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Highschool Showdown: Sagyo Sasageru

Name: Sagyō Sasageru
English VA:  Micah Solusod
Japanese VA: Yuuichi Nakamura
Team: Team Part-Time    
Dream: To be the World’s Best Mechanic 
Backstory: Sagyō Sasageru’s father was a famous race car driver and it was all thanks to him he began to enjoy the concept of cards and how they work. When he was a toddler his father wasn’t all that famous yet, he was only just starting his career but Sagyō still enjoyed seeing his father being a famous racer.
As a kid he enjoyed playing with toy cars and playing racing video games and his father would always come home feeling happy than ever because his father was winning races all around and was it helping with boosting not only his life but also money that helps gain money for his family.
Everyone including Sagyō sees his father as an icon, a childhood hero who could inspire others to be great race car drivers like him and when Sagyō bega
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 7 27
The Abdomen Adventurer: Voyage of The Omphale (p3)
Morgana lifted Lieutenant Raymond to his feet. She kept his hands shackled in front of him, and kept her pistol trained to his head. "Now, we're going to go outside, where you will tell your men to release all my crew, and surrender. If you don't, I won't hesitate to put this bullet in your skull."
"Oh dear. It seems you've caught me. How the tables have turned. Bravo." The Lieutenant said mockingly. He clapped his hands and rattled the chains that only moment before had held Morgana.
"I know your type Raymond. You can act as high and mighty as you want, but in the end your life will matter to you more than king and country. Now, move." She kicked open the door, all while keeping Raymond in her sights. He walked out, head held high, onto the deck. She followed close behind. She pulled out her blade, held it around his throat, then waved her gun at any soldier that seemed ready to make a move. "Call them off." She growled into his ear. Raymond nodded to the soldiers, who backed up a few
:iconmidriffcaptor:Midriffcaptor 12 6
Ultimate Destiny: Kevin
Name: Kevin
Gender: Male
Debut: Ed, Edd n Eddy (1999)
VA: Kathleen Barr
Title: The Jock of the Cul-de-Sac
Alternate Costume: Football Outfit
Signature Stage: Cul-de-Sac Lanes
Intro: Kevin rides his bike on stage before getting off as he cracks his neck with a cocky smug, getting ready to fight.
Intro Quotes
"Trio of Dorks at 12 o'clock!"
"It's pounding time!"
"Who's gonna get a knuckle sandwich today?"
"Time to give ya the old Peach Creek welcome!"
Outro: Kevin smirks as he reclines on his bike smugly.
Outro Quote: Dorks!
Results Screen Quotes
"I'm just too good for you, dude."
"You picked a fight with me and lost, deal with it, dork!"
"Alright, gang, jawbreakers and hot dogs are on me!" (To his team)
"You dorks ain't gonna get the jump on me, that's for sure!"
Vs. The Eds: You bunch of Dorks ain't getting away with any scams on my watch!
Vs. Rolf: Jeez, do you have to hit so hard, Rolfy-Boy?
The Eds as Teammates: Guess I owe you dorks that one...
Rolf as Teammate:
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 5 8
Death Battle Arena: King Bradley

