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Awilix bio redo redo
Name: Awilix "Aradia" Butterfly
Nicknames: Awi, The Queen of Moons, The Worthless (by a few people..maybe including herself???), Mudblood 2.0
Birthday: (all below due to multiple sources)
Human: June 20th 2044
Jgss canon: Dwolf 26th 871 a.M
Actual canon: Qork 18 (Hydra)
Age: 14
Sexuality: Pansexual (realized she is more pan than polysexual)
Height: 5"11 (6"2 when she is a queen)
Death: Dwolf 26th 910 a.M
🦋 871 A.M + 910 A.M
892 A.M
Married to: Sheldon Lucitor
Children: Kotys ♀️, Anteros ♂️, Xolotl ♂️
Enyo ♀️
Family Member's and Relationships
Parents: Aurora Butterfly and Pine Forest
Brother(s) or Sister(s): Phoebus and Apollo (11 year old twin brothers)
Other family members: Maple Forest (Aunt), Vela Firefly (Cousin), Orion Firefly II (Cousin), Aoki(gahara) Forest (Cousin), Dipper Firefly (Uncle), Star Butterfly (Grandmama), Marco Diaz (Grandpapa), All of her multi-universe sisters
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Update 07-20-2019
Update 07 - 20 - 2019
In this point of my life Sarah is gone Crosby is gone Shay's painting is gone my biological family is gone I feel alone I feel scared and I feel really depressed 24/7 Sarah abandoned me a little over a week and a half ago maybe two due to the fact that I'm unable to respect her or her wishes because of the fact that I'm hooked on the past. I can't sleep at night and when I do sleep I have night terrors and it become Restless throughout the entire night I take 3 to 4 Hour naps during the day I spend my time laying down in the shower on the hottest setting I find myself unmotivated to do anything or go out or do anything in my life I am alone I feel alone and I'm scared the poem that posted before this post explains how I feel I've done a lot of wrong in my life and because that I carry the weight of that guilt on my shoulders everyday I try forgiving myself and moving on but I can't people have straight up told me they are forgiven me and I still haven't forgiven m
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A Lesson to be Learned
"Iris, what's going on...?" Jace said as he woke up to see his wife just outside the cave they were staying in during their stay in Nibel. They had been invited there by their friend Tyler and were even given a chance to see what it's like being Guardian Spirits, the primary species that lived in Nibel's forests. It took them a while to get used to being Spirits now, but with help from the other Spirits of the forest, they quickly got used to their much smaller, but more agile and admittedly very cute forms, though they both were also relieved to know that this was just a temporary thing and they would be back to being Deku Scrubs once they were ready to head home.They had stayed for about a week or so now and were currently residing in a cave just on the edge of the main forest that was home to Tyler as well as his adoptive older brother Ori.
Today though the two of them had some sparring sessions with their fellow Spirits, with Iris teaching some of her techniques to Tyler while Jace
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Kaiju-Human Fantasy Duel Nishu Card: Tag-Team
Name: Tag-Team
Type: Nishu
Attribute: Light
Effect: If you have exactly two monsters on your side of the field: Target one monster on the field, its Atk and Def goes to 0.
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❤️ all art by me ❤️
Euro € only 💶
Paypal only 🅿️
Comment to claim! 💬
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Lotus Brief Bio

