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This journal entry is dedicated to WAFFLES in honor of my Seester, who loves waffles. And using WAFFLES!!! as a curse word. :)

  • Listening to: The attic fan and my Joe
  • Reading: Harry Potter Fanfic
  • Watching: Agents of Shield
  • Playing: with the Recolor app
  • Eating: Eggs Michael
  • Drinking: Water
Jewelry and wirework with garnets - because they're pretty. :)

  • Listening to: June Bugs
  • Reading: Girl Mans Up by M-E Girard
  • Watching: Agents of Shield
  • Playing: with the Recolor app
  • Eating: OPH Cobb Salad w. Bleu Cheese
  • Drinking: Water
Daffodils are one of my favorite kinds of flower...
daffodils by GaudiBuendia Daffodil by MisticUnicorn  Daffodil King by Gato-Iberico  Daffodils by thienbao
Daffodil by BritLawrence Daffodil by RAichy Daffodil by RosleinRot
Daffodil Heart by cycoze Daffodil by vondervotteimittiss Daffodil On Fire by Kitteh-Pawz
Daffodil dragon by rosepeonie silk scarf Daffodil - ready on Etsy! by MinkuLul Flying frog on Daffodil by AngiWallace
Daffodil Delight by WillowDesign How Do You Spell Daffodil? by swiftmoonphoto Daffodils by beads-poet
Wild daffodil by eReSaW I gazed and gazed by XSini The Start Of Something by Kaz-D
Daffodils - Miniature Origami by Paper-Peaches Spring still life with daffodils by Daykiney Joao-de-barro and daffodils by mystumpf
Titanium White Daffodils by davepuls daffodil detail by LadyKerridwen  Daffodil Dragon by SilverWingedAngels
Detail of Daffodils by suedollinQuilts Whitework: Daffodils Please. by JMD-Designs Clay daffodills by NatLock
  • Listening to: Birds singing
  • Reading: Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore
  • Watching: The Crown
  • Eating: Cheesecake
  • Drinking: Coke
Bird by Mustafa-Malik Landing by BogdanBoev Cedar Waxwing by rctfan2
Bird by Decagon Christmas bird !!! by phalalcrocorax Fat Snow Bird 7489 by AforAperture
:: b o l e r o :: by hellfirediva 4679 Visitor of the garden #2 by RealMantis A big voice... by OliverBPhotography
Humming Bird by prologic77 Birds and snow VII by starykocur Male Reed Bunting 3-2-18 by pell21
A bird by corsuse Acrobat Hunter by BogdanBoev .:Red-Bellied Woodpecker:. by RHCheng
Macro of bird by SzymonMic Sea Eagle by krystledawn Tucan Bird by MrBlueSky1987
Birds of Prey: Brown Hawk by JacquelineBarkla Northern Hawk Owl pouncing by gregster09 5 grams looking for food by phalalcrocorax
Feather Care by BogdanBoev  Downy Woodpecker - Flight by JestePhotography  Eurasian wryneck by Sergey-Ryzhkov
The best gift nature can offer to a photographer 2 by phalalcrocorax  Starling's Portrait. by andy-j-s Abstract Bird by clippercarrillo
Birds on Wheels by thrumyeye Steller's Jay at Yosemite Falls by AugenStudios Grackle in the Grass by Ryser915
  • Listening to: Gorillaz
  • Reading: Dark Deeds by Mike Brooks
  • Watching: Queer Eye
  • Eating: 'tater chips
  • Drinking: Coke
Two of the things I love best are books and dragons! So how about a journal post celebrating the juxtaposition of the two? :)

We'll start with my very favorite literary dragons: Anne McCaffrey's Pern!
Queen's Last Flight by LlamaTHEDragon Lessa by kirasanta  Pern: High Reaches Patrol by frisket17  Pern dragon riders by Unita-N
Dragonrider by aaronsimscompany The Impression by aaronsimscompany  Dragonsong by SandboxAlchemy  fire lizard by kessan
A Song For Dragons by tygriffin  DragonRiders of Pern by DarNiki Weyrlings by KaiserFlames Pernese Dragon and Rider - Commission + VIDEO by RobertCrescenzio Golden Heaven by firecloud

