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By lishlitz
This is a Smuppet plushie I made for my daughters, who LOVE Homestuck! It is made of fleece fabric. It can be sewn by hand if you do not have a sewing machine. Here is the pattern and sewing tutorial to help you make your own PLUSH RUMP! ;)

Smuppet Plushie Sewing Pattern PAGE 1 of 2 [link]
Smuppet Plushie Sewing Pattern PAGE 2 of 2 [link]
Smuppet Plushie Sewing Tutorial PART 1 [link]
Smuppet Plushie Sewing Tutorial PART 2 [link]

Smuppets are from Homestuck, a web-comic written by Andrew Hussie and belong to him. This pattern was created by me and is for personal use only.
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Man, who'da thunk Q*Bert has a nice butt, @!#?@!
LonelyNearFangirl's avatar
*adopts you as new mother*
BlackFlightlessWings's avatar
Izumi055's avatar
I can't sew T-T 
(the sadness that is me)
RaidioactiveVampy's avatar
Tried not to laugh when I saw this.

Failed miserably. 
SkyHighArches's avatar
It looks good! Maybe somewhat bigger ass balls?
Kozmo-Khaotic's avatar
Sweet Jegus I need one. I can't sew crazy well though. ;-;
KillerKitten187's avatar
I don't suppose you do commissions do you? 
Hive-King's avatar
This is one of the best things ever. Dat reference accuracy.
IstalkYourSoul's avatar
I'm begging you to be my mother. please. i'm house trained and can take out the trash...... is it possible to buy smuppets from you at least?
qubrtz12's avatar
Can you be my new mother?
InvaderMuk's avatar
It looks so perfect
PhoebeFay's avatar
I can' get over how awesome you are as a mum. Like a mum so awesome that Dave Strider can't even make sick rhymes ironically about it. That's really all there is to say on the matter.
WhoLockStruck's avatar
Why can't you be my mom?
SugarPeas2's avatar
oh my gosh you are a great mother
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This is really cool! I am a beginner ar sewing and.i may try thus sometime soon!:) I hope you have a nice day¢¾
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You made a smuppet... for your daughters... I find this hilariously awesome. :)
Bindilover's avatar
I am making a ton of these to pester my friend with when we make our Bro and Dave cosplays... (;
a-crazy-spycrab's avatar
You made it for your daughters? You are the coolest mom I've ever seen :XD: I wish I was lucky enough to have such an awesome mother
JiggIyPuff's avatar
YESSSSSSS I'm a newbie sewer, I hope to be as good at Big Strider-Nii-san some day ; u ;
Party-with-Julian's avatar
:iconpinkheart-plz: :iconsmuppetplz:

I want it! xD Ahh, screw it. I'll make myself one. Very nice, though.

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I wanna make a huge pile of these, cosplay as Bro, and go to a con and just lie in the pile, inviting unsuspecting Daves and Johns into my trap uwu
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