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The Unexpected Father - C3 - Of Cakes and Coats
Fifty feet below sea level, the coming of the seasons came with the touch of warmth to the air and a faded scent too subtle for most to notice. The air had a must quality, thicker as if baked by the sun. Three days after noticing this change, Bellhop confirmed Roger’s suspicions. The boat had come and gone.
The old man continued his work, an ear always out for his tiny companion, trailing him like a second shadow. He had just finished, clocking off early for that day’s events, when he noticed Six wandering off more than usual. He envisioned her location by her steps, pausing as he heard her wander near the edge of the platform they stood on.
“S’cuse me, misses. Where ya going?” he said to somewhere behind him.
“Just looking over the side,” said Six.
“I can hear that, you get away from there.”
“I was just looking!”
“Look from over here.”
Despite a few grunts of protest, Six obeyed. Roger kept an ear on
:iconthecreatorseye:TheCreatorsEye 5 2
Discordia: Date Night (Part 1)

"Sblo, Stblormbl, whblatb cblusbline arble wble hblaving tblonblighblpt, nybla?"
...Bubbletalking in front of a group on this here Gravictor train? Carri, I love you so much but I must come clean... if I had to guess what color my face was right now, it had to be as vividly pink as the sunset. Whether it was because it was embarrassing or the fact it's what ignites my soul or even both, whatever the case may be...
All eyes are on me, they're not looking at my fancy brown suit with a purple tie with black dress pants and shined up boots; no, they're looking right at you dear. You can't see them judging silently, I can, and it's something I've been tired of. Been like that since the Catalyst.
I must speak my mind... I...
"Oblh Stblormbly~ Yblou thblere?"
...sweet rapture.
"I'm awake, thank you Carri." Replying quietly, rubbing my
:iconstormaeon:StormAeon 5 4
DWOAH: Frank Horrigan vs The Patriarch
Deadliest warriors of all history
Frank Horrigan vs The Patriarch
Monstrous leaders
Frank Horrigan info:
Height: 10 foot 8
Weight: 800lbs (naturally) 1600lbs (in his Power Armour)
Weapons: Bare Hands, Knife, Plasma Gun
Armour: Custom made Enclave Power Armour
Strengths: Is easily one of the most powerful and terrifying final bosses in the entire Fallout franchise, Superhuman strength (Has been witnessed ripping apart Deathclaws and Armoured humans with his Bare Hands, Can kill Deathclaws and Super Mutants with a single punch, Is easily stronger than most Super Mutants), Superhuman durability (Laughs off Gun, Laser and Plasma fire, Deathclaw Claws can barely cut through his skin), Peak human speed (Can keep up with fully fit humans even with his massive size and heavy Armour).
Weaknesses: His exposure to the FEV has greatly damaged his intelligence and reasoning, His zealotry to the Enclave makes him fight to the bitter end no matter the odds.
The Patriarch info:
Height: 9 feet
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 8 11
Super Sentai Omegaverse III Hurricanger - Gokaiger
• There is a new and third Gouraiger, the Ladybug-based Tentoraiger. The identity is of Ikkou and Isshuu's little sister Itou Kasumi. Her outfit resembles the Tentoraiger from Akibaranger, only without the Jakanja symbol, a yellow kkirt and a different faceplate resembling that of her fellow Gouraiger more. She also had a Ladybug zord whom forms the head of Gouraijin.
• Yousuke's HurricaneDark form is just an all black version of the HurricaneRed suit with Bat Ze Rhumba's symbol.
• Shurikenger has genuinely died at the end of Hurricanger. His appearance in Hurricanger vs Abaranger is only as a spirit. Future appearances of Shurikenger are those of his successor Tenkai.
• Wendinu and Furabijo have genuinely died in Hurricanger. In the Abaranger special they are replaced by two other space ninjas Yin and Yang and their appearance in the 10 Years Later special is due to being revived by Bat Ze Rhumba, but upon his death they fade back into the af
:iconkivathedcwizard:KivaTheDCWizard 7 2
The best of us
“In many religions around the world, it is believed that the gods created mankind. But we, four high school girls, we created a goddess.”
Now that may sound
• ridiculous
• blasphemous
• pompous
to you. But it is exactly what we –
• Akiko
• Britt
• Elena
• and I (Dynah)
– did.
