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Incineroar Burns Out in DEATH BATTLE!

-Debut: Pokemon Sun & Moon Versions (2016)
-Classification: The Heel Pokemon
-Height: 5'11 (1.8 m)
-Weight: 183.0 lbs (83.0 kg)


-Dual Fire and Dark-type.
-Gains STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus) from Fire and Dark-type moves, increasing their power by 1.5x.
-Resists Dark, Fire, Ghost, Grass, Ice, and Steel-type moves.
Takes double damage from Fighting, Ground, Rock, and Water-type moves.

-Blaze: Increases the power of Fire-type moves when it's health falls below half.
-Intimidate: Hidden ability. Lowers the opponents Attack stat upon entering the field.

-Behaves just like a pro wrestler, showing off after landing powerful blows.
--Even incorpo
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Trollhunters- Aisling updated story.
 I'm going to update Aisling backstory. Somethings are the same but since the books came out I'm going to change things up and put a little more character to Aisling's backstory with more detail. Also give some information about her more
 Alright let's go.

 Aisling was born from one of the Heartstones back in the old homelands like Gunmar was born but unlike Gunmar who was corrupted from the bloodshed and hatred from Trolls of the war for the surface lands Aisling was born from the hopes from some Trolls that hope for the war to bring equally between Humans and trolls and for the war to stop. Especially when the Gumm Gumms begin to spread terror among the lands. So when she was born when she was surprisingly born earlier then usual, so when she was born she was more like a child. Blind and ignorance to the world around her who still need to be teach and learn. So the two beings who where they at her hatching from her Heartstone Merlin a powerful (And dickweed) wiz
:iconjsommers94:jsommers94 3 0
Rise of Dragon Fighter Profile: Jeku

Full Name
Jeku Kusanagi
Date of birth
July 20th
Very Serious
Sometimes Funny
Pasley Kusanagi (Survived)

