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BNHA Pro Hero OC~Jezebel Ko
Name: Jezebel Ko
Namesake: Origin of the name Jezebel: Derived from the Hebrew 'īzebhel (impure, wicked). The name is borne in the Bible by the wicked wife of King Ahab. The name is associated with being in trouble as well.
Hero Name: Black Cat
Hero Namesake: Since Jezebel's Quirk has to deal with Bad Luck, I chose this name since Black Cat's are normally known for being Bad Luck. Her Hero Name is also the name of her Quirk as well.
Age: 31
Height: 172.72 cm (5'8")
Weight: 167.551 lbs or 76 kg
Nationality: African American
Hair Style: Waist length wavy with a part to the left
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Sea Green
Build: Curvy (Hourglass)
Misc: She usually wears a little bow on the end of her tail when she's not doing Hero work
Quirk: Black Cat~Jezebel has the ability to cause Bad Luck around her. She practically emits it from her body like radio waves, which her daughter does the same. She can form little energy waves from her body to attack others. The Bad Luck is usually so
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My Dark Multiverse: Max Kills the Image Universe
Imagine stories that should have never been thought of. Stories that should have never been created. This is MetalGearPlasma's Dark Multiverse.
Imagine an alternate universe where Image Comics villains killed Warren Graham in front of Max Caulfield's eyes....and in grief, she blames the entire Image Universe for the death of her beloved boyfriend.
As a result, this version of Max Caulfield uses her time-powers to commit a massive genocide across the entire Image Universe to avenge her Warren. Hero, Villain, Anti-Hero, Anti-Villain, it did not matter to her. All that mattered to her was making them all suffer.
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Shadowmare Documentation 5
Shadowmare Documentation
Date: 18/10/2018
Time of writing: 22:34
We have noticed that more Twisted Shadowmares have begun to speak. However, they are most certainly not of sound mind. As we expected.
They talk about something called the "Chaos Ultima". We do not know what they talk about. Nothing in the past as signified anything called this.
We have tried to question them. But they just repeat several phrases:
"He's coming."
"The Chaos Ultima."
"He grows stronger."
"He will destroy."
Dr. Haines will be looking into the matter of this so called "Chaos Ultima" in the near future.
She will update this file if she comes across any findings to do with what the Twisted speak of.
In other news, the Pure Shadowmares refuse to speak to us now. They too have all gained the ability to speak, but refuse questioning.
A Pure has allowed to be questioned about this so called "Chaos Ultima". The following is Dr. [REDACTED] and I speaking to this Pure.
Dr. Haines:
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Miomir the Medic
This Serb has a skill in healing whatever injury or illness befalls you,
although he does chat up a storm when doing so.
Unlike Anton, his transparency makes him well trusted and kept out
of the watchful eyes of Authorities.
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Introducing Miss Violet Fisher
Introducing Miss Violet Fisher.
Miss Violet Fisher is our take on a well known Australian TV sleuth. She is a thoroughly modern 1920’s lady private detective. Violet loves her flapper style and risqué attitude to life so she has become Buntys sleuthing companion. Even though miss Fisher is brilliant at everything and possess even looser underwear than I do everyone knows I am the real brains of the operation.
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''Dangerous place'' chapitre 3 :the new beginning
when they finally came back to the camp, greywhisker though i will lie to him, im sure i'll forget the deal!  the leader said to the deputy to gather every cats around this immense rock between the deep sea and the forest, when all the cats of the tribe gathered around the immense rock,shadowstar jumped on with black tail beside him; they sat. " okay so, i gathered you all to announce an tribe battle" he started he could see the despite in the eyes of greywhisker and clear snow, their maybe not ready but this is a fight for our tribe, ready or not, they will fight anyway! shadowstar though, i have to fight, im not a kit now greywhisker though,then suddenly some cats looked unsure of what to do, then creampuff asked " if it's a tribe battle, which tribe we gonna fight?", shadow tail replied " we will fight the cats of the moutains"
cream said " oh ", then waterfeather asked " when it's gonna happen and where?" darktail face turned unsure like the warriors, shadowstar hesited f
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Name: Yoroizuka Saw Paing
Age: 30
Height: 6ft
Weight: 194lbs
Occupation: Kengan Fighter
First appearance: Kengan Asura (2016)