Name: King Bradley
Age: 60
Species: Homunculus (Human-based)
Title: Führer of Amestris
Bio: One of many children born and raised specifically to become Fuhrer of Amestris, King Bradley spent his entire life learning combat skills, military strategy, and politics all in the hopes that he would run the country someday. As a young man, he was injected with the legendary Philosopher's Stone, which tested his strength of mind and will to live. He lived where others failed, but in the process, he forsook his humanity, becoming a homunculus that would serve to make Amestris the spark to kick off a global catastrophe.
Costume 1: Military Uniform
Costume 2: Pride Appearance (FMA 2003)
Costume 3: Black Shirt, Pants, and Suspenders
Costume 4: Battle-Scarred (FMA: Brotherhood)
Costume 5: Beach Attire
Voice Actor: JB Blanc
Special Moves:
Sword Dash: Bradley rushes forward in a burst of speed and slashes at his opponent
:iconcobaltglacier:CobaltGlacier 3 0
another OC meme with Crash lolllll
1. Name: Crash Storm
2. Age: 21
3. Gender: male
4. How tall is s/he?
He's 6'4
5. Describe their eyes:
His eyes are really dark blue, almost purple, and super pretty
6. Sexuality: gayyyy
7. Race/Species:
Everyone thinks he's a bat. He's not a bat!! He is a wolf and he has wings but he can't fly lol.
8. Siblings?
His sister, Valentina. She's 11 years older.
9. Lover(s)?
Coincidence ❤❤❤
10. Any talents or abilities, even if these are included in your canon (i.e. they can fly, but they live with angels, so everyone can fly)?
...Idk nothing special, he can sing and play guitar lmao
11. Any talents and abilities that are unusual in their canon (i.e. a psychic human in real life)?
12. What’s their religion/belief system?
He's an atheist lol
13. Have you ever renamed, redesigned, or reworked this person? How?
...I redesigned him just a tiny bit in 2017 because his old design was ugly as shit
14. Do they have an alternate form?
..Ig human but I never draw him li
:iconsunnycatarts2023:SunnyCatArts2023 3 0
My Turkish fighting game character
Okay. Since Hakan's first arrival in Super Street Fighter IV and Efe's debut in Dual Blades, I decided to make my Turkish fighting game OC. Here comes... Elfida Kızılyürek:
    Full Name: Elfida Kızılyürek
    Also known as: Hard-Rocking Commander, Tough and Patriotic Lady
    Age: 34
    Birthdate: 30th August
    Eye Color: Light blue
    Hair Color: Dark ginger
    Weight: 1.85 m
    Height: 81 kg
    Occupation: Vocalist in the metal group (former), Commander of the 6th Corps (current)
    Hobbies: Singing, playing army toys and video games
    Favorite Food and Drink: Zeytinyağlı sarma, Turkish Coffee
    Voice Actresses: Canan Ergüder (English), Romi Park (Japanese)
    She has light blue eyes and dark ginge
:iconadananian:Adananian 0 0
Waifu Brawl 13: Haru Kanashimi
Name: Haru Kanashimi
Debut: High School Showdown (2018)
Voice Actor: Cherami Leigh
Intro: Haru is seen reading her manga before putting it away and looking at her opponent, saying “I can see the ending! To this fight I mean.”
Outro: Haru says “Being a Mangaka would mean I have to be overworked, so I need to have lots of energy! Both to be a Mangaka and for beating you!” spins around like she is dancing before striking pose involving her body turned to the side, her left hand on her hip and her right hand over her face doing the V-Sign while winking.
Special Moves
Ink Splat: Haru tosses some ink at the opponent.
Pen Swipe: Haru slashes at her opponent with her pen
Amazing Manga: Haru tosses a manga at the opponent, stunning them in place.
Haru Kick: Haru delivers a upwards flip kick.
Waifu Rush:
Scene Inspiration: Haru stretches out her arm and asks the opponent to stop in place, which they do. She will then call out someone for help, and a random girl from the H
:iconroyalcreative:RoyalCreative 1 24
[tracker] Comet

