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Sleeping Beauty Crossover Ch 1I do not own Naruto, Bleach, Mortal Kombat, and One pieceIn a far away land, long ago, lived a king named Hiashi Hyuga and his fair queen Hina. Many years had they longed for a child and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Hinata. Yes, they named her after the sun for she filled their lives with happiness. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the kingdom, so that all of high or low estate might pay homage to the infant princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day.As all the people in Konoha village came over to the Hyuga kingdom and sang.Joyfully now to our princess we come, Bringing gifts and all good wishes too.We pledge our loyalty anew.Hail to the princess Hinata!All of her subjects adore her!Hail to the King!Hail to the Queen!Hail to the princess Hinata!Health to the princess,Wealth to the princess,Long live the princess Hinata!Hail Hinata!Hail Hinata!Health to the princess,Wealth to the princess,Long live the princess Hinata!Hail to the King!Hail to the Queen!Hail to the princess Hinata!Thus on this great and joyous day did all the kingdom celebrate the long awaited royal birth. And good King Hiashi and Hina made welcome their life long friend.Trumpets played when someone came to the Hyuga kingdom."Their royal highnesses, King Minato Uzumaki and prince Naruto." The Hyuga Announcer replied as a blond haired man and a eight year old boy came over to the castle.Fondly had these monarchs dreamed one day their kingdoms to unite. Thus today would they announce that Naruto, Minato's son and heir to Hiashi's child would be betrothed. And so to her his gift he brought, and looked, unknowing, on his future bride.Hina brought the blonde boy over to their daughter in the crib. When Naruto sees Hinata, and made a awkward look on his face. Trumpets played again. Suddenly a beam of light shined through the window as a three females holding staffs appeared."The most honored and exalted excellencies, the three magical warriors. Dragon Fukai, Kitsune Minako, and Dark Phoenix Jade." The announcer replied as a girl who in her late 20s, she has dark blue long hair, golden eyes, wears a dark blue hanfu, cloak, boots, fingerless gloves and a circlet on her head. Another girl was a teenager who is seventeen, has white long hair with fox ears, green eyes, and nine tails, she wore a white kimono, with socks and sandels. And the last was a twenty year old girl with Black long hair with red, blue and purple highlights, red eyes, wears a black long kimono, black feathered cloak, boots, fingerless gloves, a ice blue crystal necklace and a circlet. They came over to the crib and was adored when they see baby Hinata."Oh, the little darling!" Jade replied as Fukai and others approaches to Hiashi and Hina."Your majesties," They replied. "Each of us the child may bless with a single gift. No more, no less." Fukai replied as she went to the crib first."Little princess, my gift shall be the gift of beauty." Fukai replied as she waves hers staff around and made a spell for Hinata.One gift, beauty rareFull of midnight blue in her hairLips that shame the red red roseShe'll walk with springtimeWherever she goes.The gift of Beauty casted down on Hinata, as Minako came over to the crib."Tiny princess, my gift shall be the gift of song." Minako replied as she made a spell.One gift, the gift of song. Melody her whole life long. The nightingale's her troubadour. Bringing her sweet serenadeto her door.As the gift of song casted down on Hinata. And lastly Jade came over to her."Sweet princess, my gift shall be ...As Jade was about to cast a spell on Hinata. Suddenly wind blow through the castle, the doors are wide open. Hiashi, Hina and the magical warriors sees who it is. Thunder zapped as black flames appears. A woman who is about Fukai's age has black long hair, wearing black robes, a Xenomorph queen crown on her head, and holding a black staff. A xenomorph bird named Talon flew over and sat on the staff."Why, it's Kurome!" Minako replied."What does she want." Jade growled."Shhh!" Fukai replied."Well, quite a glittering assemblage, Hiashi. Royalty, nobility, the dragon, and, the Kitsune, and even the Dark Phoenix." Kurome replied as Jade was about to attack her but was held by Fukai and Minako"I felt quite distressed of not receiving an invitation." Kurome replied."You weren't invited!" Jade replied."Not wa...? Oh dear, what an awkward situation. I had hoped it was merely due to some oversight. Well, in that event I'd best be on my way." Kurome replied as she was about to leave."And you're not offended, your excellency?" Hina asked."Why no, your majesty. And to show I bear no ill will, I, too, shall bestow a gift on the child as well." Kurome replied as the three magical warriors is protecting baby Hinata."Listen well, all of you! The Hyuga princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But, before the sun rises on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die." Kurome replied."Oh no!" Hina replied as she grabs baby Hinata out from the crib and held her closely. Kurome began to laugh evilly."Seize her!" Hiashi shouted as the guards were about to attack Kurome but she stopped them."Stand back you fools." Kurome replied as she disappears in black flames and continued laughing while Talon flew away out of the castle. Hiashi and Hina frowned that Kurome put the curse on their daughter."Don't despair, Hiashi. Jade still has her gift to give." Fukai