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Skipping Stone

11 min read
Another year passes me by and, as always, I keep dreaming for more. I want need my life to start moving forward. I've been rooted in same place for years and it is tearing me apart. Piece by piece, I can feel my life crumbling down. I know it could be worse. In all honesty, I could continue to live like this and everything would be fine on the outside, but it's more of the inner me that needs to be repaired and put together. I need a clean slate but that'll only happen if I give up some things that are precious to me. This includes deviantART.

While I know that dA has been one of the most motivational things in my life and one of the most positive things, I feel that I must depart from it in all senses of commitment to be able to take that step forward. From now on I'm not going to look at my messages very often or at all. If I receive a reply or comment, there is no guarantee that I'll see it or that I'll reply. As a given of course, I won't be able to be here for my watchers and those that I watch. I may stop to say hey and catch up but most likely I won't be around. I will, however, visit dAmn every now and then. I'll most likely either be in #WeEmote, #TheDarkAngelGathers, or #Willyschat. If you want to contact me by another means, please see my contact page:…

As for my art commitments to dA, I'm sorry that I cannot complete everything I said I would. I will submit one last deviation before I go ghost. It is for an art trade with Lucky-Starrr. It is overdue but I promised to complete it so I will. Hopefully it'll be done in about a week or so.

Also if you're wondering, I'm in the process of transferring Synfull back up to group owner status in WeEmote. It seems that the group's settings isn't working properly so I'm waiting for feedback from the helpdesk. She'll be the group owner as soon as it is fixed.

You know, dA is and always will be a huge part of my life. I was talking to dully101  and sockhiddenunderarook the other day and our conversation made me realize how much I've grown by just being here. It has helped me in so many ways; All throughout the hard times and the good times, it has made me a truly better person. I don't want to just thank dA in general but I also want to thank you. Thanks for hanging around and making my time here worthwhile. You guys are truly awesome. I wish you the best of luck where ever life takes you!

Thanks for reading. <3
~ Michaela

Features for Month of PLZ fun winners:

:bulletblue: dully101 - Emoticon Opus - Overcast by dully101 Beach Avatar Animated by dully101 Don't Play With Scissors by dully101

:bulletblue: NyanQueen - :thumb309792939: :thumb256367482: Kawaii Chio by NyanQueen

:bulletblue: Mirz123 - :thumb357058087: :thumb337021037: :thumb354040781:

:bulletblue: Krissi001 - Rose by Krissi001 Pole by Krissi001 Yummy - NaNoEmo - day 22 by Krissi001

EMTC February

:bulletblue: First Place - EMTC February 13 by happy-gurl by happy-gurl

:bulletblue: Honorable Mention - Gothic Moth by IceXDragon by IceXDragon

:bulletblue: Close Contenders - Emote Streetview by BenediktXVII gothic 3 by Krissi001 :thumb353503627: Don't make the walls scream... by SpencerMel

EMTC Januamber

:bulletblue: First Place - :thumb351575117: by Mirz123

:bulletblue: Honorable Mention - myths by sackofsquan by sackofsquan

:bulletblue: Close Contenders</b> :super-la: by BenediktXVII Toothpaste Myth by Krissi001 Waiting to Cross the River Styx by AutumnOwl
Mythbusters by IceXDragon

EMTC November

:bulletblue: First Place - Food contest by Sylvaur by Sylvaur

:bulletblue: Honorable Mention - Dignified Zombie - NaNoEmo 6/30 by BlissfullySarcastic by BlissfullySarcastic

:bulletblue: Close Contenders - :thumb339393566: Attack of the Yummy Foods! by IceXDragon :thumb337297890:
Nom - NaNoEmo - day 12 by Krissi001

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Self-harm Awareness Day 2013

First, if you haven't yet, please take the time to read this journal by Nichrysalis:…

To roughly sum up what the journal is about: Today, March first, is Self-harm Awareness Day. The word "self-harm" covers a broad spectrum of different types of suffering that many people, probably more than you think, endure.

