Riolu/Zorua). The two bickered a lot causing Fan to tell the both of them to behave. Fan asked Minster Jackal to be his teacher much to Minster Jackal's dismay. Minster Jackal's job is to help Fan's job. Minster Jackal says in her words, "I'm not a nanny nor a babysitter!" Fan tells her that she can do it.
Fan tells Kira to listen to her. Minster Jackal didn't like this, but she got him to read books like math, social studies, language arts, and other subjects. Whenever he fails an assignment, she hits his hand. Kira shows obedience to her. She asks him why he trust her even though she doesn't trust him. Kira tells her that humans lied to him all his life. When he got to the beast world, Mi
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Godzilla Daikaiju Wars Newt's aftermath
KDF/PPDC holding Cell wing.
Newt's cell.
In the earliest days of their partnership, Hermann Gottelieb always figured (and secretly hoped) he'd see Newton Geizswler in straight jacket. But now that Newton was indeed now in a straight jacket, along with the monstrous apparatus fastened to his head to surpress the Precursor control vibes in his brain, Hermann took no pleasure in it.
They sat there in front of each other trying desperately to have a pleasant conversation despite everything.
"Well you know." Newt said through an extremely forced smile. "Isn't too terrible. Four meals a day. Let me have cable. At times. And Hey! Don't hear them in my head too often. Guess Miki's Physic surpression device is working. So Hey! All signs pointing..."
Hermann tried to put up a happy face as well. But both men knew there was no sense beating around the bush. Newt slumped in his chair and asked. "Oh just give it to me straight Hermann. What's the damage? What am I looking at?"
Hermann cleared his t
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Re posting (vent warning)
I'll post this again, but on here and not the journal part, since I once again am feeling crappy with my Gattu Battu art. Also for the love of God don't come apologizing to me about this because
1) it's not even your fault
2) this is all me and how my mind is right now, not what you guys are doing or have done
3) it honestly ticks me off since again this is not your fault, so why apologize for something you didn't even do?Plus it makes me feel bad that I possibly got you guys in a bad mood and ruined your day or something...
(might as well just call it a vent)
Honestly I just want to say this, but I am so scared to, worried I'll piss people off on here or make them feel bad, but I need to get this out and tell you guys because it's going to eat me up inside and eat up my mind to the point where I'll probably quit on here.
I hate being in this Gattu Battu fandom at times, well even if I can call it a freaking fandom.
I feel so alone at times, and I feel like a waste when I make art of i
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China, oficialmente como Federación China es una gran nación en el este de Asia en la Tierra. Es parte de las Naciones Unidas y tiene una gran influencia sobre su toma de decisiones. Forma parte del Consejo de Seguridad. Es un país de partido político único siendo este el Partido Nacionalista Chino. 

Bandera de la Federación China

China emergió como una de las primeras civilizaciones de la Tierra en la cuenca fértil del río Amarillo en la llanura del norte de China. Durante milenios, su sistema político se basó en monarquías hereditarias conocidas como dinastías. Desde el año 221 a. C., cuando la dinastía Qin conquistó por primera vez
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Manchuria (chino: 滿洲里), oficialmente la República de Manchuria, es un estado soberano ubicado en el este de Asia. Manchuria es un estado de partido único gobernado por el Partido de la Ciudadanía Libre (comúnmente conocido como FCP), con su sede de gobierno en la ciudad capital de Changchun. Ejerce jurisdicción sobre 14 provincias, tres regiones autónomas y 3 regiones económicas especiales. De noroeste a noreste, Manchuria comparte fronteras terrestres con Ojotsk, Mongolia, China y la Península de Corea.

Bandera actual de Manchuria 

En la antigüedad, fue hogar de belicosas tribus nómadas. China inició su control territorial desde la dinastía Han, pero con el paso
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Fujian (en chino: 福建) es una de las repúblicas y estados independientes que conformaban a la República Popular China antes de 2095. Su capital es Fuzhou. Limita al norte con China, al este con el estrecho de Taiwán (mar de la China Meridional) que la separa de la isla de Taiwán, al sur con Cantonia y al oeste con Jiangxi. Ocupa un área de 120 000 km² y su población tras la independencia era de casi 53 millones de habitantes.
Una parte de la nación, en concreto los archipiélagos de Quemoy y Matsu, está bajo la administración directa del gobierno de la Federación de China.

Bandera actual de Fujian
La dinastía Qing incorporó la isla de Taiwán a la provincia de
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Cantón​ o Guandong (chino simplificado: 广东, chino tradicional: 廣東) es un estado soberano ubicado en Asia Oriental. Su capital es la homónima Cantón; otras ciudades importantes son Shantou, Shenzhen, Dongguan y Maoming. Limita al este con Fujian, al sur con el mar de la China Meridional y al oeste con Guangxi.

Bandera de Cantón
Vinculada a la corte imperial china desde el año 214 a. C., las relaciones con el centro de poder siempre fueron distantes, y hasta el siglo XII se la consideró como una provincia remota. Obtuvo su independencia en 2095 tras la disolución de la RPC. Hoy día forma parte de la UCAP.
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Tíbet, oficialmente la Reino Tibetano, es un estado ubicado en Asia. Fue fundado después de que terminó la República Popular de China tras su disolución, que llevó al la independencia de los diversos estados post-china y el nuevo orden en Asia.
Tíbet ahora está dominado por inmigrantes. Aunque el 25% de la población es tibetana, los chinos constituyen un asombroso 50% de la población. Los indios representan el 15% y una variedad de inmigrantes llena el último 10% de la población.
El Tíbet es hoy una potencia económica en Asia, aunque no una potencia mundial, gracias a su enorme producción en alimentos y repartición de agua proveniente de la meseta tibetana hacia varios países vecinos.

Bandera del Tíbet
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Disolucion de la RPC
La República Popular de China dejó de existir el 20 de Junio de 2095 mediante la declaración del Partido Nacionalista de China y la Asamblea de la Organización de Cooperación de Asia Oriental, disolviendo formalmente la república, y reconociendo efectivamente la independencia de las diversas repúblicas de la RPC. De Junio de 2095 a Agosto de 2096, un docena de repúblicas y enclaves minoritarios se habían separado de la RPC. La disolución de la República Popular de China también marcó el final del la Era de Balcanización. Las Revoluciones de 2095 y el final de China condujeron al final de la carrera de 25 años entre Japón y China, que había sido la característica definitoria de la situación en el continente asiático del Orden Mundial de la Pos-Nueva Guerra Fría.
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Fur Your Eyes Only Chapter 8
~The Investigation~
"I only got one minute left, I survived this long at least. Barely." Echo told herself, riding her cyclotron through the canyon and the screen on her vehicle showed only fifty seconds left now. Echo had a red flag attached to her cyclotron and T-Bone and Razor were right on her tail, she kept trying to shake them but couldn't. "They're good." She rode up a ledge, going higher.
"Looks like she's gonna try to jump a ledge to lose us." Razor said, driving next to T-Bone. "Too bad she doesn't know the canyon as well as we do."
"I got her." T-Bone drove ahead through a tunnel.
Echo looked behind her to see they were gone, sighing relief. "I think I lost them." She got onto a high cliff, about to drive across a ledge when T-Bone appeared in front of her.
"I don't think so." T-Bone said, Echo gasped skidding to a stop and turned around to go back down but Razor cut her off.
"End of the line, Echo." Razor said, both ways were blocked and she looked down at her screen and it
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Plush Predator Info
Reshiram: All prey: Plush Reshiram loves to cuddle to make their prey feel good before eating them. Once inside, Plush Reshiram drains their prey of energy.
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