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By lishlitz
Goatdad plushie. Fleece fabric, approx 12" tall and 18" long.

Goatdad Sewing Tutorial Part 1 [link]
Goatdad Sewing Tutorial Part 2 [link]

Goatdad Sewing Pattern Pg. 1 [link]
Goatdad Sewing Pattern Pg. 2 [link]
Goatdad Sewing Pattern Pg. 3 [link]

Goatdad is from Homestuck, a web-comic written by Andrew Hussie and belongs to him. This pattern was created by me and is for personal use only.
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your plushies are absolutely adorable! also. if you don't mind the ask. would you ever consider making a crab dad plush? 
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I have one of these. It was given to me at a con by a cosplayer. I was gamzee at the time and they just gave me a huge one of these. He is like half a metre long. And I love him so much. You obviously inspired them to make it. If it wasn't you yourself who gave it to me
wakawaka4413's avatar
This is amazing!!! I want to make one now~!
18prettyplease's avatar
This... This is true art. I just want to hug Goatdad and never let him go!! XD
Wolfdog554411's avatar
I want that really bad
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[link] I made a goatdad with your pattern! i love him so much, thanks a million for making the pattern!!
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thanks for the link.. i always love seeing people's creations :) great job!
thekawaiidesufairy's avatar
Oh wow! amazing! I love your patterns so much!
Could you do a crabdad perhaps? ?:B
Nydroj83's avatar
This is really cute ouo Maybe you could do a Crabdad one sometime?
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jedi-gert's avatar
Want to make SO badly... hopefully after the holidays I can make myself a seagoat :D
ninjaneko93's avatar
Do you have any tips on pattern making o~o because this is reeeally good and I am curious as to know how you made the right pattern for it.
lishlitz's avatar
i've been sewing for 20 years.. experience i suppose. a lot of trial and error goes into pattern making, but the more you make the easier it gets :)
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dang this is great. i'll definitely be making one. is there a seahorse dad in the works? because i would love one of him.
BloodstainedXxXAngel's avatar
Making one for my girlfriend. :)
9tail-Naruto's avatar
stevie-kat's avatar
i just finished tinkerbull, and am completely in love with him :3 so im moving onto this one next, so was wondering if they are going to end up a simular height? and are you going to make tutorials for any of the others? my little sister really wants me to make karkat's crabdad
lishlitz's avatar
hehehe crabdad is next on my list ;)

yeah, all my plushies are roughly the same scale. he'll be about the same height as tinkerbull, but with a long body. there is a pic of him with my cat at the end of the tutorial to give you an idea of the size :)
stevie-kat's avatar
oh yay i cant wait to see it then! :3 you will make my sister very happy :D
and haha yeah i saws the pic [its soo adorable] but i wasnt sure if it was a big/small cat so thought best to ask :3
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I really your sewing (I think your my fave) and Tutorials. There are few times when you can find tutorials and patterns. I was wondering if you ever plan to get to doing 'Grub' Plushies. I mean they are here and there around the place but there really aren't any tutorials on how to put one together and It's really complicated for me. If you don't plan to ever, I'm sure I'll learn someday.

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