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Been looking for a group specifically for poets and or writers??? Well this is the place to post your own creations, and for everyone to see them. Considering I have not found any other such group; I have decided to create one. Everything and anything literature orientated: Poems, stories, novels, etc. Of any level, or content: dark, mature, fantasy, Romantic, sci-fi, philosophical, etc, etc, etc. Come and post and be seen!
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Was it steam or fog? Was there any difference, really? Hot and cold are relative, like so many things these days. It could, of course, have been both. Whatever it was, it was congealing with the sweat and assorted sprinkles of filth in her palms as she pushed her way forward through the parking lot. You can wash your hands quite easily these days, but wheels are different. Her tires left thin muddied trails behind her as they dried, like brushes running out of paint. Yet it was the grit that lingered in discolored splotches and spires, waiting to be crushed and fall away. Feet leave partial approximations of our motion, but when she looked back at her trails they felt eerily revealing.
Shannon both did and did not want to be here. It was the first day of college. She had spent a gap year, and then another one, and then a few more after that learning all about what she didn't want to do with her life, and finally she was doing something different. She couldn't quite tell if this was rig
:icontozhma:tozhma 27 12
Mature content
A Choice :iconennessee:Ennessee 1 0
Unknown Galactica Symbol 1 by viperaviator Unknown Galactica Symbol 1 :iconviperaviator:viperaviator 18 4
This is War
This is War
The gates are open, they're flooding out
I'm a one man army, there's no doubt
These soldiers are of different shapes, sizes and color,
I use all my might, strength and power
to put up a fight.
They're strong, don't get me wrong,
This war will last very long!
I'm pushing, trying to get through,
So irritating, so confusing, so tiring! (phew!)
My brows are crossed and my mind is lost
and my body can't bare it all
my eyes go fuzzy and then i fall...
Now i'm buried underneath this rubble,
I can hear my mother scream,
"If you'd have kept your wardrobe clean,
You wouldn't have gone through all this trouble!"
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 23 9
Dew Drop
Dew Drop
Parted without any goodbyes…
falling from the highs
fresh and beautiful!
Just falling freely, with no rule….
All those eyes watching,
see a bright smile, and sing,
"wonderful, delightful, how free!"
The real truth can anyone see?
As it dropped off the leaf,
all eyes gone and solitaire engulfed it's belief
of someone to understand,
that there's a frown behind that smile
None stretched their hand, let it dissolve in the sand
the dew drop's worth just lasted a while…
nobody to understand the story
of the one that lost it's melody,
waiting to be freed from melancholy:
The song of the one, who's lonely…
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 21 17
You're Just...
Your touch,
My heart skips a beat, like a skipping stone,
It's a rush.
Your smile,
It's like moonlight. To fade away,
it takes a  word that's longer than a while
Your laugh
sweet as the sound of a chime
like the words of a poem that rhyme.
your lips,
like soft rose petals. I'm taking dips
in the ocean of your talk.
I'm lost
when you walk that walk.
Your look,
freezes time, oh, I can write a book.
You're just,
the only one I see now.
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 50 24
Shooting Star
Shooting Star
Looking up at the dark blue sky
Wishing upon a shooting star
Trying so hard not to cry
Yet the first tears aren’t very far
You think about what lies ahead
hoping that no more tears will be shed.
You try to be strong so all could see
that there is nothing that you can’t be.
Looking up at the dark blue sky
Wishing upon a shooting star
You smile sadly and wave goodbye
Taking nothing but your heart wrenching scars.
:iconamayachi:AmayaChi 6 2
When Bass is Gone (Read Description First Please!)
Bass ran to the barn with all his might while the moonlight reflected off the damp earth beneath him, giving him just enough light to find his way. He caught the Roman nose, tied him to the rail while he found the saddle in the dark, and was struggling to find the saddle blanket when Mammy came over holding a lantern, with a sleeping bag in a roll and the little shooter and the mister's own saddle bags. "There's a knife in the roll, and a shirt," she said cautiously, careful that someone might hear, though no one was near.
Flowers appeared in the light of the lantern and handed Bass a beautiful braided horsehair lariat. He touched his hand to Bass's shoulder and said, "You be careful of people you see, and stay off of ridgelines, and don't get the morning light in back of you, and if they set dogs on you, you got to stop and shoot them." Then he turned and walked away.
"He talked," Bass said to Mammy, clearly stunnned.
"I Guess he finally had something to say. Now, ride. Follow the Dri
:iconsnapshot120:SnapShot120 0 0
Word Prompt #2!- CLOSED
:bulletred: Edit
So...I've decided to do words prompts once a week. That way it will be better for everyone. How was last week's word prompt? Did you manage to make something good? If not then here's another chance to do it! Are you ready? Here goes:
"In the pouring rain"
Let the word prompts begin! :happybounce:
Please submit it to the "Prompts" folder. Who knows, I might put some of them in the featured folder... :D
:bulletred: You have until the next word prompt to write or create something. Do your best everyone! :squee:
:bulletred: I will close the prompts folder on Friday night. Exactly 12:00 pm (Philippine time)
:iconwritingstream:Writingstream 1 17