“To prove our point,” I continued, “we present you evidence #1. Also known as ‘before’.”
Elena showed the picture. It was a picture of an inconspicuous little girl. She looked away from the camera. Her dark hair was a mess and greasy, her clothes were cheap.
Akiko continued. “That picture was taken almost four years ago, when we were in our freshman year. And now, after years and years of hard work, we are proud to present to you the result of our project. Also known as ‘after’.” She paused. ‘Here is… Petra!”
Britt opened the door, and there she stood. Petra was like
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What is he to her?
Having been responsible for bringing down an ancient evil would be cause for anypony to feel smug, and for Rainbow Dash, she felt doubly so. After all, she was a national hero now, and alongside her friends, she had made things pretty awesome. As for said friends, they all watched with bemused expressions as their cyan companion went on and on about how much she loved their adventure in the Everfree Forest together. It was a lovely day in Ponyville, and the five of them were busy spending it at the local café, each slurping down their respective milkshakes. Despite the hectic goings on of the Summer Sun Celebration, life in Ponyville had more or less gone back to the calm normality it had known before that unexpectedly eventful night. But for Rainbow, there was still so much to talk about.
"And then Rarity?! You were, like, super-brave going right up to that serpent like that! You totally knew how to get past him!"
Rarity waved her off.
"Oh please, darling! It's all in a day's wor
:iconthejboy88:Thejboy88 7 1
OC Summer Story 2019 Forward
An OC Luxurious Summer Vacation Jamboree
Forward: Event Preparations and Winnings
Somewhere on a mysterious island said to be forbidden and hidden from the public, some skilled and daring people on that island starting preparing a large stage and a bunch of other buildings seemingly made for people to stay in. The event taking place there was apparently named Pyreo Festival. During the marketing and promotions the summer before, the ads, flyers and leaflets for the luxurious music festival promised beaches with clear blue waters, ladies who adore anyone for looks, fresh local-grown fruit, gourmet food, local forest and jungle tours, animal encounters, lush green plants to see, barside pool, magical waters, and tons of other stuff to do on “your grandest, most luxurious vacation yet”. The main selling point of this event is of course, the music performances themselves, featuring top musical performers of an age, such as Major Lazer, B
:iconpopculturecorn:PopCultureCorn 6 0
that old house
holds both less and more
secrets stuffed into the walls
holes eat up the floor
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 7 7
Smash Moveset Concept - Spyro
Spyro (from the Spyro series, 1998)
"Spyro; Kicks Some Tail!"
-Spyro uses his design from the Reignited Trilogy
-Lightweight character, floaty jumps
-Slow walker, above-average runner
-Can crawl
-Spyro holds items in his mouth, and heavy items on his back between his wings
-If the button is held while Spyro is in midair, he is capable of gliding, propelling him forward as he falls. Attempting to jump again will cause him to Hover, ending his glide and boosting him slightly upward, but will leave him helpless until he lands
-Aesthetically, Sparx the Dragonfly is present alongside Spyro at all times, and, as he did in his source games, changes color based on Spyro's damage; he is yellow by default at 0%, turning blue once he takes damage, turning green when it exceeds 50%, and disappearing past 100%
Entrance: Spyro glides out of a portal
Neutral: A single headbutt. This attack can be jab reset
Side tilt: Spins to strike with his tail
Up tilt: Stands on his hind legs and swings his head b
:iconobsessor23:Obsessor23 4 0
Rebirth of the Dragon (After GOT/Daenerys) Part 1
The events written below take place after season 8 of GOT.
Essos, to Volantis
Another day was ending and already, the dark veil shrouded in a shadowing red dusk that was gradually covering the sky. A light wind had risen, making the grass of the great hills that surrounded the city of Volantis shudder and dance as a group of birds flew north.
A violent storm had erupted a few days earlier, causing the Volantis river to rumble and dance in a violent and abnormal manner, causing a great deal of damage. Entire neighborhoods had been flooded by the monstrous waves of the raging river and the torrential downpours of rain and the lightnings roaring like a dragon having caused some fires in some buildings. Even the red priests of Volantis had to admit that never in their life had they seen such a storm. For the priests, it was more than just a natural phenomenon. Something had happened.