replied."Can Jade undo the curse?" Hiashi asked."Oh no, Hiashi." Jade answered."Kurome's powers are far too powerful." Fukai replied."But she can help!" Minako added as she and Fukai pushed Jade."But." Jade replied."Just do your best, Jade." Minako replied."Yes." Fukai added as Jade made her spell."Sweet princess, if through this wicked witches trick a spindle should your finger prick, a ray of light there still may be in this, the gift that I give you. Not in death but just in sleep the fateful prophecy you'll keep, and from this slumber you shall awake when true love's kiss the spell shall break." Jade replied as the final gift casted on Hinata.For true love conquers allBut Hiashi, still fearful of his daughter's life, did then and there decree that every spinning wheel in the kingdom should on that very day be burnt. So it was done.All the spinning wheels were being burnt by all the villagers while Fukai sees it outside of the balcony. Both Minako and Jade were drinking red wine."Silly fiddle faddle!" Fukai replied as she came over to the Kitsune and the Dark Phoenix."Now, come have a nice glass of wine, Fukai. I'm sure it'll work out somehow." Minako replied."Well, a bonfire won't stop Kurome." Jade added."Of course not. But what will?" Fukai asked."Well, perhaps if we reason with her." Minako answered."Reason?" Fukai replied."With Kurome?!" Jade replied."Well, she can't be all bad." Minako replied."Oh, yes, she can." Fukai replied."I'd like to turn her into a roach." Jade replied."Now, Jade, that isn't very nice thing to say." Minako replied."Besides, we can't. You know our magic doesn't work that way." Fukai replied."It can only do good, dear, to bring joy and happiness." Minako replied."Well, that would make me happy." Jade replied."But there must be some way ... There he is!" Fukai replied"There he is?" Jade replied."What is it, Fukai?" Minako asked."I'm going to ... shh, shh, shh! Even walls have ears." Fukai replied as she sneaks around the castle to see no one is hearing them"Follow me!" Fukai replied as she shrink herself along with Jade and Minako and hides into a box filled with jewelry on the table."I'll turn her into a flower." Fukai replied."Kurome?" Jade replied."Oh no, Jade, the princess!" Fukai answered."Oh she'd make a lovely flower." Minako replied."Don't you see, a flower can't prick its finger." Fukai replied."It hasn't any." Jade replied."That's right." Minako replied"She'll be perfectly safe." Fukai replied."Until Kurome sends a frost." Jade replied in sarcasm."Yes, a ...oh dear!" Fukai replied."She always ruins your nicest flowers." Minako replied."You're right. And she'll be expecting us to do something like that." Fukai replied."But what won't she expect, she knows everything." Jade replied."Oh but she doesn't Jade. Kurome doesn't know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping earnest. You know, sometimes I don't think she's really very happy." Minako replied."That's it, of course! It's the only thing she can't understand, and won't expect. oh, oh, now, now ... We have to plan it carefully, let's see, a cottage, yes, yes, the abandoned one, of course Hiashi and Hina will object, but when we explain it's the only way" Fukai replied."Explain what?" Jade asked"About the three women raising a foundling child deep in the forest." Fukai answered."Oh, that's very nice of them." Minako complaint"Who are they?" Jade asked."Turn around!" Fukai replied as Jade and Minako faced a mirror. Fukai turned them into their human form and wearing normal maid dresses."Why, it's ... us!" Minako replied."You mean, us?" Jade added."Take care of baby Hinata?" Minako asked."Why not?" Fukai replied."Oh, i'd like that!" Minako replied as Jade changes her dress from pink to black."Well, yes, yes, but will we have to feed her?" Jade asked."And wash her and dress her and rock her to sleep. Oh I'd love it." Minako replied."You really think we can?" Jade asked."If her parents can do it, so can we." Fukai replied."And we have our magic to help us." Jade replied."That's right." Minako agreed"Oh, no, no, no, no, no magic! I'll take those staffs right now. Oh, better get rid of those feathers, Jade too." Fukai replied."You mean, live like normal? For sixteen years?" Jade asked as Fukai removes the feathers from Jade's back."Now, we don't know how. We've never done anything without magic." Jade replied."And that's why Kurome will never suspect." Fukai replied"But who'll wash, and cook?" Jade asked."Oh, we'll all do it." Fukai answered."I'll take care of Hinata!" Minako replied."Let me have it, Jade." Fukai replied as Jade hands her staff to her."Come along now, We must tell their Hiashi about it." Fukai replied as she changes herself to normal height."Fukai!" Both Jade and Minako shouted as Fukai stops and made a spell again that both Minako and Jade are in their normal height. As they headed ran into the castle. Outside of the castle. Hiashi and Hina looks down on the balcony seeing the magical warriors holding their baby and ran off.As Hiashi and Hina watched with heavy hearts as their most precious posession, their only child, disappeared into the night.
Write About My Visual Art
Komorebi by CarmenFoolHeart
Come My Dear :Gift: by Missvirginia
Sunset at the Beach by Countess-Jellybean
Candle by Countess-Jellybean
Exceptionally Inspiring Literature
Exceptionally Inspiring Visual Art
The Tale Of The Uncertain 1 by ALppn
Quiet snowfall by Joya-Filomena
Phoenix by endegor
corrosive intellect by anuvys
Winter Contest - ENDED
Contest - ENDED
Free by somenightowl


