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Banshee by listening-to-silence
Mature content
Banshee :iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 7 5
Dear Mum
I've written up the poshest letter
To make all my troubles better
I'll post it through Mum's bedroom door
So that it ends up on the floor
And then she cannot help but see
This special letter just from ME:
"Mummy, I'll beg you and I'll plead,
I'll even get down on my knees,
And, you see, I HAVE said please
(Oh, please, oh please, oh please, please PLEASE)
Please will you let me have just ONE
(Or maybe two- I AM your son)
Cookies from the cookie jar?
You know I cannot reach that far
To where you put them so high up
In the special biscuit tub
And Mum, you see, it's only fair
If you would take them down and SHARE!
(My preschool teacher told us that
If you don't share you will get fat)
Besides, I'll be your best chum
If you let me have just ONE
cookie from the cookie pot
(Before you go and scoff the lot)
Signed, your dearest darling Chess
P.S. Mummy, PLEASE say yes!
:iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 5 24
Cardboard Treasure Chest
she likes to sit above the world
on thrones of polystyrene foam
in attics full of rot and rust
to search for secrets in the dust
a cobwebbed box waits in the corner
full of riches to adorn her
confusion creates a furrowed frown
worn as a curious royal crown
as she unearths a sheaf of paper
a black gun with an empty chamber
two-and-twenty photographs
a buckle made of polished brass
the photographs tell their own story
dated 'august 1940'
when black and white colours still reigned
though coloured cameras had been made
monochrome smiles and paper umbrellas
elegant coats and polka dot dresses
china teasets and silver spoons
sunshine days and waltzing tunes
painted smiles and petticoats
buckled shoes and lacy throats
spools of film and gramaphones
handles carved from bleached white bone...
intrigued, she makes another dive
into her newfound treasure trove
hand clasping at the string-bound papers,
yellowing and thin as wafers
'to whom it may concern' she reads
and soon the words are blurred
:iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 1 13
you convert life into binary
nought or one
black or white
and ignore the inbetweens
[so how can you see me?
i think i’m the only decimal number in your life,
the only shade of grey]

when i asked you out that saturday
there was a
very long pause
before you would answer me
i thought i’d said the wrong thing, but then
you gave me
that slow smile
and hugged me so tight it hurt
[butyou had to let go and turn away
and you asked me politely to wait while you
turned off your feelings
before you overheated]

they say you’re weird, a geek, nerd, freak
sitting alone
just staring
at the computer all day
at first i was scared that they right:
bookshelves bare,
cupboards, too
nothing to do in this place
[but now i’ve seen the wonders stored
in that million-gigabyte imagination of yours.
now i know better.]