Eragon by Christopher Paolini is next...
Saphira (Eragon) by maga-01 Eragon and Saphira by Ruth-Tay Sapphira and Eragon by Sunima Eragon and Sarhira by AndreevaPolina

One of the most iconic of literary dragons...Smaug from Tolkien's The Hobbit.
.:Smaug:. by Abz-J-Harding SMAUG by moonxels Smaug by Janaquil
Smaug by Mischeviouslittleelf Smaug by Rthyin Smaug The Magnificent by mikenashillustration
Final on Smaug Commission by RavendarkCreations Smaug by WisesnailArt Smaug by DragonsAndBeasties

Sadly, some of my other favorite literary dragons aren't apparently popular enough to have fanart. Someone needs to get on this...
  • Listening to: Simon & Garfunkel
  • Reading: Silver on the Road by Laura Anne Gilman
  • Watching: The Crown
  • Eating: RIBS
  • Drinking: Minty unsweetened black tea
Be proud. Be you.
Love as thou wilt. (That's a quote by the author Jacqueline Carey.)

LGBT Project by Keitilen [OC AND Fanart] Happy LGBT pride ! by Qursidae
LGBT Pride 2015 in London by JuanChaves  Bi heart by Tiny-Forest-Prince  Asexual heart by Tiny-Forest-Prince polyamorous heart by Tiny-Forest-Prince
Taiwan LGBT Pride 2015 by silverjow  Diversity by Anton101  The Right To Exist. by vexnir
Tracer and Emily :) by rossdraws love and life by spahnv
Change by Shrineheart  Cliche Laces by kproductions
Love Wins by yuumei This Was a Triumph by DarkRapier PRIDE by connorlassey
Love Wins by waywardgal Rainbow Computer Cable Wrap Bracele by Techcycle Opprobrium cover commision by AndrewRyanArt
[142] Lustrous Glow by mcptato  Be Yourself No Matter What by oO-Rein-Oo
All for love, and love for all! by S-paced  LGBT Pride Chainmaille Earrings by Rosie-Periannath
LGBT Pride MLP Custom by celestial-lights  The Crossing by Kybral
Ultimate LGBTQ Flag Guide by LeiAndLove  Pride by LesboWorld  My Life by UniqueNotFreak
LESBIAN by icentaurus :: BISEXUAL :: by icentaurus :: GAY :: by icentaurus
The L Word by LesboWorld Rainbow heart by hontor Takei Take Two by Afina79
  • Listening to: Simon & Garfunkel
  • Reading: Silver on the Road by Laura Anne Gilman
  • Watching: The Crown
  • Eating: RIBS
  • Drinking: Minty unsweetened black tea
Seriously. There is some amaaazzzzzing stuff. Take a look!!