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Spring Alliance Contest!

Journal Entry: Wed May 15, 2013, 3:33 PM

:wave: Greetings, luminous Allies! It is my pleasure to announce the Spring Alliance Contest! :party:


What is the Alliance, you ask?

The Alliance is a project group intended to encourage visual and literary artists to work together. I've felt for some time that the dA Literature Community can at times be somewhat insular - to its detriment. We in the Lit Community are also sometimes prone to griping about the lack of exposure our work receives when compared to that of visual artists. So in the spirit of ^thorns brilliant Complaint Challenge I thought I would try to do something about that. And so the Alliance was born!

Because I, your founder, have a deep and abiding love for the seasons, this group now hosts seasonal contests, and as the Winter Contest is now over, it is time for Spring. ^^; I know I was a bit late in posting this one (sorry!), but considering how freaky the seasons are acting this year (at least around here!), we're still getting frost! So I'm still definitely in a spring mood and looking forward to all of your springy art! :iconifeelfluffyplz:

The contest starts right now, and ends July 15th. At that time, the Summer Contest will begin. :la:

The rules of the contest are simple: create a work of art, centered loosely around the theme of Spring, based on another work of art (literature based on visual artwork or visual artwork based on literature, in keeping with the theme of the group). The theme is very open to interpretation. I have provided some examples in the feature (though as always, you are allowed to use any spring-related deviation you choose). There are many spring-related themes from which you can choose: flowers, animals, warmer weather, spring rain, bees, bunnies, eggs, birds, the rebirth of light and warmth to the earth. Springtime holidays are also acceptable: St. Patrick's Day (past, I know, but still spring!), The Vernal Equinox, Easter (or Ostara) naturally, Beltaine (May Day), Earth Day, etc. I'm sure you'll think of something!

This does NOT have to be a new piece! HOWEVER, what I really don't want you to do is find an old spring poem or painting and then search for a corresponding artwork that you think kinda sorta goes along with it. That's cheating, my dears. This contest and this group is all about being inspired by different types of artwork! Also, it's unlikely to help you win. 
Entries will be judged on the following criteria, in order:
 :bulletyellow: How well the deviation ties into the inspiring piece.
:bulletgreen: How well the deviation ties into the Spring theme.
:bulletyellow: Impact
:bulletgreen: Quality
:bulletyellow: Creativity


1st: 100 :points: + feature by LadyofGaerdon and Lit-Visual-Alliance

2nd: 75 :points: + feature by LadyofGaerdon and Lit-Visual-Alliance

3rd: 50 :points: + feature by LadyofGaerdon and Lit-Visual-Alliance

Deadline: July 15th
Entries are unlimited! Go wild! :iconlawooplz:

Please submit entries to the Spring Contest folder. 