Name: Lotus
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Healing Tree, Timid Tree, Shy Dryad
Dr. Soh-Creator
Alliance: Nuetral
Class: Human Mutation  
Species: Dryad
Skills Powers (Not all are listed atm)
-Expert/Master healer
-Master Archer
As an extremely ill patient was brought into Soh’s lab to be used for experiments and testing, as she was assumed to have a very short time to live.
After the many experiments, and testing and an lab accident, she was assumed to be dead. Though instead her body mutated into a Dryad like being, made from many healing plants and materials and even blood that Soh had used.
As everyone evacuated the lab from it going into flames, Lotus managed to somehow escape as well into the Final Forest.
She stayed in hiding for many months in form as either a tree or a small bush afraid of making her presence known.
Though she spent most of her time from her escape out of the lab alone, she managed to teach how to defend h
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Yami Wild Bio
Nega wild(yami wild) is a dark carbon copy of the protagonist wild, created from all the hatred that manifested itself from all the suffering he endured when wild was younger.
To think that you're the better original is an insult to me...I can't stand for this shit!-to wild-
Different from his light counterparts, nega wild is heartless. He doesn't care about others and will go to great lengths to harm others including forcing someone to suffer to benefit his own lust. He has a code of honor where he will give his opponents time to prepare themselves before he kills them. He's clever and cunning, using any dark tactics to get whatever he wants. He's of the average intelligent. Sensing when something is wrong he will use energy manipulation to track his targets down and kill them before they find him.
When wild was captured by one of the G.U.N.N bases he was experimented on by the scientists who took a interest to wild because of his unique abilities. Hooked wild up t
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Power Comparison: Batman Beyond VS Spider-Man 2099

Today, I will be listing the super powers of the futuristic successors of the famous super heroes, Batman Beyond from DC Comics and Spider-Man 2099 from Marvel Comics.

Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis) (9-A (Without Batsuit)| At least 9-A (With Batsuit)):
    ·         Aim Dodging
    ·         Badassery
    ·         Blade Retraction
    ·         Bulletproof Durability
    ·         Camouflage
    ·         Claw Retraction
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Amisaki Faron Gatan Decatoria (TMNT 2012 OC)
Name: Amisake Faron Gatan Decatoria
Nickname(s): Ami, Detective Toria
Age: 16
Birthday: June 28th
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Aspiring Detective
Association: The Turtles
Marking(s): Freckles on her cheeks, Scar above her nose
Disability(ies): Overthinking Disorder (a mental health condition where the individual cannot stop obsessing and worrying over things)
Hair: Messy Cropped Bob; Strawberry Pink with sky blue highlights in a shape of cherry blossoms
Eyes: Strawberry Pink
Nationality: Japanese-Brazilian
Location: Japan (Formerly); New York (Currently)
Appearance: Thin; Bit busty; Vintage dark red off-the-shoulder minidress; Black leggings; White boot heels; Olive green hat with a feather on the right side of it; Burgundy lapel blazer; Green scarf around her neck; Black gloves; Cherry blossom earrings
Skin: Lightish Brown
Personality: Observant, Very imaginative, Hardworking, Charismatic, Extremely clever, Compassionate, Witty, Extremely thorough, Complex, Dominating, Ex
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Profile: Ahiru (One Piece OC)
General Information
Name‭: Ahiru
Katakana: アヒル
Epithet:‭ Aka Boushi (meaning: red hat)
- Pre-Time Skip: 19
- Post-Time Skip: 21
Gender/Sex:‭ female
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: possibly asexual type B (maybe also gray-asexual or demisexual)
Nickname‭: Hiru (doesn't like to be called that)
Alias‭: Kamo (uses that name when she needs to be undercover)
Date of Birth: 09.09.
Status: Alive
Species/Race:‭ human
Blood Type: S RH+
Laughter Style: Kihihihihi (in japanese: キヒヒヒヒ)
Representative Nationality: Italy
(Note: My first choice would have been Austria, but ... Brook is already Austrian and in case of Brook it makes really sense - it really fits in his case
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LF first Kukuri
I just got into Kukuris about a week ago and I'm looking to get my first few uploaded kukuris or Genos.
I can offer:
°Any other forms of art
°Paypal (Picky)
I'm not really picky over their appearance, health, or anything like that but I'd really like to get one pearl of some sort.
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Precious, the Shiny Shuppet Girl