Assassin's Creed (unfinished): Chapters 1-8 by theagle43 Assassin's Creed (unfinished): Chapters 1-8 :icontheagle43:theagle43 1 2
Accidentally In Love
Joseph caught me, wrapping his arms around my waist and tackling me to the ground, making me shriek and giggle like a little schoolgirl. I landed—stomach facing down—on his chest, and he rolled me over, lying carefully on top of me.
"What was it you said about me not being able to catch you?" he teased, making me laugh more. He had a light grip on my wrists, holding my arms against the ground.
"I said you couldn't catch me if you tried."
"And who's caught?" He grinned.
"Me," I giggled.
"Just checking."
I smiled. "That's no fair; I need at least a ten second head start. Look how much longer your legs are than mine!"
"You want to go again?" he asked, raising a dark eyebrow. The sun was hitting his face just perfectly, illuminating his sharp features and amber brown eyes, adding an extra boost of warmth to his skin tone.
I bit my lip and smiled. "Of course I want to go again."
He suppressed a grin and let me go, plopping onto the ground beside me. "Alri
:iconjesus33chick:jesus33chick 3 6
Black Ribbons
Your initial presence was merely a scent of sickly sweet black cherries followed by the shock of emerald eyes that left my balancing on my heels.  In my fantasies you carries a gilt dagger hidden in your vest and an aura of mystery, an invisible vapor hanging about your shoulders.
You twined silken jet-black ribbons of paranoia through my hair and into the fabric of my thoughts with your elegantly dextrous fingers.  Your eyes studied me from the depths of every gemstone ring and your footsteps echoed through the empty hallways of my very veins.  I tried to lose you in the twists and turns but I lost my own conscious in the maze of my naive and vulnerable sepia-toned mind.  
My craving for you overflowed the small chalice of reason in my head, and the poison dripped down my throat with a searing acidity that dissolved the structure of my being, slowly and painfully transforming me into a creature of tormented madness and unanswered questions.
:iconililn:Ililn 7 4
How Does It Feel
How does it feel to see the one you love the most crying,
And know that you caused it?
How does it feel to know that when their around someone else,
They act happy around them but not you?
How does it feel to know that you caused that mask,
That they are for now forced to wear?
How does it feel to know that mask,
Is now the only relation you have towards them?
Now I ask,
Do you know this feeling?
Are you trying to recreate the time it happened to you,
Then they know how it feels?
So you can recreate your life,
In a way to make a new one.
But now see what you have done,
So now who is the victim?
Do you feel what you have done,
Do you see what you have created?
What have you done,
So they can now regret?
How does it feel,
To know?
:iconeriarorblood:EriArorBlood 1 0
My True Love
My tears won't fall anymore;
There are no more left.
My cure is gone,
Deceased to the world
But still in my heart.
And it hurts
Just to think about him,
That I can only see him
In pictures and my dreams,
That I can't even hear
His voice anymore.
I can't.
I can't.
That's all I can do now,
And just that thought
Makes me want to fall
Into a dressless sleep with him.
But I know
I can't
Because he would frown upon that.
It would make him
Feel like I,
And that would kill me.
I can only go on for him
And hopefully
Make him proud.
I love you,
Longer than my tears could flow.
Because he feels the same as I.
We've said it to each other.
We've treasured those moments
In our sweet silence.
And now I still,
But just go on without him.
Now he's gone
From everywhere but my heart.
No one will ever
Measure up to him.
And though I'm alone,
I've felt safer
In his unseen embrace.
I say I love you
To the wisp of air
That passes me.
Smile our last smile
And see him one final time
As he replays those words t
:iconeriarorblood:EriArorBlood 10 10
What's Missing
A rose,
Is not a rose—
Without a thorn.
A person,
Is not a person-
Without a heart.
A star,
Is not a star—
Without a moon.
Is not life—
Without someone to share it with.
:iconeriarorblood:EriArorBlood 3 2
I think things to say,
But never say them.
I think things to do,
But never do them.
In this world do we just listen,
Or do we speak out?
Do we do as told,
Or other wise?
Do we follow our heart,
Or someone's volition?
Every now and then we ask,
Why do we do this for them?
Why can't they do it?
Why do we work so hard,
To achive nothing?
And the answer to that questions is,
Because we want to fit in.
But why?
:iconeriarorblood:EriArorBlood 4 10

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A literature contest by AlexanderPaupoff is going to start shortly. That or I am too late cause I don't come on here often lol. there is a link to rules and what not. Not sure how these contests work but if we could have it here on the group that would be awesome. :)
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Summary: 16 years ago, the people of planet Cronos fought a terrible war against a merciless foe; the cronians survived, but their home was left in ruins. To this day the consecuenses of the war are still tormenting the people of Cronos. And if nothing changes they will all perish.

Meanwhile, 16 year old Aika from planet Earth is desperatly trying to cling to her normal life. Nothing has been the same since the day she woke up with a strange bracelet on her arm. The bracelet gave her the ability to transform into a magical girl. Luckily there are four other girls just like her, and together they have to fight mysterious monsters that have been showing up from nowhere. 

In a twist of fate Aika meets and falls in love with a boy, Kazu from Cronos, who seems to have a special connection with the monsters. Soon she realizes that the monsters aren't the only threat to humanity
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