Name: Comet
Species: Evoloon
Type: Genoloon
Gen: 1
Birthday: March 24, 2019
Love Magic: 0
Gift Magic: 0
Participation: 0
Owner: Phantom01
Previous Owners: N/A
Passive Abilities
Evoloon Type: Genoloon
Abilities: ALL of upgrade-able Evoloons get The Moodstone Upgrade!
Earned in: (event/trade)
insert Event/Trade art
Avian -- (LOCKED, UNLOCKED Insert artwork, or UNLOCKED(Ancient))
Aquatic -- (LOCKED, UNLOCKED Insert artwork, or UNLOCKED(Ancient))
Celestial -- (LOCKED, UNLOCKED Insert artwork, or UNLOCKED(Ancient))
Cyber  -- (LOCKED, UNLOCKED Insert artwork, or UNLOCKED(Ancient))
Monster -- (LOCKED, UNLOCKED Insert artwork, or UNLOCKED(Ancient))
:iconphantom01:Phantom01 0 0
Shacora Garrett (ROTTMNT: Next Gen)
Name: Shacora Garrett
Nickname(s): Cora (by friends), Snapdragon (by Topaz)
Age: 16
Birthday: January 14th
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: High School Student, Waitress
Association: The Turtles
Marking(s): Freckles on her cheeks
Disability(ies): None
Hair: Full and Curly; Tyrian purple
Eyes: Lilac purple
Nationality: African-American
Location: New York (Currently)
Appearance: Chubby; Busty; Dark red one-shoulder (left) shirt; Black pants with rolled-up bottoms; White shoes with rose print on the outer sides of the shoes; Red devil horn headband; Black sleeveless jacket; Turtle necklace; Turtle shell bookbag
Skin: Chestnut Brown
Personality: Loud, Sassy, Adventurous, Competitive, Tomboyish, Tech savvy, Outgoing, Confident, Reckless, Courageous, Extremely brave, Helpful, Hardworking
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Sewing, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Writing, Photography, Bicycling, Swimming, Kart racing, Jewelry making
Talents: Impressionism, Sewing skills, Skillful at
:icondelilahmonclova18:delilahmonclova18 0 0
Shan ra's Info Remake (Skyrim)
During the 4th era
A legend was born in the province of Skyrim as Female argonian gives birth to a legendary warrior who will change the province of Skyrim in a way nobody has seen in many years.
The hatchlings name is Shan ra, In his future he will be a legendary warrior of skyrim
When Shan ra got older, he was getting trained by his father in Hand to hand combat and swordsmanship as his mother trained him in fire magic and helping him control it, When his training was going on his older brother had pure hate towards his younger brother knowing that his father would be more caring to Shan ra but not him.
Years later Shan ra’s mother went on a hunting trip with his older brother but they didn’t come back in a couple of days. Couple of days later his older brother came back to the house where his family lived as he told Shan ra and his father about the death of his mother and his fathers wife. Shan ra watched as His father slashed his older brother’s eye giving a scar.
:iconbloodborn1011:Bloodborn1011 3 0
Sander Frankenberger
The Cruiser

Name: Sander Frankenberger
Age: 8 (actually 37)
Before change: Navy Crew
Rank: Petty Officer Second Class
Favorite food: Cherry Blueberry Cobbler, Chocolate, Strawberry Milk
Weapon: Heckler & Koch HK45

Turned while he's shooting alien ship. Try to run away but found dead end. Helped by Dexter before got attack by alien. Calm and strict. Never lead any group before. Can feel panic when to much stress.
:iconritsutama:RitsuTama 3 0
Do Boys just Stay Quiet? Pt1
Sabrina's pov: I was leaving my job still in my scrubs, saying goodbye to my colleagues. Walking out to my car I hopped in and started driving off. I stopped to grab a bite to eat, and when I walked out I heard a bit of scuffling near a ally way.
At first I thought it was just nothing but some kids running around but, when I heard a thud I look over and I see a figure shaking.
Holding themselves up against the wall, weakly head down, the body shook. 
I didn't want to leave them there, I was sure this was a kid, and they looked like they needed help.
I walked over to him carefully and talked to him.
"Hey buddy!" I called out to the boy, he shrunk away, and tried to back up. 
"its okay love I just wanna help you" He shakes his head but then falls and lets out a gasp and a gag. 
I then bring out my nurse badge got a little closer.
"see I just wanna help you please, I can get you help." I plead hopefully.
The boy curls up then nod at me so I grab my phone and call my EMT fri
:iconhandsomelittlepsycho:HandsomeLittlePsycho 0 0
Mana Khemia 1 and 2 in a Nutshell
Vayne Aurelius
If Allen Walker fom D.Grayman and Akihiko Sanada from Persona 3 had a Test-Tube baby.
The one with most of the answers but won't tell you mid way.
Jessica Philomele 
White Mage Sakura Haruno 
Nicole Mimi Tithel
With a singing voice like her's  she should start her own band that would help her find a husband much faster.
Pamela Ibis
One of her victory quotes is "I Thought I was going to die" but she's a ghost how can you kill something that's already dead??? 
Flay Gunnar
He has a Mech Sword that turns into a gun that shoots lightning, a drill, and it also shoots out ninja shurikens. How cool is that.
A True weapon for Justice! :D 
Roxis Rosenkrantz 
Your Rival at the beginning but have a Bromance in the end.
Anna Lemouri 
If Vergil and Yuzuriha Had a kid.
Muppy Oktavia Wonderchak VIII 
He's looking for a Man to make his Queen care to assume THA
:icondcb2art:dcb2art 5 1
Red's journal page 5
Its night now and I'm still awake. I think Dean is surprised I didn't run off last night, I did think about it I ain't gonna lie, but I have been looking for these boys for a long time and now that I found them why would I run off now? I'm tired of being alone.
Whatever there gonna do in this war....maybe I should help, I haven't told them about the angel after me, figured I'd tell them tomorrow. When I figure out what to say.
How to explain it right. Cause even I don't know why Zachariah is trying to get me to there side, I'm I supposed to be a vessel for that can't be it, maybe for another angel or they just wanna get rid of me. After so many generations what if they just wanna start over? If that's the case then I'm gonna die in this war....
My warding on my arms hasn't faded yet. That angel....Castiel, he could sense I was warded I knew it, but he didn't tell the others. I can still smell him like hes still he
:iconlong-lost-sister:Long-lost-sister 3 0
About myself (IRL)

