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Vodka Mutini

By lishlitz
Vodka Mutini plush. Fleece fabric. 9 inches tall

Vodka Mutini sewing tutorial [link]

Vodka Mutini sewing pattern Pg. 1 [link]
Vodka Mutini sewing pattern Pg. 2 [link]
Vodka Mutini sewing pattern Pg. 3 [link]

Vodka Mutini is from Homestuck, a web-comic written by Andrew Hussie and belongs to him. This pattern was created by me and is for personal use only.
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© 2012 - 2021 lishlitz
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Orelara's avatar
Waaa¤h !! amazing j¤฿ !! <3   ( f¤Я all plush ! ) 
CelebAngel's avatar
Thank you for the pattern. My sister is a big fan of Homestuck and I'll use your pattern to make her a Vodka Mutini plushie for her birthday. :D
Pryyce's avatar
that looks amazing :D

I'll read everything and try to make one
ArsenicSalad's avatar
Okay. That's it. You just got yourself a new watcher.
This is so cute!
I wish I could make one, but i dont have enough black fabric!
I think I might make a Mutini pillow head instead :D
VarpusKattila's avatar
I thought I could link this to you. :P
I made this as a gift for my friend. She really likes it already, even though haven't even touched it yet! And this was fun to sew, too. Thank you very much of this pattern. :heart: :)
lishlitz's avatar
thanks for sharing!!
sgrub-player's avatar
you make such great plushies!
ShadowDemon101's avatar
Ooooo gosh this is lovely! :wow:
Actually this and a lot of your other plushies are absolutely amazing! I just wanna make them all! :dummy:
...but I'll just start with Mutini since I'm still new to sewing <///3
QueenLizard98's avatar
think i might use your pattern to mak Pounce De Leon for my friend who cosplays nepeta
RennieDearest's avatar
All your plushies look so quality and wonderful~
I favorited this one because I hope to make it one day, though the goat dad amazes me the most 0_0
I think it's very wonderful that you put the patterns and tutorials online, it'll be very helpful~
lishlitz's avatar
good luck and enjoy! :)
It's so beautiful :') I think i may have to make it!
lishlitz's avatar
wonderful! let me know how it goes for you if you decide to make her ;)
Kazegamii's avatar
Wonderful job! <3

I know what I'll be making over the summer~
Thanks for giving me something productive to do this summer. cx
lishlitz's avatar
yea!!!! have fun :) let me know how it goes for you!
Kazegamii's avatar
Sure will! :)

I've never really tried sewing, but I think I'll take a shot at it now! Thanks for finding me a new hobby~ <3
lishlitz's avatar
my pleasure! i love sewing so it makes me happy to help and see people learn and have fun! good luck, and i'm here if you have any questions.. i'll do my best to help if i can!<3
Kazegamii's avatar
Thanks so much for the offer! I'll be sure to ask if I need help. <3
Also, thanks for saving my dA page. I now have a new way of art to keep uploading things, since I've found drawing isn't my thing as much as it used to. I now have stuff to do~!
lishlitz's avatar
creative possibilities are endless.. i'm sure you'll find your nitch :hug:
Kazegamii's avatar
Yep! There's so many forms of art, I'm sure I'll find something. :3 Thanks for the support! :huggle:

Also, I have a question. I live in Canada and grew up using the metric system. How much is a quarter-yard in metres? Is a half-metre enough to make a Mutie plushie with, or will I need to get more, or do I have extra fabric? :0
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