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Pika-Me? Pika-You! (Samus/Pikachu Heart-Swap TG)
The clash of two warriors in a desperate struggle for dominance is truly a sight to behold. There is truly no bigger way to prove this than that contest of champions known as "Super Smash Bros." Powerful Nintendo characters from across many fictional universes come together to fight each other in this nonstop brawl, to prove which is the strongest.
One such battle was raging atop a small floating platform known as "Final Destination". Final Destination was a single hovering mechanical plateau, one that was covered in beautiful crystals. Glowing red lines covered said crystals, while also covering the stage itself. The stage also had a strange rocket-booster-like device attached to the bottom of it, which allowed it to remain high up in the air. There were also three smaller platforms seated above Final Destination, which were magically suspended in the air.
The two fighters who were duking it out on this strange battlefield were a pair of unusual individuals. One such fighter was the s
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SUPER SMASH BROS. Character Battle Themes: 64
Just a little Idea I cooked up if Super Smash Bros Characters had their own Fighting Game Battle Themes starting with the characters from the first game that started it all. 
Note. These Themes if you have an Idea for a battle theme leave me a comment below.
Without further ado let's get started.




Put the speed on 1.25 or 1.5 it gets cooler.) :D





 (I couldn't find any good songs from the Earthbound/Mother series so I had to improvise.* Sweating a little... 
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Ren Ira (BIO)
|Basic Info|
Name: Ren Ira (Ira is latin for wrath)
Nicknames/Aliases: Ren, Bitch (by Bakugo), Disease Bitch (By Bakugo), Aussie, Ira, Gremlin, Little Shit
Gender: Female
Age: 5 (flashback), 16 (From Provisional Hero License Arc to Current)
Birthday: October 15th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5’0” (152.4 cm)
Weight: 114 Ibs
Hair Color: Ash Blonde
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Color: pale and white
Looks: She is short. She always wears her hair in ponytails with either black or pinkish purple ribbons. She always wears a black mask in order to protect others from her quirk.

Occupation: A Student at U.A.
Mother - deceased (pro hero),
Father- Alive (Surgeon)
She is very close to her father as he is very supportive of her dreams. He’s a very welcoming man.
Sibling(s): None
Uncle (moms side) - lives in Australia, sends money and postcards to Ren 24/7
Maribelle - Sister like relationship, Ren
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Bad Christmas Joke by astasja Bad Christmas Joke :iconastasja:astasja 1 1
The do's and don'ts of a Dragon Encounter
Do: Show them respect.
Remember, they are much larger and much more powerful than you. You'd be nothing but a snack to them if provoked. Show them the respect that they deserve and they may warm up to you.
Don't: Betray their trust.
If a dragon trusts you, that is an incredible thing to accomplish as they now believe that you have their back. They often return that trust with friendship and kindness. However, regardless how much is offered to you to betray their trust, never accept it. A dragon that trusts you will try and rescue you, but a dragon that is betrayed will see to it that you are the first to burn. A dragon will never be the first to betray trust, but they will destroy those that betray them.
Do: Always be cautious about approaching them, especially for the first time.
Dragons, like humans, have many different personalities and goals. They also have a moral compass,  so while many are good, there are a few evil dragons out there. Plus, they may not want to be discovere
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Blue Xmas - Explore
Ah, the holidays. One of the most beautiful and splendid times of the year. Everything was absolutely wonderful. During the winter season, practically every house was alight with a warm and happy glow. Festivities in the snow were a common occurrence, as were those who decided to shut themselves inside and keep cozy with a warm mug of hot chocolate and fuzzy blankets.
Many would be relieved that the year is almost up, and the new year would soon arrive. Others just could not wait for Christmas to come, trees all lit up inside multitudes of houses for all to see. Stockings were hung and ready to be filled with candies and other little knick knacks, decorations decked all over the place. But for some... not even binge watching classic Christmas movies could remove a hovering icy sadness over their heart. Sometimes... the holidays could be a stressful and upsetting thing.
Inside a house with dim lighting sat a Tokota handler, going over paperwork with frustration and a hint of despair in
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Meet the dove
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Devil Fruit Ideas part 4
Mushi Mushi no Mi Model: Hotaru/Bug Bug Fruit Model: Firefly
Category: Zoan
Powers: allows the user to gain the properties of a lightning bug.