All the Kills in the Game of Thrones by studioincandescence (spoiler...that's all the kills from the books in an infographic...)
Martell Housecard by Thaldir Oberyn Martell by VarshaVijayan Three-Eyed Raven by AngelaRizza The King in the North by nami64 Margery Tyrell ( Game of Thrones) Wip by Alena-Koshkar The North Remembers by KikiMJ
#166 A Feast for Crows by Picolo-kun Snow by 0618623 Daenerys and Drogon by ejbeachy Catelyn Stark by VencaSeitl Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones) by Astartte Sophie turner from game to thrones. by Lewis3222
Lady Stoneheart by krukof2 Arya Stark by AlexndraMirica Game of thrones fan art - Catelyn by ynorka Rains of Castamere by Fantaasiatoidab Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones) by elArtedelaValquiria Game of Thrones - Jaime Lannister by C0line Tormund by Podzadpinator sandor clegane by Podzadpinator
Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) by Ilojleen Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) by Ilojleen Jon Snow (Kit Harington) by Ilojleen Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) by Ilojleen Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) by Ilojleen Daenerys Targaryen by VencaSeitl
Don't ever betray me by Fantaasiatoidab First we'll live by Fantaasiatoidab Game of Thrones fan art by Yatzenty My Game of Thrones Portraits by AtomiccircuS Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper of Dorne by nell-fallcard Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones by DziKawa
Game of Thrones: Jon Snow and Robb Stark by Teodora85 Game of Thrones Bookmarks by NatasaIlincic Sansa Stark - Game of Thrones by RapidFireArt Game of Thrones II by Bog17 Robert Baratheon Study by Andy-Butnariu Jeor Mormont study by Andy-Butnariu
Tyrion Lannister from game of thrones (charcoal) by waarheid Game of Thrones Crown by aaronleewilliams Drogon // Game of Thrones | Tattoo Comission by ExitMothership Sansa Stark by Podzadpinator Sansa Stark by lizavanrees Game of Thrones Cover by kerembeyit Daenerys Targaryen by lizavanrees beggar king by a-l-i-c-e-r-o-s-e
Khal Drogo by Smirtouille White tree by DinoDrawing Margaery Tyrell by dustsplat Beyond The Wall by thefreshdoodle Hold the door by Astartte Coldhands by EvaMariaToker The Watchers on the Wall by 88grzes
  • Listening to: The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale
  • Reading: Lab Girl by Hope Jahren
  • Watching: The West Wing
  • Drinking: Water
Midnight blue. It's my favorite color. Or, rather, it's my favorite range of colors. It's so hard to define, for me. It's blue. But not. It's got a bit of green in it, most of the time. And sometimes it seems that there's an iridescence of silver mixed in. It can be so dark it's nearly black. And sometimes it's not. Changeable, hard to pin down, and I know it when I see it. Beautiful in all its iterations.

Here's a sampling of what I found on dA when I searched 'midnight blue.'

Magic Owl's Head by SuliannH midnight by picnokinesis <da:thumb id="83714524"/> Midnight by monashierogliphica
New hope for the Krogan by tishaia I Believe in Unicorns Polymer Clay Art Pendant by DeidreDreams Midnight Passing by Shadoweddancer The Midnight Tide. by DavidMunroeArt
Shades of Blue in Landscape by crimsonvermillion midnight blues or so by NORpolarbear Midnight Harbor XV by sagittariusgallery
Millions of stars by Selianth After Midnight II by Kasunayo Journal of Stars II by Erisiar
Psycho Bokeh Grunge by somadjinn Midnight expressions. by incredi Midnight Sky Dragon - 36 Inch by SilverHauntArmoury
Part of the Ocean by MBHenriksen Arabian Nights by NatalieKelsey Midnight by zezelai

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  • Listening to: Nine Inch Nails
  • Reading: The Rising by Brian Keene
  • Watching: The West Wing
  • Drinking: Water
Peluchiere is having a plushie giveaway! She's celebrating 100 watchers and will make a plushie of your choice of character (caveats on her post) to one random winner. And maybe more, if she gets enough watchers! :) Her plushies are SO CUTE!!

Plushie give-away ! 2 WINNERS !!   [CLOSED] by Peluchiere
  • Listening to: Depeche Mode
  • Reading: The Rising by Brian Keene
  • Watching: The West Wing
  • Playing: Mahjong
  • Eating: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Drinking: RealSugar Pepsi
<da:thumb id="104264478"/>  Raven Heart by Maquenda raven by davesbit  Metallic Raven by hontor Raven by theDURRRRIAN  The Dark Rhythm by JennyLe88 Raven pen by omegaptera  Raven on the branch by RhouenRhu Raven by JoeyBee60  Raven by Fedora-the-hat The cephalopod and the raven by creaturesfromel The Raven by JoseRealArt Raven's Blessing by SageKorppi  Raven God by puimun  Raven In Flight by Sergey-Ryzhkov Raven Torc by Ugrik Three Raven Brothers by JankaLateckova Raven Mask #3 by merimask Quoth the Raven by kerinewton
  • Listening to: Jump, Little Children
  • Reading: Hermione/Draco fanfic
  • Watching: Hellboy
  • Playing: Kingdom of Loathing
  • Eating: Graze box snacks (friend code: 4L7JDC7ZB)
  • Drinking: Unsweetened Tea


