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Fan fiction is literature too, and this group is for authors who treat their stories seriously. This group gathers quality fan fiction together in one place, including the fanfic Daily Deviations. Our purpose is to be the place deviants come to when they want to find a well-written fanfic, post their own, and give and receive thoughtful comments and critiques.
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Green Lantern TAS - Alterations
The room was dimly lit, as it often was, the only light cast by a small lamp on the nearby desk.  Razer often preferred to keep it that way, the door shut to keep out the light from the areas beyond so that he could enjoy a little peace and quiet.  His quarters were his hideaway from the brightly lit consoles of the Interceptor's bridge and the chatter of his crew mates.  That evening, however, there was a new source of dim illumination within the room.
Razer sat on his bed, his back against the wall.  The weight in his lap was a familiar one, the softly glowing blue eyes that looked back into his carrying just a hint of curiosity.  It had really been quite the journey for them both over the last few months, Razer only starting to come to grips with his feelings for Aya when a Star Sapphire portal was able to transport him across the galaxy to her side.  Yet even then he had continued to hide away his feelings, uncertain as to
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Memento Mori (A Twilight One-Shot)
Millicent flinched in her seat when Parson Cullen slammed his Bible on the pulpit. "In the First Book of the Saint John, we find that 'If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness!' This is the blessing of God, given to man! Do not take this gift in ill-gratitude, sons and daughters of the Lord God..."
Parson Cullen's sermons had grown louder and louder since the death of his son. Millicent Timmins – born-again, faithful churchgoer – became more concerned for him with each passing year.
After the service, the silent congregation shuffled out of the church into the dark winter night. The sky was clear – stars and galaxies twinkled brightly in the evening sky. Millicent shivered as she exited the warm place of worship, pulling her wool cloak closer to her slim body.
She knew her father would be angry that she returned home unescorted once again, but she still wasn't keen on any of the suitors that he par
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To whomever finds me
I fear I have held something from you and from the galaxy, for many a year. As you all know I am the last of my kin and as I am approaching the end of my life, I feel it is appropriate to tell you the truth.

Back when I was Galan in the year 27π it was the morn of the seventeenth moon. I was no older than nine, a number which, said to represent satisfaction, brought only sorrow. The sun had set with a smooth sky yet there was a disconcerting air of the cavern. The only woman who ever loved me was resting peacefully, with child, upon the chaise longue, the fire kissing her toes with the sweetest crackling sound. The suns upper corona was casting its final rays, illuminating her tired face.
As her chest gently rose, a hoarse braying came from within the barn, followed by a consenting uproar from the other animals. I rushed out to tame the mounting pandemonium emanating from the farmyard. The barn doors had burst open. Shards lay across the drive. Ebbs soa
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An Apple A Day - A Myria LeJean Discworld Fanfic
The rights to The Discworld and its characters created by Terry Pratchett are owned by Terry Pratchett and his publishers. All copyrights associated with the Discworld belong to them. Only the ideas and original characters in this work of fan fiction are my property. No profit is being derived from this story. Seriously guys, Pratchett is a genius. Go out and buy his books. Pratchett will thank you and so will I.
"Myria are you trying to paint again?"
Myria quickly stepped away from the canvas she had purchased that day. Nearby on the white tabletop sat a single apple, the epitome of appleness. It was red, yes it was. And shiny. There was even a bit of stem with a single green leaf sticking off of it. If one had to look at something and say "hey, now THAT is an apple," this would be it. It practically screamed "Paint me! I am Apple! Hear me… er… make whatever sound an apple would make."
Myria crossed her arms and dipped her head, leaving a red streak on her blouse in t
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The Reindeer Are Pissed!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 18, 2017, 10:54 AM

Santa's reindeer are PISSED OFF. Santa was busy all year developing all the coolest toys for boys and girls around the world, and he never paid any attention to the reindeer. They were hungry because their food was served late, and their stables were full of soggy hay. No one bothered to scratch their ears or polish their jingle bells. So this was how Santa treated his precious reindeer? Humph! And now, with the holidays coming, he expected them to jump at the opportunity to carry millions of toys to spoiled children all around the world! Well, it wasn't going to happen! And, by the way, when was the last time Santa ever asked THEM what THEY would like for the holidays? Reindeer enjoy gifts, too, y'know!