Zai Zai no Mi/Rawmat Rawmat Fruit
Category: Paramecia
Powers: allows the user to ingest raw materials and convert them into different materials.
Chara Chara no Mi/Forgive Forgive Fruit
Category: Paramecia
Powers: allows the user to make people forgive them if any damage is done to any person.
Nano Nano no Mi/Nano Nano Fruit
Category: Paramecia
Powers: allows the user to change into a nano-sized being and create any kind of nanotechnology.
Datsu Datsu no Mi/Weak Weak Fruit
Category: Paramecia
Powers: allows the user to remove the power of any person and make them weak.
Kika Kika no Mi/Vapor Vapor Fruit
Category: Paramecia
Powers: enables the user to transform any type of liquid into a vapor.
Purazu Purazu no Mi/Plasma Plasma Fruit
Category: Logia
Powers: enables the user to create and manipulate plasma.
Rifu Rifu no Mi/Leaf Leaf Fruit
Category: L
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uptaded characters for Savage prime
Name: Ciandra Wartorous
Age: 17
Gender: female
Heigh: 160cm
Natioality: Greece
Hair: shoulder lenght blonde braided in sides
Eyes: gray
Nickname: Itzal Jwes
Age: 17
Gender: male
Heigh: 179cm
Natioality: Basque
Hair: red short reach to neck
Eyes: cyan
name: Zoe Hamji
age: 16
gender: male
abilities: none
natioality: Philippines
heigh: 175 cm
bodytype: slim
skin: brown
items of fighting: nonen
hair: short black
eyes: purple
name: Mushu Jin
age: 104
gender: male
abilities: none
natioality: Japan
heigh: 168cm
bodytype: weak slim (he is tho strong)
skin: brown bit white
items of fighting: wand if needing
hair: long white hair
eyes: yellow
name: Estel Tapiolainen
age: 17
gender: male
abilities: none
natioality: Finland
heigh: 175cm
bodytype: slim
skin: white
items of fighting: none
hair: blonde reach to neck
eyes: blue
name: Stephanie Hawkins
age: 25
gender: female
abilities: none
natioality: United Kingdom (England)
heigh: 169cm
bodytype: slim curvy
skin: white
items of fighting: none
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Miraculous Ladybug OC: Kaneko Kaminari
|Civilian Bio|
Name: Kaneko Kaminari
Nickname(s): Kane, Nario
Age: 15
Birthday: February 11th
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5’9”
School/Job: Student at Collège Françoise Dupont. Works part-time at a haunted house horror show
Hair: Collarbone-length; Cool Messy Spiky
Hair Color: Black with Mikado Yellow and Carmine Red highlights all over his hair
Eyes: Red-Violet
Nationality: Japanese
Location: Japan (Formerly); France (Currently)
Appearance: Green hoodie shirt; Black jeans; Light blue slip-ons; Bone necklace; Bone bracelet on his right wrist; Black beanie hat
|Superhero Bio|
Superhero Name: Trickster
Transformation Catchphrase: “Tann, let’s play tricks!”
Hair: Same hairstyle (highlights changes color to Spring Green and Blue-Violet)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Appearance: Brown and black striped suit; Brown and black striped mask over his eyes; Brown headband with Tanuki ears attached to it; Tanuki “tail”; Leaf bracelets on both wrists; Leaf ankl
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Hooray! Starshine Pretty Cure - Cure Aurora
Name: Asano Natsuki
Kanji: 朝乃 夏希 (Asano Natsuki)
Cure Form: Cure Aurora
Theme Colour: Pink
Introduction (Jap): 晴れた空に愛の光, キュアアウロラ!
Introduction (Rom): Hareta sora ni ai no hikari, Kyua Aurora!
Introduction (Eng): The light of love in a clear sky, Cure Aurora!
Voice Actor: Aoi Yuuki (Jap), Alex Cazares (Eng)
Asano Natsuki (朝乃 夏希 Asano Natsuki) is the lead protagonist and lead Cure of Hooray! Starshine Pretty Cure!. She’s a 1st year student at Nijikawa High School and the older sister of Asano Chiaki. Her alter ego is Cure Aurora (キュアアウロラ Kyua Aurora) who holds the power of the morning sun and represents love.
