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Elastigirl's wedgie experince (Requested)
It was the Elastigirl’s first full week of crime fighting and she had just finished off a good days work as she finally stretched her way through the streets almost goo goo eyed for Mr Incredible after their first date last night, she was really glad she got it off for her first encounter with him, the only problem she had with the situation was the fact her suit kept riding up her as she tried to talk to her super crush, probably one of the most embarrassing things she had to do as she talked to him.
Elastigirl kept her focus though and kept her watchful eye out for any criminals and as she was about to call it a days work suddenly in the old Metro V Bank an explosion erupted from within which instantly caught Elastigril’s attention, it showed her an opening to show that female supers where able to fight and protect the city as well as the men super heroes which everyone didn’t believe was true.
Elastigirl stretched her way over and within the safe of the bank stood
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Pokemon Adventures Girls Wedgie Reactions

(Art by
Everyday Pair: Red bikini cuts.
Reaction: Ouch! Hey, let go! G-get your hands off my underwear!
Mature Pair: Red thong patterned with black hearts.
Reaction: Eep! Stop it! Thongs are already wedgies! I-I don't USUALLY wear stuff like this anyway, you know–it's just for when I'm going to be around... *blushes and stops talking very quickly*
Embarrassing Pair: Tighty whities.
Reaction: Th-these were from when I was disguising myself as a boy... I just... got attached to them... *surrenders, rendered unable to resist by embarrassment*

Everyday Pair: White bikini cuts
Reaction: Ah! Don't you know it's not polite to reach up a lady's skirt, much less pull her underwear?!
Mature Pair: Blue thong
Reaction: Listen, I'm flattered you're so interested in what's under my skirt, but at least
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Dance of Lies
Your tongue sashays like a burlesque girl
Drawing my eyes to the dance of your lips
You beguile with the music of your words
The rhythm picks up and I am mesmerized
Lies build carefully in steps of one, two, three
While I am distracted by the quick gyration
Your story prances around my confused mind
I am left stranded and tied as the song dies
This calculated frolic around the honest truth
Culminates in the shimmy slowing to a rest
Your charming and ready burlesque girl stands
And you look me in the eye with a bold smile
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Camp life
This contains fart fetish material, and brief talk of mild scat. (At the end) you have been warned.
It was early summer, 2nd of July, sun high in the sky, and an infuriatingly high heat from the heat wave that had been happening for a few weeks now.
On a dusty road in the country surrounded by towering trees, a small
silver car was driving down, the windows rolled up, and the AC on full. The one passenger was a tall girl with slightly tanned skin, medium styled, slightly messed up (from getting up in a rush) hair. This girl was frustratedly trying to multitask between trying to clear the sweat off her forehead because the ac barely seemed to be doing anything, driving, and finding ‘at least one goddamn radio station up here’.
She wasn’t usually this frustrated or moody, in fact she probably never even had been in her life, except for extreme cases, she was just stressed. She had been positio
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Become Bug Repellant
The Amazon jungle was a cacophony of noise. Monkeys screamed from the treetops, birds squawked atop branches, and thousands of bugs buzzed through the air. The sounds resounded off the thick, brush-covered tree trunks that extended skyward until they were lost in the sea of green shielding the dim jungle floor from the blazing sun above.
It should have been magical, but Aubrey couldn’t appreciate any of the jungle’s beauty. Despite the sun not directly reaching her, she could feel its blazing heat all the same, and the horrible humidity only added to the sweltering heat. It felt like Aubrey was swimming through the thick air rather than hiking through it. All she could do to try to stay cool was continue to drink and drench herself with water.
But the heat was nothing compared to the needling annoyance of the Amazonian insects. The bloated bugs that bumped against her, the awful mosquitoes that bit her, the flies and gnats that buzzed around her ears, it was enough
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Mariana - Livre 2 - Chapitre 1 partie 1 by Amarna Mariana - Livre 2 - Chapitre 1 partie 1 :iconamarna:Amarna 8 3
{Hungry Hearts} Chapter 5
Hungry Hearts
Chapter 5: How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
Written by Johnsoneer

