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The Growgun - Unused Scripts from 2016
The Grow Gun Script
((The Grow Gun was going to be a CC voice acted story in 2016.  The script went through a few iterations.  Unfortunately, CC was unable to capture clean audio of her performance, and has been out of contact since.  Someday this may be rewritten into a story or script for another VA to perform.))
There were 3 documents created for the script of this story.  I’ve compiled them into one here.
Original Script “First Half”
Hey nerd!  What’s this thing you’ve got here?  Looks like some kind of ray gun!  [Dismissive:] You won’t mind if I take a look, right?  Of course not.
So how’s it work anyway?  If I just pointed it at you and pulled the trigger, would you be vaporized? *giggle*
What’s that? [pause] It’s a grow gun?  [pause] What, I just point it at myself and [gun fires] Ohmygod, what’s happening!?  *growth sounds*  
Ho-ly shit!  I’m taller
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Predator and prey: Anna vs. Masae, Round 1 corners

Esther: "We go to the corners for some advice between rounds. Let's start with red."
Yumi: "What did I tell you? She's not at your level. We don't want the fight to last too long, though. We need a knockout either in the second or third round to be on a roll and avoid a lucky punch."
Masae: "Yes."
Yumi: "I want you to vary things a bit more in the second round. Her coach will tell her to let her hands go, and that will open things up for the counterattack. In the beginning, don't just go forward and throw big shots. Let her come to you and punish every mistake. You can attack after making her vulnerable."
Masae: "Yes."
Yumi: "There was a small problem with your right hand after the knockdown. If you want to make it a looping punch, you need to step to the right and find an angle. Don't do that when going in straight."
Masae: "Got it."
Yumi: "She's yours. Make her pay the price for stepping in t
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The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) - Chapter 3

Chapter 3. Dendemille's Dealer​
When Shine came out, the sky turned a dusky blue with streetlights illuminating the paths before him. Aware of the dangers lurking in the shadows, he turned his golden vision on, making the outlines of the buildings a milky white and everything else transparent. Almost everyone and their Pokémon were settling down for the day, all except a few that looked particularly feline, scattered in various alleys and little hideouts further away from the town centre.
Shine took a deep breath, going through everything in his head that had already been ruled out about Curio’s whereabouts. The square was worth another check, but after that, it was safe to assume she wouldn’t be lurking there during the night. The windmill was out, as she likely had no reason to return there again. Everything else inside the town was out, as Shine asked around for hours with little to no results. Even with his ability to
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Boxed Poetry
When I was younger
I used to think
Poetry came in boxes
Like well-crafted gifts
Always stacked right up
One stanza atop the other
Along left-hand margins
Then a teacher showed me
It was possible
               To open poems up
That I could play with their forms
Like stretch  them  across a page
         Center them
 Or pause   for breath   between
When I learned
    That vital truth
Poems turned into
    Sweet written dances
I could perform
    As I chose to do
They became presents
    I could use
And ever afterwards
    Offered up
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Re-Awaken the Ultimate Fight!: Smash Ultimate TG
It was launch day for Smash Ultimate, and Grey couldn't have been more excited. He had been waiting for months to get the game, mainly because so many of his favorite Nintendo girls were in it! He preferred Peach out of all the girls in the game however, having loved her since he first saw her in a Mario title. He couldn't wait to see her in the updated graphics of the Switch! Before he could drive home, however, he got a phone call. It was from his friend Jackson, who was also excited for the game but unfortunately didn't have a Nintendo Switch. He asked him to bring his Switch over so they could play it together, also mentioning something about a special bonus gift he'd gotten for them. That piqued Grey's curiosity immensely, so he drove to Jackson's house immediately.
"Heya Grey! You brought the game right?"
"Of course I did! You did ask me to after all." Grey set up the Switch to the TV, launching Smash Ultimate from the menu screen. Hearing the intro music caused both of them to n
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Power Legacy: Memories 33
Shazi and I stood across from each other with my instructor in between us. He had told us the rules about the one on one duel and they were pretty simple and clear.
One: only the challenger and the challenged could fight. There could be absolutely no outside interference at all. Whoever interfered, their champion would be killed.
Two: the fighters can only use the agreed upon weapon (we chose a simple two handed sword) and nothing else. If they use anything else, they forfeit their life and the duel.
Three: the duel ends only when one of the fighters is dead.
My brother had tried to convince me to not accept the duel, but I ignored him. Shazi mentioned that if I did not accept his challenge, that he would send for reinforcements and attack the palace en mass but if we fought the duel he would not ask for reinforcements. Before I agreed to the duel, I made him swear to the old ones and Godith that he would keep his word.