-The rival to Gao-Lang, Thailands greatest fighter
-Has won 18 Kengan Matches, several of which were with his headbutts
-Could climb a 30 story building with ease
-Possesses the hardest skull of mankind as well as a hard skeleton to boot
-Defeated Kori Yoshinari a man who could kill giant sea creatures
-Was almost able to defeat to Mikazuchi Rei, a fighter with assassination techniques and could move as fast as lightning
-Only lost to his rival Gao-Lang because of judges decision, as noted by Gao, Saw Paing couldn't be defeated by just knocking him out

-An incredibly hot-blooded individual
-Is deadset on fighting his rival Gao-Lang
-Fighting is his passion and he never gets more excited unless he's fighting someone
-Is very, very
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Adventure Time Blank Oc Template
Hierarchy status:
Blood type:

Body build:
Skin Tone:
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Eye Color:


Ex: (Hero, Knight, Mage, Warrior, Mercenary, Assassin)
Type of weapon:
Weapon status:
Ex: (divine, demonic, sentient, average)
Weapon abilities:
Type of Magic character uses:


Back Story:

Family and Friends

Other Relatives:
Love interest(s):
Theme song:
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Season:
Favorite Color:
Anything else to add:
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XS: Alder Bergman
Full Name: Alder Bergman
Nicknames: 'Al', 'Berg'
Age: 16-17 (Showdown), 18-19 (Chronicles)
Birthday: April 14th
Zodiac: Aries
Sex: Male
Origin: Greenland
Physical Description
Height: 5'6"-5'8" (Showdown) 5'9" (Chronicles+)
Weight: Around 160lbs (Showdown) Around 180lbs (Chronicles)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Skin/Complexion: Pale/White, Burns in the Summer
Figure/Build: Slender, Averages Out Over Time / Athletic
[More TBA]
Physical Abilities
Element: Darkness
Alder's training primarily focuses on defensive tactics and stealth in order to take down opponents. Hiding in the shadows and using the cover of dark to protect those close to him, Alder's quick actions, accuracy, and sneaky skills make him a great addition to the team. However, uncontrolled emotions can cause his Element to take over him, causing him to gain a terrifying surge o
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First: Jae'Lynn
Middle: Azure
Last: Mizurasha
Clan: The Mizurasha Clan (Yes, I made it)
Clan members:
Mother: Bessie Mizurasha (Williams)
Father: Shinichi Mizurasha <DECEASED>
Brother: Marlon Mizurasha
(I know they have REALLY American first names, and that's because they moved from somewhere. And when Bessie married Shinichi, she took his last name.)
Age: 15
Hair color: Black
Hair length: A bit longer than shoulder length, almost waist length
Eye shape: Box-shaped (kinda like Hinata's)
Eye color: Dark brown
Skin color: Mocha
Visual Prowess: Mizu-Mei (I made that up, too.)
Mizu-Mei's abilities: Enhances water-based abilities, allows the user to create a Mizu Kyojin, (Water Giant) (Basically a water version of the Susano) Controls water-based time activities.
Outfit: A light orange jacket/hoodie with long bell sleeves (with clan symbol on the back), with the navy blue "sweatpants", and sandals.
Clan symbol: A circular shape, with a cloud, a lightning bolt, and and raindrops.
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My Little Pony OC Profile - Sweetheart
Name: Sweetheart
Nickname(s): Innocence, First Aid
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
Coat Color: White
Mane And Tail Color: Raspberry Pink
Eye Color: Pink
Personality: Sweet, Shy, Kind, Sensitive, Caring
Likes: Cute animals, Kids, Helping other ponies, Raspberry milkshakes
Dislikes: Mean jokes, Scary stuff
Special Talent: Splendid at giving first aid and talking to ponies about their problems.
Cutie Mark: Three red hearts, in three different sizes, which represents her caring and forgiving nature.
Occupation: Studying to become a nurse at Ponyville Hospital.
Parents: Emergency Response ”Father” & Helping Heart ”Mother"
Siblings: Sweet Rose ”Little Sister”, Gentle Hoof  ”Little Brother” & Caring Heart ”Little Sister”
Other Family Members: To be determined.
Boyfriend: Rough Hoof
Pet: Springfield, The Cat
Biography: Sweetheart is probably the sweetest and most caring pony you'll ever meet. She doesn't like to see others f
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Jax, The Hunter: Horror OC (WIP)
(This bio is mostly to show how Jax is currently, and that’s him being a Mistral, and after years of being able to change over time, he’s currently an emotionless being that only looks human at this point. His reason for continuing his existence is to hunt down not only those remaining from the Cult, but also those that cause trouble within the human populace, or anywhere in general on Earth.)
Name: Jacob Reese
Nicknames: Jax, The Human Sentinel, The Dog of Veshmalla, The Jaeger, The Terminator
Age: Looks to be 26 but is actually around 63 years old
Race: Human; would later be classed as a Mistral
Classing: Monster Hunter
Personality Traits: (WIP)
Appearance Traits:
Height is 5’11 ft.
Weighs 225 lbs.
Is half Caucasian and African American so his skin is a dark caramel and his hair is mostly a dark, dark brown, and cut like a buzz cut.
Brown eyes; has a small white patch of skin over his right eye
Has v
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FT: Grannus Dragneel profile