The morning hours felt much less imposing this time. The east-facing windows of the warehouse lit the room with the golden yellow sunlight that carried over the river. The stillness was less ominous and more serene, as if the world hadn’t ended and all the busy morning-mammals had simply taken the day off.
Judy was up after the sunrise, quietly enjoying the last of her canned carrots and spoons of honey. It was hardly filling, but it was certainly better than nothing. Perhaps there was some carnival food that hadn’t gone bad yet in the diner across the warehouse. She’d have to ask N a bit later. And, speaking of the undead, she was beginning to wonder where he was.
She made her way to the office window and peered out over the quiet fairgrounds. She couldn’t really see much. The sun was only lighting so much of the park that early in the morning. Eventually, she caught som
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Enough is Enough!
Even though Rainbow had long ago learned to love practising her guitar skills alongside her friends, there was no denying that she was nevertheless an incredibly talented solo player. And today seemed to prove that, as she shredded away with her beloved instrument in her and her friends' favoured hang-out spot, the Canterlot High music room. On and on she played, with a look of utter confidence upon her face, never once hitting a bad note or missing a beat as she demonstrated just how skilled she was at this. And moreover, she certainly seemed to be doing well enough that her one lone audience member, Fluttershy, had a wide smile herself, as she listened to the loud yet entertaining song that was being played for her. But, as with all things, this solo came to an end, and Rainbow let out a long sigh after her performance, looking to Fluttershy with her usual look of bravado.
Standing up from her chair, Fluttershy gave an enthusiastic clap of her hands.
"That was very good, Rain
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Jordan and Erin: The New Story Pt. 1
    Pt. 1: After the End
    Date: June 14th, 2018 ME (14018 AD)
     Time: Morning
     Location: Off the coast of Inkopolis
    Agent 3, real name Jordan, wakes up.
    "Ow, my head..." he says as he rubs the back of his head.  He feels a bandage back there "What happened to me?" he says in response to feeling it.  He then realizes he's riding on a crate being carried by a helicopter "Where am I?" He sees Cap'n Cuttlefish in his Octo Expansion outfit "Cap'n?  Why are you wearing that getup?" He then sees Pearl and Marina "Pearl?  Marina?  What are you guys doing here?" And finally, he sees Agent 8, real name Erin, and recognizes her "And what are you doing here?!" Jordan shouts, pointing at Erin.
    "Woah there, Agent 3!" the Cap'n says "That Octoling's no longer our enemy" Jordan looks at the Cap'n in bewilderment.
    "What?!" he
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DOD Bestiary: Xibalban raptor
Common Name: Xibalban raptor
Pronounced: (Xibalban-raptor)
Classification: Xibalbaraptor deinonyx (Terrible-clawed Xibalban-plunderer)
SGOC Rank: Megafauna
Length: 15 feet
Height: 6 feet at the hips
Weight: 750 lbs.
Diet: Carnivore
Social Structure: Pack (6-18 members)
Home Planet: Earth
Distribution: South America
IUCN Status: Near Threatened
The Xibalban raptor is a mid-sized theropod dinosaur native to South America, and it is probably the single most feared animal in the Americas.
At first glance, the Xibalban raptor resembles a cross between a mid-sized tyrannosaur and a bald dromaeosaur. It has a standard theropod posture but stands on only two toes per foot, as its inner two are modified into hyperextendable killing claws for killing and gutt
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AnthroArt Face Paint (Triple Anthro TF, MC, BE)
(Women to Kangaroo, Tigress, Skunk)
Request by bobbyj251
I couldn’t believe how daft my friends were sometimes. I’d been kind enough to bring Abby and Kimma to the Tampa Fe Fair, and yet all they'd done since we arrived was sit in the pavilion and use their phones.
"Girls, come on!" I waved my hands to get their attention. "This is supposed to be the highlight of the summer! Get off your phones so we can go do something!"
Kimma just laughed. "Deanna, you sound like your our mother!"
"Yeah, cut us some slack," Abby said, snapping a selfie to no doubt post online. "The fair stays open all day, right? We have plenty of time to enjoy it!"
"We've been here three hours now," I deadpanned, making the two sheepishly glance at each other. "Also, to the genius who didn't take a shower this morning: you're only making this experience worse for me."
"Christ, you really are a mother," Abby muttered before saying more loudly, "I'll have you know it isn't me you're smelling. You th
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Irys Awakens in Death Battle!