Today is a day to let everyone know that self-harm is a serious condition. It needs to be tended to and adressed to eventually step out and into a healthy lifestyle. What you do as an individual is important; Being observant and noticing if others need help could potentially save someone's life from a vicious cycle of self-harm. Self-harm does not always lead to being suicidal but that doesn't make self-harm less important. Self-harm can stem from abuse, low self-esteem, a harsh lifestyle, an addiction, or even trauma. There are many different ways that this can come about but the important part is to start healing as soon as possible. If you are the one that needs guidance, please seek it out. If you don't know where to start, then continue reading...


I'd like to take a moment to introduce you, or perhaps re-introduce you, to an organization that I've know about and have supported for a while now. I don't know how many of you have noticed but for the past few months I've had "twloha ☆" included in my comments' signature. This stands for To Write Love On Her Arms.
"To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery." -

I encourage you to check out TWLOHA's website and read more about what they stand for, what they hope to accomplish, and the stories that they want to share with the world. Everyone has a story and everyone deserves the chance to continue it and be heard.

Fears vs Dreams

Nichrysalis's journal contained a bit about TWLOHA's Fears vs Dreams venture. Fears vs Dreams was created a year ago to inspire others and to let them know that the are not alone. It also helps people to accept and recognize their fears and to help motivate them to strive for their dreams. For the first time, I've decided to share my Fears and Dreams on Nichrysalis's journal. I highly recommend you to do so if you haven't already!

My biggest fear is that I may never be able to feel like I belong in this world. My greatest dream is to have a long lasting career in music and have my music comfort those who turn to it when they have nothing else, similarly to how I did.

Write, tell, create, sing, imagine, share, own, believe, continue,
your story. <3

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First of all, thank you so much to vanilleass for suggesting and to ChaosEmeraldHunter for featuring my deviation as a DD! :love: Also thank you to Mirz123, Ravenswd, and Krissi001 for hosting the advent project. Without them this DD wouldn't have existed. :heart: Thank you!! :happybounce: <3

2012 Under Six

So around a year ago I answered six questions that fourteenthstar asked in journal entry to all her watchers. These were the questions I responded to in my journal:

1) What are your top 5 deviations from 2011?
2) What Groups have you joined over the past month?
3) Who do you think should be a Senior in our community? Why?
4) What item from your wishlist would you like Santa to leave under the tree this year?
5) What is your favourite memory from deviantART during 2011?
6) Suggest 3 new deviants who joined in 2011 for me to add to my watchlist.

I'd like to do it all over again for 2012 now even though I've been less active this year. :heart:
Also I encourage you to steal this. ;D

1) What are your top 5 deviations from 2012?

Emote Story Project by Web5teR       We Heart Krissi001 by litecrush         Emote Seasons by a-kid-at-heart

  Colors of Music by marcphx       I see the lights by Synfull

I would have possibly chose this one… or this one… but they were late 2011. :c

2) What Groups have you joined over the past month?

Most recently I've become a member of these groups:

3) Who do you think should be a Senior in our community? Why?

First of all, looking back on the deviants I chose last year, I am pleased to say that eight out of eleven deviants I mentioned have become seniors or Community Volunteers. <3 Those people are `RotoDisk, `SparklyDest, ^ladygagz, ^ClefairyKid, `JoseFelipeM, ^dekorAdum, `TimberClipse, and `Quolia. Congrats again to them and also to my other friends who've made seniority or became CVs this year! :love:

This year I think the following deserve seniority. C:

