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Lil Cal

By lishlitz
Lil Cal is approx 15" from the top of his hat to his butt. He is a nice size for cosplay. Everything, including the chain, is made of fleece or felt. This is a bit more advanced project because of all the pieces and details. I consider this an intermediate sewing project and strongly recommend a basic knowledge of sewing. Please read ALL directions before buying, cutting, or sewing anything.

Lil Cal sewing pattern Pg. 1 [link]
Lil Cal sewing pattern Pg. 2 [link]
Lil Cal sewing pattern Pg. 3 [link]
Lil Cal sewing pattern Pg. 4 [link]
Lil Cal sewing pattern Pg. 5 [link]
Lil Cal sewing pattern Pg. 6 [link]
Lil Cal sewing pattern Pg. 7 [link]

Lil Cal sewing tutorial Part 1 [link]
Lil Cal sewing tutorial Part 2 [link]
Lil Cal sewing tutorial Part 3 [link]
Lil Cal sewing tutorial Part 4 [link]

Lil Cal is from Homestuck, a web-comic written by Andrew Hussie and belongs to him. This pattern was created by me and is for personal use only.
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TheKawaiiAmphros's avatar
* Hideing Coner* Don't Let It Hurt Me
selkstudios's avatar
KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mclover-Lilly's avatar
I love this so much, and I want to make one, but I don't have the patience to work on all the details... >^< oh well I'll do it anyways...

Oh anyways you're amazing and stuff!!
SeraphinaGreene's avatar
Any guess on approx. how much it costs in total to buy this much felt? I'm hoping to do a Sis cosplay at some point soon and I'd like to have a reasonable estimation about how much it's going to cost. Thanks! :)
OpenFlames's avatar
I'm making one right now and from what i can tell it wouldn't really require more than even half a yard of each fabric (but if you're buying fabric online i recommend where its cheaper just to get a full yard and its VVVVVV nice usually) so fleece can price from 5-10$ each yard unless you get walmart kind but idk if walmart has orange... uh but yeah it would probably be around idk maybe 20-30 dollars.  I'm not sure though, whenever i get fabric it never usually costs over 30.  Good luck! i hope this helps!
AnonymousAvox's avatar
I'm gonna use this wonderful pattern to torture my brother that quit reading Homestuck because of cal 😈😈😎 thanks!
candykiller911's avatar
wait is lil cal dirk's doll or daves? 
nevergivein9511's avatar
Dirk would be proud....but Dave....heh...Dave would just freak out...
Nanahuatli's avatar
Every bit as unsettling as the original.
ZephyrOfStar's avatar
If I can achieve making this my sister is going to hate me XXD
TheOneAndOnlyToaster's avatar
what have you done...'s transcended to the physical realm... has ascended beyond the realm of fiction to wreak havoc on reality, to make all of our lives abseloute pain, abseloute misery...

...and you've succeeded in assisting it with that...
mirenne's avatar
Gooosh thank you SO MUCH for this x3!
BlackReaper789's avatar
Thank God im getting a sewing machine for Christmas
elioelio22's avatar
almost done with the head
thegreatflyingretard's avatar
This is awesome! And slightly creepy. I cant wait to make this one too, i already made a squddle and a scalemate i cant wait to make them all. :D
sosukeaizen529's avatar
I'm so glad this tutorial is here. I'm cosplaying Bro for an expo, and this is going to finish it off so nicely. Looks great!
roses-crossangel's avatar
I just want to say Thank you for the tutorial on him. I managed to make lil cal by myself. [link]
The face sculpting was beautifully explained too :heart:

Anyway again Thank you :heart:

I plan to make a scale mate in the future... when i've recovered from sewing lil cal XP
lishlitz's avatar
*WHEW* i know cal was a lot of work.. the scalemate will be a breeze! haha :) thanks for sharing!!
flynnagin-scifo's avatar
That looks amazing! :'o How long did it take??
BamBam7654's avatar
This is great. I'm planning on making this. I'll link it here in about two years when I'm done with it. :)
EpicPidgeot's avatar
I'm thinking of making this for my friend for Christmas :D
Abistrakt's avatar
So many jujus....
BamBam7654's avatar
You made a pattern??? And posted it for us??? <3 <3 <3
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