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Milestones: Part 2
The full bathtub was waiting for them when they entered the washing room.  America was still struggling to get free as England held him above the water.  When America noticed what was below him, he stopped kicking and pulled his legs up automatically.  England had to smile when he saw America recoil, but he did not mock the boy any further.  He needed to concentrate if he was going to get his unwilling brother properly cleaned.  So, England carefully re-adjusted his grip on the boy until he was holding America solely by his clothes.  He shook the shirt hard and America began to slip out of it.  Poor America held on as tight as he could, but England was relentless.  He shook harder and harder until the boy finally lost his grip and descended into the tub with a prominent SPLASH!
England calmly tossed America's dirt and food-stained shirt over his head after the messy boy had been discarded from it. 
:icon4thefunofit:4TheFunOfIt 147 27
My idiot deidara x reader insert
deidara x reader
"____-chan!!!!!!!!!! " I turned my head to see tobi launching himself at me ,followed by an angered deidara .
i stepped aside , watching tobi slamming on the floor with a loud thud and deidara tripping on tobi ,falling on top of him .
"Hi Tobi, hi Deidara " I sat on the sofa continuing my drawing paying no more attention to Tobi, being chased around by Deidara , trying to blow him up for , well, being Tobi ......
" Will they ever stop ? " Kisame sighted ,sitting in the armchair facing you .
"i don't think they ever will......"  Kisame sweat dropped as a loud crash was heard ,followed by loud swear words , coming from Hidan's , particularly .....loud voice ......
"If they break anything kakuzu and pein are not gonna be happy......"
konan entered the room sighting with an empty cup of coffee in her hand,putting her mug in the sink, she took notice of me and and smiled.
 "oh, hi _____ how do like it here?"
I smiled goofily at her
" of course i like it here!!! It
:iconpantelda:Pantelda 59 50
Fem!Germany x Male!Reader: SMACK
I stared at her.... That's all I could do. I couldn't look away, I couldn't move..... Just stare at her. She was prettier then I thought she would be. Gorgous actually. Amazing curves in all the right places, blue eyes that spracking  ever so bright; her blonde hair was very short, but I could deal with that, because her body was so-
A gloved hand slapped me straight aross my face. A dark crimson mark engraved upon my right cheek, shining bolding for every other man to see. Pain drifted through my cheek.
I flinced and stutted, "J-ja, Ms. Germany?"
"What have I told you about daydreaming?!" Germany exclaimed, her expression displaying clear angry.
"I'm sorry mam! It won't happen again!" That would be a promise I would be breaking.
"I better not caught you doing it again. The German Army  needs focus and-" I zoned out again, as she went on and on about our Armed Forces. I couldn't help but imagion what it would be like to hold her, to be able to smel
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BBC Sherlock - The Bored Song
If you're bored and you know it shoot a wall! (boom, boom)
If you're bored and you know it shoot a wall! (boom, boom)
If you're bored and you know it, then your wall will surely show it,
if you're bored and you know it shoot a wall! (boom boom)
:iconashqtara:Ashqtara 204 91
Right in Front of Me -Franada-
"Hello l'amour, did you sleep well?" Francis said, kissing Matthew on the cheek as he walked into the kitchen.
"I guess so; I kept having this terrible nightmare about you and Alfred."  Matt replied, kissing him back and then stealing a piece of cheese from the block Francis was cutting. "Francis, you shouldn't be cooking for me." He said, fixing Francis' long, blonde ponytail from the back.
"Feuille d'érable, it's my job to take care of you." He said, turning around to embrace Matthew's long, slender body, and suddenly pushing him away. "Cher, you feel much bonier than I remembered. I take a weeklong trip to Paris and you don't properly feed yourself, mon dieu."
"I have been, belle," Matthew replied, interlocking their fingers and gazing into the other's eyes, "Don't you worry about me." Francis pulled him close and slow danced around the kitchen with Matthew.
"I missed you so much Francis," Matthew said with a smile, "Happy Valentines Day."
"Right back at you." He slow
:iconlivibug98:livibug98 108 24
I Hate Cafes Like This! Italian BrothersxReader.
I Hate Cafes Like This!