Full Name: Carlos Juan Agosto Braulio
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Date of Birth: 5-8-2000
Island/Country of Birth: Puerto Rico
Hometown/City: Caguas
Family Members: Mother, Father (My father has the same name as mine), Great Grandparents (Deceased), Younger Brother (Age 5 and an OC of mine is named after him), Grandfathers, Grandmothers (One of them is deceased), Godparents, Cousins, Dogs (If they count as family Members), Fishes (If they count as Family Members), Aunts and Uncles, Cousins
Sexuality: Unknown 
Favorite Color: Red
Likes: Snickers, Eating, Video Games, Reading Fanfiction, Relaxing, DeviantArt, Rping, Writing Fanfiction, Reading Books, chocolate, Rice with Corn beef,  Anything with Alfredo Sauce, Being alone (Sometimes)
Dislikes: School, Work, Chores, College, ETC
Want me to add more? Tell me in the comments
:iconmegaer:Megaer 2 11
Trainer Forms!

Eye Color:
Hair Color:




Pokemon Team:


Name: Kope

Gender: F

Age: 12

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hometown: Ultra Megalopolis(Former Home since her so called friends bullied her too much and she ran away.)

Region: Alola

Relatives: None

Friends: -Lillie(Best Friends Forever)

:iconsculla:Sculla 1 0
Ultimate Destiny: Jacqui Briggs
Name: Jacqueline Sonya Briggs
Gender: Female
Debut: Mortal Kombat X (2015)
VA: Danielle Nicolet 
Title: Daughter of Jax
Alternate Costume: Cyber Jacqui
Signature Stage: Refugee Kamp
Intro: Jacqui parachutes down before taking it off and readying her gauntlets.
Intro Quotes
"Sorry, but I gotta hurt ya."
"Time for a straight-up beatdown!"
"You're not even gonna know that I beat ya!"
"You're not gonna like what happens next."
Outro: Jacqui removes her gauntlets and adjusts her hands as she smirks.
Outro Quote: Aw damn!
Results Screen Quotes
"What's that? Want some more?!"
"You got cocky, that's why your losing!"
"Say my name, bitch!"
"You weren't expecting that, were ya?"
Vs. Cassie Cage: How was that for a catfight, Cassie?
Vs. Jax: I think I can handle myself just fine, dad.
Vs. Takeda: You owe me dinner for this, sweetie.
Vs. Quan Chi: Beating you up...was just SO satisfying. 
Cassie Cage as Teammate: Girlfriend, you don't know how good it feels to work side by side.
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 5 3
Waifu Brawl 11: Rainbow Mika
Name: Mika Nanakawa
Debut: Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)
Voice Actor: Bonnie Gordon
Intro: Mika's tag team partner nadeshiko lifts her up while saying "I'll kick your ass!", Mika then lands down and says "Alright, lets begin!"
Outro: Mika and her Nadeshiko high five each other and raise their hands into the air, while crowd cheers are heard in the background.
Special Moves
Flying Peach: Mika lunges at the opponent rear first.
Wingless Airplane: Mika does a flipping body press that knocks down the opponent.
Spinning Suplex: Mika grabs the opponent and does a suplex while spinning
Diamond Cutter: Mika grabs the opponent and runs while jumping and face pants the opponent.
Waifu Rush:
Peach Double Smother: Mika grabs the enemy and positions herself behind them before hurling them back with a suplex, Nadeshiko catches the enemy in a hug and rubs their face against her breasts, causing them to blush and stumble around dizzy as she lets them go. Mika and Nadeshiko suddenly tackle the enemy fr
:iconroyalcreative:RoyalCreative 2 8
OC meme with Jason
1. Name: Jason Martin
2. Age: 21
3. Gender: male
4. How tall is s/he?
He eees 6'3
5. Describe their eyes:
he has green eyes but he's blind in his right eye. His blind eye is like a cloudy pale yellow cuz he's blind and he has a scar on it.
6. Sexuality: straight
7. Race/Species:
He's a doggo. German shepherd
8. Siblings? His older brother Cash. Cash is 9 years older
9. Lover(s)? His gf Elizabeth