Totoma Kusanagi (Deceased)
Mazurka Kusanagi (Older brother)
Thalia Kusanagi (Young sister)
Mavis Dracula (Hotel Transylvania Trilogy + Series)
Christopher Storm, Pearl Storm and Emily Storm Christopher108 (Great friends)
Jake Richards, Lexi Richards and Shelly Richards Dark-Warrior95 (Great friends)
Domon, Rain, George, Chibodee, Sai, Argo and Allenby (G Gundam)
Terrence Silva Dragonprince18 (Good friend)
Ethan Tidwell 17Chaos (Best Friend)
Alvaro alvarobmk123 
Mavis Dracula (Hotel Transylvania Trilogy + Series) (Best friend,
:iconwajinatorful:Wajinatorful 2 5
Character Profile: Re-do: Blade Shado
Full Name: Blade Shado
Nickname: Hothead (By Jake), Dark Man (By Peacock), Blade man (By Chris), Heartless (By Dusk and Twilight), Strong Warrior (By Joie),
Age: 19
Voice Actor: Clifford Chapin (Katsuki's voice from My Hero Academia)
Occupation: Strongest Fighter of the Shado, Soon to be Strongest Warrior of the World.
Personality: Cold hearted man who's only to prove he's the best and strongest warrior around, he never cared about anyone's lives even his own siblings, he trained and ignored the weaklings, he hated seeing someone stronger than him, including the perfect balance he disliked, Jake's powers of Light and Darkness, as he prefer perfect darkness as his own powers.
Appearance: He has pale white hair, and has red eyes as his frown and glaring, red coat with black flames, fingerless gloves, white pants and black shirt with net neck, then has black boots.
History: He's born the first Shado of the family, the son of Shi and Kagayaki Shado, his goal of his own is to become the Cha
:iconchristopher108:Christopher108 0 0
Updates Log:
Nov 12 2018 : Updated Shark Week's Deadline, Added The Great Western Race, Added The White December + Possible Registration Info
EventEquine Shark Week Event 
Deadline: November 30th
Entrant: Callista Ardell
Horse: A Hero of Olde
Rider: Callista Ardell
Stable: King's Reach Estate
Class: Dressage
Music: (dressage)Entrant: Anna Ronno
Horse: MD Dream Catcher 
Rider: Anna Ronno
Stable: King's Reach Estate
Class: Dressage
Music: (dressage)
Horse: MD Whipped Cream on Top 
Rider: Anna Ronno
Stable: King's Reach Estate
Class: Dressage
Music: (dressage)
Event: <
:iconking-icarus:King-Icarus 1 0
MHA: Moreau's Mutants
Kisazou (Kizou): An African bush elephant. He is a humble, gentle giant and one of the zoo's prominent residental animals. When under the effects of Moreau's mutating touch, he resembles a bipedal, cloaked figure with his ears and trunk wrapped around like a scarf. He can swing and unravel his trunk at will to deliver a powerful blow when commanded.
Kirishima (Kiri): A reticulated giraffe who shares his habitat with Kizou and is good friends as well. He resembles a freaky Halloween-style monster under Moreau's touch, with elongated eyes on the stalks of his ossicones (like a snail) and a strange mouth-shaped cavity that unfolds from his lower jaw to his stomach. He can chew up anything in his path into tiny particles, especially trees or bushes.
Kepu and Keshibo: A pair of black-footed penguins. Kepu is lanky with elongated flippers and really distorted claws coming off of his flippers, while Keshibo is grotesquely overweight and puffy. They work together as a team, Kepu sliding and sk
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Chapter Five of Ocean Home
Chapter Five of Ocean Home: How did Bluesea and Tidedash get a free ride on a whale shark?
 Tidedash was more than glad to see Bluesea was released from that tuna longline fishing ship. Yet as soon as she caught sight of Bluesea’s swimming, her heart sank.
 “Bluesea! You are a blue shark so you are supposed to swim faster than I, but now why do you swim so…so slowly and…clumsy?” Tidedash was shocked at the sight; Bluesea tried her best to wave her tail, but her poor tail looked as if out of control. Even a new-born fish could swim more flexibly than her.
 Bluesea sighed.
 “I’ve no idea why I can’t swim like before…I just feel my tail won’t listen to me. Maybe it’s because I haven’t breathe for so long on that ship?” She was right; when on board, she had no water to breath with for a long time, so the lack of oxygen caused damage to her nerve system, which made it hard for her to move her t
:iconhanwudadi:hanwudadi 2 0
Character Bio: Samantha Oaks
Eye color: Crystal Blue. "Could be seen as piercing Crystal blue eyes."
Hair color: Black hair.
Hair type: silky, flowing hair. barely any tangles goes down to the Sholders.
Skin color: pale skin pink/white
Nationality: European
Catch phrase: "Catch Me If you Can!"
Hobbies: Running, juggling, playing with friends.
Hieght: 106cm
Age: 12.
Clothes. Denim long pants. Light blue teeshirt with insigna(figures on it)
"Here we are on sunlight radio, the radio station for you!" "Today we have samantha oaks in the studio with us. Good morning samantha."
"Good morning John and Jeff!"
"As this is samanthas first time on radio we decided to ask some questions on her newly appointed dipomatic position, as she has become the International president of peace  in the last three years."
"Miss Oaks, what is it like dictating what is peace and what is choas in this world in which we live?"
"It's strange in a way being the first person to take up this position, I thought th
:iconoldhatter:oldhatter 0 6
Krishnaa Shimra (ROTTMNT OC)
Mutant Name: Krishnaa Shimra
Nickname(s): Krish, Doll (by Leo), Dimples (by Mikey), Snapdragon (by Donnie and April), Dragonfly (by Raph)
Age: 15
Birthday: May 12th (day she was mutated)
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant American Guinea Pig
Occupation: Mystical Dancer, Rodeo Star
Association: Neutral
Marking(s): Birthmark on right face cheek, Lollipop tattoo on her left ankle, Owl tattoo on her stomach (right side)
Disability(ies): None
Hair: Elbow-length natural waves; Burnt Orange
Fur: White with Red and Brown spots
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Caucasian-American
Location: Texas (Formerly); New York (Currently)
Appearance: Anthropomorphic American guinea pig; Bit small; Bit muscular; Light pink cropped gypsy off-the-shoulder crop top; Blue jean shorts; Brown cowgirl boots with spurs on it; Brown cowgirl hat; Bull earrings; Texas state necklace; Star bracelets on both wrists
Personality: Loud, Hardworking, Very loyal, Very honest, Tomboy, Heart of gold, Reliable, Dependent, Extremely helpful
:icondelilahmonclova18:delilahmonclova18 1 0
Ultimate Destiny: Escanor
Name: Escanor
Gender: Male
Debut: Seven Deadly Sins (2012)
VA: Kyle Herbert (English) Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese)
Title: The Lion's Sin of Pride
Alternate Costume: Holy Knight Armor
Signature Stage: Lake Penance
Intro: Escanor, in his night form, adjusts his glasses shyly before a sun shines behind him and he enters his muscular day form before entering a battle stance as he speaks his quote.
Intro Quotes
"Such a pity you have to face me."
"This looks like it could quite exhilarating!"
"Try not to bore me, friend."
"Forgive me if I end up humiliating you, which I probably will!"
Outro: Escanor rests Rhitta over his shoulder and looks down on his foe as the sun starts shining behind him.
Outro Quote: You were clearly outmatched.
Results Screen Quotes
"I was simply too much for you."
"It is alright to fear me, I am a monster after all."
"Ha! I've barley suffered a scratch!"
"Get stronger if you want to beat me."
Vs. Superalloy Darkshine: Truly, a fine display of strength yo
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 4 3
Rider G Wars
Henshin! This holiday season, let's go Rider Kick!
Plot: Black Ghost has begun a team up collaboration with a new Shocker organization, Daku Shocker. Under the leadership of the Black Ghost leader, Skull, they begin an attempt to conquer the world. WATAS (War and Terrorism Assessment Sentinels), has dispatched three agents to halt the groups. Whilst heroes from across realities join the fight.
Original Generation:
Samon Saikaku - A samurai cop assigned as a captain to halt terrorist and other criminal activities.Kobashigawa Kazu - An elf who is an expert archer and white mage.Yamashiro Yujiro - A superhero who is a massive comic geek. He designed a costume that pays homage to his favorite superheroes and villains.
Kamen Rider:
Kamen Rider IchigoKamen Rider NigouKamen Rider V3Kamen Rider XKamen Rider AmazonKamen Rider StrongerSkyriderKamen Rider Super-1RidermanKamen Rider ZXKamen Rider Black RXKamen Rider KuugaKamen Rider AgitoKamen Rider GillsKamen Rider G3Kamen Rider Ryu
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Vicinity: Akademi: Kaneyama
"The middle child of the adoptive siblings. He is blunt and uses his brute strength to defend people from tormentors. He doesn't care about his education and prefer to be in a boxing ring or inside of a gym. Despite his outer looks as a tough and "scary" boy, Kaneyama has a few of secret sides."
Takeshi Kaneyama is one of the protagonists in Vicinity: Akademi. Kaneyama is the adopted son of Tetsuya and Takara Mizuno and the adoptive brother of Serena Homura and Suzume Mizuno.