Height: 99 meters

Weight: 1,200 tons
First Appearance: Gamera: The Awakening of Irys


-Is one of Gamera's most powerful and dangerous enemies

-Was discovered by Ayana as an egg
-May be a guardian beast meant to oppose Gamera
-May actually be a form of hyper-evolved Gyaos

-Gave Gamera some of the hardest fights and almost killed him


-It's tentacles can deflect Gamera's fireballs easily
-Knocks Gamera onto his back with no issue
-Grapples with Gamera and hurls him into the ground
-Is just as strong as Gamera, who moved 3,000 tons

-Able to impale and hurt Gamera, who survived an explosion that destroyed Sendai

:icondynamo1212:Dynamo1212 9 1
The Hunter's story
-“And suddenly, that beast was right before me, clawing at my chest and my arms with its scythes! “-
When the Hunter remarked the most thrilling moment of his story with a violent hit of his fist on the table, all the skeksis who had leant forward to listen raptly at his coarse voice jumped back with a start.
-“And then? What happened then?!”- demanded the Ornamentalist,wide-eyed and fanning his madeup face with a tremulous hand.
The Emperor had kept eating with apparent indifference during skekMal’s retelling. His eyes, though, hadn’t stopped darting back and forth between his food bown and the Hunter’s face. Not even His Lordship could have guessed what had to happen to the savage skeksis in black to make him dissapear for several days and return all torn and bloodied, roaring for food and bandages from the Scientist.
Even though he was just as eager to know as his courtiers were, skekSo remained silent and composed as he listened, in order t
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Deepest Cuts
Hands that taught my flesh to hate.
Words that cut, my soul they ate.
Memories that haunt me still.
Take my strength and sap my will.
Keep the future, trapped in the past.
Alone and sinking,  falling fast.
Deeper scars that never heal.
Steal from me the chance to feel.
My pen will scream the silent voice.
It is write, or drown, no other choice. 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 10 7
Werebird Flu.
Werebird Flu: Basically a literal version of bird flu. This virus affects humans and other characters and transforms them into an anthro bird or a werebird of some kind as well as into a Skeksis (either an existing Skeksis from the Dark Crystal movie and comics or a Skeksis OC), an anthro Skeksis,  a Skeksis-girl (including tg elements),  an anthro/humanoidish version of a bird-based Pokemon (both existing ones and Fakemon) as well as an anthro phoenix or a bird-person in general.
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Emmi's Beach Party - DJ Sex-ty Three
A young man named Cameron had decided to go to the beach to clear his mind. He had recently broken up with his longtime girlfriend Alex and felt lost. She had finally gained the courage to come out with her true self, much to his complete shock and disappointment. Cameron knew their relationship was done from that point forward.
While walking down the beach he kept his head down staring at the sand in front of him. Occasionally looking up to make sure he wasn’t about to walk into someone. Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t notice the metal supports that were holding up a rather large stage was coming closer. He managed to walk right into the metal support, making him stumble backwards and eventually fall onto his butt.
“Ow…” he muttered as he held his head in pain. When the pain subsided a bit, he finally looked up to see what be bonked his head on.
In front of him appeared to be the backside of a stage. There was a giant curtain rigged up that looked like it
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 9 5
lost in this galaxy and within your eyes
our friends trailed behind until it was just us.
me and you watching the fireworks,
watching life be born into the darkness
in dazzling golds and burning reds.
[i kept stealing glimpses of your face.]
and then we were rising into the night,
becoming one with the stars and
testing the limits of the tenseness of the air.
we settled at the top and my breath stilled,
but not at the beauty of the city that sprawls
and reaches into the horizon with twinkles
of glimmering and glittering warm light.
no, the breath fell from my trembling lips
because though the stars in the sky and
painting the ground were beautiful,
they were nothing compared to you.
nothing compared to the life in your eyes
and the galaxy wrapped around your head.
darling, it was then that i chose to fall -
fall into the risk of bearing my heart to you
and seeing if there was a chance you also held
the growing blossom of gentle scarlet feelings.
i could breathe again with just a simple word
and, oh, how our conversation was a
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SW: Ultor Libertatis
“Captain, there's a patrol ship ahead.”
Argyss looked up from his station at the captain as she considered, her sharp features softened somewhat by her light covering of fur.
“Can we slip past them?”
“Negative, they've positioned themselves at the junction of the gravity well. If we turn back now they're sure to notice us.”
The captain nodded.
“There's nothing for it then, we have to try and get past them. Continue forwards.”
Argyss swallowed as the freighter continued forwards. There had been a lot of ifs on this job. If they could contact the local merchants, if the goods were available, if the product was of sufficient quality and quantity, if they could avoid the local authorities. It seemed that they'd just lost out on that final if and now had to rely on even more luck and the hopeful laxity of those authorities.
“We're within range.”
“Now we see if that shielding is worth the investment.” the captain said qu
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Death Battle: Hellboy vs The Goon