  • Pickley - Aaron Pearce is an excellent designer and application developer. I've been honored to be one of his beta testers. His dAmnMobile application for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad has taken off and has improved drastically throughout this year. It's amazing how far he's come and how he's been so dedicated to dA to get this app running. Along with that he also has even more apps he's been working on including his new beautiful app which he worked along side Ikue to complete.
  • Drake1 - Drake1 is truly an inspiration to me with all of the gorgeous journal skins he's provided to dA. He is by far a professional at what he does. He's a dedicated and kind person and, in my eyes, completely deserves this.
  • Arichy - I believe Arichy deserves seniority for all the continuous passion and love she has brought to the deviantART community. She's one of the most active deviants I know and if she doesn't get seniority in 2013 then surely she will down the road.
  • BlissfullySarcastic - I mentioned last year that she deserved to be a senior and I stand by this now for her activity in the emote community. She's been a huge contributor with hosting and co-hosting emoticon related events. She's a long time deviant who has an incredible skill for creating emoticons, and overall I think that her efforts throughout the years in this community is more than good enough to deserve a title as a senior.
  • Astrikos - This deviant is all around amazing when it comes to the deviantART community. She constantly promotes and encourages art through her lovely comments, articles, and features. I highly regard her community spirit and everything she's done so far for dA.

5) What is your favourite memory from deviantART during 2012?

My favourite time this year in general was making awesome new friends. I've lost some of my old friends because of inactivity on my side or theirs but I can safely say, while never truly replacing my old friends, I have definitely made more friends this year to make up for the loss. I hope we never evar lose contact. c:

If I had to pick a specific moment then I'd probably be earlier in 2012. My favourite memory was with The Dream Team, a deviantART family created by Quolia and comprised of herself, Sailor-Pikmin, I-is-smart, Pixacious, happy-gurl, IceXDragon, Ricsmond, Nee-to, TimmehMonster, OnionBlaze and I. When we were all together, including frequent visitors like admx, in her dAmn chatroom (#TheDarkAngelGathers), I felt like I was home. It's kind of hard to explain but the chatroom was so full of love, life, and complete sillyness. I don't think I really realized how much being there with my friends meant to me until it was gone.. I really miss those days. Maybe we'll plan a reunion someday? <3

Week 5 - Friends by Quolia  Friendship Is... by Sailor-Pikmin

Also thanks again to stuck-in-suburbia, SanguineEpitaph, and Web5teR for giving me my third DD this year and again to vanilleass, ChaosEmeraldHunterMirz123, Ravenswd, and Krissi001 for my fourth. They mean so much to me and I couldn't thank you enough. <3

6) Suggest 3 new deviants who joined in 2012 for me to add to my watchlist.

Here are three deviants I've met recently!

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year everyone! This year has been really wild for me. I can't say that it was all for the best but I hope that 2013 is brighter and better. As last year, I'd like to thank all of my watchers and friends who stood by me! You guys are incredible and make deviantART the best experience ever. Here is to you!!


