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The Message TG

James was a normal guy, he had a good job, several freinds, a good relationship with his parents and a nice girlfriend, he was renting an apartment with her. He was a simple guy, he didn't like shopping and really enjoyed simple things... 
It was a normal day for him at the office, he was 23 years old and worked as an editor for a small channel, he liked his life. 
One day, while working on a video, he got a message from a random number:
"James!! Want to change your reality?!"
-Who are you? -He answered the number. 
The same message was sent as a response
"James!! Want to change your reality?!"
-No, leave me alone. -he replied. 
"James!! Want to change your reality?!"
-Ok, stop! Yes, I want to chang my reality -he answered. What kind of joke was this? 
"James, click the following link to do it" 
He was about to click it when his boss appeared:
-Hey James, how you doing? 
He put his phone away. 
-Great boss, I
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“It’s not my fault! You were clearly messing with me.” a voice insisted rather loudly while at the same time trying to remain calm.
“Not your…” a higher pitched voice trailed off as its owner glared daggers at her fellow debater/boyfriend, “You pulled my brand new panties over my head!”
Hailey sighed softly doing her best to ignore the sounds of fighting in the back seats just as she ignored the screams and stretch noises that had come from the back earlier. After all, she had the road to focus on and being a distracted driver would do no side of the argument any good. Still, even as she drove silently down the road away from the fairgrounds they had come from, her patience was beginning to wear thin.
“Do you two ever stop fighting?!” she shouted over the sounds of bickering and soft painful whimpers. “I mean, seriously. You guys freaking adore each other half the time and the other half you look like you wanna ki
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Princess Unity watches as Kimberly looks at the two pink pompoms. 
The Mayor of Suburbia watches them swish around as she rubs them together, "I haven't had a pair of these since High School..."
Princess Unity smiles, "They're yours, but you know what you have to do."

Kimberly nods and giggles, "Simplicity Princess Power!"

Suddenly, a dazzling pink light erupts from the pompoms, engulfing Kimberly as music begins to play.  Kimberly immediately begins to dance energetically along with 'Hey Mickey' by Toni Basil.  As she does her boring suit disappears and a more exciting outfit appears on her now much bustier body.  After a few minutes the song and the light fade.

Princess Unity giggles at the spectacle, "How do you feel Princess Simplicity?"
Princess Simplicity giggles, and her breasts jiggle, "I feel, like, so good!"
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Stephanie Ellington Bio
HT: 5'8"
148 lbs
Pro Wrestling, Amateur Wrestling
Submission Moves
Reverse Figure Four Headscissor
Stephanie was always a cute girl and always outgoing and friendly, but she fell into her love of wrestling nearly by accident.  It all started harmlessly enough at summer teenage pool party.  One thing led to another and Stephanie and a friend starting to test one another physically, but not trying to hurt each other.  It wasn’t long before Stephanie had seized command.  She eventually twisted her friend into a Boston Crab and had her yelling her submission. Stephanie helped her friend up and the party moved on, but Stephanie was hooked.  Her friends had commented that day that she just seemed to be a natural how she made that move look too easy and that just fueled her desire.  
She approached the wrestling coach in high school and sh
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A Stretchy Halloween, part 1: Witch and Cat
"C'mon, where is it?" The witch muttered franticly as she flipped through the pages of the brewing guide with her right hand, the arm attached to that hand wrapped around the cauldron's stirring rod several times. Her left hand, meanwhile, tried to hold onto the guide without dropping it into the bubbling cauldron below, as her torso was stretched around to cauldron into a makeshift shelf to hold various brewing ingredients. After landing on a page that seemed useful, the witch switched hands with the book and grabbed one of the ingredients resting on her elongated side. "Here goes..." she said quietly as she dropped it into the cauldron, and watched as it bubbled in the dark green water. After a few moments, the water suddenly turned a bright, cyan blue, to which the witch suddenly grew frustrated. "Goddammit!" she huffed loudly as she tossed the book to the growing pile next to her before dumping a cleaner into the cauldron, and watched as the water returned to its original opaque wh
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10 Intentos De Amor- Kalulu [Drabble] by MadamNegra 10 Intentos De Amor- Kalulu [Drabble] :iconmadamnegra:MadamNegra 7 1 TG Tea by JuR-esque TG Tea :iconjur-esque:JuR-esque 12 1
worn old bones
are dancing to
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Capcom vs. Nintendo: Diddy Kong

Name: Diddy Kong
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Donkey Kong Island
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Debut: Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Voice Actor: Katsumi Suzuki
Donkey Kong's little buddy, sidekick, and nephew wannabe, Diddy Kong is a teenage monkey in a red baseball cap and tank top. Diddy is more carefree than DK and loves to play rap music and eat peanuts. He spends most of his time hanging out or having adventures with DK or his girlfriend, Dixie Kong.
Intro: A DK barrel appears onscreen and Diddy Kong bursts out of it, readying his Peanut Popgun.
Outro: Diddy Kong claps his hands above his head and dances.
Taunt: Diddy Kong throws his cap up in the air and catches it on his head, or holds his hands in front of him, chattering.
Standard Costumes:
-Classic Costume 1: His standard appearance.
Premium Costumes:
-Premium Co
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Heaven's Lost Vectors - Ikaros vs. Lucy! DBX!