At the edge of a small river gliding through the sleeping hills not far from the city, two men were walking
:icondark-rider28:Dark-Rider28 4 3
Reintroductions (Gotham Academy)
    Oliver Silverlock couldn't believe she's doing this. Arriving at the old chapel, she waited for her a certain someone; she knew that going ahead would cause her partner to feel disappointed. Bored, tired, and annoyed, the daughter of the super-villain Calamity didn't even cared if she got in trouble avoiding the assembly – she wanted to be alone and breathe. With her partner not showing up, Olive lets out a sigh and starts leaving, looking at this whole this as a waste of time. Her partner shows up just as she was going to leave the room entirely.
"You didn't have to bring that." Oliver said. "If anything, it's going to be a detriment."
"Well, I must always prepare myself!" Came the cheerful voice of Mia Mizoguchi; she is mostly nicknamed "Maps" for short across the academy.
"If you say so." Oliver replied as they head inside the old chapel. In there, they could see wooden planks, dusty clocks, and many properties that have been either unused or stored away for futu
:iconwedgienexus12:WedgieNexus12 4 0
Dumbo (LKHFF Style) Part 13
The night, The Circus was open to the public of New York. People visited the sideshow, bought some snacks to enjoy the performance and one of the Circus' vendors, a portly man by the name of Torneko was busy selling the circus' newest product. Dumbo plush toys which were a big hit.
As Grey watched from the performer's entrance, he saw Mr. Vandavere, Fisher, Rufus, Kane and a few guests that Mr Vandavere himself invited including Leodore Lionheart and J.Griffin Remington, the owners of one of New York's Busiest Banks.
"Butterflies kid?" a voice said as Grey turned to see who it was, it was Max Medici. "Well yes Max and from what you said to me this afternoon" he said as Max understood."I'll tell you everything once we get that case back, but for now we got a job to do."
A Spotlight shone down on the center ring as the ringmasters stood. "Welcome, citizens of New York City!" Max called. Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls we are your masters of ceremonies Maxamillion Medici, Herman Medi
:iconkingleolionheart:KingLeoLionheart 7 1
Zeonic Victory: A Summary of the Solar War
The Solar war
On 1 September 110 UC, after a ten year long truce the Cosmo Hittite Empire crossed the demilitarized zone and launched a preemptive strike on the Earth Sphere Empire’s Asteroid Belt Fleet. The Hittites struck hard and fast against Imperial defences on the DMZ, destroying the patrol ships with little effort. Other sections of the DMZ simply allowed Hittite ships to pass through as they had been infiltrated and taken over by agents of Neo Zeon. Large amounts of Minovsky Particles were dispersed in order to prevent communications between surviving Imperial forces and the rest of the Empire. Allowing for the Hittite and Neo Zeon Fleets to make their way to the Earth Sphere with little warning of their arrival. It wasn’t until a visual observation was made by Imperial long-range telescopes that saw the incoming enemy fleet. A national state of emergency was declared with the Imperial Defense Protocol being implemented across all colonies of the Earth Sphere Empire
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Queen of Fire ( goddess of Blood)
From the ashes of a broken home
a girl rises; vicious sounds echo
inside of her soul.
Baptized in fire she grows little by
little; the heavens turn red as the scarlet
bathed sun shines upon their divine heir.
An eerie silence surrounds the ruins
of her house; as she speaks a great
roar vibrates throughout the entire
In the ancient language of the forgotten
dragons she declares " I will take back
what's mine with fire and blood".
All will bow down to the great queen soon.
:iconbringerofchaos-seth:BringerOfChaos-Seth 6 23
Massive Eeveelution TF's (Just the TF's)
EEVEE: Jay, Fabio, Ethan, Tyler, Harry, Rey
                Their heads were starting to change. Half of them started to grow brown fur while the other half was starting to grow white fur. Their ears would move to the top of their head as they became longer. All their hair would no longer be there, although some small spiked fur would replace it. Their eyes would become longer and brown. Their noses would become smaller as they would become small and triangular.
                “I have to say I think this new head feels nice,” Ethan said as he felt his new head.
                “I agree with you. It feels nice.” Fabio responded.