Italian BrothersxReader
It was a beautiful day in summer and after a long day at work you wanted to get something to eat. Maybe like a cafe and try something new. As you walked down this sidewalk next to medium size buildings you saw this next to a door.
"Cafe Italian"
You haven't had Italian food in awhile especially in a cafe. The words on the sign were all in Red, White, and Green to match the Italian flag. How cute.
'This might be a nice place to eat then.." You thought as you begin to enter the cafe.
(Name) (Last Name) (Age) A Hard working girl looking for a bite to eat.
You flinched with such loudness to see an light browned haired Italian with a curl off to the right side of his head jumping up and down looking at you.
"LOVINOOOO!~ WE HAVE A CUSTOMER!" The Italian squealed in excitement. "And she's very pretty too!~" He added.
You have no idea what was going on so you just stand their awkwardly.
"Dammit what?!" A dark brown hair
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BF!LovinoxGF!Reader: Not what you think
______ opened the door to the  
Italian brothers house took off her shoes then walking 
quietly to Felincianos room. ______
knocked slightly on the door so that 
her boyfriend wouldn't hear she was there.
opened the door whit a big smile on his lips
 gesturing her to come in. _____ walked to 
the bed sat down and waited that Felinciano
 would join her. Felinciano took 
something from his closet then sitting next to _______.
Lovinos POV:
I was going to the meeting whit Antonio 
when i saw a pair of familiar shoes in the hall.
 It was ________ shoes but she was nowhere 
to be seen. I walked to my brothers room to ask
 if he seen her when i heard something; 
"I-its stuck!~" it was my brother but then i heard 
______ voice; "W-what? It cant be? T-try again!" 
'what the hell?' was all i could think when i sneaked
 to the door opening it slightly seeing my b
:iconzirahz:ZiraHZ 45 10
Capitulo 1 pagina 1- Let you heart feel
Marie: THOMYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
thomas: MARIEEEEE!! NOOOO!!!
Tratar  de alcanzarla hera un acto que parecia inutil, pero una fuerza, no lose quiza fue amor, me impulso a perseguirla, corri y corri con todas las fuerzas que tenian mis piernas, hasta dar con la chica de cabello rojiso y ese sujeto tan despresiable sosteniendola por el cuello, ella haciendo un esfuerzo inutil que solo, logro que las cosas empeoraranlas cosas, y no logro safarce de el.
Sujeto: Nos volveremos a ver... Fletcher
Pero antes de irse, tomo una jeringa que traia en su traje y le inyecto a marie en el cuello dejandola inconsiente y en el suelo, despues se esfumo.
No me moleste, por perseguir a aquel sujeto, porque lo primero que hicieron mis piernas llenas de adrenalina, fue correr hacia donde se encontraba marie. No lograba hacer que esta reaccionara.
Marie, marie despierta!! Por favor!!.-Entre lagrimas y gritos thomas tomo a marie en sus brazos.
Sali corriendo, con marie en braz
:iconceliaa26:celiaa26 47 42
SoMa ~ Love Story ~ The first morning Kiss
A peaceful November morning...
Maka woke up to the downhill falling Raindrops, with Soul lying beside her. 
He saved her from her nightmare the night before.
"Wake up Soul", She said while shaking his shoulder.
"m-mmmh", Soul moaned.
When Maka finally got Soul into the shower she went into the kitchen making their breakfast. She made up her mind making some porridge for them, and she took out the cinnamon, sugar and semolina powder.
Soul finally got out of the shower and went straight to his room to put on some clothes. He put on a bright dark blue jeans, a orange t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Then he walked into the kitchen, seeing Maka finish up the last cleaning from her cooking.
"What's for breakfast, Maka?", He asked her.
"Porridge", She answered him.
Soul made a really weird face and said, "Porridge? Are you serious?"
"Yeah. I thought it would be nice with porridge once in a while." Maka answered smilingl
:iconbubbislover:Bubbislover 69 10
Past, Present, Future
A/N: Oh the cheese! –Dies- OTL
The young man's head pounded at the obnoxious voice and he pulled the blankets in the bed farther up to help block out the sound.
"Hey, kid, wake up!"