10. Any talents or abilities, even if these are included in your canon (i.e. they can fly, but they live with angels, so everyone can fly)?
Not really no
11. Any talents and abilities that are unusual in their canon (i.e. a psychic human in real life)?
12. What’s their religion/belief system?
He is Christian
13. Have you ever renamed, redesigned, or reworked this person? How?
I redesigned him completely in 2016 he was gross looking.
14. Do they have an alternate form?
Human and feral but I don't use those forms
15. Are they based on a real person?
16. Or another character?
:iconsunnycatarts2023:SunnyCatArts2023 1 6
Waifu Brawl 12: Maya Fey
Name: Maya Fey
Debut: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001)
Voice Actor: Samantha Dakin (Maya), Alexis Tipton (Pearl)
Intro: Maya walks forward slowly before looking at her opponent and cracking na energetic smile, saying “I’ll show you what a spirit médium can do!”
Outro: Maya kneels on the ground tired before looking towards the camera and smiling while doing a v-sign with her hand.
Special Moves
Psyche Lock: Maya’s magatama glows as she stretches her arms forward, creating a lock on the enemy that stuns them in place.
Sorry!: Maya runs forward and slips, sliding on the ground and damaging the enemy.
Paperwork: Maya tosses a pile of papers on the enemy, damaging them multiple times.
Magatama Barrier: Maya's magatama glows as she creates a barrier in front of her that absorbs enemy projectiles.
Waifu Rush:
Big Sis for the Rescue!: Maya grabs a pile of papers and tosses them at the enemy, obscuring their view. Once they see Maya again, the opponent gasps as s
:iconroyalcreative:RoyalCreative 1 29
oc mem wat CoincidonK
My cereal tastes like waterbuffalo
I'm doing this again I'm really bored
1. Name: Coincidence
2. Age: 19
3. Gender: male
4. How tall is s/he?
He's 5'11
5. Describe their eyes:
He has cute blue eyes weeww
6. Sexuality: gay af
7. Race/Species:
Wolf weew
8. Siblings?
Nopeee he a only boi
9. Lover(s)? Crash ❤❤❤
10. Any talents or abilities, even if these are included in your canon (i.e. they can fly, but they live with angels, so everyone can fly)?
He has deja vu dreams (lol I do too)
If you don't know what that is (it's hard to explain)
Its when you have a dream that you do something, and you forget about the dream when you wake up, then a while after you have the dream you'll do exactly what you did in the dream and you'll have a quick thought like "wait I thought I did this already" but it's like you saw it through someone else's eyes.
11. Any talents and abilities that are unusual in their canon (i.e. a psychic human in real life)?
12. What’s their
:iconsunnycatarts2023:SunnyCatArts2023 1 0
Jovani Tao Molina (Miraculous Ladybug OC)
|Civilian Bio|
Name: Jovani Tao Molina
Nickname(s): Jojo
Age: 14
Birthday: October 6th
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5’4”
School/Job: Works as Audrey’s fashion designer assistant
Hair: Knee-length; Braid
Hair Color: Darkish Blue
Eyes: Bluebell
Nationality: Chinese-American
Location: New York (Formerly); France (Currently)
Appearance: White t-shirt with a kitten print below the collar; Brown blazer over t-shirt with pink linings and blue hearts on the linings; Black rolled-up pants with red and yellow cat pawprints on on the outer-sides of it; Brown sneakers; Ladybug necklace; Blue bow holding the braid; Brown school shoulder bag with ladybugs on it
|Superhero Bio|
Superhero Name: Russian Bleu
Transformation Catchphrase: “Russ, read the emotions!”
Hair: Same hairstyle (color becomes a bit lighter with blue highlights on the braid)
Eyes: Blue sclera and light blue irises
Appearance: Silverish-blue suit; Silverish-blue mask over his eyes; Blue pawprints on the
:icondelilahmonclova18:delilahmonclova18 0 0