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( Слишком лень писать на английском, простите).
Всем уже давно известно о том, что по невероятно обоснованным причинам сайт ДА заблочен некоторыми провайдерами. И я не исключение, работает он у меня только дома, поэтому подгружать новые работы я могу лишь в конце недели. НО! меня теперь всегда можно найти вот по этому адресу:
, где я периодически выкладываю какой-то контент. Так же заливаю туда спидпейнты или просто скетчи. Я, конечно, не думаю, что здесь найдется много русскоязычного народа, который бы неустанно следил за моим творчеством, но тем не менее.
Hey, guys, i forget to tell you about my twitter account! You can also follow me, leaving the read request with your name ( or you leave a link on your gallery). I'm writing on russian mostly, but sometimes i post some WIP of cosplay and drawings. So if you want, i'm really glad to follow you. Here is my page:
Please, enjoy! :3
Hello, everyone! Such a long time i didn't wrote here something. Well, now i have a subject which i wanted to discuss with you.
It's about one person, who loves plagiary. Yeah, it's not a mistake. it's just true. You also can visit her gallery and see some "her" works and maybe you can found YOUR artwork, which she's copied.
Here she is - :iconharuhi-tyan:
When i tried to talk to her, she says she doesn't see anything critical and doesn't think that it's plagiarism. She says " it's something similar pictures but not plagiary". But wadda ya say, guys? Maybe i'm wrong and it's really nothing special, but society reacted to her actions very loyal. I'm interested in your responses, as in the opinion of people from different countries. Reject, support or remain loyal to such a situation? How would your friends react if they knew about this situation? And I would like to know the personal opinions artists. Not to be unfounded, I cite a number of pictures that we have already found.
Image  Image  Image  Image
So, guys, yesterday at Animatsuri`12 i presented my original animation on anime Madoka Magica ( my work taken second place) and i want to present it here. At this positive note i`d like to tell i finished this "year of Madoka". I don`t want to do something on this title anymore.…
Hi everyone!
Ok, i'm just bored, so i decided to draw here a few words.
Many people wrote me can i take a requests. But i can't cuz i don't like it. So please remember it cuz my question is not mean that i takes requests! I'm just interested in - dear watchers, wadda ya liked to see in my gallery? Well, maybe more fanart of games, or anime? All of you are added me for something. And i wonder why.)
Hello again,my friends. After all,thank you so much for over 5,000 hits(maybe i`ll draw a picture for this sometime).You are still with me,and i`m really happy that you keep watching me.
It`s lyrique. I`m here to say - session time is coming!Maybe i leave this place for a while,cuz i must pass the exams. But i will draw as i can possible.
My ID is not so "creepy" now?lol
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Hello,my friends!
Recently,i had got over 3000 pageviews,and i`m really happy that peoples visits my page,adds my pictures to favorites and becomes my watchers. In time we becomes a friends,and it`s cool too. Well...Thank you so much. Your opinion is very important for me,on their base i can do my work better and clearly. And if my drawings likes you more and more,i can suppose that I'm doing  good results. I will try harder, as i promised. And thank you one more time.:thanks:
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Oh,finally!Festival of Japanese animation Animatsuri`10 is coming!He held october 23 n 24,it`s already next week!D: I was accepted into the program and i`ll cosplay Rachel!Russian fans and cosplayers,see ya at the fest!
My mom agreed to help me sew costume to cosplay my lovely Rachel!Oh my,i`m so happy now!I think it will be sewn by september.I want to make a cosplay for Anime Festival in St. Petersburg this autumn.*phew* I hope I can cope.
Recently,filling my Blazblue meme,I told that i and Rachel had very similar because of the hairstyle.But last friday I went to the hairdresser and trimmed my hair.Now we are united only because of our character.^^"