The child didn't want to comply. He ached everywhere and he had an odd feeling of detachment from the world as if he wasn't really there. In the morning sunlight, clear even under the heavy duvet, he glanced at his hands. They were there, visible, solid, and yet he felt like a ghost.
He let out an indignant cry when the covers were pulled from him and the hands he'd been examining went to cover his eyes, blocking the now blinding sunlight which was worsening his headache.
"Suck it up and sit up," the obnoxious voice insisted, though laced with what almost sounded like tenderness. "Come on, ya can't evolve if ya don't get better physically. And that was one hell of a beating ya took. Especially after being dissolved. I'm impressed you're still alive. Leave it to France to miss at point-blan
:iconginnystolemyman:GinnyStoleMyMan 46 57
TnM-Amor por siempre
Esta historia comienza en una pequeña ciudad donde vivian dos niños pequeños,
Thomas James Doofenshmirtz y Maria Elizabeth Flynn Garcia-Shapiro... dos niños tiernos
que sentian al uno por el otro, ellos tenian amigos que los apollaban.
Marie: *bostezando* un nuevo dia! ya quiero ver a thommy!
Isabella: Marie cariño, estas despierta?
Marie: si mama
Isabella: baja ya esta listo tu desayuno!
Marie: claro mami
La niña se levanto, se baño, se cambio y se peino, de ahi bajo a desayunar con sus padres.
Marie: buenos dias papi, buenos dias mami
Phinbella: buenos dias cariño!
marie: ya termine de desayunar , voy a ir a ver a mis amigos si?
phineas: claro, cuidate
isabella: adios hija.
marie se fue en busca de sus amigos a tener una aventura mas de cada dia de su vida.
en otro lugar con thomas
thomas: *bostezo* ay *suspira* hoy sera el dia, hoy sera el dia en el que le diga mis sentimientos a marie, si!
thomas se levanta y desayuna y sale d
:iconllobarbi:llobarbi 27 31
"Did I not promise you that you would see God's glory?"
He almost looked hurt. His eyes, still glistening with tears, shone like a live coal fresh from the flames.
She gaped, awed into silence. Something within her started to burn as she saw Him turn towards the tomb.
"Roll away the stone," He repeated.
For a minute, no one had moved. She had rushed towards him, thinking He had wanted to see his body, saying, "Lord, please, don't…he smells…"
Now they just stood there. A tight feeling passed over the crowd, waves of cold mixed with tinges of warmth. No one dared shatter the feeling—who knew what would break loose?
He turned around and motioned towards some young men. "You four, come, please! Please, roll away the stone. Don't be afraid."
They looked at each other in disbelief, then, very slowly, made their way towards the large seal. They passed just in front of Him, and He patted the back of the last one, whispering, "Thank you," through a teary smile.
Positioning themse
:icondorkinabubble:dorkinabubble 39 45
Vampire Chronicles - Intrusion
Rating: Not Rated
Category: Gen
Characters: Lestat de Lioncourt, Louis de Pointe du Lac, Claudia (Vampire Chronicles)
Title: Intrusion
Author: Gairid
We had just entered the Place D'Armes when I realized it had been some time since Claudia had spoken.
"You are quiet, ma petite." She walked beside me, her little hand absently enfolded in mine. "Is something amiss?" If she was upset, I could not imagine why for it had not been very long since we'd hunted and she had surpassed herself in the minutes leading up to the kill. Little kitten with the heart of a lion.
"Not with me, but something is bothering Louis."
"Something is always bothering Louis." I said with some heat. She stared up at me and I relented somewhat. "He has been more withdrawn of late. What of it?"
"I can't be sure because he is hiding it from me, but I can tell. I can almost see it sometimes."
Her words stung. I hated being left out of that particular intimacy and that she and Louis could share it
:icongairid:gairid 21 3
"Mamá… ¿Por qué no hay nadie más?"
"Porque  tienen mucho frío para salir…"
"¿Hay otros más como yo escondidos?"
"Claro, pero están dormidos… aún son muy pequeños para salir a saludar"
"Cuando sean más grandes…  ¿Puedo jugar con ellos?"