"Uh, Ma'am? Are you going to make a decision anytime soon?" Asked a confused store owner as she watched a young pink haired woman look at a red tomato in her red hand then turn her attention for a shopping list in her left, and vice versa.
After a few seconds, she put it back down into the pile and grabbed another one, starting the whole process over again, all the while with a somewhat blank expression on her face. This young lady was Ikaros, a Pet-Class Angeloid, currently on a grocery run.
"Alright Ikaros, make sure you grab the freshest ingredients possible while you're out, we want this meal to be the best ever!" Said the voice of her "Master" as he handed her a list of things to pick up before pushing her out the door.
After a couple more minutes, she finally settled on the Tomato that she determined to be the freshest out of them all, putt
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Paw Patrol  The Family Grows, Episode 07 by Wolf-Prince-Leon Paw Patrol The Family Grows, Episode 07 :iconwolf-prince-leon:Wolf-Prince-Leon 7 3
Capture The Flag (True Tickle Story) FF/M
There was a situation I still think about to this day. It helped with my love of tickling and also solidified I love being the tickle victim.
Many years ago, I grew up in a neighborhood populated by a lot of kids. Quite often games of capture the flag would break out.
So on this fateful day I found myself caught behind enemy lines. They took me to their "jail" which was a backyard that belonged to a girl Named Emily. My guards were Emily and another girl named Meg. Both girls had blonde hair one in jeans the other gym shorts. All of us in sneakers and socks and we were all around the 12 -13 age.
My team was very good at hiding our flags and the other team knew it. Since I was the only prisoner, these two girls made it clear they were going to get it out of me. The first thing they did was handcuff me; the kind you get at a toy store, easily breakable but I played along. They instructed me to sit in a lawn chair They stood over me with mischievous smiles, I was not prepared for what hap
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Ultimate Destiny: Mike Haggar
Name: Michael Duncan Haggar
Gender: Male
Debut: Final Fight (1989)
VA: Matt Riedy 
Title: Mayor of Metro City
Alternate Costume: Final Fight 3 Appearance 
Signature Stage: Metro City Outskirts
Intro: Haggar has his back turned with his arms folded before turning his head and speaking his quote before turning and getting in a wrestler stance.
Intro Quotes
"All right, let's do this thing!"
"This is gonna be a blast!"
"It's been a while since I've had a good fight!"
"Sorry, been a while since my days in the ring, might be a little rusty."
Outro: Haggar puts his fists to his hips before pumping his fist in the air three times before throwing both fists in the air with a cheer.
Outro Quote: Thanks a lot! I've been aching for a good tussel!
Results Screen Quotes
"Man, that was nuts! What a fight!"
"We should fight again sometime! That really hit the spot!"
"Y'know, you're pretty tough. Maybe you could stop by Metro City someday and help me sort out the crime pro
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CYOA: Charlotte's Quest, Witch Coven
Trading the nun's habit for the lovely witch hat, it's purple color matching nicely with the violet jewels on her corset, the correct path was obvious. Maybe the loss of the holy clothing was making her moral compass a tiny bit more off than usual, but Charlotte wanted power. If that meant utilizing this wicked tome and following it's magic then so be it. Ever since she entered this place her mind had felt a nudge from the thing. Why bother resisting it when even greater power might await?
Letting the grimoire guide her Charlotte managed to move through the run down building without problems, like an indivisible map was held within the pages. It led her around winding corridors and up stairs, until at last she reached a dusky old room glowing with a dark presence. Violet runes illuminated the fairly large place, and inside awaiting her was a true beauty of a witch. "My, I hadn't expected to find someone so young, yet so experienced~" she cooed out with painted lips, her skin pale and e
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Dreadful Diagnosis
Disbelief set in
One word changes everything
The test found cancer
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
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Fallen Favors part 1
The day you found the angel was already going poorly.
Your leg stump was already hurting in the socket of its prosthetic–you needed to gain weight like Stephan–fucking Stephan–was always lecturing you about. Fuck Stephan. He could rot. And it was hot outside, sticky August humidity, and you were sweating like hell into your leg’s liner, but the other option was your crutch or god forbid your fucking wheelchair, and you needed to be at your most operational when you checked your traps.
Mostly there was nothing. In one of your roadside ones is a small goblin chittering around, and you press your lighter to the glass chamber until it shrivels up under the heat. Your traps never caught anything big or interesting anymore. Nothing that could kill you in a fair fight.
By the time you found the angel, you were winding down. Your alleyway trap hardly ever caught anything, so you were expecting this to be yet another disappointment. But nothing ever goes how you expect i
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DBX: Knuckles VS Machamp

