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Listing Centre
Personal Quote: Listing for clubs, stocks and deviants!
:spotlight-left:Welcome to the Listing-Centre!:spotlight-right:

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We are listing clubs, stocks and also deviants.

:confused: How to become listed?

:pointr: Send a note with a subject 'Join' to the club
Don't send a message to the front page, we maybe won’t notice it
:pointr: Tell us where you want to be added.
:pointr: Deviant/club/stock can also receive note from us.
- Clubs can be listed in more than one list if wanted.
- Deviants can be listed in more than one section if wanted.
:pointr: :+devwatch: the club
:pointr: Add clubs icon or link to your journal
With :dev Listing-Centre: (without space)
With :icon Listing-Centre: (without space)

Please notice that the club will not :+devwatch: members anymore because we have such an huge participation and it's nearly impossible to hung on whos watched and whos not. SO we desided not to do it anymore, sorry!

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:pointr: Deviants
:pointr: Actor & Actress
:pointr: Animal & Nature
:pointr: Art & Photography
:pointr: Book & Poetry/Writer
:pointr: Comic & Cartoon
:pointr: Fantasy
:pointr: Game A-E
:pointr: Game F-L
:pointr: Game M-Z
:pointr: Listing
:pointr: Manga & Anime A-E
:pointr: Manga & Anime F-L
:pointr: Manga & Anime M-Q
:pointr: Manga & Anime R-Z
:pointr: Music
:pointr: Other
:pointr: Sport
:pointr: Stocks
:pointr: Tv–series & Movies

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:iconsakuraxharunofc: :iconthe-thinkers: :iconkelseythettluvr: :iconinvader-zim-14: :iconclub-stoopid: :iconchiakixmaron-fc: :iconirvinexquistis-union: :iconjenos-x-rinslet-club: :iconcharden-x-kyoko-club: :iconsakuraino-club: :icondigitalartnetwork: :iconsakuhina-club: :iconlong-haired-bishies: :iconakatsuki-v2: :icondaloveonline: :iconneopianartclub: :iconfinal-fans: :iconanime-fanart-club: :iconkuchikiheadfc: :iconredhairclub:

:iconichigoxrukia-club: :iconprincesslucinda-fans: :iconnel-chan-fanclub: :iconglobal-warming-club: :iconitachixdeidara-club: :iconcws-lmao: :iconfruit-bowl: :iconkikyo-haters: :iconthe-orgxiii-fanclub: :icondareligiousforum: :iconpatternsclub: :iconuse-of-imagination: :iconitadeilove: :iconsnoopy-woodstockfans: :iconsnoprincess: :iconprincesslillymono: :iconmanji-and-rin: :iconsonicfan-couplesclub: :iconfiner-things-club:

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;p Founders & assistant
:iconluminary87:, :iconortsikka: & :iconred-genesis:


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