Character Information  

Takeshi Kaneyama
Age: 17
School Year: Second year
Class: 2-2
Club: Sports club
Crush: None
Occupation: Student
Relatives: Tetsuya Mizuno (Adoptive Father), Takara Mizuno (Adoptive Mother: deceased), Serena Homura (Adoptive older sister), Suzume Mizuno (Adoptive younger sister), Eita Kubozuka (Adoptive older half-cousin), Mr. Kaneyama (Biological Father; Deceased), and Mrs. Kaneyama (
:iconxmochiette:xMochiette 1 0
Glitch's Tickle Questionnaire
Glitch: Okay, I guess its my turn now. Haha, I've already tortured everyone else, so I might as well fill this out too. Hey, Gejus, what are you up to? Just hanging around? Okay, would you mind handing me that pencil? Thanks! Okay...*scribble scribble scribble* all done. Here, what do you think? Hahaha! You know I am a willing switch, but this Glitch likes to ler. Of course that doesn't change how ticklish I am! Gejus, I swear, I will get you back if you touch me. Ohh you are so asking for it... tell you what, why don't we go play with Sweet or Erin? Maybe Violet or Ivy if we can find them. You already got your tools, so lets just go find them!

1.) Do you like tickling in general?
[] I guess I don't dislike it, but I don't get the whole fetish/obsession people have for it.
[]  NO!
[] Not too much, but I don't dislike it either.
[X] Yes, it's adorable.
[] YES, I LOVE it. It's the best thing ever.
[] Other: ______
2.) Do you like
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Watch this! (Please watch and read)
I made this video for my QnA video! Ask questions here and they will be answered. And DARES TOO!!! Also make sure you subscribe!
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Mandy Musician- Boss Battle- [Musical Disaster]
Title: “Musical Disaster”
Phase 1:
“Your tempo was terribly off!”
Mandy Musician, Phase 1 death scene
In this phase Mandy is seen giving a wink to the players as the screen gives the “Wallop!” text, she gives a slight twirl in her dress. Her piano skirt spins before she pops out of thin air and reappears on the conductor stand, she gives it a little tap before she begins to conduct. Sets of 2 medium sized drums will bounce across the wooden stage platform, they’ll move and bounce roughly in the next spot they move to within 3 seconds. Mandy will quicken the tempo within 5 seconds where quarter rests will fall in fast succession towards the player for 6 seconds.
In Simple Mode, Mandy won’t quicken the tempo  
Phase 2:
“Seems you were off key”
Mandy Musician, Phase 2 death scene
In this phase Mandy will hop from the conductor stand to the stage where she’ll take a seat on a piano bench that is slightly off the ground
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character sheet- cressida browne
Universe: up to you!