~Bastet-SAN ~133eevee133 ~Cottoncandyloverfan *KiraofTheInternet *cupkeeper00 ~QuizzicalHarpy ~SweetChibiUsagi *TheIrritatingPenguin ~Illuminous13 ~samsamsierra ~guardianangel29 *KetsuekiRyu ~Ask-Endprincess *ghostaspargus92 =LabLayers ~Avanhellica ~finnandpb *dark-river-mori ~Drofarc ~randomlyinspired-21 ~kartiksharma ^Astralseed =ARTPOP-13 ~babyfairyblue ~nlwidedreams ~Lucky-Starrr *sugarislife28 *piggycakes *Soulnova =DJmotes =SnowSniffer =Milotic1406 =Infinite-Carousel ~Silver-Chocolate !Midnighthowls ~sharpary1 ~Cerabella *hellenproduction =RAWRmarshmallows =DokiDokiSuki ~nekouteki ~Biblics =jane-beata =Amjara =Infinite-Heart ~Peppermint334 ~LittleWinner =Romaji ~KodachiPhantomhive ~KyaraFox ~ItalianUmbreon ~Invader-Michaela ~AshaMurdock ~Amurity ~Catiale-amor-doce ~cyborgtz ~Olivec123 `zikes ~RayRamador ~XZyniaX ~QueenE721 ~DJBoomBase =luckydesigns ~GunboyComics ~Russia-KAT-da ~jurandirnog $Ayame-Kenoshi ~thefirsth0pe ~shadow-rainbow ~Champloon ~NearAlive ~dreamh !beutycats ~JustPlainBatty ~Worgen ~Joseree ~Pikku-sama ~abbondati *Raineve =Suzamuri ~sammygreen066 ~sonadow222 ~Mikugirl1 ~ResaMagdalena ~n00bycheesecake ~LOVEjohnnyDEPP2 ~thatshortmusicmajor ~Skuske ~Bladethesnivy ~dwbl =Mysteriosity ~Sheriidaan ~iBucquial ~InsidiouslyJake ~SomeFrenchToast *ShmoopieDumplings ~xGlassSkiesx ~Helen-Baq ~Mikhanator =OrrinFox ~MagicKoiFishOfDoom ~TheSaltyMonster ~Franz24 ~Lyoko-fan ~IHocage =Shrewlad *KaiRayne ~susyl ~chillgirl101 ~fear-the-brilliance ~voiceofangel !RusherGirl213 ~Totorito ~parachute-tonight =icefire8521 ~azurarazor *Kohaku0827 =kittyluv8 !SofitheDemon *FireFlyExposed *marcphx ~awesomeness7 ~jasonlee15 =Piirustus ~Zeko-Spoot ~Mister-Jatt ~Jennidash =ravenfire-1 ~Hollyflame1231 ~klaxonavtron ~omgrach ~GreenPuffball *Marzarret *sneakyPancake *JuLyGoOd *Toxic-Fox-Girl ~Princess-Sailor-Sun ~BonBonToro ~stefangrujicic ~BetaKitty ~silverhammer =Ikaax ~wtg62 ~renekotte ~EmotiKai ~XxPikachaoXx ~Astral-Dragon *Py3rr ~GaboWebMaster `Alexander-GG ~dynamicability ~MerelyCubed ~0DrawChao0 ~canonin ~clarax78 ~SnowQueeen ~Charmander54 =IceXDragon =pixiepot =Web5teR ~23linsky23 ~microgrid ~MafiaVamp =Dark--Light *dhikssy ~bonny1011 *Teppa =Platyxander =greenafire =FireToIce ~kawaiikiba `Synfull ~MissAlycat ~Manami1625 ~Nice-Spice =Xcalibur86 =Arthmeteis =iXeriox ~Demi-Wolf-God ~Stormints `admx ~TrainerEXPLOSION ~SnickersLuhvzYuhh ~8-bitCoffee ~mycloud13 ~Sailor-Pikmin ~paranormalKazlicious ~pudimon =Kerubimu =WithoutAVoice =Silver-MoonNight ~AnthroChaos *Topicality =zara-leventhal ^Steph1254 ~Cesaart ~ChasingShootingStars =Phlum =EternalxRequiem ~Pixacious ~psychotic-cookie ~novaBisharp ~Lushbob ~Kashick =Siaandra ~ZebraStripesBeatAll ~seapuppy ~Yoshi-Yosh ~SpikeyBlueHedgehog ~Phoebe097 ~lovewrecked09 ~NerdyGeekyDweeb ~Snowshi ~avalonclaw =tRiBaLmArKiNgS ~ajg1998 ~AndySixluver =xxghost250xx *otohime0394 =PrincessKooh ~HanaKanashii ~Talmage-Mcguliger ~SabinaandBina ~dragon77123 ~ChokuChokuChaa =Crusnik-O2 `BurgerBunny *Demilion ~AuroraDragonStar =Pokemon-Diamond ~JessiBellEvans ~Dead-Deviant ~AstridAutumn ~doofaa ~wolvesrock808 ~SkaterGirl20 ~chrsfaria ~nekoslipknot *Electro-Art ~stormyalice *Ridley126 =Arichy !SuperMarioLogan64 ~Unchkin ~Scorpion81 ~princesszelda45 ~Idzayoi =OnionBlitz =Coven-tina ~koshplappit ~Magamina78 ~Quipraiton ~riseofthefall ~d29e04 ~Fumiko0chan =conniekidd =happy-gurl ~gotea =just-a-user ~Haboui ~KamiyaxKenshin `elicoronel16 ~mauneko83 =CubicInsanity ~DeidaraDeathNote *a-kid-at-heart ~LillyTheCat1 ~Colorcatcher =Pickley =Kyramy ~StarSixtySeven =ObsidianXRogue ~iHeartCherries ~Drani11 ~Cat-Nipple ~Lost-Link =x-SinfulDesires-x ~Sandman--Dreaming =I-is-smart *WolfFlame12 `stuck-in-suburbia `AshleyxBrooke ~Wi6791lly ~The-Golden-Knight ~SnowDream2634 ~mastersporeo `im-not-sana =Cmotes ^dekorAdum *cheesecakekun ~devinemrs =smoke-nd-butterflies ~tikal12345 ^Endorell-Taelos =lightpurge ~kyut530 =FallenUmbrella `JoseFelipeM `RotoDisk ~CaptainChibi ~purple-owls ~ssie `arrioch ~victoriadarke =Indae ~krazypunkkid23 *CrystalPicard ~AssassinFoxes ~Recreating-life ~ChaosTheShark ~NimbelBeast ~MassMediaTrainWreck0 ~jkroo ~koolishmew ~UnovaVampire =BlissfullySarcastic ~Maddoox ^ladygagz =JaiLatte ~ZitzabisColors !Natsukosan ~Kozid ~passthewaffles92 ~PyroClutz !JessicaCasciotta ~LoKfan =EastSideSunsets ~BreyerHorses4427 ~LunaThePuppeh ~Crystalpath ~eevee1767 ~NintendoTechGuy ~xscar10 ~kittycutie11 =TimmehMonster ~Dreamcraeft ~rainbowsandunicorns3 ~VinceVolpyne ~Zelfia ~souldemon12 ~Silvery-Storm ~oinkalena8 =NaiveCRIMSON *jennystokes ~Chocolate-Buttermilk ~KinnisonArc ~Groncaloncy ~draconwww `SparklyDest ~Magic64 *TheGr8estOne ~Courtine ~Sivlare ~Fawn-melody ~SergiLove `SanguineEpitaph ~W0lf00 ~Cookiez-Eater ~chromereaper ~AnimeAmy26c ~bunneyctrl ~ordinarygirlro `Quolia `YukiMizuno ~Eevee164 ~AnimeArtisian ~Ellypsys ~Rainbowlov15 ~fur4fun ~KyoumouDBZmj8 ~Sugar7685 ~puppypaws101 ~MelaneytheMew ~yarjor !beckyboo2018 ~Essamil `Krissi001 ~luvleekitty ~ArtbyKura ~LocoUnPoco ~Moe-Misaki-Hashimoto ~MelodyMute *rickyrico =Drake1 ~aelita-tealeaf ~StitchpunkAnimagus ~Wasudo *DarkSilverflame ~tsunami-dono ~tyberii ~vivgxojo ~llama1189 ~StrngTower ~Taikxo ~Mekhalive ~ReiDhamper ~Nyctophilian !Whoreful ~MadHatter-Himself ~advancedtrainer ~MagicBat99 ~Twiragoon ~DPWolf =xLoversRevenge *kittygirlnya *ronekimew ~raych-strikes-again ~Gamefreakwnb ~snorlax92 ~Morlania ~Lindy-chan ~DaSnowMiser ~CrystalWolf953 ~MasterAnime2 ~midoriSpiriT !PMD-Mudkip ~transformers-fan123 ~craftigouschaktonomy ~Spottedfeatherik ~StarAlBaraka ~devilangelwolf27 ~ShadowWolf3337 ~Bombfishe *FennFeatherDragon *merlinemrys ~Hayatii ~LiitTutubi *pound-key ~kiku-kitsune =MiyaToriaka =NoseSamaChan ~KuraiAbsol ~x-AD-x ~sheretiger ~crammeister ~FrigginFlygon ~lahabz ~cezkid ~ChibiBunny95 ~UnderworldDJ ~SmilingMuffin ~HyperKittyCake95 =Kath602 !MarsPrincess

