Lissa Regrets She's Unable to Con Today

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Welp, it took a record breaking hurricane but I finally had to break my attendance streak for San Japan. 

My chunk of Houston was lucky, so very lucky and blessed and we had minimal issues. But things are still a mess around here. 

The roads out of town were underwater. The highway I live off of, was flooded, people were boating on it. Another bit of highway, the flood waters moved the cement barriers all over the lanes.

 At the time I was intending to head out, a lot of the roads were still uncertain. And my little car, even though it is named after a fish man, is not the best in high waters. I've been stranded before in normal conditions, I didn't want to try to see what being stranded would be like in disaster fallout conditions. Especially since I would be traveling alone. 

A few other reasons, such as the artist I was tabling with got flooded out, my print stock is somewhere lost in transit. Also I feel I need to be here. 

I hope everyone who went has fun and stays safe. I'll see y'all next year. 
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