General Information

Name: Grannus Dragneel
Nickname(s): Fire face, Natsu but with a brain, and punk
Age: 16
D.O.B: July 9th, X???
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Good Habits:
Bad Habits:
Strange Habits:
Back story/history:
Magic and Combat  Information
Dragon Slayer: Second Generation Fire Dragon Slayer
Special techniques:
Strengths in battle:
Weaknesses in battle: Motion sickness, cannot eat his own fire to replenish his magic,
Exceed Information
Name: Ikol
Personality: Ikol is a very strong willed and caring exceed. He is also quite caring and always the first one to offer advice, it's just not alwa
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Melody the Robo-Pronghorn - Bio
Name: Melody
Species: Robot/Proghorn
Gender: Female
Eyes: Sky Blue
Age: 16 (Ageless)
Date of Birth: October 20th
Height: 3' 2"
Weight: 137 lbs.
Kind, Sweet, Friendly, Desire to learn and discover, Fun to be with, Joyful, Humble, Open
While many people assume Melody to be a victim of Eggman's robotization, it is actually far from the truth: Melody is 100% robotic, and with an incredibly realistic A.I.
Melody came to be after the wife of Markus Proghorn, Melody's father, died tragically when giving birth to their daughter. Neither she nor the daughter survived.
Stricken with grief, and emotion, Markus decided he would have a daughter to call his own the only way he knew how… by building one. Sleepless night after sleepless night he was determined to build the perfect daughter, not just some clunky robot, but she would move, feel, and act like a real person.
Eventually, after all those hou
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Obertaurer Profile
Phenotype Obertaurer Sex
Design // Tracker
Registered Name: —
Nickname: —
Breed: Obertaurer 
Age: —
Sex: —
Height: —
Phenotype: —
  Markings: —
Genotype: —
Eye Color: —
Personality: —
- x
- x
- x
Stable: King's Reach Estate (King-Icarus / Kings-Reach-Estate)
  Previous Stable: —
Rider: Undecided
Trainer: Undecided
Training: —
Foundation / Starter
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Claudia . D . Crowley AKA Spitfire's Mini Bio
Full Name: Claudia Darlene Crowley
Alias: N/A
C.C / CC
Codename: Spitfire
Age: 17
Gender: Female
D.O.B: 20 / 10 | 20th of October
Blood Type: O-
Species: Metahuman
Religion: Pagan
Eye Colour: Spring green
Skin Colour: Fair pink
Hair Colour: Ginger
Hairstyle: She has long, slightly wavy hair that reaches her her elbows in length. She has her hair parted to her right.
Height: 153cm / 5’00”
Weight: 41.52kg / 91.53lbs
Body Type: ectomorph
Physique: A lean girl with a mostly rectangular physique, Claudia is in good shape with very little body fat but doesn’t appear to be very muscular, she’s what her male classmates back in the UK would call fit (attractive and in good shape without being particularly athletic looking). She has short arms and a high strength to weight ratio, the typical build for a gymnast such as herself.
Distinguishing Features:
Freckles all over her body, very visible on cheeks, shoul
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Eren Character Profile - Divine Darkness
