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Rivals of Aether

Such an Amazing Game

I'll later update with the missing characters
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As a Frosburn main, not seeing my hyena boy is sadining

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freaking amazing I love this
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These sprites look amazing! Great job.
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Now add Shovel Knight. He's now on the game.
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April Fools:
(2017) Sandbag revealed for SSF2 (real char)
(2018) Sandbag-like char revealed for RoÆ (also real char)

looking up for original april fools jokes...
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Hmm, Sandbag?
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If you want to play him, if you have it on Steam, right click on the game and go to properties, select the betas, and select the april fools branch. You're welcome.
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No, Sandbert. Only the best RoA character ever. (Not really, but he's OP, and an April Fool's joke)
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Hacen falta los headcanons :3
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Amazing work. 
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Ranno, actually.
I have this game... It's quite amazing though I can never find time to finish it... It's like playing a Disney movie, the atmosphere is that good.

Nice pixel art BTW :D
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They all look amazing! ... with the exception of Clairen. I don't know what happened in the top of her head, and I feel her body should be wider. But the rest of them are simply perfect, specially Etalus, Orcane and Wrastor.

You know, this may sound cheesy and all, but now one of the reasons as to why I'm hyped for the next characters is to see you sprite them. Great work as always.
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Desconozco si es verdad lo que dice mi hermano menor: De que el que hizo el fangame Super Smash Land estuvo involucrado en Rivals of Æther. Lo digo por que el moveset de Orcaine está basado en el de Vaporeon en SSL.
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2 años despues, si, si es verdad
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Técnicamente no han pasado los 2 años, pero gracias.
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Creo que es de los mejores plataformer figthing que vi como alternativa hasta ahora a Super smash,Me recuerda muchisisisimo a melee pero completamete ofensivo,la unica pega es que tiene pocos personajes,pero algo que me gusta y compensa es que practicamente todos tienen mucha personalidad,cosa que maravillosa¡He visto otros juegos como Brawhalla o Brawlout,el primero lo juge unos dias y el segundo lo pude probar en casa de un amigo,pero me convence mas rivals of aether,a cualquier fan de melee se lo recomendaria¡
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Great work! Rivals of Aether sure is an amazing game, Dan Fornace is such a video game genius!
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