All nine reindeer, including Rudolph (who used to get preferential treatment but lately has been neglected), are furious and tired of being taken advantage of. They have decided by unanimous vote that there will be no holidays this year. Period. Instead of delivering gifts, the reindeer decided to hide in vacation spots around the world. The nine reindeer are in nine different countries, one per country.

Mrs. Claus tried desperately to keep the peace at the North Pole, but Santa was furious when he found out about the reindeer's defection. To make matters worse, the elves were greatly confused about how all the toys would get delivered; they started their own elven protests and demanded fair wages and more vacation days.

Mrs. Claus was beside herself. The only clue she had about the reindeer's disappearance was a tattered postcard with Dasher's hoof print and a picture of some exotic location. For months, she frantically looked for Dasher herself, but alas, she had no luck. With the holidays approaching, she decided to pose a challenge for the adept reindeer-finders at DeviantArt: find our precious reindeer and convince them to come home, and we will reward you richly!

Will you come have piping hot tea and fresh-baked cookies with Mrs. Claus and take up the challenge? If you're kind to her, she just might let you see that postcard . . . 

In the style of Halloween-HQ, Holiday-HQ will be starting up a new event soon! 


We need volunteers to play various roles in this event and help behind the scenes. Also we need to get the word out! PLEASE share this with your followers, any groups that may be interested, and help spread the word!

And of course we're looking for players when it starts!

Let's have fun! :w00t:


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Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to LiteraryFanFiction!

We are the gathering place for quality fan fiction. Our goal is to raise awareness of quality fan fiction and to improve the community's overall opinion of it. Fan fiction suffers from a stigma that it is poorly written, plotted, full of poorly developed characters, and basically that it is "bad writing." We wish to show the community that we are serious writers and we take our fiction seriously. This is not to say "bad fan fiction" doesn't exist - it does - but there are numerous well written fanfics out there as well. We want the community to see how wonderful our chosen medium can be. We wish to share with the community the all great fanfics available.

Please feel free to look around and enjoy! :D

Come visit our new chat room! #litfanfic

Rules & Guidelines

Since we are striving for quality fan fictions, we have strict guidelines for submissions.

:bulletgreen: Fan Fiction - This is a fan fiction group. Your submission must be fan fiction (or tutorial/community information - like contests - applicable to fan fiction and submitted to the 'Tutorials, Informative, Contest Info' folder) in the English language, as we are not qualified to judge literary standards in other languages.

:bulletgreen: Format - Please submit only pieces that are narrative prose (stories), poetry, or non-narrative prose about writing or fanfiction. Prose should not contain in-line citations, excessive footnotes, or "fill in the blank" passages.

:bulletgreen: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation - Please make sure your fic is well-edited before submitting. A typo can be overlooked, but a fanfic that's full of errors is just sloppy. This includes punctuation of dialog.

:bulletgreen: Gallery Folders - Submit to the proper folder. Each folder has 'Fandoms' and then letters listed after it. Those letters are for the first letter of your fan fiction's series title. Do not use articles (a, an, the) when alphabetizing your series. (Ex. - The Dresden Files would go under D, for Dresden, not T.)

:bulletgreen: Crossovers - Crossovers are allowed, if the story premise is possible (please nothing wild, like humanized My Little Ponies traipsing around with sparkling vampires). Please submit crossovers under the fandom name the main POV character belongs to. Example: in a Superman/X-Men crossover, if the fanfic is told from Wolverine's POV, submit the story into the "Fandoms V, W, X, Y, Z" gallery because Wolverine is from the X-Men franchise.