Species: Shuppet Anthro (Shiny)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Alliance: Chaotic Good
Height: 5'00" Average build
Weight: 100 lbs.
Shoe Size: U.S. 12 Wide.
 - Her feet are round, smooth and toeless similar to a Vileplume or Celebi.
Bust Size: A cups, 29.5"
Eye: Shuppet eye color
- Wears purple Eye Shadow
Hair: Black Pixie Cut
 - Hairstyle similar in appearance to Luna Loud
 - Her horn sticks through the top.
Outfit: A Magenta t-shirt with a black MTG Swamp symbol and a black skirt that reaches just above her knees. For Footwear she wears Dark Magenta Calf Boots with decorative golden zippers all around. Underneath she wears a dark purple bikini and black latex stockings.
Bio: Precious is a Shiny Shuppet Girl proudly owned by a mysterious seasoned trainer. She has a very sweet and kind personality and gives off the impression of innocence. Just like normal Shuppet, Precious' primary source of food is Negative Emotion
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PR | welcome to the interim! (writing) by fairyleaf PR | welcome to the interim! (writing) :iconfairyleaf:fairyleaf 5 0
Boruto OC: 8 Facts About Yagira Fusae

Yagira Fusae

1. Is surprisingly bad with young children, given that she has two younger brothers.
2. Can expertly play the Biwa , but no one outside of her immediate family knows.
3. Once managed to defeat her future teammate, Todoroki Kaito with only a pair of chopsticks while they were training in the Academy.
4. Thinks that the Mizukage's young aide Karatachi Kagura and his so-called 'handsomeness' is vastly overrated.
5. She uses Kirigakure's special inwardly curving blade variation of the standard kunai.
6. Is a huge, secret fan of soap operas.
7. Absolutely cannot stand herbal scents since they remind her of bad medicine.
8. Finds a strong and mutual rivalry-dislike with Kogasa of Amegakure during the Chūnin Selection Exams.
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Biographies: Wolfie Helsing
Name: Wolfie Helsing
Sex: Hermaphrodite
Gender: female (even though she doesn’t give two shits what you call her)
Age: 21
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 220 pounds
Birthplace: unknown/N/A
Accent: Australian
Current residence: Oregon woodlands
Physical Traits:
• Wolfie’s hair is naturally striped green and brown, as well as kept a long length.
• the “mask” around her eyes are natural as well, partially from lack of sleep, but mostly just a natural, genetic cause.
• her pupils are slit much like a cat’s eye, and she has NO iris.
• Wolfie’s ear’s are very flexible like any other animal’s, despite their elven appearance.
• her teeth are multi-rowed much like a shark’s, but with TWO rows rather than three. They’re very capable of shredding apart flesh and muscle with one simple bite.
• Wolfie’s tongue is very long in length. Up to 2 feet!
• her jaws can unhinge as well as h
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Imma add new art soon. Starting with uploading art i had on Google plus first to here
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So they can swim up to 10 mph. They love swimming and playing they act like there a toddler for attention. They are VERY smart/sneaky. The food they eat is : fish, leaves, and corn. They sleep under water for its comfort they usually like to be in a pack of 2-5 they hate to be around too many other karanada. They communicate by chirping. That’s all I can think about then for know, if you have questions about karanada ask away.
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A Cruel Angel's Thesis - Yoko Takahashi

A Cruel Angel's Thesis
Yoko Takahashi
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july request ( 2019 ) .
we should meet in another lifetime; 
we should meet in air, 
me and you.
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Theresnoname2004 is stupid boy
Shut up!!
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K-H Fantasy Duel Nishu Card: Divine Moth Homeworld
Name: Divine Moth Homeworld
Type: Nishu
Attribute: Light
Effect: Divine Moth monsters cannot be targeted by card effects. Once per turn: If a Divine Moth monster is face-up on the field, you can target 1 card on the field, negate it and all its effects. If this card leaves the field: Special summon one Level 4 or lower Divine Moth monster from your Cemetery.
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Kaiju-Human Fantasy Duel Nishu Card: Infant Island
Name: Infant Island
Type: Nishu
Attribute: Light
Effect: All Divine Moth monsters gain 200 Atk and Def. Once per turn: You can add 1 Light Nishu card from your deck to your hand.
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