All across the world, various trainers, martial artists, superheroes, supervillains, and even outer space lifeforms have trained vigorously for the upcoming event that was coming up, so that the strongest in the entire world shall be decided.
The Chaos Emerald Grand Championship tournament, hosted by Breezie the Hedgehog of Breeze Media, was open for all to see and hear. But proving one's own merits isn't the only motivation potential contestants have in common; whoever wins this competition will gain a grand reward, a Chaos Emerald. Mystical relics that existed for thousands of years, possessing earth-shattering amounts of energy, and being the center of many conflicts the Earth has faced. Many have sought after the Chaos Emeralds for their power, and now they are given a chance to actually earn it, right in their fingertips. It was the practically the ultimate reward!
But, for some individual
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Amazon Daryl Bio
Name: Amazon Daryl
Home: Riverside
Age: 16
Height: 150ft (Has the abilities to grow bigger)
Weight: 2,100 tons
Hair: Brown
Gender: Female
Like: Food, challenge Nancy, Surpass her hero Nijia
Dislike: Giant Monster
Relative: Nancy Archer (Mother)
         Terry Archer (Brother)
         Elsa Gilmore (Foster Sister)
         Daryl Archer ( Alter Ego)
Daryl was giving a ancient neckless from the famous hero herself Giganta (Yuuko Kinoshita), who which she has a dream about a amazon hero fighting of justice. Once the neckless was giving to Daryl, Yuuko inform her about it power it possess. Later that night while Daryl was changing cloth she decide to try the on and see would it fit her.
Once she put on the neckless her body begin to glow bright white, as her eye glow and her body growth as well (150ft). Unknown to Daryl she had to clue what happen to her last night, only to wake up butt naked in her
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SV Reviews: Bram Stoker's Dracula
AHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!! Greetings and salutations, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Ghouls, Vampires and Werewolves, Zombies and Mummies, Monsters and Mutants, Witches and Warlocks!!! October has arrived once again with its cold winds, so I bid thee welcome to the SithVamp Halloween SpecDracular of 2018!!! Like many times before, we’re going to dive once again into the darkest depths of the Horror Genre and Halloween Subgenre, in search of 7 terrifying, but entertaining movies!
And what better way to start off the Halloween Season, than looking at a movie starring one of the most iconic Monsters ever? Yes, that’s right: I’m talking about the King of the Vampires, the Prince of Darkness, Vlad the Impaler himself: COUNT DRACULA!!! We’ve seen many incarnations of the Count on film: Bela Lugosi in the 1931 Universal film, Christopher Lee in the Hammer movies, even Adam Sandler in the Hotel Transylvania series. But I won’t be looking at any of those movies. No
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Becky's Scolding Box (4:4)
“Nice to see you finally awake.” Becky said greatly relieved with a bright smile.
“Y….yeah. *cough*” The smell isn’t nearly as bad as when she was in her Becky Bomb status. “Oh God… I… may have bit more than I could chew…” I said weakly.
“...Then maybe the next batch will actually KILL you…” Becky said worried. I quickly sat up looking towards the window. I saw complete darkness outside, almost as if it was a power outage in the middle of the night.
“Wait, how long was I out for?” I looked back to Becky.
“About 3 hours and I must say, I farted a bit earlier to test how strong this new batch is and dear God, if those girls were to smell this from the source, they could end up in a coma, if not dead.” Hearing this only turned me on, my dick already rising to the challenge.
“Please Becky, let me do this. I wouldn’t want all that effort you put into this go to waste.
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CoE '18 - 10/16/18 (Jumeau)

Appearance: Jumeau is supposed to be a naked doll, but is closer to a wooden artist model with stylish green hair; most notable is her lack of joints, with her body parts floating and under her control.
Scheme: Collection of the energy for Nephlite from the body of Mika Kayama, a young doll maker.
Abilities: Her main ability is limb control: any of the detachable limbs she controls can be fired at will by her through telekenisis.  She also can control any dolls created by her vessel Mika, turning them into small demonic servants.
Thoughts: I sort of wonder why Nephlite created so many overpowered Youma during his period as leader, with this one being another of the sort and even more ridiculous due to how it's weakness is utilized and what she can do.  One thing I notice that probably adds to how ridiculous Jumeau is involves her limbs; she not only can telekinetically control them but appears to jus
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The Blue Princess and Her Berry Mercenary [CM]
The weather outside was chilly as a cool breeze flew through crisp orange leaves. Fall had come to Ylisse. Lucina had never been able to truly enjoy the calmer season for all its beauty. Being forced into a battle against the literal end of times did that to a person, she supposed. But even so, she couldn’t help the smile across her face as she stared out the window. The warmth from the oven was nothing compared to a fireplace, but Lucina would gladly trade that for the sweet aroma of baked pies any day.
Unlike her mother or brother, Lucina hadn’t really picked up dancing as a hobby. It wasn’t that she couldn’t dance, far from it in fact, she simply saw it as another form of her swordplay. Severa always stressed how the princess needed something more relaxing to take her mind off of stress, and after the many “carriage wrecks of shopping sprees” as she’d put it, Lucina struggled to find anything she enjoyed enough to stick with. Thankfully, kit
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