                Their arm
:iconrainthewolfie:RainTheWolfie 8 8
Mum, Nick Shrunk Himself! - 4
Chapter 4 - From one hand to another
Nick saw the huge sponge slide at an impressive speed. His mother was cleaning the worktop he had just landed on! And by picking up all the dirt that was on it, it would inevitably pick him up too! Again panicked, he ran as fast as he could. The worktop was covered with several coffee stains left by Flore and a little by him, and also a few crumbs, which made the boy, also covered with coffee, almost invisible to his mother. Just a piece of dirt among many others.
He felt and heard the sponge fall on the table and slide, catching everything in its path. He was not going to escape it! Natalie kept cleaning absent-mindedly, not really paying attention to what was happening before her eyes. Without seeing this little form move, which was none other than her son, running to escape her grip. Nick suddenly saw in front of him the sponge held by the huge hand of his mother, which began to advance right towards him.
- MUM!
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Emma and the GrayBots
(This little story to go with the commission by theheckle where Victoria McEwan turns Wonder Woman into a fellow GrayBot)
Emma was relaxing at her pool laying in a lounge chair, clad in her new white bikini enjoying the sun and time away from work and away from the crowds in the city.
On her pool side table, the latest reports from her division she had to go over before work tomorrow and the big meeting.  Emma, her friends called her Em, worked for a government think tank on the topic of UFOs.
Although the public image was that UFOs were a joke.  They were weather balloons, or swamp gas or hallucinations, Emma and her group knew this was not the case.  They were studying recent reports of 50s style silver flying saucers – UFOs sighted near where there were reports of missing women.  A few missing men but 98% of the cases involved missing women. 
The files Emma had were not classified but she probably should not have them at home.  She was relaxing, s
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Chapter 614: The Fromm Tower Droids
The Fromm Tower Droid, also known as a guardian droid and sentry droid, was a heavily armed droid designed by Tig Fromm, the son of the noted Annoo-dat crime lord Sise Fromm, and manufactured at his secret base on the planet Ingo. Most were four meters tall, with a cylindrical tower extending from an armored chassis, the Tower Droid could travel at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour on six large pneumatic wheels. The Tower Droid was fitted with numerous sensors, and could respond to nearby threats with its arsenal of four laser cannons and two repulsor ball launchers. The Fromm Tower Droid was a fourth-degree droid intended for security and paramilitary use. Four meters tall and symmetrical front and aft, its engine and drivetrain were housed within a squat, armored chassis which rose to a little under half of the overall height. In addition to protecting the vulnerable components, the chassis provided the foundation for the cylindrical tower assembly. Alternate sections of both the
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Adam and Eve meet Josie and Zoe
Friday, 7 pm
“There we go,” Josie said as she carried the tray into the front room, placing it carefully on Zoe’s lap as her partner looked at the pasta in the bowl.  Their relationship had got to the point where they had agreed to move in together, and it had been a week since they had taken residence in the end terrace house.
Josie was wearing a vintage floral print dress with a round neckline and puffed short sleeves, the clear straps of her bra just visible on her shoulders, purple tights and old blue baseball boots with white laces.  Her red hair was longer now, with her eyes sparkling behind the glasses.
“And where is your meal,” Zoe said with a smile.  The brunette was wearing a knee length blue dress with a brown cardigan, white tights and red velvet slippers, and looked happy as she sat back in the chair.
“Waiting for me to carry it through,” Josie said with a smile as she left the room, returning with her own tra
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Godzilla: Daikaiju Planet bios: Giant Rats
Height: 2 meters
Weight: 350 kilograms
Aliases: none
First sighted: 1998
Status: Dead
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The Morning After
Featuring Princess Oleander and Quill
Winter 773 of the New Age
Glenmore, Lord Ariel's Glade

Princess Oleander
Oleander cringed as she began to stir. The moment she groggily opened her eyes she regretted it. The light was painful and blinding. A soft breeze rattled the winter bare branches creating a cacophony of noise that seemed to reverberate in her head. Her mouth felt like it was full of cobwebs. It was several agonizing moments before Andy was cognizant of where she actually was.
She was home, her private den, tucked into the hollow of an old willow tree. She had no idea how she got there. She remembered Ariel rejecting her. She remembered shutting herself up in her den. She remembered Quill coaxing her out for a trip to the pub, and
:icondodgermd:DodgerMD 4 16
Winds of Time
... and then one dayall of our stories will be nothing more than an echo on the winds of time ...
:iconessentialbron:EssentialBron 3 0