:bulletgreen: Featured Folder - The Featured folder is reserved for the Fan Fiction Daily Deviations, and other DDs related to fan fiction.

:bulletgreen: Canon - To avoid reader confusion, stories should remain canon or, at least, canonically possible (something that is conceivable in that fandom). Stories that contradict canon are at risk of being declined. Be prepared to defend anything that isn't, or may not be, canon.

:bulletgreen: Romantic Relationships - Please keep all relations in your fanfic canon, canonically possible (i.e. the 'other' person in a romantic triangle), or :new: clearly labeled as non-canon. We accept all orientations, as long as it's canon or labeled as not being such.

:bulletgreen: Original Characters - OCs are allowed, but canon characters must also be present or be set in an immediately recognizable setting (i.e. having your OC wizard students attending Hogwarts is fine, however, an OC wizard with a wand and no recognizable locales or spells being used is not enough).

:bulletgreen: Continuity - please submit chapters in order. We reserve the right to decline chapters of a work if all previous chapters have not been accepted into our gallery.

:bulletgreen: Submission Limit - At the moment, submissions are limited to two a week. This may change as the group grows.

:bulletgreen: When posting a new story, please submit only the first chapter. After that one is approved, you may post new chapters at your leisure within the submission limits.

:bulletgreen: Mature Content - While you are allowed to submit mature content and works with ideologically sensitive material, admins are not required to read or act on things that make them uncomfortable. We thank you for your patience.

:bulletgreen: Flash Fan Fiction Friday - If your Flash Fan Fiction Friday entry would put you over the week's limit, please tell us this in your comment on the entry when you link us the story, and hold off on submitting it to the group gallery.

Reasons Why a Submission Might Be Declined

:bulletred: Mary Sues - Mary Sues/Gary Stus are overly perfect characters with little to no flaws, and they outshine the main cast.

:bulletred: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation - Please, please, please edit your stories. An occasional typo happens to everyone, but basic grammar rules need to be understood and followed. Fics with multiple errors will be declined, as will fics with "fill in the blank" sections.

:bulletred: dA Rules and Guidelines - No submission that breaks dA submission policies will be accepted. Please don't argue with me about the rules. It's dA's site, it's their rules. If it's mature, tag it. FAQ #554: Is my deviation Mature Content? FAQ #251: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic literature'; what do you consider this to be? Repeated attempts to submit works that flagrantly violate dA's rules on pornographic content will result in being banned from the group. :(

:bulletred: Quality - 'Quality' is a very subjective term, but your fic should be well organized, interesting and easy to understand.

:bulletred: OC x Canon - All relationships should be canon, conceivable in that fandom, or clearly marked as non-canon. For this reason, we don't accept OC x Canon fics if that Canon character is in an established relationship. Any OC x Canon relationship must be conceivable (i.e. it is believable, even expected, for Captain James T. Kirk to have numerous "flings" with pretty much any female around).

:bulletred: Wrong Gallery - Deviations submitted to the wrong gallery, or not labeled so we can tell what fandom they belong to, will be declined. We want our galleries easy to navigate.

:bulletred: Plot - Have one.

:bulletred: Implausible Crossovers - As mentioned in the crossover rule above, any crossovers have to make sense and be conceivable. No human!Ponies with sparkling vampires (I haven't seen that, but I'm sure it's out there).

:bulletred: Moderator Discretion - This is similar to the 'Quality' issue listed above. Sometimes - for varying reasons - a story may not quite fit inside our guidelines. For that reason, we rely on Moderator discretion. Our Moderators have to right to refuse any story as necessary.

:bulletred: "Submit and Run" Members - Please do not join our group long enough to submit, and then leave the group.

:bulletpurple: Special Note - There are so many fandoms out there, it's impossible to be familiar with each one. We will do our best to insure all the fanfics here are canon (or canonically possible), but if you find one that is not, please note the group so we can investigate it.