Necklace: Comet by LissaMonster  Necklace: Inner Goth by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Gryffindor by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Seaglass and Silver by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Seaglass and Gold by LissaMonster  Necklace: Seaglass and Lava by LissaMonster  Necklace: Tiger's Eye by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Turquoise and Brass by LissaMonster Bracelet: Red Seaglass and Brass by LissaMonster  Necklace: Black and Orange by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Amethyst and Pyrite by LissaMonster  Earrings: Recently Made Roundup! by LissaMonster    Jewelry Set: Tiger's Eye and Green Crystals by LissaMonster  Necklace: Carnelian, glass, and crystals by LissaMonster  Jewelry: Turquoise and Pyrite Set by LissaMonster  Necklace: Lava and Neon Pink by LissaMonster  Necklace: Blue cat's eye and silver by LissaMonster  Necklace: Onyx, glass by LissaMonster  Jewelry: Ruby zoisite and silver by LissaMonster  Necklace: Hematite and red glass by LissaMonster  Jewelry: amethyst and pearl by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Lava and Agate by LissaMonster  Jewelry: green and silver by LissaMonster    Mala - Green Adventurine by LissaMonster Earrings: Goddess by LissaMonster  Jewelry: Howlite and Crystal by LissaMonster  Jewelry: pyrite by LissaMonster  Jewelry: Tiger's Eye and bone by LissaMonster  SET: Malachite, onyx, silver by LissaMonster  Necklace: Labradorite, serpentine, quartz, crystal by LissaMonster  Mala: Blue Ceramic and Tiger's Eye by LissaMonster 


Jewelry Set: Red Sea Glass and Brass Nuggets by LissaMonster  Necklace: Green Man by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Sparkly Blue by LissaMonster  Necklace: Onyx by LissaMonster  Necklace: Serpentine and peridot by LissaMonster  Necklace: Blue Multistrand by LissaMonster  Necklace: Apatite and crystal by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Labradorite and Crystal by LissaMonster  Necklace: Pink glass, Heart by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Malachite and Onyx by LissaMonster  Jewelry: blue sky jasper by LissaMonster  Necklace: Blues Chain by LissaMonster  Necklace: Picture Jasper and Smokey Quartz by LissaMonster  Necklace: Nuclear Pink by LissaMonster  Eyeglass tether - Green by LissaMonster  Rainbow Headband by LissaMonster  Necklace: Turquoise and Silver Loops (sold) by LissaMonster  Necklace: Garnet Chain (sold) by LissaMonster  Necklace: Garnet and Steel by LissaMonster   Bracelet: Garnet and Crystal by LissaMonster   Set: Wood and Silver by LissaMonster   Earrings: Garnets and Red Crystals by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Blue and Silver by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Carnelian and Gold by LissaMonster  Necklace: Prehistoric by LissaMonster


Square Blue by LissaMonster  Necklace: Infused Purple by LissaMonster  Necklace: Silver and Blue by LissaMonster  Cherry Quartz by LissaMonster  Necklace: Green turquoise by LissaMonster  Sardonyx by LissaMonster  Yellow Quartz by LissaMonster  Necklace: Peridot and wood by LissaMonster  Gamecock Country by LissaMonster  Garnet and Dragons Blood by LissaMonster  Lapis Lazuli and Silver by LissaMonster  Chiastolite by LissaMonster  Necklace: Blue glass and crystal by LissaMonster  Malachite and Silver by LissaMonster