Not even a heartless bastard (literally and figuratively heartless
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Shantae TV cartoon 'Magic' script (fan-made) by Clok-Roo Shantae TV cartoon 'Magic' script (fan-made) :iconclok-roo:Clok-Roo 4 4
Power Packed Weekend
Power Packed Weekend
The following weekend after their Spirit Weekend was just as excited as it was a 3 day weekend so anyone with special talents could have the training time they needed to properly learn to control their gifts.
For the Next Generation Riders, they had quite a thrilling time last weekend using their powers and skills during the game of Dragon Air Tag. However, that didn't mean they still didn't need to train in how to use them.
They still couldn't escape their destiny to protect this world anymore then their parents. It was part of the reason they'd all earned this chance to be reborn in the first place. The world needed them as heroes.
After all, the Tapestry of Creation wouldn't have had such a reaction to the three Haddock Children who literally changed everything in the Nine Realms by bringing about the Age of Transformation and Enlightenment if it was crucial they remain in play.
So like it or not they couldn't escape the role of heroes of destiny and having to p
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Poke-napper: Welcome home
This story contains DiD, characters used aside from my OCs are from pokemon!
Route 208
It is said that the cold region of Sinnoh draws the most powerful trainers to it's hearth, where pokemon are as hardend as their enviroment, where trainers aswell as pokemon are drawn to battle.
"Alright Lucario! Use Aura sphere!" Maylene motioned the aura sphere in her hands, mimmicking her pokemon as they faught as one, the aura sphere hitting a Roselia head on, making it fall and slide across the wooden bridge on it's back towards her trainer who recalled her to the pokeball.
"I may have lost this battle, but I'm still going to make it to the top in the competitions, just you wait! infact, I was distracted by how little time I have to prepare!" A girl in a green, long skirt pointed towards Maylene accusingly. "Infact, I got no time to stick aroun
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Ultimate Destiny: Abuto

Gender: Male
Debut: Gintama Chapter 213 (2008)
English Voice Actor: Kyle C. Jones
Japanese Voice Actor: Hōchū Ōtsuka
Title:  7th Vice-Captain of the Thunder Guns
Alternate Costume: Without Cloak
Signature Stage: Kamui’s Ship
Intro: Abuto is seen walking in slowly with his umbrella over his head. He then lifts his umbrella up to show his face, then pulls a smirk before closing his umbrella and gets into a battle stance
Intro Quotes:
“I’m going to enjoy beating the living hell out of you.”
“Heh, I was getting bored. Let’s hope you are not just all bark and no bite.”
“You’re either mighty brave or mighty stupid.”
“Coming at me are you? You might die.”
Outro:  Abuto smirks and puts the
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Phoebe/OHP/Getaway Crossover Special! Alien Island
———SCENE 1————
(This scene takes place in a- rather mysterious place. ATLAS and R-E are in the middle of looking through a glass orb revealing PHOEBE and WILLIAM hanging out.)
   Hmmm..they do seem to be quite an interesting pair. Don’t you think R**E?
   Yeah, I do see a strong connection between the two. Wouldn’t it be nice if
    they- oh I don’t know- put them on an island where they would have to
    survive together.
(The two giggled about it, until WALTER came into the room.)
     I heard about your little conversation. Seems pretty interesting.
     [He holds up the glass orb in his hands.]
     But what if we bring along some friends for the ride.
(The three laugh maliciously as they all hold the glass orb in their hands. Transporting six children to an abandoned Islan
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Sophie's Salacious And Glamorous Magic Show Part 1
    The stage was small, the setting intimate, the club hushed with a throb of excitement as the audience eagerly awaited the main performer. The tickets had been expensive, and few in number, but it was all worth it to see this show. Many people had heard of it, yet few had ever seen it. Phones were always strictly forbidden in these shows, so there weren't any recordings available on-line, only excited conversations on message boards. And now, in the Aurora Club in New York City, the show was back after a prolonged absence. And within moments it was about to begin.
    The first act of the show had finished, and now it was on to the main performance with the enigmatic Sophie, the proclaimed Queen of Punk Rock Magic. She was glamorous and beautiful, her shows shocking and audacious, and strictly adults only. The latter was more than enough to get people to flock to her shows, but it wasn't what she had built her reputation on. Well, at least not entirely.