To help you guys get into the spirit and start those creative juices flowing, here is a feature from our brand new Spring Inspiration favorites folders: Please note that the inspiring deviation does not have to be one of these! It's just to give you an idea. More Spring Inspiration can be found in our Favorites Folders and you are free to suggest Spring-themed pieces as well.

SpringtimeIt is winter on my breastbone,
Across my nose,
Down my arms,
Snowbanks of pale skin
At my shoulders, elbows, knees.
But a sudden spring emerges on my hipbone,
A rioting vibrant mass
Of blue-black-purple-green.
Brought on not by the warming of the weather,
Or a gentle rain,
But by a forceful collision with a table.
This bloom will wither soon,
Just like the real daffodils and irises.
The colors will fade,
And my skin will return to the tundra.
  aphroditeclambering lips tumble over each other like
little deer stumbling into the headlights, where
blushing cupid's bows snap shut at the slightest
whisper of a touch; as summer's broken blossom
whistles into moss, suicidal and free-falling at a
twist of the wind, dripping through honeyed-hands and
trickling down wrists. words nuzzle breath, the air
staved of acoustics that choreograph faces closer; watching as
quivering eyes thrust new-born hope, where
restless hearts knock beneath a web of ribs,
screaming silently as bodies are poured into the
stitches of aphrodite's venomo(us) fly-trap.
  Clair de LuneSometimes I imagine
That when Debussy penned this movement,
He hesitated with the title.
"Clair de Lune"…moonlight.
Perhaps he didn't have the courage
To add an "E" to the end of her name,
Immortalizing her in music.
The gentle chords pouring
From his piano describing
The peace with which she slept.
"Claire of the Moon."
She was the embodiment of dreams.
Indeed, with her hair spread out
In messy ringlets across the pillow,
The pale, spring-time glow
Of the moon hanging heavy
In the April sky
Gently casting its cool light
Through the half-open window,
Onto her faintly blushing cheek.
She looked ethereal,
Like a flower that opens for moonlight alone.
Imbued in this music is the tenderness
With which he desired
To move a stray curl from where it lay
Draped across her brow.
As the movement sweetly closes,
She gently wakes, smiling,
As I gently wake from the scene I created.
This exists in my imagination only,
The romantic in me dreaming
With the fictional Claire.
  RosesYou love too much, I am told by a man with a briar heart, thorny sinews and collapsed ventricles bearing down on him, hardly beating in his tight chest. He looks at me with flat, slate eyes, chipping and eroding. His hands are dark with cigarette burns and rough with calluses; I feel them on my shoulders as he looks down at me, face collapsing in at his eyes like a dead man's.
For the first time, I realize he is dead. His briar heart dried up when winter killed his rose; my father, he is all thorns.
He squeezes my shoulders, too tight. You look like your mother, you know, he whispers, eyes shifting to the garden, to the yellow rose I planted for her. It is a rambler, sending shoots to the sky that sink back down. We never gave it a trellis. I loved her too much. And there are tears in his eyes, wet, heavy things that slip down his cheeks and on to the grass below us.
I don't know what to say, so I think of the rose, of her. I think that I'd like to send this
  BloomIt's normal, you know.
Bruises flower under skin like lilies in a garden
Tears find their place just like water in the soil
They seep into the black
Nurture seedlings
And hurt grows so green and natural.
Pearl skin is supposed to go purple
It's as right as the rain.
So don't worry, don't fret
I'm art, you know, cross-stitching on the wall
An ivory piano key
Just as I should be
Because battered things are beautiful.
Feathers torn from silk pillows
And stick figures on balance beams
Aren't as loved, nor as adored,
Nor as beautiful as me.
  cypress lady.Lost in a fog, a stranger walks.
Dressed in shadows,
she creeps.
Alone, she whispers
nondescript words in a language
no-one hears,
for no-one cares to listen.
In the shade
of an ageing cypress tree,
she lies beneath the boughs.
In the soft, soft grass,
she sighs as she dozes.
The sun hides behind a cloud,
and the quiet shadows grow cold.
As she opens her eyes, she shivers,
her grassy bedding turning to ice
as she is lost to the pleasantries
of dreams.
She looks out,
and from the realms of her shadows
can see a faint light
past the leafy threshold.
Standing, she walks
slowly to the edge,
staring out.
She stretches her hand out,
testing the lighter air.
Gasps. Flinches, snatches it back
into the darkness.
Despite the hidden sun, the air is warm.
(Yet why do I not burn?)
She is in wonder.
Although she yearns
to illuminate herself,
she hesitates to step beyond the shade.
Not once
has she stood in the full bright beams
of the sun,
not once.
Fear –
What will happen
  PersephoneI fed her
pomegranate kisses
and she cried
at every frozen sunrise
for 180 days.
With cracks in my heart
and souls
caught in my hair
I counted 180 more.
   Grating RaspsIt courses and winds like air through veins,
Falls languidly through space, red as wax, drips
From barren branches full with leaves,
From sighs and outstretched fingertips.
It howls in silver song from the moon-top
Grips like ice and as ice does, lets go.
Stars and hollowness gently fall,
As it's all that nothingness will ever know.
It shudders and shatters in scarlet decay,