Natsuki is very timid and shy, having a habit of falling back into the crowd even when she’s with friends or family. She
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Death Battle Moveset: Spider-Man
Biography: When nerdy high school student Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider at a science exhibit, he was gifted superhuman strength, speed, senses, and the ability to crawl up walls. While he originally used his powers for personal gain, Peter's life would change when he witnessed a burglary and didn't attempt to stop the thief, which led to the robber mugging and killing his Uncle Ben. Since that day, Peter decided to use his powers to protect New York City from danger, following the words his late uncle said to him, "With great power, comes great responsibility", and becoming the Spider-Man.
Play Style: Spider-Man would be a very mobile character, with a quick movement speed and a high jump height. Spider-Man's attacks would be very quick, letting him chain together very fast combos, and his low battle stance and crouching stance makes it easier for him to avoid attacks. This makes him perfect for getting in close and rushing down the opponent.
Entrance: Spider-Man lowe
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PF - The Flash Freeze
Morrigan trudged into the barn unceremoniously, snow falling from her paws and tails as she shook herself out, Conobar following suit as he trailed behind her. Under each arm, an Uzala was tucked... Even Conobar carried one, wriggling unceremoniously as the amalgam carried him by the scruff with the patience of a perfect saint. The place was right as it was when they had left it after their first drop-off, Vulcan snoozing near their setup, a playpen of Uzala and Myskia, diligently working away at the loom with a speed no human could possibly have kept up with- two piles had already been claimed, and yet another pile- this time, plain blankets- grew next to Myskia, Nettla settled at the girl's feet. Cashmere lounged on the blankets, purring contentedly with one slit eye open to watch the new additions to the barn, otherwise enjoying her new personal heater and bodyguard, even if he snored louder than the wind outside dared to howl.
"Okay, little ones, in you go," Morrigan said, placing
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Blank Universal Persona OC Bio Template
[Basic Info]
Name: (What is their name?)
Aliases: (Do they have any other names they go by? any nicknames?)
Age: (How old are they?)
Gender: (What is their gender?)
Orientation: (What is their sexual/romantic orientation?)
Height: (How tall are they?)
Weight: (How much do they weigh? I recommend using a height to weight calculator to easily pick out a weight fitting for their height if you don't care too much about this part.)
Personality: (What are they like as a person? be descriptive, you don't have to write an essay about them but just enough to give people a good idea of how they are as a person.)
Looks: (What do they look like? what do they wear? if you have art of your OC you can just delete this bit and use that instead.)
Parent(s): (Who are their parents and what is their relationship with them like?)
Sibling(s): (Do they have any siblings? if so, who are they and what is their relationship with them like?)
Relatives: (Do they have any other relatives? if so, w
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Supernova Butterfly's Thoughts About New Moon!
Hey guys. Supernova Butterfly here. I decided to travel all the way into the future, particularly New Moon, or the Age of Innovation or Enlightenment or whatever. It was said to be the 'Best Age' in Mewni history, even more than mum's! And that's something! Time to introduce to you the people here. Like all my other Future Documentaries, this will be hidden in my archives until the age is finally occurred in the Kingdom. So, let's start!
Odysseus 'the Defiant' Butterfly
This guy's so cool! Cooler than me! I wish he beat me in most powerful prince in Mewni... dang it, Baby! Anyway, hanging out with this guy is both tiring and enjoyable. Tiring because Odysseus likes to vent. He talks about his problems most of the time, about his mother Scale (i wouldn't even call her a BUTTERFLY, that's for sure) and how she had ruined their lives due to her manipulative tendencies. I feel very angry when he told me that she abdicated the throne to him when he was five. F I V E!!! That wo
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Name: Killagin Raider
Title/Nickname: Killa the Cruel, Eteran
Age: 27 billion years
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Gender: male
Race: demigod (mortal with godlike powers)
Personality: wicked, manipulative, calculating
   Mom: Martha
   Dad: Gordon
   Sibling(s): Dennis, Francine
   Spouse: Lois
   Offspring: Terrence, Benjamin, Martin
   Others: Black Boot Organization
Likes/Dislikes: Killa enjoys torturing his foes, showing off his intellect, and money; when he's not expanding his criminal empire he's teaching his sons how to be crime bosses. He eats only veggies and works out on a daily basis; he prides himself on strength, speed, and intellect, but he is not too proud to stoop to dirty moves to get the leg up on his foes.
