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So excited that I can finally talk about this!

I’m one of the artists on the batch of Murder Book stories coming up in the DHP relaunch. You guys all better buy a million copies when it comes out.

It’ll be my first book with a big company, which is crazy exciting! A thousand thanks to Ed Brisson for bringing me in alongside talent like Michael Walsh and Declan Shalvey.
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Congratulations, hope the deadlines don't get to you!! Your work is up there with the best so good that you get the recognition.
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Awesome! Let me tell you, if I hadn't already subscribed to DHP I'd have done so now... ;)
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I'd been tempted by the book for awhile, but I've been buying food instead of comics lately. Shame on me!
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Hm, might have to do that too once my stipend's run out. Not gonna think about it until then though...
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Patience is a virtue
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Apparently! I've gotten into the habit of not expecting projects to go anywhere -- makes it a nice surprise when they do
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If theres one thing I learned about breaking into comics and most other things you want in life, is never give up.
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Dude that's awesome!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!
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awesome! congrats man.
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Nice work dude!
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Awesome, man! Congratulations!
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Thanks! I'm pretty pumped about it.
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Congrats! Sounds very exciting. I will check it out. 
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Thanks. Please do!
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Congrats!!  I'll defiantly check it out!
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Applause... Applause... Applause.
I hope even more amazing things come to you from this.
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