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The 'Window view' Weather

By LiShaolan
Version Number: 2.0.0
Author(s): Vico and Jeremy (a.k.a cesar or Li Shaolan)
Date of my original release: June 4th 2007

See what the weather looks like anywhere in the world. Concept origin : Windows Vista Build 5365, Gadget Core creators : ; Translation : Vico ; Fit and Finish, font looks etc. : Jérémy

Take note that I left it on two forum communities as a "perpetual beta" so there can be some bugs in it, here are the bugs adressed :

- layout pb when it's Fog
- Doesn't display T-Storms layouts
- The clock borders are sometimes pink, sometimes you see nothing (when docked only) if you know how, let's get rid of it !)
- The 'y' of 'Wednesday' shows off the undocked layout
- Fonts are not always the same depending on the computer (that's why I add the 'segoe UI' font family to the .rar file, even if you already have it, reinstall them and it'll work)

Otherwise it should be fine :p enjoy everyone !
© 2007 - 2021 LiShaolan
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I think the idea with the window is beautiful.
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with Windows 7 (x64)
Wished someone could fix this :(
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Dude! That´s a GREAT, WONDERFUL work!!
I BEG you... fix the bugs... it doesn´t show any numbers.. only some insane codes.. If you let me I could try to fix it... but I´m not good at it.. it wouldn´t be as good as if you did it.. please fix it!
That´s what I was looking for!
I bet that lots of other people was looking for a gadget just like yours!
pretty and useful!
hope you fix it..
It doesn't work, when I click on install, nothing happens.
bilbo2's avatar
Very nice work! :clap:
I sent you a note..pls read
LiShaolan's avatar
thanks ! just answered to your note :)
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how do i get it to show F* instead of C* ?
LychiCambess's avatar
haha, what a cute idea.
LiShaolan's avatar
Thank you very much !
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Yes, I stopped working on it but I thought it was already pretty usable, there are those bugs left but I don't know there is another gadget like this one out there, I wanted to share this one with everyone. But have a try I used it for a few weeks and it was good enough, but for a "better working" weather gadget you should look at The Ultimate Plex there are one in the package that's based on and I did the graphics it's really a nice one too.
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