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New Places, New Faces (Part 1)
Leveling information in the description!
The sun shone brightly upon the flourishing land. A dust-glazed trail that snaked up to the distant mountains stretched as far as the eye could see. Pangea was a tranquil region, filled to the brim with lore and myths that were yet to be discovered. In the middle of everything were the infamous trio of best friends, always prying themselves into whatever situation they could find. Whether it was trouble, a party, or adventure, the three adolescent pokémon were there.
Afternoon had donned, heat still beating down on every plant and creature that dwelled during the day. A travelling Dratini slithered its way down the trail to the nearby lake, directed by a kind Scyther who had been given duty to point passing traders in the right direction. Saul, the self-proclaimed leader of the iconic trio, was a genial adult Scyther with no prominent other than his artificial eyes, installed at a young age. He didn
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Ultimate Destiny: Saxton Hale!
Name: Saxton Hale
Gender: Male
Debut: Team Fortress 2 (2007)
VA: JB Blanc
Title: The Ultimate Australian
Alternate Costume: Business Suit
Signature Stage: Mann Co. Office
Intro: He falls from the sky nailing the landing as he puts his fist up.
Intro Quotes
"Come on friend put them up!"
Outro: He leaves humming the tf2 theme
Outro Quote: You could use a little bit work laddy. How about we train tomorrow?
Results Screen Quotes
"I punched you so hard your great grand children felt it!"
"Saxton Hale!"
"Good show!."
Vs. Any animal or animal like opponent: "I will make you go extent!"
Any of the tf2 mercenary as Teammate: "Don't worry my guns usually work!"
Any mercenary asTeammate: "Those guns suck how about I sell you some of Mann Co. best guns for 20% off!"
Vs. Anyone who look/is strong as him: "Well I must saw we should go hunting for yetis after this! My treat!"
Special Moves
Uppercut!: Saxton will jump up delivering a deadly uppercut.
Flex!: He will flex at his enemies filling his ulti
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Like Clockwork
Sparks flew and metal clashed, for the lab built of knowledge and innovation was alive in once more with a single figure working behind the doors, not man but instead machine with a humanoid form with light grey outer plating and glowing blue curcits, Allip is what it was called, built to gather data and use it to create it was working on something new that could change so much but wether the humans would abuse it's power or not is something only time will tell. Allip had worked to improve on what was already existing or to create a new contraption it had its own complex code and was the only one of his specific model but he had a routine that would only change when necessary.
Just like clockwork.
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Steven Universe OCS References
Only doing this so I can have all of them together in a group type of thing.
Enjoy the pictures.
Beginning References - Beginning designs.
1. Labradorite - 
2. Black Opal - 
3. Maw Sit Sit - 
4. Crystalyne - 
SUS References - The shows style.
1. Black Opal -
2. Maw Sit Sit -
3. Crystalyne -
4. Labradorite -
5. Dinosaur Bone - 
6. Ammolite - 
7. Orthoceras - Orthoceras SUS Reference by thelithianqueen
8. Z. Jasper - 
9. Demantoid - 
Final References - Some changes to the characters. More of my style.
1. Black Opal -
2. Maw Sit Sit -
3. Crystalyne -
4. Labradorite -
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Joshua , Samuel , And Phillip
Name: Joshua , Samuel ,  And Phillip
Age: 7
Species: Human/Dog (St.Bernard) Hybrid
Skin: fair
Hair: Brown (Joshua), Blonde (Samuel), Black (Phillip)
Tail: Brown (Joshua), Blonde (Samuel), Black (Phillip)
Eyes: Blue (Joshua), Green (Samuel), Yellow (Phillip)
Family: Mary Ann (Mother), Athos (Father),
Appearance: Joshua , Samuel ,  And Phillip  are human/dog hybrid triplets with fair skin, and short hair. Joshua has brown hair, and blue eyes. He has his father's brown ears and tail, and freckles on his face like his mother. Samuel has Blonde hair, and green eyes like his mother. He has blonde ears, and a blonde tail. Phillip has black hair, and yellow eyes. he has black ears, and a black tail.
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