you don’t have windows, and your flat is
like a box,
a machine
that you seem to live inside
so i breathe on your black computer,
trace a heart
on the
:iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 1 15
We stand together
In the middle of the field
Avoiding each other’s eyes
The air is filled with birdsong and awkwardness
We both speak at once
And then stop talking quickly
More of that tongue-tied silence
Neither quite readly to break it, or break us
We’re oh-so lost, but
I don’t know how to tell you
Besides, I think you already know. Don’t you?
And there’s no-one here
To ask for directions from
And there are no maps to where we want to go
:iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 0 12
You scream, I sigh. Hair scratchy as I scrape it back,
Preparing for battle. We both know what’s coming next.
You left your dirty socks in my  ROOM? In MY room?
Why, yes, I did. What of it?
My friend, I’ve known you all your life. And slightly before.
Three weeks older, but sometimes it feels like years. So just
Stubborn and immature, you won’t give in.
We indulge in childish tantrums. Insults. Yelling.
We’ve soon forgotten just what
This is all about.
But we’re having too much fun to stop now, in this game of tears.
Our voices drip honey and menace as we try in vain to hurt,
Screeching across the hallway
You always were one for melodrama.
We throw insults like grenades, then run for cover
To where sobs are muffled by bedcovers,
Or where tears are just raindrops,
Waiting for our eardrums to recover from the blast.
Bang. And we’re back, swearing, spitting. Clawing the air,
Tiger-like with our inco
:iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 3 6
Happy Birfday Kristi by listening-to-silence Happy Birfday Kristi :iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 1 5
i love you
i have loved you
every month of every year
every week of every month
every day of every week
every hour of every day
every minute of every hour
every second of every minute
every   h e a r t  b e a t  of my life
since i met you
i want you by my side
for ever and eternity
brilliant as summer sun
bonfires in autumn and
fortytwo stars burning in outer space
my own secret nightlight
but like anything that shines
you create shadows
and it always seems that the shadow falls on me
i could never be good enough for you
and when you leave
and the light flicks off
everything seems so much blacker than before
and i’m suffocating
drowning in the darkness
with no-one to save me
you make me feel like nothing
a cobweb thin shadow
and who ever notices their shadow?
always there  but useless
charcoal black and crumbling
do you notice me?
hiding in the corner
sick with self-loathing
skin crawling
when i’m with you
and i want to cry,
:iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 2 9
Perfectly Ordinary, Nearly
you're perfectly ordinary, my love
i know this because
you don't have midnight eyes
as deep as seven oceans
which captivate my heart
[muddy brown is far more beautiful to me]
cute floppy dark hair
as soft as velvet
like that actor
[you know, the one in that film]
oh, and
your breath isn't
as sweet as honey
cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg
[usually you smell of toothpaste,
old aftershave and chocolate]
you aren't
as strong as ten men
as fast as a jet plane
as brave as a lion
[but you're steady, a constant
i know you'll always be there for me
no matter how much i complicate the equation
of my life]
you bleed and you cry, and
when you do,
your tears don't sparkle like diamonds
[they're just wet]
when you reach over
to brush that flyaway strand of cobweb hair
out of my eyes
you don't send shivers up my spine;
don't radiate from the point
where your skin touches mine
[books don't always get it right
but then, i've never liked electric shocks]
you've never
sent me bunches of crimson
:iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 4 26
r e f l e c t i o n by listening-to-silence r e f l e c t i o n :iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 3 0 f l i g h t by listening-to-silence f l i g h t :iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 2 5 s t r e a m e r s by listening-to-silence s t r e a m e r s :iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 4 0 s p r i n g by listening-to-silence s p r i n g :iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 2 3 a w a y by listening-to-silence a w a y :iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 5 2 n e c t a r by listening-to-silence n e c t a r :iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 1 0 b l o s s o m by listening-to-silence b l o s s o m :iconlistening-to-silence:listening-to-silence 4 0

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Isya Brooks
United Kingdom

Current Residence: Morrisons :)
Favourite style of art: Anime! ^w^
MP3 player of choice: my iPod nano (silverr)
Favourite cartoon character: sasuke
Personal Quote: "Friends are angels who lift us up when our wings forget how to fly..."
Deviants, I have a confession. I've been sooo bad with my poor neglected account for the past forever, idk why- have been using a lot more traditional methods and a lot less Intahnetz :]

Anyhow, to try to get myself back into the system, I'm setting up a tumblr account... possibly the easiest thing ever, right? (Oh man, now I'm going to break it...) Anyways, to help get me started and to post your beauuutiful poetry, photos and artworks elsewhere on the big wide web, if you fancy sending me a link to a deviation you wouldn't mind me posting on said tumblr, that'd be so fantastic!

I honestly don't know how I stayed away from dA for so long. I've missed you guys! I've come back and everyone's art has grown so much, my scarily large deviation inbox is so freaking gorgeous! Thanks, you guys, and congrats! <3

The tumblr is byyy the way (:
It's appalling, I know!
Will also be posting an inspiration a day for those with any art blocks.. they could get quite bizarre by about #50 ^^
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