Stalin: Alright the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.
In the bustle of this retroscape Chinatown, a giant red-skinned "man" was on a mission. He was more demon than a man, in fact, with cropped horns along his forehead, and an incredibly broad-shouldered build, with both a tail sticking from his pants and a great big crimson sledgehammer for a right hand. Mutton-chops grew along the sides of his face, and a trenchcoat, grey shirt, and pants were flung over his absolute brick-shithouse build.
Hellboy was his name.
"Abe, ya' hear me?" Hellboy grunted into his little communication device. He scanned the surroundings of this almost antique Chinatown, having heard of a strange paranormal presence around these parts. 
"Loud and clear Hellboy," replied Abe Sapien, Hellboy's amphibious comrade. "Did you get the
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Elisha's Visit (Gonzy's 1500 Entry)

Andrea blushes as she leads her friend Kevin into the house.  It's been two whole days already and still the collar's hold on her perverted mind is unbreakable, "Kevin, I'd like to introduce you to my... my Mistress Jenny."
Kevin giggles.  He's aware of what Jenny is doing to Andrea, "Hello Jenny, it's a pleasure to meet you!" 
Jenny grins, "No, no, the pleasure is mine!  I never thought my pet sister had any friends."  Jenny tucks her hands into her pockets and smiles, "There's just one problem..."
Kevin blinks and feels some heat rise in his cheeks, "There... there is?"
Jenny nods, "Yes, my pets aren't allowed to have friends over who might try to set them free."

Kevin gasps as Andrea steps close and holds him firm, "Andrea!  You said your sister was okay with this!"
Jenny laughs, "Oh, I'm not going to kick you out."  She chuckles as she pulls a collar from her pocket and hand
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RG: Overcooked - Part 2
Calaver slammed a box of strawberries and rhubarb stalks down on the table. He looked to his right side at the Mankey, grating the skin off of a lemon over a bowl filled with flour, sugar, and vanilla. “Porram. Knife.” Calaver said while holding his arm out. Porram grabbed a knife with her tail and threw it towards him. Calaver jerked his arm back before it got stuck halfway through the table.
Calaver heaved and pulled the knife out. He chopped the tops off of the strawberries and threw them in the bowl. As he started to dice up the rhubarb, a rusty Magnemite hovered over with a jar of cinnamon in one magnet and a wooden spoon in the other.
“Great timing, O-Eight!” Calaver said. He tossed in the last handful of rhubarb as Porram finished grating the lemon, as O-Eight sprinkled in the cinnamon.
“So this is the pie?” Porram asked. Calaver laughed.
“Not by a long shot. We still gotta mix this filling, and cool down the crust, and put it in
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Achievement unlocked
Our fingertips don't fade from the lives we touch.
You made me feel like I am nothing and such a thing plants its roots.
It grows and climbs its vines and affects my mood
I'm giving you a standing ovation, I hope you are proud
Because you finally achieved what you were trying to do all those years.
Please don't hesitate to take a bow
Achievement unlocked: you broke me down
:iconaltheatoasty:AltheaToasty 7 8
Style: Poetry vs. Prose
Despite its flexibility and liberality of form, the art of poetry does not come naturally to many.  Personally, I have inherited my gift from a mix of studious practice and family lineage; however, it is not always consistent to my writing style, depending on my various shifts in moods, the style of the piece I am working on at the moment, and (very importantly) my current fatigue levels.  But the most important distinction between poetic writing and prose is fairly easy to spot: the style.
1.  Prose
  While not always heard by the name, prose is the most popular form of writing; used in journalism, essay writing, and most ordinary literature, it is sometimes written in the same way it is spoken, but always in a simple, straightforward manner.  Prose is cut-and-dry, without embellishment, getting straight to the point in the most direct style.  Those who find it difficult understanding poetic writing are usually better off sticking to this form of writing.
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