Breaks like waves of unblemished sound,
Until scattering, piece by crystalline piece
To the dusty, earth caked, green-strewn ground.
It leaves forms laying in beds of growth,
Traces rivers through rock before treading back.
It resonates through choking and grasps hungrily at light,
Extinguishing black for greater, water soaked black.
        And it comes as easily as it goes,
        Goes as though it never came.
  Tree Of Rotshe is but the
     the tree
    (of life)
that she
    for so
   many years.
she was
(once upon a time)
graced with
   golden leaves
but now
    they have
supple, young
the eye
   of so
is now the
  home of
(broken dreams)
she was once
      (of life)
but now
  all that
  InstructionsWear dreamsong like a gown
wear rainscent like a cloak
no shoes, your bare feet know the way
in and out the twisted place
tell them you don't know your name
yet don't dare to actually forget
listen to the honey light fiddle
but forbid your feet to dance
for the music is enchanting
and your feet won't stop
when you want to leave
sing a homesong, follow your feet
through dark forest, over fragile bridge
unknown paths, an open door
you will never find back.
  strawberriesdrops of rain explode
into colors on your outstretched hands,
blossoming as roses
like bright ripe strawberries.
and when you roam enchanted gardens,
nothing is ever as it seems…
one moment a blade of grass
and the next one of many feathers
on the wing of a bird
about to take flight.
no matter how you try
gravity is wiser,
and you are bound to come down from the clouds.
millions of heartbeats like yours
all search for the same thing
and will find each other someday.
  Elegy Of A Lost SeasonI am the fall.
Broken in June, buried in August -
haunting September from the boughs of hazel,
where not even the rain could reach me.
How my limbs ached to feel its soothing caress;
but my limbs felt nothing, and I felt nothing.
And the season moved on, without me.
Once, long ago, I was spring,
delicate and pure; fragile as willow seedlings,
believing themselves strong, as they stretch toward the sun -
before the wind breaks their stalks, and they fall
defeated, drained, limp upon the ground;
crushed and forgotten as tears.
But no, I was summer -
when I looked into your eyes for the first time
and forgot to curse the sun.
Tiny beads running down my neck;
hateful, so hateful - ignored, as you ensnared my senses.
You were summer, too
cradled in the branches of oak,
bright enough to burn my eyes and scorch my skin,
but never close enough to touch.
Until in your arms, I became summer,
and the sun could not outshine us.
But now I am winter -
numb and cold, faded, stripped and desolate;
a s
 :thumb203486410:  CamelliasThe carcasses
of pink camellia blossoms
litter the sidewalk,
a school of tropical fish
escaped from their captors' net
and gasping
for air.
I wait for them to rise
into the sky,
a flock of bright angels,
fins turned toward the clouds.
They will bloom again tomorrow,
this I know.
  Atlanticyou were the ghost
who made the apple fall.
and no,
it's not you,
sometimes the seeds
turn into trees
or flowers, strange
incarnations of
the strangest force,
and, at other times,
the wind lifts them away
so they never
touch the ground.
there's nothing left but course.
of course you are, but i must know;
do you go door to door,
knocking on the stars?
reality: just
an architect's answer
to a philosopher's question.
over the atlantic you sing
like the end who just learned
he was a beginning.
over the atlantic you sing:
"god is an ocean,
and you can only pray
by kneeling on the ground."
  Apple BlossomYour blush is fading;
windswept, you shudder gently
fragrant petal tears
  One Day I Shall Lay Down And Dieone day i shall lay down and die
and so for now here is my kiss, my golden-ness,
my forehead pressed against yours
like two strange animals lost on a plain of
red sand. one day i shall lay down and die so
now here, let these birds pick me apart,
show you it all, the torn underwear
and the girl gazing at the soft glow
on trees, the ferocious lion-love
weeping under the kitchen table. one day
i shall lay down and die
so for now i feast on beaches, your breath,
the flutter of my dress sore against my skin
someday i will find that peace,
plant a spring-flower deep in my heart, land one last cool kiss
on the bow of your mouth and slip away, i know that one day
i will lay down and die but for now
feel your fingers spread across my heart,
feel my roar in the night
 :thumb202708923:  Only as Old"Frail bones predict what fragile minds can't detect,"
He trailed off slowly, "And my bones are achin'."
The air around me hung low and depressed,
Sticking to the back of my throat like a stormy syrup
I'd tried to swallow down.
I peered out the kitchen window
And caught an inklet of patched-over-grey sky;
I wondered what was in store for the day.
Impartial to the gloom outside, we stepped out onto the back porch;
Grandpa wobbled out with his cane in hand and we waited.
In the hushed stillness the trees traded birds—
Robins, swallows, whippoorwills, and cardinals.
If you squinted hard enough at the sullen shrubbery,
You could spot the caterpillar creeping to the underside of the leaf.
That's when I looked at Grandpa,
And saw through his eyes nature receding
At his prescience of a storm.
"Grandpa, how do you always know?"
He chuckled and simply said: "The world tells me."
It was left at that, but years later I have found
That the world is only as old as the person to whom you speak.