Necklace: Green and Black by LissaMonster    Amethyst and Bone by LissaMonster  Labradorite and Moonstone by LissaMonster  Flower Necklace by LissaMonster  Red Trio Bracelet by LissaMonster  Dichroic Glass Necklace by LissaMonster  Earrings by LissaMonster  Earrings2 by LissaMonster  Earrings3 by LissaMonster  Dalmatian Jasper by LissaMonster  Green and Garnet by LissaMonster  Necklace: Labradorite, crystal, steel by LissaMonster  Labradorite, River rock, Glass by LissaMonster  Necklace by LissaMonster  Halloween Headband by LissaMonster  Bracelet: Hemp and Pewter by LissaMonster

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, everyone!! :) I hope you are having a fun and fabulous day.

If you are interested in any of my pieces, leave a comment or send me a note. Shipping in the US is $6.00. If you want it shipped outside the US, we'll talk about shipping fees. If you'd like to commission a piece, drop me a note and we'll talk about it! Rates for commissions are $15/hr for labor plus materials.

Check out my Facebook page, Inspire Essence, for more stuff. I work with a girl, Dei Lily, who does wire-wrapped jewelry.

Enjoy your day! <3 Lissa

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  • Watching: GODZILLA
  • Playing: Kingdom of Loathing
  • Eating: Graze box snacks (friend code: 4L7JDC7ZB)
  • Drinking: Unsweetened Tea

A few of my favorite things...

Fri Apr 18, 2014, 6:48 PM
I've been featuring other peoples' photos for a while now on this journal. And I love doing that. But my birthday is coming up (so nice for everyone to be closing their stores in honor of me... *giggle*) and I'm feeling like a bit of self-promotion. So, here are my favorites - in no particular order other than theme - out of my own body of work. Enjoy!!

Tigers Rising by LissaMonster

Flamingo: Firey 1 by LissaMonster  Carrot Top by LissaMonster

Creepy Crawlies
Argiope aurantia by LissaMonster  Bumble Bee by LissaMonster

Sitting Pretty by LissaMonster

Dead Things
Cat by LissaMonster  Halloween Monster by LissaMonster  Death by LissaMonster

Labradorite, River rock, Glass by LissaMonster   Necklace by LissaMonster  Necklace: Green and Black by LissaMonster

Reach by LissaMonster  Glory of the Evening by LissaMonster

From the Ground Up by LissaMonster

William and Cassie by LissaMonster  Girl with Flower by LissaMonster  ParrotHead by LissaMonster

Glass Flower by LissaMonster  Event Horizon by LissaMonster  Blue Spiral by LissaMonster  Experimental 1(b) by LissaMonster

STS-134 Endeavour in the Cloud by LissaMonster

Experimental Silliness
Bubble Experiment 2 by LissaMonster

Aquarium by LissaMonster

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Joe's Horoscope in the Columbia citypaper, August 30, 2006, edition was just one line:
The qualities that you find endearing about your girl are also the ones the make her bat nuts insane.
Truer words have seldom been written, especially as they pertain to me.
  • Listening to: My Drunk Kitchen
  • Reading: Hermione/Severus fanfic
  • Playing: Gloom
  • Drinking: Water

Costa Rica

Fri Feb 7, 2014, 7:43 PM
Quite a few years ago, while I was in college, I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica on spring break with several of my biology professors and other students. I do not regret going in any way. It was an amazing trip. I was thinking about it and decided to (finally!) update my journal with photos from Costa Rica. Some of these are places/things I've seen and some of them are things I wish I had gotten to see. It is an amazingly gorgeous country.

