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By lishlitz
Tinkerbull plushie, which I just couldn't wait to make because I'm a Taurus ;)

Tinkerbull sewing pattern Pg. 1 [link]
Tinkerbull sewing pattern Pg. 2 [link]
Tinkerbull sewing pattern Pg. 3 [link]

Tinkerbull sewing tutorial PART 1 [link]
Tinkerbull sewing tutorial PART 2 [link]

Tinkerbull is from Homestuck, a web-comic written by Andrew Hussie and belongs to him. This pattern was created by me and is for personal use only.
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I just realized. Tavros killed Jade's Grandpa (Jake) in Pre-Scratch. And Jake killed Post-Scratch Tinkerbull. Karma? Justice?

Well, in Tavros defense, he didn't know Grandpa was Jade's family and in Jake's defense, he shot Tinkerbull by accident.
ViktoriaRebel's avatar
OH! Baby taurus with the ape tail and butterfly wings! Looks so CUTE <3
I'd absolutely buy this to my lil baby ^^
dragonhunter49's avatar
Tinkerbull noooooooooooo!!!
Lemonyhell's avatar
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Omg Tinkerbull is sooooooooooo adorable!!!! OMGsqueeeee.... X3 Emote :eeeee: :excited: Squee emoticon 
victini1888's avatar
THANKS so much for making tinker bull

shortestb1rd's avatar
How tall is this plushie?
The-broken-cat-soul's avatar
Could you maybe do pounce de leon? I mean if you have the chance?
Toby-Arai's avatar
i would like too request 2 tutorials A:grubs B:punce de leon
Nanahuatli's avatar
Such an adorable little bastard.
ZephyrOfStar's avatar
Could you possibly make  some of the other lusus'?
You don't have to though...
Inspirational-Tavros's avatar
this is the absolute best thing i have ever laid my eyes on <3
clowkeeper's avatar
i'm gonna try making this tomorrow after i buy more fabric, your tutorials make it easy to understand and do, thank you for your contribution the the defeat of my boredom! you're amazing!
bestgameplayer's avatar
an u make me 1 if so how much bc im awful at sewing
1Cynder's avatar
that's so perfect. and it's just... it's adorabull! I'm gonna have a cuteness attack now.
RirichiyoLoli's avatar
This is sooo adorable!!  <3
Crack3dMySanity's avatar
Hello, this is soo cool i had to make one!:D Sending people back here. Thanks for grate pattern!:D Here is my photo of the flying Tinkerbull……
lishlitz's avatar
thanks for sharing!!!
GrayAoi's avatar
I love Tinkerbull ! So adorable ! I want one aaaaah <3
So perfect it's really well made !!!
MinatoRN's avatar
Hello! I have to say first: Thank you for make such a great tutorial and patterns!!!
I'm going to cosplay the next weekend as Rufioh and I've decided to make a Tinkerbull for be my best company on the con.
Here I give you a picture of how it looks for the moment -I have to make the wings and tail :__D-

Hope someday you'll make some patterns & tutorial for a Eridan's lusus n__n Have a nice day!
lishlitz's avatar
oh!!! your tink is gorgeous!! thanks for sharing!
MinatoRN's avatar
No problem, thanks to you for sharing your amazing patterns :))
D3ADLY-SIN3ST's avatar
I'm a sagittarius... Tinkerbull and Tavros are my absolute favorites! (Karkat is a close third because of his complete asshole-ness in the beginning.)
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