Eren - Divine Darkness
[]Basic Info[]
Name: Eren Meryl
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: Dravite
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Bloodshot (Red, used to be green)
Nicknames and Personal Titles: None currently
Relationships: Lira (Best Friend), Cody (A Naruto/Sasuke relationship), Icica (Lover, makes him uncomfortable)
[]Outfit Details[]
Head: None
Chest: Dravite Jacket (A traditional Dravite jacket, torn at some places. No armor effect. Color: Green.)
Arms: Shoulder Pads (Basic shoulder armor. Armor +1. Color: Black.)
Legs: Black Trousers (A regular pair of black pants. No armor effect. Color: Black.)
Footwear: Dravite Boots (Traditional Dravite boots. No armor effect. Color: Green.)
Other: Eren's Scarf (A well-made scarf given to Eren by a childhood friend. Armor +1. Color: Green)
[]Battle Info[]
Class: Theif (Uses Swords and Knifes)
Main Weapon: Sidiyan's Sword (15 Dam.)
Sub Weapon: Bronze Knife (4 Dam.)
Special Abilities: Wind (Can channel air currents to make gusts of wind)
Special Moves: Wi
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Death Battle Idea
Darth Vader (Star Wars) Vs. Andrew Detmer (Chronicle).
Characters with telekinetic power.Tragic Villains with shitty lives.
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''Dangerous place'' chapitre 2: an awful beginning
greywhisker and his mom were hiding with some others cats, they maybe are searching me he tough. When the painful attack ended, greywhisker was hurteds, her mom gived him a comfortable lick where he got hurted, when the pain got away from all the attacked cats the moon rised up ,everyone fall asleep "how will i survive? i am so weak" greywhisker whispered, he woke up when the sun haven't rised up ,everybody was sleeping , he decided i should train myself for surviving and hunting!" he ran into the forest, when the sun rise up he knew he would'nt have the time to train more... but he was lost. He ran in front of him wishing for no enemy, after few heartbeat he was starving, he couched, no hope left , im gonna stay here and starve to die he tough,when he finally opened up the eyes, an white tabby tom smiled to him , the grey tabby tough he was welcomed by this smile , clear snow asked " are you okay?" ,greywhisker replied " im fine but im starving " the  white tom pulled out
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FT: April Fullbuster profile

General Information

Name: April Fullbuster
Nickname(s): Snow child, Mini-Gray, and Whispy
Age: 16
D.O.B: December 1st, X7??
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Sexual Orientation:
Personality: April is rather sweet and caring, much like her mother, however she does have an icy side if you hurt those she cares about. She is often the peace keeper of Team Stellar, breaking up fights between both her team mates and often guild mates.
Good Habits:
Bad Habits:
Strange Habits: Strips during battle and at random moments
Back story/history:
Magic and Combat  Information
Classification: Caster
Caster abilities: Ice Make
Caster descriptions:
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