As we are still new, these rules are subject to change. Any major changes will be announced in a blog. If you have any questions, please send us a note.


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ATTheOmnipotent Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2020  Student Writer
To those who might read my fiction: If you are interested in reading more about it, you can go and follow me, so you stay up to date with the latest chapters and news about Marvel's Renegades and any other of my upcoming fanfics!
Ayronstorkarynx Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for letting me join this group.
NamelessSaint1 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
I submitted the wrong 2 deviations.
SingingFlames Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
You can go ahead and submit whichever ones you meant to.
SideQuestPubs Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
I feel like I've asked about this before but it might have been in another group.

Re: "Crossovers are allowed, if the story premise is possible. Please submit crossovers under the fandom name the main POV character belongs to."

One, if the fandom already covers multiple shows, do we want to submit based on the general fandom (e.g. Arrow) or the specific show (e.g. Legends of Tomorrow)?

Two, for multi-deviation stories, is this rule on a chapter-by-chapter basis or does it depend on the entire story?

Case in point for both questions, I have a few fics with things like framing stories that take place in a different show (Flash versus Legends of Tomorrow, so same canon but potentially different folder depending on your answer to the first question) from the rest of the fic, and one that's a total alternate timeline to both shows and only touches official canon of both during the course of four chapters so far (out of thirteen and going).
And I have another one that technically takes place during Arrow and none of the other shows, but only because of the timing of the story--it happens to take place at the same time as the events of the Arrow episode in one of the earlier Flash/Arrow two-parters rather than the Flash episode of that same two-parter, even though my MC of choice has never canonically appeared on Arrow and was canonically absent from the Flash during that timeframe.

The POV character "belongs to" both Legends and Flash but has, as previously mentioned, never appeared in any of the other shows in that particular fandom.
SingingFlames Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2019  Hobbyist Writer

LOL, the Arrowverse can be so confusing. :D I usually ask the authors to use their own judgement to where they believe their story best fits. If it's a multi-chapter piece, I would put all chapters in the same folder, even if the POV character changes (just to make it easier for readers to follow). There is also the option to use "Arrowverse" as its fandom name, since that encompasses both. I will trust you to decide what is the best fit for your story. Does that help?
SideQuestPubs Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
"the Arrowverse can be so confusing"
That it can. :D

"I usually ask the authors to use their own judgement to where they believe their story best fits."
My judgement is usually to ask the mods if they have any preferences before resorting to my own judgement. ;)

Probably be easiest to stick everything under "A" for Arrowverse, then. Thank ya!

Hopefully soon I'll get around to submitting something--part of me wants to submit in the approximate order the fics take place (which would make the prequel I'm currently working the first--and only, until it's completed--submission) but another part of me wants to focus on submitting complete stories to groups (even in those groups that don't require it, as I've seen some that do) so there's a bit of a conflict there until I make a decision.
Maybe I'll start with some of my one-shots, like the "early draft" of a scene in one of my longer fics. :plotting: (Captain Cold so hates me for that one.).... *checks deviations* Wait a minute, you've had that one for ages, as well as a couple of "first chapters" of other fics... all of them already in the folder "A". So maybe this isn't the first time I asked, after all. ^^;
SingingFlames Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
LOL, it's all good. It's a fairly common question. ;) And submit whatever you'd like, whenever you'd like. We merely ask that they're in some semblance of order. Prequels are another gray area, but feel free to submit them as you please. 
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Doodleboy565 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Hi. One of my fanfiction has Goku from Dragon Ball being sent to the world of Avatar: the Last Airbender to teach Aang how to properly use chi. Which folder would I put this under?

I tried submitting this story, Avatar: the Legend of Goku, yesterday, but it got declined. Was it because I placed it in the wrong folder or was there something else wrong with the story?

Please let me know when you get the chance. Thank you.
SingingFlames Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Reply sent on the submission. :)
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