"Todo lo que quieras, cuando estén listos. Déjalos dormir con sus madres por ahora"
"Tengo frío mamá…"
"Ven a dormir, nos espera un largo camino mañana"
Blanco. Blanco antiguo, blanco rojizo.
Nací un crudo invierno junto a mi hermano,
mi piel sintió el contacto con la congelada fachada de mi 'casa', arrastré las patas sin poder ver nada... todo estaba oscuro pero a mi lado otras patas chocaban con mi nariz, ambos buscábamos abrigo, calor, mi cuerpo tiritaba completamente pues el frío era insoportable y calaba hasta los huesos, apenas había llegado al mundo
:iconkikuri-tan:Kikuri-Tan 19 4
October 3rd 1721
There are times in this life that I find myself left in awe.
Left in utter amazement and confusion alike. It wasn't fourteen hours ago that I had come staggering up the ramp
from the docks, more scarlet and black than I was flesh. By the fates,I was more dead than alive when I'd collapsed
in the arms of Clarke -- but even at that point, I couldn't have felt more alive. The blood trickling down my skin,
caught up in my hair, and promising nothing more than the evidence of living to be branded into my body. My pallete.
My canvas. My tablet to scrawl the stories of my life upon.
He hasn't been himself in weeks. The new moon had come and gone and I haven't held his eye for longer than a breath -
allowing me only to relish in his attention for a moment until the next. Leaving me to sip it up like sweet nectar,
a drop at a time in fear of running short. Fear of being left to fast. To starve.
He makes me feel like an alcoholic. I'm sent up to the heavens under his gaze, his smi
:iconpans0l0:PANS0L0 67 39
France x Reader: Maid
France x Reader: Maid
~~For all you France lovers out there!  I *finally* got around to doing this!~~~~
                   You were always attracted to people you shouldn't be, which were the people who had a habit of breaking hearts. Your boss was one of those people, and he happened to be the center of your world at the moment. Francis Bonnefoy, also known and France, was your boss and you loved working as his maid. He treated you with upmost respect, and was there to listen to your problems. If England tried to upset you by criticizing you, Francis would be there to wipe your tears away. He was just that kind of man who hated to see a woman cry. HE treated you differently than his other maids, and you assumed it was because you were the youngest. He had you wear one of those short maid outfits, with the skirt being too small that you had to keep pulling it down so it wouldn't show your underwear. Not that you cared, though.
:iconmysteriousparanoia:MysteriousParanoia 36 145
Pamietnik Huntera
Po wyginięciu ludzi planetę ogarnęły wilki i wilko podobne. Zastąpiły ludzi, ale wcale nie były od nich lepsze. Praktycznie nic się nie zmieniło oprócz tego, że na świecie zaczęły rządzić wilki i nikt nie musiał ukrywać swej postaci anthro i umiejętności mówienia.
Moja historia rozpoczęła się 16 lat temu na obrzeżach Polskiego miasta Gdańsk. Mieszkałem wraz z moją matką i matką mojego przyjaciela Severa. Nasi ojcowie opuścili je gdy się urodziliśmy. Sądzili, że nie są gotowi na ojcostwo. Również uważam, że nie byli skoro zostawili nas samych. No cóż. Ojciec Severa niedługo potem zginął w wypadku samochodowym. Oj. Dowiedziałem się tego gdy podsłuchiwałem rozmowę mojej matki.
Gdy skończyliśmy z Severem 5 lat w naszym rodzinnym mie
:iconkrawatorii:Krawatorii 33 31
Dark!Papa!EnglandxChild!Reader .: Request:.
____ sat on the back seat playing whit the new doll she got. 
She heard her parents talking about something but she didn't care, 
she was too busy playing whit her doll~
~~~when they came home ____ went to her room playing and
 waiting for time to supper (i think that's the word?). When _____ was called
 down she saw (favorite food) ~~~
~~~after eating she walked to her room and got asleep~~~
_____ waked up hearing her mom scream and then it was quit then she
 heard a duns followed a scream from her father.
She started to cry and got under her bed when the footsteps came to her door.
the door opened and there was a man whit large eyebrow's and blonde hair.
He walked ower to the bed and called her name until he stopped just before the bed. 
Then he bent down and looked _____ in the eyes.
