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Touhou Shirts-Marisa and Reimu

Not much for the artistic composition of the image, but then again, its just for show.

Touhou shirts are here! Final prints and ready to go, now all that's left is to wait 'till Fanimecon to sell.
of each shirt, there are:
5 Mediums
15 Large
4 XLarge
due to the investment for the print, if they do well I will be re-printing them for upcoming artist alleys (hopefully ALA, AoD, Sakuracon, etc.)
Anywho, thanks for the suggestions, and get 'em while you can!
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I haven't had a single Touhou T-Shirt in my entire life. I did have at least 2 anime T-shirts in my lifetime, 2 anime T-shirts, and maybe a few other Pokemon T-Shirts.
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Also hello I was selling across that little hallways thing from you.
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Wow. Those are beautiful shirts. *o*
Rawr~ For Timer R. has STILL never gone to a con! xD I would love one of them shirts! <3 <3
lisu-c's avatar
gaahh don't you live so near to the SoCal though?
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You know I live on Cali though. Sadly i'm one of the loosers who can't drive, lulz.

I'm sure i'm going to miss the next con though. :\
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I can't drive either! Find a way!
I kid. But hopefully you'll be able to attend some event sometime~
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I'll cross my fingers. (But if not, my sister will attend one someday and open up a artist alley stand.)
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I normally sell them around California conventions...
I should really open some online ordering or something, shouldn't I?
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I'd buy one or two, that's for sure.
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hello I did not go to fanime but my friend picked up one of these for me, nice work
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glad to hear you liked it~
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Very cute. They're sure to sell at fanime.
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total awesomeness. like riku440, i too want to get the one with Marisa on it ^_^
lisu-c's avatar
oh, now I am interested in which will be most popular
Wonder-Mechanic's avatar
lol. looking at the comments, it looks like the marisa one is so far ^_^
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I want to get the Marisa Kirisame one. Though the summer will be hot, so might as well go with Reimu.

Will you be selling them at Anime Expo?
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not as an artist unfortunately.
maybe have a couple on hand? for those that can't make it to cons I sell at...
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They look great. ^^
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thanks for the suggestion~
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