Personal Information
Full Name: Cressida Liz Browne
Nicknames: cress
Meaning: Greek meaning of gold
Title(s): Ms.
Gender: female
Age: 16
Birthday: December 18
Deathday (if they are dead):
Dominant Hand: right
Zodiac: Sagittarius 
Astrological Sign: archer
Sexual Orientation: straight
Blood Type: AB
Marital Status: single
Visual Information
Species: human
Skin Color: light skin
Ethnicity: American
Facial Shape: heart
Hair Color: natural is blonde, but it is light silver/gray
Hairstyle: collarbone-length and straight
Eye Color: blue
Height: 5'4
Weight: 149
Gait: normal
Body Type: inverted triangle
Piercings: earlobe
Clothing Style: casual/trendy
Tattoos: N/A
Birthmarks/Odd Markings: N/A
:iconeloqyn:eloqyn 0 4
OC: Tokara
Name: Tokara
Gender: Male
Race: Sagari
Grouping: Yōkai
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Habitat: Hackberry trees
Diet: N/A
Tokara appears as the head of a suffering dead horse hanging from the branch of Hackberry tree.
In life, Tokara was naturally very calm and collected, and rarely got upset. Now as a yōkai, he does nothing more but dropping in front of someone and neighing an unholy cry.
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pokemon trainer FC Roxas
Name: Roxas
Age: 17
Home region: Kalos
Appearance: His hair's very short (cause he'd rather not have bangs in the way of his eyes).  He's also light skin.
Relationship status: Single
Clothing: He wears a Aqua Hoodie for the main shirt, with Short Cargo Pants (olive).  His headwear is a red logo cap. 
Pokemon (in party for pokelympics):
Chespin (not evolved due to thinking it looks cool, and less bulky)
Aerodactyl (can mega evolve)
Pyroar (female)
This guy is an easy going trainer with some decent sportsman ship (like saying good luck).  His luck however, contradicts.  Sometimes he picks the right pokemon only for him to either loose or win depending on his luck today, but apparently he has good luck when it comes to making bad decisions, like the wrong pokemon for the select battle or challenge.  He felt his luck would either win, or bite him in the end.  He's no dirty player, cause he rather play by the rules than
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Augustine Hopson (ROTTMNT OC)
Name: Augustine Hopson
Nickname(s): August, Hoppy
Age: 16
Birthday: February 28th
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: None (takes on part-time jobs)
Association: The Turtles
Marking(s): Freckles across both cheeks
Disability(ies): Social Anxiety
Hair: Messy curls; Black and Blue
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: Indonesian-British
Location: Indonesia (Formerly); New York (Currently)
Appearance: Skinny; Slim; Black hoodie with an Anime character on (red t-shirt underneath); Red baggy pants; White sneakers; White-framed glasses; Peace necklace; Buck teeth
Skin: Light Brown
Personality: Very socially awkward, Cowardly, Extremely timid, Reclusive, Extremely shy, Softheaded, Slow, Repentant, Pretentious, One-sided, Extremely intelligent, Very gullible, Skeptical, Wise, Tech savvy
Hobbies: 3D printing, Antiquing, Figurine collecting, Gaming, Foreign language learning, Robot combat, Scrap booking, Computer programming, Cosplaying, Sketching, LARPing, Taxidermy, Ghost hunting, Urban exploration
:icondelilahmonclova18:delilahmonclova18 1 0
OC: Usugumo
Name: Usugumo
Gender: Female
Age: 29 ( Physical appearance)
Race: Bakeneko-Yujo
Grouping: Yokai
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Greenish-yellow 
She is a slender woman with feline features, such as cat ears, whiskers, clawed fingers, fangs, and a tail. She has long black hair pulled up with kanzashi hairpins, large greenish-yellow eyes and wears red eyeshadow. 
Standard outfit:
She's dressed in a purple uchikake, a yellow silk obi with a cat motif that is tied in the front. Underneath she wears a red furisode. Her footwear consists of high geta sandals. 
She is a playful, carefree, loud, and flirty young woman. She always listens to the latest updates, but that can lead her into causing gossip and can lead too bad news for many people. Though, Usugumo does tend to have trouble with things seriously and can bother people when she cracks a joke at the worst time. Whi
:iconlareforma1857:LaReforma1857 1 5