The spotl
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The Spring Beauty and The Muay Thai Emperor Clash by Hollowtaker The Spring Beauty and The Muay Thai Emperor Clash :iconhollowtaker:Hollowtaker 4 0
Dragon Ball ST Movie Special: God Broly
Yes Broly is back again ladies and gentlemen. I know DBS Broly is out, BUT I want to TRY to put the "Dragon Ball Z: The Real 4-D at Super Tenkaichi Budokai" {yes that is an incredibly stupid name} into DBST in a way that makes sense. I also want to give an explanation as to how the hell Broly got a God form since, well he's pure evil, while taking the OG incarnation of Broly out for one final Hurrah. Also I'm moving the time placement from at some point after the Tournament of Destroyers but before the Zero Mortals Plan to at some point after the Zero Mortals Plan but before the Tournament of Power, and you'll see why.
The movie begins with the DBZ Narrator telling us the Z fighters have entered a special tournament called "The Hercule Satan Classic: Super Tenkaichi Budokai.". We open to see the Z fighters quickly eliminating the fodder fighters, because let's face it, at THIS point no one outside of their group in Universe 7 can take them besides Beerus and Whis. Amongst the fodder, i
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Senryu 16
Before the fire
they roll dice on the gameboard
and munch on crackers
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El Sonido del Silencio: 63.2
Capítulo 63: Parte 2.
(El link a la parte 1 se encuentra en los comentarios de autor).

Un par de días después, Patrick esperaba a las afueras de la mansión Lorenz a que llegaran sus invitados especiales. Johann fue dado de alta la noche la previa, justo a tiempo para la sorpresa que les tenía preparada a Adrianne y a Renée. Sin saber muy bien por qué, el joven suizo decidió invitar también a Alexander, quizás porque ya era parte de la familia Lorenz y merecía estar presente en un evento de ese nivel. Ni Renée ni Adrianne sabían de la sorpresa que les aguardaba, se darían cuenta de todo cuando la tuvieran enfrente de sí. De esta manera, Patrick aguardaba con nerviosismo en la entrada principal de la casa, caminando de un lado a otro y preguntándose cuál sería la mejor manera de recibir a sus invitados.
– Señor, los guardias de la entrada acaban de comunicarme que las personas que
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FLHPRR locomotives
Union Pacific
4-8-4 #8444
4-6-6-4 #3967
4-8-8-4 #4006
2-10-2 #5511
4-4-2 #12
2-8-0 #618
0-6-0 #4466
Canadian Pacific
4-6-2s #1201, #1238, #1246, #1278, #1286 and #1293
4-6-0s #972, #1057 and #1098
4-6-4s #2816, #2839 and #2860
4-4-0 #136
2-8-0 #3716
2-10-4s #5902 and #5934
Canadian National
2-8-2 #3254
4-6-2 #5529
0-6-0s #7470 and #7312
4-8-4s #6213 and #6400
4-8-2 #6060
2-6-0 #89
4-6-0 #1551
Grand Trunk Western
4-8-4s #6325 and 6406
4-6-2 #5629
4-6-2s #3768, #1361 and #5498
4-4-2s #460 and #7002
0-4-0 #94
2-10-4 #6174
4-4-0 #1223
4-4-4-4s #5507, #6110, #5508 and #5509
2-8-2 #520
4-8-2 #6755
4-6-0 #5741
Boston and Maine
4-6-2 #3713
Baltimore & Ohio
4-6-2s #5300, #5304 and #5309
2-8-0 #2709
4-8-2 #723
2-10-2 #6105
2-8-8-4 #7611
2-8-2 #4500
Nickel Plate Road
2-8-2 #587
2-8-4s #759 and #763
4-6-4s #173, #174 and #175
4-8-4s #2101 and #2124
4-6-2 #213
0-6-0t #1251
0-4-0 #1187
Santa Fe
4-6-2s #1316, #3415 and #1369
4-8-4s #3751 and #2926
2-10-4s #5000 and #5
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Chapter One- Thief
Every child in the city knew the story. It was one of the first they learned whilst dribbling onto their mother’s knee. Part fact, part fiction, it had become a historical fairytale.
Good vs. Evil, magic, royalty, betrayal and revenge. The perfect bedtime story.
But no child in the city, whether young or old, knew that this beloved fable was in fact a lie.
And a dangerous one at that.
For any teacher can tell you that history is written by the victor.
It was when he was five years old that Robin Constable learned not to believe everything his grandmother told him about the tale of The Magicians’ Duel.