____ looked in to the green eyes when the man started to talk; " well haven't
 you grow
:iconhetaliaxreadersoc:HetaliaxReadersOC 41 21
thomarie 22
en donde nos quedamos ¡¡PERDON POR LA TARDANSA  AL 1000 POR CIENTO!!
thomas y marie vuelven a su sitio en donde estaban
colmillo - ¿donde estaban?
thomarie - ¡en ningun lado! (nerviosos)
colmillo - um...esta bien ... ¡mersi!
mersi - ¿mande?
colmillo - ponlos a su entrenamiento tengo ue ir a arreglar cuenta con los conejos
con lo conejos...
jefe conejo - prrrrrrr!! (escalofrios)
otro conejo - ¿estas bien?
jefe conejo - em si creo que dijeron  conejos
otro conejo - okeeeeeeeeeeey?
devueltas a lo que estabamos...
mersi - bueno chicos promero iremos a cazar alguien debe traer almenos 3 animales un grande como un alce vale los tres vayan
xeltur - bien bien ya me voy yo....(se va)
xinded - ¿puede ser en parejas?
marsi - um......solo si hacen con 6 osea pueden ser equipo pero cada uien 3 aun
xinded - bien! (se pone a lado de wazz) bien yo con wazz
wazz - (sonrojada - e-e-e-e- (tartamuedeando)
xinded - ¿wazz?
wazz - ¡si! dig
:iconthomarie-fan:thomarie-FAN 12 9
Rainbow Dash X Soarin - A New 'Friend'
Rainbow Dash X Soarin – A New 'Friend'
Recap: Rainbow Dash was in hospital because of her little accident and so when she woke up she was in the hospital surrounded by her friends and the Wonderbolts!  After a long chit chat they decided to let her rest and later at night a mysterious pony has broken in!
Rainbow Dash tried her best not to open her eyes but then she felt her mane being stroked, now Rainbow Dash really wanted to open her eyes but she knew she could either get kidnapped- Wait this Rainbow Dash we are talking about of course she opened her eyes! So anyway Rainbow Dash finally gave up and thought to herself 'I'm no wimp! I have to kick this pony's but!' Rainbow Dash did open her eyes but when she did she was startled to see....So- Soarin from the Wonderbolts. Rainbow Dash felt like squealing like a fan girl but she stayed quiet and then Soarin spoke up not to load "A- Am so sorry for waking you Rainbow Dash, it's just that I umm I-" He struggled to come out w
:iconashleyuchiha22:AshleyUchiha22 55 41
    “There it is me darlin’s!  Ain’t it a sight you never saw!”  The Clancy lifted the little girl to sit on his broad shoulders so she could see over the crowd gathered at the rail, he slapped a hand with gloves worn at the fingers on back of the boy standing beside him.  Cold wind whipped at them, reddening cheeks and noses and creating puffs of steam with each breath, but all three faces were smiling with eager anticipation at the view that was appearing out of the frigid air.
    “Are those trees?”  The tiny girl asked, brushing away the mass of red curls that framed her young face.
    “They are buildings.”  Breathed the boy, his blue eyes wide.  
    “They are so big!”
    “Aye!”  The man’s grin was even larger than his children’s, his eyes twinkling with wonder an
:iconchill13:chill13 13 44
Drops of Fantasy
She ran, her soft bare feet not minding the rocks and thorns as they flew through the forest. Her ball gown had disappeared long ago, and all that billowed behind her was her old maids dress and her now mussed long blonde hair.
Her small callused hands have picked up her skirt, and she's breathing heavily. She wants to look back at the castle. She wants so desperately to rewind back to the moment the prince danced with her……
"Would you take this dance?"
A gloved hand takes hers, and red eyes almost make her melt….

"Stop it Yellow! Concentrate! I only have moments!" She mutters out loud to reassure herself.
A firm hand grabs her by her fleeting arm and she gasps.
"Where do you think you're going?" She hears an amused but familiar voice, and her eyes go wide.
"P-prince?" She whispers, not daring to turn around. He turns her around, his beautiful eyes glinting in the moonlight….
"Yellow…………" He leans closer, his pink lips touching hers…&
:iconsolidadofthestars:SolidadOfTheStars 12 44