Heart by Davidjulianlopez  apple tree by AndreyBobir  Shine so bright by ziggy90lisa  ka tyou zou getu by PassionateSnuff  Mutually assured destruction by Acrylicdreams  what way is up? by WorldWar-Tori Angels by NicolasEvariste  The Path by stevegoad  Orbs of Water by AtomicBrownie :thumb159158816:  Daybreak by patriciabrennan  Rest in peace by WiltingBlackRose  Double Rainbow by Celem :thumb209219275:  Citydryad by drachenmagier  Butterflies and Fairytales by FriendFrog :thumb186101661:  robin by nakitez  Spring flood by szorny-stock  Ember by anndr  Flying away by CristaliaART  Mother nature by BettaArtusiArt :thumb202396708:  Under Protection by sekhmet-neseret  Rose's Morning Rinse by DaphneNg  Spoiled by enayla  Hellden by zardo  Coming Home by MorkelErasmus :thumb337426302:  poised to blossom by m00nchild313  Spring Blossoms 10 by livetodream215  Parenthood by LucieJirankova  :thumb285639370:  Nature's Art by AnthonyPresley  Courtship Dance by FForns  What? Up there? by Egil21  Sneak Attack by Nate-Zeman :thumb210226812:  Bonded by Picturingit  Rainy days by BogdanBoev  flowers and butterflies by sinvia  a lover's dance by ariseandrejoice  Twitter by faisalh  Jewel by DaisyDinkle   Hey Dude..... by thrumyeye  Roses of Spring by la-sera  P1040628 v by VlatkoPG :thumb203566578:  Die, Winter, die by Vasylissa   To brave the Snow by RowanLewgalon   Time Suspension by SteffiSTEREO :thumb227171442:  Earth Day by ToolKitten  I Wish I Could Fly... by AimishBoy  Spring by ElvenstarArt   trapeze artist by dralik :thumb207507853:  we are family by Digi-M  Pieris rapae by SelvaggioRocker  Blackbird Spring by JenniferWeiler  Sparkling Shamrock by RowanLewgalon  Spring by Jennyeight  Converging by IvanAndreevich  Spring's soft light by CatherineNodet  Fauna by PinkParasol  Fairies-nurses by Fantasy-fairy-angel  Silent lullaby by Anna-Marine   rain or shine by mj-magic  stranggled by Alicechan  Spring is coming .. by KariLiimatainen  Contemplating Spring by rooze23  Viridian Window by riysse  Blooms in the heart... by PassionateSnuff  Spring Melody by alexa-asta  SPRING by yaamas  Spring by agnes-green