Born in the safety of the slums, Robin’s mother had been caught by surprise whilst out shopping; and had promptly given birth in the back of a green grocer’s. Robin had been carried home wrapped in cabbage leaves and tucked inside an old potato crate.
A very ignoble beginning for any hero.
His grand
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A Sonic Christmas Carol - FULL STORY
A Sonic Christmas Carol
Written by Cameron Stevens
Based on the games series of Sonic the Hedgehog and the famous novel: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

It was Christmas time across all of Mobius and in the iconic city of Mobotropolis, the snow-covered city was becoming a winter hive of activity. Many residents of the city and preparing their Christmas shopping and dinner while the children of Mobotropolis play in the snow.
In Acorn Castle however, Princess Sally, the leader of the Freedom Fighters was preparing a special Christmas party to all of her friends the Freedom Fighters as a way of saying thank you for helping her to try and achieve peace in Mobius over the years.
Inside the ballroom, the Freedom Fighters were all preparing for the party. Sonic the Hedgehog and all of his friends, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Epsio, Blaze, Vector, Charmey, Sally, Bunnie, Nicole, Cameron, Mighty, Antoine and Rotor were all there enjoying themselves.
Amy: *Wearing her Christm
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Another Chance At Life: Tree Talks
Once again Twilight found herself outside where the Tree of Harmony lay. Something had drawn her back for some reason. Maybe it was after her talk with Starlight earlier that week that had sent her back.
As expected, Starlight too had felt what had gone on at the tree some time before. What had her worried though had been her reaction to it.
It had scared her stiff.
"Twilight, I know how much you love a good mystery but take it from me." She had said. "Leave this alone. One mystery is enough. Don't follow this one."
Twilight had been lost. "Why not?"
Starlight shook her head. "I did a little digging myself. That power had left behind a trail any unicorn worth their horn could follow, so I did."
Twilight was intrigued. "So what was it? Did you see it?"
Starlight shook her head. "I saw enough. This is a power we don't want to be here if we can. It knew I was following it, it let me see what I did."
Twilight had been shocked. Starlight had never been this scared before for as long as they
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Name: Purrrplex 
Appearance: A Small Plush Black Cat wearing a stereotypical witches garb its eyes are ruby red  and on its tail is a small bell
Cute Look: Purrrplex likes to make itself look adorable to draw humans close to it making them suggestible
Pet me: Purrrplex can make the suggestion to a human to make them pet him if they human dose pet him he uses his magic to drain their willpower without them noticing making them easier to manipulate 
Plushie Suit: Purrrplex can seal a human into a plush animal costume to alter their minds into being a plushie Mage like him he sees himself as a teacher to them
Magic training: once a human is in a plushie suit Purrrplex will begin to train them in how to use magic as they learn the plush suit will begin to take over their body and mind soon they will be a plushie tasked with teaching humans magic
Plush cocoon : if Purrrplex wants to keep a human in their plush state he will use his magic to seal them in a cocoon like
:iconjoelowes:Joelowes 6 30
Daddy's Girl (P)
Daddy’s Girl
Written & edited by Amnoartist
I don't post Patreon content here on a regular basis, but wanted to put this here as a sort of Christmas gift to the crowd on here.  Not to mention I was particularly proud of this. If you were a fan of the Juiced series, Daddy's Girl has the same creative DNA, so you're bound to enjoy this just as much. It's worth pointing out the chapters precending the prologue won't be posted here, just this one as a light teaser to maybe whet your apetite :)
‘Obsessed’ is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. At least that’s what Leeanne’s father Heath kept telling her. It was practically his motto, something he said at least three times a day during Leeanne’s rigorous, monstrous, painstaking workouts, of which she had a minimum of five daily. In spite of the truth in Heath’s words, perhaps ‘obsess
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Ana In Bimboville: Not That Kind of Strip
Ana followed the detector, occasionally pausing to surreptitiously tug at her jumpsuit.  It was feeling weirdly tight around her butt.  She finally arrived at the triangulated location and frowned.  A strip mall?  What a weird place for the relic to be hidden.  She'd passed the town's mega mall on her way and this didn't compare, in activity or in popularity.  The place was still buzzing with activity, but it didn't seem quite as vigorous.
There were a number of slightly shabby looking stores, ranging from a game store to a small restaurant.  Every store had extremely attractive women cruising in and out of them, some accompanied by men who looked thrilled.  She could see why, given that every woman there looked supermodel tier attractive.  She felt a small pang of jealousy she quickly stifled.
Ana shrugged and approached, walking past the stores one at a time and checking her tracker, although she pretended to be texting, just in case she w
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