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By lishlitz
Nakodile plushie. Fleece fabric, stands on his own, approx 14" tall.

Nakodile sewing tutorial Part 1[link]
Nakodile sewing tutorial Part 2[link]

Nakodile sewing pattern Pg. 1[link]
Nakodile sewing pattern Pg. 2[link]
Nakodile sewing pattern Pg. 3[link]
Nakodile sewing pattern Pg. 4[link]
Nakodile sewing pattern Pg. 5[link]
Nakodile is from Homestuck, a web-comic written by Andrew Hussie and belongs to him. This pattern was created by me and is for personal use only.
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Is it weird that I think I have that exact one from a convention?

TenTokoyomo's avatar

Either that or someone did a perfect replica OuO

AutumnSlaninka's avatar
NAK NAK NAK! (translation: so cute!)
SnakezJR's avatar
Adopt meh!!!! Whahahaha! I love them!
RadicalClownFriend's avatar
Stella56413's avatar
ohmygoddddd, i wanttt *grabbyhands*
so cute xD

38shadow38's avatar
One of my friends birthdays is coming up and I can't decide which one of the plushies to make and give. Maybe I'll just make all of them...
lishlitz's avatar
yeessshhhh, make plushies.. all the plushies!!! bwahahahahha!
mom2dylkay's avatar
Im cutting out stuff for this ATM!! I took a break to get on the computer for a little bit. LOL. Cant wait till its finished!!!! After this, Im making a scalemate, squiddle, smuppet, and casey. ^.^
lishlitz's avatar
piles and piles of plushies!! :D
flygonmaster66's avatar
nak nak nak nak nak nak nak nak
FattyGerman's avatar
making this for my friends birthday =D wish me luck~!
lishlitz's avatar
good luck!! what a nice present! i'm sure your friend will loooove it :D
FattyGerman's avatar
i sure hope so!! I'll post a picture when i finished it (if i finish it xD)
lishlitz's avatar
oh please do! :D
midwinter96's avatar
i was JUST about to ask you to do a nakodile pattern and then i found this! it was like my wishes were granted before i even wished for them!
lishlitz's avatar
oh cool! glad i could help!! :D enjoy!
Iricuu's avatar
!!!!!!! Yay, I already have the correct color of fabrics, too! /dies
lishlitz's avatar
hahaha cool! have fuuuun!
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