We started in San Jose, spending one night there. Honestly, I don't generally like cities anyway, so I was quite happy when we left for the wilds of Costa Rica.
San Jose City by abrahams-david

Our first jaunt was a tiny plane that took us to a tiny dirt landing strip, then a bus ride to what we thought was the middle of nowhere. Then, we hopped on a couple of speed boats on the Rio Sierpe, to a place called Mike's. *That* was the middle of nowhere and I loved it. When I was there, there was no TV reception, no cell reception, and no access to medical care beyond a bandaid without doing the whole trip in reverse. Paradise.
River Sierpe by Runebo

Such lush greenery.
Rainforest in Costa Rica by Colonelengle  Costa Rica002 by a1photographe
Monteverde by juliennnnnnn  Costa Rica - Cloud Forest 2 by LLukeBE

And the monkeys! We saw capuchins everywhere. And were woken by howler monkeys every morning.
White-headed Capuchins by Pharmagician

We also got to spend some time on beaches. Such clear blue water.
Corcovado - resub by Suppi-lu-liuma

The plant life was spectacular...
Wilson's Botanic Park by Suppi-lu-liuma  Underside of a Leaf by LoloHalakahiki

And the animals were even more so...
Costa Rica - Green Vine Snake by lux69aeterna  Costa Rica Angel by RadekDemjan

Magic Bird by juddpatterson  Blue Jeans Dart Frog by MonarchzMan
Feeding Butterfly by MirMidPhotos  Grumpy green iguana by GlobalGraphic
The Athlete by erezmarom  Nature's will by fairies-favor-soda
Ballet by RadekDemjan  <da:thumb id="166457568"/>

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Joe's Horoscope in the Columbia citypaper, August 30, 2006, edition was just one line:
The qualities that you find endearing about your girl are also the ones the make her bat nuts insane.
Truer words have seldom been written, especially as they pertain to me.
  • Listening to: Computers hum
  • Reading: Hermione/Severus fanfic
  • Playing: The Firefly Board Game
  • Drinking: Water

Fishes! So many fishes! :)

Sun Sep 22, 2013, 11:41 PM
I love tetras, bettas, and plecos. And ghost shrimp. :)

Showing off the Bowtie by MichelleRamey  Curious Betta by wickedlygreen    

<da:thumb id="78812326"/>  Armageddon Betta by DarkMoon17

Betta by x00xmollyx00x  My Very Own Betta Fish by Shadow-and-Flame-86

Bettas Swimming by Dracoe19  Gentle Squeeze by MichelLalonde

red love is falling... by lanetkedi  Half Moon Betta by Murphy1210

Rumblefish by FlorianHebel  Genie's Colours by EmeraldRosepetal

Fins by oOBrieOo  Betta fire by copperarabian

Merlin Alexander Shanklin by seystudios  Julius by FK-Photography

Male Glolight Tetra by jaysen223  <da:thumb id="17740089"/>

pearly whites by Savage99  Neon Tetra by cihankilic

Royal Pleco by dampStamp  Baby Plecos by cakecrumbs

Sailfin Plecostomus II by copperarabian  Simply irresistible by Solvegia

<da:thumb id="172305559"/>  ghost shrimp by FishPanda

Shramp by JonShotFirst  Newport Aquarium AUG 2012 1 by ocelot99992003

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Joe's Horoscope in the Columbia citypaper, August 30, 2006, edition was just one line:
The qualities that you find endearing about your girl are also the ones the make her bat nuts insane.
Truer words have seldom been written, especially as they pertain to me.
  • Listening to: Snoring
  • Reading: Battle Magic by Tamora Pierce
  • Playing: Fluxx and Quao
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In honor of Ursula Vernon's Digger...

Wed Jun 12, 2013, 12:33 PM
In honor of Ursula Vernon (You have heard of her, right? No?!!!! Well, day-um! Go! Look at her art [:iconursulav:] and read Digger []!! I can wait.).....

La di da da da dum. La la di dum da. Here we come a-wassailing, among the caves so dark...

........Ah. You're back. Good. My singing is atrocious and was scaring away the cats. So. Ursula Vernon. Awesome, right? Fucking fantastic, says I. In any case, this journal entry is in honor of Ursula's new kickstarter to publish an omnibus edition of Digger, which can be found here:… - It's a beautifully draw