And a special thanks to SanguineEpitaph, The Dream Team, marcphx, admx, jvsef, bradleysays, KeidoxFerret, :devnerdygeekydweeb:, namenotrequired, Drani11, JaiLatte, BitterBeanJuicer, and silverhammer for sticking around me this whole year, supporting me, chatting with me, and just being plain awesome friends. Another special thanks to the amazing Pixacious for being there for me in my lowest moments this year. <3

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Chat Event!

So there will be a lot of fun in #WeEmote tomorrow starting at 9pm UK time (4pm Eastern Time). :eyes: Halloween theme! :dummy: This is an event for emoticonists but all are welcome. Hope to see you there. :la:

Pile o' Pumpkin Tribute Project by Wooded-Wolf Emote chat event - Saturday 27th OctI've had a couple of people poke me recently asking when the next chat event may be and since there seems to be enough interest I've decided to host it this weekend and add a Hallowe'en theme. As I am aware the last one started/ended rather late for Europeans this one will start slightly earlier making the chat event at:
Sat 27th Oct, 9PM UK (4PM Eastern) in The WeEmote chatroom
Check out the time in your timezone here:
We considered changing the day but felt that may cause issues for deviants who work/attend school as emoticonists live around the globe in numerous time zones. If you find this time/day an issue, please leave a suggestion for when else may be convenient and I'll consider it next time. I also apologise for the late notification of this event, but I still hope the word will get around and people will attend

Some hand picked features: :love:

Dr. Patches - Gun Shopping by SwissCheesy :favbomb: by Cmotes :thumb295325956: Texting by Sinister-Starfeesh :clap: by rickyrico Good job! by xxghost250xx Abandonement by Indae Day 10-Something you couldn't live without by Infinite-Carousel Yeppy! by SnowSniffer Love Song by marcphx Get Some Spirit Already by a-kid-at-heart OMG CAKE by ApprenticeOfArt Playing with Matches by MegaLoler

SparklyDest's EMTC Features:


First Place:

The Sorcerer's Apprentice by stuck-in-suburbia

by stuck-in-suburbia
Honorable Mention: EMTC Magic by D-Kiddo
by D-Kiddo

Close Contenders:
:thumb310843445: :thumb306725735: Fire ?! by SazLeigh Not Quite Ready For Prime Time by a-kid-at-heart


First Place: Old school and OH-SO-FANCY
by =Sylvaur
by Sylvaur
Honorable Mention: Koidiakoid by I-is-smart

by I-is-smart

Close Contenders:
EMTC July: Vintage by Banjelerp EMTC July 2012 by happy-gurl Super original hand crank by Twoohten


First Place: deviantART HQ
by `Synfull by Synfull
Honorable Mention: deviantART Pixar by IceXDragon
by IceXDragon

Close Contenders:
EMTC August 12 by happy-gurl dA is...
by =icefire8521 Happy Birthday DA
by =SazLeigh

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Happy BirthdAy!

4 min read
This is an awesome journal skin. :la:

Happy 12th Birthday dA! You've been so amazing. :happycry:

Thank you bradleysays for giving me a premium membership a month ago. :love: You're too kind. ;v: Give him lurve! :stare:

Also if you didn't hear deviantART Staff Appreciation Week has been moved to August 22nd to August 28th… . Prepare for even moar fun. :happybounce:

Thank you everyone for hanging with me the past few years here on dA. You all are fantastic and make me so happy. DeviantART means so much to me because of you and your awesomeness. Love you all!!! <33333

I'd love to hang out in some chatrooms this week but I won't have internet for the most of it (I'm totally not stealing some free wi-fi right now. xD ). ;n; Miss you guys. <3

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My Fears and Dreams by litecrush, journal

2012 Under Six (+DD) by litecrush, journal

#WeEmote Chat Event on Saturday the 27th by litecrush, journal

Happy BirthdAy! by litecrush, journal

Playlist + May EMTC + Updates by litecrush, journal